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luxury, vitUin the ta cans of ?.... Accept no bstitutcs. • ' • THE Munson Typewriter Is a Good'Machine. Pennsylvania Suing Parties Hamilton, Ohio. ihlgb standard o! excellence. Man} 'isets of tlie "ilunson" consider It' THE .BEST. You will Unit It a valuable fisjlstaut In iour office. Address tor pnrilcnlars THE MUNSONJYPEWRITER CO KAXl'FACTUKEJtS. ',.•40-244 West Luke .St.. ChloilKO, 111. STATE NATIONAL BANK ASLANTIC CITY HORROR General News of Railroads and / Railroad Employes. TO REOO'VER ' MONEY. HamlUou Republican: The P. C. C. & St. L. rnlhvnj- company todny (lied III'- leen petitions to recover t'hc money paid l>,v them origlnall.v for property .sold them by Hamilton property owners and used by the rai-lrond corporations for their rond bed, c"ie. Tliftse suits jiri 1 liaswl upan the canal .Ivisln lltlgaticm, In which the Paxiliandle was eviuled and declared not to lie 'ovcners of ihe land they purcluwd here wtt'liin (lie limilte of I'he old I-Iainllloii basin. Tim pliilutifC coiiwriitloni claims their title, which was guaranteed them, was clouded and I hey now sue to recover the money paid by thorn orglnnlly. WAS NOT A MODKIJX CHOSSIMi. Acording-to tht v tolcgniphic accounts. Hie railway crosslns: near Atlantic City. vdim> rhe catastrophe took place Thiiroday ovi'iiitig,. «'a«i not provided wiih a derail. Had it been a inrider:i in'.t'Hockiiig c.vwrfujr and switch, sueli as are in general use in this sCtito, a collision of trains would have hi'cr. im- po*si:b!p. The "Keailing" pooi'Ie jhonM b:-Jng t'lielr linos up to tin 1 standard ivin'cli invniils in tlic west aiiil when they do that. crossiiiK liorror.* will ei'ase. uiui-h.un 1 ; noyed by the demands upon his time made -by curious and Iinportnante-Pop : u lists and has atmomieed that liereiiCroi 1 ' he will set asid/certain hours of the day for "uninterrupted' .attention to work." Mr. Bryan Is naturally oil u studious tllapotflHoji auU as in: is preparing to make the effort of his life lie j djyMres to sliut hiin-self up In his llbrai- and give his undivided time therein t (•lose periwil of Bnrke's spi'i.-chcs, th Record and Bartle-tt' Familiar Quotations. The agrlcliltura Kuntlenunj of Nebraska wiio constltut Mr, Bryiiiii's win-most a-dmiror.?, fall n understand that even a boy orator cfii not go on making'brilliant fhetorica nights and startling the world and slum podlng convention.? will) sensational fig u rc.< of speech utdess liu lias rime to Jit, them out oC historical nrclilvi-s. and we IVar that Mr, Bryiiu's resolution to en slhort the hours of. dissipation i-liai-actor Ixiil by conversation wllli ailmiriui. Pops will be .misinlurpreti'd lo life disadvantage, Ami yet H inns'. IH-. Th wonder ol' the I'latre must have time tc read. After Novemlicr he will htivi: pk'iiiy oC tinii. 1 to think. OftFlTflL, IJfD. $2OO.OOO J. F. Johnson, President. B. W. Ullery. Vice President. H. J. Heltbtfnk, CMhler. DIRECTORS, I. T. Johnson. 8. W. Ullory. J, T. Elliott. W. M. Elliott W. H. Snider. Buy mid w'l Government boii-3». Loan nocey en personal aeourlty and collateral!. I9»uo Bpoclul ccrtlllcateo of dcpoalu ItMtrlor » per cent. Interest when left one r»*r; 2 per cent, par annum when deposited »!x months. Boxes In Safety Deposit Vaults of this tank for the deposit ot deeds, Insurance Mltales, mortgages and ether valluablcs, noted at from I! to 115 por year. Greatest Discovery or tbe 19th Century. Dr. Teagne's NIWHOHDT Medicated Air Fot the Cure o[ Cittttrrlt, A»thma and nil Pnlmonurj Disease!, It has DO equal tor Sick and Nerrous Boa- ache, 1,000,000 people die annually from tlie above named dlaetuei. gnaranteedtocurejou. r nnd Drue Co. , Ind., t". 8. A. It (• the best remedy on earth (or L» flrlfpe. It will give Immediate relief ••will effect a cure where all other nsMdlei fall. •old by B. F. Eeesllng. KROEGER & STRAIN, Undertakers &Embalmers. 610 BBOADWAY. SIX SIX. / Special Train EXCURSIONS -:'" '"-TO- Maxinknckee Lake VIA THE VANDALIA LINE July ipth, 36th, and August and, pth, i6th, a^rd. Fare for the round trip $1.00. TraJn leaves Vandalla station at 9:50 a m. CHAS.L.WOLL, %: UNDERTAKER >• N«». 417 M»rket Street Cilli attended W promptly, .day 'or tlcht. • • JOsntiml Union and Mutual. teldpbone*. O«ce. No. 1«; Kertdeno* No. 12L L. G. PATTERSON HM opened a Fir,'! and Accdent •anc» office at 410 Broadway, up »tattii, and •ollclt» a ihar* *t the public patrona«», Kon» but nrit Clara .Companlei ; Kepre- •ented. .Natural gas bills, for the month of 'August are BOW due'and payable at tho company's office on iPenrl street. -.Disease.attacks the weak and deblll- 'tateU. Keep yourself healthy nnd .atrong by taking Hood's Sarsnparilln. St. Joseph la a most delightful reaort during tills extremely torrid weather. Fare tor tbe round trip, 52.00. Train leovee Vandalla ctatlon at 7:00 a. m. •every Sunday. • • , •' • • •: • .UAILROAD NOTES. .T. N. Vl.oiiifr. °ne (it 1 the oldest railroad men hi the South died hist we.'lc af •'the ase of seventy-two yeurs. He worked his way tip from the position of track hand to Ihf treffsurerslilp of the Central Georgia. Peru Chronicle: Coroner Ttoss tuilay Investlpra.ted the circumstances ivlnflus to the accident by which Mrs. GoWc mot her death, and w.Hl render a verdict that she was struck by a. Wabash train and received injuries tli'at wore fatal. There cannot be inucli profit to il'.e roods in bringing corn to St. LouLs Croui western poi-ivts. Tlicro Ls a doarih of eqnlpmesit in the west nnd Ihe St. Louis lines are compelled to haul otr.p-' tics west free anrl when londort tlii'y jrct but -1 cents a hundred for hauling them back. Saturday the reunsylvsinta company nssuuied charge of tho Grand Rapids and Indiana, railway, nuder U.s .new name and new organization. In Ills circular -to • the. local officers. President .Tames MoCrei says that Hie employes of the old company will be retained In their 'respective positions uiirtll further notice. There Us a report lu circulation at Andrews t-hJs .week that Superintendent Gould'mil Train-Master WelLs, of (lie Wabash have forbidden Wabash. railroad men vLsltmg a certain barber shop In that place. Tho story, of course was without foundation, and Messrs. Gould aud Wells have written letters denying tho rumor.. The Wabash ran two sections of train No. 2 on the Eel River division Friday night, ns they carried- three coaches o£ running horses by oxprass to Detroit bound for the races.' The liorses were shipped' •from- the south via the Panhandle, the Wabnsh receiving them at Logansporf. , Patrick G-Jenson, an Eric employe, has invented a.contrivance for putting derailed cais on'the'track without the assistance of an eitglne. ; He has conferred with officers of the Pennsylvania who have tested it, nnd it Is understood, the company will adopt It after It Is patented the same time secure control of the patent. ... : TJie Brooks locomotive • works has turned out the first of an'order of several ten-wheel passenger engines for the Burlington', Cedar Rapids'£ Northern; The cylinders are IS by 20 inches, and the driving wheels sixty-nine. Inch; es In diameter. .The boiler nt the front end Js ftfty-eight- Inches In diameter. The cafb Is of steel .and the tonilcr'capa- elty four thousand gallons, Frederick Hoses-, n Wabash engineer whose present 'home Is AnlTrews, Is in Jail in HnntliDg.ton, charged with living in adultery with otic Nellie .Tones. The arrest of Moses was made on. nn affidavit of E, N. Pelzer, oC Wlnona, Mich,, the father o,f the engineer's wife, Nellie Jones Is saW to be a former resident of Ft. Wayne. She. .also, hns been placed under arrest. • ijisTCASH PIIIZE WJ11 be given,.to a.nj r ' poison making itihc nearest guess to the number c£ Colnm-biai cigars nwinufactured by .Tulhis Wagnor -from August 1, 1806, to October 1,1890. By buying ;i ColnmbUi cigar -from yonr dealer you will receive a coupon on which' you will write 'your name and guess. Tla-ro i.s more C-atiirrh l:i this .•* linn of tin; cumitry than all nther i casi-s j'iir liigi'.'hor. .'Hid iinlii lh(! last I'L-W yoars it, \va-S ,--upp'.isi'd to be ii'.fiirabli-. I-'nr .a great many yi!:;vs docii't's iiroiiniinci'il it a local d t-M,M', . ;uul pri'Scrilii-d lo«il von dlt-s. and by C'liisfantly. failiiig In t-nrc wlrh lnc!;.l tn.':iLinuiit, prunounci-d it incuralili'. Si-ii'iicu has ]M-uve:i caiat-rh In lie a t:ousti[ul.iiina! disease, and therefore ivquii'i'S I'oiisritutio.'ial tivatiiK'iit. •Mali's Caiarrh (2urv, mnuurai-turcd by ]•'. .1'. Chenuy & Co,. Toledo. Ohio, Is rln> only ciiiKtl.tuiIoiHil cure on Hie market. It Is taken intevu.iiiy ;n uosi-s from 10 drops to a lenspoonfni. It auls dlfectly. on tlie blood and min.-ous surfaces of the system. Tlioy uffi-r one hundred dollars for any case it falls to cure. Send for circulars and lesiimoti- F. :r. CHENEY & CO., Toledo. 0. Sold by Druggists, T.'.e. THE NUISANCE IS CENKUAL. TlR-re Is complaint ut Lafayutte K-, laiive-to the numerous paupers scut from other places to that city. SIncn ,1i!ly of last year the trustee oi. 1 (ae township in which tlie city is located has i,?- suod 230 orders cui rhe ridiroads and thousands of miles have been traveled by the hoMers oC these orclcw, some of which called tier two or three persons. All ol! thL< mileage was pnla for by, the township, and the Item amounts to considerable In the course of a I'eal busy year, says thcr Courlr-r. • ifost o£ these paupers have been- chucked into Lafayette by other counties and this seems to bo a target for that sort of refuge from all directions. It is safo to *;;,v tliilt the county spends many hundreds •of. dollars in a year because or this unfortunate condition of affairs. .fl'eur«. bwenty-u'.ye-br.'th'l'rty -inches.''.; If a man with twenty squa-re lucHe's of fnce.. shaves erery day he will scrape over T.300 square Inches'a year. Now If he shave,? from the lime hi: Is twca t-y until he Is seventy ,ve;ii's old he will have shaved ."Uii.OOO Inches of beards. A pretty good paii.'h of whiskers." "Yes," said the "MM cover the face of a giant biggpr than any Gnl liver ever met in any of his travels. Tlie barber didn't stop there-but went on to calculate how much whisker (surface lie would shave over in his work. Before he quit figuring his pcrvcil proved flint he had mowed down fields of hirsute appendages that: would take one of those new-fangled reaping n9- chines weuks to harvest. .fiS.OO CHICAGO TO ST. PAUL AND RETURN. On account of the G. A. R. Encampment-The Jforth-Wi'steru f.nie (Chicago t North-We.sloni Railway) w.ill on August 31 and September 1,1S90, sell excursion tickets'from Chicago to St. Paul mid- rate of ljiS.00 for the trip, good for return passage until September !">."with privilege of ;'ur;hci' ex- nsiun to ScjUi'njhor :'0, 7S!M';. For t-;cl;i.'is and full informaliou apply ro •ems »f f.'OimiK'ilng lim's, or mldn's.s A. H. Waggoner. T. P. A.. T TaC'kson I'lacv. ImllanapolUi. Jnd. THE PErPKUMINT INDUSTRY. . Tim pepimnnlni Imlnstry of Liigra'Jgc .•onn.iy Is greati. 1 : 1 than might lie sup- mscd. Jt. i,s given out tiiat more than :ino-!ialf. of all fho oil of peppL-rmint. spearuMnt. tansy, wonnwund, i>ic., of he ciilJrc ivwrlij )s prodiii'Oil and di.-- illwl. within a few miles ivf Lagrangf. Over 40,iHHi ton.s of mint, are ciilnv:ii»d inniially in that romu.ry. I.r. grows .vwll In uiai'shy land and the yield Is ruin t\vetil.y/to sixty ponniU an acre. J'be PL-ill- also varies, ranging from <1.2~> lo . 1 ?."p per pound. and II you're a. butcher, you want Pearline. You want it for the proper washing cf your frocks • and prons, and to keep the benches^ blocks, doors, shelves, hooks, etc., as clean ns they ought t,o be. ' There's npthing that wiil do this like Pearline, And it takes so little time, and so little trouble/ and work that there's no excuse for not doing it. Keep everything dainty •. " sweet and clean with Pearline. Peddlers ar.d some mscmpuidus cjoccrs \vi"l tc'l you " this is as good as" 01 "the same as Pearline." IT'S FALSE—Pennine is never peddled, he 'ork. nd if vour CTocer sends you something in place rf Pcnrline, honcf.--.'«J ':',• to*. MS uilESPYLE, New Y ho Drawings of All Kinds Made by HALF KATES TO .MILWAUKEE.. On nccouilt ol' the National convention ill Republican League Club,?. August :3. ~2i and £0, The North-Western (Chi- rago it North-Western Railway) will oil excursion tickets frni)i Chicago lo lil-wimkoe and return at rate of out' u'f for the round vrip. Feu 1 tiekeis ami nil Infonnar'.oii apply to tickiM win.* connecting'Hues,'or address W. B. injskpru, G. r. k T. A.. Chicago. 111. The Sunday school, convention nt the So.ttthslde church on Sunday afternoon was wall attended nnd was.brlnjfnl,o£ Interest. Tlio Soutlislde singers did the occasion crcJJt Mr. Ilamscy, president of ,the convention, .uiarshalei'l the forces well. Prof. Howe Illustrated the use ot the .blackboard by an Interesting lesson Jri- BlMIcnl.'blograpiiy. Miss Minnie Perstegor of Anoka read a well prepared, paper on .Sunday schools, and MJas JStoiy Bell of the college rciiderad In excellent elocution "The'Last Hymn' 7 Rer. Cutumlngs and Dunkle each gave a short address-appropriate to the occasion. .' McKlNLEY GLEE CLUB. : The McKtnley Glee Club of L'ogaus- por is no'w.organized and composed of 'tlie following mombeas: 1st tenor, Prof. A. L. Moore; X C, Bridge; 2d tenor, J.' E. Grata, Frank Kodgevs; 2d bassi'W. T. Gifte, I. N. Watfclns; 2d bass, E..E. Dn.vK. Will Richardson and Sol D. Brandt. At their'last .meeting, 'Prof. Moore, was.chosen director, W. T. Gifte .president find Sol D. Brandt, secretary ' and treasurer.' • The Van Buren sports have :v novel way nt. announcing a prize fight. The town Is within two miles of tlm Hunt- Ington enunty'lini', a short distance over width they have a starting ring, always lu order and ready for business. When a fight is ready to take place .111 engineer blows a steam whistle at limiting time on Saturday night nnd the peeuliiai- manner In which he whistles Is the sig- i«l for all to break to tlie woods. No. one but who have the clue would notice : anything unusual about tin; whistle, but Hie "gang" :vll know Us meaning. A clever campaign, button dusigued to catch the fancy of Democrats, Populist and silver voters, has been placed ou .the market. It Is of enamel and shows tlio . Democratic rooster standing proudly on a bundle of wheat. His tail ta. composed of I? feathers, 1 of gold and 1C of sliver. The buuOIe of wheat contains 1C stalks of silver and 1 of gold. At the rooster's feet Is the inscription, "1C to 1" and over his head, "Bryan and Sewall." Thousands of. the buttons were sent to St. Louis just before the close o£ the-Popnlist convention. • . A western-town puts into practice a. .scheme that will not be met with favor by the "Weary Willies.'^ Tickets have been'left at every bouse and-when a tramp calls-for meals lie -is giv'eira. ticket, which is good only when.- signed by the nianilmK Every .one that is lucky enough to be-presented with one, of the tickets Is required to work .on Iho-street long enough, to pay Cor .the; same. BYRON B. GORDON. Draughtsman & Patent Attorney. Logahsport G. A. R, AT ST. PAUL. Special Ilatw vLi Pennsylvania Liuee Cor National Encainpmeut. August 30tb and 31st and September 1st arc the dates upon which low .rate round trip tickets to St. Paul will be sold via Peunsylrania LInoe, the short route through Clueago. Tickets will be Rood returntag until September 15Ui, 'inclusive, and if deposited- wltli the joint agent ait St. Paul on or before September 15, the return limit will be extended to Include Septerntier 30th. The rates for this occasion will be exceptionally low via Pennsylvania Li DCS, the only system of railways over which trains run from Western Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio and Indiana to Chicago Union Station, tlie natural gateway frorii -those States to the Northwest. Dally trains from Pittsburgh, Columbus, Cincinnati, Indianapolis and Louisville make convenient connection nt Chicago with St. Paul, trains. Arrangements may be made by .G. A. B. Posts or parties of. Mends to : travel together on special trains or,special cars that will go through from, starting point to the Encampment without change, 1C the number Justifiw it. Information on tlie subject will be cheerfully furnished by representativesiof .the Pennsylvania Lines. . . ' • Niagara Falls Excursion Thursday, Aug. 6,18p6 VIA THE TO CLEANSE THE SYSTEM' , Effectually yet gently, when costive or bilious, or when the blood Is impure cr sluggish, to permanently 'overcome ha-. : bitual constipation, to avralie the kid-'; neys aud liver to a. healthy'activity, without irritating o.r •.•weakening' them, to dispel headaches, colds, or-.ffevers;' use Syrup of-Figs;. . . • •• •. • WHISKERS BY THE ACRE. '•Did you ever, .stop to think 1 ' said n barber yesterday: to one of his customers, '"how much surface a mttn'slmvea over lu his,life if.lie shaves" "No," replied the lathered- face. . "Well,-" he.said, as lie quit shaving aud taking up n pencil began' to figure, "tlie average man hai twenty square Inches of 'beard on his faee-n large ; lu.talking about stamps the other day a curious thing was told. It seems that- In Chicago there is a woman «> Interested in tlie subject' that she is covering the top of a. table with Columbian stamps, -laying them In Mosaic fash'on Each stamp is carefully pasted on, and when tbe design 1 (s finished n coating of varnish will complete the Inlaying effect.. ' : ,' .' ''The Battle Ground camp meeting closed Sunday. For Prime Quality and Superior .Workmanship- SUNDAY EXCURSION TO CI-N. CINNAT1. . August Obh, via Pennsylvania lines; ?2 from Lo,gan!six>rt; excursion train leaves 5 a. m.. central .ttoie; returning, leaves Cluicmniaitii 1 7 p. m. ceavra.1 time. Base ball game. CCnchinatl Reds vs. Louisville, Leaigue.teams. Lots of time to see the Zoo; the Lagoon; the Parks. ajJd other attractive resorts of *he "Queen City." . ' • '-.-' Stands every test. No other 5-Cent Cigar : ._,^_ '••gives stick perfect arid complete satis- mF*?' : -: faction io the smoker. .Every cigar bears ihe,mm.teubanQldlsiampe.d'in 'the '.wrapper—askyour dealer for Cliba "° l * 1. A.:Kfcfer'Drug Company, Indianapolis Sole Distributers....... CHEAP EXCURSIONS TO.^ THE •WEST AND. NORTHWEST.. Oil August 4, 18, September 1, 15, 29, October 0 and 20, 1S06, The North- Western Line (Chicago & North-Western R'yj will sell Home SeeKers' excursion tickets at very low rates to a large number of points in tbe west and northwest. For full Information apply to ticket agents of connecting, lines or address W. B. Knlskcm, G. P. & .T. A., Chicago, 111. ..-:••'•.• HALF RATES TO OMAHA. Via the North-Western Line (Chicago & North-Western R'y) August 15, 10 nnd 17, 1S96, one fare lor tne round trip. On August 24 excursion tickets at veiy low rates will also be sold from Onioha to Denver'and the famous Hot Springs of-South-Dakota. Forfull Information apply to ticket agents ol connecting lines or address W. B. Knlskern G. P. & T: A.; Chicago, I".' Lake Erie & Western R. R. "Natural das Route." On Thursday. August 6th. 1S9C, the Lak* Eric & Western R. R. will run tiller popular -excursion to Cleveland, Buffalo and Niagara Falls at the following very low rales, viz: Pcorla. J8..71 Bloomlngton Hi Lafayette —:..:.. 7.8S Jllchlgan City 7.2S Indianapolis B.V • Tipton 6.S Rate from all stations to Put-in-Bay and return, W-00, With corresponding: reductions from-In- • terroediate points. In addition to tic above, the purchase™ of ihcso tickets vplli be given privilege of special excursion eldo.trips to Leivlston- on-the Lake, Including a steam boat rld» on Ontario, for 25 cents. To Toronto and return by Lake from Lewiston, $1.00. Tickets of admission to places of special Interest at or near Niasara Falls, but outside the reservation. Including toll over . the International BrJiJffe to the Canadian side, elevators to the' watcr'8 edg« at Whirlpool Rapids on the Canadian Bide, will be offered on train at a reductloa ., from prices charged after reaching tha- Palls. • DO NOT JIISS This opportunity of spending Sunday at the greatest historical spot In the United States. Excursion will arrive at Niagara, Falls 8:00 a., m., Friday, Aupust 7, 1896.. Returning, passenKers can leave the Pall*. any day within the limit of their tlcketa, connecting- with • steamer at Buffalo, which leaves there every day at 8:30 p. m. Passengers can have stop-over privilege* on return trip at Cleveland, SaTidusky, Put-In-Bay, etc. For pamphlet giving full detailed Infoi^ matlon, call on any asent Lake ErtB *• Western R. R., or address C. F. DALY, General Passenger AKt. —•.••; Indianapolis, Ind. D. & C. SUMMER SERVICE TO MACKIN'AC. Their new steel poaeencer steamcrg we In commission, making four trips per week between Toledo. Detroit, Uacklnac, soo, Potbstey, Duluth. If you are contemplating a summer outing •end 2c stamp for Illustrated pamphlet. Vddresa A. A. SCHANTZ, G. P. A. Detroit, Xllch. POrDLIST CON'GRESSIOXAL MASS ;MEETING. For above meeting the Wabash Railroad company'will sell tickets to Peru and return, good onjy on August Cth, at rate of sixty-five (03) cents per round trip. ., . . C. G. NEWELL, Agent. SPECIAL EXCURSION TO FORT WAYNE. On Siindny, August 0. 1SOO, the Wa- bas'j Rii.'.lroad company will run a special train to Fort Wayne, leaving Lo- g.ansport at 7 o'clock a. m.; returning leave Fort Wayne a tS:30 p.m. Tickets good for .special train only will be sol'd at rate be $1.00 for the round trip. C. G. NEWELL,' Subscribe for The-'Journal. Subscribe for The Journal.

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