The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 31, 1930 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 31, 1930
Page 5
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FRIDAY, JANUARY 31, 1930 STORE on STIR Shrcveport's Fiery Fighter Just Hates the 'Low-Down Pusillanimous Pups.' By NEA Service SHREVEPORT, La.—Chains are an-uhemci to William Kennon Henderson— esiKcially chain siores and chain broadcasters. Ever since he look over the weak little 250-watt WGAQ in 1924 and developed it into the powerful 10,- 000-walt KWKH, he has been railing at chains and the Federal Radii Commission and Hoover and stations (hat want lo lake his wave-length that want to fake his chain stores. ''Hello, World—hello you common people—you 80 IMI- cent of Ihe population—arc yon lislenin' (o me?" lie shouts into Ihe microphone. "I'm gonna tell ya sonic-thin' and I ivani ya (o listen, Doggone! If every one ol us 80 per cent, every one of us common folks, would st-.p buying tit the chain stores, we could drive [hem out of the country. "Well, why don't ya do it? Wliy don't ya buy from the man who's been helping build up your community and keep these pusillanimous parasites from coming in and taking your money to New York, not paying- any taxes iu your community, not helping any charities." And so on, doggone 1 . Until very recently, it used to be "damn" and "hell," too. But Senator C. C. Dill of Washington got after him, protested to th-. Federal Radio Commission and then to Congress itself. And so Henderson has promised to be a little more diplomatic in his language. Personally, he protests he has never used a cuss word over the air—"but possibly my language has been distasteful for a few." he wired in to Representative John Sand)in of Louisiana's fourth district. So his "hells" and "Damns" are deleted. But his "doggone" and some of his olbrr characteristic phrases remain. The chain stcrc people—"dirty, low-down pusillanimous pups"—are Retting the brunt ot his attacks, and any one who dares wire or write in a disagreeing- \vord gets his "dcggone you" in addition. "If you don't like me, why do ya listen la me? Tune me oil, doggone ya!" ..."Misluh Will" his men call him at the third floor studio of his spacious 16-room home in the heart of his 16,000-acre estate called Kennonwood. "Mistuh Will" he is ta his employes in his profitable iron works at Shreveport, perhaps the largest in the boulhwcst. But he's "Uncle Henderson" to many of his radio admirers. "Uncle Henderson" has received BLYTHEVILLE. (ARKj CQUUIBU.NBWS "Mistuh Will"- - Doggone! nnd Henderson admits that's high for Jusl iv pound ot coffee. "Bui you're gelling with (his coffee u photo of Old Man Henderson, mid you're helping us In our flglil gainst the cluiln stores." And so lie sells oilier mntcilalj at prices that might be considered a little hlgli, but which he Justifies with his addition of studio nnd nn- iiouncc-r pictures nnd his need of funds to Ilgla (he chain stores. "Hello, World" lins been hts sa- lulntion ever since Henderson tooX over the old slnllon In 1024, and "Hello, World" lin.s nlmost become a trade murk wltli him. u goes with everything he sells through Ills station. . "Misluh Will" is only «, is mur- ried nml hns n son nnd u daughter. He's quite wealthy, as president ol i successful Iron works, but he sllll gets down lo work sometimes us early ns 6 in the morning. iu> works lute and doesn't leave his offlce al tlmos lo address his folks OUT (lie air. A microphone Is at his desk, connected by remold control [ 0 Ills home slurilo at Kcimoiiwcod. Henderson Is Just as eccentric In his dully activities as hr- Is over (lie Hir. He keeps no regular office hours, and doesn't, demand ihls of his rtair. Tour times ;i day lie treats Ills employes to n cup of coffee. He wears a red rose In his lapel and lie likes perfume, food, coitly flower etxracts. •lie LITl'I.K HOCK-Clwlcs S. Mc- Jiun, Arkansas tankcv whose rise in Ihe financial world'lins been n steady climb upward, hns been elected n dircrlor of Hit? Niillonn! 3ash Horsier Company, according o New York !id\'lccs. Ho is president of the Clmse Nalloim! bank, lilt; second largest on the American romliiciits. PIUS FJSHO CETRIDOF DiniADflYS Thousands Arc Troubled I'or Yours and Tell of Quick and Kusv Relief INKXi'KNSlVK ItKMKDY COSTS ONLY 75 CKNTS "I'm so happy and gialeful being free of my old Pile troubles I'm writing you to use. my name if you ilci-lnrcs Nordman, retired farmer of Huffnlo Center. Iowa. "[ had I he Itching Wcedlns;. painful kind nnd I had them 1 used all kinds of William Kennon Henderson of KVVKH, Shreveport many gifts from his fans, strengthening his ccnviction that the common people, "\\'e 80 per cent," arc all for him. Most pleasing, however, are (he thousands of letters and telegrams and long distance calls he gets Boarding htm on to a more severe battle against the chain stores, asking him to play certain popular records—for record reproduction is his second favorite pastime on the air—and otherwise encouraging him in his enterprise of making KWKH unique in the annals of broadcasting. Many thousands of letters and telegrams come also from those who oppose Henderson, who protest (he use of h(s fiery language, and many more from those who, just for the fun of it, want to hear his vitriolic replies to their communications. He reads them all, pleasant or unpleasant, saying a good hospitable word for those who encourage him, railing in his own inimitable way at those who would discourage him. "Just got your wire here. Charlie Jones,- of Birmingham, Alabama," lib would say. "Mighty fine of ya to telegraph me about our programs. Come c:i down and let's have a look at ya." And when a wire of the other sort comes— "Well, Tom Smilli of Louisville, doggone your old hide, ya can't get me sore. 1 know ya. You're one This is the "MAKE SURE" METHOD of Fertilizing Cotton O UT of all the experimental work and farm tests with COttOn fertilizer-: rfiirinor »h. r,,,t tests with cotton fertilizers during the past 50 years, there has developed this one method safe and sure for cotton from North Carolina to Texas. It meets every need of the crop for plant Jood; reduces every risk; is economical; and guarantees you maximum return on your fertilizer investment. And it's so simple _ At Wanting Time (for one acre) SO to 100 Ibs. Chilean Nitrate ol Soda. 25 to 75 Ibs. muriate of potash. 100 to 400 /os. superphosphate. This gives you enough phosphate and potash; the Chilean Nitrate gives the crop the best possible start anil encourages maximum growth during early spring. 30 to 40 Doys After Planting [for one acre) 350 to 200 Ibs. Chilean Nitrite of Soda side- dressing. This gives the crop greater vigor and resistance to pests and disease; makes bigger bolls and carries more o( them through to earlier maturity; increases yields and improves quality. That's all there is to it! The important part of the recipe is the nitrogen. Chilean Nitrate can make a good fertilizer out of a poor one* will make a good fertilizer better. A little Chilean Nitrate at planting time and plenty of it later as side-dressing just about takes the gamble out of cotton farming. If you cannot find out whether your planting- tune fertilizer contains Chilean Nitrate; the way to make sure is to buy fertilizer low in nitrogen and mix Chilean Nitrate with it at the rate of 200 to 400 Ibs. per ton. In this way you are certain of enough of the best nitrogen under your crop. onr book Special FREE Book Our new illustrated book "How to Fertilize Y J-rops gives full instructions. Free. Ask for b No. 1 or tear out this ad and mail it with your name and address on the margin. . Chilean Nitrate of Soda EDUCATIONAL BUREAU 1001 Rector BIdg., Little Rock, Ark. In replying, pirns?, refer lo at! Na. 62 "IT'S -100* NOT LUCK of these sniveling, sneaking chain store managers, or ya wouldn't send that wire to inc. doggone ya. Whj- don't ya eet a good job and become respestablc? Doggone!" "Good work, KWKH, keep it up," reads a typical wire. "Your programs coming in (inc. Enjoying them immensely. Please send C. O. D. two pounds codee." That's the famous "Hello World" coilee that Henderson tins been distributing through his 'station to his admirers. It costs a dollar Best Purgative for Relieves lh« congestion, reduces complications, hastens recovery. doesn't care what oilier men think of this Idlosyncrncy, doggone! Sturdily until, well-dressed nnd proud, he seems to snap his fingers al live world. Ills cleft chin nnd snub-nose strengthen his detlnncc. Yet lie's all goodness and thoughtfulness lo those lie cares for—relatives, friends and slrangcr%. A word of hard luck, nnd W. K. Henderson Is on the spot with sonic sort of material aid—a suit of clothes, a meal, even n new automobile—If he thinks anything ol the person concerned. But first of all comes his famllf. Be his guest at dinner, anil you are the last lo be served. "My folks conic first with me," he says In serving, "and Tin gonna serve 'cm first." And doggone ya if you don't like It! salves but found practically no re- licf until I sn\v Colac I'llc I'llls nd- vcrlhcd In the paper nnd got some. Tliose Pills started doing me'good !ho firs', day, and I Imd no (rouble aflcr 1 used Hie first 75c Ixilllc bill I kept on using three bottles In all. and 1 nm free of all signs of my old I'llc troubles. I sure fim Ib.iJikful ami recommend Colai Vilis wherever I lenrn ot some-bads suffering ns 1 formerly suffered, 1 CUHimicd Mr. Norclinnn. Thousands of men and womei Read Courier News Want Ads. suffering various forms OL P.tes have been hnppy lo flnt saivcs, supiMJsllorles. etc., nrc no iDngcr required. Just a couple o Colnc Pile rills with n swallow o water each meal Is all needed fo quick relief. Drugolsls here nrc authorized to sell on positive gunr nntce of satisfaction or moncj back without quibble or question Or send 75c In stamps o r coin t Colac Chemical Co., BrcnUvood Md. Ad\ On the Broadway of America Kingsway Hotel and Baths Hot Springs, Ark. New Fireproof Hold Fur State People Moderate Rntcs Coffee. Shop New luO-Ciii' Garage 0. W. Everett, Managing Director "Strength and Ability-Plus the Willingness lo Serve' Founded on Security Built by Service How Often Have You Said This? ''Next year I'm going lo stint saving!" Often enough, no doubt. And now "next year" is here. Why not decide right here and now to make 1930 yield you its best, by opening a Savings Ae- count here today? THE FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. Tiie Oldest Bank in Blytlieville The only Bank in Mississippi County Under State and Federal Supervision PAGE FIVE Won't Get Kit" "If You Bay of Mr. Bowers?' Pancake Flour Maple Syrup l.ojf Cabin Titbits Si/c 23c Matches Swan (> lioxt'.s 15c Macaroni, Spaghetti and Noodles Made Wilii Milk ;t 1'at bilges 25c Jello All Klitvors • 3 Pk£s. 23c Kuro JS IP's 65c, 5's 36c. U's 13c 3 Cans 29c eas 1-aml-O-Uki! Kiirly June Figaro Liquid Smoke Raisins HZ-OUTH'C , Hnltle Sunmnid Seeded or Seedless' 15-Ounce I'ucktijrc 98c lOc Sweet Potatoes Siantliiril Quality No. 2 1-2 Cans 14c FO1I SATURDAY ONLY Turnips Canadian Rutabagas lb..'3'c Carrots KA 8c | Beets &SZ ;8c Lemons s Doz. 27c MiLstard or -t f\ lOc f^ 1 ('ris|i and -g f\ Celery T """- su » k luc rw\ • with 1 urnips nT zL Nice and Bacon Hawk Sliced . 25c Sail Meat Steak of Lean lb. 16c K.C. Beef Stew lb.20c Salt Meat .A lb. 12k K.C.Beef Roast lb. 25c ! ^ n Bacon Sujjiir Cured In Piece lb. 16c Roast Pork Shoulder lb. 2 c Pvire Lard liest Grade lb. I2c Pork Chops '-- lb. 25c Hens Fancy Full Dressed lb. 38c Kraut Sour, I.OOS.C, Pound 5c Pi§ Liver lb. 15e Sausage I'ure lb. 20c

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