The Times Record from Troy, New York on April 8, 1970 · Page 12
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The Times Record from Troy, New York · Page 12

Troy, New York
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 8, 1970
Page 12
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THE TIMES RECORD, TROY. N. Y., WEDNESDAY EVENING, APRIL 8, 1970 tAdams, James Buckley On Conservative Slate NEW Y0111C (AP) -- Dr. Pauljlricd to offer Mario P r o c a c c i n o i a n d Democratic nominee Paul ],. Attains slid Jnmes I,, Buck- for governor after Adams wfls(0'U«-yer. ley were named again Tuesday'placed in nomination, night by the Conservative party I lint J . Daniel Mahonoy, Buckley, 47, vice president of ami director o[ CaLwIin Corp, c i,; ci . i to nm lor governor and U.S.l M ° l l "l Vernon, N.Y., llie merit-: ,,[ r .. lenator ni j\'eu Vork State. :'"S cMU'roan, ruled dial in lhe| cl . ,,[ William F. Huekley Jr., A d a m s was the parly's nomi-i" 115 TM" 1 of a w r i t t e n reiucsl ; K ]j jril . ,,(. .\ a |ional llcview anil governor, Leo Kcssclring for at- lonioy general and Anthony R. Spinclli for comptroller. R/fes He/d For Six Fire Victims 1.0CKTORT, N.Y. ( A P ) - S i x .vuung cousins went to their graves Tuesday while police niul fire officials coiuimieil to search /.conarrt, 45, is a of for l l l e ' :llls; o( Hio fire that political science at lona College Hook (heir lives. in A'cw liocliclle. Kesselring, 3(j, has Iiis own law practice in nee for (overilnr in (lie ]»B|i|''''" I'rocaccino, Hie ilefealrtl ',-,,, uiisiKressfiil m.'iynrnl -;u»li- Roflie.sler. Spinelli, 33, live* in (.lection and Buckley fur s e n a t o r ! l)pm " cl ' illic mayoral candidate',!.,(, ,,, 1^5 ' j.Maspelli, Queens. in 1968. ] last year, llie n o m i n a t i o n was Upon accrplins Ilic iimnjna-i · Adams' volo in lilfifi \vas!" o t '" nrl «. j ( j l m lUickley said, "I'm con. 510,023, onlpolling lh« Liberal p a r t y by about 3,000 voles and giving the Conservative party the fhirri line on the hsllot. Adams, J5, teaches political icitnce and history at Huberts Wesleyan College in North Chili, * Rochuler suburb where he lives. His designation io run for gov- McGovern was offered i n j v i n c e d an independent candi n o m i n a t i o n for senator, Imt failed to get the necessary 25 per cent of the delegates' voles to enter « p r i m a r y a g a i n s t Buckley. The vote was 379.4 for Duckley to 3.1.8 for MrGovern will] 10.-i abstentions. Buckley in !%8 received dale has a real chance to win, especially when you slarl \vith over a million voles." lie also said his candidacy wilt "give (he Republicans a choice between me and Sen. Charles K. floodell." Gooilel], according to Buckley, "lias abandoned, Ihc p a r t y tninr was u n a n i m o u s . ; 1,139.402 votes, f i n i s h i n g b e h i n d | a n d tlie Democrats are doing Kevin Mefiovern of Brooklyn, i Republican Sen. Jacob K. J a v i t s i ' 0 0 ""ich f i g h t i n g a m o n g s t ; " ' Auto Agency Attack Seen Union 'Plot' Big Mouth is coining to town. ^ I'AI.M BEACH, Fla. ( A P ) _ "A u n i o n conspiracy" was behind Monday's a t t a c k on a Volk- (iiHHlell was appointed in J!)ii8| sua S ( '» JUienoy by some 1,7011 j'liy Ciov. \elsnn A. Rockefeller " orl -'iii«i who knocked down ' t o complete the term of t h c j w ' l l l s «''"' 1'attcring rams, and sledge hammers, damaged 4,1 cars and fought with police, Sheriff William Heidtmsn says. Heidtman made th» charge Monday night after arresting 14 persons on charges ranging from arson to aggravated assault to inciting to riot. He predicted "many more arrests." State Ally. Zell Davis eon ferred with Heidlman and said Tiie six white caskets were lowered into adjoining graves at Cold .Springs Cemetery in this ant. The children wlio died were (linger N i n h a m , 5, Cindy Nin- ham, 4 and Kellea Lewis, 20 months, the children of Mrs. N i n h a m , and Mrs. White's only children, ICIi/abelh, ii, James, and Paiilella 2. Dist. Ally. Aldo DiKlorio of N i a g a r a County said a professional lire investigator was ex- Western New York city after peeled lo arrive today lo search marched briefly in front of the funeral home before th e scrvic- coroner's inquest may he called once the imesligalor has made his report, Diflorio said. services attended by some 200. 'for (lie cause of die" fire persons at a f u n e r a l home. ] The two mothers, Yvonne Nin- ham, and her sister, Connie White, sobbed throughout the rites and had lo be restrained from rushing to the caskets. Si.vleen tccn-agcrs acted as pallbearers. Ten olhcr children carrying hand-printed placards Prove Hardy Ethiopia's Uauakil people have learned la survivo in one ol the world's mosl forbiddine . - . ,places. Scores ol tlie tribesmen cs began lo protest poor hmis-jwork and live in. the U a n a k i l l.oeknorl's^ Depression, a terrifying land ot volcanic ruins, rock, l a v a and fire last d r i e d sail lakes, where daytime » frame temperatures often soar above [ rc.sliuir-il20 degrees F. poverty neighborhood. Saturday destroyed honiEi and an a d j n j u i u UO HOOSICK ST. AT TBOY PUZA OPEN 8 o.m.-9 p.m. MONDAY-SATURDAY OUR FAMOUS Thursday Special! ROAST TURKEY LUNCHEON $435 i Served with Cranberry Sauce, Dressing, Whipped Potato, Giblel Gravy, Vegetable, Roll ond Buffer slain Itoberl K. Kennedy, lie was named by the GOP to run for lb» seat fll Ibe Republican meeting thai ended mrlier in the day in Rochester. Rockefeller was picked lo run (or a f o u r t h term. Democratic hopefuls nil face |» p r i m a r y scramble before the party's slate is known. The Conservative parly also unanimously named Kdward F. Leonard lo run for lieutenant John I Kasarjian Son 115 FOURTH ST., TROY "The Home of Prime Meats" Grade * Extra Lcje. EGGS Doz, MIRfl-GURE ARMOUR'S SLICED BACON 1-LB.- VACUUM PACK RIB ROAST lit 4 RIBS U. S, PRlrAE 5-6-7 RIBS U. S. PRIME Porterhouse Sirloin STEAKS ^ $ 1 39 Lb. U. S. PRIME SEM-I BONELESS U . S . P R I M E CHUCK STEAK SHORT RIBS For Brazing Club Steaks London Broil Chuck Roast Fresh Ground Prime Beef SIRLOIN TIP us. RUMP ROAST PR'^E BOTTOM ROUND ROAST 55 b. U. S. PRIME CUT FROM CHUCK SEMI- U . S . BONELESS PRIME $|19 3 LBS. 79lB .98 LB. PORK LOIN WHOLE PORK LOIN RIB HALF SLICED or ROAST AT NO EXTRA COST SLICED or ROAST AT NO EXTRA COST LEGS OF LAMB RIB LAMB CHOPS -LAMB PATTIES 85' L ,~ 1.29 Ll FIRST P R I Z E OR BIUNSKI'S 1-lb. CELLOPHANE PACKAGE STORE SLICED FRESH EVERYDAY FIRST PRIZE I-1 Kb I KKIIL HMfflr ^ffffirw SPARE RIBS 79 ib MAINE PRIME CHICKEN BREAST 75 BUDWEISER SCHAEFFER MILLER'S 6--12 Oi. Pack Lcsi $f .00 Than MAINE PRIME CHICKEN LEGS 65 (b GENESEE BALLANTINE'S 6 PACK 90 Lcsi Thon M A I N E P R I M E 39 PARKAY MRS. FILBERT'S BLUE BONNET In /, II,,. Lks, fs. 33c Lb. Sjiccinls On Hnllnntlne, ftoiic.sce ntul. All fRII PARKING WITH THI PURCHASI Or »7.00 OR MORI MIAT ORBERI he would convene a specia grand j u r y lo investigate the incident. The violence erupted earl i Monday when hundreds of build : ing tradesmen converged on [Kprecn Volkswagen Co. to pro test the use of nonunion labor to ! construct an addition to the ( a g e n c y . Kiot police and state troopers were called in when the men he- j S a n b a t t e r i n g down Ihe walls .ind ripping up the roof. M'liei the law enforcement officers arrived, liiey were greeted by R bail of rocks and enrses. Retired Teachers | To Be Feted The Troy Teachers Association will play host to the s i x t h a n n u a l luncheon for its retired teachers al the Troy Country Clnfp on Saturday, April 18, ac- 'cordinj! to Miss Adelaide Oil, eliairjiinii nf Ihe .sunshine comm i t t e e in charge of the a f f a i r . "\\a hope to h a v e a large r e p r e s e n t a t i o n from the nearly 80 retired teachers in the area," said Jliss Olt. "Tin luncheon will be at 12:30 and we will provide transportation for anyone who so desires." ilrs. Jlirfii GooroJii at Carroll Hill .School is in charge of reservations. Mrs. Margery Do- herly and Hiss M a r i o n feet/el are in c h a r g e of invitations. .Serving on the luncheon committee are Mrs. Catherine Hyatt, Mrs. Irene O'Shaughnessey, Mrs. Itarie N u g e n t , Mrs. Carolyn TbaJlman, Airs. Mildred Anstow, and'the Misses Helen Sweeney, Marion Franklin, Maureen Noonan, Katherine Delaney and Helen Hutler. HALFMOON Mrs.T. !·'. Carrixan 37t-sei!l R a y m o n d Y a r t c r , Fire Warden for the Town of I l a l f m o n n bas announced t h a t no person s h a l l set, or cause to be set, fire for purpose of b u r n i n g logs, sawdust, slabs, brush, stumps, dried grass or other debris without first having obtained from the d e p a r t m e n t a written permit to do so. Permits may be obtained at Mr. Yaners home at 2 Allen Drive, Extension. The members of lh e Lively Ones 4-11 Cltih worked on sewing projects recently at the home of Miss Knrnia Olessandrini. nf KiLglemnrc f t o a d . .lean Kilteil the J u n i o r Loader, continued with "Sew A Fine Seam"; Nor ma Alrssandrini--"Costume Co ordinates"; Julia Keevern and Dehra"Let's Sew: Blouse or Shifts"; and Barbara Jeai liriggs "Let's Sew". The nest ; nipelin« will be Apri'l 17 at 1 ·p.m. al the home o[ Miss Ales i sandrini. The Khenendehowa Hasebal ; League has a n n o u n c e d t h a t boy: 8 t h r o u g h IS y e a r s of age win reside in the C l i f t o n Park-Half moon rire D r p a r l m i ' i i l are I register t h i s ' S a t u r d a y f r o m 2 I ·1 p.m. al llie I l a l f m o o n Town H a l l . The boys m u s t briii] proof of if: and a s m a l l re tratinn foe will be charged. j The A u x i l i a r y of Mohawk I Post, A m e r i c a n Legion, wil meet today at 7:30 p.m. at tin Legion H a l l on Grooms Road 1 Following the m e e t i n g n w i m . t a s t i n g program will he held. The Shonencichnwa Rot an Club w i l l Hiwl Thiir.vl.i.v at B:,1ff p.m. at Itoich's l i e s l a n r a n l , I l a l f m o o n . Mnliawk Post rSmrriran Legion will meel Thnrsrlay at 8 p.m. al the Post Jlonms on Grooms Road. Commander Mar- tiri .1, Connors will preside nt the jession. Tlie Guys and Gals 4-H Cluh will meet Friday nt 7:30 p.m. »t Ihe home of Miss Kalhy Pingel- sVi on Ronle M6. Members will discuss their garden projects. The Unity Club will meet Tuesday, A p r i l M inslead of April 21 al t h e borne of Mrs. Oorgc- M l u c ' l i i ' r . ( I n i d i - b n a r i l Knail. M r s . A l l i e r t S a l u u i r i n , pre.sidi'iil, \ \ i l l {'undiK'l t h e ncss sc.s'.sidjl, Tim Sliencndebowa Senior Citizens ivill hold ji cunt psrty on April 17, »l 8 p.m. at Ihe Hall- moon Town Hull. Mrs. Harriet Boyick Ii «hnlrm»n of tbi ivtnt, 3 SUPER WIDTHS IN ANTIQUE SATIN LINED DRAPERIES , . ALL AT ONE LOW SALE PRICE! THESE LINED DRAPERIES . "Hang better for a custom look! ...Insulate keep cold out heat in! ...Protect furnishings from sun fading! ...ftdd p r i v a c y . . . No one can look in! 28.88 | 96" x 84" PR.... 120" x 84" Pair M4" x M" Cover your largeit window! or an entir. wall with exciting color and texture ot Standard Savings! Now ... solv. your decorator problem! with theie custom-craft onhque satin lined drape, in 4 dramatic colont linen, olive white and gold. ' ALSO AVAILABLE OTHER SIZES AVAILABLE 48'x48" 12.88 72"x84" 23.88 JABOTS 6.88 TIE BACKS 1.88 LINED OR FRINGED VALENCES 4.88 48" 72" lengths 3V 45' S4' 63' 14' 95' 150" 240" Wido Wide Wirit Wid. WW. Wide Wide 7.50 13, Off 16.00 ............ 8.00 14.00 17.00 ......... 8.50 15.00 18.00 ........ ' \\\ 10.00 19.00 23.00 25.00 25.00 ,,, '.'.'. ............... 40.00 M.M 14,00 '27.00 35.00 35.00 35.00 70.00 70.00 Matching Batiste "BREEZE" Under Sheers 100% Celane» Fartrel polyester, washe, like n hanky, dries in no li mo never Pum kin"'" 9 ' ° ble '" White ' lvory ' Gold ' 6reen ' pink ' B '«^ Cherry Red LENGTH 36 45 54 63 84 95 1 WIDTH 48" PR. 6.00 7.00 8.00 8.00 9.00 11.00 r/a width 72" PR. 10.00 n.oo 13.00 14.00 17.00 18.00 2 Width 96" PR. 13.00 14.00 16.00 17.00 '20.00 23.00 2!/ 2 Width 120" PR. 2.2.00 25.00 29.00 3 widths 144" PR. *ln stoc.. in while only . . . nilow 2 weeks delivery in all other colors * s j m . 27.00 29.00 34.00 OPEN 9 ro 9 THURS., FR!. ani TUES. OTHER DAYS TO 5:30 PARK FREE AT RAMP NEXT TO STORE WITH ANY PURCHASE PHONE: 274-211] 269 RIVER STREET (at Second) in the heart of TRO I ALBAKYi BBS Gentrtl AVI. PHOKEt 438-4461 IN KtNQSTON] 123 Will St, WOMIi SM-IM1 IN JCHEHECTADYi || S I7MI77

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