Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on March 31, 1959 · Page 7
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 7

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 31, 1959
Page 7
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NOTES Fatigue is the ojtre of women, whether they are housewives or professionals. However, doctors point out it is the way we approach whatever work is to be done tfcnl can rob us of energy, aside from physical ills. Ap proaching a job or a social situation with the idea of making the best of whatever arises savc- us all much stress and strain. | Be Wise— Slenderize VALLEY SLIM & TRIM PY 7-2653 35123 Ave. B SALON Yucaipa Banquets, Robes And Souvenirs In Budget For Japan Prince's Wedding (Thit it the third of three dispatches about Michiko Shod*, the next Empress of Japan.) By AKIO KONOSHIMA United Press International TOKYO (UP1) — The April wedding of Crown Prince Akihito and his pretty commoner bride^o-be presents much the same problems of a gala wedding in the United States or anywhere else — including the big problem of cost. For this wedding, which will be the biggest in Japan in decades, the cost will be more than 26 million yen t $72,222). The greatest portion, which has been set aside in the draft of the fiscal budget for 1959, will go for wedding ceremonies, including banquets, ceremonial robes and souvenirs for guests. Ceremonial robes for the Prince and .Miss Michiko Shoda, the flourlngo V cn <SJIfi>. be Japan's next empress, will cost in the neighborhood of 1.16 yen i $3.222». Some old robes will be used. For instance, Miss Shoda will borrow the ceremonial robe used by the Prince's older sister Princess Terunomiya. when she was married. But .Miss Shoda also is Setting six new formal robes and dresses, each lo cost .ibout 150, mill executive's daughter who will Lightly turn his thoughts with, NEW by PRINCE MATCHABELLI You'll love this charming light-hearted bouquet of 17 Spring flowers... in Cologne, Perfume Creme Sachet, Cologne Spray Mist, and Dusting Powder...each in a delightful new gift package as fresh as Spring itself 1 4 or. COLOGNE $150 • plus tax PRESCRIPTIOM PHARMACISTS Phone PY 3-3195 The Prince will use the winter icl>c he wore when he was formally declared heir lo the throne Dut a new winter robe beins made for him will cost 300.000 yen 'SB33'. More than six million yen 1 £16,667> will be used to feed th" 3.000 guests, though all that mosi of them can expect to get at feasts marking the occasion will be a box-packed luncheon costing S2.73 and a small bottle of sake 'rice wine 1 . Another six million yen will go for souvenirs to the guests. These will include small silver candy ,'dishes bearing the imperial crest, end cooper paper weights. The 26 mUlion yen set aside in, the imperial household budget] I for the weddins. an amount most I Japanese hardly expect to earn in ;a lifetime, is not expected to cov fer the complete cos;. I Additional funds will have to jcome from money to be set aside I for the imperial houfehold agen joy's budpet. j Once the marriage has taken •ilace. the bride will get two new Japanese-made automobiles, each costing 1.2 million yen (S3.333) About 6.8 million yen 1SI8.8OO) I will be needed to hire eight court ; ladies, two chauffeurs and 13 gar- (deners — all needed for the ne>v iTogu Palace, being built for the j couple. i These expenses also will have to come from the imperial house hold agency's budget. Good Queen Bess ! Didn't Really Have It So Good For the last 20 years of her life, (jucen Elizabeth 1 of England refused to look into a mirror. The queen who had once been tall, elegant and beautiful had lost her teeth and, quite possibly, much of her hair. She couldn't bear to face the fact of aging in such a cruel way. And she had no true beauty aids. There were crude forms of cosmetics available, of course. They were called "paint" and they looked fine as long as your skin lasted. But since they ate away the skin, this usually wasn't very long. There was a whitencr for teeth which removed the enamel as it whitened. So little was known about hair care that both men and women became bald rather early and everybody wore wigs as a matter of course. It was a brilliant age of discovery and adventure but it was not one in which aging could be staved off or even made pleasant. The queen owned a forlune in jewels and gowns but she had not ono of the wonderful creams and cosmetics available to worn cn today. Red lands Daily Facts Tuesday, Mar. 31, 1959 -7 Medicated Cream Most Effectual Getting in shape for spring means stepping up facial circulation, changing make-up colors to suit the stronger sunlight of spring and giving a color lift to the hair. This girl starts ont (left) by using a circulation mask to firm sagging skin and bring a glow to winter-white complexion. Flower-fresh color is added with face powder in a shade that has a rosy glow. This puts a new light on the skin and lends it radiance. Color highlights for the hair come (right) frsm a new home hair rinse that lasts through Ave shampoos, lending a brighter look. It comes in colors for every hair shade and is simple to use. Her bib necklace and wide bracelet In glowing stones set off hair and skin color scheme. SELL IT TOMORROW 'With an inexpensive Classified Ad SMOOTH MOVE! Yes — buying a eyegl ass * hearing aid will be the smoothest, wisest move you ever made MODEL FOB SIODEL YOU CANT BUY BETTER QUALITY and PERFORMANCE AT ANY PRICE ZENITH OFFERS YOU • Ten Transistorized Models. • 10 Day Money Sack Gvartntn. • 1 Year Warranty, Proof of Quality. • S Year Protective Scrvict Plan. •Yog par chaw tha lciues and trmmm at jour choice from your owl Exfllii Sdeclillit. Pahl': Comes spring, your wardrobe Squeezing blackheads is a dandy isn't the only thing you want to way to get a skin infection. Be-chanae. True, yuti look forward sides, it's inclfeclual. [to smart, new fashions and flower- The best way to dislodge those '— oily deposits is to use a medical-j p. n L I cd cream intended fur this pur-; UfeSS KehearSal pose. There are a number oi ^ • _ — ood ones on the market. After! GoOu lOT I eeflS you remove the cream, apply an 1 astringent. When you're in your teens, a You may have to repeat the date with The Boy can be terri- trejtment every night for several; lying. You're worried about your weeks before you see rosults.i hair, your dress, your make-up. But the treatment takes only 15; The best thinj to do is go through minutes. | a sor t 0 f dress rehearsal before 1 the big night. A couple of days before the date, have your hair done or do it yourself. This is to avoid a "set" look and to make you feel less self-conscious. Try on your Aside from the use of an eye| dress. Sit in it and stand in it solution, a woman can make her,to make sure that it's perfectly eyes sparkle with water. First. I comfortable. You'll feel much dip a soft cloth in hot water and! more at ease lire night of your hold it to the eyes. Follow this!dale if you're used to the dress with a cold application. Usually.'you're wearing, in the morning a cold compress | And experiment w ith your to the eyes tightens the skin in j make-up. You need very little that area, chasing away that so avoid the heavy hand. Plas^ baggy look. tering your face with lots of make-| up won't get you any compli- Fried, fattv and starchv food.-.ments from people who count; play havoc 'with most complex,Powder and lipstick will do the ions. .Most individuals can enjoyi trick and nix to the eye make-, such foods in their diets occas-"P- That comes along when ionally. But if you include them; >' ou ' re ,n - vour 29s in three meals a day fieautij JipJ like colors. But you can't help feeling that you, yourself, need a complete overhauling after t h i- long winter's fight against the elements. Evenings spent in heated rooms rob your liair of luster. Cold, biting winter winds dry your skin. And most of us feel we've got lo do something about ourselves before we can look our best in the new spring clothes. To help restore the shine to your hair, you might try hot oil treatments and, of course, vigor-, ous brushing. You'll be pleased with the quick results. Perhaps, while considering your "'new lease on beauty." you might decide you'd like to give your hair a lift with color. It's easy to try these days when temporary hair coloring is just a drug counter away. You won't have to bother ap plying the color after each shampoo. For a leading beauty house now offers a temporary hair rinse that they claim will last through five shampoos. It comes Some "Calorie-Low" Foods Aren't it is asking ~ for complexion problems. Try b.ii- amounts of green vegetables and ancing your diet by including larg'Vfruits. S Hearing Aid Service 16 Seventh St., Easy Parking PY 3-5646 THE ESSENCE OF FASHION — To create a complete illusion of beauty, romance and femininity, the right fragrance is essential in achieving the effect. In either perfumes or colognes, scents are available to suit every personality, mood or costume of the moment. The fashion-wise woman maintains a "wardrobe" of suitable fragrances. TANTALIZING TOE TICKLING LUXURY on your Bedroom and Bathroom Floors • TANTALIZING COLORS: — Pdwder Pink • Lemon • Dawn Beige • Saffron Dove Grey • Frosty Blue • Snowy White • Turquoise • WONDERFULLY WASHABLE 100% NYLON By WILLIAM R. TEAGUE United Press International COLUMBUS, O. — Fad diets often hail cottage cheese as a girl's best friend. Fact is, it can be a dieting girl's worst enemy. This is not to brand cottage cheese as a natural enemy of your figure. Any doctor will tell you it's a health food, rich in bodybuilding elements and sometimes recommended for its balmy effect on ulcers. But if you're trying to trim 10 pounds, measure your cottage cheese as carefully as you would crackers, your waistline. A cupful is about 260 calories. During Lent, it's common to combine dietary discipline with spiritual obligation, usually' by •taring a "light lunch." Ordinarily at our house, this would mean a bunch of lettuce leaves and a big blurb of cottage cheese — a sacrifice known as the "blitz method" of trimming seven pounds in seven days. The family doctor changed: that. Hi* calorie chart persuaded us to give up cottage cheese for Lent. Now light lunch is half a grapefruit, a cup of vegetable soup, half a cup of tuna with lemon juice, half a tomato, a stalk of celery, and half a cup of brussels sprouts, cauliflower, or asparagus tips. That's only about 240 calories. Either way, it's a well-balanced meal and you sacrifice only bread which you would have given up anyway under the cottage cheese method. It's easy to have, low-calorie meals at home, where you are in charge. But be on guard after you leave your front door. Shopping center soda fountains and downtown cafeterias are almost diabolical. A popular forty- cent special may have a generous dipper of cottage cheese, two peach halves, three prunes, topped with a cherry and served with Looks light Dainty. Colorful, inexpensive and inviting. Be wary. Stop. Look. Count calories. The cheese is about 150. the peach 75, prunes 75. And even if you don't count the cherry, that little package of crackers will add •to. That 340 calories and you'll still be hungry when you finish. Reconsider. By-pass the 'light" salad, and 'counting as you go> order something like this: A slice of lean roast beef <85>. quarter head of lettuce (15) half a cup of green beans or eggplant '25i, celery hearts iJJi, half a cup of carrots, turnips or cabbage '35'. hot tea with one sugar I25>. Thai's only 200 calories. If you feel daring, add a small muffin and a pat of butter and you'll have only 300. If you like collage cheese. If you don't like fish, substitute a roast chicken leg or a small portion of round steak. in many naturally lovely shades, and there's no mixing or measuring required. It lathers on straight from the bottle. It's fun to change ur highlight the color of your hair. And it often opens your clothes closet door to many shades you've never before found becoming. If you haven't been giving dillt- gent care to your complexion, you should get 'to work right now. A sallow, dry winter skin doesn't look attractive in the bright, spring sunshine. Keep your skin scrupulously clean, and be sure to use your favorite cream each night. Apply it to your face and neck with swift upward strokes. Before going out on a date, you might want to try a new facial mask that is said to stimulate circulation and firm sagging tissues. Then, when you step out in your smart spring wardrobe, top off this new com -'ex-ion with a flower-fresh face >/Owder, whose rosy f'ow will obscure any shadows and give your face a charming, youthful radiance. It's well worth the time and effort necessary to repair all the dullirg effects of the winter months. For you can greet the new season with shining hair, a clear, pretty skin -and spring in your walk because you know you look lovely. Q0 LIMITED TIME Only j V2 6AL i Delicious j Organic { £*GRAPE JUICE] with each I $10.00 Purchase j REDLANDS HEALTH j FOODS STORE { 416 E. State St. PY 2-2579 1 still below the count for a cup offubst'tute a roast chicken leg or any lean meat for the beef. You will have a colorfuL nutri tious. inviting meal that will be low enough for a 1.000-calorie diet. Sensational Spring of Dorothy Gray products - Some greater than 50% Savings! Sale Includes • Discontinued Gift Package Sets • Dusting Powder • Perfume • Cologne in all popular fragrances MANY FORMERLY AS HIGH AS 5.00 NOW SELLING FROM 69c to 2.00 TANTAUZING PRICE: 27" x 48" 5.98 3x5'$10.98 FREE DECORATOR SERVICE • FREE PARKING FURNITURE CO. 515 Orange PY 2-4240 S. 4 It. GREEN STAMPS WINN'S Daily 8-9 DRUG STORE Sunday 9-5 Corner Colton and Orange PY 3-2804 FREE Parking S.4H. Green Stamps HAVE A CARE I For Your Hair! sports are wonderful But... YOUR HAIR needs Professional care* after long exposure to sun. •WE SPECIALIZE IN CONDITIONING DAMAGED HAIR. CUT -N- GURL BEAUTY SALON 1023 Orange St. PY 2-313J EASY PARKING

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