Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on June 12, 1957 · Page 13
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 13

Cumberland, Maryland
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Wednesday, June 12, 1957
Page 13
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The l\'ctvsiiui>er For The Home Member Associated Press WEDNESDAY, JUNE J2, 1957 Second Section Groups Clash On Fature Use Of Canal Area U. S. Service I lend Favors Park Along Sodioii Of Waterway WASHINGTON W - Maryland | and federal government officials ' joined battle today on future use of the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal area along the Potomac River. Conrad Wirth, director of the National Park Service, lold a Senate Interior subcommittee his agency favors establishment of a national historical park along Ihe canal. Joseph Kaylor. speaking for the Maryland Commission of Forestij and Parks, replied with an e\ pression of "unalterable opposi- lion" lo the historical park bill as introduced by Sen. Beall (R-Md>. Not Explicit Enough Kaylor told a committee headed by Sen. Murray (D-MonU that the commission felt the bill is "not explicit enough." He referred specifically to a section which would authorize construction of a parkway on the Maryland side of Ihe river along Ihe upper reaches of the pre- revolutionary canal which stretches from Washington lo Cumberland, Md. Kaylor said references lo the section of parkway—which Wirlh argued would provide a scenic drive—were not detailed enough in proposed usage and locations. Kaylor urged that the Park Service and the Stale join in working out plans for development of the canal area before any final action is taken. "We are defending the interesls of the people of Maryland," he declared, "and we feel that a plan should be pinpointed to show what the plans arc." Not Up To Committee His statements brought com- N T ew Sheriff To Be Named For Garrctt Fisher Resigns To lit; Assessor; Deputy Nominated For I'osl A successor has been chosen for Paul W. Fisher as sheriff of jarrett County, the Evening Times learned today. lie is James Kranlz. who has ton deputy sheriff for Ihe pasl Iwo years. Cheslon M. Browning Sr., chairman of the Gnrrell County Republican Stale Central Committee, said Kraiiiz was the unanimous choice of (lie com-l mitlee and .State Sen. Clilfurdj Friend. Ui'sijini'd In April of Governor Me- NKW PASTOR — Rev. liar- old Allcin, formerly of Littleton, Colo. : is the new pastor of Calvary Baptist Church, Cresaptown. SUPERINTENDENT BLOCKADE—Activities of the local chapter of Sidewalk Superintendents were diminished this morning when workmen ot the Hazclwood Construction Company erected a barricade along the south side of Ihe Baltimore Street bridge. Many viewers have been attracted to the site where Hazclwood crews are constructing massive wooden bents to support a temporary bridge, and other workers are completing the concrete foundations and walls of Wills Creek in connection with the flood control project. The barricade was creeled to insure against accidents lo passersby while cranes move huge beams and other material essential to Ihe work. The temporary bridge will carry light traffic while a new bridge is being built. mi- IHIICU ui governor 4 «c- i ^ were ruined, cellars floi jKeklm inlormed the Senator on /Yl'lllV l\.CSCl'VC' thc Sllbwa y s ;U Wineow, Monday (hat Franlz' commission; J Avenue and Greene Sin Tx'aiiimg r \ Start Soon Training In Army To Start For Area Men Fifly-Seven Leave SiUiirday For Six Months Active Duly The Allegany .County contin gent, 57 strong, will leave fo six monlhs active duty as a par ment from"Murray"thaT'"I don't of their Army Reserve trainine believe a plan should be the burden of the committee It would not be easy for us to si around this committee table am draft a program. It should be done by experts for Maryland and the Park Service." Wirlh in arguing for Ihe bill declared it would provide for preservation and modest development" of the canal property. He said it would provide "for public enjoyment and for the construction of the proposed parkway along the crest of the very scenic Town Hill Ridge, from which magnificent views may be bad of the Potomac gorge and the surrounding country. Access lo overlook poinls closer to lhc gorge i; provided, if they should prove desirable." He gave no furlhcr delails on proposed location of the scenic parkway which brought the sharp opposition from Kaylor. Use For Recreation Wirth also testified lhat the Park Service feels lhat "numerous places" along Ihe canal and river should be used for recreation development "consislent with the preservation of the canal's his- Saturday at. 10 a. m. The young men. signed up un der the Arniy Reserve progran that calls for the six-month (rain mg at an Army post with subse quent instruction at Reserve cer ters with one night a week ses sions for seven years. Many of Ihe reservists ar graduates of Ibis year's school classes and have big hel Kelley Weighs Decision On Accepting Liquor Post To be or not to be. That is the apparent question iti the mind of Del. Estel C. Kelley as he weighs the matter of accepting a six-year enn on the Allegany County Board of Alcoholic Beverage Commissioners. This morning Del. Kelley sale: le bad no comment lo make al bis time, but "might have arounc Obitntir HROWiN! — Infanl, of 31 Weber Street. BKOWN — Harry' S., 75, Western port. POLING — Mrs. Prisille, 81, ol Porterwood. TKE/.1SK — Mrs. Elizabeth, for inerly of Frostburg. WINTEIJBERG — Samuel, 51 formerly of Granlsville. Mrs. Elizabeth Trczise FROSTBURG - Mrs. Elizabetl lites Planned 'or Victim Of 35-Foot Fall Glenn Liller Dies In Local Hospital; Resided In Koinney he firsl of next week." Yesterday, the office of Atlor ney General C. Ferdinand Syber uformed Governor McKeldin' office in an informal opinion tba under the law the liquor boan must elect its own chairman. Del. Kelley was appointed b Gov. Theodore R. McKeldin se\ eral weeks ago to succeed Walte C. Capper, whose term expiring. Del. Kelley has not qualified fo Ihe position. His commission h membership in one of the varion reserve units in this county while going to school. Go To South Carolina (Rodcla) Trezise, former resi-jremained unclaimed in the offic dent, died The group will leave via busizise. of her son, Harold Trezise, Chicago. She was the widow of John Tre- for Forl Jackson, S. C.. for two monlhs basic training. From lliere they will be sent lo various Army posts specializing in Harry S. Brown WESTEKNPORT—Harry Slier idan Brown, 75, of 218 Rock their (ypes of military inslruc- 1 . Street, died last night at Po- toric and scenic values." Bui, he said "our planning has not progressed to the point . . that it can be stated what sites are most desirable for such emphasis; nor can it be slated what recreational facilities should be provided at each sile." He said thai generally the recreation sites would include as minimum" picnic and camp silcs, and added Itiat Ihe Park Service's park dcvclopmcnl program could provide seven million dollars for development ot the canal area. Economic Benefits Wirlh also argued lhat by increasing attractiveness of the area to visitors, development of a historical park would "be of sub slantial economic benefit to the people who reside in or near com ivmnilies along the general route of the canal." He said the "addi fional stimulus" lo economy from "such an influx of visitors" woult be "difficult to calculate but . . it would be very substantial." Beall, in a statement to thi committee, said the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal area "lends itself: lio n. The largest unil within the con- lingenl is from Headquarters and Headquarters. Detachment, 810th Signal Battalion, 14 members. They are William G. Barclay, Grover C. Fazenbaker and Harold M. McGregor, all of Lonaconing; Donald L. Beeman, Barton; Eugene A. Ccsnick, Richard A. Rennie. Joseph W. Rogish, Bcr- ard J. Carter, Edward J. Crowe and Joseph \V. MeU, all of Mid- and; Martin W. Johnson, Cre- iaptown; Charles L. Knotts and lohn R. Schleroth, both of Cum bcrland; and Franklin R. Robcrt- .omac Valley Hospital, Keyser, vbere he bad been a patient four days. He had been in ill health several years. A native of Wcstcrnpnrt, he was a son of Ihe late Harmon and Christina (Wecbler) Brown. He svas a retired boilermakei for the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company, a member of St Peter's Catholic Church, and Ihe Veterans Association of the B&O Mr. Brown moved here from Baltimore Iwo years ago. Survivors include a brother Charles Brown, of here, and a number of nieces and nephews The body is at lhc Boal Fun cral Home where lhc rosary wil be recited Friday at 3 p. in. on, Frostburg. Sonic In 1'oslnl Unit From the 729th Army Postal! A requiem mass will be cele Unit will be- jbralcd Saturday at !l:3U a. in. ii William H. Fresh, James W.iSt. Peter's Catholic Church b arden, Harold D. Hawn, James 1 ficv. Linus Robinson, pastor, in '. Henckel. Thomas T. Slccle.itermenl will be in the paris Carl D. Skidmure and James L.jcemelcry. Barry, all of Froslburg; Gerald M. Huff, Ml. Savage; Orville C. Keller, James b. Pugh Jr., Ron Mrs. Priscilla Poling PARSONS—Mrs. Priscilla Po ing, 31. died yesterday at It f Ihe Allegany County clerk o ourl. He has until June 30 t ick it up. The governor's office was aske y State Sen. Charles M. See, reported, to obtain a ruling o 'hether the governor's appoin lent was as chairman of th .quor hoard. Del. Kelley failed lo allend neciing of the board June 4 a vhicb Stanley 0. Hamilton w lamed chairman. The (bird member of the boa s Howard M. Vandcgrift. Dem ral. Both Del. Kelley and Ham on are Republicans. The next meeting of the liquor loard will be held Tuesday at 10 a. m. in the Court House. City Damage Heavy In Rain Of Yesterday Sul)ways Flooded, Gardens Washed Oul In All Districts . I.asl night's heavy rainfall gave I the sewer system a "lid popping" i experience, caused damage to isoine property and scattered dirt land debris over most of the city's islrects. I In approximately a halt hour, jibe .skies poured out 1.10 inches of rain, Ihe largest downfall of ie year. The unusual amount taxed capacity of the sewer system which overflowed throughout Hie city. Dirt and debris washed from higher .spots, rock gardens ruined, cellars flooded and Virginia Street overrun with water. Lids on catch basins-popped as-waief-pressure,- — built up. In almost all sections, there were reports of some water damage although the drainoff was would arrive at lhc Garrett County Court Uuusc-Jhe—Istter- parl of this week. Browning said. Sheriff Fisher sent bis resignation to the governor the latter part of April after he learned o( his appointment as assessor | ,. ,, , -, , ••-'.- [JI-mJU.T Uk 1JJ1IIK11V 111^1.111(1- • ' ' ~ by the Garrett County Board of: lions [(jr A| ., m , Resm , c outfits ;after the rain ceased. Commissioners. " The appointment was lo become effective June I. however, until Prior lo becoming 'ranlz o p e r 'ricndsville, and _ J . Jr the County Roads Depart- Also departing will'be the 353rd l| P dirt an<l debris today. ncnt. He is a native of Friends- Ordnance Company (Ammuni- ville. Fisher, Thc schedule of summer train- in* periods at military installa- completed within a short time lions lor Army Reserve outfits!"" 01 ' the lain ceased. •> f . this county will start Satur-! Thc Sir eel Department of (lay. LI. Col. Paul Fawcell. ARi lllc cilv we "' lo wurk ^ soon as advisor bus announced. •ver. is serving as sheriff] Leaving Saturday for Iwo weeks "'« m - Where sewc Frantz' commission arrives.!at Indiantown Gap Military uc-'^'ocked, men cleared coming a (lepuly.iscrvulion will be the 72Utb Armyj" 1 B lno night. Andrew Heller, a led a store in Postal Unil commanded by Capt.l sll ' cct superintendent, said he has uid earlier worked Thomris B. Cumiskey. i' 0111 ' cr"ws of 20 men cleaning reports started coming in last sewers became •cd thorn dur- lno night. Andrew (ion) for Fort Knox. Ky. The unil Sheriff Fisher served as deputy under Sheriff Juniper Teats from L. Sliviak. 1946 to 1950 and was elected I From June 29 to July 15 Head- Unusual Situation The situation was described by is commanded by Capt. Stanley! 11 ' 0 Street Department as "un• ••"•--• usual" and could have happened in any city deluged by such a Teats' successor in 1950. He wasjquarters and Headquarters Do- slltiltcri heavy rain, re-elected sheriff in 1954 to scrvel'^hment. 398th Ordnance Bat-! Junc ls supposed to be the wot- a term expiring December )G,| lali °n. commanded by Lt. Col.i|f st m °» u ' ot tlll; >' c ar and al- 19511. His successor will fill thol A <* H. Humbertson, will be at'"™?" °"ly '" lhc >2th day it is Services for Glenn Liller, Rom icy, who was killed yesterday mlimexpired term, i fall from a 35-foot high tension Sheriff Fisher is a native of idle while working at the riomncyl' rhcCovc section of Garrett coun- Fort Knox. unclion. will be conducted day at 2 p. in. (EST1 at the White 'ine Church at Purgitsville. Liller died in Memorial Hospi- ly and went lo Fricndsville at the age of 16 lo continue bis schooling. Before becoming deputy sheriff in 194G he worked on ifarms and as a truck driver and'^ within 1.8 inches of normal. Ycs- The 372nd Military Police Com- today's ram brought the total pany of Lonaconing. headed by| fo1 ' the month to 2.08 inches Capt. Leslie J. Clark, will be atjci'niparcd to the normal 3.88 iu- Indianlown Gap from Junc 30 to cnes For Ihe first five monlhs of From July 7 lo 21, the 942nd tlie >' cal '. according to Robert R. July M. , , | | , .., | 1C1IILJ3 uml tlx A 11IJLIV U1IVLI ctlu ol here where be was admitted , , , •,,-,, „!!„ , ,u :_,..;. ,, also operated a saw mill in Ihe ollowiiu. the accident, lie s u s-j ained multiple fractures and in . .crnal injuries (hal paralyzed iiim from the waist down. [ He was a son of Paul and Anna (George) Liller of Purgitsvillc. Besides his parents, he is sur- 'ived by bis widow, Mrs. Alice 'P' Friendsvillc section. PlantAwards Bonds To Top (Mellon) Lilter, Romney: four *W| i fYffft ctf* 1's' brothers, Norman Liller. Moore- ^l* j^^^olCl S field, and Kenneth, Edgal and Harlan Liller, all at home. The body is at Ihe Shaffer Three employes al the Amccllc jOrdnance Detachment <Explo-| G(l!den ' official observer at Con- isivcs Ordnance Disposal), com-i stitlliio " '' ai 'k. l °t a l rainfall is mandcd by Capt. John R. ,Iackle,| sli ^ 1)ll y above average. Through will be at Aberdeen P™ving; 1!il y 14 -' ly inches have fallen corn- Ground, pared lo (he normal of 14.10 in- During the"same period Corn : | cl ' esr ~ l ' ne ~ wctlcsl " rr| onth so-far pany G. 31Dth Infantry Regiment,! 1 ™ 8 bccn A I>ril when 4-Hi inches commanded by 1st LI. Forrest J.[ ww ' c recorded compared to a Boggs, will be'at Indiantown Cap.l normal of 2 - 8!t inches. The 332nd Military Censorship Clearing Tonight Detachment, with Isl Lt. Joseph 0( 'dly enough, the heavy rain J. Byrnes as commander, willj ot yesterday had only slight ef- train at Forl Meade from August!. fcct on lnc Potomac Hiver. Gol- 11 to August 25. jrlen said it apparently missed the JILC uuuv it, m me c, ll<lllel Plant of the Celanese Corporation Headquarters and Hcadquar-l nver h)as » 1 and at one lime the Funeral Home in Romney but have be(; " Presented additional ters Company, 810th Signal Bat-| r ? adln S at Wiley Ford showed a of lhei bo " d aw ards for ideas which talion, commanded by Lt. Col.i sl 'Sht drop. At noon yesterday. a(ter .|have been accepted under the! Aden T. Miller, and 749th Signal' 11 ' 6 nv . e1 ' was at 3.47 feet while plant's suggestion system. Detachment, beaded by Lt. John] 10 ""* il wlls 3 - 49 - victim's father tomorrow noon. G. E. Noll, district manager of the Potomac Light and Power The men are John W. Ilarri- man. extrusion manufacturing; B. Elliott, will be at Fort Meatl Company of West Virginia al| Edsvln c - Kubcs, extrusion tech- Romney. said Liller was parti nica| . and Ju »'°'' 0. Bishop, ex- of a transmission construction! 1 " 15 "" 1 manufacturing. Their Icrew of five which was heginningl ldcas . according lo C. B. Tasker to put high tension conduction secretary of the .suggestion sys Vacation Bible nslruclioal'" 15 "" 1 manufacturing. Their „ . heginningl'dras, according lo C. B. Tasker, SCllOOl 1 lUllllcd weatherman sees partial from August 25 lo September 8. clcai 'ing by this evening Baptist Bible School Opens First Baplist Vacation Bible School began today wilh regis-;* 1 Iratiou. Rev. A. C. Prevatle who principal, said classes will be held daily from 9 a. m. to noon through Junc 25. The Nursery Department is under the direction of Airs. Stan- Icy Morris and Mrs. Margaret Cochrane, assisted by Mrs. Walter Valentine. Theme for Ihe de- lines on the 65-foot wooden struc- lure at the Junction. The work is the beginning of Ihe transmission line being erected by the power company from the Junction to Millville. Witnesses to the accident said Liller was working about halfway up the two-pole structure and apparently, either tern, revealed careful though!, originality and ingenuity in promoting a better quality product, melhod of operation, reduction in costs, or improvement in working and safety conditions. Harriman was the top award winner with -14 winning sugges- some equipment or injbonds as an extra bonus in ad- arimial vacation Bible at First Church o! low lonigbt of fiO-65. Tomorrow is expected to be cloudy, cooler but becoming warmer Friday and with more showers. The School N'azarene will be held Junc 17-28. with classes scheduled Monday through Friday beginning at 0 a.m. daily. Rev. H. E. Heckert. pastor, said the general theme of Ihe II* Liquor Sale Probe Starts iclure lions. He received a $100 bond school will be "Following Jesus,"|erly streets cbargin" her w while as "lop suggester" and five $25 and that Mrs. Edward Hansrole three motor 'vehicle violations. City Police last night arrested a 19-year-old local girl at the. intersection of Baltimore and Lib- rith will be .superintendent. .Miss Bctly Lou Pryor, of Apart- attempting lo shift bis position lition to the cash value of his' Mrs. Ilicharr! House will be in'n.cnt 5-E, Jane FriSzic'r Vill;i«e on the pole, slipped and plunged idoplcd suggestions. llarrimanjCharge of the nursery group;;w;:s nabbed by Officer Paul Pen- las won extra bonds for the pastjMrs. Homer Ucnecn, kindcrgar-lrnd after the occupanls of two two years and lias a grand totalitcn: Mrs. Donald Gray, primary;'cars made an unusual amount of of 86 award-winning suggestions.JMrs. Elmer Parsons, junior, andinoise. according to police. aid 0 Sapp Ray K. Stoller and'home of her son, Charles Mu Raymond J. Swach, all of Cum-:Po!ing. Porlcrwood. She hadSr> arlmcnt ls Learning of God's on the pole, slipped and plunged J35 feet to (he ground. Mr. Noll staled that ler's safety belt was not broken and it appeared he may have unfastened it in attempting to shift his posilion on the pole. What caused him to slip and fall, conslruclion crew members were unable lo say. berland. The 372nd Military Police Company of Lonaconing: Vaughn E. Baker. Wcsternport; had been in failing health several Love and , Carc -" monlhs. Born al Clover numity, she was the daughter of | ler ncparlmcnl. Begini Yclljgllll i... uemtl . »»v-^n-i iipui i, MLULIIl V, M1U Woa lilt MUUtJllH-l Ul ' ••* Lloyd C. Crislip and Gerald L.ithe lale Andrew and Alice (Nes- "^ studying "Helping In God's Thomas, Hyndman; John II. Michaels, Eckhart; Wilson K. Michael and Arthur E. Smith, Bar- Ion; Michael W. Wiland. Lonaconing; Terence H. Emerick, Ellerslie, and Roger P. Franken- most appropriately lo national park status." The bill, he said, "docs not permit wholesale purchase and sale of lands by the (Interior) Department, as it is limiled to a total area of 15,000 acres of land." Stale Board Opposes The Maryland Board of Natural Resources is opposing construction of a parkway connection between Maryland 51. near Paw Paw. W Va.. and the Long Ridge Roac: near Woodmont. Md. The bill would provide for the parkway connection as a part of the C & 0 park. Representatives of Ihe board and others opposing the proposal tor) Phillips and the widow of George Poling. jerry. Ml. Savage. Others Arc Listed Headquarters and Hcadquar- crs Detachment, 398th Ordnance Bstlalion: James L. Alt. Theodore L. All, Ronald E. Bcnncll. Joseph A- Cioni. Roycc Hedrick. George A. Nycum. all of Cumberland; Steven \V. Broadwalcr, Frostburg. 353rd Ordnance Company lAm- Robcrt P. Butts. Harold R. George, Lawrence .1. Lindner Francis A. N'iland, Leonard R Pelty and James F. Smith. Company G, 319th Infantry ! Regiment: Elwood H. Flanagan, Harold A to Ihe bill at a hearing before a Senate Interior subcommittee. The board wcnl on record Mon- lo' Cumberland; and George W Dom. Wellersburg. 942nd Ordnance Detachment: Dale T. Lavin and James E * , -in J I LJr\ll^ V. I^tt* 111 Ollkl Udlllt-.? ,day against the proposed park- Lavin Jr bmh of Froslburg . way connection. j 7g4(h Ordnancc De ,, 1ch mcnl Lester N. 1 owner o! Towson, ;si , Dclachmcnt Md.. said such a road would he an "iron curtain" between Marylanders and lhc Maryland-owned Po- lomac Hiver. He said il would result in I he Stale losing control of Ihe Polomac. Favors Another Plan Joseph F. Kaylor, director ofjGiveu Degree Today the Maryland Department of Forests and Parks, named as one of Leo P. Iloliern. Midland. .382nci Military Censorship DC tachmenl: James J. Lupis Jr., Lonacon ing. Mso surviving besides her son, Douglas and Mrs. Dorolhy Wea- Mrs. Ray Hamner and Mrs. Prevatle lead the Begin- Baplist Church - e uegm- ft -^ -.^ ners willlLrClS l\eW 1 World." The Primary Children arc bc- ng led by Mrs. Harry Lucas, Irs. Herman Leasurc and Mrs. :ichard Kirsch. "Meeting Bible Friends" is Ihe Iheme. Rev. Harold Allem formerly o Littleton. Colo., is the new pastor of Calvary Baplist Church in lhc J' cars Mrs. C. Edward Twigg, intermediate. Thc concluding activity will be Bishop earned two extra $25 bonds for his adopted suggestions. This is the second consecutive year that he lias won extra awards. Kubcs received Iwo extra $23 school. Rev. Mr. Heckert said. bonds for winning snuggcstions. He has been a consistent winner Police charged (he girl with reckless driving, operating a mo- Inr vehicle without a license and since 19-u when he won the top: 11 t ^~ award the first year the stigRCS-i " m r system was in operation. Four years ago be won the top, Tho) Nlni;js , r;nc Cou; a demonstration program at 7:30. ur lawiul use of a motor vehicle. 1p.m. on the final day of Ihel -^ a hearing this morning bc- • -•--'---• r,. ...... . ' . •. ( ore '1'rial Magislratc Donald \V. Mason. Miss Pryor pleaded guilty lo driving without a license, but not guilty lo the other two charges. During testimony the Pryor jgirl. along with two other girls. Difficulties Forc Postponement f An unusual situation arose in „-. award the second time, and over-- Cresaptown. He succeeds Rev. William Slroup who has accepted a pas- collected on 2X4 tions which have mg. Trial ,rt this morn- Shirley Zilcr, 20. of 32 West First Magistrate Donald W. ' paid him $2, extra bonds. I Back Civil Defense ' Virginia Av«m,c' i - \ u ^nim f\\ CnUC, n awards andi Mason was ' orcc<l lo pnstpnnc a a » tol(i Magistrate Mason tba in awards and casc onc wcck a|lcr prcliminary | thc . y ha(| purbchas€(i a number o£ testimony was taken m a motor mixed drinks at two local estab- vchicle casc. |lishments. Thc defendant was a mute, no! The trio also testified tbat dur- Juniors are led by Mrs. Johnitorale in Smetbporl. Pa. reegan, Rev. Prevatle. Mrs.! Rev. Mr. Allcin. his wife and! lobcrt Young, Mrs. Kathleemlwo daughters reside in the par- BALTIMORE i.fl — Members of|interpreter was present, and Die evening they had also larkwood and Roberl Young, sonagc on McMullen Highway, the Chesapeake Conference of effort to have the officer, wit-[purchased beer at a West Vir- uniors are studying Ihe book. The new pastor was honored Seventh Day Advcnlists were.nesses and the defendant write|ginia tavern. 'Living for Jesus Every Day." jwilh a reception which included urged today to accelerate civil de-Mown the testimony was just too. Magistrate Mason continued Ihe Mrs. Richard Mallick, J. II.jdinner and entertainment. Ifcnsc preparations. jmuch. jmotor vehicle case and turned 'udy, Mrs. Janet Spencc andi ilrs. Earl Gross arc leaders for| he Intermediate Department.' hey are studying "Discovering! Vhat God !s Like." j Miss Roseann Wchcr is the! lianist. Miss Helen Hixenbaugh, sccrelary; Mrs. Emma Darr. ' Mrs. Dorothy Shancr, Mrs. Glenn Carder and Mrs. Henry Humphreys in charge of refreshments. Commencement will be held Tuesday night. Junc 25. A program will be staged by pupils. Thomas V. Howard Gels c From University jthe three girls, along with Robert C. Morgan. 2.">. Mt. Savage, and Harry Little, cilv. over lo the State's Attorney's office for investigation of the liquor viola- j lions. ' Morgan ami Liltle were in the second car involved in lhc Baltimore Strccl incident. Youlh Fined On License Charge Thomas Vcrnon Hoggard, son Warden, daughter of Mr. and f Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hog- the board's representatives at today's hearing, said he favors an nltcrnalivc plan lo have the government return the canal lo Mary(Continued on Page H) Mrs. James C. Warden. 717 W'ashinglon Street, received 3 bachelor of science degree in borne economics from Margaret Morrison School of Carnegie _^nstitute of Technology At Carnegie Miles S. Amick. this city, was! was active in the Tarquins, presented a master's degree in' was in the court of the This- business administration at today's tie Queen, and was a mcm- commcnccment exercises at the 1 her of the yearbook staff. University ot Pennsylvania,! .She was graduated from Al- 'Philadelphia. I logany High School in 1952. gard. 127 Race Street, was grad- lated Saturday from the tlni- vcrsily of Maryland with a >achelor of science degree in >usiness and public administration. He is a graduate of Fort Hill High School and atlended the University of Richmond for two years. ! Hoggard has accepted a position with the duPont Company and will reside in Richmond. WORKERS WIN AWARDS—C. Bernard Tasker, left, secretary of the suggestion system al the Amccllc plant of Ihe Celanese Corporation, is shown presenting pxtra bond awards to Edwin C. Kubes, cenlcr. and Junior 0. Bishop in recognition for suggcslions in promoting better A local youth was fined SU1 and costs this morning in Trial Magistrate Court for opcraling a car on a 60-day card without a ^licensed operator present. ^ Thc youth, Robert Francis I Newcomer, lit. Forl Ashby. was i driving Ihe car which crashed llast Monday in Constitution Park, [claiming the life of Robert G. Harvey. 17. of 8 Marion Street. I Officer E. M. Powell, who in- :vestigatc<). placed Ihe charges • against Newcomer, and also quality, method of production, costs reduction [charged bis father. John New- and improved working and safety conditions jcomcr. with permitting an unli- al the plant. Thc lop award winner, John W. Harriman. was not present at Ihe time the awards were presented. The three men have been consistent winners of awards. conscd operator to drive his car. Magistrate Donald W. Mason fined lhc youth, and dismissed Ihe charges 3£«i);st his father.

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