The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 10, 1940 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 10, 1940
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT Metaphysician "Paren Is" Have Their Pattern For "Immortality" COUKffiR NEWS Road-To "Immortality' The i;oo(-y Hie "immortality" 101 Metaphysicians. frosting of Her birthday cake Interested Daby Jean much more which she Is bcliiB trained by the Royal Fraternity of Master the u-Mlli of the river, thus cover- [ art led the club In slngins , Ing tlic entire water surface. ' Doodle ' 1 3 All natives willerlnt' from' Miss Cora Lee Coleman unvc iliJoiiic mnliirlii will be cured. {discussion on the proie™ fo, m Hi the meantime. Chinese health ! and «ave •> dfmonslrallnn „ , ii authorifles revealed that during • : the past 11 mcnlhs, the goverii- ^ncnt has distributed five tons of -quinine to the various fronts and field hospitals. While Die quinine was far from sufficient for the entire population. It was sufficient for military purposes. The five tons represented free contributions from 'Sympathizers abroad and from overseas Chinese as well as philanthropic bodies in Cliitin. The national Uealtli administration, the Chinese Red Cross and Mine. Chiang Knl-shek have co-operated in bringing in (he anti- malarial supplies. Master Metaphysician James B. Echnfer, . . . "one need not die." 4-H Club News' Notes BV CHARLES C'AHSOX XEA Service Stuff Corrrsiinmlm NEW YORK, Jan. 10. - Dab; Jean celebrated her first, six month: of "immortality" under the nus- pices of the Royal Fran-mil; o: Master Metaphysicians by reaching out and grabbing a gooey fot- ful of lier .birthday cake froMiiif, —and cooing. Jean, adopted a few weeks ;IBO by the Metaphysicians, lias been earmarked by the Fraternity for "evcrtaslini? life." When her nudlence shrieked in delight, and the camera bulb Unshed, Jean let go of the cake with a convincingly mortal bellow. Master Metaphysician James n. Schn/er, head irmn of (lie magnificent "Pence Haven" retreat of the R.F.M.M. at Onkdale, Lone; Island, and official n.ipa to "immortal" Jean, remained imperturbable before Jean's worldly wail. He licked some of the frosting oil his own fingers and then quieted Jean with a Teddy bear os big as the six-months' old baby herself. A winkled, kindly-faced old nurse then decided it, was time fcr Jean, "immortal" or no, to finish her bottle and that ended Jean's birthday celebration NO SMOKING, DRINK OK MEAT Jenn, explains jrny-hnired, immaculately groomed Mr. Bchafcr, Is lo be the clinching argument ol the 'Metaphysicians Hint one need not die. And to that end, Jean, whose parents' names are kept secret, will be reared in conformity with the code of the R.F.M.M., which, in addition to its rather obscure pMlcsophical tenets, sets up taboos against the enting of meat, use 'of tobacco, drinking of alcoholic beverages. "Of course," expounds Mr, Schafer from a davenport in the main hall of the former William K. Vanderbilt mansion, now "Pence Hav- p en," "Jean may go down to the corner when she grows up and buy a hot dog, but nobody will restrain her. We will just tell her why It isn't good for her. "And she may smoke a clgarct but she will find out that It makes' her dizzy and sick and she will; quit, Ann she may drink a high- i Ame,-iran • P.iKlir- HoiliK ball some day but she'll Una out I!T,' " ' UD11C Health why it's bad for iier. There will hxpel'ts Al'C TlirovVH uD ;r iio.,;rCj5tralnt'on Jean, but cur ,.) , r - , miuwil teachings will serve to guide her * n '° i'lgnt to immortality." • Upstairs In the .room once oc-1 CHUNGKING (UP)—Three Am- cupled by Consuelo Vanderbilt, crlcl "> public health experts are Jean sucked happily on n bottle. llcl '° to open their "nh' buttle" and kicked and chortled like a thou- 'battle of three dimensions" against sand other babies. From a dresser hoitlcs cf mosquitoes Infesting tlic table a photograph of her voting Yunnan-Burma border, father and mother, a poor" New They arc Dr. L. L. Williams ol York couple, looked ncross at her. Washington. Surgeon-General of £no NTY ? F ROOM ,1*io u. S. Public Health Service l-OK JEAN 'Dr. H. A. Bush of Snvannnh, Ga Immortal" Join's home is the surgem. nnd Dr. Dmcc Naync of '110-ro:m mansion fortnerly owned Columbia, s. c., who Is also n sur- oy William K. Vanderbilt nnd pur- 8 C °» °r the Public Health Service chased two years ago by the Royal T »e "'«e experts said they term VL,* Fraternity of Maslci . McUlph their new program an "air batte" <|cr assistant countv a°cm dis actons and incorporated as "Peace ^cause "mosquitoes have wings cUed t e Ark-insas F,,rm Outlook Haven." Tlic present resident mem- >"«« attack clvlllm,' pcpmntions for bersliip of "Peace Haven' varies J" s t as indiscriminately as bombl between 75 and 100. I ">g planes." That includes men and women T1 "-' Initiative in brin°!ne thc whose Incomes range from $50 a 8 ro "P to China was taken bv the week to many times that amount; u - S. Public Health Service which it includes ages Irom 25 to 15 nlso financed the trip They will years; it includes n termer press ""Ip Institute thc live-year gov- tain •sS P off° P » r ,n 0r i Wl '° adm " s hc ""T'V"" 1 ™ 8 " «««lnst malm-la and canning captain; " Virginia im? ^i- m5 " ™>-«ml-| ou lhe Burma-Yunnan border. , Love, clothing captain- A. C Pox ult " Z ,, C T f?' ° " h °" S 4 M, ? S 7 SC """" r «« nl P™^ ™l"" l »: Clara nice, i^om rules, and it includes a woman' Attacks by mosquitoes have not, who brought fabulously precious I'foved too serious for the natives decorations frcm her rjivicra home localise about lw:-thirds ol them o dlstrloute among the rooms ofi nrc chronically nlllicled Allhou°h the_ former Vanderbilt mansion. i"« cliscnse Is not often fatal their WEDNESDAY, JAMU.iBY 10, .1940 That, Horse's Neck ----- ,.„„„, I wll IE If correct way to conduct a 4-H club U. W . Schroecler. assistant . . . . sssant county agent, gave n talk on HIP Arkansas Farm Outlook for 1910 Reports were given by the following captains: Doimias Wilson pl'j eaplnln; Junior Garni, potato csptnUi; Juimita Gay, gardening anil canning captain; Berllne Ford Total Likely To Reach 13,000 Mark By July WASHINGTON (UP)-The Farm Security Admlnislriitlon has rc- vi'iilcd tliat il has helped «,I80 inumls. sharecroppers and laborci, inn chase farms during ih e , n i i«'u years. With Increased funds available '.imler the Uankhend-Jone.s Farm 'iVnunt Act, the FSA expects to bring the total to 13,000 by July | Ue.spiU; this aid farm tenancy is im-rca.sinii by about 40,000 a yeoi liLiinial.'i estimated. The Pm'in Tenant Act marie $10- I d!i(J,CGO available the first ycai I 52i.000.000 the second and S40 ' iiliO.OOO this year for loans to farmers in purchasing homes. Nearly iCO.OOO tenants have applied to the F3A for Die loans. Average Loan $5,5fi2 The average borrower last" yeai paid 55,502 for a 134-aerc farm ami obtained an additional $1,198 for repairing or rebuilding of farm . dwellings and barns. More than I a.OOO farmers built new homes all an average cost of 51,313, the F3A > reported. Very few of the purchasers have been able lo find fully developed farms, at reasonable prices, vir- clothlii K captain; Mary James, p'oul- " Ially a11 of UlL '" 1 uou l! h f unlm- r r try captain; nnd Bethel Stewart room improvement captain Demonstration Club News Notes Dell Club Meets Nine members of the Dell Home Demonstration club met Friday In the home of Mrs. Jim Moss who also had charge of the program. The meeting was called to ordci by the singing of the club ' I-'lat l/ilie Club Metis A meeting of the FInl take '1-H club was held Monday, wllli Wnur-lM~ P v, w n °, "", "" ' income. Koward and Mrs. J. „. „„,,,„;,,,, J<; - celved honors in the contests conducted during the afternoon Thc club will meet Fob ' with Mrs. H. R. Crawford. The hostess served coffee and cookies. Schrocder, assistant county agent, gave discussions on lhe Arkansas Farm Outlook for 19-10. The following club cnptnlns gave reports; Lee Roy Watklns, pig cnplnln; Evelyn Chnffin, uai 1 ' 1 ""- ing rtncl cnnnlng enptnln; nnd Rilly Hawkins, poultry captain. Jlrmrn 1-H dm, [.,, re ciioctaws Vanishing Tlie Brown 4-H club met TUPS- NEW ORLEANS tUP)—A recent day with 79 members, leaders and ccils "s of Choctnw Indians, who visitors present, w. o. .Mcdlock, oncc overran the bayou ccnntry song cnplnln, led the group In sing-, "'I" 1 Lncombe, La., has revealed Ing "Home on thc Range." Those who took part, on the pro- _rjin were 3id Nichols. Tom Matheny. Mrs, Joe Thonms, Mrs. Otto , , . Hill and Miss Virginia Maylield. Miss Cora Lcc Coleman, home demonstration ii[jcnt. and n. \v. Schroe- 19-10 am! also discussed activities that the 4-H dub mlijht engage in during tills year. The following club captains gave reports: Kenneth Matthews, cotton c.iptaiu; C.irl Thvclkcld. pis; cap- i- Konneth Matthews, calf captain; Tliclma Walker, garden, n ' iiuprcvcmeiH captain. only six members of the pure strain. None are young enough to 1 voice a good war-whoop. An intermittent guttural "Ugh" Is (heir only uncivilized remark for "Immortal" Corking efficiency Is extremely poor n?y n HR n m^ -r .1- . . . ' ' 1^1^-u Tills Is "home" JC ""-, ,, . (If a ri;51 '" o' the inroads of Master Metaphysician Schafer. |' ls ease. il was said, president of the corporation that' Foreigners, such as those cm- Colo lliilg(- 1-H club Tile Cole Ridge 4-11 club meeting was held Thursday, with Booker the presiding. Eighteen club members and one leader were present.. Maud Franks led thc club In town is Fargo, N. D., nnd that he earned a medical doctor's degree at the University of Michigan. Hc Is middle-fiftyish, married nnd hns a daughter nnd son both just nnst the'20-j-ear mart. But you have to see "Pence Haven" to believe It. Membership costs $100 a vcar and room and board is $2 a 'day' "Ccntributions finance us" savi Mr. Schafer. ' '' Jaw Dislocated in Heading Kerosene To lie Used Waus 11 v,'nT" »"u«u 2 Barrels of kerosene will bo sr^ .r^er^iT: \K h-v^x rm,rr sa-r-ra 2: sr^ k ™ to ^ ^ ~- /awned. His mother called the police, but before they arrived his) dislocated jaw went back into : place. voCTllon, .^. " " 8 , grou " «I>t'»«. gave i-cpDrte. Mte times faHllf *<*'"*>'- Cora Lee Colcman, home dcmon- ««m f " lilll> ;-. Irom """'"'n. strition agent nnd R. W. Schroedcr. is mk- " CSC » EOVem ' ^• fst »" t coumy a?enl. gave discus- eliminate he ~ r * Cft ° rt '° SlOIVi °" lhc Arkansas^nn Out- A thre/tnhi ItX)k Ior m ® niKl discussed 4-H -«»-n to'ffi.rr'm.'r.a" 6611 ^ 1 * »™ '" ^ ™'^ ^' 1. All big and small lakes, ponds' „ and rivulets in the nflectcd nrca: " c ''"" clul> will be drained, the storage of all Junior Gaun presided over the water in the open air .will be pro- ; mating of the Recce 1-H club mwtcd, and roofs that collect wa- mooting on Monday, licthel stew- ter will be tern dowr Klch Mellow Fragranl Kentucky Straight Bourbon Dlorlknloil l>.i I.IQVOK. \V!inl,,.,. I.itlh- Itorl. h'nrl Stnilli A full-grown camel can earn- a load up lo 1500 pounds. AT ONCE CASH For 1938-1939 Government Loan Cotton See Louis Applebaunt 107'so. 2nd." BlyUicvlllcjArk. PHONE 167 - L.D. 1<J RRMEMBER LEFTY'S Service Station for Magnolia Mobiloil and Now Managed bv Waller Cox, Jr.' «n«5 R. M. Murray See Us For Anti-Frecze ! $7 GAY & BILLIKGS, fnc. ho down buildings and linil to borrow to make Improvements. More than half of the borroivers were nble to rcynlr existing houses on (lie fanris at an overage cost of aee of * one «™ iS' I , ^..v. ones In Mississippi. Avcr- cosl $2.218 in i,,;; pecia'lly with"the"nowers'or cockle- \ City Bums $625,000, f likely T^yeS' t!" *^'* All Scrip rai me inrms at an arerat'e cost of LouUinn'i," «T-'p"t "~?," ,"•*"> J " '"^ '"Tmonc. Thousands 6 nl^ho ! Tn . YOUNOSTOWN ' O- <PO)-CIly ^ ,,^ n L.. »^ to '»' . *™ I iS'h!TyoS"^ ^ 1 S .Si &•«»«*» B'^n^t Sle in! W* °™^. ^"^ W- Barton L were needed for fa^inac,^ « t^^re"^ ™ f ^ --^S^Zr^ nt livestock, fences and land, Improve- .'"„: I"eite hnr,,', r ? ada C0st C( " !ia - mcnt. i srcatei because of larger acre- Ar- 1'lans for the new homes were developed by F3A engineers. They P] 0 _t U usually provided for five rooms, a dnl "Ormone sciMncd work porch, a front porch and complete wiring for electricity. The building was done by local contractors. Forty Years to Pay T U I I tr- i m . , ;u ^'"'""" uniei!. inn lest. T lO Hold Vital Chemical ? overn '»S the flowering of n ASADENA. Cal. <UPl-Th» a;,. '.*. loohwl ve ° n as Probably As regards other plant j ife llor . mcncs it hns been established that .some influence thc root, others the Icsf. The one plant being is the envy of Ilk friends wild always burn." The $625,000 wanted "money to finance director threw Into thc boilers of city town's scrip era, which began "in 1033. the most vital one. Loans under thc Farm Tenant mt e 0 , S!LTJ l ™ r . tl **._ ov ™ «.?.•*« ttt ^search coycry that n flowering hormone .... c exists for plants has resulted in l seems like '" Dr - Bonner said ' scientists nt (hc California Insti-1 " rat flrer 5 r I' art cf « Plant has its Technology effort n «r , • f " lls ele- three per cent interest. WlU.e eo, - , ^1 ca! paratively few of the InstallmenU mc ,"t S!i. efl s's s ^r B i,sss: ^ ir establishert ^ ii1 the, PSA said precisely the same manner that T ' hormones from the endocrine or Loans for farm purchases have -ductless glands cf the human .vs- bcen made In every stale and in tern control Ihe entire rrorth and Hawaii and Puerto Rico. The num- development of the mm an ben"g f« S nn[° n lr n ' 1" - R 1? le . Is T similai ' h °™«"«s ^ntrol the land to 030 m Mississippi. Heaviest growth, development and flower- purchases were made in the south- ing of plants. It is the hormone en, states where tenancy has bee,, that causes plants to flov-e, that increasing most rapidly. j fcr thc lnolnr , lU . is .^J^^.™! Alabama tenants purchased ,541 ing the attention of the institute's .. laimching"n ' B'-owlh substance. It seems possi-; I to delcnnine the ,, ' at the tilne wi " come when I the 21'OU'Ul nf nl'iMlo /.„.. i.« .. H the growth of plants can be regulated for their best production and maximum benefit to mankind." TERM I NIX TERMINATES f : ^ TERMITES BRUCE-MEMPHIS \ farms at an average cost of $2'T29. In Arkansas, 425 farms were pur- scientists. The work is being carried on by chased at an average cost of $2,- Dr. James Bonner," assistant pro- U20; Georgia tenants purchased fessor of piant physiology 5G8 farms at an average cost of In collaboration with chicn«o $2,507; Mississippi, 630 at an aver- research workers, an extensive in- WE WILL BUY YOUR LOAN COTTON -George H. McFadden & Bro's. Agency E. C. PfiTTON, Agent Grant] Leader Building LOOKS, FEELS, MEASURES From massive, ijiy-cast radiator grille \o graceful, built-in mink, Olds has the look of a bigger and beuer car. Its sparkling, chrome-trimmed front-i-nii ensemble rcllecls size and quality. HUMBLES, PERFORMS BIDES • • ^n^^^^^Hl Take the wheel and you get lhe fee! of a bigger and better car—lhe steadiness on ilie toad that makes far true peace of mind, the balanced distribution of weight so necessary to real stability Apply the tnpeline and you'll finil that Olds looks and feels bigger because it is bigger— with every model of the Series Sixty, Seventy and Custom BCruiser measuring longer over all. ETTER ! It's ihe easiest handling car on the Toad—this 1940 Oldsniobilc—with Dual Center-Control Steering, improved Handi-Shift and self-energizing Hydraulic Brakes \o give you effortless control. More power is yours in the 1940 Olds Sixty with a new 95 H, P. Econo-Master Engine that saves slill more on gas and oil. Think of it- smoother, snappier performance at lower cosll Yon can tt'dc and relax in an Olds- An tmprov-tl Rhythmic RideChassis.wiihKneo- Action Wheels and modern Coil Springs all uround gives you smoother,"gentler, steadier ride than ever. BXGO'EST MOIVJBY'S WORTH OLDSMOBILE ~"i ,I<P PRICED FOR £°S W C«7^^ W """- V '"""" B °™<" P """>- 7V " S»n W,.,,. Tr.n.- CTERMOOT i^S¥^^«£^vi^- 305 E. Mnin-St.- BIGGER MO» BETTER *ir EVERYTHING / LEE MOTOR SALES, Inc..

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