The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on May 10, 1930 · Page 7
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 7

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 10, 1930
Page 7
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PAGE SKTVEK We Are 44 Yean Old — We. Have Lived .-' Country's Financial Depressions and Panics 44 Tears ulEtra Never Paid Lese Thaa 6%'oa GET THE FULL SIGNIFICANCE OF THAT Assets, April 30, 1930 .. ...f. ... :.:. $642,654.61 Contingent Loss Fond — 15,000.00 •Undivided Profits; April 30, 1930 ......... 14,252.34 Next Dividend June 30, 1930 TIPTON BUILDINO AND LOAN ASSOCIATION THE OLDEST SAVINGS IN8T1TDXICN IN TUTON Talk" It Over With Our Secretary, J. A. Lewie TRIBUNE CLASSIFIED ADS NOTICE—We have on ha?d | P OR RENT—Modem rooms: hot - : _ all kinds of Chicken! water heat. Miller Hotel, Trib- 1 EXPERT lawn mower repairing, troughs and fountains; ' nne Bids., E. Jefferson St. tt will sell reasonable while! they last. Harry Levi.,, JFOH RENT- c-lSS I FOB SALE PERSONAL PROPERTY FOR SALE—500 bushels good yellow corn. iPhone 1XS. Tipton. p-ISS FOR SALE—No. 5 Underwood; a I real bargain at $35. The Trib- i une Press. tf| -5-room house, East i Jefferson; ?11 per month. Fred Woodruff, Phone 1135. c-190 Phone 2471. 422 North independence. Coppock's Shop. p-191 FOR RENT —-5-room house Phone 4351. modern c-tf FOR RENT—rHouse, 5 rooms, on X. Mill St. Phone 1555. : c-tt FOR RENT—C-room modern cot-: _tage. Corner Madison and East. s fall 1339. MORE NICE STARTED CHICKS —Week old, 11c; 2 weeks, 13c; 3 weeks, 15c; growing fine; we sort our chicks well before selling; you will like them; come; can not be shipped; open everyday and evening. Hoosier Hatchery, Michigautown, Ind. c-189 FOR SALE — Ycarlintr Spoiled | FOR RENT — Store your base; • Poland China male hog. Ray | burner or parlor heater for the j Qucllhorst, Tipton. p-lS'J | - summer; also household goods;! ! clean and dry. Phonos 23 andj 30. J. J. Kessler. C -1S9 c-1 S9 ; RADIO SERVICE—We specialize ' on expert, service work on all makes of sets; full line tubes, batteries, etc. McJunkin Radio Shop." Phone 20X7: c-tf FOR SALE—One hand plow with attachments; two 9x12 blue! velvet rugs. Jhone 34S0. c-lS9| F0R RHNT—Choice office rooms, FOR|SALE — suite. Mrs. Phone 32C1. Oak dining room) \V. W. Mount-.' p-ISS also light housekeeping rooms,; modern, Masonic Opera House j Rlok.. Inquire of Charles • Warne, secy; Phone 271. tf FOR SALE—Nice fat fries; see: them at Tipton Hatchery. Phono 51, c-191| FOR SALE—Mahogany davenport j -with vclour upholstering, cheap j for quick sale. Mrs. M. G. Nich-i olson. Phone 43C2! C -1S9 j FOR RENT—Attractive .3-room! lower apartment; excellent lo- 1 cation; modern; good beat in j winter; cool in .summer; back! lawn; garden space; garage; $:!5..per mouth. Phono 591. c-195 FOR "SXL'E —Four S-gallon milk cans; 1 Rig Type Poland male bog. 2 years old; Vj mile north,) first bouse east of llQbbs. Chas. Kismiller. v-WS WANTED FOR SALE—Frame school building at Lutheran church; inquire at 330 Fairview avenue. Plione c-t£ FOR SALE — Red . Star stove, burns either gasoline or coal oil; splendid condition. Phono 4S. ' c-tf WANTED -VWall paper cleaning; Phone 509. Ray Hunter, p-188 WANTED—Work by boy boy IS years of age, farming preferred. Call Paul Schulenburg. p-lS9 NOTICE — Try Bear automatic of the essential resources for an power lawn mower sharpener; increasingly prosperous future, it grinds them, perfect. Phone the governor believes. Much co- 2592. c-193 operative legislation by which the states are benefiting should, be extended to Porto Rico, in the opinion of Governor Roosevelt, particularly farm and market bureaus, road building and similar aids; . Co-operation will be sought to supplement islaind undertakings and efforts. Much is expected to be accomplished through the new bureau of commerce, which will commence, to function within' a few mouths. Provision for it was made at the last legislature. Geographically the island is situated close to all_ the Americas, making it, in the governor's opinion, a logical place for manufacture for both North and South America. Transportation is considered adequate and cheap. Already ample electric power has been developed to meet increas ing industrial needs, while there is in reserve fully 25,000. undeveloped electric horsepower. Port facilities are considered ample One new - industry considered assured is a combined refrigerating and canning plant that will utilize much of the island's fruits and vegetables, some of which now go to waste because of seasonal low prices in the states. This new industry plans" to deliver much of its output to northern markets in a frozen state. Now industries will'be of profit both to the United Stales and the island, Governor Roosevelt is convinced. President Hoover and Secretary Lamon't have assured him of. their interest and prom ised cooperation. [MOVING ANYTHING? Get Bal ! ser Bros, prices first; having a | large truck just added to our line, we are equipped to haul large as well as small amounts of furniture, freight :or live stock, any time and anywhere. Clyde 1149; George 1624. p-190 MONEY TO LOAN FEDERAL FARM LOANS at 5% per cent; pre-payment privilege. D. S,.Phares. c-tf PLENTY OF MONEY.AT 5% per i cent, from 1 to 10 years, with ) pre-payment priviliges; ' best loan In the state. Standerford & Standerford. - c-tf FARM LOANS — Best loans in state, 5 to 20 years; interest annual or semi-annual with full payment privilege. Fielding & Fielding. i I c-tf ' ', 1 PORTO RICO IS A "COSIER" FOR SALE—Radeuoch's Baby- chick starter contains Cod Liv or oil, Cod liver meal, butter I milk. Grows them better, fast-j cr and bigger. Fear Campbell Co. " ' if ),(lllK! U'OK! Ullivl. Whit.-. l'.iiff K'»Us: Wliit.- \\ yiin <li>it<-s: T.ufi' iirpinulons -.-Slum iirr in"; ?!:;.?rj l'i,r r.illl; |n-r I.IKIII. U'liite .anil I'.rown Leixliorli.s—? lii-r KIO straight. Lisrht. In-nlintiis. ?Il.'"i. -\il«l li-- pir rliiclc wli.n so :tr.- sllipp.'it. L'c.whr-li H.-.-ivy'.s .-a.-li iloli.iay aii.l Weilneyilay. 1..-^- lioras erutli WVdnostlay.' Our t-hi.-l;* pivo iiood satisfaction. Vou will W l.l.'as.'it. Kacli nnler ean.-fully *<>'rl- t-.l. Hiwisicr Hatchery. Mi»:i»ii;:iii- t.iwn. Inil. tf FOR RENT FOR REXT -—' Two furnished rooms and kitchenette. iPhone 4270. , c-liSU FOR RENT — 5-room furnished apartment, modern in every way; garage if_wanted. Call 150. : c-190 FOR RENT—Furnished room for light housekeeping. Boekovej-. . . -\ x • - c-ISS FOR RENT—Modern rooms over RELIABLE party wanted to. nan-! I die Watkins products in Tip-; ton: customers established; ex-j collent opportunity for right', man; write the J. R. Watkins j Company, 242-210 7. Naghteiij St., Columbus. O. l '-issi, • „ , . . | Governor Roosevelt Sees Great WE WANT -a district agent old j Business Opportunities. enough to have earned the trust; of bis community and young] enough to have a bright future' before him; a clean-cut, industrious, tactful main with a genuine liking for his neighbors; such a man is desired as a part time representative or as a district agent for 'one of the oldest, largest and most responsible monthly-accident and health companies in the United States with assets over $24,000,000; aii exceptional opportunity for a profitable life's^work for the man' who "can qnalify. Address. General .Accident Assurance Corporation (Industrial Department), Fourth and Walnut streets, iPhiladelphia, Pa. c-lSS MISCELLANEOUS INCREASE your income; build /your own business; accident and health insurance, whole or part ^ time. National Accident Soci- 5 ety, 320 Broadway, New York! p-188 Benson Bakery. Phone SO. I c-188 ! FOR RENT-^5-room cottage on Diohl street, with garden spot; call Mendenhall's Studio, c-189 . ' - ~ •' FOR RENT—Light housekeeping rooms. • i. 238 North Independence street..' L. J. Teal, c-189 FOR ; SALE OR TRADE 1926 Chrysler'"4" Coupe. 1925 Studebaker 5-pass. Sedan. 1926 Essex Coach. 1924 Ford Sedan. • '-, 1925" Dodge Coupe. SERVICE MOTOR CO. Phone 83. - FOR RENT —• -Furnished 3 -room . apartment; parage if wanted. Phone'4 if 7; c-190 FOR RENT-^§ir rooms, modern,. 204 Diehl street -Phone 2492, ' ': / "- c-190 FOR, RENT—The Royal electric Body and fender aad general anto repair service, labrfca- Uoa aad etonfae. TIPTON BUIOK CO. \V. Jeffenoa St. i PIMNM FO^RttrrV 1 Modern house, 416 X ^|W^^^i^ln'G tan "treet; four V -M (i'^riji£S^5Bf^y»t"; garage. Phone? Chevrnlet ^co^pji^^MJKiarya-^ ^IQdvjjrt'* coupa;.,. JflJ^ Hupp * fag; •3an Juan, Porto Rico, May 10. —-When Governor Theodore Roosevelt started for the United States by airplane this week after* serviug seven months as the island's governor it was to take up with President Hoover the question of closer co-operation between the Washington 'and island governments on all matters concerning this American suburb in the Caribbean. It is the first time the governor has had to confer with the President on Porto Rico since he actually assumed his duties' in t,he island. Also, while horthj the, governor plans to confer with American business men on island industries, i / Although for years Porto Rico has been the largest purchaser in the Caribbean of American goods, the governor is firmly convinced that by further industrialization the' island may tremendously "increase - both its producing and -consuming 1 capacity. With thousands ' constantly idle and with few industries operated through the year ' there is an abundance of labor available which the" governor believes could be profitably employed. by American manufacturers eager to Increase exports to'-'Central and South America. The isla'nd's scarcity of raw materials, Is more ; than offset by its abundance of labor. I Tlio ^leglslature recently acted favorably on much' ot the program which the governor outlined for financial and..: economic rehabilitation of the Island. Properly assisted By the-tJnlted States;" Porto RfcWhM*|tWn?iMeM most! hirheatS sale ot DERBY NEXT SATURDAY. ficntiKky Turf Classic Slay Have a Record Field. New York, May 10:—With the Ofty-seventh running of. the Ken Uicky Derby next Saturday, the probable starting field has narrowed down to some thirty of America's outstanding three-year oids. If more than twenty-two answer the bugle call on May 17, it will be a record for th« Kentucky irrf classic. Two years ago Biigl Count conquered twenty -one of the country's best in his -neiiicr- able mud victory. • Trainers and racing fans p''ke agree that Gallant Fox, the bril liant son of Sir Gallahad III, is the derby standout,- but there I a chance that the vice-president of the Jockey Club may .not choose to ship his star west (or the blue grass feature. Gallant Fox is now being quoted at 4 to I in the future books. The only horses given a chance by the fu lure bookmakers to defeat the Woodward ace are High Foot Tannery • and Gallant . Knight Right now the latter two are considered the good things, although High Foot is receiving plenty of backing at 6 to 1 and 8 to 1,-defending- on tho section of the country. Tannery,. which will-carry the silks of E. F. Prichard, has be »n backed down to 10 to 1 and if h3 keeps up his present sensaMonnl workouts will drop - r c veral notches lower before post time Gallant Knight's mile in 1:40 lias made him a popular horse amonp this-! wbo^ deal in futures. He. is duoteid at 12 to 1 ; The. withdrawal 6t Mrs. Orahani Wf Vanderbilt's - Desaxt. Ught, : Gifford A. Cochran's Flying H^els William, ^etglerv Jr,'s BpinBch and the^JBfCTglades^Stanles^^ ras Uke 'n -much o^the atlit" oppo- edge of MoBtMUfr 'Oliver H I 0«ekere Poet t ROBradUr., Jlipelnger,"ownir.V fek.'C .ro-Lanf „, Bra«ftway$ umite ^r ^raa^D'i ille, Ind. . J^'-.N . J, ^Bi^jr/Tfcfaa Variable . Crack Brigade, T. M. Cassidyl • Crazy Coot, H. ip'. Whitney. I Chimney Sweep, JH; P. Whitney. Gallant Fox, Belair Stud. j Flying Gal, Belair Stud. i Gallant Knight, JAudley Farm. Gone! 1 Away, Win. Zeigler, Jr. Sarazen II, Mrs.! Vanderbilt. j Full Dress, GlenJRiddle Farm. Her Grace, Ral Parr. High Foot, Valley Lake Stable. Lad rone, Johnson N. Camden. Longus, R. C. Stable. >\ Michigan Boy, J. L. Pontius. Nedo, G. W. Foreman. I Swinfield, W. J. Salmon: | Sydney, J. N. Camden. \ Tannery, E. F. j Prichard. j Woodcraft, Audley Farm. Grattan, Rancocas Stable. Quarter Deck, M. L. Schwartz. Sun Falcon, Wj S. Kilmer. Gold Brook, Ho>ve Stable. Notice of Administration. by the Judge of the Circuit Court ^-— ' of Tipton County, State of Imli- Nptice is hereby given that the a na, administrator of the estate undersigned has .been appointed | 0 f Cyrus A. Edwards, late of Tip- by the Judge of the Circuit Courtl ton county, deceased. Said estate A NEW CREDITOR ARISING. Canada Is Seen ns a Rival of the United States. Washington, May 10.—Canada a country of greater per capit?. wealth than the United States 1 , is paying off its foreign, debts rap idly, and should become a creditor nation before twenty years. It and the United States eventually will hold control | of the purse strings of the world. ' j Official estimates, available; today, showed Canadian not exports •if capital are mounting- to more than 5.50,000,000 a year, despite heavy, borrowing :'roni the United States:; '' \ •'' In the opinion of the best j informed iofficials, within a period of a few years the United Statefe; and -i [ . • - i i Canada will have a comfortable potential loaning j power to other nations" of. fully S^laOO.OOO .OoJo a year, without cramping domestic credit requirements. | As the situation was described "there : is no .financial border jbe T tween the United jstates and Can^ ada," because economically and countries virtually mig.lit be termed as one, AVhile there is a net shipment of- capital to Canada from the United States estimated at over $500,000,000 annually, dominion inyes tors, especially in. the last two years, have bought heavily into American securities and have established more than 200 branch plants of their industries in the United States. A| m crica likewise factories in has many branch Canada. . j I ;•; • Canada, besides buying heavily into American industry, is jdoing considerable investing in England and the. colonies, and making s^ulv- stantial shipments'of capital to Latin America. United States has about $3,400,000,000 invested in Canada, -and the dominion has ' this in nearly • $1 ,000,000,000 rhuntrv, ! Enormously wealthy in raw materials and with great potentialities industijally, particularly as a consequence of hydro-electric i sources, Canada grandally emerging trom the class of debtor nation. In Ithis respect the dominion is about the same position as the United States i( in 1919. At that time, -while |heav* ily in debt abroad, the United States was slowly [paying off [these obligations and going through the economic transformation from ithe debtor to the creditor class. - CANAL PROBLEMS. Impnovement Panama Canal Ci>n. trasted With Nlearagn^n Ideas. -I' Balbota, Canal I Zone—May 10. -r -Althojigh j; the igovernmeijt! lof the active Panama I Cana^—taking in over 4 ^2,OOO f OOO, aT month In tollg-^Tetelvediaiyearly salary! of *10,000/a bmiotroduced into,tha continuous operation since ' its completion some' fifteen or six-! teen years ago—with the exception of a short period during the world j war when it was closed with a. severe slide—and it today is perhaps one.of the most efficient organizations and enterprise's .on the face of the earth. •' Canal engineers estimate' the cost of a third set of. locks for the Panama Canal at something, like $135,000,000. The cost 'of reducing the Panama. Canal to a^ sea.level route, although not definitely predicted, would reach well above: the cost of the original canal; construction. The McKellar bill on the.Nica- raugan canal carries'an item of only $200,000,000 for the Nica- M.guan canal. The Panama Canal cost well over $300,000,000 when money- value was approximately half of the present value. The Nicaraguan Canal -would be almost, twice as long, as th6 Panama Canal. An additional set of. locks—above what the. Panama Canal now has : —would be required. More excavation work would be required, and a larger construction period wouH bo required. The MacKellar Bill is the latest development in trie .agitation for an Isthmaiii Canal. The other two alternatives upon which promoters of increased shipping facilities across the Isthmus are specT ulating are the San Bias route, and the reduction of the Panama Canal to- a sea level-route.. A third set of locks for the Panama Canal also has been suggested. Governor Harry Burgess of the" Panama Canal has just completed ah estimate of the cost of digging ithe Panama Canal to a sea level route*. Some months ago he published an article in the "Military iEngineer" dealing with'the present capacity.of the Canal, the future needs, and what a- third set of locks would raise the capacity to. It is believed locally that a half century will still not see the the present capacity of the Panama Canal reached. The San Bias route is perhaps the most difficult suggestion. It would require a tunnel drilled through the heart of the Cordill- erras for a period of almost six miles. of Tipton County, State of Indiana, Administrator of the estate of Peter Orr, late of- Tipton County, deceased. Said estate is supposed to be solvent. -. • WILLIAM M. ORR and CHARLES C. TYNER, Administrators. April 22. 1930. • . < - J. FRANK PYKE, Attorney. 173-179-185-191 Notice of Administration. Boston, Mass., April 2, 1930. Notice is hereby given that the undersigned has been appointed by the .Judge of the circuit court of Tipton county, state of Indiana; administrator of the -estate ot Charles D. Hbnnold. Iato ,of Tipton county, deceased. Said estate is supposed to be solvent. ' "CHARLES S. PHILLIPS. Feb. 13, 1930. Administrator. GIFFORiD & GIFFORD. Attor-rieys. 18S-'j4-20t)-0u liiteinatioiial 'Paper ami I 'imrr Company. is supposed to be solvent. NORA GARNER GATH.MAX. April 11. 1930. Administrator.- S. A. CULVER, Attorney. 17o-7G-S2 -NS Business Directory Perfect Defective Titles CULVER & PICKERING Make Abstracts Rooms 0-10, Standerford Bidg- Plione 107 TITLE GUARANTY and ABSTRACT COMPANY Farmers- Loan & Trust Bldg- Phono 206 C. A. TAYLOR The DaUy Wheeze He—I thought you knew the Browns. Don't you live in the same square? ! She—Yes, but not in the same circle: I The Board of Directors lias declared a regular quarterly divi-, dend of sixty (60c)-cents on tho Class A common stock of this company, payable'fMay 15. l!):>o. : to stockholders of record at the' close of business May 1. 1930.' Checks to^ be mailed. Transfer; books' close. j Tt. G. LADD. Assistant Treasurer, i DR. V. H. COOPER Veterinarian Phones OOlce 188 Residence 1188 Notice to Heirs, Creditors, liti: in the matter .of the estate of Robert W. Conway, dococased. In the Tipton Circuit Court, • February Term, 1930. ! hereby given that The! Citizens National Bank as admin-, istratpr of the estate of Robert W. Conway, deceased, has pre-; seated and filed its account and; vouchers, in final settlement of said. estate and that the same will come up for examination, and action of j said "Circuit Court on the 12th da>'| of May, 1930, at which time allj heirs, creditors or legatees of said! estate are required to appear in j said court and show cause, if any; there be, why said account, and J vouchers'should'not be approved.! . Witness the clerk and seal of j said Tipton;Circuit Court, at Tipton,'Indiana, this 16th day of! April, 1930. I (Seal) IRVIN MILLER. | 170-176- • Clerk Tipton ! 1S2-1SS Circuit Court.; CLARK & MINER CO. Abstracts Insurance Real Estate Farm Loans Court Basement Phone (I TIPTON COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION J. P. KEMP, President FRANK B. RUSSELL, Sec'y. S. A. CULVER ATTORN KY Rooms O-IO StaiKK-rdroril Klk. Phones: OIIUv 107; Ho. AIS7. Notice to Heirs, Creditor^,' Etc. In - the matter of the . estate of j Jesse Mitchell, deceased. In the; Tipton Circuit Court, February Term, 1930. . - I Notice is hereby* given that! Edmund Smith, as administrator of .the estate of Jesse Mitchell. ;lo- ceased, has-presented and filed his account and vouchers in final settlement of said estate and that the same.will come up for examination and action of said Circuit Court, on the 15th day of May. 1930, at .which time all heirs, i creditors or legatees of said- estate ! are required to. appear in said j court and show cause, if-any there • be, why'said account and vouch-! ers.should not be approved. Witness'the clerk and seal of said TiptonJCircuit'Court, at Tipton,. Indiana, this lSth day of April, 1930. (Seal) '•' IRVIN MILLER, 170-176- ' Clerk Tipton 182-188 ' ' Circuit Court. GIFPORD & GIFFORD Lawyers l;S>i Court St. 'Pliom- MtO A. A. FLETCHER Attornt-y at Law Phones: IStoO; Dffiri-, ."»!». East .IcfffrMon St. J. R. COLEMAN Attorney North Side of Square Tipfon, Indiaiin. 'H ai^e.,^Mi;P J- Notice of Administration. •• Notice is hereby given that the I undersigned has been appointed Tipton Circuit Court Officers C. W. Mount, .fudgr- A. W. Bolton, State's Atty. Jesse Uevnnlt, Sheriff Irvin Miller. Clerk of Court R. P. Hicc, Court Bailiff Jessie F.j Grove, Reporter Baby Chicks DO-YOU SELL US WINTES EQGSf . HERE ISiTUE WAY TO DO IT! * Try bur BABY CHICKS and see trie difference. ^QUALITY-CHICKS THAT LIVE, LAY AND PAY 1

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