Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 9, 1957 · Page 21
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 21

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 9, 1957
Page 21
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Tuesday Evening, July 9, 1957. LOGANSPORT PUBLIC LIBRARY Authorities Trace Missing Widow by Telegram to Attica ATTICA, Ind. (t-P)—A wealthy widow missing while driving alone from her Chicago "Gold Coast" home to Florida sent a telegram party refreshments were served. Mr. and. Mrs. Virgil Sutton, Rochester, had as their recent dinner guests, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Rock and son, James. Mrs. John.Dawald will be hostess to the Victoria Reading Circle. Wednesday afternoon. The. answer to roll call will be an Ameri- from Attica and got directions on I can p a t r jot h T*', '° detour around a flood j The Re jter unit of the Hospital •which blocked the highway she was traveling, A Western Union operator recalled that a woman answering •Mrs. Ernest Graham's description sent a telegram to Chicago June 29 and asked how she could "drive around" a flash flood area which auxiliary will hold work day, in the haspi.-al dining room, Wednesday, at 2 p.m. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Scott, 407 East 14th street, announce the marriage of their son, Donald, to Barbara Hays, of Chicago. The wedding was performed in had closed U.S. 41, a main route | [he Methodist church, Chicago, between Chicago "ana Florida. 1 j une 29th The operator -said she referred ' er and son, R. R. 3; Mrs. Richard Slagle and Dennis, 217 East Ninth street; Mrs. Tony Chaney, Monterey; Mrs. Harry Carr, Argos; Mrs. Flossie Hall, 417 West 13th street; Michael Martin, Akron Mrs. Harrison Partridge and son, 1620 Monroe street; .Mrs. Arden Miller and son, Akron. Mrs. Noah Shively entertained her Canasta club Monday afternoon. At the close of the afternoon, dainty refreshments were served. Ladies present were Mrs. Earl Wynn, Mrs. Byron Smith, Mrs. Clarence Werner, Mrs. Harry McVay and Mrs. Ed Hagan. Peru Several teaching .positions have been filled in Miami county schools M'S Graham 73"a widow of a! Mrs. Joseph Ault, 312 West Third according to John H. Davisson, wealthy Chicago'architect, to a !^reet was removed from her home,Superinter.denL nearby filling station. An attend- ™^^™? ^an^c^^ben £«!?**.__a*. teacher. ant at the station recalled giving directions to a woman in a car answering to the description oi the one Mrs. Graham was driving, but he could not' remember what directions he gave. On the day the telegram was sent, flash floods had closed many highways in West Central Indiana and. made it difficult to travel on established routes. to the Woodlawn hospital, Monday morning. The Foster and Good ambulance took Mrs. Charles Herrold and baby son, from the Woodlawn hospital to their home on R. R. 4. Monday in Fulton circuit court suit was entered by Russell and Stella Staley vs Ann Wagoner, seeking judgement on breach of ' contract. Mrs. Graham, a former opera! Also a .suit was filed by Ann track and football coach at Bluff- Ion far the past three y«ars, has been appointed principal of the Converse school. He replaces Hubert Dubois,. who has been appointed superintendent.of the new Oak Hill Consolidated School District. Hoffman was graduated Irom the Mishawaka high school in 1941 and from Purduo University in J948. One of the two coaching vacancies in Miami 1 county was fillec! singer and novelist, was headed; Rush NeWberry vs. Willard New- with the hiring of Nels Oncal as for Vero Beach, Fla., to visit horiherry, for divorce. The plaintirfjhead coach at Gilead high school, son, Wiiliarn, who asked police tol-seeks custody of their one minor!There is still a vacancy at Butler search for his mother on the j child. $5000. alimony, plus .suit and township. chance she met with an accident support, money. hospital early Saturday morning. Rochester Mr. and Mrs. I-'rank Justus were Sunday dinner guests i>! Mr. and Mrs. Howard Krei^hbaum and family of Plymouth. Other guests were .Mrs. Walter Kreighuaiirn, Mr. and Mrs. Kit-bard Krcii'libaurn ana family; .Mr. and Mrs. Uud Miller, and Mr. and Mrs. Kussell White, all.of Plymouth; and Mr. and Mrs. Jlarry Kreiahljaurn and family, ot .Indianapolis, and also the honored Three casts on drunken driving came up for disposition in Fulton circuit court: ftoy Kdward Wilson; James, Dealey, Nebraska; and Thomas W. Whitley, Michigan. Each man received a $2H fine plus costs, and their driver's license wa.f suspended lor one year. J. T. Thomas who was arrested July 4, for driving while under Iht influence was rneted a $25 fine and costs, ,si'x mtmlh suspended .st';rlence and M.s driver'*! license suspended fur, I year. He was or- r;rc<l c darna « c t(J '' rk BUI. Tommy White, who is leav- r; . in« soon for military service. i , a ' )r " cl ! 1i f " r dama « CH r ^ m ln Mr. and Mr». Harry McVay were; ™ a(;(: " I<; ' 11 - cntcrtaini:d at Sunday evening dm- 1 Mf- and Mrs: John Sheets a.-e rvr. at Culver, by Mr. and Mrs, "pcmlm* a two weeks vacation at A. N. Mclntiif, of Delong. Cumberland Kails Park, Ky. Mr. and .\ln,. O'uy Bryant had as their guests the past week, their daughter, and family, Mns. John Wei^le and children, ol In'Jiana- polin. Also Sunday dinner guests Mr. and Mrs. Joe Smilh a;»J family of Fort Wayne .spent the past week wilh Mrs. ficrlha Smith and the Henry lintdlcyh. They re- tnrniMl hiimc Sunday, and wei'O ac- mouth, and Mr. nnd Mrs. Ualu Jiryaril and children <>! Hochw;lcr, Mr. Wi:i«)<; carnc Momlay, Imm lndianapol/«, ami accompanied lamily horn«. were, the Wcigles. Mr. and Mrs.; cwn/tanlud l;y Mre. Herliia Smith, Cenr; Jiryant and children, of l'ly-:wuli v/ili visit in their home this Mr?,. Ora C, p j.--.l.le, and Aaron Mod- Icr of I'eru, spent Monday with |Mr. and Mr:;, Tofn Kili-.palrlck nt '[Brook, Intl. Mr«. Myrtle Kiler, and Mr. and i M''*- Allierl. Titrnpkinson, Mr«. Mrts. Ora Kiler of Klkharl v//rn.-! ( 'leve Klmli;; anrl MI-.-I. J. I,, X.oppc v/ei;lc end gueslii of Mr. and Mni. were, ImniiK-.x.f vihilo.-.", in 1/ogan.i- J'aul Kiler. On .Sunday. Mr. anil:i'""''. Monday. Mrx, 1'aiil Kiler, and Mr. and Mr?.. I Mrn. Albi-n Tmnpkin« and «on, Hotxirl Kilw and r.on, lioWiy, ac-: ;| re .spending today in Cary, on r.wfipanind Mr;i. Mryllu Kiler to l'iwin<-.H«. her home in Klktiarl. . Adniisiionii lo Woodiawn Mr. and Mm. Harold .Showley an- '•''' •'"''•-• Larry CitmS, Kewaiina; noun'.-c the ent'.agi:ment and ap- 'layle Si,-ri|.l,, liourlmn; MM. Harry ; rnarriay," '>' their daiigh- Scot!, <1(I7 Kant 14th .street; Krank Oneal is a graduate of Indiana Stale ,Teachers College al Terre Haute in I93(> anci coached lasl year al Monrovia in Morgan county. Oneal replaces Bob Hodcomb v/ho resigned to accept a leaching post in the Tipton Township School in C'ass county. William Day, 40, of Peru, who' has been arrested several times during the'past month Inr public intoxication, was lined $40 anil given a (id (Jay jail sentence by Judge .luhn Uevlne In ci'.y court Monday afternoon. Jielty Bifign, V}. Jloulc :(, Peru, entered a plea of mil guilty l.o petit larceny. Her Irail was set for July ir>th. The charge was against her by Robert Homer, who alleges Die woman .stole fioliiiig poles from him valued at $H5. (ieorge Orpnrt, .Tl, Hi N. Hunt- liigton St., also pleaded Kot In charges of driving while under the influence »f intoxioaLioiis, feckless driving and public intoxication. His case was continued ul Ihi! request of his allonmy, A. II. CROSSWORD PUZZLE Aniwer «=. YMl « rd »'"' ACROSS 1—Mournful 4—Aim 0— Deity 12—Poem 13—showy flowtr 14—Beam 15—Restricted 17—Raise 19—Egg-shaped 21—Had reclined 2S— ChnsjJuos 25—Bum 28—Sun god 23—Snaniali tttle .11—River In Siberia 32—Southwestern Indian 34—Took one's part 36—Obacuro 37—Gull-lllie.blrd 39—Part of church (Dl.) 41—Compasi point 42—Mistake 44—Calmer 4G—On the ocean 48— Woody plant 49—Privileges granted by th« R-ovornment G2—Urge forward 55—Large bird CG—Subject of discourse 68—Mature 69—Scottish cap 60—Sudden flash. 61—Cut timber DOWN 1—The sun 2 —Kuss 3—Ornamental . disposition of • ' accessories f mmm BHB arass aaaia asn aaa BH UlHn HQQ HO Dull, »* Ulllild F»l 1 I IS u in n 37 1J- 19 Si *> 2. •a> SO 5 "> y //, 51 'It b *> ''A it t a iH ''/A 15 it to S % it 7// t H7 I, n <f//: * HI ''A u ^ ^ 30 in y /A v> . i IS Wf * " t 41 ^//, * •» . ' H- Ha % Ik IB (1 o Jt. 'II ' >•> If A? M 4—Roof of mouth (III.) E—Bono fi—Sufllx: follower of 7—Girl's nfcknam* 8—Handle lj 9—Conceded 10—Grain 11—Chanse color oj 16—Tho- knva (pl.J 18—Musical limrument %20—rtolshevlst louder 22—Bcufit 23-r-niner' 24—Soft drinks 26—Aromatic herb ^7—More crippled ;»)—1'aco wKD ston< ail—Error In printing 3r>—UrtltiR ilevico US—I'.irt of luce •to—Appear H ; >—1*0)13 <iH •in—Country of Asii <7—Abovn :md touphlnK 49—Pnmll« BO—Wine cup r>l—HttHorl 5J—OTii- Milt M—T.linD D7—l j rellx: not Hauck, 38, $2f> for public intoxication. Byron Steeic, 25, Roann, was fined $35,51) for having no operator's license and for having an inadequate muff.'cr. A Paved Street Is Not Always Desirable DETROIT, Mich. - Albert Halola houglit u lot in Koyul Oak that exactly suited his needs us Mic site for a homo in a rural selling. Rut when he petitioned Royal Ouk for wa,ler and sewer permits, he wua told lie couldn't liavo flinm unless he paid ml assessment I for paving the street in front of ' his lot. Halala fumed. He said he bought the lot mainly because it was on an impaveil street. He wasn't going to pay for somcUiing he didn't want. This compromise — Hatala's street will gut a coating of gravel. JESSJ5 JAMJSS NABKKD LOS ANGELES (UP) — Lawmen caught, up with .lesse .Irm-x today and put him behind bars for mull robbery, 'line ii'1-ycm-...0 l."ue)c driver for the Las An^ules post office was aecuued of steal- : wnirie 3,000 letters Saturday '.IlLKllt. Find Heqrt Attack Caused Man's Death • COLUMBIA CITY, IND. (UP)— Whitley County Coroner Dr. Jerome Wait'today said the death of Nat Fletcher, 52, Big Lake, was due to . coronary thrombosis. Fletcher was taken to the hos- p^tal by two men with whom he had apparently been on a drinking spree Friday night. Police said the two men took Fletcher's body to a Wolf Lake hospital early Saaturday morning. They said the men appeared to be under the influence of alcohol and toat Fletcher had been dead for about an, hour.' Slate- Police said there'was no evidence, pt foul play, Wait said an autopsy" revealed Fletcher suffered a previous heart attack. He said the fatal attack was brought on in part by drinking. Monticello .Report from White Co. -Hospital. Born.—To Mr. and'Mrs. Marion Garling, Route!, Morion, a.d.-jugh- ter. Dismissed — Mrs. Chester Lutes and daughter, Monon. James Draper, Route 5, Mpnlicello; Lomiie William LaMar, Indianapolis; William H. Sims,'Chicago. Mr. and Mrs. William II. Tyler Jr., of Friendly Shores, Lake .Shafor, are the parents of a daughter, Kerry Lynne, born 'Fourth of July morning at the White County Memorial Hospital, weighing 7 pounds and i! ounces. She has a brother, Patrick Ray, Vk years of age and a sister, Kelly Anne, 'i. The grandparents are Mr. ami Mrs. William H. Tyler Si-., and Mrs. Mary E. Hanks of Monlicello. and John H. | Banks. The mother Is the former (Jwen Banks, Or. and Mrs. F. U. Fonts lind Jim, ,Jlm and Mr. nnd Mrs. Paul Whitlow have arrived home from •,i two weeks vacation spent a;. Big Wood Lake, Frederick, Wisconsin, on u fishing outing. Doc reporlod one of the pi'i/,e catches, a seven Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Seven True Life Adventures JUST POR FUN. KANGAROOS SPAR FOR F-UN. NOBOW IS HURT, BECAUSE THEV USE THEIR FORELEGS IN NOT THEIR UETHA.L.- KICK1SIS HINC' •SOVOTBS MAVI? A DEFINITE P1_AV)=UL. STREAK. F=UU_-(3KO\WN ADULTS HAVE BEEN OBSERVED IN FROU£S WITH CROWS pound northern. They said fishing was Kood hut they had quite a bit o[ rain and chilly weather. Mr. and Mrs. Virgil .MeClintic and son Bill enjoyed a weekend vacation since Wednesday visiting Mrs. McClinlic's parents, Mr. and Mrs. K. K. Wolf al Lexington, Ky. Knroiile home they .slopped over Saturday night, al Cincinnati, Ohio.) Mr. and Mrs. McClinlic iiliserved their I5l.h wedding anniversary .Hily 3rd. Curli.s McCain of JJelphi had his left ann injured in n motor boat| accident mi l.alie Freeman Fourllr' of .July allerunon. He was in a boat! that, hud starlecl In pull water ski-i ITS and in some manner the bonl) lipped up and ho was thrown out, his left arm caught in the molar propeller as the boat circled around, lie was taken to Whito County Memorial Hospital for e- murgency (realment am) later transferred to St. Klizauctli Hospital nt. Lafayette in the Miller ambulance. Husbands! Wives! Get Pep, Vim; Feel Younger TllnUMilul-. ill Litliplrt Hit- \v<-«k, wolll-oul. t-<(liiiii>.li-il IHTIIUM- ho-ly links iiini ml,] Vitn- mm' u'l'S'l'ilBl'i-lu'lriu-)- 'il','."^ Viinniin 11" l"r "'"'""" i \ 1.07. ,'vi'l 'liiiB«'i>l*. *"' '''""""'' . lirr, Jo Ann, lo Jojji.-ph JJankj/in, •'- Van l-"i)iwan, Maey; Mr«. Joejw/.Tii ,Vii«iM:l Tiiilrmjiii 1 , a.'l, wln> <:hir:;iKu. 'Aull. SI« Wrwl. Third Mtrci:!.. !|ini(l Vff. lui- publlu iiilrixlciil.lon Mi».i Shnwli;y In a aniriiialc, ofi "Hmiwial/i; Mr.-i. /(alph l' 1 rell.lriK-|imcl dlsionfcrly fioiiiiucl. and Niinl Ui'i Hof.'ht-.-itrr hU;h jif-lif^d wilh' th*j (:!;*«« (;l l':)"{i, and is prem-nlly *'fuploy<;(l by 10;jwU:r;i Ail'l Marcus Miller, 45, inn I-;. Kinhlh St., wan fined $(il!.7j for (Irivlriij I (.- j/iluxii'iit/on was Harold Jolimiou, <|l, Koltmno,' paid n line nf ?l(i lor public Intoxi- Max MeKay, Kukomn, wan fined a lola! of S(0 for public iuloxlea- lion and (Iliiorderly conduct, Two iiiniien wurn aiTalf'ncd In city eonrl anil liolli lined. They Mr. fla.-ikiiin li wild KMCO, <ii-iini. The y/wlding will lake pi on August M. JJarln N«rri», Ji-rry .Smiley, C lyn Alderler, .loyi-c Kiylii-luian, Al rfcfl Hood. Tuiiiny Mr-Qiiln-, Kftlhy | Tharp, Ivalhy Alli-n, I'ally Nir-n- di-iuuii, Itiilh J'.-nn. Mile- Wabh. Jill) W;df:b, Jillly llriiinail. .SI. •rholiipfton, I'ib/abelh Walnli. turn my M>:(;IIIII-, l'.<-lny Alli-n. (,lmtn Si-vfri'ni-,, Uori/by P'otxl, .l;iii*-l f.';ir. rot, 1/inda llar;M-i', arid Craig, wi-/1? c/)lf-r);iiiM-d i>y Mm, Haynuiiid Oraig, holionri;/ Sioiini > J()lh Inflhday annivi-rsfir 1 in t.ht- Me«t Miss Iceland MORNING SURPRISE! MACHINIWASHABLl in l-k.warm w.l.r! WINTERWilGHT 4 44 Al Pnims/s only) A grant buy on our oxcluolvo rciy- on-Ac.rlltin lilMnktils,' Mothproof, Allnirjy-fi-nti. . . Hound In llfn-of-blanktjl nylon, X2 by 90 Inches long. 3V4 Ib*. •RYHDIt 5CMKAM, liri-lnnil 1 . hop« Inr winning HID bunuly iii'i<w« in thu "MirtH tlntvnrflo" cotd^xt ut Ixmu H«-«di, (Ml!., IKIWS 'nlou * livtel In M<tw Viirls, linlwvnn ln-f- rltilit Hi'tn Mud'lier bifid In tint dirduiit linekuroiinil In Hi* Xmplru Hlntn llulkllni/, Mlin l«n- J;iinl'» vlljil /riwimir«iiii'j|ii) Inun Uiy to bottom ure 1 MISSES BLOUSES *1 Fast isii ft sliorl t In collon broadcloth. Color. PENNBYS BALCONY SUNBACK DRESSES All wwr» higher priced. — SOIIIB with jockots. 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