Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on June 12, 1957 · Page 11
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 11

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 12, 1957
Page 11
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Dial PA! 2-4600 for a WANT 'AD Take? Editor's Note; IrrilaWe jnan aajj vvjfc sat'iukes dignity, trying to VEAll MARY HAWOriTH: 1 m an irritated husband, concerned about a mature age vuman, who cannot face middle ago, and now pretends she is 10 •ears younger. She has changed lie color of her hair and stalled suggests, as Ionic lo her morale. SUPKKINTENUENT — Rev. Dr. Paul F. Warner, above, new superintendent of ttic Ilagcrstown District of the Methodist Church, is expected at Centre Street Methodist Church here tonight when a reception is held for the new pastor. Rev. Carlton M. Harris, and the assistant pastor, Rev. Paul Conley, and their families. Dr. Warner is minister of Eulaw Methodist Church," Baltimore, and succeeds Dr. Marry C. Marsh who is retiring. The new superintendent has been a minister, missionary to Japan and a professor at Westminster Theological Seminary. Born in Salisbury. Dr. Warner was educated in .Mary, land public schools. He earned his A.B. degree from Western Maryland College in 1913 and his S.T.B. degree from Westminster Theological Seminary in 1921. This seminary also awarded him a doctor of divinity degree in 1938. Dr. Warner has done post grad- ualc study in Greek, Hebrew, Sanskrit and Archeology at Johns Hopkins University. Dr. Warner is married lo the former Dorothy P. Linlhicum. They have four children: Paul, David, John and Mary Ellen. painting wide eyebrows — and ooks silly. What advice can you give, to Dijlcrcitt Tvnn iclp a woman past her youth, to • " accept the reality of her years .md make the most of Ihem, •ytlier tlian (ry to bide them? low can she be convinced that it s better to be a woman of dis- .inclion, (han fast-and-toolish ooking? Very truly yours,—ft. D. lie's Ignorant Oj Lijc And Women Kiwanjatis To Heiir Talk By Lawrence William P. Lawrence, directo. of public relations for the North Branch plant of the Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company, will be the speaker at a hmclieon meeting of the Kiwanis Club at noon lomor- i v row at Central YMCA. Lawrence will discuss the progress being made and produclioi plans for the local plant. Van dcr Rohe Ludwig Mies van der Rohe called one of the world's gre modern architects, is director EVENING TIMES. CUMBERLAND, MD., WEDNESDAY, JUNE 12, 1957 — I Mary llaworth's Mail fronted by middle age. Don't be //; s a kill-joy spouse 1 . In her own way, your wife is trying to accept (lie I'calily of her years; and she isn't running from signs of nge. nor taking (he path of least resistance. She is doing something about it, perhaps nol what another woman o! different type might do; but own "love-oMiving" suggests that it is your habit and what her React Diffnrently The inlrovcii-lypc woman, the liabiliial deep thinker, may choose to be heroic about oncoming age, in the sense of let- ing face and figure go, and try Jiff to concentrate on the sup >osed compensations of eternal ion-physical values—plulosophi- •al consolations, you know. •Dinplaiiit in ils deeper implica- your construes life to be pretty much * —i • »iiai aim ati ions, one ^ruild have to blame C ern herself ife itself for wing a vital drive, nstead of blaming your wife (or frying to meet Die onslaught of age with banners flying. It is a healthy characteristic of wholesome spirited women, at any ;if,'e, to (ry to maintain tbe best face on tilings. Look how they perennially imore or less) paint, paper, polish, slip-cover and generally (oil at keeping (he household premises in chin-up condition—waging a valiant war on the fading-and-scarring results of daily living. Surely it is unfair to expect a valiant woman to change her nature just because she is con- appearances, lerc and now—when "age begins i show." In any case, deeply ingrained ;elf-respcct—the sense of being oved and valued for oneself—is lie greatest aid to growing old gracefully. It is this feeling that mparts dignity lo personality and affords tbe "air of distinct- on" you profess tn admire. Bui wonder how much support you ;ive your wife on this score'.' SEE THESE COMING ATTRACTIONS. BASEBALL: Pilliburgh Firolei vi. Chi ago — June 14, 15, 16. v». Phil- oc/efprita — July ?; v». Milwaukee — July II, I?, u. PtAYHOUSE: Croft Ave. Theater — 'Off The Top" — Ihru JunB 21 "AROUND THE WoRlD IN 80 DAYS' — thru Aug., Nixon Thealie THE TEN COMMANDMENTS"— thru Aug., Werner Theatre, WRIT! for brochure on Molel Webiler HaH*i money-saving WEEKEND FUN PACKAGE, Oept. 8 modern architects, is director of ,,-,_ , , Ihe architecture department at' HOTEL WEBSTER HALL Illinois Institute of Tcchnnlnov al ..'" P'"'*"'** 1 'S"»»7*r C. 1 .* c,-a~ Illinois Institute of Technology al , Chicago. Filth Avenue, Pitrsburgb 13, P». The irritable lone of your Idler Former Kesulcnl, Wife Gel Oregon Degrees Doberl K, Bennett Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Bcnnelt, LaVale, received a bachelor of science degree at the University of Oregon commencement exercises Sunday, His wife. Mrs. Evelyn Bcnnelt ELEVEN Auto Dispute Resumes Court action in (he disputed husband and was duly notorizod. sale of a woman's auto by her Gulick later discovered that Wal- husband continues in Allegany County Circuit Court. trading as ters liad obtained title lo the car illegally. Mrs. McGann svas cited in the predisposilion to criticize, find fault and generally depress your wife's self-regaid. And this unkind bias may he spurring her (unconsciously) to hasty measures. in painting on a false William Clulick, Aulo Centre Slrcol, brought a!Waters" as\sVqu1rcTljy 0 |aw! TERMITES , to hide her worry that love may fail her altogether. My advice is lo envelop your ivifc in warm-hearted courteous admiration. Throw a mantle of loving-kindness about her. Pay her compliments, on her gaiety, gallantry, youthful spirit, etc.; and on her natural good looks —, which need no gilding, you mayj formerly of Eugene, Ore., also * 2 5(K J damage suil against! Walters was charged with for- received a degree in clemeiHary . „ ,, f 1 ' 5 ' now an 'irmate.gery upon his return from [•'lor-' education at the commencement I • Ma! }' Iaild ! '°use of Cor- id a in February and on March 6* rectum, and Mrs. Anna A. Mc-iwas sentenced by Chief .Judgcl C.oim u Washington Slrecl.lGeorgc Henderson lo four years! I'foslburg. i in , hc Maryland , louse cE Cor . The suil, filed by Attorney John'rtclion. ' M. Robb. slates that on " Ucdwoods A redwood tree may be taller Free Inspection Guaranteed Service u-, ,1 c-."; — , ;'.'."•' "" "•"" -"• »>uuu, aimvs mat on januaryi A replevin action \itfr w-ic : ^Sr~ ssjsia-sa £ rawsri? ss- «£•£ loifseshf ^ "f ~i'' CCClvcd S1 '°°° a » d " 1951 model Gulick. On May 28 Associate! • - ^ -J litllc bieacr th?n iho hr»°"i a , f" lom ? bllc - ' rhe llllc appeared to Judge Morgan C. Harris entered 165 Bedford St. a milt b,Mcr Ihdn .he head of.liave been properly assigned by a Judgement in favor of Mrs TOQCi" PA 4-1783 tell estimation. at least, not in your vhal she sees, is going to con- her extremist use of cosmetics should fade automatically — because she will no longer foe4-tl»& anxiety that drives her to iL— M. II. When she finds herself si this Mary llaworlh counsels Ihrough her column, nol h>- mall or personal Interview. Wrilc lo her in care of The Evening Times. (King I'eaturoi Syndicate) Accidents in the U.S. decrease in tbe Spring, but June is the peak month for injuries and fa- lalilies. Myrtle il. Walters to her Walter BOTH P.S. MKTS. THURSDAY Get Rid of Poison Ivy and Brush use Du Pont AMMATE 1 Du Pont "Ammola" is Ike recognized poijon ivy killer. Killi bruiK nnrf olhtr weedi loo, Ald> tn rotting ihimps. Ono application usually cleom cwl wont Infeila- lioru wilhoul Hazard lo children or pel,. Ready lo mix with waler nnd spray. Two sizes: 1 5 S-lb. bag 6-lb. bog PAINT s SUPPLY North Centre at Polk Street How to buy a whole-home air conditioner for as little as $10 a month Ama zbi g? Tru el Yottr toon thly purch ase pajrmen ts for Servel's whole-home Gas Air Conditioner are about the game as the monthly payments on a one-room air conditioner. You simply install it as part of your new home and pay for it on the mortgage. Imagine! Sen-el's new Gas unit heats and cools your entire house. And BECAUSE it's Gas, monthly cooling costs are much less than any other system. Gas air conditioning is quieter, too. There's no compressor to make noise ... no moving parts to get out of order in the cooling system. You get a 5-year guarantee—and dependable Gas Company service^ Convenient terms available. Servel's GAS Year-'Round Air Conditioner does 6 jobs: heats in the winter . . . cools in summer . . , cleans the air . . . removes moisture on hot days . . . circulates the air .; ; ventilates with outside air. SEE YOUR LOCAL. GAS COMPANY TODAY FOR MORE INFORMATION Cumberland & Allegheny Gas Co. 149 BALTIMORE ST. PA 4-6400 FREE! UNITED STAMPS £1 FREE! ROGER'S Silverware PIUSBURY'S CKOCOIATE ANCE1 FOOD CAKE MIX 4 pkgs . 8 1 SWEET POTATOES In Syrup 5 No. 2/* cans PUBLIC PRIDE OLEO 5 :„:,: s i Washing Powder TREND 6 iS s l Washing Powder •AD «VEL • FAB 4 £: Swtfl'i 'prim. Canned CHICKEN Fancy Alaska SALMON cans Limit 2 Hunt's Fruit COCKTAIL cons s- DECORATED STRAW RUGS 3 ft. x 5 ft. s l JER2EE OR ARMOJP.S Milk 8 «-."*1 •<••••••• Pllhbury'l Pis Cruil Mix 8 »-. 1 ^••••H Old Virginia Pre'es Pinnapplt Peoeri, Apricol Da mi on. Crape 4 '*:.'• $ 1 mmmmmtm SOF1EE Tissues T6'°'''*1 •••••••• Tuxedo Tuna 5 .... »j i^^^^m IIIHE CHEF Spaghaff In tomato louc* 10™*1 !•••••••••••••••••••••• Del Monte Catsup 5 b,,.. ^1 Butter Beans 10 '-""i • W com 1 Old Virginia Sliowbeiry Preserves 2 21-0.. $4 iar. I Polled Meals 15 Starkist Tuna 3 Kidney Beans •« 3 Armour's Lard 5 Early June Peas 7 Cake Mix c!:;i 5 Kidney Beans »DlO Tomato Sauce 11 imir T m . 1 ^iiijn Count, C '<"9« D bit,. iiu jjurpi 'OIL Sm Vegetables MIXED 7 Apple Butter 4 Str'wberry > ....... 4 Hominy 10 Vienna Sausage 7 PhoppedBeef 3 ' Peanut Butter 2 Pillsbury Flour 10 Pork & Beans 3 Salad Olives 2" Pork& Beans 6 N Sardines .......... 10 ROCKINGHAM OLD HAMS SOUP Q cant I FROZEN PIES CHIC • BEEF • TURKEY 5 $1 for J- $1 SALE DOG FOOD Armour's KING DASH CARLO Hunl's Tom. Paste 11 Pork & Beans 8 N : n , 7 for|| Corn WHOU KERN£L •••• 7 c ° ni for Peas iiH| - c( "» 10 """for Cut Green Beans 8 ««-• for HUNTS peaches 3 N °«r for Tomatoes 7«"»for Sauerkraut .-6 "for Tomato Juice 8 M ,,Mor Kidney Beans Stn.Mor TOMATO OR O -in r VEGEIAG1E OOUP IU tan 'IOr Wax Paper cui BIIE 4 »»• for Colored Tissues 12'°><-for Pickles °" 4 [.7! for Gut Beets 8-» for SoapcowRED 15 tki for Prtm DtL '^° NT£ £ JAM UUin WHOIE KERNEL * O tani lOl Apple Sauce 6 — for Pickles KOS HES .... 2 ^ for Corn CREAM sniE 8«-" for ROASTING 10 Cans Cans Steaketies Veal or Beef Lean Chuck Roast _2'/2, t ., S 1 MMMMM Baby Beef Liver . . 4 Ibi Fresh Pork Sausage 3 Ibs Smoked Sausage 21/j Pollock Filled ... 4 Bacon Squares . . 3 IBs Veal Leg Roasf 2'/2 Ibs CHICKENS Juicy Club Steaks Asj. Lunch Moots 2 Ibs. Armors Bacon 2'/2 Ibs. Sliced Bacon Ends 4 Ibs. Minced Ham . . 2'/ 2 Ibs. Veal S'der Chops 2!/i Ibs. Skinless Franks 2Vz Ibs. Lean Pork Roasf 2 Ibs. Mild L'gh'n Cheese 2 Ibs. Lean Pork Steaks 2 Ibs. Spiced Luncheon 2!/j Ibs Tenderloin Steak 2 Ibs Rump Roast 2 Ibs. Amor. - Pirn. Ch'se 2 Ibs. Slab Bacon 2 Ibs. SV/IH PREMIUM FRYERS 39 C ROCKINGHAM Picnics «• 34c FRESH GROUND Hamburg 3"FROZEN FOODS STRAWBERRIES LIMA BEANS BROCCOLI S S l _ ^* pkgs. •* Flo. Valencia ORANGES 2Sc Large Head LETTUCE 2^.39c New Texas ONIONS 3,,23c RAG RUGS 18 x 36 3 for 20 x 40 2 for u. s. NO. i New White POTATOES BLIC SERVIC OOD MARKET 16N. GEORGE STREET AND CRESAPTOWN 1 Phone Orders Promptly Filled Call Cumberland PA 4-060O Cresaptown PA 2-5212

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