The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 10, 1940 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 10, 1940
Page 7
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JLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE 1 SEVEN CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rate per line (or consecu- (ive insertions: One time per Hue 10c V'wo times per llni> per day 08c three times per line per. d»y...li6c Eix limes per line per <Jay,,,.,05c Month rate per line C(to Curtis at Thanks 50c & 75c Minimum clmrse 50o Ads ordered for three or six limes and stopped before expiration will be charged for the number of times the add appeared and i.djusunent of bill made. All classified Advertising copy vibmlttcd by persons residing outride of the city must be accom- Vanled by cash, Rates may be easily computed from above tnble. Advertising ordered for Irregular insertions takes the one time rate. No responsibility will be taken for more than one Incorrect insertion of any classified ad. For Sale Heniilffiil lot for investment or home on Missouri street. Cash or terms. Moore's Hotel. Kolltvon, phone 753. 9-p!c-l(t< I still make and sell Dr. 1'liiUips' Analbn I.lnimrnt. Mrs. O. u. Phillips, 21C Ko. Franklin. 9-pk-2-U RuglHcrcd Poland China pigs. 3 months old. J. I,. Pinksioii. Hoi- , land. 8-nk-3l' Extension gate leg table with two extra leaves. Solid mnhogany lop. 1'iice S20. Phone 030. 3-DU Good black land, corn & cotton farm. Write p. O. nox 345, New Madrid, Mo. Notice Bargains In USED TIRES 22-pk-30 FOR SALE— 100 acres laud near Blytheville. Good land and well improved. Possession Jan. 1st. Price 580 acre, part cash, balance nn- mmlly at 6%. Will lie of! market in few days. Thunuis I,and Co., Sole Ajls. For Rent I---- ------ We've gill In move (Item [m (. 1 i room furnished apartment. Ad- your turn to move in. Joining bath. 701 W. Ash Phone j 299. lO-pk-11 : Painting Given to State For Reliel Assistance - or 3 room unfurnished house or nmirtiHciit. I'houc .120. 5-pfc-12 e.,,,,,, ..,„,, ^""-liAMENTO, Cttl. tUP)—Mrs. Colored mnii inul wife for yard Ml ">' U>'IH«lii. iwtUt of La Cnnmhi, niul housework. Good house and ™«l « different iviiy of cxi»v«><i i water furnlshi'd. Jess llorncr, shcf- Gi'allliiile to the slntc for relief Ill's office. G-ck-13 ""'' Head Cmnli'r News Wniu Ads Wert Optometrist "HK AIAKI5S 'KM SB 15" Over Joe Isaacs' store GUARD Only (ii.uliKilc Oplume- Irlst in Itlylln'vlllc. Cihissts l-'lllfd ('onectly painting to the sinte to be mnjz In (ho.Snii Quom 1 In prisonclmml H was 11 K-prodiifllon of " UK a token of iipprcflnllon from me ' siild in part of somo relief I received n - - - workers niuojig men doliiB manual labor PRESCRIPTIONS l''coshcsl Stock f.'iwr.'iiitml Host Prices Kirby Drug Stores : Store building and apartment. Ea.U 1 Main St. Phone 329 or 098. miles, I Ires 1'riidii'ully Simic Repossessed, Good as New. SHOUSE-HENRY ' • HARDWARE CO. FHON8 25 9 nk 13 i C!lei '- illi| s'<'r Coucli. -- ............ -------------- ................ ' I Xe "' li " s - I'doks and runs like j rooms furnished. Garage, coi\l »evv. Healer equipped shed. 2^4 Doliftan. Mrs.'WcrL •' . .. . . „ 9-ck-ia l ' nr(1 8:> Iiiilnr. -- - --------------- | Ci< y <W«». Color liliick. ;uoli:iir 3 room iinfnrnishetl apartment.; "t'linlsleiy. Only with bath hand hot water. 412 Farm Loans Large or Small At Lou- Interest Hates. We are equipped to handle large of Chickasawba. ft-ck-tf| New 5 room downstairs apartment '« Fnnl Del. I'ahn green color. Oily driven. Clc.incsi car In (own .$:<7G at 911 W. Walnut. Equipped \vilh|... ,, , Bulnne gas heat, new large sas •"'•«'•« Kutor. rnii(;o, Venetian Winds two Ini'ije 1Ira 'er equipped. Unrs.iin §121.50 screened porches. Garnge Phone 08. Desirable bedroom in private home, with heal anil private bath. 1037 W. Walnut street, phone 884. '3d Chcv. JIaslcr Del. . New l>;iinl. Motor ovcrlmulcd. Excellent nonilif Inn & REALTY COMPANY • 213 Walnut St, Blytheville, Ark Welding EXPERT ELKCTRIC AND ACETYLENE. Vacant Jan. Draff line ami heavy wcliling Barksdale lfg,.Ci Phone 19 or Res. 1013 ' ' 4 room W. A 445-W. 2 room furnished apartment-. 021 ChlckRsnwbn. Joe Waddy. 5-ck-!2 Small furnished house, 1213 Holly, I Phone 084 or 143. Mrs. Slemberg.l 4-ck-lf Furnished bedroom. 022 W. Mail).! Mrs. McMulliu. 4-ck-lfi ROOMS, furnished or unfurnished.' : 1 One bedroom. 914 Elearn. 3pk2-3 Room for employed wormm. . Phone 239. 30- 1028: Nice,:bedroom'convenient to hath. Steam heat-. Phone 280. 21cklf T-T o i „-. , I Nice front bedroom. 1000 W. Ash. ror bale or .umle plloiic « s - w Mre M- c. oooti- 1 " -i " 21cktf 1 win. ° H SJ if ""• ' 2 I'' rooni house o C!llckasawba i 28 E tofhousc: On High School. MULES For Sale or Trade See Floyd Simpson at Delta Implements, Inc. S-c-tf Wan ted'To Buy Wanted to buy Government floi- 'ton Loans. Blytheville Gin Co. Personal the bile lo rid yourself of constl- kins' Gani"e ' nation, pas 'rains, and that sour, So 2nd St ° punk feeling. Take one box of j KHUiY'S I _ ' ACTIVE LIVEK I'lU.S 25c nt all Kirby Stores RELIGIOUS LEADER HORIZONTAL 1 Pictured ' religious leader. 8 He once served as in Berlin. 1?. Damage. 13 Sleeper's noise. 15 Sea 'eagle. 16 Satan.' 18 Duet. 19 Foments. 21 Fury. 22 Epics. Answer to Previous Tus/Ic 2 8 Turkish ofl'cial. 27 Spanish. 23 Red Cvoss. 30 Coin slot. 31 God of wor. 14 Hind or doe. IGHe trained as a papal or statesman (Pi.). 17 To enact laws, 19 Currency notes. 2.0 He was also of State lor Vatican City. 23 Kneecap. 26 Bitter drug. 28 Haughty. 30 Kmissary 32 Work of ski!!. 38 Ringworm. 41 Edible fungus. 43 Portion. Irain food. B months old setter pup. While with black cars and black spot on forehead. REWAKD for return to J. w. Rayder, 1101 Holly. Phone 53T- VV. _ __ ^ Business Directory ~ FULLER'BRUSHES Call Dan Mrl.mii, I'lionc 1059 Repairing 39 Salt. 59 His family 40 Paid publicity name. .41 Mother 42 To lilt. VERTICAL 44 Small stool. 2 Sheaf (pi.). •13 Heart. 3 To by a street « OppositoTf' in 49 Trap. 4 Silkworm. 47 To harvest 51 To regret. 5 Subsists. 48 Monk's hood. WJale. 6To untie. 50Portiiun/>«, 33 To withstand. 54 Before. 7 Broth. coin Sinocky ravine. S3 Devil. 8 Northeast. 53 Golf'device 3.1 To scream. 57 Female sheep. 9 Tip. 55 South 36 Almond. 58 His crucial 10 Company. Americi 3T Preposition. palace. U To bury. 5G North Africa. Expert gun rcpairhi!;. Sec E M Damon at the Blytlicvillc Armory on Wednesdays and Thursdays. « Thai's .lust I'laiu „„...„ Sense. Take a Look ;il l!).Ti ro,-ri V-S Coupe. Special SS.i IM4 I-'nnl VS Tudor.' Kpul |5 U y T.onks N'rui l.iH'utrd nt 101 Nnrlh Stnnul ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DOS' KlW-MtDS. rrnpriotoi SUVi's of Krhulll Typewriters, A(Wlu K Mnrhinm Cured Wilhoni SiirKcry, u m | A very sale iuul hnrmlcss pielho.l: wllhoin confinement lu bed. lo.« of time from work and with vcrv lillle dlscom- lorl. All lyucs of pile.?, assures, nstiihs. He (rented bv our oinco methods : , ' DRS. NI.ES A 1 ' NIES l M.lo WE HAVE IT! PRICES-TERMS-TRADES Delta Specials We Ihwe « Large. Selection Of Late Model Reconditioned Used Trucks Internationals - Fords - Chevrolets Several !, Ton Pick-ups, Long and Short'W, B. Several IJ Ton Models, Long and Short W, B. 1, D-35 2 Ton International Short W. B. 1, C-35 2 Ton International Short W. B. These Trucks Are Priced To Sell —$50 and Up 1940 license furnished on all Trucks over $100 Delta Implements, Snc lsYourCar K0!t COLD fin, additional service mid performance from yom- car by nl- lowiug us to winter-lzc It tliromih and through. The re- fonilllloti work by experl mo- chunlcs a.wnre you complete satisfaction at n low cost. Modeni Service Nof So Knsl, Sluirk Shanks, C. II. Campbell, Herniinl , Gcoeli, I.eo S!ri>!iens, Dim Aycosk, let 3HARK ESCAPE/ HIMMOT BAP HURT--ME JUST SHOOTUMIkl SKOLJLDER. " O (5E1TLIM AWA.V WITH THAT SA7CHEL WHILE VOU FISW WITH DRAKtH.REpRVDER., W, K. llraolts, Charley Graves O in'-SHERIFF:? OLDWDe WJ v-ETSa WHAT'S SO AUTHORIZEDAFORD DEALER f DON'T WU RECALL METSLUNG VOL) A801JT CIRCE.THE 8EAUTI- OH, HE'LL BE ALL RIGHT--WHILE I DOM'T PUT MUal ./ STOCK IM THAT CIRCE STOHV! r -^HE ivvxv MEET UP WITH SOME 1 owe WHO cwj DIRECT us BACK OM OUR. rj^L^.'- 1 - 1-T MIUHI INfcLLI BEFORE J (THE ISIJSMO a OHVEAH/GEEA lUD bUT IF IHISDAME "IS Auto Painting corn. iM»yrmmim». me. T.M.KCC.U. s BOOTS AND HER IJUDDIKS IiY KDrtAIl MAKTIllj':- M^STUH COMt' TWASKl'T ' AV\ OS? WASH TlJUUfi Whiif (iocs On ROY CRAiN I;)! AUEfA 1 . TOUT LET OU YOU HEAP WHAT M! ACMEO HAtJ SUARDS A LOH&-ABAVJDOWEC OIL WELL THiS THE FELLA IWIO U'WTS X WA?> \N SOME COUNTRY AT WAR, •SUEBOUMDED BV TO BUVMdCEE'SAPpABtHTW unprm P^.< t .uiri cn* e *-r THE SLEEPIEST 1!J THE An Anlhorily in Siicli Millers HY MKRRILL UI,OSSKU 10S7 C'licvrnlcf Coupe. Like Ncn- ...... I9M Ford V8 Tmlor. Only ...327.7 1939 Clicvrnltl Tmvii Sctlm, ..5535 1!).?!) CJici-relcl poiipi-. ,\ lil^S Chcvrolcl Tour Sedan I'm Chovrclcl Town Sedan ..S.W i:o you ntcd a (rurk? Jf you „„ ccmc in and Innk our Uspj Trucks ovrr. All rcconililioncrt and i-cady to go. 51) t!s«l Trucks and !>i c kV\K In from. All makes .unl ir.orirls. Kasy (!JfAC; Paymcnl Plan VES. \\K Trade (Iprn Xighls and Sundays —- AMD NSTEAO OF jusr SHOOTIN6 PICTURES AT PANOOM - WRITE A STOBV AMD '' ' REAL. MOVIE I WE'LL NEED PLENTY OF FILM, AND THAT COSTS DOUGH! \VELL.We CAN SELL STOCK IN OUR COMPANY, THEN VJE'LL. ADOUR SHOWS AWO PAY DM- FROW T^F WE'LL ._ OUR OWN SETS, DESIGN OUR OWfJ COSTUMES , AND USE LOG* L TALE Mr *%Z£T7' SUE WILL PLAY LEADS, I'LL DIRECr, AND IJ.RD WILL BE CAMERAMAN I l&m EKCEPT IN SPECIAL LOVC SCENES , MY GOOD ' - MAM, WHERE I'LL 1 PERFORM AS I TF.cM.MiCAL ADVISES; ' .•,(, rt ^ ^^y^ 1 ).^ >

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