The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 31, 1930 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 31, 1930
Page 3
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JflIDAY,_JANUAR_Yjll,1930 PHIZES MIDED Gen. Lee Their Great Grandad BI.YTHEVILLE. (ABK.) COUSIER-NEWS end and third award totaling S15. Daniel Morgan, also of Perry cilia ' produced C« bushels 10 the ac.' I ! and won fourth place. Pie Club , I Howard Noble, member of tlv; Eton-all club won first pri^e of SID' for ihe best grov,n-oui •;;•.. n-\'f. Ing a net picfil of S14.5i. " , Kphiiam Lli'le. member of the i Slillmau t-iub, made a n;; (noli; of ! S13.C5 on his pig, winning 2nd nri: * • of $1.50. ' I nujiinond Wren of the Hatcher I club, won fourth, making r ' not profit of S12.38 on his phj. | (rardui.aiid Cunning Myri-is Sh?ltei<, iriimbs:-' of Hie ' Hatcher club, wen fin; pi-z-. c f S10 in !ier i;.irde;i work. sho.-. 1113:1 profn of S1[)G.20. Thelma Woodruff, member cf Hi.- Etlllmun club, won sscs:i:l place : and prize of 55, showing u profit i ol SVil.aO from her garden. i I'uultry -Club I Mary Woodruff, memi;;r of il-1 Stillnmn club, winner cf Jirsi, ,,,.;,.., ] of £10. He rchickens made n p'o'ii ' of $004^0. Mary is a!so winner "o: ' 2nd place in the Irish Potato club. of So u-itii hoi loivins 'A proli" 2nd place and priz flock of chickens i of $174.61). C'lcthing and Itcom Im|irav«ip?nt Helidora Casiday of Hie Stillmnr, club won first prize of J7.50 in clothing contest. Ftiye Lawson. also .. of the StilJnran clul, won 2 and prize of $5. Sweet Potato Club Yettie McHafTcy, momber of New Libeny club, won nrst place pro- ill, clng 384 ImshL-ls of sweet potatoes per acre. Vocational Students Bethany Faught. James Smolli- erman nnd Kcbert Shirley, agricultural students of the Blytlievillt high school, constituted a livestock judging learn at the National Dairy show, winning first place in iiidc- , The ycnng genllc-man pictured above, right, is Hoberl B. Lee IV °- I evrat gr.iRdEon oi the famous Con federate general, slnwn gather- i i;ui sta .shells on the bench at St. l\>ler_bijr(.'. Fla., u'ith his sisicr. i .Y.ary Walk:r, and -his mother. Mrs. George Bolline Lee His I taliicr is a New York.surgeon. Mr s. Lee and her chiMreu are va- I cationing in tlic south. ! j Moving Pictures Will Show Suffering of St. Francis Valley Residents. i MEMPHIS. Term.. Jim. 31 (UP) i —More than fitly officials and cltl- I Kins will leave here tonltjln lor i Washington to carry on Hie ftou , lor government control of iii e si Francis river. TrnvclInK In special ears the party will arrive in Washing™ sun- day in lime for u series of conferences. The delegation wdl appear before the flood coinrul ccm mlllee ol the house February 3 Motion ami word pictures ol tin- snlferlni; and hardship ol readouts of the Si. Francis valley u '-. ;>ic:c-i)(cd iwfore Hie commiitcc. ..r- km-ias and Missouri reprcseiua- livcs and senaluis will nppeur. . Tin- federal &owimiem ah;> will i bo asXed to lake over absolute ccn- ; trol of tne Si. Francis river Sever I and drainage projects on whk-h 11 is proposed S15.000.000 to $30000000 be spent. The irip Is being sponsored by the St. Frauds ,.,ver Hood Control association. Members of tlur party sal<l 3.000,01)0 persons lived in tlic district affected by Ihe SI. frauds and that the govcrnmcn New York Cotton NEW YORK", Jan, 31, (UP)-Cotton futures closed barely steady. OIIOD Hlsli Low Close Mnr .... iiiso 1032 1004 IS2» May .... 1640 1M7 1627 IUW July .... 1072 1UBO 1C52 1610 Oct 1030 1697 1C90 ICSu ( * 1705 nis 1700 1702 Spots steady in 1G35. up ten. Slavery in China HONGKONG-Slavery still exists In so:ue parts ot Hie world, and bftcfrvni-d cuinn. still lirn inuiy slaves working for Jls upix-r classes. There me sntd 10 be more than 2.000,000 slaves In this country. Ac- cordliiK to Liidy Simon, wife of Sir John Simon, who lias made » re- Scent liivi'SilBmion, Ilioiisnnds ol Chinese Kirls nrc .sold Into Muvcry yrnrly mid me never lieard from McCann Store at Cooter Provides Additional Space COOTEn, Mo.-McCann company, dcnlois In dry goods nnU groceries, Imve annexed a brick nddl- lion (o ilio rear of th« present bulhUiiK to accommodate th«iv Browing trade. The post office Is In Hie front part of tlir building. The election of the addition will enable them (o curry a mudi larger quantity of dry goods and gvo- cerles. Elvis and Lois McCann urs managers. Brady 1'ntiersou has ftpened n tmrber shop across the street, from HIP Cooter Supply company. Mr. Patterson formerly made Ills home ut Union City. T«nn.. but for the , last year lie has been traveling as I a sinter mid ycxleler with Hie I'll and Mullens ruud shows. PAGE THREE Head Courier News Want Ads. nn<) has contributed nothing to control ol the stream. ?i.ou Ml uiL' • :«= LIKE CITlf TOLL [ OPPOSED a toll hridge will not le constructed. Citizens of Monette and oihc" communities In the eastern part of j arc Die county have already expressed ; l >nll| 5' opposition to a toll bridge, i.csi- 1 dents of the county point out that I county members or the delegation are B. A. Lynch and C. A. Cunningham of Blylherille, and J. L. Williams, G. B. Segrave-i and J. T. Coston of Osccola. Mrs. J. L. Williams and Miss Emma Cos also members of the Osceola Ctmsidmbk' Dandruff, It chine lilicdiiij. Si-alp and Her firiiv Hairs AJI Vanish Afler ' Usintr l.e;t's Unit- Tonic ANOTHER LADY SAYS IT IS WONDERFUL FOR SUP SHE My icalji was in terrible condl-*- t on and broken out bwlly, and considerable dandruff worried me too. Besides tlmt. i | W d ql ,i l(! a (ew gray hairs. S3 t beetin using Lea's Hair Tonic, and by (he time I hnil , the flrsl the highway commission has built . free bridges over the St. Francis ,. -- at Marked Tree and P,ira?oii!d and 'JvaisJieacl County People !,'!!l,Y 0 !L brid , RC( H 1 ,^, 1 " Citv >-,! p. , .^. M ; would be the only toll bridge ove- Man 1-ight on Bill lo Au-, tlie r 'vcr. Mr ' Bl New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Jan, 31. (UP) — Cotton futures closed barely steady. cauie Beal, of Wilson ana O«n i- b'y Congressmai! the remiss', of the W. J. Driver- statj liiijliK a. bill authori- ess and Alfred Williams of Ely- construction of T mhv-w ol thevilte h,gh school constituted a l,rld s c over the St Fra Tci iv«- v poultry pudgmg lcam which won I Lake City has aroused "roe'-N i i fust place at state meet for voca- : Jonesboro ana elsewhere i" cAi ' tional students at the University I head flinty cl " cttner( - '" Cr - u "of Arkansas. Charles Beall | Mar -Cd, :n a letter to i May .Secretary Chnnin of Hie Jonesboir, I July | chamber of Commerce, said thai | Oct. j ! to build a toll bridje at Lake City' • y He pointed out, however. Hint due] Open High . 1G12 1015 . 1633 1G42 . 1C53 16M . 1675 1GB3 1G8C 168S Lou- 1577 1605 1630 1650 1071 Close 15<M 1C30 1655 1G71 1083 s ,, ols closed slehdy at 189 ' <•»>">••« on.»u> .u IMS, up bottle my scalp felt | ' ww.n. 4ii j Ol.«l(J II.UI much better, nnd afler four montlis use I found my scalp in perfect condition, nnd all dandruff and gray hairs gone. Il Is wonderful and I nm sending a photo so you can sec how nice and beautiful my hatr Is, thanks to Lea's," writes Mrs. Sablna Vila, IS17—llth Avc, Tnmpln. Fla. Whether one's hair Is Monde, red, auburn or Jet black makes no difference in using Lea's. Dally massaging of the scalp with a few drops ^brings the scalp, hair roots "' '""' Into vigorous and Ancil \font- gomery of Wilson. Orville Garret: and Robert McHafTey of "my..!, villc won first, second and third and fourth places respectively in t > the state cotton production contcs;' " for vocational students. Chiirles Beail yrew an average of 1090 Ib5. of lint cotton "per acre en threL i acres and Ancil Montgomery produced 970 Ibs. of lint to tlic acre. Charles Beall also won the s!n;? corn conlest for students, growing 135 bushels to the acre. Adult Farmers I W. T. Beall of Wilson is chain- duced pion corn grower cf the state for 1929. He produced an average yield of 130 bushels per acre on five acrse winning the cash award of S201 offered by the Chilean Nitrate oi Soda Educational Bureau. Claude Stillman of the commission's fiiiiucial ability to provide a free bridge. _ . . , i Tt 'c pro|»sed new bridge wouh: Dwignt H. Elackwood. chairman ' supplant the old one-way wooden ol the higlnvay commission, has i structure which now spans the rlv- pointdl cut that enaclnion: of such | er at Lake City. The new bridge, n bill will leave the commtebicn I according to Shelley Lee. dlstric: engineer of the state highway department, would havo to bs 3.70 1 feet in length, with an apjjroac.'.) of one-half mile on the east sid= and would have 13 be raised sis feet above the height of Hie present structure to meet war dapart- (urn back (o-lhelr old-time youthful color, no matter the age, No stain or disagreeable features. One mtw defy even the expert to delect, Us use. Thousands of fastidious men and women use Lea's Hair Tonic. Oray Imirs, dandruff or scalp troubles nre a detriment socially or in business. Omy haired folks took nmny years younger and better groomed In a few weeks lime. It willing to give }t n trial obtoln a botllo at the nearest drug More. Apply if desired to n small hidden spot a few weeks, ir skeptical, nnd note results. If the drug- plst hasn't Lea's, send dollar bill, check or money order to Lta's Tonic Ca.. Brentwood, Md. Satisfactory results in .six weeks or money refunded without quibble or question. Adv. free (o provide a free bridge if "u ' u!e. test ngiiinst i::e passage Mcrbm of iNfnyor Bcsler will ask the city council to take action onde.'miin-.' the proposed bill and demanding ~\ promise from the commission thr.: 1579 pounds of lint co:toi- on a club acre in 19^a. Elstner Beall. 20, of Wilson, tr.rc times state winner In cataa :.n. twice state winner in corn contest?, ; and holder of the mid-south corn | production championship title, lo.-;'. -— --- ..... — — Little Hivcr | the slate cotton ccmeiit fo'- 4-i' won 2nd place in the same contest, | club members this year to h's si=- pvodiicmg 1 12 bushels to the acre. tre. Blanche, by n .r.nrgi.i of K, M. W. H. Collins ol Wilson. v;in money value on the croo He wo-" ner of second place in the 5-ocre fourth place in the count v bans- state cotton production cornea, ers 1 and in the Crump confers W produced 5872 pounds of lint on n | yield in 11)20 wo 5 1577 r-^nrt- of five acre block. , , int va , ued a , S3M37 fo ; ," 4-H Lotton Club Members I seed a5 ;-! 5 ' lne ' nberort!lL 1 Dorol ">' Bowers, 12, of Perry club, winner of first club, won first place for t 1 - Chin- pme of SICK) awarded by the Crump '• asawha district in coltoirproduc- Ccttoi, company in the states of • lion contest sponsored Iby the c"ll Arkansas and Missouri, and first ' can Nitrate of Soda Eduitton"' prize ol $20 in the county bankers' , Bureau, and was awarded ""n « H contest on his record of 1575 iMiinds -------- - - ""^"i-a a O BI.I cf lint cotton on his club ncrc. the lint nnd seed valued at £307.52. Irene Rcdburn. 12. Wos; Rirlje. winner of second place and prlw of $50 in the Crump contest and winner of third prize of S10 in inc county bankers' contest, on a rcc- j ord of 1576 pounds of lint on her : club acre. valuM at S303.9G for bin i and seed. Irene holds ihe bes'. ro:- • ord ever made in the United S'.alci by a first year club meaibsr. Blanche Beall. 18, Wilson, winner of first place in the state cotton production contest for clul" 1 members, sponsored by the Chilean Nitrate of Soda Educational Bureau, and prize ol a ga'.d watch and an educational trip which she will take next week to Jackson. Miss., New Orleans. Tampa. Ha . and other places. Blanche is alsg winner of second place in Ihc cour.- ty and 3rd place in the Crump contest, receiving cash nwards o'r watch, and 5th place with a prizi of S10 In the Crump cou'.csc. Her ; yield was 1318 pounds of lint tha: carried a money value of 5243 M for i lint and seed. mem requirements. The bridge wouid have to bs constructed with a swing span as tne SI. Frnncis is held to be a navigable river a.; far north as SI. Fiancis villa;: Retain %ur How frequently a woman Hunks, "An ^5^_ I still attractive?" ITo^ much tfiougin anil study slit demies to her looks I That's natural. A worn- in hales to think s!:e is growing fay by clay (ess charming ami attractive. UR P I E R C E'S FA VORITE Tinx- , , PRC SCRIP- HUM helps to preserve in a woman (Jie ctertn ami health of yontit. It contains no harmful ingrcdk-nt. This s-,]lcii- ;lin herbal tonic is sold by all druci'isl- i" Iwlh fluid and tablets. Write to Dr. Picrce's Invalids Hotel. Buffalo. N. Y., if you rfcsirc frte u:«li' |:sl advice. Frr lOc Dr. Pierce will icml YOU a trial i)3cta« of lablcli. , $15 and $25 respectively. She pro- H FOflT FOR 25C! Tiny Wafer, Thin As Pantr. Stick It On—Shoes Don't Hurt. OUT COJIKJTcALLOUS KBSUT,TS_CUARANTKEn The newest in callous removers Is a thin as paper wafer you press on the spot with fingers and It sticks there. No dangerous razor, burning acid or doughnut pads to odd pressure when shoes go on Pain stops immediately. sn p on ' shoes. 'O-Joy Calloii.? Wafers never fail. Later yen peel off wafer and i out comes enllcus down [ 0 the j healthy skin. 3 O-Joy Callous or! Jtunlon Wafers for a quarter at' druggists. Adv.-2 ! Always Dependable and guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction down to the last spoonful in the can. You save in buying and in using KC Baking Powder Same Price for over 38 years ounces lor Pure and Efficient MILLIONS OF POUNDS USED BY OUU GOVERNMENT You Work For Your Money-Why Not Make Your Money Work For You Eight Per Cent Per Annum Paid By Preferred Stock of ...Gately Chain Stores, Inc... Established Over 26 Years Steadily Increasing Possibilities of Further Profits By Purchase of Common Stock 9 Valuable Booklet "Making Request! Men ami women desiring to build- ti;i flirir finances, irrespective of whether they have $10 or $10,000 to invest, will find in this booklet valuable information. SIGN, CLIP andMAILTHEFOLLOWINGCou- jx>n (o-day and-your copy o( ''Making Money Work and Grow" will go forward to you by return mail. Ln Ei^rcA. lac.. Main St. , Ark. .'•caie i:ml tu m* nidlou n mv wrr. a copy ol To-jr K oncr \\W« and Grow". Gately Chain Stores, Inc« •112 West Main St. Iflytheville, Ark. Warranty The home merchant is directly responsible for the merchandise he sells, the home office of this store is right here. Home Owned Stores I'l-iili- nf IDiimi.s No. 2 dm 2 !• or Tomatoes 3for25c Coffee H find K or Deans I>jund Cwn 35c Coffee 1'caherry •I Pounds Lard pail Bananas Fancy Yellow Fruit I'ound 5c Bird Seed ^ 2Sc Lye Rex or Merry Wax Hie Size 25c Apple Tobacco 20cplugl5c 2 forge Prince [Browns Mule Cleanser Pure Lard s 12c Mackerel H iOe Bacon Each Maple Loaf In Piece I'ound 22c Shoulders Kr«sh I'ork Whole 19k Salt Meat Soap 10 BARS 32c Triangle Store A Home Owned Institution 303 W. Main

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