The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on May 10, 1930 · Page 4
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 4

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 10, 1930
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR Used Cars by the Pound! At Prices Cheaper Than Beefsteak DUY BY THE POUND! A good used car costs you *q less by the pound than dozens of every day necessities. For example, note the following prices of a few commodities and compare them-with the cost of- a good used car: ? >.' • • 35c per lb. and up $38.92 Round Steak Silk Hose .-.. .551.50 per lb. and up Country Ham 40c per lb. and up Crude Rubber 20c per lb. and up Men's Clothing $10.00 per lb. and up Shoes .. $2.00 per lb. and up Average Cost of Cars Listed Below, 8%c Per Pound Oldsmobile Coach, 1925 model, 2440 *| OA lbs., at 5V 2 c per lb. ...... ^. tJlJ't.fcU Ford Coupe, 1924 model, 1730 lbs., at 2 x /4c per lb. Ford Fordor, 1924 model, 1915 lbs., 01 AC 99 at 5V 2 c per lb. .... *IV«I.«J£ Chevrolet Coupe; 1927 model, 2035 tf| OO 0>9 lbs., at 914c per lb. .wlOO.£iO Ford Pickup, 1925 model, 1490 lbs., *f| QC •at 234c per lb. .........»:}.'...,...,\. Whippet Sedan, 1928 model, 2210 lbs., tOOA AC at 14y 2 c per lb .']..., ..., f«WJ.«W Ford Model A Coupe, 22201bs., • fc007 AC at 14%c per lb vOUi .IJ Ford Model A Tudor, 2336 lbs., CQ7^ 7ft at 16c per lb. . . ..... | * • v Tipton Main Motor Co. I .J CIZIX'H SUICIDES AltE MANY. West Point. X. V.. May 10..— Christian Keener Caglc, tlie redheaded youth from Louisiana whoso name lias become a synonym fur gridiron greatness, has df'i idL -d not to cany a sword -in l.'iicli; Sara's puact; time army aft- •:r four years of preparation at tlie I'nited, Stales military academy. I'agle, who rounded out four years of the most brilliant, ball carrying in army football history captain of llio cadet eleven last fall.. " announced formally ycsierday that be will resign from the service after graduation -—June l'i. —to coach at Mississippi A. and M. college and accept a business offer as well. Minister Tells Chamber 8 of 1, OOO Soldiers Kill Themselves. MARGARET BARROW DIBS. Former Windfall Resident Died Saturday Morning at Richmond. Mrs. Margaret Barrow, widow of the late Rev. Jacob Barrow of Windfall, died Saturday morning at 2:00 o'clock at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Charles Trimble' in Richmond. Death was due to heart complications and other 1 ailments from which she had been suffering for several weeks. Funeral services will be . held Tuesday afternoon at 1:30 o'clock in the Windfall Baptist church and burial will be in Brookside cemetery. Airs. Barrow, - who was one of MM Glass Tube Smashed in Berlin Court to End This "HOCUS-POCUB." MAN IS DENOUNCED the pioneers of Windfall years of. age and until the death of Rev. Barrow 18 years was 85 ago had made her-home-in Windfall. Following his death "she lived in Richmond with the daughter and family. Rev. Barrow was a pioneer minister of the Baptist church and at the time of his death, was honorary pastor of the Windfall Baptist church, having given years of service to the church. Mrs. Barrow was twice married her first' husband being a Mr. Henry. Two children by this marriage survive, George Himry of Windfall and Mrs._ Daisy Zeek of -Richmond. To her marriage to Rev. Barrow, one daughter, Mrs. Trimble of Richmond surVivVes, and one granddaughter, Miss Julia Trimble of Richmond. She is also survived by three stepdaughters, Mrs. Zana Cole and Mrs. Tom Sellers of Kokomo and Mrs. Dora Mitchell of Indianapolis. •Mrs. Barrow also leave s a number of relatives in Windfall and Vicinity. The Barrow * family was formerly one of the wel|l known and highly esteemed families in Windfall and the community and there are many people j in the community who remember Mrs. Barrow and her kindly (christian life. Berlin, May 10.—The exciting atmosphere which; filled a Berlin court room came to sua explosion this'week when: Professor v Paul Lazarus, Beflin cancer Specialist, smashed the "magic wand"— a plain glass tube—of Valentin Zei- leis of Galspifch, Austria, on the judge's Bench. "I broke the magic wand to put an end to hokus-pokus," said Professor Lazarus. "I ant fighting for truth an dhumanity." Professor Lazarus is being sued by Zeileist for spreading allegedly false reports about the latter's method of "curing" patients with electric currents. Zei- leis, who comes from Wachen- eith, Franconia, runs a large- and important institute at Galspach, where he treats, patients with electricity and uses for diagnosis glass tube containing a small quantity of radium. ' The institute, which has existed a number of years, came to wide notice at the beginning of the year,*- when the number of its patients increased so rapidly, utabering several thousand, that they were unable to find accommodations at Galspach, whereupon the authorities there j as lle s t a ,-t e d for work Saturday SPKEDWAY RACE. Thrilling Action Will Itc This Ycaiv Seen Dies on Gallows. jPrague, May 10. —. Eight soldiers out of every 1,000 in the Chechoslovakian'~ army commit sujieide, according to a statement byi the minister of national defense. M. Wiskovski. This average is maintained year by. year, he) said, in addressing parliament, •ause of the peculiar Czech inperanient which inclines toward suicide. . _ American insurance statistics, minister added, also show that Czechoslovakia)! immigrants lidve a higher suicide rate than ot her races. Love affairs, famil? res and fear of punishment rank in the order named as the piincipal motives. lib Moundsville. W. Va.. May 10. : -Walter Crabtree. age 35, of j Kiraincy, W. Va.. slayer of threej Vnclaimed Letters. The following letters remain -men at Uomney last Peeember IS | unclaimed at the Tipton ppstof and i -onvieled of murdering one j lij:c of "ilfem. 'died last-night on thc-j •-•allows "at West Virginia peniten-: tiary. I Art Metal files and office furniture. Tribune Press. I Mrs. Helen Walser. Mrs. Emiua Tliarp. Mrs: Clara. Dorn. C. L. GRB3BAW, P. M. Tribune classified ads pay. Tipton, tad. w 1g** 14 25c—Adm faster insisting nd me- 11 most Indianapolis, Ind., May 10.— Thrilling action—changing drivt ers and increased pit stops-rr-will bolster interest! . in • the! International 500-mile race at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway this year. With larger, heavier, cars the vogue and rules that two men—a pilot ;i chanic—compos© the fleam -of each car, racing wiseacres declare pit action will be more than doa bled-in the May 30 evetjt. "The winning car w: certainly have undergone . the driving of two pilots before it is taken to the garage ' alter race," in the opinion 01 Charlie Merz, retired star of this famous Stutz team of Aitken, Wflcox and Merz. "There will be more relief drivers in the May race than there have been for ma :iy, years," continues Mers present day crop of drivers are used to the light single seaters, weighing only 1,400 pou idB.'^Vncy could whirl them around the corners with one hand in 1 many stances. J"This year,. the _ weight is 1,750 pounds will be only two or three cars carrying the necessary driver and mechanic, weighing in minimum cars will weigh up pounds. This is heavier) at the The majority of the to 2,745 than the many "The minimum but there it cars we were driving in my-racing days in 1915. We were tool ing cars weighing about 2,500 pounds >n those days At the Diana: • Picking 'up a voice coming through a dictaphone]*- and re cording It in motion picture film one of the strangest tricks ever tried In talking picturejs, was ac complished for the first time during; the making of "The Girl Said No," William Haines' new picture at the Diana Sunday ana Monday, t The acene show* Leila.HyamB, ai - secretary, announcing;.Haines fn an 'office dictaphone | to Wilbur Mack, /and hla ~> O1CB , coming •tbroath the loud ipeaker to ad frit' tie ttattor. • J ^'iA re«nl4r offlce dictaphone wag let .up'on a aoui;4 tU*^ and used; «b- the mtc'rophoncji ; -fof > the REFUSED TO Howard Thomas Bedroom to Intruding FeUne. Howar4 Thomas of the Young Furniture Company, man, as any of his know, but when he during tlie night by an unearthly screech from beneath his bed he uses caution. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas sleeping peacefully in an upper floor bedroom .at their home on West Washington street,.' when both sat upright in bed when the long wailing screech' was heard. Cautioning his wife to get out of the room, Mr. Thomas grabbed one of his shoes, turned on Ute light and looked under the bed. 'I J He saw a big black cat with hair BOAT. Surrendered is a brave friends well lis awakened standing on end and giving every appearance of wanting battle. "Get out of iherej" yelled the now half-frightened man and aimed the shoe at the intruder. The cat ran from under the bed and hid under the dressing table, letting out another ear splitting yell. Securing the shoe and grabbing the other one for further protection, Thomas chased the cat about the room endeavoring to] make it jump out ofj the window. Twice the animal leaped o n the; window sill looked out into the night and then jumped back in the room and the chase would be resumed. In the meantime Thomas, who prefers the long flowing nightie to: pajamas,' had aojout torn the garment off, had broken a picture glass and overturned several chairs and seeing ing no headway, shouted to wife the door and chased the cat downstairs and out of the front door. By this time practically entire neighborhood and several of the neighbors were he was makni: he looking askance at Mr. Thomas urged the construction of new hotels, highways and transportation means. » Legitimate physicians sent Professor Lazarus to Galspach to investigate the institute's methods, but Zeileis refused to receive him. Professor Lazarus then visited the Munich-Zeileis Institute, where regular physicians were applying the same methods. Speaking later before a medi- ;il society in Berlin, Professor Lazarus denounced 2eileis as .a quack and declared he had studied his methods at Galspach audi Munich. Before the court the professor admitted ho had not entered the rooms where patients arc treated, but he said what he saw in the streets -and waiting rooms, where hundreds awaited their turn, convinced him of Zeileis' quackery. Professor Laza.rus was told that the former Austrian Emperor, Franz Joseph, and former! Kaiser Wilhelm were among Zei­ leis' patients. He replied that he had seen patients vho had come to Galspach for eight years and had received more than 1,000 treatments each without result. He also said he had discovered a number of cases where Zeileis' treatment had made timely medical help impossible morning, wondering kind of a family ri>w started during the more anxious ones Thomas early and she was feeling. REALTV ACTIVITY. Summary of Recorded Instruments Affecting Title. An examination of the records the was aroused just what he had night. The phoned Mrs., nquired how Mrs. Merlin der, show no INFORMATION Mrs. E. WANTED. in the office of Maish, county recoij i important deals in real estate for the week ending Saturday, May 10, although several pieces of property changed hands. ' ; Clem Henry as guardian} has conveyed to Thomas part of lot 5 in block town of Sharpsville oration of $80. Ollie M. Hughes to Condova Juday- Madison township New Lancaster, for tion of J2.500. Condova Juday iias to Samuel D. Juday, 9 acres in the same community for a consid eration of $900. Sarah A. 'Thatchor has couveyr ed to Albert U. Thatcher, 10 acres north of Groomsville for a consideration of $1. Thomas Harvey conveyed to Lloyd lots 1 and 2 in block 1 in Park View addition for a consideration O. Phifer, 4, tii the for a consid has conveyed 25 acres in southwest of a considera? j conveyed Mitchell has [Fuller, part of Ai FRONTIER; TOWN. IAVKS. Pawnee Bill" Restores Indian Village Near Pawnee. % Pawnee,! Ok .,j May 10.—Maj. Gordon W. Lillie, known •. as "Pawnee Bill" throughout' Agier- Ica and many foreign lands, has iterally been packing them in .at his newly opened pioneer town, the same as he did when his Wild- West shows toured the world a few years ago. Recently; approximately 20,000. porsons were visitors at. the Void '.own,' which Major Lillie Jias ibuilt on his .spacious estate of 1,000 acres near Pawnee;. Ok. The 'old town" is an exact replica, of the Indian trading posts of years $one by. Major Lillie is attempt-^ : ng to depict for 'the present and future generations what the frontier towns were.' ' Situated in a beautiful natural setting, a; more suitable location for the "old town" could not be asked. All buildings- are of rustic imber native to Oklahoma, and the scene is replete with the ancient stage coaches, Indian, te-. pees. Pawnee tribal sod houses \nd rustic tourist cabins, which have all the conveniences of the modern home, electric ; ligfits, running water and large fireplaces. . _v The "old town is built around the trading post proper. In this' building are found thousauds of objects of interest, potterk blankets, rugs, .capes, shawls, jbeaBed bags, belts, moccasins, [_ woven' ')askets; rustic chairs, mijtiiature .epees,. tomahawks, peace pipes, ')o\vs and arrows and innumer- ible pieces of jewelry made from' ')eaten brass, silver and gold, all jf jWliich are the handiwork of- he various Indian tribes of the Southwestern Onited States. A-n object of more than passing nterest is the long burnished bar vhich extends the entire length if the east wall of the... tradiifK. lost. Over this bar in the (ihaotic lays.of '89, hundreds of thirsty 5ooners and many of Oklahoma's •lotorious bad men were ' served -vhiskies by the famous Long Tom. Could this old bar talk- it vould surely impart some very 'nteresting and probably bloodcurdling ; tales of Oklahoma's ?arly history. The ranch of Pawiiee Bill is -.trategically located on U. • S. highway 64 and is proving to be i mecca for tourists aiid vAca- ionists! There is an abundance of wild life on the ranch, deer, but; falo, elk and pheasants. Major Lillie"s buffalo herd is me of the largest and finest in the world and hundreds of. Easterners visit the ranch to observe this feature alone. " ZL'KOR FETED. • . literacy .in Riccse." said Mr. Zu. — — -kor, "since everybody must by Hungarian Village Honors 'Most j thi ? tinle have seut a Petition to THIS INTERESTED US— MAYBE IT WILL YOU, TOO Budapest, May 10.—Not even he Paramount film organization, f which he is the head, could ave improved on t'e royal welcome given to Adolf Zukor on his eturn to his native- village of Riccse this week. His automo- ile passed through a triumphal arch erected by the inhabitants to honor the man who is not only Iticcse's most famous citizen, but its most generous benefaetor. A rain, of flowers fell on Mc. and Mrs. Zukor as they left their ear, which had been escorted by! mounted peasants to the one-story! effc(:ted by capture, cottage where they once lived. ,.' I could not always do The mayor praised "the great- . est citizen of our village." •and; armcd trieiul to hu, P llinl - A,,a mentioned yiat, largely as a re-| u lsthis Wend of the olden days suit of. Mr. Zukor's interest in its; w, '° « as now become th '~ ,K>st n,an development, Riccse is to. become j 1,1 tUe ' it " dorn wedding ,-eremony. the district headquarters. -j The festivities in honor of Mr.; ^Zukor's return centered in thej ynagog-.ue. but a deputation ofi All the members of the force Protestant inhabitants thanked of the Prudential Insurance him for paying for the repairs to Company, were at Anderson Fri- tlieir church, and when he visited day afternoon attending a district the school which he built andi workers conference. maintains, the school children | . •— hzed with admiration on their' Complete line of De LUX6 benefactor. 'There is obviously AXIJ PLANTING <-ORX. Farmers Are Taking Advantage ' of Splendid Weather.'- E. Albright, of Canada,] of $1. C. W.- Ramsay, Needs Birth Record. -_ • ' • . I. Dr. W. B. Huron, county health officer is in receipt of a letter from Mrs. E. E. Albright, of Walkerville, Ontario, asjkihg, for some data in regard to her birth, which occurred in Tipton | in 1867. Mrs. j Albright, before her marriage was Miss Myrtle Budd, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. A. budd. She was in hopes that Dr. Huron could send her a record of her birth. As no registration was made in the county until years ater. Dr. Huron .has no information to give her unless some older resident of the cityj or.county can nake an affidavit. | Mrs. Albright writes that Dr. A. J. Barker was the attending physician and - that heij family moved from Tipton a year or no alter her birth. ~ Dr. Huron would appreciate any information that may be givan Mrs. Albright him to forward to Mr. and Mrs. Ted MoKinney of Windfall^were', Tipton vlslto^f] Saturday on their way borne front Sheridan where they had been visiting tor r heKp*rt weeki with commissioner has-sold to Noel Todd 7% acres south ot Windfall |for a consideration of $382.50. O. W. Ramsay has conveyed to George L. Todd, 40^ acres one mile north and one mile west of Curtisville for a consideration of $3,620. I During the week 8 mortgages were placed against real estate of tbe county they amounting lo $13,245 and 7- amounting to $8, 057 were released: Nine chattel mortgages were placed against personal property la the county during the week, they amounting to $2,435:97 and none were released . One- mechanlc'sj Hen of! $36.75 was filed during the week and none were released. ! ,|.. .<»<!. ..:..[ A Mrs. Dessle'BaT.r, who hadjthe misfortune toifall) and: break t her right' hip Frldayi mori^lflf, was: brought" toj; .thenojlca; of!Ioo|j physician Satordayjinornlnc for, k$ |f..r»y ex»minatU>iii of the, Injjujyj B alh fAri4 !»t#irj ; f ill w •r—• Deputy County Treasurer Wat ter L, Cook, came in. from New Lancaster early Saturday- morning and reported that on every hand farmers were in the fields planting corn. •Hundreds of acres of. corn is already planted in the- county and this jweek will see the bulk or he planting finished. Mr. Cooic stated that as far as lie could see in ali directions men were in the Eields bright and early gettin the golden grains into the soiL' Mrs. Bailie Conner of Arider son, who has been visiting wttli her daughter, Mrs. Lohnie'Hyde aiul family on West Adams street during ithe past week has re turned home. . 4 . •• Railroad Watches DESERVE REALLY EXPERT SERVICE Don't ririt yowr watch vyith a "just ordinary" watch maker.. Let ns handle it buy-but *'wf*ir ^inprice. REMEMBER MOTHER On Mother's Day SUITABLE GIFT SUGGESTIONS Purses Hose Hats Lingerie Fancy House Slippers Many More Appropriate Gifts The Boston Store (A Home Owned Store for 74 Years) •'Prominent Citizen. A peasant woman demanded payment for a snapshot M. Zukor had taken of her on a visit home several years ago. "Yott must have made a lot of money out of that picture." she said. What was the origin of tlie custom of having 11 "heist mau" at a wedding? The best man is a relic ot the far away ages when marriage was The man it himself and often he would take a strong- Were at Anderson. no more il- office supplies and accessories. Tribune Press. Last Showing- Tonight - Shows 7:00 to 11:00. Admission: 10c, 25c. IT'S COOL AT THE DIANA KEN MAYNARD in "LUCKY LARKIN" ALSO SERIAL AND TRAVEL TALK TOMORROW AND MONDAY - (Tomorrow.Matinee nt 3:11>) William was- never funnier than in this talking successor to "Navy Blues!" You'll laugh yourself pink at Haines' cave man courtship after <0 with Leila Hjams Polly Moran Marie Dressier Abo That Funny i Pair, Lanri'l land Hardy in a Side Splitt .T. "Jit

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