The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 10, 1940 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 10, 1940
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 10, 1940 BLYT1IEVILLE (ARM) COUR1EB NEWS Cruiser's Designer Crew Is Completed To Make Tn'p Over Antarctic Ice I'.J 1 NICA Service The strangest polar expedition in history will get, underway about Feb. 15 when the Penguin I, Antarctic snow cruiser, lumbers olf /or a date with the South Pole anywhere from a month to mere thnn two months later. The Research Foundation for the . Armour Institute of Technology nl '• Chicago, which developed the giant | traveling laboratory, announced the tentative starting dale after receiving filial wcrd on arrangements by radio from the Byrd' expedition ship, North Star, which t is transporting the cruiser to Little ' America. The North Star, now at New Zealand, will reach Little America about Feb. 1 accompanied by the supply ship, Bear of Oakland,,-- — -..,,„...,„„ ,„,.„„„.•,„ Unless there are unforeseen ou- omnibus. He is shown above with stucles in the uncharted wastes over which the cruiser will travel, it will travel two legs of a triangle from the- Byrd expedition base at Little America to the pole and back to another expedition camp to be set up in Palznerliuid. Some two months or more will be required for each leg of the I rii). CREW SELECTKD FOB I'OLAK Tltlf The cruiser will carry five men, headed by Dr. T. C. Poulter, who designed the machine. Dr. P. A. Wade, of Miami University, will serve as chief scientist. The ethers, according to radios from the North Star, will be Clyde Griffiths, of the navy submarine service, Diesel engine machinist; Sergt. Felix Ferrnmto, marine corps, radio en- elncer; and Technical Sergl. Theodore A. Petras. of the marine corps who will operate the aujdlimy in plane carried by the cruiser. Theirs will be no dash of geographic discovery. The pcle is already known. It will be a slow march aimed at discovering all that can be learned of the nature of the land fcclow and the sky above the cruiser's gigantic rubber- tired wheels. Meteorological observations will lie taken with a view to finding out more about South Pacific weather. Seismographic data- will be accumulated lo discover the origins of, earthquakes in the Southern Hemisphere. Rocks and minerals'will be collected .and analyzed to find "out whether valuable ores in commercial quantities are present. SHIP TO OPEN SECOND BASK In the mean time, Ihe North Star will have relurned frcm Little America (o Valparaiso, Chile, to pick up more supplies, and returned to the Antarctic lo establish the second base. The exact site has not been chosen, but will be established according to conditions found. The snow cruiser, crossing the pole, will then wcvk toward this new base. Parties proceeding inland from the base will probably meet the cruiser, and when this junction is made, the first man to "come out," Dr. Poulter, will fly back and return to America. All along the slow course of the snow cruiser toward; the pole, complete .surveys will be made for a distance of fioo miles on either side of the course by the cruiser's Scarlett Goes Rug- Cutting PAGE Dr. T. C. Poiiltcr, designer of the Antarctic snow cruiser, will l>c one of four expedition members lo journey (o tlio pole in tire ice plane The cruiser has 5000-mile range, and will be provisioned for a year. Admiral Byrd, in charge of the expedition, boanlerl the North Star for Little America nt Balboa, O. Z., i'ut will not accompany Ihe snow cruiser on its trip. Washington More Concerned Now With Good Business That How HV imUCH OATTON WASHINGTON, Jan. B.-Evciy- body wants lo know how business is going lo be In 1010. Of course nobody knows for sure. Hut for once, economists both inside and outside the Rovom- Jiient are almost milled on Hits: j the rite In business which inmketl 'the last miaiter of 1M9 Is not likely to collapse In 1037 style, but hold Us ground generallv through Ifl-IO. Time ur< reasons for this, Ncvrn 1 before have so many diverse nlc- nients focused every' llmuuht oml 'lloil on making u solid business ndvuncc. Put the rulmlnistration's ui'Sircs on the lowest level and fny thn! it wmils better business MI (I cim he re-eieclcd. liul it still wi'.nls i'—and hmlly. i u imo recovery is pirlly .SIDE |o gel ilio! mil over reform. j Let's sort out n few straws, and tee hor i!'e wind blows: TKY PISOSl'CUTIOXS TO (iltKAK MM Here is .V.fiMcuit Attorney Cic i- eral Thurmiin Arnold predictlns i\ tlock of indictments within six months in (he building trades. No such p:>'.n!<'iil risk O f ollendliV-; br.lh iii;,i;-iml inijov nnd orgnn- bmin'-.vs is deliberate dc more iiui.urtani. 1 0 break the ._.., stagnant Jam in the building industry. Here is Secretary Moi'ecnltmi j demanding economy nnd n reduced 1 •icguliir budget, mmicmber (hat even ir the reuular budget is 1 graitly reduced, thus "iippca; ing" business which lias been demuvd- ins it. military spending will proa- ably overbalance it, though creating little opposition. Point K, the cllect on business is much the same—the money circulates, wne- ther released through the regulator the military stopcock. Here are administration olficlnls from the President down actually Southern jitterbug 'Tick Your CoUim- In ,, M , "SearltrbHlc" dunce m-nllnn. Ky Nl!A Srrvko "Lot's make believe you're Snirlctl, pet Am! I'll prelend thn I I am lihclt; Then we can do the' Scarle,- rlultc." '?•* is taken except IJV Swl »8 decision li,,,i n, [5 C vcii; J 10 " 1 '" 1 '" come.s lo .\IUerbims Scnrlclt rustle Utclr les and slum cAit iv bi'C<v.y dunce creation inspired by a ccr- Kassclt News Route of the enow cruiser and Its supply ship. lulu wlntly novel mid named the "Scarlerhettc." Stricken ivilh n lerrlile cose, of "Scarlett" lever when they convened In Allanln, Gcurolu dnMlruj teachers burst out In n rush ,md iK'Riin "Onliiu lo Tarn," "I'lcklif your cotton," wooing "Amil Pll- tj'linl." The combination of these steps they called Ihe "Hcarlo- rheUo," thereby showing impar- llullty to tlie Vnmoiis hero nnd heroine. Calling (heir dunce blxecr than Hie "Hlg Apple," iho sbnif musters Kiiy ll's ensjr (o Irani bs- HIIIKC of Its simple, swingy rhythm Haslc principle, lifted from outline southern dnnccs, Is thai on every fourth count one foot Is liippcil at the buck of the other In ii curtsey. Housewives Get Tins cea wns "rest more, eat. live siniill LOS ANGKLES (Ul>)-Dv. D. E.'im-nls a day Instead of three big J»ii«i-!l«<Kl Kites Salil _ Ucnimm, addicting the American oTi'es, pile up ycur dishes for the Miss Evelyn )(oori rind Raymond 1'rcs.slvc Chlrrpriicllc Assocltillon cutlro day nnd Ihcn do limn »t Jones were married during the Here, bluntly lold housewives how .one illaliwnslilnij s"s Ion" lUJMUnYS. In rln Mm I >• ,i >,.,•!. tr i i. _ ._. ' •.•^i.ui.i. E x P e d H i o ii members wlro journey across the Antarctic on fool io meet the snow cruiser will sleep in trail tents like this Mr. and Mrs. Barney Smith returned (o Keiser Thursday alter having visited several days with Mrs. Dora Brewer of Collier wood, Tcnn. Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Donehue's guests, Mr. and Mrs. Leon Growe of Leaking, Mo., have returned to their home. Pat Woodard, Mrs. Jessie Stubble and children, Mrs. neben Grce- cy and daughter have returned from St. Louis where they were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. 'Russell Orolkeie. Mrs. W. W. Hall is the guest of her daughter, Mis. Etl Wiseman, of Osceoln. The Rev. and Mrs. J. W. Watscrn visited in West week. They Memphis this gue.sls of the Reiser News Son Born. A son was bom to Mr. and Mrs. W. E, Bruce Friday morning. The baby, who weighed nine and one- half pounds, has been named William Edwin Bruce for his father, Son linrn. A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Willis Glover Wednesday. The fcaby n-cighed eight pounds, lias not yet been named. Enr.i Adams visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Adams at Macon. Miss., for several 'days this week. Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Wall, Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Childs, Miss Rutii Chillis and C. H. Haincs were amen? the Keiser people who attended the Sugar Bowl game at New Orleans New Year's day. Mrs. C. E. Slnnnard, Mrs. G. C. Frazicr and Mrs. F. C. Toouaey. o! Memphis, were the gurxls this week of Mr. and Mr.s. W, E. Bruce- • Mr. and Mrs. Billy Sands and! Rev. Mr. Watson's father, the Rev. Sam Watson. Miss Patsy Jane Robinson lias returned' home from Little Rock where she has teen the siwst of her sister. Mrs. Charles Wickard R II. Robinson Sr. and R. B. Jones attended the Sugar Bowl game in Mew Orleans on New Year's clay, Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Thompson Jr. and son spenl the weekend with Mr. and Mrs. I. G. Drucc and family. Sirs. John Storall is ill fit her home. Mrs. T. M. King visited Mr. KinE in Memphis Wednesday. He is at the Marine hospital. Mrs. Jessie Rogers and children, of Newport, visited i\!r. and Mrs. C. It. Ford and Airs. Myrtle McDonald and family. Miss Jiiunita Lowe, who has been visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Lowe, lias returned io Memphis where she attends school. Miss Mary Nell Dial has returned to West Memphis after having spent the holidays with her parents, Mr. and Mio. C. M. Dial. Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Little, of Osceola, spent the New year's Day with Mr and Mrs, W. M. Taylor. Twins Horn Twin so:« were born to Mr. "ml Mrs. Klvis Ueclniell nt Ihelr home Dec. '27. They have been named Horace Glenn'mul Morris Lynn, The Bcoknells have two other . „ children, both girls. trying to stop the "gentle ratn of I « , . checks" to farmers. The Ihouijlii,' Mrs. Woodrov Munich and in- is to make an economy showins fant daughter have been removed nnd encourage coy capital to Irom « Memphis hospital to her come out. come out, wherever it is,; new home in DnsicU. 1'LAN KNCOUUACKMKNT ' Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Eciun'll's 'IO PRIVATE CAPITA t, :' fiunlly has returned to Us home In Private investment has not, vet Parma. Mo., after xpcndln." the J.iown a single sign of life. Sinne holidays with relatives More." •iicowfifjenmit is nt lost buiug firs. Flom Aleximder has re-, recognised as necessary. n;racb turned to her home utter' linrtergo-" :he stand-pat on social security, Ing treatment, in a. Memphis hostile dowii-lioliling on sociallaod pilal. medicine plans, the ImpeiKijiB 1 Nr-ll Robblus Is nlilc to Ire out Here Is a Treasury officially jc- late when a Roman candle cx- ciucsting the U. S. Chamucr cf ploded. Commerce lo propose changes In' Mrs. will Ayres Is reported im- Ihe tax structure, and here Is the proving from ,an ear infection. chamber proposing changes not so much aimed at mincing Ihci Canada nnd Soviet Russia arc amount of the tax burden as ni-l 'he two leading competitors of (he ranging- (he Inn-den so that It! United States In the fur-trapphit; Scout News Boys Girls I'alrnl ffas Tea Members of the Ri-cl Fox patrol of Troop Two tf tl-.c Girl Scouts were entertained at an informal tea at the home of Mary Frances Nunn Tuesday afternoon. In the games which were played, Miss Helen Louis Shaver, lender of the group, received the piize. Tea and sandwiches were served the guests. Read Ccurier News «;mt ods [•'or Prompt Laundry and Cleaning Service LOW INTEREST RATES EASY PAYMENTS-LONG TERMS Fastest closing service (if any mortgage loan company doing business in Uiis slate. Life Insurance Fire Insurance Investment Securities Osceola, Ark. their work, If they wnnt, ,„ avoid ills Hint result puic'ly from the imture of their work nnd Ihelr wrong way of doing l(, ills |)Hnn - WAR^UPYOUR LIVER BILE- Without Ctldnul-Aml Vou'li Jump Oul ol llcil in llin Moininji Ittrin' In Cu The liver ihnnl.I jimir mil Isvo [ilnlg of ll'llilll IJlli; Inlf) yuilr l«?n-i')s dnUy. If [du IJIc !.i ncil llowlnii frti-ly, j-,,vir t.ioil nmy i iiolcllKMt. ItinnyJiiBl.ilfniylii'Dic l«mx-l«. Cnn Multt.i nil ynur htolnactk. Y»n y^ coiull- pnltd. Vnn fuul Bour, runk Mid tbu \vurli) l<M)k.l ]Hlll!{. ['. l '"r 1 '" l '' 0!0 """''' cl ' 1 t'"'' 1 '''" Ullk lr> lilnhi; you Jccl ''U]> mul More than 17,000 miles of highways of all kinds were completed J S u 11 " 3 U)tal ' ex «edetl that of 1938 by 1800 mites. •'..'-••. WHAT CAUSES EPILEPSY? IS THERE A CURE? ?.«" W 'f COtlUI " ln « ">• •plNlOM-if «>noui doeton on tht, Int.mll,,, ,„(,'. |«1 «lll b« „„! FRBij, wtlMe ,,,,* ™*. ft *,".'' "* d ' r ""'Unir '» »>e K<tuf.ilon. J)l,W. n 5,5 FlrihA««,l « " TimtolTe' STANDARD TIRES •OTHER SIZES • PROPORTIONATELY tOW AT TODAY'S LOW PRICES! As Cftc Per \Veek Low As On Our BUDGET PLAN PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. We Will Buy Your 1938-39 , changes in membership of the Nn- tional Laboi- nclalions Bo.ird. after having received trenlment In Memphis for burns received on her chafes business' shoulders a HUle less. And some of the suggestions fire looked on with a good deal of favor by high Treasury officials. In short, here you have "business appeasement" iu prospect fur 19-iO, though you don't hear Ihe phrase much these rtnys. All cf which looks hopeful of JD-IO prosperity. industry. PRESCRIPTIONS— Safe - - Accurate Your Prescription Druggist Fowler Drug Co. Main ,t First I'lionc ill By the thousands from all over the < country dcliglilcd Stmlcbakcr Champion oiracrs say tlicj- novcr dreamed f any cor could be so saving. And this Champion leads in restful riding, safety and low upkeep cost, too. Sec U—drive it—become a proud Stucic- bakcr Champion owner for a lov/ down payment and easy C.I.T. terms. A. R. WETEHKAMP & CO. 204 W. Ash SI., Hlythevillc'' 1 ' " J. F. Livingston Motor Sales E. Main pi 101 , 0 10 78 -Ik —•'—*?... C3 . jfve'r 1'ltln hv nb}MTii)yrvtuwtittytitlns vita. New 1940 ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL PHILCO \\Vro cclchrnliiig 10 slrniilii ycnra of I'lillco Icnclcrship with amazing Aiinivorsnry Siieclnlsl Nciv new invrallmis, sinicr-iierformanco .. . n( ncio loio jiriccsl Coma m , . . BCD nil the big-vniuc models. ONLYPHBLCO gives you ALL 3 "PLUG JN AND PlAY" CONVENIENCE.Nonoriai or ground wires., .no installation 1 9 NEW PURITY OFTONE. * Greater freedom frorr power liilo UO'IKCS nnd mtm-mride stnlicl 3 SUPER-POWER. Even * gtits/iirrign rucciJlioii vithout an on 1 si (Jo ncrinlf PHIIC0185XX Yon gel ALL 3 with the Philco Uuilt-in Super Aerial SYSTEM. BUILT TO RECaVJ THEVI5ION 50UNO , . . iho Whclca Wayl PHILCO MOV

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