The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on May 9, 1930 · Page 8
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 8

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, May 9, 1930
Page 8
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BADE EIGHT STATE PRIMARY ID TJVVOH DAU.T *MBUNB 1 Friday, May •, 1 Two Doubtful Races in Pis trict Seem to Have BeqiL Won by Them. HALL BEATS REPRESENTS THIS DISTRICT M. A. Steckcl Attending Tele, grapber's Convention. Indianapolis, May 9.—Reports of* complete official tabulations •were awaited last' night to definitely determine winners of !two primary contests for congress, in Indiana—the Republican in the Seventh and the Democratic in the Twelfth—wliere wets and drys are engaged in close struggles. ! . The last unofficial count injthe Seventh district, when 302 ofltlie 331 precincts had been totalled, gave Arch M..Hal], Indianapolis, dry, a lead of onfi votes over lira SI: Holmes, also of Indianapolis, for Republican nomination. Louis Ludlow, Democratic .incumbent from the Seventh district, meanwhile had nothing to think of bat the November election, having easily won his primary-contest. The complete, unofficial count in the Twelfth district was unchanged from what it was last night, when James I. Farley. Au-' burn, took a 4 2-vote lead over i Thomas P. Riddle of Ray. for the; Democratic congressional nomi- I nation. Farley is a dry and Riddle a wet. Charges of fraud in the primary in Indianapolis, Prosecutor Judson L. Stark said yesterday, •would be placed before the grand jury for investigation. He said he would present, all tangible evi- , den-ee to the grand jury when it i convenes next Monday. , M. A. Steckel, long time agent for the Nickel Plate railroad at Atlanta, is attending the nation al convention of the Order of Railway Telegraphers at Los An geles,.Cal. .. Mr. Steckel is attending the convention as the representative of the Indianapolis division of the Nickel Plate, he being the delegate appointed by the order. HOLMES! He has been a member of the order for years and One of the best posted men in this line in the. employ of the system. Explosion of Armour & Co. 4 Plant in Missouri Kills Fifteen. SEVERAL ARE INJURED BOYS AND GIRLS AT E IIJ J HI' IJ L" •! LEASES BATMRY STORE. Ralph Zimmerman to Operate With His Business. It - Ralph Zimmerman, who - tor sometime has been conducting an a utbmoblle repair and paint shop on East Jefferson^ street, Jnst east of the city building, has leas- HealtbieSt Boy and Girl Are ed the Losey : Battery Station; formerly 'operated by Fire Chief Killard Losey. The deal was com- Crowned State Champions Thursday. OTHERS WIN PRIZES RBPlrACIS PR ATX AG 15 TITRK._ St. Joseph, Mo., May 9—About fifteen persons, some of them women, were believed to have been killed late yesterday in an explosion that demolished the smokehouse of the Armour & Company packing plant in South St. Jos- I eph. Seven were known, to be dead and nine injured. Six were known to be missing in the wreckage and . officials of the plant-believed seven to nine others were 'trapped and killed. The entire six-story building was wrecked. It appeared as >f the structure had been lifted and then settled down. ' .' j ' . While the cause of the blast I was undetermined, police and fire J<-sso Lagniile Xot GcUiiiR Along! department officials advanced •So \\Y11. I the theory that huge ammonia ' tanks in the building, had ex- Jesse Lagarde, well known'ploded. horse trainer and driver of Prairie! township, who has been in ill- health for the past three months, was reported as not getting along so well Thursdav. Mr. Lagarde had improved the point that he was able to v, Tipton last, week and was- at fair grounds greeting frie Thursday he suffered a relapse and a physician, who was calked, j found is necessary to replace drainage" tube in his side as ilnng is partly filled. No fire followed the explosion. ;o the ads. a one Their Fii-st Child. but choking ammonia fumes spread through the wreckag-3, gassing the trapped victims. A>'force of thirty-five girls was ! employed on the fifth .floor. .Vir-j jliially all of them were believd | to have left the building be.fp're ! it was torn asunder. .. The debris was piled to about the height of the third story. ! Rescue workers t . estimated it I might take two days to extricate i ithe bodies, of those cauglit on the ground floor. • Lafayette, May 9.—Chainpoins in many . congests were crowned last night in closing the third day's program of the twelfth annual 4-H boys' and girls' roundup, being held this Week at Pur-j due University. Indiana's new bpy health champion is-, Frederick. Wingate, nineteen-year-old club boy from Delaware county, while Carolyn Boyle, Jifteen-year-old girl, from Delaware county • and Martha Whitehead, age fifteen, of Vanr derburgh county, tied for first honors in the girl's health contest. Wingate's score was 98.7, while both girls scored 99.3. Winners were announced by Dr. William F. King, Indianapolis, secretary of the state board.of health. Marianna Small of Miami county, was named champion seamstress of the dress revue. Dorothy Test of Henry county; Mary Louise Richardson, Martinsville; Doris Sparks, Huntington, and Frances Reed, Marion county, were awarded first prizes in their different divisions. Greenfield high school won. the corn judging contest from forty- two competitors. Spiceland high school was Second and Huntington third. Randolph Hastings, Martinsville, was high point individual in the corn judging contest with a score of 95.75 out o_f a possible 100. Woodrow Bickel, Shipshe- wanna, was second; Paul Lawson, Bartholomew county, third; Hallem Reece, Spiceland, fourth, and James Mannon, Pendleton, fifth. Girl representatives from Henry county took the bulk of the honors in canning, baking and clothing judging, winning the first'in both baking and clothing. Morgan county girls won the can-j ning judging prize. The poultry judging team from Brazil- high school, tool all honors in the poultry and egg judging contest. pleted : Thursday, and the stock was moved from!: the room just west of the Tipton Chevrolet agency to Mr."Zimmerman's place. The new operator^ expects M supply expert battery service and will specialize in repair and recharging, also having a full line of new batteries for all-cars. U.S. AGAINST ft. G. A! Seeks-Senate Honors on Prohibition Issne Senator CouzensJ Says Gov ernment Will Institute a Suit 1 . ATTACK ON MONOPOLY Washington, May ance that the 1 Justice Department IS E Britten Declares No Treaty Would Have Been Better for This Country. A BILLION IS NEEDED TAKEN" UNDER [ADVISEMENT. Special Judge C. W. Roll Considering Arguments in Purvis Case. Thursday night the home of Mr..^ind Mrs. Russell Hoover residing northeast of Tipton was visited by the stork and they : "wej£3 left a fine little baby daughter weighing 7 pounds. This is McBRIDE TALKS. Head of Anti-Saloon League Before Committee. and the mother and babe are! ing nicely. Mrs. H.oover prior to her marriage was Miss Dolly Parrish daughter of Mrs. Gertrude rish formerly of the Hobbs Com munity, who now resides at Goldsmith. Washington, May 9.—F. Scott _ ^ , , , McBride, superintendent of the the first child born in the home!! Ahti-Salloh League, told the sen- do "!ate lobby committee yesterday that five per cent of the activities of his organization were legislative and that neither he no> the organization had any contact with President Hoover. He added, however, that while the' organization did 1 not make recommendations to' the presir dent for pjohibition appointments, it presented information "You soy that this men is good and that one bad?".asked Chairman Caraway of the committee. 'Yes,": responded McBride. A. A. Bridge Dentist i Tipton, Indiana. If You Need a Security Loan Or Mraey to Pay Taxis We Wit Make Loans Your on pfttP I '~"T -i APOLOCI Special Juage C. W. Roll at Kokomo, has under consideration the motion made, by attorneys for Clurid (Tedam) Purvis, to quash the affidavit charging Purvis with conspiracy to commit a felony. The. State is contending that Purvis who was engaged in the junk business tit Sharpsville, conspired with Floyd Jumper ana James Hickman to steal cbppei wire from'. the Union Traction Company, which was afterwards {purchased by him. The attorneys for Purvis argued that Howard county had no jurisdiction over the. defendant for the reason that the sale of the wire was made in Tipton.county. Should Judge Roll sustain the motion to" quash the Affidavit charging conspiracy, Purvis wilt face charges in the local courts, it is believed, «s Hickman an Jumper both made • confessions that Purvis knew the v wire was stolen when he purchased* It , of {Hem. The (copjer wire, said to hare been^ worth In the neighborhood of $300 was bought by Purvis tor $30, according to the con feaslon of the two men who stole It. Washington, May 9.—Makjing public a $936,995,000 warship construction program which he holds necessary to attain parity with the British under the London naval treaty. Chairman Britten of the House naval committee yesterday said no treaty at all would be better than one which resulted in enormous expeditions .for American ships' ' of British preference. Britten plans to introduce a bill today based upon figures provided him by Secretary Adams. Exhaustive hearings will be held in order to determine," Britten said, "if the • expenditure of I 1,000,000,000 in the next eight] years will properly provide I for J national defense in an emergency." The bill would authorize 73,500 tons of light six-inch gun cruisers at a cost of $123,300,000; 5,500 tons in destroyers, to cost $150,000,000; 42,100 tons in submarines to cost $122,000,000, arid 69,000 tons in aircraft car- iers to cost $95,000,000. "In addition to the $497,800,00 required for new construction as yet unauthorized," Brif- cn said, "there must be expended for naval vessels and, aviation already authorized during the next eight years the sum of $439,195,000, or a grand total of approximately $930,995,000 before we can achieve even a theoretical parity on the seas with Great Britain. Mi Give -yew home. tW fsmialilns* if dtservts end bt PROUD to 4 N.-Q. Owens, chief [dispatcher for the Nickel Elate nllraad'a In- dUnapc4U^iyift<><>> fael *t»BtoraieeV»f^Mck>Ivl!lat» oncl^ia' IWd nin ^ChleaM 1 intern- J9.—Assur- against the of' America would • institute suit! Radio Corporation "within the next sejveral days" was voiced last niglt by Senator: Couzens (Republican chairman of-the.Senate iriterstate commerce committee . Senator Couzens said, however, that' he was not informed whether suits wouldinvoive the corpor : ation's pending unification of its radio holdings with. Westinghouse and General Electric, or whether it would involve action against R. C tion with its own holdings. |A. in connec- radio patent Leaves For. California. Mrs. Lydia Owens, mother of Chief Dispatcher- N. |G. Owens of the Indianapolis division of the Nickel Plate railroad, left Friday morning for San Francisco where she will make a prolonged visit with her daughter, j Mrs. Fred Bravy. Fred Bravy, who is a professor in one of the colleges California, is. a son of B. Bravy, game warden trict for many years erly resided at Anderson. m B. for this dis- They form- Killed In Accident, Mrs. Frank Goings of Atlanta who ?was called to (jlary Monday by a message announcing the death of her son has not yet returned. The son whose name was Cox, being a son' marriage was killed dent, particulars of not received: by a- former in an acci- which were Population Report. San Francisco, May 9 lft30 population of San co was announced census supervisors at increase since 1920 or 22 per cent. The officials pointed out, —I -~— INJURED IN ACCIDENT. Mrs. Lafe Truman, -Formerly of Goldsmith in Hospital. Relatives in Goldsmith have received word from Los Angeles, Cal., that Mrs. Lafe Truman, formerly Mrs. Jerry Aldridge of Goldsmith was in a serious condition In a hospital at that place, following an automobile accident Just how the accident occurred was not stated but the message stated her injuries consisted of internal hurts and a possible fracture of the skull. On account of her age friends and relatives here are much concerned over her condition. Mrs. Truman is the grandmother" of Mrs. Mark Park and MTB. Floyd Smith of Goldsmith. — The Francis- yesterday by 621,762. The Vas 11^5,086, 1930 figure, is unofficial. I BASEBALL RESULTS. 3 American Association.' Louisville, 2; St. Paul, 1. U Toledo, 11; Milwaukee, 9. Columbus, 10; Kansas City, 2. Minneapolis, 6; Indianapolis, 5 American League. ! Boston, 3; Chicago, 1. Washington, 8; Detroit, 5. ; Philadelphia, 7; St. Louis, 3.1 Cleveland at New York, rain. '. . National League.. Chicago, '7; Brooklyn, 4. -Cincinnati, 2; Boston, 1. St. Louis, 6; Philadelphia, 5. New York, 13; PitubUTgh, 10 (10 innings.) :| r Typewriter ribbons for all machines.: TribunePress Another candidate for Senatorial honors on a wet ticket is Mr. Dugal B. Dewar (above), of Portland; Maine. Mr. Dewar is a candidate for the Republican nomination for United States Senator. > Clnternatlo'nml Nnntli; Reports Rvcrything Quiet. State Highway Policeman Dow Chappelle, was in Tipton Thursday and reported everything ' as quiet. The state policeman who is a member of the motorcycle squad, patrolling the. highways,' stated that drivers on Federal Road 31 in this district .were noticeably more -careful since the killing of three persons .within three days; between Kokomo and Arcadia. Mrs. Anna Nutter, sis- tor of Mrs. John Miller .of Tipton and Richard T. Jones of Goldsmith were two of the victims. THE REAL SAVEBS-OF THE NATION —are the mothers- They, better than anyone else, know the importance of saying money NOW so thai provision may be made for the future needs of the, family. As next Sunday will be Mother's Day, we take this opportunity of extending our best wishes to the mothers-of this community. We hope that YOUR day will be one of sunshine and unalloyed happiness. . THE BANS. OP THK PBOPia . ' A Voluntary Member of the Federal Reserve System Only Bank in Tipton Co 'Federal Uader Both New Perfection and Boss Oil Stoves and Ovens Kitchen Kook Gasoline Stoves Favorite and Dangler Gas Ranges Suite & Barrnm HOG PRICES STMAB-Y. Early Sales at Advance: of lGo-r-. Cattle Unchanged. Indianapolis, Ind., May 9.—Rer ceipts on hogs, 6,000; cattle, 300; calves, 700; sheep, 200. Hog 'prices early today at the. local live stock market were jii3t steady, possibly 10c higher, with, general sales at $10.50; heavier kinds soldj. up to S10.35; under­ weights up 1 to $10.25 and sows up to $9.25. Cattle prices were steady, calves were unchanged at $11.00 down, and sheep - and lambs were qu.ot- ably^ steady. \ Welcome Baby Hon i! 1 } Mr. an*- Mrs. - 'Porter Lowery, residing on the farm of Dr. 8. M. Gotton of Goldsmith, - are the proud perenU of»iflne baby apn porn Wednesday nifht. The Uttie one is the flrat-child ta the home and haa been aamad Ruaaell Allen Lowery. '. Mr. iadfMn. Loir; ery are former raaldentp- of Scott contyi '~cfgiMvlBC ^fiwm :.i .-IJj|pn -.:;ti|: the Cotton JMnij-' - v THOR and EASY Chicago, 1 111., May 9.—Receipts on hogs, 14,000; carried 'over, 4,00; prices were 10c higher, with the top $10.40; there -were 1,000 cattle and 15,000 sheep. Local Grain Market. ' > (Hobbs Grain Co.) No. 2 Soft] Wheat ________§ .92 Oats _: !___. .35 New Corn, I No. 4 yellow, per 100 jibs. 1.00 ' Local rroffece Market. ' (Moore & Moore) . Butter — -. :_J_L_____S5c Eggs —. ' 19c Indianapolis Produce Market. Eggs—Indianapolis jobbers offer country shippers' for strictlt fresji stock, delivered at Indiana- polls, loss off, 20c'a dozen. Poultry -j— jobbers -. paying: for fowls, 4%! lbs. up,'19c a pound; Leghorns, 16-17c; broilers, 1% to 2 % : pounds, 2 3-27c; sick, cull -and humpback ' poultry not ' bought; roosters, j7-10c; ducks,- -6-8c; geese, full-feathered, 4c; guineas, young, $6 a dozen; old, $4; squabs, 11 pounds' to ithe dozen, $4.50; old) pigeons, 7-5& dozen. Bu tter—-Jobbers' selling . prices for /creamery butter,, fresh firsts No. 1, 40-41c a pound. Butter Fat — Indianapolis buyers are paying 38c a pound,delivered at Indianapolis, -i emus . • • Well-Meaning Friends TOO OFTEN have an * estate's beneficiaries suffered through the miscarriage of a friend-exe- i cutor's good intentions. ; The trust department has f all of a bank's strength, permanence, experienced judgment and integrity, j Citizens National Baik TIPTON, INDIANA The Only National Bank in Tipton County Wife Saving Service - 1M K. JeCeraon ..; NOTICE. We R*re • Wan lighted Pa* lam Space ta tbm Rear at BAROAn^ttOOSRY RlaialM*'Tlrr tto axplwrtM.of • 1». MMIIM;' Dress Up Your Porch With One of Our New Bow Bak Porch Sets SWINGS — ROCKERS — SETTEES All in Colors. Deltox Rugs for the Floor in Many Beautiful Patterns Vudor Shades Keep the andLettheBreese Sun Out In.

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