Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on August 8, 1963 · Page 6
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 6

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 8, 1963
Page 6
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THE REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VERNON. ILLINOIS THURSDAY, AUGUST 8, 1963 TROOPS RETURN FROM KOREAN STAKEOUT Combat-armed troops of the U.S. 8th Cavalry Regiment walk back to "base beside an armored personnel carrier, Aug. 6, In South Korea after a night of watching for Communist infiltrators. These men were part of a heavy American force that set up three ambush positions In the demilitarized zone In an attempt to stop forays of North Korean troops. Sector was near the area where two Americans were killed in ambush July 29. (AP Wlrephoto) THE DOCTOR SAYS THE DOCTOR SAYS PROPER PRECAUTIONS CURB DRUGS' SIDE EFFECTS BY WAYNE G. ORANDSTADT, M. D. Newspaper Enterprise Assn. The chemical revolution of the mid-1930s has transformed the practice of medicine, and has brought many infections and Illnesses under control. To see raging infections abate within a few hours after giving sulfa drugs was a new experience to us doctors. Since, we have seen the advent of antibiotics, hormonal com' pounds, antituberculosis agents, pills for diabetes, tranquilizers, drugs for high blood pressure and a host of other potent and highly effective agents. Today 's vital uses of such prescription drugs bespeak the successes of expert medical supervision and research in preventing or lessening the undesirable side effects so mat a person who needs a certain drug may enjoy its benefits with safety. Physicians' knowledge of drug reactions and how to prevent them Is a measure of medical process. It is to be expected that as newer, more potent drugs with greater effectiveness against certain diseases or symptoms are discovered, the problem of side effects will increase rather than diminish. A drug that will control cancer or heart disease will surely require the most care- mi administration to prevent such side effects. Each step toward powerful, efficient action In a drug Is a step away from harmlessness. It is to be expected, too, that dramatic accounts of disorders attributable to the taking of certain new drugs will appear and will cause general alarm. The sober analysis of cause and effect relationships is constantly being undertaken by the best minds in medical science and the government licensing agencies. This problem is made more difficult by the fact that many disorders occur spontaneously in a person who just happens to be talcing a certain drug, and by the fact that the patient is often taking other drugs at the same time. Very few drugs are so specific in action as to have no effect other than the one desired Aspirin, for example, reduces fever, deadens pain, lowers the blood sugar level in diabetics and exerts some actions similar to those of cortisone. Some of these effects depend on the size of the dose and how long the drug is taken. Even though this drug has been used for more than 50 years the mechanisms of its various actions are still poorly understood. The secondary actions of a drug are not always undesirable. One of the antihistaminics which re lieves hay fever also causes drowsiness. This would be undesirable for a truck driver during his working hours. Yet, if he were to take tills same drug just before going to bed, it might give him a restful sleep as well as relieve the stuffiness in his head. Avoidance of side effects depends, therefore, on your doc tor's knowledge of the drugs he prescribes for you, on his know- edge of your personal peculiarities and your needs and on faithful adherence to his instructions. Given these ingredients your doctor can now give you relief from many conditions that were beyond such help a few years ago. LEGAL NOTICES NOTICE OP PUBLIC HEARING Notice is hereby given by the Board of Education of School District No. 204, in the Counties of Jefferson and Hamilton, State of Illinois that a tentative budget for said school district for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 1963, will be on file and conveniently available to public inspection at Webber Township High School, Bluford, Illinois, in this school district from and after 8 o'clock a. m. on the 7th day of August 1963. Notice is further hereby given that a public hearing on said budget will be held at 8:00 p.m. on the 9th day of September, 1963 at Webber Township High School in this school district No 204. Dated this 6th day of August 1963. Board of Education of School Dist. 204 Counties of Jefferson and Hamilton State of Illinois. By Glenn A. Catron, Secretary. World News DAHLGREN Attending a family dinner at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Neal Richardson and Darlene Sunday, Aug. 4th in honor of Mrs. Ruth Howard of San Antonio, Texas, a sister of Mr. Richardson, were Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Noffsinger of Evansville, Ind. Mr. and Mrs. Johnie Purcell and three children of Salem, Mr. R. A. Harris of Grayville, Alma Holzhaver, also of Grayville, Mr. and Mrs. Logan C. Richardson of Mt. Vernon, Irvin N. Richardson and Judy Hulvey of Paris, 111., Miss Joyce Hulvey of Champaign, Mr. Larry Howard of San Antonio, Tex., Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Richardson, Mr. and Mrs. Gene Richardson and three children, Mr. and Mrs. Ross Horton, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Karacher and two children, Mrs. Alleta Karcher and children, Linda and Mike all of Belle Rive. Miss Peggy Irwin of Peoria, 111., has returned home after visiting the past week with her grandmother Mrs. Belle Irwin and cousin Darlene Richardson. Bob Loehr who is employed near Chicago spent the weekend with his parents, Mr. and Mrs Dick Loehr. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kennedy and children of Belleville spent last week with his parents, Mr, and Mrs. Orvil Kennedy. Mrs. Lucille Gray accompanied by her nephew, John Sturman of Chicago and Miss Janice Chaney of Belle Rive spent the weekend in St. Louis where they attended the ball game and opera. Martin Shelton and three sons of Albuquerque, N. M. are spending this week here with his par ents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Shelton Mr. and Mrs. Max Mason and son, Mark of Grayville and Mrs Stella Gibbs of Mt. Vernon spent Saturday with Mr. and Mrs. Harry C. Gibbs. Mr. and Mrs. Frank McNair visited Sunday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. Harry Echols and Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Lowery m McLeansboro. Mr. Echols who had been a patient in the Vickers Hospital, was able to return to his home last week. Mrs. Lula Minor of Norris City, 111., spent the weekend in the home of her son and family, Rev. and Mrs. Edward Minor and Billy. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Rogers, sons, David and Terry of Homer, 111., Steve Fluke of Freeburg, 111., Mr. and Mrs. Otis Underwood of East St. Louis were visitors with Mrs. Ella Underwood and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Shelton Saturday and Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Everet Allen and sons of Taylorville were Monday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Harry C. Gibbs. Mr. and Mrs. Everett Cross and son of Carbondale spent Saturday and Sunday with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Webber and Mr. and Mrs. Paul Cross. Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Cross of Mackinaw, 111., visited in the home of his sister and family, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Risley over the weekend. The Homemakers Extension regular August the "Town Unit at their meeting will entertain and Country" 4-H Club and the Country Agriculture 4-H Club at the Dahlgren high school gym Friday evening August 9th at 7:30. Every one is invited. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Fusch of St. Louis visited Mrs. Laura Jenkins Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Slavens and son Philip of Terre Haute, Ind., visited in the home of her uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Finn Thursday and Friday. Recent visitors with Mr. and Mrs. Colin Allen were Mr. and Mrs. Rob Cates of Keenes, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Shields of LaGrange and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Auxler of Granite City. Mrs. Harry Giest and daughter, Carol is spending a few days this week in Chicago and Harvey, 111. Mrs. Sarah Brumley came home Sunday from a visit in the home of her son, Mr. and Mrs. John Brumley in Chenoa, 111. Ronald Tennison who Is employed in Decatur, spent the weekend with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Tennison. David Lemke who attends the Bailey Technician Machi n i s t School in St. Louis spent the weekend at home, he was accompanied home by a friend, Richard Giest of Freeport who attends the same school. Larry Nice who attends the Bailey Machinist School in St. Louis spent the weekend at home. Andrew Rapp and son, accompanied by his mother, Mrs, Charlie Rapp and brother Frank spent Sunday in Highland, HI., where they visited with Sister Miss Marilyn Williamson and Miss Retha Parkhill spent the weekend in Evansville, Ind. visiting friends. Mrs. Mary Sights and daughter and Mrs. Beulah Goin of Gibson City, 111., visited with Mr. and Mrs. Marion Cross and other relatives here and in McLeansboro a few days this week. The 4 -H dress judging was held Monday, August 5th at the McLeansboro Township High School. The Dahlgren "Town and Country" 4 -H was awarded 21 "A's" and 4 "B's". There were seven called back from this club to the county group from which five will be selected to represent this county at the State Fair in Springfield. . . . Mrs. Charlie Cross, Cor. WILL THEY SELL? CAGLIARI, Sardinia (AP) Canning experts in this island which gave its name to sardines are trying to find a way to put the little fish on the market in bottles instead of tins. They figure it might boost sales. TWO OF A KIND John Sr. & John Jr. You Can Have Homemade JAM 01 JELLY in Minutes with SPEAS Only 2 minutes boiling saves time, fruit and sugar —and gives up to 50% more glasses! And Pen-Jel guarantees perfect, tender texture and rich flavor •very timet At your grocers By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS SAIGON, Viet Nam (AP)—Communist guerrillas raided a hamlet of Montagnards—Mountain tribesmen—in South Viet Nam's central highlands Tuesday and captured 91 tribesmen, the Vietnamese government reported today. The government said 20 Mon (tagnards returned to the fortified hamlet, one of many established under a U.S.-Vietnamese program to swing primitive tribes to President Ngo Dinh Diem's government. The government said the guerrillas burned seven houses and took away 41 water buffalo. The government also reported its planes killed 40 guerrillas who made an unsuccessful attack on military outpost in the Meking Delta Sunday night. U.S. military authorities could not confirm the claim. CONTINUING THE SUBJECT: "MAN" Indianapolis, a city of five hundred thousands and the capital of Indiana, has found the secret. "What secret" you say. HELPING OTHERS TO HELP THEMSELVES Listen to what C. E. Wagner, president of their Chamber of Commerce has to say about federal aid. "We're stubborn, independent Hoosiers, and we don't believe that the citizens of California, Kansas or New York, are obligated to clean up our slums. It's our job, and we intend to take care of it. In the light of the soaring $300 billion national debt and planned deficit spending, somebody, somewhere has to take a stand." Democratic Mayor Albert H. Losche shared this view. In describing the policy of our federal aid, they used such words as "pandering", "patently", and "covertly" all in Reader's Diqest, June 1963, pg, 266. We've ordered 50 reprints you may have one for the asking or calling 244-2939 between 9:30 and 11 a.m. each day except Saturday and Sunday. BIBLE STUDY GROUP 808 S. 24th St. Mt. Vernon, III. HONG KONG (AP)—American turncoat Lowell D. Skinner plans to leave Thursday for the United States. Skinner booked a flight for Tokyo, where he will catch another plane (Northwest Airlines) that is expected in New York Friday morning. He said he would stop over in New York before going to his home in Akron, Ohio. The 32-year-old former U.S. Army corporal came to Hong Kong last week after nine years in Red China. He said he was disillusioned with Chinese communism. He was among 21 American war prisoners who refused repatriation after the Korean armistice in 1953. Skinner said two turncoats still in China also have decided to leave. He said they were Scott L. Rush of Marietta, Ohio, and Albert C. Belhomme of Ashland, Pa. NEW DELHI, India (AP)—The Indian government has received reports that a number of Chinese Communist military officers were seen recently in East Pakistan, a spokesman .for the Foreign Ministry said today. The Indian government has recently expressed fear of a possible Chines e-Pakistani alignment against India. BELGRADE, Yugoslavia (AP) —Workers have begun constructing housing settlements for the refugees of Skopje, devastated by an earthquake that took more than 1,000 lives July 26. The settlements are expected to house 12,000 persons before the end of the year. Eventually the city of 270,000 will be rebuilt on a different site. A light earthquake was felt near Sarajevo, 200 miles northwest of Skopje, this morning There was no material damage. MOSCOW (AP)-The Soviet Union's 19th unmanned cosmos satellite is sending scientific data to earth, Moscow radio reports. The satellite, launched Tuesday, was reported orbiting the earth at - maximum height of 332 miles and a miles. minimum height of 167 BORDIGHERA, Italy (AP)-An American landing craft, bought by an Italian firm to be a floating pleasure palace off the Riviera, has run aground on red tape. The 335-foot 1st was sold as surplus at a defense department auction in Chicago last year. A Milan company bought it for $130,000, brought it to the Italian Riviera and began fitting it out with sundeck and a swimming pool. ML SIGN UP TO DONATE BLOOD TODAY YOUR^VWTH ^ffaWIJg NEW AND BETTER BAR-B-Q WITH OUR NEW EQUIPMENT & MACHINES Try 'Em Again Borden's I Borden's Genuine Hickory Smoked Lean Pork Fresh Cooked And Fresh Packed Thin Slices In Sauce Pint Jar IBAR-B-Q 1 °r *i* 9 I Gal Ja 1 Gal. 2 J« $289 BAR-B-Q SANDWICHES Friday and Saturday Each 10* 12 For $ 1°° Take Home An Extra Jar "The Easiest And Best To Serve For Picnics and Parties." Yes, We Have Hickory Smoked and Fully Cooked Ready To Eat Lean Meaty Bar-Be-Que PORK RIBS — Also 3 Lb. Size Average Young Frying CHICKENS, All Ready To Eat Hot or Cold and They Are Fully Cooked and Well Smoked With Hickory Wood. (Cooking Time 3 to 4 Hours and Basted Full Time While Smoked and Cooked). If You Want It Cooked And Smoked, Ready To Serve, Just Call and Make A Date — We Can Smoke and Cook Anything You Wish — Place Your Order Well In Advance. We Guarantee It To Be The Finest Meat You Ever Ate. Emge Choice Lean Sweet Smoked Mild Cure |H Du QuoJn B|ue Be „ shou|dep Square BACON rw SLICED—Lb. 25c Ranch Brand or BACON Chief All One Low Price 1 lb 55' Rath's Choice Fresh Juicy Tender Round of Beef RUMP ROAST, SIRLOIN TIP ROAST or Chopped SIRLOIN STEAKS p*. 1 *. 7K< No Bone, No Waste, All Meat 75' Choice Fresh Ground MEAT FOR LOAF or Fresh Ground The Finest in Southern Illinois CHUCK DCCC 1Lb. ci"c O Lb Q0c BEEF 1*55* 2 25' A-G Shurfresh Oven Ready Big Fluffy BISCUITS 1*9* 3* Again Buy and Try The Very Best In Choice Fresh Fry Best Brand Grade A Extra LARGE EGGS 1^43* Hawkin's Oven Fresh Blue Label Korn Krust BREAD 1 Uo, 13* 6 For 69* A-G Brand Fresh Roasted And Fresh Packed Good Tasty 1 Lb 59' COFFEE 2 Lbs $115 Roth's Dairy Brand Rich Wholesome Sunray ICE CREAM 1 %T 97* ALL POPULAR King Size Carton $227 CIGARETTES Reg. 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