Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on March 5, 1952 · Page 8
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 8

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 5, 1952
Page 8
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EIGHT EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD. WEDNESDAY, MARCH, 5, 1952 Phone 4600 for a WANT AD Taker Young Mother Held In Death "Poison Pact" PENTICTON, B. C.— (IP)— A young mother, the only survivor of what police described as a family "poison pact," was charged with murder today. .The charge was filed against Mrs, Manfred Seeberg, 22, who drove here last weekend in a rented car with her husband and year-old daughter, Victoria, from their home in Van- •Assignment: America' Katheriue Cornell's Fur Coat Shabby But She's Quite Happy Marine Gets (Reg. U. S. Pat. OH.) By INEZ BOBB ' For Pay Taxes In 19 50 couver. Royal Canadian Mounted Police safd the former Latvian couple decided to kill their ailing daughter, then, take their own lives. All swallowed the same unnamed poison. The child and the father died in the auto court cabin they had rented, but the mother lived. A telephone call to Mounted Police headquarters by Mrs. Seeberg disclosed the tragedy. The mother was accused of causing the child's death. Her arraign- 'ment was set for March 11. The nature of the daughter's illness was not reported. added that her husband of thirty years had carried her over the threshold. "Well, practically," she amended with a chuckle. ••The Road," which has been dying for fifty years, will never really expire as long as Miss Cornel! is around to act as pulmotor. elbows — j The star will close "The Constant would be scorned by any half-bright i \vif e " in June and spend the Sum- Washington steno. But one of the mer a t "chip Chop," the McClintic- NEW YORK—(INS)—The star's dressing room at the National Theatre was so plain—stark is really the word—that no self-respecting heroine of a Grade B. opus in Hollywood would put up with it for a split second. And the ancient fur coat that hung on the wall—the almost through at the fur worn first ladies of the American theatre, Katharine Cornell, was happy as a ark in both the room" and the coat. Negro's Death Plunge Foiled CINCINNATI, (£>) — Robert M. Jones, Jr., 24, was pulled to safety yesterday by a priest and his father after threatening for nearly two hours to jump from the 47th floor of an office building. "Don't you know the Lord loves us all," Father Paul Huber asked the young Negro after other pleas had failed. Jones' 65-year-old father • also Joined in the plea. Then Jones, apparently unconvinced, slid closer to the edge of the Carew Tower ledge, looked down, but pulled himself back. He reached a hand to his father. The priest seized the other one and ilragged him back. Young Jones, who said he "got troubles" when asked earlier why he wanted, to jump, was taken to a hospital for observation. Cornell herself, even with sniffles; a small copy of John Singer Sargeant's portrait of Ethel Barrymore on her monastic dressing table, and a sea chest even more ancient than the coat. "I keep that for inspiration." Miss Jornell said, pointing to the portrait of Miss Barrymore. For Miss Cornell is now starring in a revival of somerset Maugham's "The Constant Wife," which Miss Barrymore first brought to Broadway 25 years ago. Youth Confesses Taking Funds For Pleasure Jaunt Cornell Summer place at Martha's Vineyard. Then, early in the Autumn, Miss Cornell will take to the road \ Truman Press Parley Callet] Off This Week > WASHINGTON, (/P) — President Truman will forego his usual Thursday news conference this week, the White House said today. CHICAGO—W)—John T. Jarecki, Press Secretary Joseph Short ex- collector of internal revenue in Chi-1 plained the President wants full Martin Gets Loan WASHINGTON—(/Pi—The Reconstruction Finance Corporation today announced approval of a defense loan of 12 million dollars to the Glenn L. Martin Company of Baltimore. cago. yesterday disclosed a letter he received from a Marine in Chando- Rio. North Korea. The Marine, unidentified, had received a notice that he owed $30.30 on his 1950 tax. "Dear Johnnie," the Marine wrote, "your questionnaire was forwarded to me by my mother and I hope the | enclosed contribution will tide the! government over in these dire times, j I can certainly assure you that you | will receive the S30.30 from me when! I return to civilian life. : "In the meantime, chin up, old; bean,~ opportunity that day to work on his foreign aid address which will be brodacast and televised that night. Publisher Expires NEW YORK—f/P)—Sherman Hoar! Bowles, 62, Springfield, Mass., publisher, died yesterday. After all, there were three lum-: w ith "The Constant Wife" mous objects in the room: Miss:nationwide tour. HDNTINGTON, W. Vs., >)—A . 19-year-old former credit manager, who found $1,060 of his employer's money "too much of a temptation" to bank, has admitted going on a $54 a day pleasure jaunt to Washington, D. C. The youth, Garrett L. Roy, of Hear Barboursville, signed a statement yesterday admitting that he ifosconded with the money belonging to Mangel's, a woman's apparel itore. He had been working for • about a week as a $25-a-week credit manager when he skipped town Feb. 18, Detective Chief Herman A. Prazier said. "And this," she added, indicating the sea chest, "just arrived from Alfred Lunt and Lynn Fontanne. Isn't the wood beautiful? I can meals, hardly \vait to get it home and start almost waxing it. "But all this chest needs is wax. I won't even have to use steel wool on it, except maybe on the iron trim." of it." Miss Cornell said she had acquired her passion for refinishing furniture when she took up carpentry as therapeutic work during the long run of one of her most famous starring vehicles. "The Barretts of Wimpole Street." "I played in 'it 'so~long I thought I'd have a nervous breakdown," she laughed, "so I took up carpentry. But I kept whacking things, mainly my thumbs. So now I just re-do furniture and use no weapon more deadly than steel wool." The sea chest from the Lunts and the furniture over which she is currently laboring are destined for the beautiful new home Miss Cornell and her husband, Guthrie McClintic, have just completed at Palisades, N. Y. "Forty-five minutes from Broadway," Miss Cornell crowed, "and perched high on the Palisades above he Hudson River, with a wonderful view in both directions." j The new home was completed just! ,n time for Christmas, she said and i "There'll be lots and lots of one night stands," she explained and added, "all I have to do is live through it." But she loves touring. Miss Cornell said, and she has probably proved it more often and for longer periods than any other star living She travels with her theatrical maid, Eveline, who has been with her for 29 years, with her two dachshunds, Cleopatra and Cuckoo, and a small, compact travelling kitchen. •'Nothing elaborate," she said the kitchen, "but big enough so that Eveline and I can .get our own . i another war bond give another pint of blood, and keep hop- j ing that I don't meet one with my | number on it. if so, I imagine you j ' *<•««>(.. FROSTILLA LOTION wi11 find to it out of my accrued leave pay or my S10.000 insurance. I have all the confidence in the world in you when it comes to collecting money. Till next Sum- j mer, then, good luck and don't take j any wooden nickels." i With the letter was a bank note— j 100 Korean won. Jarecki said it was worth about H of a cent. 'FKOSlllU * ........ | LOtlO« UOttA, tUVJL,.. . U ja-66- • • • UOuA, O/WMA-... '40-uA, a nus» I'm afraid always the the dinner is same: Broiled chop meat, apple and celery salad and a green vegetable. My friends howl at even the mention of apple and celery salad, they're so tired Beyond the long tour. Miss Cornell has no theatrical plans, neither new plays nor Shakespearean revivals. No plans, that is, except for the dime future. Some people save golf for their old age. But not Miss Cornell: She is saving poetry. "Just any poetry," she said. "I want to read it all when I get the time." No Troop Commitments j WASHINGTON, (&)— Secretary of ° J State Acheson told the House today no troop commitments were made during the recent talks between President Truman and Prime Minister Churchill. He said he was acting on directions from President Truman. BORROW SENSIBLY If you need cash for Spring expenses, our service it prompt, fri»ndly and private Loans up to $300.00 Note — Furniture — onrf Auto Loans INDUSTRIAL LOAN SOCIETY, INC. No. 301 Liberty Trust Bldg. PHOr-'E 97 A LADY'S Yes, pamper afl of you with softly fragrant Frostilla, tfie lotion thai smoothes smoother, dries faster. LOTION SINCE 1873 PEOPLE'S Drug Stores Pains, distress of "those days" stopped or amazingly relieved Ship Deals Aired By'OilboatOIga' ' WASHINGTON —W)— Mrs. Olga Konow, who quipped that she has been nicknamed "Oilboat Olga," j testified today she got fees of "more than $100,000" for helping to engi- ; neer a deal in war .surplus oil tank- j ers mat paid off $450,000 on a $1,000 | Investment. A well-groomed blonde Mrs. Ko.- ; now said the deal was financed by • wealthy Chinese. j In the wind up, the Chinese in- i directly got control of three tankers ; the U. S. government had refused ' to sell to them. Archbishop Stricken VATICAN CITY. (/-P) — Alessio Cardinal Ascalesi, 79, Archbishop of Naples, Is gravely ill in that city, Vatican officials said today. in 3 out of 4 cases in doctors'tests! • Here's wonderful news lor women and girls who — each month — suffer the tortures ol "bad days" of functionally- caused menstrual cramps and pain — headaches, backaches, and those "no-good," dragged- oufc feelings. It's news about a medicine famous for relieving such suffering! Here is the exciting news. Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound — gave complete or striking relief of such distress In an average of 3 out of 4 of the cases in doctors' testsi Yes! Lydin Pinkham's has been proved to be scientifically modern in action! This news will not surprise the thousands of women and girls who take Lydia Pinkham's regularly and know the relief it can bring. And it should encourage you. (if you're not taking Lydia Pinkham's) 'to see if vour experience doesn't match theirs... to see if you, too. don't avoid the nervousness and tension, weakness, irritability—and Maw If tie Plnkhom'i warki Jt hoi a "calming" and lootlnna r.ffect on the uterus . . . Quieting tlir. contractions (sec the chnrt) that to o/tfn cnlMc tnrnjtruol pain, cramp*, other distress. pain — so often associated with "those days"! Remember Lydia Pinkham's, too — if you're suffering the "hot flashes" and other functionally- caused distress of "change of life." Get Lydia Pinkham's Compound or new, improved Tablets with added iron (trial size only 59e). StarttakinrjLydiaPinkham'stodavl look lovelier in 24 hours * or your money back Here's one hand cream that's made especially to help hands that work! • If your present hand cream isn't helping you much, maybe that's because it's made for lady-of-leisure hands. But, hands that go through a daily routine of cleaning-washing-cooking ... or hands that keep busy in an office . . . need something special. Give them Noxzema's 2-way medicated care! Helps heal-Helps beautify! Noxrema is especially made to help sore, unattractive working hands look lovelier these two important ways: 1. Helps heat tiny cuts and cracks in the skin with its unique medicated formula! 2. Helpi hands feel softer— look smnfither anil whiter— supplies a light film of oil-and-moisture to skin's surface! And Nox?ema is Arensplcss — doesn't stain. It's a snow-white cream that vanishes quicV.y. Try Breams/ess, medicated Noxrema on your hands. •In clinical tests, Noxzemi helped the red, rough, chapped hands of o out of 10 women look lovelier — often within 24 hours! Noxx*ma works—or your money back I Try Noxzema on your hands tonight. If you don't sea improvement —in 24 hours—return jar to Noxjtema, Baltimore. Your money will be refunded. So you can cee for yourself how wonderful Noxzema is for handsl 401 far of NOXZEMA on!y ££$ P*» »! MI Jr»i tr cttmitk cnitir. limitii tint anly' It's Stronger! It's Lighter! New Maid of Honor STOOL 2 79 Ironing Pad and Cover J.G9 Thick non-mal pad covered with hftavy flannel! Sanforized cover, Fit* stand* ard boardi. ~* Quart Can Floor Wax Extra heavy gauge steel stools —at a price everyone can afford! Comforlable shaped backs helps you relax as you work.. Flared legs have extra sturdy welded joints! Chip resistant enamel. Floor Wax Applicator Self-polishing wax protects floors. Easily applied. No rubbing is required for fine finish. Wood Ironing Board Lightweight, Easy To Handle Maid of Honor 4.44 Smooth top securely fastened to strong wood underitructure. Steel rods for extra support. 15x54-in. top; 32-m, high. Soft Ji-in. thick iamb's wool. Re- rrt a v i a b I e and washable. 4xfl-tn. wood block and handle. Maid of Honor Step Stools 24 T /2 inches High 5.49 Relax comfortably as you prepare foods, dry dishes and iron clothes with this handy stool. Also makes "climbing" chores easier. Corrugated black rubber tread steps and seat. Glistening white enamel finish is chip-resistant. Folds for storage. Wallpaper Cleaner Easy-to-Use—Resists Crumbling 2"j-lb. Can 42C Workmaster Cleaner cleani wallpaper, kalsomine, flat, water thinned paint. . can for three average room*. REDUCED! Regular 1.40 Workmaster Paste Mixtt with Cold or Warm Water 2-lb. Package 43C Pure wheat paste saves time—ready to use mixed with water. Excellent adhesive for wallpaper or wallcloth. WALLPAPERS 7<X • Easy and quick to apply • Most soil wipes off Big decorating news . . . and outstanding low priced at Sears! Pre-pasted ... no tools, no mess, no paste! Ordinary stains wipe off, colors stay bright longer! Sold only in full double rolls. 179 Baltimore St. Cumberland^ Md. Exclusive with PESKIN'S -- THE 11I\H SHOE REG U S PAT OFF V Style 300, trim ' with cu«h-n-crepe »ol«. In whitt glove elk. 8.95 eao io c. Walk and work relaxed—in Clinic shoes, the shoes created especially for active young women in white. Style 411, flat heel oxford. In whitt glove «lk, B.°S aaaa to c. You'll love the soft, flexible, comfortable fit... the excellent support... the smart good looks all combined in these wonderful shoes for busy feet. Style 423, moccasin-toe oxford with low Cuban heel. In white glove elk. 8.95 aaaa to c. Specially styled to help reduce fatigue, finished with Goodyear welts, and in fine, easy-to-clean white leathers. Style 408, mid-way heel. In white glevt elk. 8.95 In toft luede. 9.91 Available to Size 12

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