Tyler Morning Telegraph from Tyler, Texas on June 19, 1930 · 10
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Tyler Morning Telegraph from Tyler, Texas · 10

Tyler, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 19, 1930
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f PAGE TEN THE TYLER MORNING TELEGRAPH Thursday Morning, June 19, 1930. Attention Of Motorists Is Called To Highway Laws Of State By Highway Patrol IHelen Wins Opening Contest The state highway FtTol. cooperating with local offictr. wishes to brir.g to the attention of motorists. Art. 708 of Revise.) Civil Statutes of Tests?, 1;J5: "Everv motor vehicle olh-r than a. motorrycle while on the public j plair.iy i.ii! for a di-tinae of highways, when in operation, dur- I five hundred feci U, ' he rear. Any in one-half hour after sunset to! person wim while operating :-u h one-half hour before sjnrise, and tior.f ai it a ' fi ll.l- l!.!'nl:0:l S'.iV mot .r ,-h;cIf i ' : alo' arry at tie Ian, 11 xi.il. il in tr 'liJi- l.:,r.ii.J fiel ill :.il ..hifij : u( h ( !n?. ami :- hail rtar a lighted or.e red lipht vchiik- on a public highway :-hall violate any provision of this article-shall be fineJ vol to exceed One Hundred Dollar." An. 799 "Ar.y perron who operates upon a public highway a motor vehicle not provided with adequate brakes kept 111 good working ordi r, or any person having control or chaise of a motor vehicle who shall allow sueli vehicle to ytf.nd in any public Kret or highway ui. attended without fir.n effectively sitting the brakes and stopping the motor 'thereon, shall be fined not to eveeed One Hundred Dollars." Senate Bill No. 11 provides that all animal drawn vehicles, travel-in?' nn the hichwavs at nicht. shall 1 I reflection on left rear side of each vehicle, and provides a fine of not more than Two Hundred Dollars for first conviction. The State Highway Patrol, co- nnrrntino' with 4nrnl offiepm. hnvp Soto dealer, and the makers of tijb ht q ihe at DeSoto cars have arranged a novel t.nion of motorisl), and vehick.s airplane contest for the kids of Ty- for thp nast thwf month an(, ler. All kids are urged to, get theith(,sp offim.s ,)ow wrve v,arnin(? paper airpianea uie imuii ut-ui- thpt uch ,pW3 oboVfl must be fa. at all time? when fog or other atmospheric conditions render the operation of such vehicles unusually dangerous to traffic and the use of highways, shall carry at the front at least two lighted lumps fbowing the white lights visible Airplane Contest To Be Conducted For Tvler Kids Tyler kids, here's your chance to win some money, get your name In Jtie paper and be a regular "Lucky Lindy" on a small scale. R. C. Bryarly, local Nash and De Rabbi Gold To Visit In Tyler During Drive - i 1 -J ' T' ''if ' f w - if I I :1 ; : V M-i f1 j the Jewi.sh community in ber 1 , th Allied JeuK'i Campaign. Before aa enthnsiastio gallery 'Wimbledon. Deeplte tJie bril-of over 6,000, Helen Wills I liant game of Mrs. Moody, Eng-Moody (right) beat Joan Fry in I land still leads the United States Cla Wightman Cup series at two nuiche to one in the series. (lalaruuan! nuii) R&LLi II Jlaplel r.old, fil kr.JAii sa.o.zr. crairr and lcturer, of Dallas. LrM in Tyler Sun- 1 day evening, June 22, tnd address half of Am erican Jewry has voluntarily assum ed the great tak cf raising six mil-, lion dollars to relieve the economic distress and untold misery in which the Jews of the wo;kl iind themselves as r.n eftermoth of the World War. A part of the above amount will be devoted for the reliabilita-licn of Palestine and making it possible lor those v.illing and anxious to settlo in the Holy Land. Texas Jewry Is asked to conmbui $200,000 ler that purpose. Tyler Jewish community os heretofore is -ilne to the responsibility and begins its campaifcn to raise funds. Rabbi Geld will be the principal speaker at the mass meeting to b3 held at the Tyler Band Hall, corner South Broadway, at 8 o'clock Sunday evening. A cordial invitation is extended the general public. o Smith College Gets j Two New Domitories served in all particulars. o er'i Thursday afternoon after 1 o'clock practice for the contest until Friday afternoon, when they will get new planes, then at 5 o'clock ' Congressmen Asked SrrJS Jllltl or Dry Law View. stand on the courthouse plaza. " The boy or girl who can fly his or htr plane the farthest and Eoston, (INS) Sixteen congress- tne 1 men of Mar.-.achusetts were asked most expertly will win first prize 0f I "-actiy where they now stand with 15. the second best 82 and the next i rcsPccl t0 tne continuance or the three prls will be $1 each. Luther jlpljCal of the prohibition amend T. McClung, circulation .nanager of the Courier-Times-Telegraph, will be In charge of the contest and he and Roy C. Owens of the Courier Tunes-Telegraph will be the Judges. ment," in a letter sent to each by William H. Mitchell, chairman of lie Liberal Civic League. Inc. Northhampton, Mass. (INS) Two ! new . dormitories which will com- Smith College now under construction will soon be completed. The new buildings which will be ready for occupancy early in September will provide rooms for 125 girl students. This will eliminate almost all of the present "oif-campus" houses. In keeping with the times, each hour.e will have its "smoklnc room." Among the many other improvements are a large study In each house on the ground floor, which will hold about thirty students. The buildings were made possible through the generosity of Mrs. Each congressman was told thRt if he was in favor of repeal the Mary Mandell, of Detroit, for whom Any kid in Tyler and vicing may ! ion of the league in his con-1 - ? - greuioiiBi uisma "would m au,'" " " probabllitv clve serious mnsiflern- N Comstock, lor President Ada L. lion to the support of your renom- Comstock, of Radcllffe College, who Dr. Porter M. Ballra, pastor, an- infltlnn 1r thp rrlrrVar vfr, ?n i W3!i dean Ot Smllll lrOUl lHU-lHJ, : HOUncea. I- enter the contest. All must get their practice planes after 1 o'clock Thursday afternoon. These they can uae until they are worn out and then new planes will be given before the contest Friday afternoon. The planes are small, made of paper and oear an advertisement for the new and finer DeSoto six and eight, o King Arthur Fans To Meet In England . Br International Nwi Service NEW YORK Thaw interested in the romances of King Arthur and the Round -Table will gather in England the latter part of August. Profeasor Roger S. Loomis of Columbia has made this announcement, and says that scholars from Jfri.-jpe at.d the United States arc expMed to a,tenJ. The meeting will be held in CV.nwall, Dr. J. Armltagj Robinson Dean of Well; will conduct the party over the traditional sites of Olaetonbury, associated with Jo-septh of Aramathea and the legend of the Grail. Dr. Vinaver. 11 Chalhncnt Road, Oxford, England, has chdrge of the arrangements. o Hawaii's sugar production this year Is estimated at nearly 900,000 tons. Unemployment In the Nether-landa la nearly twice that of a year ago. (). E. S. PROGRAM Buckner's Home Drive Committee For Tyler Named A special called meeting of the executive board of the First Eap-tist Church Sunday School will b? held at the church at 7 o'clock tonight, it was announced today. Several important matters will be Ui ?ussed at this meeting. Members of the board Include W. E. Morgan, E. E. Bedell, Mrs. E. O. McHcrg, Henry Eagle, Mrs. J. T. Edding, Mrs. W. T. Clay, Mrs. L. H. Hobbs and Mrs. Will Fleishel. A surprise is in store for those i who attend the midweek prayer and j praise service of the church tonight Following is the program to be given during the social hour of the Eastern Star, at their regular meeting, this evening at 8 o'clock at the Masonic Hall: Origin of Father's' Day Mrs. C. A. Higby Solo......,; Mrs. E. F. Jarrel Poem, "My Dad" Mrs. Clarence. Branson Talk on Father's Hon. Calloway Calhoun o Canker worms have Infested the state house grounds at Topeka, Kzns. Spraying has been ordered. Cops Are Cops In Seven Languages Br lafTaatiaaal Km 6-rir CHICAGO. Any one of seven languages may be used to obtain police assistance through the new telephone switchboard at the detective bureau here. v Captain C. E. Moran, In charge of the board said his operators could understand police calls made hi French, Polish, Swedish, Yiddish, I alian. German and, of course, English. "If operator Fred Kelly finds difficulty in understanding an excited bandit victim. Operator Joseph Cohn may plug in and get by fine," said Captain Moran. According to Captain Moran, Saturday end Sunday are the busiest police days, and Wednesday and Thursday the slackest. The busiest hours are from 11 p. m. to 1 a. m., an the slowest between 5 a. m. and 7 a.m. o Vienna Has Modern Musical Celebrity Br Intfrnatianal Newa Rerrit VIENNA. This city now boasts a modern musical celebrity to equal its fame as a home of classical mu sic, operas and operettas. One Viennese composer, of public music has just received an invitation to Hollywood, to work for Metro-Goldwyn. He is Bruno Granich-statten, composer of the operetta, ' Reklam," about to be adapted to the talking film. One of the most popular of popular pieces, "I Kiss Your Hand, Madame," was composed by a Viennese, who calls himself Ralph Irwin, and was a musician in a night club here. And Franz Lehar, author of "The Merry Widow" and the countless successes that have followed that almost classical music, has Just celebrated his COth birthday in this city he had made his home so many decades. o What is the value In votes in 1932 of a Hoover attendance at the country church in Fishing Valley? New Liberty Not To Admit Colored Folks Feeling that it tsouTd 1 the U-st for all concern, W. M. Sulfides, owner and operator of the new Liberty Theatre to, be opened here Friday, announces that colored peo pie will not be admitted to the new theatre. "I hardly think it necessary to make this announcement," Mr. Shieldes said, "as everyone knows that I have never operated a iiOute with mixed audiences. U But the question has beers fried me so many times sine? thi ei"M tian or th Liberty started and to correct a little rumor that seems ta be goto? around, there will be no colored people admitted." o . EXCFLSIOR SPRINGS, Mo., Juiie 17. Fred Skelton. farmer, believes in plenty of fresh air and slceus with his head near an open window. l ast night lightning shot through trie Fcreen and struck his pillow, tearing it to fragments. The bolt took oil all of Skelton's hair. After being unconscious for aixut an hour, the farmer came to and said he felt 'pretty good." E. Albertson Son Sii c&rit help showing you're h&PPV if your Shops recomfor, able and styJish! SL YOU WILL BE COMFORTABLE IN OUR ARCH SUPPORT SHOES Men's Arch Support Shoes $r.00 to $8.00 Ladies' Arch Support Shoes....: . $3.25 to.' $6.95 Good selection of Hosiery for Men, Women and Children. Albertson icon BETTER SHOES, LOWEST PRICES; 216 W. ER.WIN ST. n the primary ol your ; 'mt : ",l UL"C "luru ""u . " If onposed to reueal the ' memory of Prof. Harris Hawthorne, Deputy Sheriffs Walker and Seal " ' . ........ ...i i i T-ll 1 -1. m -.1 'would undoubtedly advo- antl inez wmPr'le wuuer, who were reiunres io uauus line mebuiiy wi.n Auorey cenneii, wno was arrested here Monday after Tyler officers had bpen notified he was wanted in Dallas County. Out put of Missouri coal mines in i Charges of felony, theft of over 1929 increased half a million tons $f)0, are pending against Bennett in Dallas. Inatlon party." lcatrue cate the nomination of some other lor many years chairmen of the de- candidate." partment of zoology at bmim t.oi The letter exnlalned that the , !,2' purpose of the league was to develop "throughout the commonwealth the support of candidates for Congress in both the Republi- J 0VPr 1928 can and Democratic primaries who definitely favor the repeal of the Eighteenth Amendment in order that the voters of the several districts regardless of party affiliations may have an opportunity of voting in November for a candidate for Congress who favors repeal." o Walks 30 Miles Each Year to Dress Graves SHIELDES NEW Read the Tyler Telegraph, Read the Tyler Morning Telegraph Columbus, Miss. (U.R) Youths who do the 14-mlle hike for a Boy Scout merit badge have nothing on Otto Hugglns, 80, of this city. The aged man makes a round trip afoot to Bethabara Church, a distance of 30 miles, annually to dress the graves of hLs mother and wife. He has failed to make the yearly jaunt but twice since 1875, being out of the state on both occasions. o The golfers, a? well as the social climbers, are trying to keep up with Joneses this year. ASK YOUR DRUGGIST FOR DO 0 Brand " & I Triple Refined ROCK CANDY A 100 pure and wholesome candy for children and adults, and D & P ROCK CANDY CRYSTALS A superior sweetner for tea, coffee, cocoa, etc. A pleasant and effective relief for coughs, hoarseness and throat irritations. . 1 1 7 " i Manufacture pgj; J "SsWVst IE i ;m rm C2J Sold through wholesale druggists and confectioners. Reflned by DRYDEN & PALMER, Inc. 82 & 84 Leonard Street, Brooklyn, New York. Th imk il all eatre HOME OWNED AND HOME OPERATED Bringing To You ONLY THE FINEST AND MOST MODERN WILL OPEN ETL'-Y WITH DELTA AIR SERVICE, Inc. WESTBOUND DAILY SUhodernwayIO - JslMgffflMEMt -g5TSHJfMMaSSBy Leaves TYLER :T P.M. Fare To Arrives Dallas ...5 :15 P.M. Dallas . .. . $ 7.42 Arrives Fort Worth 5:45 p.M. Fort Worth 9.92 EASTBOUND DAILY Leaves TYLER .. 9:30 A.M. Fare To Arrives Shreveport . 10:30 A.M. Shreveport S 7.67 Arrives Monroe . ...11:45 A.M. Monroe 14.46 Arrives Jackson 1:30 P.M. Jackson 22.81 Arrives Meridian 2:30 P.M. Meridian 29.54 Arrives Tuscaloosa 3:10 P.M. Tuscaloosa 36.32 Arrives Birmingham - 4:00 P.M. Birmingham 40.21 Arrives Atlanta. 6:00P.M. 'Atlanta: 50.15 Reservations may be made by phoning Mrs. Stanley Grubb, FRIDAY. DOORS OPEN 2 P. M. WITH THE VERY POPULAR BROADWAY HIT mm Blackstone Hotel. Phone 1730. See this paper tomorrow for complete details about this new and beautiful V P TV THEATRE

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