The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 21, 1936 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 21, 1936
Page 7
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>,. w • -K.' MONDAY, 21, lfl.30 Brilliant Defense Establishes Entry For Setting Trick By WM. K. McKFNNRV Scorclary, American Bridge 1 e\ gut- Ill many articles oh bridge, tha favorite Uicnic is some well-played hand, tn \vhlch declarer, by one of Hie standard type sof piny, mak's Ills contract, or In 'which'a partnership,' through exchange ot information, readies a good contract. Not nearly enough stress Is put m>- 011 defensive play, perhaps because load defense Is so much niore (lif- ilcult, and the -hands which illustrate tt are much rarer. 1 am indebted to my friend, Siinv . O'Connell, of, Holypke, Mass,, for on example of one of the limit defensive play's I liave seeiV in a long time. It was made by his partner, Dr..'Robert E.."Clea'rjF. also of Holy- okc, and was played in ft duplicate, game at the Holyoke M\,miic ,Temple. Apple and Noodle Pudding *AK VKQ7652 4Q878 » AQ9 + J6 4 94 2 V1093 *J785? + 85 South 1 + 4 + Pass AJ103 V 8 ' . ..•.'•' 4K103 + AKQ932 Duplicate— All vul. West North East 1* '3V Pass : 4 V Pass , ' ; Pass Pass Opening: lead—* 9. Dr. Cleaty sat .West and O'Connell East. O'Conhel! naturally opened the nine of spades, in response to his partner's bid. Dr. Cleary played low, when . the jack was played from dummy.. and North won the .trick with the ace. This failure to cover was a good play, but one that is seen every day in the year, as nothing could be g-jln- eci by'covering, Norlh'being'niark- cd with both ace and king. North now led a low club to dummy and returned the eignt of. hearts. Here was .the m'ajo:, play of the hand: Dr. deary played'the jack. He reasoned from the: bidding that,North held a trump suit of at least six cards, and the only chance to beat the contract was • for cyconnell to get the lead ones more, and lead a diamond .through* dummy's king. North, reasoning that West now held either "the lone ace or the ace and 10. returned. a Mow trump. East won,:shot a diamond through the -.king,;, and Dr. Cleaj-y; >t!ii>n . ^cashed.two diariioml tricks'and, latr_ f er,.,ol-:course,-'lhc- ace of trumps. setting the contract one trick. Today's Contract Problem South has the contract for six spades.; Alter the opening lead, the hand can be made, despite the ' two apparent losers' in., hearts, if South .is careful in planning timing of the play. How can he,win 12 tricks, with a diamond opening? : '.'-' •" . ' '" - <jkAKfl85 '•-•• V J106 » J98 + AK V AQ852 * Q7G + J 1098 *Q6-!32 4QJ1076 VK73 '•"• • ; «AK10 + 75 All vul. Opener—•> 5. Solution in next issue. 21 I'or (hat spcclil dituici parlj—a beamed ipiilo inil noodle pudding <-:>rryinf ils top iiroudly with a red cherry garnish. ned cieam o\ei the cieim place a layer of sweclencd figs, then next a l\jcr of whipped creim Continue tills alternating of layers right up to the lop of the mold, ending with whipped cream.. Cover tightly with.buttered 'paper and over the buttered paper fit the metal cover. 'To make .absolutely sure, better seal with fat, but not with oil. -••.-• Pack lly NKA Service Fresh figs arc grand eating. But fresh rij-s.and cream and a. little fretting will produce a dessert as delicate as young love anil more substantial. . ; • : . (4 to (i servings) Two and one-quarter cups fresh rigs, peeled and -sliced fine 1-2 cup granulated sugar, i cup cream, 1-4 cup powdered sugar, ':,'..• Prepare fresh figs by .peeling and slicing. Add granulated sugar to them and stand until sugar is completely dissolved. Whip the cream and slowly add -the powdered sugar, continuing to whip. On bottom of. mold, place a layer of-:wh!p- in equal amoimls of salt and ice and stand for 3 hours. This produces one of the most unctions desserts imaginable. To make this fig mousse. In mechanical refrigerator, arrange the layers'of. bream and figs in same alternation Thou,' stand., iii refrlgprhlor' mill! the mousse is firm. • •• '•••.- '! I Al>j>le-Noodle I'liildlnir , ' , (for 12 servings). : ; One package wide noodles, 1-4' cup. butler, I cup suaar, I Ion- spoon flour, 2 eggs','1-2 lemon U'ln.l and Juice).. 1-2 cup chopped, witl-j mils,. 1-4 cup raisins, 3 apples, i.a 1 teaspoon suit'. . . ' i Hoil noodles In 4 quaria rapidly boiling water, to which I (Kbit-, spoon salt has'been added;', for 7 minutes, Drain, cream biiller,- adii flour and sugnr and work to i smooth pa-,(c HPU egns well giat< leiiibn rind niul squet/o out Juice Add juice u(ul lind lo CKS (inili blond with flour and billlcr; mix- lure. Add \ui!mth latsln 1 ! appli^ sliced very Ihin. and 'salt'. Combine with noodles Ml\ tnrcfully, then pour into well grens d mold SK In pan of water and bake iirmo-l- I'nUe oven for I hour. Serva/wltii whipped cicam and gainUli llht-r ally with led chtrrl i Wild holies aie sllll to be Toimo hi parts of the United Stall-j in fludhiK Aii/ona Coloiailo Idaho Nevada, New Mexico ind Ougoji FLOOR SHOW Tonishl & Sunday ffjilunug Jean Oll^on, Almi SkaeRs, Sue Gcan ana Ndr- m:i Carney. I>on't. miss HI l-'UKE FISH SUFt'ERi THUliS N1TF, DFC 17 Silver Moon Night Club Two Milts North Stale Lin* Outdoor Classes Tempt Pupils To Eat Fruit MIAMI, Pla. (UP)— Students in Miami schools and colleges during the whiter season find the rule of ( "no eating during classes" a diffi- ' cult one to observe. ' Outdoor classes in the sun are conducted under jKhns and citrus fruit trees, within arm's reach of tree-ripening oranges and grapefruit. Thus the strong temptation for students to grab an orange or; grapefruit when teacher turns her' back. • . ..„•' Classes hold in a grove of sea- grape and rubber trees are oij the University, of .Miami curriculum. A high school class convenes in'an open air patio and.a private girls' seminary borders on Biscayne Bay-where sailboats and skiffs of the students lie nearby at anchor. Read Courier News Want Ads Y. PROMPT BATTERY SERVICE Call us 'when- 'you have trouble, we feature quick service. We still have plenty of PRESTONE aiiti-freeze. Russell K. Marr Pure Ofl Service Slallon Phone 304 ' • reshing Sleep a PERFECT GIFT n Why' don't you give a Beauty rest- I got one last year and it's the most ^useful gift I've ever received. ABeautyrest ' • • : .'.".'- 'v ,-. : " •'r-''" It means years of healthful sleep If you want to give something (hat pays dividends every (lav of the year we suggest a 'Beauty-rest Mattress. First, because it g i ve s luxurious comfort every night for years. Second, because its an aid lo sound sleep and therefore a means to better health. The cost of this famous mattress is only $39.50 and you may use our budget terms if desired. Why no! select a Beaulyrcst this week? We will-hold H and deliver it any day vou st^ECst. Yes, we have Ueautyrcst Gift Certificates. ' ' Hubbard Furniture Co. Blytheville,Ark. ' Say "Merry Christmas" With Gifts From l/fte Our Credit Han Use Our Credit rtun These Klabomtely Fitted Week-End Cases i ,, Will make you the "tops" ;, ^ • i •' ' with (he Fairy Princess,'* -Vi-i; 1 E ! * Just (lie riiflit si/o for n speedy week-end 11 ' MV . , . Komo Ml Hi dross nuks for pack-" ' NIK drosses witlioul wrinldinu . . . others , wilh loilol ricecssorii-s . . , pigskin , ( au<l J cowhide covering . . . u complete {•election."' 4 to $ 25 Three Ways to a Man's Heart He-Man lAixuries $150 -BELT BUCKLES -'HE OLASCS -COLLAR PINS -CIGARETTE CASEB tO -LIGHTERS -BILL; POI,DS -KEY CONTAINERS Schaefer Pens Pencil Sets A jicrsbnnl'glfl Hint will be..appreciated for years lo come. Shown In Individual liens and pencils, pocket and desk sol.s . , Sizes lo suit your needs. $ 2 to *15 America's Finest Wrist Watches ORUEN ELGIN.. HAMILTON BULOVA. 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