Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on August 8, 1963 · Page 5
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 5

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 8, 1963
Page 5
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SOCIETY Ann Clark Circle The Aim Clark Circle of Park Avenue Baptist church met Tuesday evening with Mrs. Marion Whitlock. Mrs. Yvonne Barblerl, chairman, presided and Mrs. Shirley Kelley gave the opening prayer. Gini Fitts read the calendar of prayer. A letter was read from Mrs. Judy Kriel, a former member Mrs. Whitlock gave a report on the nominating committee. Community missions were reported by Gini Fitts as follows: three cards were sent to a Nursing Home, two hospital visits were mnde, two visits were made to a shut in and food was taken to a bereaved family. Mrs. Barbieri gave the closing prayer. The program "Sharing Possessions" was presented by Mrs. Norma Cannon with discussions by Shirley Kelley, Gini Fitts, Gail Leyva, and Mrs. Whitlock. The next meeting will be held September 3 at the home of Gini Fitts. Mrs. Nina Rich and Miss Joan Brown were welcomed as visitors to the meeting which was attend' ed by six members. The hostess received several lovely gifts and Mrs. Barbiari re ccived some nursery gifts. The hostess served refresh monts. Wedding Announced To Wed were married May 29 in a cere_ mony performed at the United Church of Christ in American Fails. TI12 St-hells are former residents of Mt. Vernon. WE THE WOMEN LET HIM CALL YOU By RUTH MILLETT. Newspaper Enterprise Assn A businessman asks advise wives to stop their husbands during KARL VON FRISCH, if I knew where to locale him, would gel. a note from me with both congratulations and a question . . . First, I'd commend him on his ability to know so much about how the busy little bee performs when she returns to the hive—heavily laden with nectar . . . (To hear Karl tell it, she must be in a class with the likes of little ole me and little ole you when we hit the „ack pot out among the dress racks.) At any rate, surrounded by other bees, she tells the source of her exciting new find by dancing . . . crawling over the comb in loops and circles her body doing a sort of "bee twist"—after which she does a few dainty steps in a certain direction and thereby tips the other bees off as to just, where they can also do well for themselves. I must say I'm truly amazed but not doubtful ... It sounds just like a female—whether a bee or a housewife . . . And, with the exception of the "twist" her performance has been duplicated by women the world over who, thinking they were flying around on another routine shopping tour, suddenly sailed through the door of a dress shop to find themselves right in the midst of values which were absolute "HONEYS" Then, ladened with that particular "nectar" they flew for home to put on a proud strut before the "drone bees" who elected lo stay home instead of winging their way to where all the fashionable buzzing was going on. Naturally, as she strikes a graceful pose and makes ready to go into her version of the industrious bee's dance of victory, she lets her friends know which way they may fly in order to cut in on a fair share of the sweet loot. However, in the case of the human bee. this can easily lead to hard feelings among the members of the neighborhood coffee club before which the victorious one is performing her jubilant danco-and I'll tell you .„„,. T , , „ vv'iy: By the time she has com- DEAR ABB*: I have been wrong? |„, ctH hc ,. h iel»-kickln R an- that I working for Mr. and Mrs. Smith CURIOUS! nou , 1rpm0 nt — climaved with a calling for two weeks. I take care of DEAR CURIOITS: They u ere ,h,jw ex c c ion 7 he officei^e,,.. two children. ,1 ajnalmojt wr«n B . They M.ouh. l,av« told ,^£rrS--the audience Realizes "" sorted "ompHny l"™* that it is too late to take off »r m.7i ,,PC V , « r SUm " !1 ' - r °'- downtown "hive" which «Pvor«l.™ romantic inlcresl * ™- he home.' ' ' ] ™> b >' time, been "robbed" severa '!just wants to kiss me. This man - * * |by on-the-spot bees who. even - • - -- • ~ • at that moment, are doing a similar dance in several sec- MISS MARILYN SUE ATCHISON Mr- and Mrs. Joe Atchison of this city are announcing th engagement of their daughter, Marilyn Sue, to Donald Heiber FOR LADIES ONLY By SALLY — New Members Of Toastmaster Club she took a round-about-route which included a stop for a cool drink—and a few secret peeks at what the various packages held. •This, of course, is perfectly normal behavior—for a woman, that is. But, such dilly-dally along the homeward route does not coincide with the bee's re~ turn trip . . . The bee, as ev eryone knows, always takes the shortest route home—heading in a bee-line, as it were . . . And, in her case, every winged sister in the colony knows that time has not been a-wastin' and the Highf they make will not. be a fulile one. So, all things considered, It would seem that bees can teach more lessons ttan the ones T learned years ago which were: never step on a bee while walking barefoot . . . And, while Polly's Pointers Tranquilizing Bath DEAR POLLY—One of m> five daughters is at that trans* itlonal stage, not yet a young lady and certainly not a child. I want her to relinquish her tics to childhood gradually arid mature naturally without undue haste and confusion. Like many mothers with teen-age daughters we have had repeated sessions trying to reach a mutual understanding of such problems as the amount of social liberty she should enjoy. Unpleasant situations that, arise are multiplied during this phase of acquiring independence and are upsetting to the entire Gale Howell, first row at left, administrative vice president of the Mt Vernon Toast- ^n^ong occasion that neces- masters Club, installed ten new members in the club at the meeting held Monday evening_at| s jt a ted a hot bath to prevent a I'm on the subject, it is aJwaysj^g^.j Restaurant, The new members are, second from left, front row, Dale Lowery, The invocation was given by Ruth Ann Atkinson and Gordon Herman Schwartz, and Presi- Rhine represented the 411 Club Miss Theresa Marie Schell. daughter of Mrs. Paul Schell of ^TB^: sofof M,l G W ^;9er, son of Mr. and Mrs. Sebastian Heiberger of Chicago Ham Brown of Pocalello, Idaho, The bride-elect recently received a Master s Degree at Southern Illinois University and will be employed as a guidance counselor at West Chicago High School. The prospective bridegroom is now enrolled at SIU with a major in industrial photography. Wedding plans are incomplete. (Mary Jane Studio) DEAR ABBY . . . The Major And The Minor! Abigail Van Buren the mark of a deep-thinker to take a long look at a bench before he sits down in a yard where blossoms are plentiful and the bees are thinking about the cold winter days ahead—as they momentarily rest—on the bench—from their nectar-gathering chores . . . (Recalling my stroll through the clover—and the time my mind was somewhere else when I plopped down on the bench—BRIEFLY- -I can assure you that bees don't like to be crowded.) And, speaking of allowing them plenty of space brings me right up to the question I had in mind to ask this scholarly gentleman--who seems to know so much about bee conduct . . . What I want to know is this: Just how did he manage to observe so much bee activity . . . Did he use a strong pair of field glasses . . . Did he peer through one of those enclosed hoods worn by bee handlers . . . Or, is he just taking someone's word for all this??? Somehow, for reasons just mentioned, it is my opinion that nobody . . . but NOBODY ... can hang around a hive — unprotected — long enough to know that much Bill Tracey, and Bobby Owens. Back row, from left are Jo e Burk, John Murphy, Don Sechrest, Guy Randall, Ted Sodders, Floyd Reese, and Bill York. (Delo Photo Craft) dent Gene Bourland presided. Table topics were assigned by Chairman Gale Howell. Club members participating in outside engagements the past week were Addison Gillepic, Gale Howell and A. Harold Williams. Ernie Hertenstein served as of Jefferson County. Their topics were "The Meaning of Recreation" and "Speak Up, Why Not." Dr. W. A. Grant chose as his title "The Toastmaster Story" and A. Harold Williams discussed "The Speech Craft Course." The general evaluator was toastmaster for the evening andjEarl D. Jamison assisted by Bill introduced the speakers. Miss'Carnahan and Don Durham. Addison Gillespie served as grammarian and Harold Frick operated as the "Ah Suppressor." Miss Ruth Ann Atkinson Mrs/ Troy Rhine, Gordon Rhine. Guy Randall, James J. McLaughlin, Ronnie Hustedde, Charles lloit. Tracy Rawlings and Frank Carrol were guests. The speech craft course will begin August 12 and anyone interested may contact Dr. W,A. Grant or Gale Howell. Socially Yours Going To State Fair — By SALLY — Major Helen Wells of Gunter Air Force Base in Montgomery, Alabama, spent the past weekend in Waltonville with her mother, Mrs .1. W. Wells. Dinner guests on Sunday were Judge and Mrs. about" a proud bee returning tojEvcreU Lewis of Benton, Mr. and shnw off before her colleagues.|Mrs. W. Carl Allen and son, GOODY I BROUGHT hours unle ^'They" have an^im-jn. My problem is Mr. Me their unov hours unless 1 "ey a ways trying to get me alone they were portant reason f 01 doing so. tQ kis / mc / H * tolt ? me he has An j pnmi "My wife, he writes, ioie-„„ phones me at work ^ times a day, often simply to ;js oW cnough t0 Dc my father. DEAR ABBY: In romance; chat. 'His wife knows nothing of this stories I notice that when al . . "And if she happens to be land 1 am sure it would hurt her man proposes to his lady he. uons 01 me lown . , in , A _ downtown shopping she'll call to find out. I can't tell my par- takes the cngigcment ring along And. too, cross-questioning LOOK WHA r me up to ask whether or notjents because thev would make with him. After the girl savscompels the dancer to admit HOME. she ought to buy something she,me quit, and I need the money ves he slips the ring on her fin- that she didn't return straignt (Just which do you gals think is going to buy, no matter what for school in the tall. I am really ger and they arc enyagocl. What to the home hive . . . Instead,lit really was??'.') j afraid and don't know wrcat to I can't figure out is how the ••T .ci- h. r nnt tn rail do. man finds out the lady's finger r)ZI Y , L nffi^ ShPM resent that I N0 NAME P^ASE size without her getting wise to at the office. Shed I re^crrt thai., DEAR xo . Qlll , >mIr , oh .„„, vvha , he - R llp l0 . But it isnt good business, and ^ ^ ^ I dont see why wives dont un -,J PBS0I) FOP QUMLNCI ALLD nEAU AM . ,„ .. roma nw", del-stand Mat. (THEM tell Mrs. Smith. She may stories the girl always say*, yes, I'd be willing to bet it hasj,,, ''hurt" to learn that her bus- the ring always (its and they HVP been a long time since your wife band is either sick or li-chr iou>., happily ever after. In modern worked in an office. Otherwise.'but covering it up could !><• a times, tlie man asks the cirl for she would realize that personal disaster for the ne\l young irirl her hand first. If -lie nant* to telephone calls during workingjghe, hires to care for lur child- t;ive 11 to him, she starts with hours are a nuisance. No maniren. her finger, which the jeweler likes to have his associates * » • measures for the ring size, and DEAR ABBY: A few weeks ayo they select the rliu: together. I invited some friends over for n » • . Sunday supper. They accepted COXI-TDENTIAI. TO "D": Sine* she probably Just does-j a week prior lo the day. So on Sinee yon can read your husband n 't realise that her telephonejSunday morning I proceeded to "like a hook", why don't you skip nails often do interrupt your|prepare for the dinner. At cx.-u't- what you don't like in him. as whole thing up- after watching his wife return from a shopping spree . . . Or, if in absolute truth, he did watch a hce go into a nimble-footed routine during which she buzzed out a church are among those attending message which, the way he de-| the Scho01 o£ Missions and Chris- scribes it, must have been "OH It'™ Service of the W.S. C.S. at GOODY . . JUST- "cKendree College in Labanon Nancy. • • • Mrs. Paul Wiclt and Mrs. L. E. Hard of the First Methodist 111. his associates think his wife can't let him alone during working hours. work, why don't you try' explaining It to her—even at the rhk of hurl feelings? You might even promise that you'll call her once a day — when convenient—so that she will have a chance to tell you anything she wants to remind you of, or discuss with you. ly the moment they were to ar- you do in a hook? Your life's rive we received a telephone call story will then have, a happier from them saying "company had ending, dropped in" and they were un-: • * » able to come. Having thawed out Tell your troubles to Ahby. For nine T-bone steak.;, made two a personal, unpublished reply, apple pies, besides French tries please send a stamped, self-ad- and onion rings and salads, I dressed envelope, was a bit miffed to say the • » * 1 least. Do you think they had a Getting married? For Abhy's If you're hesitant about fol-(legitimate reason for disappoint- booklet, "How To Have A Lovely lowing this advice, remember: it is usually kinder to be frank about an annoying situation than to put up with it resentfully. A wife who makes a habit of interrupting her husband's work unecessarily doesn't have respect for his job, an attitude that leaves much to be desired. ing us that way? Or were they 1 Wedding", send 50 cents to Ahby Delegate Read Ruth Milletfs "How to Have a Happy Husband." Mail 25 cents to Ruth Millett Reader Service, c/o Mt. Vernon Register-News, P. O. Box 489, Dept. A, Radio City Station New York 19, N.Y. Guest Speaker 4-H NEWS The Scholler Stitch and Stir 4-H Club met. recently, at the home of Rose Ann Rabat. Talks were given by Diane Wright and Linda Laur and plans were made for a trip to Pinck- ncyville. Refreshments were served by the hostess. This was the final meeting of the season. Ruth Ann Atkinson, a member of the Camp Ground Golden Rule 4 -H Club, and Gordon Rhine, a member of the Long Mrs Clovis Williams mid dau C h.^ Prai [ ie ^mblers, will appear on the 4 -H Share-The-Fun program ter. Barbara of Hamlin and Mr'«» the Sfate Fair ,n Springfield on August 15. and Mrs. Clarence Smith of Dig-i The former will give a talk on the theme "Speak Up — gers. Ark., are visiting in IheiWhy Not" and the latter will discuss "The Meaning of Recrea- home 01 ihe former 's brothcr-in-: tjon » and he wj || a | so serve as master of cer emonies for the law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Ed bad cold, I discovered that my daughter emerged from the tub calm, pleasant and co-operative. Since then when storm signals begin to wave, I urge her to indulge in a bubble bath and perhaps an extra lathery shampoo. She invariably comes from the tub relaxed and more amiable. This relaxing bath routine is a wonderful way to calm overwrought, nerves.—MRS. J. P. DEAR POLLY- My pointer is for the men. Take an old plastic detergent bottle (the large ones are better) and tie a string to it. Then take a weight and tie it to the string. When you go fishing, you can mark the place you fish by letting the weight drop under the water. The bottle will float on top and mark the suot.— GARY. BOYS — and fishing girit, too —Put the top back on tha empty plastic bottle so no water seeps in to keep It from really floating on top. POLLY. DEAR POLLY — Washcloths purchased from the store art usually too small to enable one to wash the middle of his back when taking a bath. Make two big washcloths by cutting * 16x24-inch terry cloth towel in half. Use one of these when you bathe. You can grasp a corner in each hand and scrub your back with ease.— ART. GIRLS—I doubt that we will leave this one Just to the boys.—-POLLY. DEAR POLLY— Add one or two tablespoons of glycerin to lukewarm water when rinsing wool sweaters or other wool garments. This will keep the garments soft and will help prevent itching when they are worn.—MRS. P. B. GIRLS—A little glycerin In the rinse water helps keep washable suede, chamois or pigskin gloves softer, too.— POLLY. Harrison. program. PERSONAL Sunday dinner guests In thel home of Mr. and Mrs. Richard! f Davis were his parents, Mr. andj ™ Mrs. Arlie Davis of Bemon audi „ ,, . „, . , ™ Mr. and Mrs. Francis La Mastusi Godfrey W. Schultz of Toxicol Mrs. Loren Birkett of Tamaroa former's' mflc ' p a short business trip to Ml.lspenl yesterday afternoon shop- 1 Vernon yesterday. |ping in the King City. Isaac Molhenour of luka was, Mr. and Mrs. Dale Gregory of a Ml. Vernon business visitor [Macedonia spent Wednesday after Wednesday afternoon. Inoon shopping in Mt. Vernon. Mrs. Blaine Rhodes of Cen- of Christopher — the uncle and aunt. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Whitlock and children, Pam and Stan of Belle Glade, Fla., are visiting his grandmother, Mrs. Maude j Whitlock and other relatives. Mrs. Ncey Temple, who receives her mail at ihe Setzokorn Nursing Home. 13(10 Broadway, is 97 years old today we have been told by Margaret Setzekorn, manager of the Home . . . Pele Menuncr of IJFD 2, Ml. Vernon will be 80 years old August 11 according to a telephone calf received from his daughter, Mrs. Bernice Morgan .... August 11 is also the birthday oi Walter Keen of KeeneK . . . .He will be 82 years old we have been told by his wife . . . And, on August Mrs. Minnie Be.-h.el of J <ell ^ ^ & ^ ^ spent yesterday afternoon ping in the King City. Joe Nadolski of Waltonville made a brief business trip to Mt. Vernon Wednesday. Mis. G. A. Downer and Mrs. Bory! Noi-vell of West Frankfort visited friends and shopped in Ihe King City yesterday. Mrs. Basil Chapman of McLeansboro transacted business and shopped in Mt. Vernon WedneS' day. Mrs. Ward Newman and Mrs. Frona Anderson of Herrin were Mt. Vernon shoppers and business visitors yesterday. Mrs. C. .1. Clevengor and Mrs yesterday. Frank Wilbanks of Belle Rive made a short business trip to Mt Vernon Wednesday afternoon. Donald Adams of Patoka was t business visitor in the King City yesterday. Bill Kurth of Sandoval spent Wednesday afternoon transacting business in Mt. Vernon. Mrs. John A. Martin of Carmi visited friends and shopped in Mt. Vernon yesterday. Mr. and Mrs. Hairy Pasley of Carmi visited friends and shopped in the King City yesterday. •••••••••• New! Fiesta Weekend at the LUXURIOUS LAWRENCE MOTEL 12, Mrs. Mary B. Swift of KI'D •>• C i a rcnce Reeder of Kinmundy Mt. Vernon, will be 77 years ok ! according to a report received ;from one of her friends, Mrs. 1 Vivian Randall of this city .... We do hope each one will receive many other cards with the one we are mailing today. "What gets me mad is that boys always seem to be able to enjoy themselves without us!" were business visitors and shoppers in Mt. Vernon Wednesday. Mrs. A. J. Morgan of Albion transacted business and shopped in the King City Wednesday afternoon. Mrs Roy Howard and Mis.:Jennings in Olney While there, Maxine Gallagher spent Wed-1 they also attended a luncheon nesday transacting business andhneeting of the Wabash-Produc- visiting with Mr. and Mrs. HomerUion Association. The Rev. Robert A. Krause will be guest speaker at First Method ist Church, Ml. Vernon, Sunday August 11 in the morning worship service, 9:30 o'clock. Re^. Krause is Ihe conference executive secretary of fiscal affail's, Southern Illinois Conference, a position created at the annual session in May. He works with Dr. Walter Smith in conference headquarters at 1918 Broadway. The Rev. Krause, former pastor of Central Methodist Church. Oblong, Illinois, received his A. B, degree from McKendree College, Lebanon, his B. D. degree from Emory School of Theology, At lanta, Georgia and his M. A. de gree from De Pauw University Greencastle, Indiana, Mrs. Betty Edwards, church 'secretary and president of the Missionary Society of the First Church of the Nazarene located at 11th and Perkins Streets in Mt. Vernon was elected as one of six lay delegates to the 16th General Assembly of the Church of the Nazarene to be held at the Me morial Coliseum in Portland, Ore |gon from June 18-26, 1964. Mrs. Edwards will represent the Illinois District of the Church of the Nazarene which is composed (of one-hundred and twenty churches and has its headquarters in Springfield, 111. Mrs. Edwards .was elected at the 20th Annual [District Assembly of the Illinois District which convened from July 24-26 al Nazarene Aercs which is located about eleven miles east of Springfield. Dr. Samuel Young, a General Superintendent of the Church of the Nazarene which has its International Headquarters in Kansas City, Missouri, presided. Other lay delegates elected were Mrs. Harold Daniels, wife of our District Superintendent of Springfield; Mrs. Neva Deming of Beardstown; Mr. Hugh Kelly I of Roxana: Mr. Howard Britton and Mr. Kent Nisbet both from (Decatur. MRS. FARMER YOUR REGISTER-NEWS BONUS CERTIFICATE IS WORTH ON PURCHASE OF $5.00 OR MORE Friday and Saturday, August 9th and 10th OUR NEW FALL MERCHANDISE HAS ARRIVED SWEATERS, SKIRTS, SLACK SETS, SHOES BUY NOW—USE OUR LAY-A-WAY PLAN iEE OUR MANY EGG DAY SPECIALS! Open Every Week Day Nite Till 8 P.M. JoELLA'S Where You Buy The Best—Always For Less 400 Main Mt. Vernon WESTERN GARDENS NEWS WATCH FOR THEM John Sr. & John Jr. RESORT AIR CONDITIONED COCKTAIL LOUNGE Entertainment Nightly Except Sunday Rooms Including Meala $9.75 Per Day. Double $15.68. Each Additional Person In Room fl.M Extra Plus $4.88 for Food. FOB RESERVATIONS DIAL 242-470* HOW MUCH IS YOUR DOLLAR WORTH IN DIAMONDS WELCOME TO WESTERN bra ted his 2nd birthday with a GARDENS: Mr. and Mrs. A. J.iparty last Saturday afternoon Wisniewski and daughter are j for friends. He is the son of Mr. scheduled to move into their!and Mrs. Robert D. Deitz. lovely new ranch home tomor-l Mrs. Evelvn Wilson will cele-i row, located at 48 Cherry Drive, brate her birthday tomorrow,! Mr. Wisniewski is the new Aug 9 i ^ ag6 , r „H f ^ C »\~ U &£?J TRAVELERS: Mrs. Theresa n m PrW*tnn y TnH romerly !Laree and children spent Sun- om Princeton, Ind. • r, .,;„:.:„„ m„ Mr. and Mrs. Charles Harris ^J"^ V,Sitmg Mr ' and family are now at home at La ' ge s p , a ^ ems _ 404 Orange Street. Mr. and Mrs. Dewey Jones and A special welcome to Juliet family spent the weekend in Lynn, new daughter of Mr. and Sycamore, 111. Mrs. Charles W. French, born Mrs. Joe Winfrey npent the Saturday afternoon in Good Sa- weekend in Evansville, Ind. and maritan Hospital. Carmi, III. GUESTS: Mr. and Mrs^ Bill B ayne D. Wilson spent 3 days Shannon and daughter Debbie; this week in Springfield on busi- of St. Louis were guests last ness Mr? 3 £eRoy e TiUe n r ° f ^ Earl D ' Jamison attended the Mr.^nd?Mr George Wheeler *J a «™ 0 J/ft "^iJL"^,- of Quincy, 111. spent the weekend e ^™» a4 "ew Salem, 1)1. with their daughter and son-in- last Sdt u fda y evening, law, Mr. and Mrs. David Baum. ACTIVITIES: Rev. Bayne D. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hender- Wilson will be the guest speaker son of Covington, Va. are guests next Sunday at the First Presby- of Mr. and Mrs. Phil Gardner. lena n Church. BIRTHDAYS: Doug Deiiz cele-i (Paid Adv.) Among our most recent arrivals. Exceptional quality. $300.00 How much can you B»t f» carat weight, brilliancy !j perfection of cut, SW clarity ond beauty pot ^ dollar when you buy diamonds. That, of count* dependi entirely on when* you buy it, how much >' the jeweler values your good-will and his reputation, how good a buyer the jeweler himself is. Comparison proves your diamond dollar goof • farther here. Prove it to yourself. ~^' Easy Credit JACKSON'S OFFER YOU: • Guaranteed Satisfaction • Credit Terms • Free Gift Wrapping • Greater Service • Greater Selection • Everyday Low Prices M. E. JACKSON SOUTH SIDE SQUARE Southern Illinois' Leading Jeweler for Over 43 Years.

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