The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on May 9, 1930 · Page 4
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 4

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, May 9, 1930
Page 4
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PAGE POUR £81 SEWPoN ISiSLf ¥BS6!Jr?a QUESTION Is ambulance transportation safe for those who are seriously ill? ANSWER ill' an ambulance is completely equipped and the dmrg'e of specially trained drivers and endantsj; it assures safe and comfortable msportation for those who are seriously ill. The Leatherman ambulance is a hospital on wheels. Special springs in each post of the adjust ably cot, together with a soft, felt spring mkl tvess, shock absorbers and ballon tires, give iiijmsual riding ease.' Jin charge of skilled and trustworthy drivers, tlije l.eatherman ambulance is " available promptly at any hour of the day or night.- There is never any charge made for local caBs. LICENSED LADY EMBALMERS FUNERAL SERVICE .ee 5. Leatherman c-^»^> HerbertVjMorns --TIPTON — (iKEKXTOWX OOMIXC Will .Miiy lVrfort Ciri-li's Island Sunday. Sunday the will meet the Grc'eiiiown Lust Perfect hall chili on the Sand Island dia Fine Baby Girl. Sand team jC'irele ninnd at 2:."0 o'clock. The promises to he a sood one Oreontovn team ""is hacked by the American Lesion and of the hest teams in this sjection of Indiana. Men are at work to hay road at the end of JeffersAi street in condition so that people can za out that" way. A large i'rowd is anticipated. Aoi'iiscd of Simopin; i'iltshurirh. May 9.—He Curra.n of New York, president of ilie Nationa nme . The e the lry H. Sir. and Mrs. Russell Hoover are the proud and happy parents of a fiue baby girl, the stork having visited them at their home east_ of Tipton early Friday •morning. The baby, who has not yet been named, is the first child in the home. Mother and baby are getting along fine. The mother before her marriage was Miss Clara Parrish of Hobbs. She is the daughter of Mrs. Roy Poutch o£ Goldsmith. The proud father is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Will Hoover east Tipton. BY ROCKEFELLERS Holdings in Bankers Trust Bought by Officers and Bankers. Boyhood Home of M Lindy" Picture of the Month at Library. BY KOKOMO ARTIST oR The .boyhood homo of Col. Charles Lindbergh is the subject of a painting by Mrs. Laura B. McMillan of Kokoino. This painting was hung today iii" the-Library here as the Picture of the Month.' The boyhood home of Col. Lindbergh is located. at Little Falls, Minnesota. This town of Little Falls is located on the 'Mississippi river, about one hundred miles north and west of the twin. cities" • of St. Paul and Minneapolis. The home where he grew to manhood is located on the west bank of this great river, one and a half miles south of the corporate limits of the town of Little Falls, which has a population of 6,000. It is the county seat of Morrison county in the geo.-' of the state. "7''" The farm on which the house is built contains ninety seven acres on which is a beautiful grove of large trees now being used for local and regional gatherings as a camping place 'for summer outings. On the rear of this now interesting domicile is a porch screened in from which one can view the majestic river in the embrace of banks terraced upward and covered with rich foliage. The house stands a few rods back of the main road amid a cluster of beautiful trees as shown in the picture. The house remains at present unoccupied and. in the •condition in which it was left by the Lindbergh family. ""• Travelers from near and far in great numbers constantly visit the Jiome and write their names and addresses on the front outer walls from base line to the very roof. Mrs. Laura McMillan sketched the picture of this noted dwelling while seated diagonally in front of the house among the trees in August of 1929. He Keeps Solemn 65- Year-Old Try*t Alone ANNUAL CONVENTION. Federation of Clubs Meets In Kokomo Wednesday. Pleasant Marion Keeble, 84-year- old veteran of the Civil War, jour-;. neyed the distance ox eight miles to Boekfora, Tenn.; to. keep a promise made 66 years ago with Civil War buddies, all of whom are now dead. When |the'Snltanai prison ship, sank near Memphis in the Mississippi River, April 21, 1865, the Tennessee Federal soldiers who were saved in the disaster, ^whieb cost 1,828 lives, de? cided to hold an annual reunion. The 84-year-old veteran is how the sole survivor. j (IntunatlfUl NnrarMl) The annual convention of the Indiana Federation of clubs of the Ninth district will be held at Kokomo May 14th at the .Congregational church. The district is composed of Boone, Carroll, Clinton, Fountain, Howard, . Hamilton; ' Montgomery and Tipton counties and clubs from "all over the district are expected to be present. Miss May Hobbs of Tipon is chairman of the district and Mrs. D. S. Phares also of Tipton is Secretary-treasurer of the district. : - .Mrs. George H.- Warne of Tipr ton is chairman of the Tipton County Federation and Mrs. W. W. Dragoo of. Windfall is chairman of the district reciprocity committee. The Howard County Federation of clubs with Miss Helen Waters of Russiaville as county chairman, are hosts for the convention and have arranged an excellent program in entertainment. Mrs. Edwin Miller of Peril of the state federation" and Mrs. Edwin Carnine, second vice president of the Indiana Federation are to give addresses. In the afternoon the Kokomo department • club will present a playlet and pageant features. . • Mrs. Warne is on the district committee .for selection of place for the next district; meeting. Denies Charges; Curwood In Accident. Owosso, Mich., May 9.—James Oliver Curwood, age twenty- three, son of the late novelist, real Association Against i ceived a fractured skull and MILLIONS IN THE DEAL ac- Ar- the Prohibition Amendment cused Senator Caraway o kansas and Senator Robinson of Indiana with.. "snooping" into his private letters- and with refusing to make public confident! ports "about some of the •ilia drys" in congress at meeting here last night. kl re- drink- a mass Flowers for Mother, at Berts. B. & P. W. C^h. c-187 broken neck in an airplane acci dent at the Owosso airport lait night. Attending physicians said he probably would die. Curwood, a licensed pilot had taken up two passengers. The wing of the plane struck a tree while he was attempting a landing. The machine fell fifty feet. The passengers were only slightly j r j cn 'New'York, May 9! —In a deal involving close, to $30,000,000, and constituting one of the largest transactions in bank stock on record, holdings of the John D. Rockefeller interests in the Backers Trust Company have "been sold to a. syndicate composed of officers of the trust company and of the investment banking firm of Bonbright & Co. Coincident with the news of the sale of the Rockefeller stock, amounting to about 170,000 shares, it was an nounced that Winthrop W, Aid- president of the Equitable injured. Tribune want ads pay. aSc—Admission—SOc Found Billfold. Luther Tansey, who is ^defendant in an action for damages for the alleged offense! of entering into a fraudulent marriage, has filed a denial to the charges in the Circuit Court." j The ! action brought by his wife, Mrs. Alehea Pensler Tansey, charges Tansey with entering in the marriage for the purpose of preventing prosecution on a paternity charge and asks $1,000 damages. Tansey denies the charges and' has employed attorneys to conduct his defense. I Pershing -at School. A. E. Swartz who operates the factory in the old Baptist church, found a .billfold on the streets Friday morning'and left it a.t the Tribune office for the owner. A Masonic card inside shows it to belong to H. R. Hodman" of North Independence street and Mr. Hodman was notified and came down and secured the property, being thankful that it fell into honest hands. The billfold contained several bills, railroad passes and other important papers to the owner. I " Bloomington, Ind., May 9.—M. M. Pershing of the Tipton Tribune is among those' in attendance at the journalism sjiort course being held this week end at Indiana University. Newspaper work- ors from all parts of the state arc registered for ^the conference which opened Thursday and will come to a close Saturday noon': | Trust-Company, and the represen j ta.tive of the Rockefeller inter 1 ests on the board of Bankers I Trust, would retire from the latter position on assuming the presidencyl of the enlarged Chase National Bank with which Equitable is to be merged. Mr. Aldrich's retirement from the Bunkers Trust board is made necessary, it was explained because directors of national banks are forbidden, by the laws against interlocking directorates, to be directors of trust companies. It could, not be ascertained yesterday whether the Rockefeller interests had disposed of all their holdings in Bankers Trust or merely < the major .part of them. The number of shares involved is so large, however, that jit is considered unlikely ' that they retain any important hold­ ings'in the bank. : . Seward jProsaer, chairman' of the 'Bankers Trust Company; in confirming,the news of the' deal, explained that the transaction Ifd not. have _••"._ any:-. siBnlncanctr ifwiatinc to prospective' mergers j ^anitetlona between the Bank ^'"'Trf ^Mdlanr other instttu Art Metal files and office furniture. Tribune Press. Everything For'Baby's Happiness Let us help protect .the baby's precious' health during. ; t!»e. coming •• aum- . ujar • in o nth*. .yjny.Tot Biby, Poy/dwynjjd Soqp, , Tiny-Tp* m a/hy^jQroam^ '•piH THIS INTERESTED US— MAYBE IT WILL YOU, TOO "Why do we call it a "lockout?" Here is a phrase which we run into these days, more frequently, possibly than when things were booming industrially. The lockout" is commonly understood to refer to suspension of work in a factors, arising, usu ally, out of a dispute between the employes and the jemployer. The word itself, however, came to- be applied to a situation which is the antithesis of a strike, j so- called. In the case of the "lockout" j the employer take's the initiative and figuratively speaking, locks out the employes by forbidding them admission to his buildings. The word has been in Our language fpT a great many years, and it: has preserved Miis {original sense down to this day. Made. Party Continues to -Improve. There is continued improvement in the condition of Miss May Hobbs, who was operated upon three weeks ago at the Mercy hospital at El wood'for acute appendicitis. She was removed to her home southeast of Tipton from the hospital more than a week ago, anil is making a fine gain each day. She is able to be up and around the home during the week and also able to go out for' short drives in" the-car. Miss Hobbs who is president of the 9th district , federation of clubs is hoping to be able to attend the annual district, convention which will be held at Kokomo, Wednesday, May 14 and assist if possible in presiding ove* the sessions. She will be assisted by Mrs. Bert Miller of Lebanon, vice president of the district. Still Improving. Mrs. Roy Grinstead of -Oak street who visited at the Robert Long hospital at Indianapolis, with Mr: Grinstead- found' him still improving. He has been making a fine gain for;the past few days which, is very encouraging to the 1 physicians and family. A. letter from Mr. Grinstead "Friday to his wife, said he was hoping to come home very soon and that his electrical treatments he has been' taking of two minutes duration have I been increased to six' minutes with very satisfactory rer suits. -a' REMEMBER MOTHER On Mother's Day SUITABLE GIFT SUGGESTIONS Purses Hose Hats • Lingerie • Fancy House Slippers Many More Appropriate Gifts The Boston Store (A Home Owned Store for 74 Years) HOOVER FLAYED. Senator. Robinson of Arkansas Talks On Depression. Washington, May 9.—Asserting that the unemployment situation is steadily becoming worse and that prices of leading securities are now lower that over. Senator Robinson of Arkansas, the Demo-j only way to continue prosperity c'rat'ic leader, said yesterday tiiej in this country." "The day after this speech the stock market experienced a crash that carried, the prices of securities to lower levels than the abyss of the black November days of last year. The president or course did not bring about the panic, but it should not be forgotten that he asked his election ou the ground that it was the country had lost faith and "now accepts no administration declarations as valid." In- a statement issued through! the Democratic national committee .Robinson said that two months ago President Hoover issued a. statement" on business con-; ditions which said "all the evi -j denccs indicate that the worst ef -j fects of the crash upon employment will have been passed during ..the'next sixty days. "A week "ago," said Robinson, President Hoover- delivered a speech" before the chamber of commerce of the United States in which he- reiterated his declaration that the business slump U nearly all over. "Since the panic which began last November." Robinson added, "conditions have grown steadily worse, despite the Pollyahna statements of the administration and the misleading reports ; of some of its members, notably James J. Davis, the secretary of labor. Mr. Davis' figures on unemployment have been so absolutely wrong that the country has lost faith and now accepts no administration declarations as valid. "However blameless the president may be for the initial panic, it is most unfortunate that added disappointment should have come from his persistent coloring of real conditions." Sirs. C. R. "McDowell Homt. Defendant. I • . li A summons was ordered j; issued Friday; for Miss Mary Messmore, daughter of Mr. and- Mrs.; William Messmore;, who .was made a defendant in the suit to quiet title brought by McCarthy ^against Bair'd and others,' Thereal estate involved is known as the,. Jerry Ressler farm hear Hobbs and'was recently soli to Mr'. McCarthy who in Washington, p. 6. I S- Industrial' Hearing. - mm pi! j aherlff Jesse Devault- received 'iibir^'Frt^ i'"iinUabie .flab*: [ale |he-,' "" '.(o:-hoid':'a' 4a»rin, ••••-.pttatataui' Friday the Leatherman ambulance went to Indianapolis and brought; Mrs. C. R. McDowell and baby from the Coleman hospital where the little .one, was .' horn about two weeks ago. Mrs. McDowell was taken to the hospital in a critical condition but is now' 1 getting along nicely and the new baby is getting along well.; • Tomorrow Matinee 2:15. Tonightand Tomorrow Admission: 10c, 25c. KEN MAYNARD in "LUCKY LARKIIT .-"•". With His Famous Horse "Tarzan" A western Melodrama full of action, thrills and rnmiinre, Keu hits never failed as yet and he promised this picture to he the best of nil. Sec the biggest rodeo show yon evrr saw. ' Also "Tarzan the Tiger," and One-Keel of Fxra Tribune want ads get results; DESERVE REALLY EXPERT SERVICE •Don't risk your watch with a ' 'just l ordinary/' (watch maker. Let as handle it for you irtd ^ou can b« auured of iM» )»it netrkk ttot inbn- ! " ra " ' bnyr-buv »t no i|- inpriot, rart and COMING SUNDAY AND MONDAY William Hains, The Good Bad Little Boy, in ''The Girl Said No 99 A BETTER ^ICTITIE THAX "THE XAV1T BLIES" Also That Good Pair, Laurel & Hardy in a Side Splitter, and News Reel | m rW;-~ i '-'"'H'-' ' "^'f^-^ Executive ornstalk Bond Stationery Paper Made From Cornstalks White or Golden 'er une , ; . ." j i' t'' ' >t > • ; J. - • > ' ' I i^^, ^jjjjjgjg ||«5p^#^ HIM HidHimilliiii I I i 1 1 1 • i ^Vllifllihi 'iniTirjITBIIi

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