Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on June 12, 1957 · Page 2
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 2

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 12, 1957
Page 2
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,TW0 _ EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD., WEDNESDAY, JUNE 12, 195T Big Missile ~ Explodes In Florida Test M1SSILK TKST CKNTKIl, Cape Canaveral. I-'la. * — A monster! missile streaked two miles straight up yesterday, then ex-: plodcd. Tfiousaticls ol spectators \iere conticieiil they had seen the Atlas lake its first slej> toward intercontinental — and ]icrlui]is in- fcrplanelnr\ - — flight. The test apparently miscarried. The AIL Force in iis torse an- noutK'cineiU said the missile itself; blew uj> shortly after it was launched. j An Air Force spokesman cle-1 ctiiifd lo say just where the huge rocket met mishap. 'fhe .Air Force and the Defense; Department wouldn't say it was' the Atlas. They wouldn't call it anything hut "a missile." or say directly how it measured up lo expectations. However, the cisar-shapcd skyrocket was identified as the Alias by informants whose past siaicmwils have proved lotf per The Alias was brought here a few days ago by special truck convoy Irom San Diego, Calif., site of its manufacture. On hand for the firinj; were representatives of Convair Corp. anil General Klee- tric. which built the intercontinental ballistic missile. Observers who have seen previous versions of rocket blasts said this was nut like any they'd seen. The missile rose and burst in a fireball at 2:38 p.m. Ninety minutes later an Air Force spokesman said: "A missile was fired at the Air Force missile test center's Cape Canaveral launching site today. Shortly alter Ihe launching Hie missile exploded. There were no casualties." Previous firings had been announced only days afterward. Dial PA 2-4600 for • WANT AD Take* ACCUSED—Thomas IX Jacobs, in dark suit, leaves Stale Law Knfoi cement Division headquarters in Columbia, S. C.. yesterday shortly after the announcement that he had been arrested in connection with an alleged $350.000 kidnaping attempt oi a Clinton, S. C., banker's four-year-old son. Shown are, left lo right, Jacobs. Clinton Police Chief B. B. Mallard, an unidentified officer, .lobie SJielton. who is also arrested in the case, I.anrens Sheriff C. W. Weir, and slate law- enforcement chief .1. 1> U. S. Handed Girard Over To Japan To Pacify Them In Foreign Policy WASHINGTON 1 iffi — The-Eisen- Pressures on the administration hmver administration has almost admitted it is handing GI William On Formosa rioting Chinese T!ie spokesman added lhal S. Girard over to the Japanese to "valuably information was gaincdjpacify them and not because be afler a courl-martial there freed as a result of Ihe lest. Extensive flight testing of rocket missiles... has been going on for some time. These tests will be continued." As an intercontinental ballistic missile, the Atlas at peak development would have a range of 5,000 miles and a speed lhal would take it to Moscow in 20 minutes. Yesterday's Hiissile attained an estimated height of only 10,000 was. right or wrong in killing a an American soldier in (he killing Japanese woman. On a firing range in Japan, where Japanese men and women _ „„„„,; ,, 1JU „,„., had become a problem to Ameri- dcparlmenls issued a joint state- care troops by wandering around mcnl saying they approved letting to pick up empty shells to sell tlie Japanese have Girard. They for scrap, the 21-year-old Girard didn't deny dial what he did was was ordered to guard a machine " " ' in. He put an empty cartridge case ., - ,.,,^.. ,-<,., ,, U i m mi: agreement feet—about two miles—before it in a grenade-launcher and fired at all. They said Girard's action disintegratod-in an-orange-flash and a plume of black smoke. GOP Leader Wins Battle MINNEAPOLIS w — Former Ilcpublican Stale Chairman P. IfiSEajrd._a_ woman strap-hunter 30 yards away. It hit and killed he. . Girard denied intending to kill her. He said he had only wanted to scare her away. Denied Enticing Her ._,,„ ..... „ „„„„ ,,, =kcau „, , Some Japanese said he had en- an American coiirt-rnarlial couragcd Ihe woman to come ..... closer and then fired. He denied this. And Ihe commanding general of his division certified Girard had Kenneth Peterson defeated i n -: a ctcd in "performance of ins cumbent Mayor Eric G. Hoyer'''"'- 1 "-" That's a key phrase in Ibis yesterday in the Minneapolis city ''"'" election. Hoyer, the labor-endorsed can- didale, was seeking his fifth full Oliver Cased—bore out what Gi term as mayor and was considered a slight favorite. Peterson, attorney and former state legislator, (railed at firsl story. Yesterday in federal court, the administration—through U.S. Ally. rard's commanding general said, lie, too. conceded Girard had acted in "performance of duly." But Gasch — in a brief filed [against efforts of Girard's family but gained steadily. _ ,. Unofficial returns from all 198 lo " ci a federal judge to order the precincts gave Peterson 66,.i89, so ' c '' cr relumed to this coiintrj-— and Uoyer 60,317. 'IsiM- • ~ - — -- — -~*.^~., 5 »_uoi otijji uds MHieu uie arcat- or letting Girard be tried in afest response he has ever seen in Japanese court instead of before his preaching around the world nn Am(\rir*;in /*/*,,,-> »*~...-i:..i »•,, , ,. "unu, still has more than another month to go. It's near Ihe halfway mark. No other event—circus, sporting spectacle or horse show—has ever been able to lill Madison Square Garden for such an extended period, but Ihe turnout for Graham's sermons shows no signs of letting up. Attendance has averaged is,200, almost capacity, since the start' a total of 501.000. Nearly 16,923 have stepped forward lo begin what Graham calls "a new life of joy and peace in Christ." What was the reason? It was his: Kven though one side claims nrisdiction in a case like Girard's. t can. if it wishes, yield (hat jur- sriiclion lo the other. The stale- nent of the Defense and State departments said the decision to yield jurisdiction was properly nade and must be carried out 'in order lo preserve Ihe integrity ot the pledges of the United Itatcs." -Minneapolis elections are nonpartisan. Atomic Tes! D chived ATOMIC TEST SITE, Nov. •,,_ A 48-hour postponement has been ordered for the atomic test explosion scheduled for today. Officials say they need more iime lo install instruments. The decision lo let (lie Japanese have Girarri was made by the administration "in (he conduct of foreign affairs ant! the military defense of the United Slates and as such is a political decision not subject lo judicial review." That's another way of saying the decision was malic to retain good relations with the Japanese, who arc aroused over the case. The United Slates lias ail agree men! with the Japanese thai if an American soldier violates Jap ancse law—but docs it in "performance of his duty"—the United Stales will have jurisdiction. This .means he normally would be tried by Army court-martial—not in a [Japanese court. The Japanese claimed Girard's action was not in "performance of [his duty.'' The American Far Kast iCommand argued, and still docs [lhat Girard was acting in "performance of rluly." The Japanese [insisted on Irving Girard for Ihe jkilling. , This di.spule went on for months. Finally the Defense Department Jiere ruled that i( (he Japanese [insisted, they could have Girard. (They insisted. The Far F.ast Com- jinanil announced May IB the Jap- (ancse would gel Girard. ! The next day Secretary of De. louse Wilson hloi-kcd ihis'hy saying he would review the" ta*c Insure Maximum Whiteness with Fume Resistant-Controlled Chalking Snolite nounted. The Japanese protested. lacked the American Embassy a Chinese. Wnril Nol In Agreement On June 4 Ihe Defense and Slale n "performance of duly." Instead (hey created a word I'hich was not in the agreement jjich_resulted in killingjhc wom- i had nol~bcen "5ulliofized7'~ But the statement didn't aL- empl lo give this as the reason big-city folk still arc flocking t, hear him nightly by the thou sands. "During this first month," Graham said last night, "we have seen God do great and marvelous things-in-this-city. The crusade, which (lie evan- gelisl says has stirred (he great Air Mishap FT. liliAGG, N.C. «v-Medical JUthorilies say an Iowa paratroop- ?r suffocated during the more ban three hours he dangled from i troop carrier plane over this military post yesterday. Pfc. Wayne 11. Flugum, 23, I.e- lund, Iowa, was dead when be was cut loose from the huge C123 transport as it skimmed only inches above a runway greased with foam lo cut down possible injury. During the preceding three nours, three crew members had worked valiantly to free Flugum. whose parachute became entangled in the static line left by previous jumpers during a routine airborne exercise. The medical report said he had icon dead from 30 minutes to two nours before his body was landed. But the report did not say whether the trooper suffocated from being entangled in his shroud lines, or; from Ihe force of slipstream ail- under Ihe plane. Fjiigum was about the 18th of some 36 paratroopers whTjuinpcd from (he plane. The crewmen almost pulled Ihe pleading Flugum lo safety once, :>ut Ihe slipstream pulled him from their grasp. Republicans (Continued from Page 1> A 4 p. m. medical bulletin—the last of this illness barring unfor- -seen developments—said lie had "almost completed bis recovery from a mild stomach upset." "Overindulgence" Blamed Tlie White House physician, Maj. Gen. Howard M. Snyder, reported the President losl no weight during the illness, which first developed Sunday evening. White House press Secretary James C. Hagerly said Ihe three physicians who attended Eisenhower during this latest illness had concluded it was due lo Billy Gmluim's Crusade 'Draws Throngs In N. Y. ....... *, vi it i MM vu ii- *Y*ia UUL' ID NEW YORK i*_The gate count "overindulgence in some types of at Billy Graham's New York cru- f 001 '-" To pul ii anolher way, he sade today totaled more than half lla<i "? l becn slicking to Ibe diet a million in four weeks, and the on wn ' cn nc was put after his 1955 heart altack. t Youth Freed In Shooting , Of Friend, 20 PRINCE FREDERICK, Md. On —Because some detective work by the Slate Medical Examiner's Office turned up microscopic marks on a spent bullet, a Washington, D. C., youtb was acquitted, of manslaughter yesterday. Kraiicis X. t'ampaiiclla, 19-year, old defendant, was charged in tha March 31 fatal shooting of his friend, Paul B. Herbert, 20, also of Washington, as they played a game of "war" with 22 caliber rifles. Dr. Sydney Kalz, woman path, ologist in lite slate office, did (he detective work. She lestified in Circuit court thai Ihe bullet ear. ried Ihe tiny marks on its base which matched the herringbone pattern of Ihe victim's' trousers. She also said a tiny luft of the fab! ric was snagged on the bullet. Dr. Katz said this showed lhat the bullet had ricocheted and spun end over end before striking Her. berl — back end first. Said Judge John B. Gray, who heard the case without a jury: "The defendant cannot be held responsible for Paul's death, if he honeslly fired his rifle in a safe area. . . If it struck an object and was deflected from its course, then it absolves him." SEEMED HAPPY 10 DAYS AGO-Belle Davis smiles at tier husband, Gary Alerrill, while visiling him len days ago on the set of "'fhe Missouri Traveler" with Iwo of her children. Yesterday she surprised Hollywood by filing a separate maintenance suit, charging cruelly. w Photolax) U. S. To Reduce Legation Staff GE Asserts (Continued from Page 1) WASHINGTON' The Stale Department is reported mapping a cut of up to 50 per cent in the 34-inember U. S. legation staff in Communist Hungary. This planned slash is about what the Soviet satellite government of Premier Janos Kadar demanded May 25. but Ihe State Department told Hungary in a note released yesterday that it is not responding to the Hungarian demand. Railway Co.—Meany said Ihe firm established the Easlern Mutual Insurance Co. practically for Ihe sole purpose of handling what he called "meager" heallh-accidenl benefits for about 1,100 transit workers. He also said Ihe three top transit officers also were the three lop insurance company officers. Meany added that the three plus a claims manager drew nearly $95,000 in salaries from the insurance subsidiary. Riot Deaths Rise To Six ALGIERS I* - Algier's capital was returning slowly io normal today after wild anti-Moslem riot, ing by an enraged French popula- 37 injured. Those were the casualty figures announced by French authorities Other sources said at least 12 Arabs were killed and 40 other Moslems and Europeans were injured. Police arrested at least 200 Frenchmen for taking part in tha riots, World's highest capital is La Paz in Bolivia. It is in a shelter, ed valley al 11,500 feet. Most Wauled Criminal Nabbed In California NKW YORK-HN'S)-The FBI announced Die capture of "one of New York's Ihirteen most wanted criminals." James J. Kelly, special agent n charge of the New York office of tbe FBI, said lhal Morris Sedikaner, 55, a four time loser, was arrested in Los Angeles. Slug Party HOUGHTON, Mich. «| — Mr. and Mrs. Uno Warjakka of Lac La Bell have a pet deer, Peddy. lhat likes to drink beer and chew lobacco. They've cut off his tobacco because he swallows it. But he is allowed beer along with plenty of milk and sugar. THE MANHATTAiN ,4 Gift for ONE COAT House Paint A Htgb-hidmg white for PITTSBURGH Plate Glass Company 317 Henderson Ave. Phone PA 4-3434 light, Cool and Washoble Seersucker Itobes 4.JI5 Tailored by Royal of fine quality seersucker Blue and Gray ... or Maroon and Gray stripes. Shawl collar, full belt. An ideal warm weather vobe for shower, camp, club or beach. Sizes S.M.UXL. Tltc M nnhattun Baltimore Street at Uberly Cumberland WHETHER YOU ARE COOKING FOR PRIZES % _* — OR PRAISES COOK ELECTRICALLY! ITS CLEANER! IT'S EASIER! NO SOOT NO SMOKE MO FUMES TVs ad was suggested by Mrs. toy W. Speak, >,i Sto*ef Rood, Taneytown, Md. BITTER BETTER ; »v. Welcome has a richer meaning when you serve the "Best Bourbon ever bottled" Suil Ihe action to the v.-ord. Show the of )e»r welcome hy serving Charter Oak to your friends. The richness of this superb bourbon—its smoothness and depih of flavor- will win you welcome words of ThinisJ FOR THE FULL LUXUfff

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