Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on December 2, 1977 · Page 20
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 20

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 2, 1977
Page 20
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Page 8A Garden City Telegram Friday, December 2,1977 Thursday KUPK (ABC) Channels Listed In Proaram Guide brin C»», KM. ID KGLD (NBC) Thursday Evening Nt«tr, tab. (D KRMA(PBS) O KWGN (MD) Eutfi, KM. O KTVC (CBS) Decembers. 1977 6:00 All Ch. but OCBDJB News 8 Lucy IB Misterogers' SB To Tell the Truth 6:30 a Andy Griffith m Adam-12 O F-Troop CD Electric Company CD Liar's Club 7:00 o Dick Van Dyke SO Chips O The Waltons CB Zoom SB NCAA Basketball — Wichita State vs. Michigan State 7:30 o Odd Couple 3D Over Easy 8:00 o Sgt. Bilko m Paul Simon Special O Hawaii Five-0 CD Esta Semana 8:30 o Adam-12 CB MacNeil/Lehrer Report 9:00 O Movie — "Invasion Quartet." Comedy. Bill Travers. Four invalid British officers plot an audacious scheme to wipe out a big German gun which has been shelling England. (120 min.) SO What Really Happened to the Class of'65? O Heisman Trophy CB Robin Hood SB Redd Foxx 10:00 All Ch. but OCB News CB Best of Families 10:30 m Tonight Show O Movie — "Cool Million: The Thousand Dollar Misunderstanding." James Farentino. Jellerson Keys, whose lee (or his special assignments is a million dollars, gets a million- dollar check that bounces. SB Police Story 11:00 o News CB I, Claudius 11:30 o Movie — "The Power and the Prize." Robert Taylor, Burl Ives. A drama ol human dignity, love and thirst lor power reveals the forces ol mortal passion. (125 min.) CD Alan King's Pleasures of Rome 12:00 m Tomorrow CB Dick Cavett Show 1:00 a) News SB Movies: Flame Over India Around the World The Outlaw's Daughter 1:35 o News Thursday Programs December 8 3:00 P.M. — CBS THE WINNERS — "You Gotta Start Somewhere." The broadcast dramatizes the true story ol young Philip Gilbert, who decided to start his own school in a predominantly Indian area in Rapid City, S.D. 7:00 P.M. — CBS THE WALTONS — Olivia mystifies the entire Walton family when she suddenly sinks into depression and becomes extremely short-tempered. And when she abruptly decides to take a trip, alone, her loved ones start believing there is something drastically wrong. 7:00 P.M. — NBC CHIPS — "Name Your Price." Ponch tries for lame and a fortune on a TV quiz show but his publicity centers on his pursuit ol escaped chickens from an overturned truck on the freeway. 8:00 P.M. — CBS HAWAII FIVE-0 — The murder of a U.S. Navy submarine officer on a Hawaiian beach at about the same time that a Lf.S. destroyer detected the presence ol a submerged mystery submarine nearby intimates to Five-0 chief Steve McGarretl that he is investigating what may be more than just a run-of-the-mill killing. 8:30 P.M. — ABC CARTER COUNTRY — "Union vs. the Confederacy." Chiet Roy falls into a trap when he treats his annual negotiating session with the mayor as the game (hey usually playXThe wily mayor has hired a professional negotiator. 9:00 P.M. — NBC WHAT REALLY HAPPENED TO THE CLASS OF '65? — "Everybody's Girl." Annette OToole stars as a happily married woman whose past comes back to haunt her when a former classmate reminds her of her reputation as the most promiscuous girl in school. 10:30 P.M. — CBS CBS LATE MOVIE — "Cool Million: The Thousand Dollar Misunderstanding." 10:30 P.M. — ABC POLICE STORY — "Country Boy." A young recruit (ram a rural community attempts to defy his background and pass the tough Police Academy course to become a cop. 11:30 P.M.—ABC THURSDAY NIGHT SPECIAL—"Alan King's Pleasures ol Rome." Alan King stars in a wide-ranging tour of the glamorous city and features interviews with its most glamorous residents and visitors. Public TV Highlights Thursday Cable TV Channel 7 10 p.m. THE BEST OF FAMILIES "New Year's Eve 1899" The Three families look back on their lives and confront the approaching new century with speculation and renewed hopes. 11 p.m. MASTERPIECE THEATRE "I, Claudis" Episode Five — "Poison is Queen" Augustus finally discovers the extent of Livia's treachery. — SPECIALS — 3:00 o The Winners 8:00 m Paul Simon Special 9:00 0 Heisman Trophy fO What Really Happened to the Class of 65? 11:30 ca Alan King's Pleasures of Rome KIUL Radio DECEMBER 2-8,1977 FRI: 7:30 p.m. Cloud Co. at GCCC bkb SAT: 5:08p.m. Adventure Theater: "Remember the Alamo" 9 p.m. bkb, GCHS at Lamar SUN: 1:06 p.m. Chiefs-Cincinnati 5:08 p.m. Adventure Theater: "Cinderella" —: 06- 10p.m., Concert Time MON: 9:07 p.m., Mystery Theater: "The Lost tomorrows" TUB: 9:07 p.m. Mystery Theater: ' 'The Bisara of Pooree'' WED: 7:30 p.m. Lamar at GCCC bkb THURS; 9:07 p.m. Mystery Theater: ' 'The Mysterious Island'' Dickens Tale Rebroadcast "A Christmas Carol," an animated special based on the well-known and beloved Dickens story, will be rebroadcast on "Famous Classic Tales," Saturday, Dec. 10 (12-1 p.m. CST) on the CBS Television network. Kenner, Inc., a division of General Mills Fun Group, Inc., represented by Sive Associates, Inc., is full sponsor of "Famous Classic Tales." Friday Co t lMd, KS KUPK (ABC I Garden City. KS (D KGLD INBO Channels Listed In Program Guide Denver, CO f KWGN MNDl KRMA (PBS1 Friday Evening December 9, 1977 Ensifn, KS O KTVC OS 6:00 All Ch. but O(B® News a Lucy CB Misterogers' SB To Tell the Truth 6:30 o Andy Griffith m Adam-12 O Good Times (D Electric Company SB Welcome Back, Kotter 7:00 o Dick Van Dyke CD CPO Sharkey o Wonder Woman CB Zoom SB Year Without a Santa Glaus —An animated musical tale which tells ol the year Santa Claus woke with a cold and decided that instead of climbing into his sleigh and delivering gilts to people who didn't believe in him anyway, he would just stay in bed and catch up on his sleep. 7:30 o Odd Couple SO Chico & the Man CB Over Easy 8:00 B Sgt. Bilko 09 Rockford Files O Movie — "White Lightning." CB Colorado Weekly 09 Carpenters Christmas Special 8:30 o Adam-12 (§) MacNeil/Lehrer Report 9:00 o Movie — "The Black Torment." Mystery-Horror. A man awaiting the rumored appearance of the ghost ol his former wife finds himsell living in a nightmare. so Quincy CB Washington in Review CD John Davidson Christmas Special 10:00 All Ch. but OCB News CB Nova 10:30 so Tonight Show O M-A-S-H ® Movie — "The Second Time Around." Comedy. Debbie Reynolds. Andy Griffith. Young widow with two children arrives in Arizona town jobless and friendless. Bui not tor long. 11:00 o News CB Soccer Made in Germany 0 Movie — "The Gypsy Moths." Burl Lancaster. Gene Hackman. The hazardous lives of three barn-storming skydivers are underscored by even greater excitement when they perform over a small Kansas town. 11:30 0 Movie — "The Scorpio." 12:00 so Midnight Special CB Dick Cavett Show 12:30 CD Calendar SB Movies: High Wind in Jamaica A Boy Ten Feel Tall Cornered Movie — "Gunga Din." Gary Grant. British military action in mountains ol Northern India. (110 min.) 1:30 so News 3:00 o News Friday Programs 7:00 P.M. — CBS WONDER WOMAN — Part II. Can Andros persuade (he Interplanetary Council to grant him an extension ol the brief time they have given him to come to Earth and deal with the Skrill? Or will the Council confirm the deadline they have set and handle the Skrill in their own way — a way thai will be as disastrous for Earth as the Skrill, themselves, can be? 7:00 P.M. — NBC CPO SHARKEY — "Sharkey the Actor." The irascible Sharkey is chosen to appear in a documentary film about the role of a CPO in Naval training, but mudpack facials, padded shoulders and a toupee fail to turn him into a matinee idol. 7:00 P.M. — ABC YEAR WITHOUT A SANTA CLAUS — An animated musical tale which tells of the year Santa Claus woke with a cold and decided thai instead of climbing into his sleigh and delivering gifts to people who didn't believe in him anyway, he would just stay in bed and catch up on his sleep. 8:00 P.M. — CBS CBS FRIDAY MOVIE — "White Lightning." 8:00 P.M. — NBC ROCKFORD FILES — "Forced Retirement." Rockford masquerades as a rich Oklahoman and risks his life to check out a company's claim that is developed a new off-shore oil recovery device. 10:30 P.M. — CBS M-A-S-H — An ailing P.O.W. needs a blood transfusion and the devious Hawkeye and Trapper John play Count Dracula and steal a pint from the sleeping Maj. Burns. 10:30 P.M. — ABC BARETTA — "Dear Tony." Baretla hunts lor the killer of a police officer apparently shot down attempting to thwart a robbery, and slowly realizes thai the dead man was not a chance victim, but the target for a carefully planned murder which involved the victim's wife, who is also a cop. 11:00 P.M. — CBS CBS LATE MOVIE — "The Gypsy Moths." — SPECIALS — 7:00 SB Year Without a Santa Claus 8:00 SB Carpenters Christmas Special 9:00 SB John Davidson Christmas Special — SPORTS — 11:00 $: Soccer Made in Germany Public TV Highlights Friday Cable TV Channel 7 10 p.m. NOVA "The Race for the Double Helix" Scientists James Watson and Francis Crick recall the exciting human drama behind the discovery of DNA's structure. 1:10 ORANGE BOWL SPECIAL 14 Days 13 Nights See the Deep South at Yuletide and watch dose up the pageant Americans have been watching for years on their TV screens - The Orange Parade and the Orange Bowl Games. Cypress Gardens and Silver Springs, as well as Wart Disney World take on a special glow at Christmas time. Come along and experience H with Trailways. Departure: December 26 Trailways will pay your bus fare to Wichita. Trailways 8th and Kansas 275-1641 276-3731 ZENITH T.V.-RADIO-STEREOS SALES & SERVICE SEE US FOR ZENITH COLOR T.V. ANTENNAS WE MAKE T.V. ANTENNA INSTALLATIONS & REPAIRS. WE HAVE ALL YOUR ANTENNA SUPPLIES MODERN RADIO-TV SERVICE ED COX-OWNER 626 N. 8th 27^5251 "America's Favorite Pizza" Come in today and have one of our delicious pizza's, made the way you like them. Only At- 406 E. Kansas 276-2231

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