Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on December 2, 1977 · Page 19
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 19

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 2, 1977
Page 19
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Garden City Telegram Friday, December 2,1977 Page 7A Monday Channel* Listed In Prooram Guide torni City. Kan .,s. Colo. K«M« -PR! IN( ID KGLOINBC' CtMlnl. KM CD KUP* iAB Weekday Mornings December 5-9, 1977 5:45 m Kansas Today 6:00 CD PTLClub 6:45 O News CD Kansas Scene 7:00 fD Today Show Q News CD Good Morning 7:05 o News 7:30 o Blinky's Fun Club 8:00 o The Archies O Captain Kangaroo 8:30 a McHale's Navy 9:00 o Flintstones O Price Is Right CD Dinah Shore (B Romper Room 9:30 o Miscellaneous IB Andy Griffith 10:00 a Jeannie ID Wheel of Fortune O Joyce Livingston (B Happy Days 10:05 CD Miscellaneous 10:30 a Bewitched O Knockout O Love of Life CD Sesame Street SB Family Feud 11:00 a Love, American Style ID To Say the Least & Young & Restless IB The Better Sex 11:30 a Not for Women Only ID Gong Show O Search for Tomorrow CB Ryan's Hope 11:35 CD Miscellaneous (Until 12:25 pm.) Weekday Afternoons 12:00 All Ch. but ac£><B News a Onedin Line (B KAKE Kaleidoscope 12:15 CD Kid Country (Fri. Only) 12:25 QD Electric Co. 12:30 CD Days of Our Lives O As the World Turns 1:00 a Father Knows Best CD Over Easy CB $20,000 Pyramid 1:30 a Mayberry RFO CD Doctors O Guiding Light CD Miscellaneous (Until 3:15 pm.) CD One Life to Live 2:00 a Movies: Mon: I Walked With a Zombie Tue: Buck Privates Come Home Wed: The Jungle Thu: The Hardy's Ride High Fri: Caltiki, the Immortal Monster ID Another World 2:15 CD General Hospital 2=30 o All in the Family O After Hours (Tue. Only) 3:00 CD For Richer, For Poorer CD Emergency (Mon. Only) & Tattletales O The Winners (Thu. Only) CD Edge of Night 3:15 CD Electric Co. 3:30 a Denver Now O Mike Douglas CD Flintstones CB Gilligan 3:50 CD Villa Alegre CD Storytime (Fri. Only) 4:00 a Flintstones CD Special Treat (Mon. Only) CD ABC Aftirschool Special (Wed. Only) m Brady Bunch CB Partridge Family 4:30 a Gilligan CD Emergency O Freddy Fudd CD Miscellaneous CB My Three Sons 5:00 a Superman O Freddy Fudd IX) Sesame Street CD Brady Bunch (Mon. Only) CD News 5:30 All Ch. but e(B News a Family Affair Emi|*. Kan. Q KTVC 'CB? Tuesday Channels Listed In Program Guide CtpcliH, KS fD KUPK (ABC) Denver, CO f KWGN (INO) KRMA (PBS) Garden City, KS ID KGLD (NBC) Ensiiit, KS O KTVC (CBS I Monday Evening December 5, 1977 6:00 All Ch. but BfS. CB News a Lucy CD Misterogers' CB To Tell the Truth 6:30 a Andy Griffith CD Adam-12 Q The Muppets CD Electric Company CB Liar's Club 7:00 a Dick Van Dyke CD House on the Prairie O Circus of the Stars ixi Zoom CB San Pedro Beach Bums 7:30 a Odd Couple rx) Over Easy 8:00 a Set. Bilko CD Movie — "The Storyteller." Martin Balsam, Patty Duke. Television's first dramatization of the controversy about TV violence and its effects on children. A prolific scriptwriter's television movie is accused of triggering a 12-year-old viewer to commit arson, an act that causes'the youngster's death. CD The Bible — The Source CD NFL Football — Baltimore vs. Miami 8:30 a Adam-12 rx MacNeil/Lehrer Report 9:00 a Movie — "Babes in Arms." Musical- Comedy. Judy Garland, Mickey Rooney. A musical about the children of vaudevillians who prove that they are loaded. O Switch cxi The Yukon Passage 10:00 All Ch. but a (X) CD News (X) Age of Uncertainty 10:30 CD Tonight Show Q Movie — "McMillan & Wife: Husbands, Wives & Killers." 10:45 CH News 11:00 a News .(X) Center Stage: Ravi Shankar 11:15 CD Movie — "Valley of the Sun." Lucille Ball. Intrigue of the old West when a crooked Indian agent provokes an uprising. 11:30 a Movie — "Home From the Hill." 12:00 CD Tomorrow CD Dick Cavert Show 1:00 CD News 2:40 a News 6:00 All Ch. but a CD CD News a Lucy (X) Misterogers' CD To Tell the Truth 6:30 a Andy Griffith CD Adam-12 O Wild Kingdom (Xi Electric Company CB Liar's Club 7:00 a Dick Van Dyke CD Man From Atlantis O The Fitzpatricks CD Gene's Junction CB Happy Days 7:30 a Odd Couple CD Over Easy CB Laverne & Shirley 8:00 a Sgt. Bilko CD Mulligan's Stew O M-A-S-H CB Lilias, Yoga & You CD Three's Company 8:30 a Adam-12 O One Day at a Time (Xi MacNeil/Lehrer Report CD Soap (PARENTAL DISCRETION IS ADVISED.) 9:00 a Movie — "Rage in Heaven." Drama• Mystery. Robert Montgomery. Mentally disturbed steel owner's wife leaves him when he suggests a double suicide, making II look like murder. (120 min.) CD Police Woman o Lou Grant cxi Benny Goodman—King of Swing CB Barbara Walters Special 10:00 All Ch. but a CX> News cxi Portrait of Jamie 10:30 CD Tonight Show O Movie — "Houston, We've Got a Problem." Robert Gulp, Clu Gulager. Mission Control struggles to bring three astronauts home safely after their moon-bound spacecraft is disabled by an explosion, cxi Mark Russell Comedy Special €0 Movie — "Quiller: Price of violence." 11:00 a News CD Carnivore 11:30 a Movie —"After the Thin Man." William Powell. The Charles' trying to locate a friend missing in Chinatown. 12:00 CD Tomorrow O Kojak CD Dick Cavett Show CD Movies: The Third Day Racing Blood Wednesday Channels Listed In Proaram Guide KM. KUPK (ABC) §M«r. Celt. X> KRMAIPBSl 8 KWGN (MDI Birwi C»», Km ID KGLD (NBC) Eitifi. KM. O KTVC (CBS) 6:00 All Ch. but a CDCD News a Lucy CD Misterogers' CD To Tell the Truth 6:30 a Andy Griffith CD Adam-12 O Hee Haw cxi Ejectric Company CD liar's Club 7:00 a Dick Van Dyke CD Fintstones Christmas Special — When Santa Claus sprains his ankle while delivering presents to Bedrock, he gives Fred a special power which enables him (9 drive the sleigh and deliver the remaining gills around the world. CD Zoom CD 'Twas the Night Before Christmas 7:30 a Odd Couple O Szysznyk (X> Showcase '77-78 8:00 a Sgt. Bilko CD Mac Davis Christmas Special Q Movie — "Uptown Saturday Night." 1974. Sidney Poitier, Bill Cosby. The comic caper revolves around two friends, both feeling pretty good when they visit their favorite Saturday night hangout. (120 ' min.) CD Charlie's Angels 8:30 a Adam-12 CD MacNeil/Lehrer Report 9:00 a Movie — "Zotz!" 1962. Tom Poston, Julia Meade. Professor of ancient languages, obtains an old coin with magical powers. (120 min.) CD Bette Midler Special CD People's Business CD Baretta 10:00 All Ch. butacxi News CD Abide With Me 10:30 CD Tonight Show O Hawaii Five-0/Kojak CD Starsky & Hutch 11:00 a News 11:30 a Movie —"The Informer." Victor McLag- len. Slow-witted traitor knows he's done something wrong but can't understand why he should be punished. CD Book Beat CD Movie — "The Werewolf of Woodstock." Michael Parks, Meredith MacRae. Aman is turned into a werewolf by an electrical storm at Woodstock. 12:00 CD Tomorrow cxi Dick Cavett Show 1:00 CD News CD Movies The Command of Altona Johnny Trouble Pan American 1:25 a News — SPECIALS — 4:00 CD ABC Afterschool Special 7:00 CD Flintstones Christmas Special CD 'Twas the Night Before Christmas 8:00 CD Mac Davis Christmas Special 9:00 CD Bette Midler Special 7:00 P.M. — CBS THE FITZPATRICKS—The Fitzpatricks don't know how to react when Sean brings a school buddy, who had recently suffered a breakdown, home for the weekend. 7:30 P.M. — ABC LAVERNE & SHIRLEY — "Shirley's Operation." Shirley Is taken to the hospital in need of an emergency opera- lion, and the medical profession is turned upside down when her well-meaning friends rush to her side — in full dress Irom an "Alice in Wonderland" play rehearsal. 8:00 P.M. — CBS M-A-S-H — Hawkeye and Hot Lips, grudging companions on a special mission to another M-A-S-H unit, experience a wondrous phenomenon under the stress of enemy artillery lire: they discover each other romantically. 8:00 P.M. — ABC THREE'S COMPANY — "Jack's Uncle." Roper's on a rampage for the rent, so Jack's visiting uncle, a charming rascal, passes him a bad check. 8:30 P.M. — CBS ONE DAY AT A TIME — Part II. A guilt-ridden and confused Barbara is convinced she's responsible for her classmate's overdose of sleeping pills. 8:30 P.M. — ABC SOAP — Peter is in for the surprise of his life when an unexpected visitor calls at his apartment. (PARENTAL DISCRETION IS ADVISED.) 9:00 P.M. — NBC POLICE WOMAN —"Screams." Comedian Rich Little, in a rare appearance in a dramatic role, guest-stars as a Jekyll-and-Hyde character. — a well-heeled but demented businessman — who lures young female hitch-hikers into his car for their last ride. 9-00 P M — ABC BARBARA WALTERS SPECIAL — "Happy Days star Henry Winkler, Lucille Ball and her husband, Gary Morton, and Dolly Parton are scheduled to talk with ABC's Barbara Walters in the first of her four specials for this season. 10:30 P.M. — CBS CBS LATE MOVE—"Houston, We've Got a Problem." 10:30 P.M. — ABC TUESDAY MOVIE OF THE WEEK — "Quiller: The Price of Violence." 12:00 P.M. — CBS KOJAK — "A Long Way From Times Square." Kojak and Crocker go to a small Nevada town to try to lake back an important witness, but they soon learn that the town is not safe for New York policemen when they wind up in {all alter a local brawl. — SPECIALS — 2:30 Q After Hours 9:00 <B Barbara Walters Special Public TV Highlights Monday Cable TV Channel 7 8 p.m. THE BIBLE — THE SOURCE "The Story of Jephthah" Marilyn Hickey narrates this series of stories from the Old Testament. 9 p.m. NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC SPECIAL "Yukon Passage" On this spectacular outdoor adventure, four young men retrace the trail of the Klondike gold-seekers, pitting their courage and endurance against the rugged Alaskan wilderness. 11 p.m. CENTER STAGE: RAVI SHANKAR Taped before a live audience at the Scottsdale Center for the Arts, this program features famed sitiarist Ravi Shankar. Tuesday Cable TV Channel 7 9 p.m. IN PERFORMANCE AT WOLF TRAP "Benny Goodman" The undisputed "King of Swing" .performs for this show with both is sextet and big band. Enjoy "Rhapsody in Blue" and more. 11 p.m. CARNIVORE This documentary takes a look at America's meat eating habits and its economics. Wednesday Cable TV Channel 7 10 p.m. GREAT PERFORMANCES "Abide With Me" Cathleen Nesbitt is featured in Julian Mitchell's dramatization of the complex relationship between a strict, lonely dowager and the young girl who is hired as her housekeeper. 11:30 p. m. BOOK BEAK The Stone Bull Phyllis A. Whiteny, widely-renowned for her romantic suspense novels, joins host Bob Cromie for a look at her latest book.

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