Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on March 30, 1959 · Page 8
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 8

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Monday, March 30, 1959
Page 8
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8 - Monday, Mar. 30, 1959 Redlands Daily Facts PREDICTS STATEHOOD VOTE WASHINGTON <UPD—Hawaiian Delegate John A. Burns predicts] that the islands' 175,000 registered voters will vote 10 to 1 in favor of statehood. FIRE KILLS SEVEN LAWRENCEVHAE, Va. <UPI> —Seven Negro children perished in flamej here early Sunday, trapped in their beds when an explosion set their house on fire. LICENSED PAINTING CONTRACTOR FREE ESTIMATES PAINT and ART STORE COMPLETE WALLPAPER SUPPLIES S.1H. Grttn Stamps Phoni PY 2-3155 25 E. State Bridge On Kwoi Tops Film Poll NEW YORK (UPD-The na tion's motion picture critics picked The Bridge on the River Kwai at the top of -a list of 10 best pictures of 1958 in the annual poll of Film Daily, made public today. The picture received 240 of possible 307 votes. Others of the top 10 with their "Cat On A Hot Tin Roof," 221; Gigi," 210; "Auntie Maine," 200; The Defiant Ones," 169; "Witness For The Prosecution," 158; "Separate Tables," 150; "The Long. Hot Summer." 93: "The Young Lions." 89. and "The Big Country." 84. TREASURE HOUSE Your unused furniture or appliances will find a ready market through Classified Ads. * TELEVISION IN REVIEW * * By William Ewald NEW YORK (UPD-The show, of course, must go on — though why I couldn't say. Sunday, Mary Martin, who ha.' been virus-bugged and abroil with 103 degree fever since Thursday, bounced on with not one, but count 'cm, two NBC-TV specials. To complicate matters, 36 members of her cast and crew also were bc-bugged and the situation was so serious that: 1. NBC was spending $60 a day on medicine for the afflicted. 2. Miss Martin's understudy. Beryl Tobin, was standing by at showtime. EARLY BIRD SHOPPEHS TAKE ADVANTAGE Of A'P 's EARLY FRESH LEAN GROUND BEEF A&P Quality U.S.D.A. CHOICE LARGE LOIN 79 C lb. LAMB CHOPS FRESH LEAN M M^t. GROUND LAMB . 49* I BEEF LIVER SMALL LOIN SELECT SLICED 89 .59 c lb. t lb ANN PAGE KOUNTY KIST 3. Director Vincent Uonehuc had 40 work in a facial mask toj ward off the assembled diseases The trouble was well worth it. Both specials — the daytime "Magic With Mary Martin" and Uie nighttime "Music With Mary Martin" — were slickly packaged and were. I'm sure, a joy to all ol Miss Martin's fans. Miss Martin, I must admit, is one of my lesser enthusiasms— her excessive coyness and continual cheer erode my nerve ends— but she has reached holy statu-, by now and along with mother, flag and Albert Schweitzer is in I vulnerable to criticism. However. I can sense her attraction for others: She has vast resources of energy, tries hard to please and goes to some pains to honeycomb her main bocher elegance with Sears Roebuck homespuncss. Her daytime show — pitched at those who are too old for Captain Kangaroo and too young for Dick Clark — was an attempt to feci >oungsters the sort of fantasy in which they had to work a little themselves: Imagine a prince. <i chimney corner, a ball. The pos tulate was that the audience is just as much a part of a show as the performer, a rather agreeable premise and the kids seemed to enjoy their work no end. The nighttime show was a production beauty, uncluttered and a traveler. It was afflicted a bit too heavily with pre-fab glee, but HONEST JOHN IN GERMANY—West German soldiers race to their stations at the firing ramp of an Honest John rocket in Donncrsberg. West Germany is scheduled to receive 260 of the 35-foot missiles and 36 launching ramps. Special army units will handle the lockets. Machine Substitutes For Heart, Lung During Surgery By JOHN O. KENDALL United Press International SANTA MONICA iL 'PI) — Jon Castro, 4, can start living a nor mal life now that a hole in his heart lias been repaired. The boy came home over the week end from St. John's Hospital where he underwent a heart op- then so are almost all of TVsj lTa ij 0 n, made possible by median variety shows. Miss Martin isjj ts 0 [ ti, e human body who built a machine to substitute for the heart and lungs. Jon had been a frequent patient at St. John's where the nurse- really net much of a pop singer- she flats, her voice cracks and she lacks swing — but she is fiercely amiable, very much of a pro and material equipped with sure-fir? if c i t they knew almost as much in Jon's case. Doctors at St. glass cylinder or by changing thai John's Hospital stopped the boy's speed of the rotating discs, the heart, drained it of blood and re- machine could be adjusted to paired the hole. Jon's needs. Machine Cost $15,000 Intricate Machine When doctors poured blood back into the boy's heart, it began to beat again and Jon began his recovery to a normal childhood. The machine which made it possible for a highly trained surgical team to stop Jon's heart and work on it was developed by Dr. Rodney T. Smith and Dr. James A. -Mc Euachcn. and was first reported in the Santa Monica Outlook. Blood flowed from the boy's Blood flowing through the machine could be heated or cooled as required. The machine was built by Pem- oc Products of Cleveland. Ohio, and General Nuclear Products of Hollywood at a cost of more than S15.000. Under research grants by St. John's, the Michael Burke Foundation and the Valley Heart Foundation. From a purely mechanical point about the young heart victim as body from laps in two large veins! of view, thpre was more to Jon's All in all. a double triumph. de-, ms parents. entering the heart, passed through!operation than the heart - lung spite my sourpuss reservations. | j Ie naQ been hospitalized two to:the heart-lung machine and re- machine. three times a year with pneumon- turned to the circulation system| The tables of equipment included ia. the result of a congenita! heart defect which shunted blood inli Jon's lungs, making him susceptible to pneumonia. Jon was doomed to a life of disability or an early death because of a hole between the chambers SOUP PEAS "The Human Comedy." presented Saturday on CBS-TVs Du Pont Show of the Month, was standard William Saroyan — an unsettling mixture of the charming and the banal. Some of its parts had glisten: The exchanges between Thomas, Grogan. the telegrapher, and Mi-j°f his heart- Now. only a savag? chael Pollard, the boy: a scene Near nearly from neck to navel in a schoolroom: a scene in which 'remains to remind him of his the boy receives a letter from his former condition, soldier-brother. But an iincomfort-l Thc prnb'em of rrnairing the able amount of ooze also sluiced i ho,c M ' as something like an autc through the show: Jo Van Fleet, j mechanic faced with replacing * fine actress, was saddled with | ^ ston ring—with the engine going, some incredibly trite lines. Soj H( " '»» s < firs t S '°P 'he engine. . was Bureess Meredith, who acted| - A '"ch the same thing happened' as narrator, a tedious device in " itself. Short Shots: The portion of Power Among Men." a film offered on NBC-TV's' Omnibus, that dealt with the transformation of a Haitian village were stunning— jToo bad there wasn't enough time I for the entire movie. NBC-TVs it— EaeUiff-Mirjcle" wa> soTid : *-"and "~SbSorbfhg " hour. 1 atched the hour rodeo offered on CBS-TV Saturday, but find myself unable to form any kind of opinion about it—who can be either for or against cows? through an artery in the upper a electrode to shock Jon's heart right leg. (into action if necessary, an elec- Going through the heart - lungj trical rectal thermometer and the machine the impure blood wentj equipment of the anesthesiologist into a glass cylinder where it was; who had to keep the boy at the stirred by rotating discs. Oxygen frong a supply in the upper half of the chamber was mixed into the blood. Purified with the lung-like work, of the oxygen mixer, the blood then was pumped through a plastic tube back into' Jon's body by a hydraulic chamber which expanded and contracted a rubber bladder with a heartlike pumping action. By controlling the size of the proper level of anesthesia. But. more than anything else, it was the human skill which made it possible to first make the heart- lung machine, then make it substitute for the vital organs. Almost everyone must have thought at some time, just ho* much the body resembles a machine and" a doctor an infinitely sl.illed mechanic. But, perhaps, never so much ai now. BACKSTAIRS AT WHITE HOUSE l0'/ 2 cons 17-PZ. cons The Channel Swim: NBC-TV is knocking off Jefferson Drum on April 30 and replacing it with a rodeo show out of Texas. A. C. Alexander's Court of Human Rc- lations. scheduled for a daytime'egg roll. The crowd got out of By ."ERRIMAN SMITH UPI White House Reporter WASHINGTON IUPII^- Back, stairs at the White HoOsc: i President Eisenhower is passing up the annual Easter egg roll on the south lawn for what he regards as two very good reasons: —He's been wanting a long weekend away from the White Washington Window Income Tax May Be Fulfilling Marxist Socialist Prophecy "TBy Cyle C. Wilson WASHINGTON (UPI)-T. Col* man Andrews is a hearty, conservative Virginian who qualifies House and some outdoor activity: as an expert on income taxation, in early spring weather Hencc| He was President Eisenhower's his stay in Gettysburg. Pa first commissJoner 0{ Intcrnal -He has a vivid and1 not en- Revenue . Andrews said this Urely pleasant memory of his first j i eav j ng office: on NUTLEY MARGARINE. A-99 berth on NBC-TV. starts taping its shows April 6. Bob Hope's Mav i 15 NBC-TV special has been post- j poned to May 22. CBS-TV's Invisible Man. scheduled to return to CBS-TV Mav l. has been postponed until July Claudelte Colbert is under consideration for the emcee spot on CBS-TV's new snocial daytime series. Woman. CBS-TV's G. E. Theater will go with re-runs from ' May 24 through September 14. GOLD TOP TOMATOES A 99 SELL IT TOMORROW | With an inexpensive Classified Ad CUEST RANCH 4 M±£±* ION A — Sliced or Halves M ^av^at • 99 Peaches . . . 4- 99 EXTRA FANCY DELICIOUS - APPLES.2 ,bs 25 LARGE FRESH CRISP LETTUCE...2^15 GARDEN.FRESH CARROTS B-HQ i KEEPSAKE DIAMONDS En«*(ement and Wedding Rings. Interlocking Mounting*. Harry 6. Wilson Jeweler PY 3-4806 212 Orinit IVAN HEUSEN SHIRTS In * wide itltctlon of colon, collar style* and sleeve lengths. Fowler's Men's Wear 1107 Orange SI. PY 3-5623 PRICES EFFECTIVE Moti., Tues.' and Wed., March 30, 31. April 1st. Taxable Item* Subject to Tex TH5 GREAT AT1ANIIC t PACIFIC TEA COMPANY Super Markets 1859 AMERICA'S DEPENDABLE FOOD MERCHANT I9S9 I Magnificent MAGNAVOX Hl**» Fidelity TelerUlea. lUd lO-Ph ODOfTf phs. Sliger's Music II 109 E. Stete PY 3-2827 320 EAST HIGHWAY 99 [Spring Air Mattresses Fine Furniture, Carpeting. Decorative Service REDLANDS, CALIFORNIA 17-21 W. Slate McEwen's Dial PY 3-2457 hand, and he had to snatch up his grandson, David, and literally retreat into the street to avoid being mobbed. He regards the Easter Monday event at the White House as fine for just about everybody but himself. If the President can get away next week for a spring vacation in the south. • there's good news awaiting him at the Augusta Na tional Golf Club. Clifford Roberts, the club board chairman, reports "the golf course has never been in quite as good condition as it is at this time." He says the fairways are closely mowed but allow only a moderate amount of roll and the greens are "true, firm and fast." The President, if he gets away, would drive in Georgia within a day or two after the Masters Tournament ends next Sunday at the Augusta National. After four days of tournament play with a gallery in the thousands, the course might be a bit scuffed up. But the club promises to have all the candy wrappers and coffee cartons picked up. When the President goes to. Csmp David, the Maryland moun-| tain retreat where he conferred with British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan. the brawny Secret Service stalwarts set up headquarters in a cottage known simply as "Sassafras." A relatively new flagstone patio at Camp David makes it possible for the President to enjoy outdoor movies at night in good weather. And widescreen movies, at that This provides sort of a drive-in movie atmosphere without tht auto exhaust. If he wants an add ed festive touch, there's an open grill near the patio for hot dogs and hamburgers. "The middle class is being taxed out of existence. The income tax is fulfilling the Marxist (Socialist) prophecy that the surest way to destroy a capitalistic society is by "steeply graduated' taxes and heavy levies on the estates of people when they die." If Karl Marx was right about that, the U.S. number is up. You wouldn't believe how lightly the income tax flicked the pocketbook in the first years after Republican William Howard Taft pro- Quotes From The News Federal Jobs Down WSHINGTON I UPD—Civilian employment in the federal government dropped by 2.596 jobs in February, the result of a fall-off in military agencies, the joint congressional economy committee said today. Chairman Harry F. Byrd <D-Va.> reported that total federal civilian employment in February was 2.335.224. EniDloymcnt in Chilian agencies rose 3.237 over January's figure, but the number of jobs filled in military agendo- decreased by 5.333. for the net drop of 2,396. United Press International ORLANDO, Fla.—Jose Gilbcrto Socas, restaurant busboy in Orlando who is leaving reluctantly to become the new mayor of Bo- londron, his former hometown in Cuba: "I no want to leave. This is better living for my wife and two children. But I must do my duty. ROME—Mounscl Boussard of Baton Rouge, La., member of a delegation of U.S. newsboys who visited actress Gina Lollobrigida Sunday during their tour of Rome: 'Gee, wait 'til my girl friend back home finds out I was holding Gina Lollobrigida's hand." NEW YORK—Mrs. Ailccn C. Fogarty, head of the American Mother's Committee who admitted that 39 Kansas women were erroneously notified of their i-elcc- tion as "American mother of the year": | "We have not heard from any other state and may the Lord hope that we won't." LONDON—A receptionist at the; West London Air Terminal, where ground hostesses of the state- owned British European Airways have been ordered to shun eye shadow and nail polish because it makes them look "unwashed' 'Just because the airline has prehistoric ideas about beauty posed it in 1909 and Democrat Woodrow Wilson began to collect it in 1913. From 1909 to 1913. Congress submitted and the states ratified the 16th or income tax amendment to the Constitution. President Eisenhower is the eighth ia office to be confronted with the income tax riddle: How to distribute the tax burden fairly to all hands. A few lower brackets escaped taxation altogether when the levies first were applied back there in 1913. In that year, a married person with two dependents and a $5,000 net income paid $10. At $8,000 the bite was $40. rising to S60 on the 510.000 family: S26 on $25,000; S2.510 or. SIOO.OOO; S25,- 010 on S500.000. Times have changed. Wars and the welfare state boosted taxes over the years until the S5.000 family was paying $577. The $8,000 family paid $1,282. The bite on S10.000 became $1,744: S25,- 000, $7,004: on S100.000, $56,032; on S500.000. $411,224. These figures, however, do not represent the actual highs and lows of income taxation. The record over the years as compiled by the Internal Revenue Service shows income taxes generally rising sharply under Democratic administrations and declining under Republicans — not merely declining for rich folk, but .for the little fellows, too. The proportionate Republican cut for the little fellow sometimes was greaer than for the rich man. Hoover Reduced Levies For example: The family man with $5,000 net who paid Woodnw Wilson's Democratic treasury $10 back there in 1913 paid only $3 to Herbert Hoover's Republican tax collectors in 1929. The 1913 S40 tax on S8.000 had been reduced to S14. But the S100.000 a vcar familv which paid S2.510 in 1913 was hit for $14,816 on 1929 income. The $500,000 family paid $110,846. Upper bracket taxes zoomed in Wurld War I. The principle of more or less confiscatory taxes on the higher brackets had come to stay. That principle has been reaching down into lower brackets ever since. The Hoover administration's 1932 Revenue Act, a depression measure, started taxes upward again. It remained for another war, FDR, Harry S. Truman and the welfare state to show what really could be done in the field of individual income taxation. FDR's 1942 Revenue Act took S730 from the S5.000 family which once paid $10. The 1944 act hiked WASHINGTON—Sen. George D. Aiken iR-Vt.), cautioning against over-optimism about the possible results of a summer summit meeting: "Anyone who predicts that ajit to S755. T!>e $500,000 family paid millenium or peace with the Com-j$439,931 and $442,985. respectively, nurnist bloc is to be achieved by If Confess and statir legislate meeting or two meetings or a tures had foreseen such rates the rfozen meetings is indulging in income tax amendment probably wishful tiiiakinav" lwwild not have beca ratiCiad. V

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