The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 21, 1936 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 21, 1936
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS 't B r o a d e n Experience of f v Coaches, Players, Help ;• ,* Standardize Basketball *; > ^ By )IO>VAH1> CANN \ Htfi Co.ich, New York University NEW YORK.—Basketball out* ~.strips football as nn inlerseetlona! t spar!, ft is not uncommon for a major college tcnm lo go on a lour i lasting two week-v or longer, introduction of college basketball to Madison Square pardcn ', proved the drawing power of tie 1 pafllme and furthered InWrssc- llcnal posslbllttis'i The HippO; drome this season gives College ctjuads a second site where jnora ' Important, contests pay vrell In Manhattan " ^ White for the last Uo winters v New 'York hns bssn tlie prime mover In scheduling big Intersections engagements, Manhattan isn't ev- actly Americi so far as college Im- Islball Is concerned Metropolitan t;ams arc as good as tho-e of other puts of the coun tr/, however, and par-aps^a bit bai- lei in some Instances New York, basketball hns Its strong nnd \vcak points. On tli2 credit side there Is lha lactoi of Individual skill In ball bundling shcoitng ; On Hi? debit side Is i the often iiyjertoi, agsresblven'-ss of Uic outlanders ' v ' Boys from the big (own have had . pla>Ing opportunities since earlv ..'childhood, so many things come as 53cond natine Greater e<cpcrl3nce , , teaches them to maneuver on the ,' ' eour^, think ii. basketball terms ..yvhen^confronted by a Mirpilse situation, and to hold steady and cool _<lespl(e',the trend of the moment, j "however discc-raglng '» Develop Imaginative Sljlc "r^ 1 "'*." amewall&~of New Vork t Pick-up games played at all hours * jn gjmhflsiums, srtiool yaids, and '_. ^utdooi public plajgrounds perfcbt 4., youngsters In the Varied typas of ~ s'lots—set, laj-up, and pop rebound They particlpile In other games In which Ihcy shoot fouls by tlie hour This develops \mcirlng accuracy T „ ^ , Tlie result of all this preparation '~ Is an imaginative, flashy style of ? but It is not unbeatable, as There 'I - s fighting instinct,'will to \\ln, or ulmMulvc sou. and It often upsets tecliniejl record books reveal certain thing called ' Mel, Receipts Big, Business Introduction to Madison Square Garden made Intersecllohil baskelbil! blR business. This picture givfs you an Idei of liovvthe caller* capers pack the House That Tex Iluilt from (He edge of Hie tourl to the rafters. The Hippodrome this season offm the hoopers .u second site where more Important' tames can be made hlthly profitable In New Vork. Uy larry Gravso i considerations put^of-touivrs generally t arc NEW YORK, Dec. 21. — Max Schmellnt! has relumed lo Dcilin, . the boys still are gelling belly laughs out of the two funniest meetings In the hilarious history of the New York Boxing Commission. They ended with Jim Biridclock agreeing not la monkey .with the dynnmlte (hat is Joe Louis until Schmeling ' gets another crnck at tlie crown In the Sunken Garden of Queens, June -3. The Gcrmun had his way, 111 usimi. He must have a way about him. Silver-topped Sam McQade top- ued off the comedy when, wllh an Impoitant last look about the room,- he swelled his bursting : point, : nourished mighty pen, signed the supposed ,to the id ' his . long,on_slrcngth and spunk Their younger days, do not afford so many ' chances to perfect form; hence they - enter college less polished Their mode of living Is^ such as to d«- velop great slarmna and usually - they, possess as-much drive at the finish'as at the start j j Tactically the game does not vary much^ throughout the country Coaches trained In one area trans- Y plant Ihelr home background to another w.hen they make switch l , jobs ^Consequently you'll find some - eastern teams playing the game - you'd/expect in the mlddlevvest and , vice^ersa "-. - <^But trie skill vs strength contrast Is'predominant New Yorkeis frequently >\in by outsmarting i and outmaneuvenng opponents Visitors often prevail by 'outfighting and outlasting .the joung men of Jvlanhattari. Another factor which tends to Improve 'metropolitan basketball players Is the frequency with which t plajers and coaches can watch actual competition with seven or eight major college teams in and ~ around New York there Is a game almost ever/ night Coaches personally scout future adversaries, not once bnt-jtHo or three times ^ Court Best Laboratory Durinjr irard-Foughl Game There are opportunities to watch professional basketball, which, I bs- % lieve, contains the finest psrform- ers in any branch of the game These games cro playea tn aoll- dajs and nights when the colleges are not busy For many years the east was behind the west in amateur basketball and now these nylon dotlni papeis, and y put- the bite 611 Jimmy Jorjn- ston for a slmoleon with which to uptown McQuadc's eiilij vvas as liumor- signing of the •Brtuldock-Schmcl-' me to do that," explained Heir ng battle. I Mcxic Sergeant Sam was suffering i "You're fighting under the'"laws from the shorts when Johnston of the United States. We'll-do it sounded Hie iilnrm.' But such trl- , for you," ejaculated Commissioner vanities hardly would stop an ex- loyal Norlhvvest Mountlc, such :as I lie Old Sarge aEScilccllv is. Ai- Blll Brown. Many doubt llmt $25.000: .Will bring Schmelihg back to America Iving nt Ilic Slate Building, Me- In the event that he regains the Qtmdc nonchalantly put Hit! lug championship They inspect that on an acquaintance foi n dollai he values icllrlng with ft at vastlj ...... "" to pny lit, cab faie. Grts Ills. Ilurk I more than thai. He rejected a ' Buarantcc for a -return match wllh Louis last fall. Biaddcck stood arnund at the Southwest Arkansas Schools Barred f r.o m Playing Member Schools Urn,E ROCK, Ark., Dec. 2l]— IOIJP. He Queen and Prescott high schools were indefinitely suspcnd- •d from competltlr;: In athletics \lt.h members of the Arkansas Athletic Association for violations •A eligibility regulations by the executive committee of Ihe ,nsso- (liUIon nt n meeting here Saturday. ' '' . •.'-.,-''.•. The cominitccc, after z. three- hour .session, in which charges from DC Que'in 'against Hope players and Hope against' players used Ijy De Queen 'and' Prescott were ihcd. held that the three schools failed to abide by the A. A, A. rules, during Hie past football season by playing non-resident •>layers. . • Only four players from Hope nnd De Queen and one from Prcs- Icolt were challenged at the inebt- j Itig. The committee found that' J. L. Cook, center, and Leonard Bearden, susbtltutc halfback of Hope; Woodrow McLemorc of De- Qtieen nnd Olenn Porker of Prescot. were Ineligible. Undei 1 tlie ruling tlie schools will not be permitted to engage other member tcams / in the association until they are reinstated. Clary snld that each school could appeal the decision of the executive committee to the governing committee of the A.A.A. at lls next meeting which-will be held in November, 1937.: The committee did not rule on whether'the coaches were at fault In the matter. Members said they rather, sympathized with them. 'We found evidence which would McQuadc was Hie most imiior r I meetings for two .'. di.ys without 'int hcrsonage In sight when he opening his mouth Aiked If he dashed through the noitah vvhcie had anything to say for the news me Jcisey Mick replied, 'I Bite-is T have a t.ew vvoids In ic- solve. Ui<! pugilistic potentates convene. Tune were fom copies of the conduct and as anv drafts of n supplementary .. agreement, and someone suggested that -McQuade read them. . . "U" sin'- v"'i Know tthnl joure signing, Sam." he remarked. But lhc> Old snrgc obeyed John- -. ton's command to .sign theic and AKRON, O (UP)—An airplane there ahd theie, and the thing constr «ctc<l at small cost by t«o U. S. Scans Features Of Home-made Plane concluded In n Jiffy, and then, "Jim, rive me a buck so I can get uptown Thus arc million-do lar world heavyweight championship righls closed. mis as his exit When It smldr-mv | When on the Hist dav Schmel dawned on Johnston, the Madison | Mw launched his objections to Square Garden ringmaster, that nraddocl tackling Louis In a no- lle had ho official status with Iho commission, he lunrlcdly lelc- ihoned Ills matchmaker to dash 10 the scene. Schmelhig • had s:gned.; So ^h^.d nraddcck and his malinger, Joe Gould. Mike Jacobs hail affixed cnpaijcrfifiil at Allanttc Cltv Feb 22. aenerol John J. Phclnn, chairman of. the New York bonid, announced lhal it had nothing lo do with what trans- pirrd in New Jersey, On the second day, after the his signature foi the Twenticm I 1 ""' 011 " 105 lln<l bccn smoothed out Ccnturj Sporting Club, the co- lll ° ni « M befoie by Mike'Jacobs, pnmotci Only McQuade's iinmcl Oe " crnl Pl'elan was positive that was, needed lo complete the vc- tllc N(!W Yol ' k • commission could siou almost anything carded Now Jersey.) Schuirlhnj Urces in watching and picking up pointers Each section of fie country can Ncn-Knjo Rule learn much from the other Much "Budt, Chencral," progress has been made In Ihe comparatively _short time that we have had big games involving colleges of one, section and another at the Garferi. The finest laboratory For annly- objected :chmcling the first day. "Choic Louis would be champcen If ho knocked oudl Braddock." That didn't stump the General. "Not 'according to our rules," he sbpl, back. sis and dissection of team play is j "Den, Cliencial," replied Cchmel- the court during a. close, hard- fought, game. Errors made there are Imprinted indelibly In the minds of conches and athletes. We have nau exchanges of id?ns In otlier ways, too. A few weeks ago a coach of n southern' university spent nine or ten days at New York University observing our In- ler-squad scrimmages and innklng notes for the beneAt of hts boys. Correspondence between coaches also Is of mutual .benefit. None of us can stand alone. An;! m? 'vot von should do Is pass n rule prohibiting Braddock from telp? knocked omit." "Sav, what is this business of everybody knocking out Brad- dork?" cut In Gould, (he Irishman's handler. "It Isn't necessary to pass: «ny rule safeguarding Braddock against a knockout. He passed that rule himself a long lime ago." Echmeling squawked about the S25.000 forfeit each mini is caller upon to post and binding him to the closer \ve sland together the defend the title In -tiitx couiitr.v teams have become strong, provta- harder It will be to knock basket-. within sh months ingstiU another opoortunity for ball out of the limelight "Chcrinan laws will not allow MONDAY, DECEMBER' 21, 1936 o clean up athletics hi Arkansas,' I am willing to accept It." i The eligibility controversy arose Eeveral weeks ago when Coach Foy Hammons wrote President; 3lary of the association asking, hat the executive committee look Into the athletic situation in southwest Arkansas and finally went lo Foi-dyce and talked with Clary and declared that unless something'- was done "foolball In that section' of the state would probably, be killed." ' , Hammpns submitted the ^ names of seven De Queen players and one from Prescott whom -he be- leved Ineligible. Coach 0. O. Cris- weil of, De Quetn countered with accusations challenging the eligibility of 11 Hope . players. -Tlie executive cSrhittee Is composed of J. Clary, Pordyce, chairman; T. H. Alford, North Little Rock; L. P. Mann, Newport, G. A. Stubbleflekl, Harrison and L. H. Goza, Arkadelphla. Akion men h being consideied cm c Fully by the U. S Depaitment of Commerce. Oovernmcnt englnceis impressed ivlth ^afely features of the l|ght home-construclcd plane are con- Ccniplfillii^i{issLs{Ance in fuilh.ei da, clopmcnt .of the craft. i Ine men, Joe and Howard Funk, 25-jear-old; Akron twins, nationally known as glider , pilots, aie planning lo ictail the ship at ji.551). ic Is a two-passenger mon- iiplane tjps designed pi Imarlly.foit tLonomj " Historic McCleilan Elms Get HealtK treatment WOODSTOCK, Coim. (UP) : 1- Townspeople nnd descendants of wen. Samuel McCleilan have joined forces to save the ^thrce famous elm trees planted by the Revolutionary soldier's wife 1GO years ago to mark his departure' to" the war against England." One of the trees was found to be slowly , rotting, but could be preserved by expert:' treatment:'inn ol-ncrs were healthy. The trees are on the common 'Vherc on April 20, 1776, McClelian indicate that they were not fully Informed of Ihe circumstances of the cases or the provisions of the association regarding certain regulations,"'.a member said. The committee ruled that Cook was a resident of Stamps one Hint Bearden 1 lived in Washington Coach Foy Hammons of Hope said that Cook's family rented a house and store in Hope the latter, part of August, but was unable to move Into tlie store until it was vacated. Although It was the latter part, of September before Cook actually opened theV store the boy submitted a written' statement'from his father that he was i a resident of Hone. '- ; ' Iii the case of Bearden, Hammons explained that the boy's father'is | sheriff: ipf, Hempstea'd county and: "although the county seat Is at'Washington, the Bearden family : llves in i Hope where' • brother ' and ' a sister are attending school: Hammons said that Sheriff Bearden owns a home in Hope. . -I s Hammons said he began an investigation of his own last vyeek and found that-'Spears, star back, ; vvas ineligible. Spears was one of the players mentioned In the De .Queen protest-but: was not mentioned yesterday.. " . Hammons said he. believed the. "penalty n little severe" but that he would abide by it and added Miat,"if it takes rulings like these | assembled Horse Guard and rode Boston. windham County awav * Grapple In Feature Match Tonight; Parker, Sinkey To Exchange Blows By J. P. FRIEND Pat O'Dowd, a product of Oklahoma A. & M., -famous for it's wrestling teams,, heads the Christmas grappling card at the indoor arena tonight The Oklahoma giaouler faces Joe Kirk, Milwaukee, Wls., a powerful 171 pounder, in a finish match, two best falls'out" of three. Big Jini Parker, who was introduced from : the ring last Monday, gets a crack at Charles "Cry Baby/' Sinkey, Corinth. Miss., bad hoy, in his debut In the semi-final event' which will have a 90-minnte time limit. Prompter Clarence Holder had planned : to. show the middleweight champion, Gus Kallio, with the Ofc- lahoman, but at'the last minute the:titleholder was ti msfenxd out of the territory. A-hurried call was put'ln for Kirk, who hns b2en wait- Ing a crack at O'Dowd and Kallio. Mike Meroney, veteran matchmaker who has seen perhaps the outstanding matmen in the country ranks both O'Dowd and Kirk right along with. Knllio. Barely' scaling five feet ten inches is height, Parker packs -210 pounds over his powerful frame. He has-appeared here before. It will be the first match in some time that .Sinkey will not have a trer hiendous weight advantage. e usual starting time of 8 p.m will-'start the first .of.'two amateur boxing matches. Promoter Holdei has announced that 1 the wrestling will be delayed until 9 pin. for the merchants ,to .close,-their stores. Nats. Get a Ferrell : WASHINGTON—Beverly Ferrell, cousin of Wes and Rick of the Boston. Red Sox,. has been signed by the; Washington' .Senators. - The young outfielder led the Georgia- Florida ^ League .in.batting, playing with Thomasyllle last.season. . Through their, habit, of picking iip lighted cigaret stubs, English sparrows .create a serious fire hazard. , Play Billiards! Wholesome Recreation , Moderately Priced Blytheville Recreation Center 310 W. Slain - Former Home of Hell's Pharmacy . GARNER APFIHTON MARVIN CHAPPELL WRESTLING Every Monday Night 8 P.M. Joe'Kirk vs. . • Pat Odowcl Jim Parker vs. Charles Sinkey American Legion Stadium COU> WEATHER SCARED NCSAYJ $<ARi(ROW Pftt WINTER BEER' in Bottles ! 'IN FOJSL WEATHtR. KEEP WARM ANDA\ERRY WtTH FALSTAFP WINTER BEER. FOR FLAVOR U'5 A BIRD/ -r~ * I I IIB ^K^M^r* ••«.,' fc,^. . «-* «J X43 //^ \ IT'S BOTTLED XMAS CHEER! Even your best friend «ill tell you—"Make mine Fatstafl \yinter Deer!" It's a gift everybody goes for. Sparkling, tangy, delicious, its warmth and pep are the life of the ' party. Order a case of this bottled cheer for your friends or ask about the hp.ndy siv-bottlc "" bags. The Choicest Product o/r/ie-:Brew«r Art —- •---- -"—- -- . • ' ^ •3 FREE! FREE! ; Boys ahcfc(3irls Santa Clans left same popcorn and Balloons f } or you-come and get It! 2 to 4 p m- \dour store Tnes.,-Wed.,-Thurs. Hubbard Hardware Co. Phone 32 Yes SHIRTS Arrow or Wilson Bros. •First thought for, the man who has everything ".• . . or who needs e v e i \ t h i n g i First thought bptause the\'ie easy to buj ' Fust, becaino shirts aie aluavs appiociata! 1 Fine fabncs, supeibh Iniloicd $ 2 $ 2 50 Other Suggestions, for Late Shoppers Hansen Gloves Smart Ties . .' Flannel Robes Silk Robes .' : " Silk Pajamas ' Broadcloth Pajamas ... Print Pajamas, Matching Robes Silk or Wool Scarfs ,...' Linen Handkerchiefs' Hickok Kelt Sets Wilson or Interwoven Hose 35c - 50c Leather Jackets §7.95 fo § 13>75 Lvans House Slippers $2.95 to S3.93 Cocktail Sets SS 75 Gladstone Bags -. .. . Sli'sO'io'glliisb /iplier Travel Sets S3 . 50 to S12-50 Pioneer or Hickok Suspenders .."... si 00 Fawn or Grey Spats S 1.0o"- $1.25 $1.25 lo - B5c to S2.5I) S«.5Q to S'9.75 ?G.7S to §9.75 S5.00 ,to §8.50 §2.00 to §4.!>()! ." 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