The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 30, 1930 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 30, 1930
Page 7
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TjHJUSUAY, L 30, 193Q_ CLASSIFIED ADS Two cents a tt"rd for first insertion nnd on« cent a word (or each suusMnitnt insertion. No advertisement taken lor less than SOc. Count the words and send the cash. 1'hono SOS Announcements The courier News has been au- thcrized to announce the 'following candidacies, subject to the Democratic primary. For Sheriff W. W. SHAVER. for County Treasurer W. W. HOLLIPETER. For County Court Clerk MRS. JOHN LONG. For County Assessor J. S. DILLAHUNTY. For City Attorney IWf W. CRAWFORD. For City Clerk H. L. MCKNIGHT. GEORGE CROSS. S. C. CRAIG. t''OU S FOR SALE—Setting eggs and baby chicks, Barron English strain Leghorns. Mrs. E. M. Ayrcs, Oiceola, Arfc. 27pk3 TOR SALE—ID2fl Model Electric Atwater Kent Radio. 550 Cash. P. H. Durham, Bowers Store. 2spk3 DAISY CHICKS—All varieties, from proven (locks. Custom Hatching solicited. Marilyn Hatchery, Biy- (hr-vitle. Ark. -9ck-tf USED CARS All used care are guaranteed by us Ic be just what we say they are. ^tir.c in anJ per. our used can*— prices from 525.03 and up. 1D2S Mcdcl A Knsiness Coupe Gocd paint job; good tires, motor A-l condition; a real buy. Only ...S315 1523 Model A rhaeton; anda- lusite blue; yellow wire wlteels. Ituns fcod and looks good $235 1D2G Mcdcl Duick Coac'i; sis good tires, heater, motor in excellent condition S275 1025 Laic .Model A Tudor; good tires; upholstery gcod; motor A-l condition 5383 On display al corner 5th and ^la I'HILLU'S MOTOR CO. Authorized Ford Dealers 1'UONF, 811 FEED FOR SALE—Corn, hay, nats, special urice en car loads. Fhone 65, Ira Crawford.- 18ckt(. FOH SALE -Hay. In (on or car load lots. See J. H. iJouos i; Hon, Blylheville Route No. 1, or A. Conway, Jilythevllle. 28iikFeb. 1. l-'OU HALE—Hay and corn, l-eo Kertz, Fagus, Missouri. 21p!tt FOR SALE—Bheepskiu lined leather coat, size, v2. Worn one week. Ceil r.esv. SU.OO will tike $0.00. Phcne 131. 30pk31 LAND FOR SALE—Two forties jiear Blythsrille, one located 40 ficrrs ol' liardroad and tile other 1-i milcj of hanlroad. We will sell either one of th5se tracts if bought by Saturday this week, for S3,150 on terms and give immediate possession. After the nbovc date the land will be leased. Thomas Land Company. 30ck31 WANTED riiUI/TRY WANTED—We have set the pace for five years. Marilyn Hatchery. Biythevllle. Ock. Feb. 10 WANTED-White girl wants work in urivate home. L'.ves children, apply 007 Walnut. • 30pk3 WANTED—1 or 5 room residence, cl-se in. Address "A" Courier News. 38pkl FOR KENT ONK OP SHANE APARTMENTS (or rent. Possession tun be given nt any time up to February 1st. Tclcnliniic 197 and 571. Mpkl WERT He Makes 'Em See © 1^0 J NEA Service Inc. I.!:. |S hi. Ill: MIIIA I .11 I .'in roiciiiiv i>i.i»i IB ,, \< i> l prk IH|I» Klll'li tnill.t- II. : r',:- tn-r rui|lli»r' 'I! Mil II 1-; \n I •; ,t i. 'K|U U n vtl '-I.' -t nir. .1 iiai'Kiiirr. 1'ivt. i«. i. I'.irl^ and ., MI.. JI'M'HI HI "I \ I, nui.ii.iu, In Hi' rut "il-i i in. lr,, ,,. ri l I.) n .-nil 1 - in ...MI 'I'. U lit. bi'r nil) ... Vni.T'i-:i •II: (• .'.; J Arfki'r *:ijl in m -i-t hf.- V, !:•!. lv|,'|-.1n lir1i,,-.» fcK i tti iiir. Ihr ulrl l.:i i.ten iiii-kuil up uud wag wailing tcicxre mi linll. .Tony Kits at III) ••My in Ipave Inn hHil no way ot riai'iiliis hunie cKi'i-pl In wall for MIT failier'a nrrlvn) Mnrilmcr wus l:i'lil [nr oxiTiMllin! Hie speed Kinli ami driving >vhl|o uniler Die In LAURA IDU BROOKMAN and Dvcryibins i ;|o It a sin. And now if you'll tnko my nrlvlco you'll dear nut! Hci'auBc lei mo lell you Miss Snoniiy, u,i, )S1J , vll , I. AMU < I! VK.. Knit:!.! h.i- l:.-'(.r 111.- nlti -lir Irll, li-II hlm blm 'll..}. 'll- ri-fltM-SL I r:r,-iiiiii.iiii> di»c fclxiu .irlllli Kiir» nh>:ir >>lil> hi'r Mllirr .[ill. -lull. u I. .In.llll, „„ | „„, tu-r.rll Ml ...... rrni:; ruin.-,. In Ihr In. u.i' Hi «r<'. Kulj:Ji| ili-lilr. IhJ. ni.Krll> Ti.rv .ur[.rl»rk -lii.lllti hj iiklt- IliH I"'. In tin < i- lum'li I ..... »n nltb Itrr nr\( d.-ir- Jiulltlt k«-r|.,. Inr iiliiii.lnl ttli'iit inn) |» int-l I.) Ai,U> Cr.ilc. nhi. nulnlii. 'I'm,, n«U*-,l lilrti. I. in. in nirrl *«er. I'bc Uri. nrr luur'' T «!u. n ri.nj nr- rj\r» fa:ill iin ir Inti- nltli brr fiutu-r. shr t. :irlfiil rininch :.i niakr Juah[r« nntl frii!^ 1 * |im. <v«tii miunj InrrhnlnMllnr;. Aflrr 'CiilKlH lini* conr Jurtllh Bi.m In III- oIlliT In rvlilnln. Mir u l.HJ li.» ;.U jifiTi-lnry IIF ^nfn.-fil -i-*" Illli'llre ill wild nnd tl:c c-iir « nil] I "Just ImriKliii;. KnlKht. Ills vnlri liiinlty plti-h. "lirr nor 'I'he pit o Ihr n r it" l i making *' n * I IIL', Juitii':. ' I lien you're tint looking Inr. And Flint's more, you'll BO! Now net onl of here ami lei me sleep." It \va* tui use! mi n wnrd Jmllili arose, lefl ' wiii're u st.uni and wont Ilie riniiii. Then slie shin i»r ticlilud her, lennlnE H winlily lor n imunent nml Uy ihey n'.ii nl the i' ll. ii U n rre. rlllnlhin ntlrr ini*. It*- IrLIn a <-ut«T(nfn it Juilttti rtlfjr lire fErnu]i i.f liU I.UNluvNK iB<Hirlnu-» nuc «c-rL •< n ibrnli-r I"nrl7 Jii- tihb hujn a iKimllrul KOIVN Inr II)* 1 pcrnitrin, lyhfn «hr iclrn li on Arthur lirnlM*-^ ttrr nlrnui- unnllr. Tnnj- avf rhrnrji jtnd nrsi i!n? Jitillih flnil-i Ihr Urrk* rldillrd «l llllK 'f'lir IrncU U.4a]i!li-:ilr4 and tbr llirnirr pncrj • prnvrA n vurrt'HH XVln>n Judllb and Arlbitr rrm-h ImLiti- nflrr X n. tp. n vitU runicH liial 't'onT nnd an vfcort nrr lii-lil In n fuller-- mniTnn - chnrcrd unit ro<-tl,.. drlvlfiir. Kiilflil l<rltin« Mi il:n:Kl!trr and 'I'nn? nn'urn out IUT \vr.1th-ULion Jildltu. l .\ou' mi nx IVJTII THE tironr CIlAl'TER XXV 'T'ONY as usunl (when elie made up her uilnd to do go) ilciuor- allzeil the liouseliold nexi thy. Aritiu> XnlBht Insisted t.o coiili! not sleep and did not want to vo tn bed ader he had followed tils rebellious tlauBliter Into the house at six o'clock In (lie mornlne. .luilltli nerEuaOo* 1 him to go nnslalrs and lie down i( only for an hour. Judith drank coffee, ate toast and returned (o her weary vigil. All die L'ld been doing U sccaieil. for hours, was to wait. .At S:30 (.lie lelephoned the puu- lisliins office left word thai Mr. Kniulit- wouhl -not be ill his office until later In the dny. Half an hour afterward -Judith heard her husband moving about. Slic Kent iipstairs arid found liira Bhavini;. lie looked as though lie bad missed most o! I'uc night's sleep and yet the few hours or slumber bad been restful. Judith retraced her steps down stairs and was back In 20 minutes carrying a breakfast tray. As Arthur sniffed the aroma of hot coffee and French toast his face lighted up. "Here," said Jmlilli. "I'm to set It out on this stand. Come on, now, Arthur. Eai your break last while it's hot." "You n;ighl not to go to all this bother — " She hushed him with two fingers on his lips. "la Ilierc— going to bj auy legal action?" Knight shook his head. "That scoundrel. Mortimer! Remember— the same fellow Helena r-3id slie ivss running around wldi iu Paris. I won't hnvc It, Judith! 1 lell you this hag got to stop! H'» an out.-age." Ho repealed what he tad learned at the police station. Tony ami Mlfll'cy Mortimer were both there be «urri»«d. Mortimer lad Icr—!" JnilMli wr.s I'ITI,-\ -i Artei he li;:il li>n l dllh irh-i] in rni Si: unl. I'ltwrtl MCI I-M:' i u-niiM 1:1:1 ciiinf. Mi<- . like u lnnK while- *'.» • mil) weill I.'N'.I;: It..- , for Sandy. Slrapplns n \~K\\ i.i collar, she til mi: ft.: i;;- . walk. WIlEll \ Hlu- In i! t ::!.. It Wlillld l.-tij li JUdlth KnlxiU's l-:i!il!liv I Eperil i.'.ni •;,", ntlrMMi-s i u-liat Tcjiy nil^hi t;.i in i-.-; slie could defend lii-rsiir , At 12 o'clock Jinlith wa> i •' ;aln. A sci'iinil [line she I'jn.'i-n ' '' hrcakfns'i Inr u.rj ihr- nairs ii!t:. fl knocked softly ui Tnny's itm.r. i" "Who's there'.'" ' In "It's Jutllllt," tlie girl ansiverrd "Wha'rt you waniv" Judith pushed ihe door tacit stepped ncroFs the threchnld. "Koail!" Tony, nioanc'd ut uhe Bllmpsed the tray. "Tnke it aiy.iy!" 1 thoughi you mlsht \vjnl SDmetlilnG. Tony. It's 12 o'clock." "Don't care. Never want to see food a&aln." "Couldn't you drink some coSee? i i-lih-i! her hniuls sn •ml .isi roil nml thi'« h cr mvil ml (nrth, il." she prnyi'd. ii'i- li.-i till!" •:• 'if. Hie mil! Ini i • Hi i-:tfKl hin-k " :! *'•! i!i [ov si-u-iL • i: itl. i:t<rv(iui niul n •i tail, ilini-iinsbiy '•-u-i in Hie hcil •I u hi the , i io\ "Llsleu. Ainly.' slie s.ilii tvirncit- ly. "I've RIM in sea yon. Just n» BOOTHS iiosslhlc! li'u very.Import- "I liopo nollilni—" "No. I c.:n'l lell you niiylhlug »l It's something I'm 111 1110 wllll. lliOllBll. all jnsl iniw. euro you vnn It como iu ni nuuii rim l meet you somc^ ht'i L' He nsstiicil her (lint wtis poaslblo mid aald lie ivns leaving the olllco nl 12 o'clock. "Then yon say nt timl time.- Wlieve ehall il he 1 /" Crnls niKoil her (o sal Hie t lug |)lacu herself, Juilllh thonslil swUlly. "Let's uiabo ft thai 'lloolicry place iluii Tony look ua to. It's t|iillc nr-nr Iho llnnier Von remrnihcrj" Vos. Cralu remembered. IJt »ald bo iruii hi nifei tier tlicro «t 10 mliiiuea past 12 o'clock. Jndllli ro- lilncctl Iho receiver u( llio telo- plionc, FOR RENT—Comlort able front bedroom, modern convenience^, for one of two gentlemen. Phone Mrs. WUson Henry-; 843. 2Bpk4 FOB RENT—Nice little apartment of three rooms' and bath, 200 Kentucky, corner 2nd St. Rent ('IT.'oO §3r nrnUi. Thomas Land Company 30ck31. FOR KENT— Moss Furniture Co., store, we are cutting this building int-> three stores, and otTcr two of tliem for rent al right figures. The center store is equipped for furniture business, with second doer gallery, and large spaces In rear o! building. Thomas Land Company. . 30CM1 FOR RENT—To gentlemen or couple, a large furnished bedroom with adjoining hath in private home. Call 80. PERSONAL 9T. J. KKOX repairs shoes good. No. 2M West Main. Splinters Cnt:u:c: "I found your bail, sir, but I couldn't find your purse." Unwell Phillips: "TlraukE, awfully. It, was the hall I v.antcri. I find I ditin'; lose my pure alter all." - ' IF YOU OWN YOUR 0\VN HOME INSPIRATION ! IS THE 9M.Y_THING IN THK WORLD THAT CAN MAKE j OU ^\ r '" lUMBEri --I'OO E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. i.'.-nii:.-! «r nerve wrnck- C'lK ivas wnltliiR di Tlie fiookery '''"il i:li:i>in. ° nhcn Ainly Craln'a lowt'iliij; Mtii-iMi-'l tit Trtny. At si * '«' Icoii'.eil In Hie dnoiwnr. Ho OUK HOARDING HOUSE; PAGE SEVEN By Aliern unil Judith poured a cuplnl of the sicamlng beverage and canleil It to Ilie girl. I'tillluj Herself up so .-• i .1- mil «iii|-iiK<:l luck »m| ... lii-i Mnie.< -lieVc].i. Hho lind hten i:.' Men m mlie Lnl her r,-ir. In i:i:i:iiiii:i I'.my refused to le.ivc Jiu'llh lelt like ;i tnsc ennl. wnn derlnK iietivc:-!! the iw« She anavp ihai ilio youiiijer Rlrl's nu laHmilr.tii iim-unl lier had cryslnl li/.cil. Vasuely she ninleratnoil Hie I'.nr.xcr nnd yei site iliil not of the one likely spot where Kiilglil cnniil strike—nnd sure! Tills wns unfortunate. She could not lell If Tcny com- municateil wlih Mickey Morllmci or nol. hut believed E!IC did. There was n telephone extension In the I'lrl's room. slio sat cross-legged In bed. tlio! I'esourcoful and sins was rcbollloiiB. younger girl sipped the .drink. Judith, foreseeing no Judith sank to or.e of tlie tiny, wretched stnte of nffnlrs. begun to ilndle-iegged French chairs. Slid tacc " ew terrors. Things could not 1^0 on much longer. Slic- was afrnhl Tony wiiulil cuminll BOIIID horrlhle act or revenge—perhaiis go away with .Mortlmerl It was these thoiishls wlilch \-f is OF -me I CAUU IT 5UA\yg CF THE PAR&5 T Si-lce5 r SCRAPES' SrlARPEfJiT PAL, VJILL. Von l )see M'£ AS. GIMM6 "frlBM ^ I I scanui-il tlio tatiin. round per nml went over to Iho (able nl which sho sal. After (hut Jniillh anil the ynnng man nl In scrlmis conversation fur nearly i'( iniiitiics. Tlio girl did most of tl,c iiillilns. Kins reviewed (lie tiirlmleuce or ihe home liiul just loft. L'rnlj; listened, t tbc i-lnsc ol Hie rtniT(i?:iiinn. BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES . a silence fell between t!inn. "1 ilnn't knnw hou- uun-h gonii u ivlll do. JmlUb." Andy said (intiuy. •Tm not very hopeful lint I'll i-y.' , A|i|i:ireiilly tbl.i iinswcr HNS J:idHh hml been waning [ or . WtVV—1 KkJOW OWt T«)V6 - \V \V\ . NOT MOW A VOOUVO ^ /- ff 1. . - "Oh. Inn I'm sure ynn can ilu n: 1 she lull) liliu nijeily. llci (:.c(! brightened anil she Biulh-il. 'u , lime In tie niilnj; nmv." uhc inltli-il and linih nr ilicm Crnii; inilil the chci-k an.: two slv|i|.c.l tint on Iliu sliepl. u turned nnd walked uwny lowanl die Tliey ii-cte nu atirnctli cinipSe loucllier. .hiilllh. irvii; tit her KU-IIS Iu Hie ewliiKln); MI or the iiKin. i-1-..ittctl the Fcrlmia tnisinesH of Hie view tt-jis ended. Il wns not. husvevcr. tiuni:.-c ninn anil the fjirl Inoltnl s,. inir:n- live to[;other Dial r. llili.l II'IMIII. a man 0:1 the uLiLiosiu- Mile ,i| 51 reel, paiist'.l in watL-li limni. The ninn was Arlhui Knlslil. lie wcs w'alUiiiB f!-jni -tin. n;i|:nal;e ,11 rccllon'iiud he linn ijeen tluio to ste Jmllili am: cnicrEC from The llonkcry. nil f:lstntlt and tticn slml ficther doM-ii Ihe street. As his eye lii-it ll^liuil upon the lamentable course ot action. telephoned to Andy it was the iiiorniiiK of the Ililnl day Tony bml kept Io lier room. The lilea came as ti sudden Inspiration while .luilldi ivas cliccklng ousehnld acco-jntf week. Sho Ent al her ivritlni; desk. neat pad of imner iicfore her nnd pencil Is tiniiil; bi:t Instecd of copy- ins flsures ami ndtllns them I little square's ami circles ami then blacftenlnj; . Amly Craig! As tliough a sudden rny or had come pom-liiK through tho window. u-rltlng Andy's iinmc In letters or Bold nnd scaltcriiii; tbc l\ HECV. OF A, 6 OO Pi \JS)t qf *. "s'o wot VKMOW TH 1 WCKErte> XOO COOUD frt W>Mt IM VT , pair Knlgiil Binned. He si.jivcti desolation. Jmlith sal straight In her cluiir. Andy ivns Ilie one person to whom out the tllRlucbt chanrc fnr 'iluii Sho hurried downslahs. passed ns Into the eyes of An fioinelliins like a trn crossed Kiilgln's fate, lie i-mnm- ued wulliliig. llnlslicd his crnnd losk down the telephone that all along from Iho begluuing. and returnc-il to his oilicc-. ami called Hie numb At home Uiat evcniiij; Mlare tl:c lirenlace he asked in the through your graft, doesn't it? (Jnltc recklessly sho nsked Judith moved her lips to speak- most rasimi manner In ll;e vvorlii: speak to Andrew Craig ami then, but Tony went ahead: "Did you run into tnv,-n to ntmise yonrsclt loilay. dc«r'.'" Ills wife smiled serenely, and answered with a negative shake of the hep.d: — 1 iras dome licre alt alter- "UEten, ray blond friend, nounced, "Thi:. i.s .liulllli." Th- young rcau'.i tone eipresstt) said. "Ever since you've been in me. >ou ve got him so he suspect: everything I sny or do. You mskt sas in no mood for light him think wliat you do l» perfect (!• Be Cuulinucd) 1HS1 COLONtV. rt ^UCH N LMT VUGHT He TOOK ME: ro^ h I_OUG ^tooi-L GWDS MC or TO THfVT. SOMEONE. " TOR MC- tVC.N (\T MX flrlEU VIA P\flOUND THE. COLONEL n •Sfc.Kr.'S MC Bf\CK 10 "WL OLD iH fvc,r_ ^jfv,^ f^ U you DON'T WP.V.M Htw O.GCMOST // TW.WNQABOUT TOLD HC'DBttNIN V.O<JE. \MrtH ^YTHING- IS \-\KS\X. TO I OLi) WCRRE But vio t COLONEU U SOU. Wit IU SO •ROrtWUvC ^ND YnPATHtTlC.THL ^EfVSON WHY THE COLDHELL .1 TI1ID TO STILL / \ LOVE WITH T.O BE TJOV1E. QUICK XOUHG.SOC'iCMOVI FRFJCKLES AND HTS FRFRNOS NOT SO HAD! WW^m/-'- - „ IK Fm?<!'«'*••'< spl wondered ho« In the world to be- Bin. Finally she said: . "Tony, 1 want to l.ilk to you." "Yeah? Tliroc cuesssa what about!" "Oh, you know whnt It's nhout as we!! r-.s I do.-l guess there's no way liut to come directly to ibo point Vour father feels terribly olwul what happened--" Before she could finish the sentence Tony stralgliteneci up and interrupted. "You cmi slop rlglil there! You're not going to Iccuire. me. didn't 1 tell you a few hours' who's io blame for all-this and t/in folug io put a stop Ip 117 you hear me eay Hint?" "But. Tony—" "No? Well, you'll lie finding out soon enough, EO don't let lhal worry you." JUDITH knew (hut she had railed. J "But won't you listen to me?" she best'ciL "Don't you seo ! jusi want to h-3ln you!" "Oh. you do!" sneered tha girl on (lie lied. "Want to help yourself, you mean. (;ct me out of the way so you can dig deeper Inlo my father's Wakes x. _._:?

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