Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on March 30, 1959 · Page 7
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 7

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Monday, March 30, 1959
Page 7
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Foreign Ministers Meets Usually Prove Futile By PETER EDSON NEA Washington Correspondent WASHINGTON — The Council of Foreign Ministers convening May 11 to consider the Berlin situation in preparation for the summit conference later this summer will be the first such meeting attended by the Russians in four years. You can get arguments either way that this foreign ministers' meeting will be a waste of time or serve a useful purpose. But that generality applies equally to all CFM meetings in the past. Some were good. Others complete busts. There have been either nine or 13 of these foreign ministers' conferences in which th Russians have taken part, depending on when you begin counting and how. And you must review theirj record to appraise their value. First in 1943 The first wartime foreign ministers' meeting was held in Moscow. October, 1943. The late Cor- d«ll Hull, Anthony Eden and V. M. Molotov were principals. They held 12 sessions in which it was agreed to form a United Nations organization, destroy Nazism and Fascism, punish war criminals and liberate Austria. This talk was followed by the Dumbarton Oaks conference in Washington, October, 1944. in which first draft of the United Nations Charter was written — an auspicious beginning. The '•Council" of Foreign Ministers did not come into being as a formal organization until a year later. It was created by the four- power Potsdam conference. The council's assignment from the heads of government was to work out peace treaties with Hungary. Bulgaria, Romania, Finland ami Italy. Six Sessions In the next two years the coun cil held six sessions to give di rections to the deputies and technical experts who did the actual negotiating and drafting. London—Sept. 11, Oct. 2. 1945 —made a start on terms of the Italian treaty, bat did little beyond this. Moscow—Dec. 16-26,1945—ended in disagreement. Paris—April 25-May 15, 1946— Broke up over Russian demand for 100-million-dollar reparations from Italy. Paris —June 25-July 12, 1946. Continuation of previous session. Ended in a call for a peace conference to make treaties with al! • >- Axis powers except Germany and Japan. This conference met in Paris, July 29, 1946. New York — Nov. 4-Dec. 11. 1946. Treaties with Bulgaria, Fin-' land, Hungary, Italy and Romania approved in connection with meeting of U.N. General Assembly. Byrnes Represented U.S. In official records these sessions are listed as the first three meetings of the council. The Moscow meetings are not counted and the two Paris meetings are considered one. Secretary of State James F.j Byrnes was U.S. representative at these sessions. They are memorable now in that Byrnes, at Paris, offered the Russians a 25-year treaty guaranteeing the disarmament of Germany. If the Russians had accepted this foolish offer, the U.S. and western European powers would be in a bad fix today. But the Russians turned it down. In view of the creation of North Atlantic Treaty Organization and rearmament of West Germany, the Reds would grab at it if they could get it now. There were two reasons why the Russians missed this boat. First was that the western powers would not accept Russia's demand for 100 million dollars in German reparations. Second, the Russians did no! feel that the West went far enough in "democratization" of Germany. What they wanted, of course, was a Communist-domi nated Germany and Austria. A seven-week session of the Council of Foreign Ministers — -rue"CIDGT OWF—SDirits were high In 1943 at the rirst meeting ol the foreign ministers. ^n E in gFl t R h! T Mo 0 sS ,w ScttrTh" Big Three are Cordell Hull. V. M. Molotov and Anthonv Eden. Years of bickering since have led up to the 1959 meeting. TOUGH EGGS PETERS HOLLO W, Tenn. <UPD—Folks here are just about ready to concede that farmer Ray Lowe has chickens that lay the [toughest eggs in town. Lowe, 63, won Peters Hollow's annual Easter egg fight Sunday for the third time in the last four j \ears. He had the only uncracked [egg left after 200 "contestants" bashed eggs against each other. its longest—was held in Moscow. March 10-April 24, 1947. It was another futile effort to work out peace treaties for Germany and Austria. Gen. George C. Marshall, as U.S. secretary of state, was American representative. He gave up when he considered further negotiation useless. This is officially counted as the fourth CF.M meeting. A fifth session in London, Nov. 25-Dcc. 15, 1947, was no more successful. And that ended the work of the Courcil of Foreign Ministers for two years. NEXT: The record of council failures in the past decade. Cor Stalls On Track, 'Miracle' Saves Four SUN VALLEY, Calif. <l ; PI> John Fancher, 45, who escaped .with his three young daughters [seconds before a train smashed into their stalled car, says he doesn't know about miracles. "All I know is that we were all saved," he said Sunday after the accident as he was on his way to church for Easter services with his daughters Lynn, 12; Margo, 9, and Christine, 7. "At the railroad grade crossing... the view was blocked by a string of freight cars." Fancher said. "They were uncoupled to let traffic through but you couldn't see either side." He said he started across when the car stalled on the tracks. "Then I heard it—the horn of a train coming fast and close. I knew there was no time to try and start the car again." Fancher said. "I yelled for the kids to get out and run. Then I saw the diesel 1 engine. It was right on top of us. "Little Christine got out first. She ran and I knew she was safe. Lynn, who was in the front seat with me, jumped out her side, and was away. "But when I turned to try and help Margo out of the back, I knew it was too late. "Still. I grabbed her and as we ran, I heard a crash behind me. I didn't turn to look. The other girls say our car did a complete loop in the air. "A neighbor took the girls on to church," Fancher said. "Mother and 1 stayqd home. "You don't need to be in church to pray. "I don't know about miracles," Fancher said. "But I know this: "Today is Easter. And when I saw that train, it was too close for all of us to escape." HIGHWAY SAFETY REPORT NO. 1 Survey Shows Need For Minimum Speed Lows SELL IT TOMORROW With an inexpensive Classified Ad By LOUIS CASSELS United Press International WASHINGTON (UPI) - Last year, 35,000 Americans were killed and 1,300,000 were injured in automobile accidents. Reducing this terrible toll has become a major national objective. But little progress can be made in preventing accidents without sound knowledge abou'. \ihen, where and why they occur. The U.S. Bureau of Public Roads has just completed a three- year study which was the most comprehensive attempt yet to substitute facts for opinions on highway safety. The findings, to be published soon, support some long-held popular ideas about accidents — but sharply contradict others. Some of the most surprising discoveries concern the relationship between speed and safety. Safe Speed Varies The bureau found that under good driving conditions — that is, on main open-country highways, in daytime and in fair weather- it is substantially safer to drive at a relatively high speed than to poke along at very slew speeds. Lest this finding be dangerously misconstrued, it should be emphasized at once that the study confirmed what common-sense already knew: excessively high speeds are hazardous, particularly at night. And what constitutes a safe speed on a main rural highway would definitely be too fast in a congested urban area, or on a narrow, winding road. The study covered 3,700,000,000 vohicle-miles of actual automobile travel by 290,000 drivers of both sexes and every age bracket, over typical stretches of main rural highway in 11 widely-scattered states. Extremes Are Bad By analyzing in an electronic computer the 10,000 accidents which occurred, the bureau came up with a mass of statistics on the "accident involvement rate" of various kinds of drivers under widely varying travel conditions. The accident involvement rate for drivers traveling at speeds below 40 miles per hour proved to be several times higher than that of drivers traveling at somewhat higher speeds. This does not mean that the faster you drive, the less likely you are to have an accident. Plotted on a graph, the accident involvement rate for daytime travel on major highways drops steadily from 40 to 55 miles an hour, then gradually levels off until about 65 miles an hour, where it begins to climb again. Above 70, it climbs steeply. In determining a safe speed, however, a direr must take into account not only the chances of having an accident, but the severity of the accident that is likely to occur at various speeds. New Laws Possible Here the findings are unequivocal — the faster you are going, the more likely you are to be seriously hurt if you are in a wreck. At 40 miles an hour, only a third of the accidents result in substantial injuries. At 70 miles, nearly 90 per cent of the accidents involve injury. Weighing together both considerations — the chances of having an accident, and its probable se- \erity — the bureau found the overall injury rate is lowest at speeds between 45 and 70 miles an hour. It rises sharply below 40 and above 75. One conclusion stands out clearly— the desirability of enforcing minimum as well as maximum speeds limits on main highways. A few states already have such laws. Others may be prompted by the bureau's findings to adopt them. All of the figures given above Redlands Daily Fact* Monday, Mar. 30, 1959 - 7 French To Purge Language Of American Slang PARIS (UPI)—A drive is on to purge the French language of all foreign words — especially the American slang expression which have become increasingly prevalent since World War 11. The semi-official office of French vocabulary (OFV) has s-t April i as D-Day in a drive to eliminate foreign words from French speech. The OFV, headed by Georges Duhamel of the French Academy, has asked readers to report all publications which use foreign words on that day. Although no formal punishment of the publications is contemplated, Duhamel's office will try to mobilize moral indignation against them. A number of American expressions are in common use in France, although the fact is not apparent to the casual tourist. On a Frenchman's tongue, "gangster" becomes "gong-stair" and "budget" is "boo-jay." The OFC is urging French newspapers to refrain from the use of such words, using the French equivalent instead — and, presumably, inventing an equivalent where noae now exists. MAN DIES UNAIDED LONDON lUPU — A man lay bleeding to death in Piccadilly Circus for 30 minutes and no passersby stopped to help him, police reported. A full-scale hunt was on for the killer of Graham J. Osborne, 26, apparently stabbed in a scuffle. are for daytime travel. What the bureau learned about night driving and about the accident rates of various types of drivers will be summarized in another dispatch tomorrow. AS OF THIS M0RHIHG, If you are one of the millions of drivers in the West now paying for premium gasoline, you may be able to save 4 to 5 cents a gallon and still get premium gasoline performance. Union Oil's New 7600 Gasoline is here. New 7600 has the highest octane of any regular in the West. Octane so high it now makes premium performance possible at regular prices for 2,700,065 of the cars that had to use premium until now. Octane high enough to bring knock-free performance to 4 out of every 5 cars on the road.* And more: New 7600 contains Union's exclnsire additiv* NR76. It cleans your carburetor chemically; reduces engine maintenance measurably. Wouldn't today be a good day to try New 7600 an'd start enjoying premium performance at regular price? A whole tankful, preferably, so you can prove the power of this new kind of gasoline without a shadow of a doubt. New 7600 —another first from Union Oil, The West's most experienced gasoline refiner, uho has never made a "dirty gallon." *(If your car is the 1 in 5 which needs an ultra-high* octane premium gasoline, use Union's new Royal 76, the West's most powerful premium.) fGASOLIHE Powered like a premium,..priced like a regular! Now at your Minute Man station-the sign of the 76 where you know you always get The Finest

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