Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on June 11, 1957 · Page 21
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 21

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 11, 1957
Page 21
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Dial FA 2-4BOO for_a WANT AD Taker OUT OUR WAY EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD., TUESDAY, JUNE 11, 1957 By R. J. William* OUR BOARDING HOUSE with MAOR HOOPLE ' IT MU&r a oowe soiwe-miw TO H1M--1 KM BS&rr OVER TH 1 MIPPL8 a 1 THIS GOPHER .SNAKE WITH THAT HEAVY LOAPEP TRUCK/rve RUM OVER. MAMVAXf NEVER IOLLED OWE ANT THERE MUST BE A REASON FOR rr. so x JUST [ THOUOIT IV-STUPY v '' TH" FAST CIK6>H SOU VkAPE TO kETCH HIM 1 WAS ACi«M|[IABt£ I AW CAVE we A LOT' , CT RESPECT FER MOO- ^ BUT PLEASE OONTOO AKIY FURTHER rNTO TH' SUBJECT AMP A\AKE ME LOSE ALL. THAT RESPECT VOO (JLWUTV ,.' , «- -t TH6 PHYSICAL A>JC> Me»JTAl ^VT^F/cHl! " t-« _. _ SEE *-HM /V37 WHOA i UTS THERe,MftRTHA-~ SIGNED® Jv^/AETy OP v^ CUT THAT AMD SEALED AS YOUf? J| THE FIRST PAST/'AVAILABLE ' r ' -- 4J DOES HcREB/^D ADAPTABLE'; • *" He WILL *f, '"•ALSO THE < * /v * "-;NTEEUV J SOUNDS { too MUCH ' UK'S A FACT LITERAL AtlND — A PKOMSSOK*' ftoTB, AS IT WERE, to OBTAIN AVAILABLE AtxlO ADAPTABLE TO HIS TALEMTS" BELZASE IN AFTERNOON TAPERS OF TUeSDAV Actress ACROSS I Screen actress, Jana 6 She sang at Los Angeles' 36 M35CU] nichna 38 Throng 39 Bone 41 Seine 43 Anger 44 Except ine me h ^ tl Hydrocarbon * s Courtesy till 12 Reiterate "Bullfighter U Landed =0 Hebrew property ., f ce . llc ti Beliiclant " * ""! n * W** Guinea ^rchtg.y l^rvivjxi 55 Redacts ! 9? ^?a, M ,n * U* 20 Compass point DOWN 22Yes(Sp.) 1 Plateaus 23 Couch 2 Depose 24 Point 3 Body or wa 26 Woody plants 4 Canadian 29 Negative word province 31 Harem room (ah.) 32 Beverage 5 Requiremen 33 Wager 6 Snatch 34 Bulwark 1 Reverend N ^ «- ' J J ° 55 11 J4 ft Ji ' ^ # j W/. m YS% m w 11 17 U S) %^ W e Ai A "A T H L_ R| / H|U * U M p LO /er r o !> t T* ( e ^ A 5 ^ o Pr* 3 _ = T 3 S u e ir D : ^S R IE i& T t- VI * I ^ •r- A r> o Jl >u r- & S ' p R JK ! ^ ^ a T D •E Pu T A » e T £ it .; E2ld £ M O W 2 E RE R & D N M £• (ab.) 35 Pronoun 8 Unclose 37 Arid region (poet) 38 Disposed 9 Lines of 40 Paces poetry 42 Fork prongs JOComforted 43 Greenland U Unit ot Eskimo reluctance 44 Foreman 13 Number 46 Cr mson J 8 River island « Biblical er 21 Cold season prophet 23 Defeated 43 Rot flajc 25 Versifier by exposure 27 Pilfer 51 Group o£ ts 28 Paradise matched 30 Make ace pieces 34 Scoffed 52 Observe W w> w * ** ^ 12. 6 ^ ^ 0 31 -A ' •M ** so ^ J ^ t^ is ' Jfc- %; 5^ 51 8 ^ :v~ -M, * > !/ •• " 10 i? «~ t » ti „ 46 WISHIIS ' < S 8 2 T G A Y 6 5 '< 7 5 2 S 3 D A S R 6354 P G' I I 2463 T D S T 8542 ! H U U 43 T 5 W A A P H ERE is a pleasant 1 (lay. It is a numeri Count the letters In yoi more, JUblract 4. 1( the your kty number. Star - Utt(le and check every re»d the mtjsaie the 1« 'O l«l. t? WTBUm Jacobi± Part Score Lures Soul By OSWALD JAC Written for NEA Se Soulh liked his hundr and his nice, comforta He had 30 on score and lo score game, rubbei honors. The opening lead ot hearts and his first sigf my did not disturb him stand some bad breaks. He won the opening led a second high trui NORTH AQJ63 VNone Horoscope Look in the section In which your birthday comes ami find what your outlook is. according lo th« stars. For ^Cedncitlsj, June I.', 1533 MARCH 11 lo APRIL 20 CArie»>- SeU-iestraint and calm thinking arc the order of Ine day. Avoid extravagance, careless promises. Don't $o overboard In anj"tflinK. Day favors confidential mailers, sea travel. APRIL 21 lo .MAY 21 [Taurusl—Daj- »UI need sensible planning, caution to avoid needless error*, ntisjuugntent, etc. Confidential matters, investigations honored. _MAV 21 (o JUNK 11 ((; cm ini ^Vhile the influences are nol entirely encouraEinjr for brighl. ereativc Ideas or for unfamiliar projects, il you use lour innate ingenuity you should have reosonably profitable ctay. Be pracli- oul to he the most fruitful and pio- ucthe. NOVKMBEB 23 (o DECEMBER 21 < Sagittarius)— Thriltinpss but not stinc- iness ad%iicd. Day lends to misuse of i ntiancts, carelessness in handling others* interests. Be your usual honorable, Intel llgc o t se't; you'll gain. DECEMBER 22 to JANUARY 20 (Capricorn)— You will have to dig bit. push and pull, and be tactful no also u' tiling lo be silent «hen y would 1ft c, perhaps, lo speak out strongly. But these are winning aiicL se them and achieve. AMMnV 21 to FEBRUARY 1 (Aquarius)— Don't worry if others ar irritable, it returns arc not what you worked for. You will soon iee pains as a result of past sood endeavor. There cal. him e •JUNK 22 JULY 2.7 (Canccr>— You can r.eutrallre some adverse inflii. by adding new twists, unuiunl mentations lo spur fresh interest .„ Joti acllvities. Show your oriitinalitT. JULY 24 to~AUt:UST 13 (LeoJ—The Sun and Moon, in inauspicious aspects, now suggest vigilance. The day, however, should oe a good one for check' Iftf Itocfc, clerical work, makinjr plans, necessary chanscs. rebuilding, cle. New- mailers should be undertaken carefully. AUGUST Jl to SEPTEMBER 23 fVirco; -A neutral das'—wiUi f: matters and studied procedures in comfortable lineup. Be most careful about assuming dents or adrtcd respon - : "*" however. Don't undertake Bhat you know you can't handle. __SEPTEMBEH 3A lo OCTOBER (Libra)—Patience, a careful iturty of what to do and hou- to do Important, Time taken lor add tJiouphfful arranftemcnts will not be lost. A well-planned pro pram produce new benefits. OCTOBER 2< to NOVEMBER 22 (Scorpio)—Don't fret or blame ariyi If your efforts don't show immertialc returns or big Rains; b\it keep tryinp. Many periods nhiih require (and cet) careful forethought and reasoning, lurn <rill be no aspect of Uranus till ne\l wccV. Kc«p trying. FEUKIMRY 20 (o .MARCH 20 ccsJ—Xepl line's al, nc< position plans, r •cl. confidential mailers. HIGh out-of-lhe-ordinar>- mea ~lfcaj, however; do not go to YOU BOH.V TODAY; Opportnmty comes lo vou because you go more than half way to meet it. You have imaginntion, perception, fan • judge instinctively what groups, situations nerd. You could tio u-cJl in U'Orfc and ors?.i niiatlons devoted: rausos; could become o progressive xpert in you; field, but must guard ajainst being too hasty and relyinc upon superficial knowledge. You do not mean to hurt others by being brusque, but some* limes do. Don't disregard those who may nol be as quick «s yourself. Typically, your Sign's first metal is <jtiick- - F.nioy occasional periods quiet. Ine outdoors- Firtbd'ate i Charles Kingilcy, cleri>inar,, po novelisl. (King Features Syndicate, Inc.l In 1956 Sweden \ras visited by from the United 85.700 visitors Slates. WEST 484 '• V 10 987654 « AQ2 + 4 SOUTH <D) A K 10 9 7 VAKQJ3 »K6 * 8 7 \ North and South vulnerable and 30 on score Soulb West North J East 1 If Pass 2 + Pass 2 V Pass 2 * Pass 3 ¥ Pass Pass „ Pass Opening lead—V 10 ' showed out and South lhat he was down. In an effort to save something from the wreckage he.lricd (he duh finesse. That lost and a diamond came back Eventually, South lost three trump tricks, otie spade, two diamond and a club and was down three for a loss of 300 poinls less a hundred point credit for his honors. South certainly was unlucky, but as is frequently (lie case, South liad succeeded in manufac luring his own bar! luck. Southd id hold the [our lop hearts. He'bid the suit twice and his partner bid two other suits. South had four good spades and i when North bid spades should have raised him to three spades and given up his hundred honors. North would have played Ihc hand at three spades. A diamond i opening and a club return would! have given him a little trouble but he should make the hand. 'They'll Do It Every Time "• By. Jimmy Hatlo FJMILV ME« IK OOR ORG4rllZ^TiON~ . , CHILDREN! GIVE A M/W xSMBITlOSl—^ S iNSPi (?4norJ -Mretu ewe you R fr ^A ppuc/moM TOP FvoRrry.' f HOWCUM DEPT. THE BI6OEST 1HDUSTRIES THE COUMTRV PREFEC-WELL, CHILDREN?? DIDN'T VOO J BEFORE WO \V4STEDxlLL NW TIME? WE TAKE NCnvM' BUT DIGNIFIED KIDDY QUESTION COMES UP IM THE 616 BUSINESS 'OF RENTING AH 01FFERENT14L/ TrfAlfK JUB 4 TIP OP THE HJnO H4T TO e. RECK, TWERE NICE. HAVIN' HIM 'ROUND, WHILE HE LASTED — XEPT HE -SOa'.'-OJLV LASTED IS^ Y'ARS.'.'- WE BIN ALL OVER TH' BOTTOM a BOTTOMLESS CAMVON-BUr NO SIGN O' r»NV.'.' STEVE CANYON By Milton Caniff NV 7-^ Sr^EN «Alp' TME ' THAT AAEAN? 6EMEEAL WA5 Of- - TEt.L ME, SET AKHIT 'LOSI^O' 5TEVI6 ... JOST ASycXI WOULO IF YOU YOt'Z HANP INTO BOILJNS Od-ik.i; MAS> A* HOP4... IHSH VJJ G6TlBK>IO iileied U. S. P«le/>l Offics flv John Prenftcc and Fred Dickenion ,8EI.LE, fT'& PART OF OU<J 0£I. IVc'LL LOOK" UKE WE US'EOON VOUR UNCLE WltUE'5PL«CE .. POC YEA YOU CAN SAY THAT AGAIN .' I OSr fEEL SORKV RO« WE SUCXEK WHO'S CO1K5 TO 6UY IT I CAM HAKPIV WAIT TO START FSO5PECIIN&. THE HEiTEAPOUTS SHCULO BE pip HAVE ID SUV SUCH A 9f Dottier Filhtr He would have lo win (he club lead with the ace and start righ after trumps. Thai way lie woult lose one club, tvto diamonds ant a spade only. Jf ho iricd the-club /incsse ci started after the hearts early h< would wind up in Ihe soup, bu not as deep in the soup as Soutl CAPTAIN EAST My Lmtlit Turner CO^E, OWE.&IK ANGUS! \i YOU'D HWE STAYED TO SEE THAT CM.O>r& SOW ORCWNEft TOO, IFVDD HAOVTT NOTICED nfe WITWESSK OW TX& SHORE! ' Q — -Tbe bidding has been- I SEE. WEIL, WM8& YOU'LL FE6L\ LNEL-A CALCWl MOKE LIKE TM.KINS S.FT6R A "/I'LL SETTLE WITH WGHT IN JAIL'. •SOT YOU LMER. FOR FORCIN50URCW? OFF TMM 6(W6E! WE MJ. O«e SIR ftN(5U5 AN (\POLO<5y. COUSTA8LE'. HERE'S. TH6 ftUEStOVCTlU _HAIB MID HE«TV OR90N u hold: *AQ9S7 VK2 4KJS4 What do you do? A — Bid three suades. Ton to let yonr partner ehtxxe between lour (pubs wd three DOI tramp. Too da not • ibow ftrar diamond snft because yon ha no Ecterest In playiiif Uie Vcuil al five diamonds. The bidding is the same as the question just answ^red. Too, South, hold: <=-; ? AAJ865 »A± »KJS« Wbal do you do? / Answer Tomorrow HER BUDDIES •y Edgar Martin .^^vis>^sT^ VETS set sou. SOO TW-RVKi 1 TO Wt \XiOV. FOJ- Sun Fun/ By Merrill Blotter tTS NEXT TO IMPOSSIBLE TD THESE LAST raw was BHOPE5OKXX- LETS our' Ekrr i!w STILL GEI7IM& PAtO Tb tXD A JOB/ c/ NOMTrft-M-" STUDY MAP OF XWESTERM EUROPE,' wiu_Be QjjesncwiN<5 VtXTVE HYPMOTIZEP \W1LE I'M KT \ IT. I THINK I'LL JUST 1 PUT NOD CXEfvR OUT / OF EU9N9GS.' IT'S TIME TH' GOOP PKDPUE Cf NEVV GRfWD W1ZER! 4532 ',o-,8 PRINTED PATTERN MICKEY MOUSE Sy Walt Ditney Our new Printed Poltcrn, brighten your summer! Sew the gay fashions now — so wondcrl [or sun and fun. Carefree T-slti uillt convertible neckline, sli shorts, favorite pedal pushers! Printed Pattern 4532: Misse~ Si/es 10, 12. 14, 16. 13. Size shirt takes 2'.j yards 35-inch fa ric. shorts. 1V« yards. Prinlcd directions nn each pn :rn parl. Kasicr, faster, accu ate Send Thirty-live cenls ir. cm for this pattern — add 5 con for each pattern for Ist-class mailing. Send to ANNE ADAMS, care of The Evening Times, 42 Pattern Depl., 243 West 17th St., New York 11, N. Y. Write plainly NAME, ADDRESS with ZONE, SIZK and STYLE NUMBER. From 500 lo 1,000 years arc required by nature lo make one incii of good lop soil.

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