Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on December 2, 1977 · Page 15
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 15

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 2, 1977
Page 15
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On the Light Side By The Associated Press CARLSBAD, N.M. (AP) - Most police officers will tell you they've seen some pretty strange stuff, but Eddy County sheriff's deputies say the case of the missing windmill is really strange. That's right. . . a missing windmill. According to Deputy Mike Doyle some person, or persons, drove a flatbed truck onto a ranch near the New Mexico-Texas line, took a windmill apart and hauled most of it off. The thieves left the fan and tail on the ground. Deputies say they are puzzled, but investigating. OAKLAND, Calif. (AP) — A chewing gum company and a T-shirt designer are involved in a sticky court suit over who invented a shirt with a working gumball dispenser on the front. U.S. Chewing Gum, an Oakland company, is seeking at least $82,000 in damages from designer Prank Nemirof- sky. It claims it came up with the idea, asked Nemirofsky to make 72,000 gumball T-shirts, then was angry to see he stuck his company's name on the shirt instead of the name of the gum company. Nemirofsky, president of Bodi Media, wants $50,000 from the chewing gum company, saying it paid for only 10,000 shirts then refused to pay for the other 62,000. He claims he invented the shirt, which accepts pennies and dispenses colored gumballs. GLASTONBURY, Conn. (AP) — The first of Connecticut's "psychological signs" urging motorists to obey the speed limit of 55 mph has been unveiled. "Drive it, Don't aim it. Speed Limit 55 mph" read the sign on Route 2. Other signs to be posted read "Save fuel. Stay alive. Don't exceed 55," "Speed limit 55. We mean it," "Cool it. Speed limit 55," and "Ever been in traffic court? Speed limit 55." Twelve of the signs, costing $6,500, are being installed on four highways. JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (AP) - The Jacksonville Sheriff's Department, taking,a cue from the National Weather Service, plans a forecast of its own — crime. Sheriff Dale Carson said Wednesday a crime forecast, due to begin in about six months, may read something like this: "Residents of the Springfield area should be on the lookout for burglers as a record number of burglaries, at least 45, are predicted for this weekend. There also is an 80 •percent chance of two or more rapes." Carson predicts the forecasts can be 85 percent to 90 percent accurate, and will alert citizens to be cautious. Hobby Club Headlines Turned Into a Fun Game PEANUTS- Garden City Telegrum Friday, December 2, 1977 Page .'JA "Alliteration Headlines" is the name of today's game for boys and girls. Each contestant must make up a newspaper-style headline using only words that begin with the first letter of his first TOM WRITES: TWO TURTLES TRY TO TUG TIM'S TRICYCLE TOMOKROW. DOTTIE WRITES: PANNY PATES PELL A PURINS PAYTIMEPANCE PEMONSTRATION. BOB HAS A SOOP ONE. LISTEN TO THIS'. BILL BREAKS'SONE ffY BOWLING SIS BALL SEHINP BIRCH Typical Headlines or last name. That's how Alliteration is involved. Examples are shown in the illustration. A player named Tom used "T" as the first letter of each word in his headline. The headline he thought up said, "TWO TURTLES TRY TO TUG TIM'S TRICYCLE TOMORROW." It doesn't make much sense, of course, but it will pass. A player named Dollie provided another example. She used "D" as the first letter of each word in her headline, which said "DANNY DATES DELLA DURING DAYTIME DANCE DEMONSTRATION." A third example is Bob's. He used "B" as the first letter of each world in his headline, "BILL BREAKS BONE BY BOWLING BIG BALL BEHIND BIRCH BRANCHES." 6UE55WMAT. CHUCK! WS5 TENURE ACCU5ED ME OF STEALING HER BOX OF GOLD STARS... » ' s & 5 \ S i !l Gillan's Garden Center Presents SANTA'S FOREST at Gillan's True Value Hardware COLORADO FRESH CUT PINE & FIR Won't shed needles. Flocking available. Open 10 A.M.9 P.M. SUNDAY UNTIL CHRISTMAS 11 A.M. TO 6 P.M. NORTH OF 5 POINTS Garden City S^'t»'S»'!^t»'S»<iM\» 1 S»'iM'S»^^^ Here Is A , HE'S I'CURSE ON ALL LAWS BUT THOSE UlHlCH LOVE HA5MAP6. 1 ", •& YOU'RE NOT KIPPING CHUCK! 15 ATTORNEY ARQUNP THERE ANV PLACE 7 ( THAT'S HARP TO BELIEVE.. HIS THROAT IS A LITTLE GIVE HIM ONE OF THOSE PlutS EVE-Rtf FOUR BLONDIE wr I FORGOT WHAT YOU ,ASKED ME TO BRING HOME ~^!l MDU CAN'T U REMEMBER j AMYTt-IING "S I TELLYOU J ANYMORE/ 6: ^ CAN'T YOU ^\ ( EVEN GIVE ME ) > CREDIT POR "S ( REMEMBERING ^ THAT I POR6OT VJMATS WRONG WITH YOUR nv - r -f MIND LATELY?.'J—' SNUFFY SMITH WHV DON T WE PITCH CflMP RIGHT HERE FER TH 1 NIGHT, PRW? </ DON T SfW I NEVER TAKE VE OUT NOPLftCE!! BEETLE BAILEY PELUSIONS WMV? WHAT PIP ME SAV YOUR TROUBLE YES/ANP I THINK HE'S A QUACK/ I UMPERSTANP BEEN TO THE PSYCHIATRIST \ HAGAH THE HORRIBLE W/HAT ARE You APPETITE THE RYATTS DOONESBUR UIBLL.ICAtfTHBLP YOU THERE. I «WT YOU GOTTA MICHAEL, ITS THB ATTENTION TO DETAIL THAT WILL MAKE THIS PARTY! IJVST HOKI CAN SCARB UP ENOUGH OF TUB STUFF I FOR. THE LOVE ACID? WHAT OF MIKE, MIKE, DO UK NEED ACID FOR? , RUNG! excuse ME A RUNG! , HONEY? moustsn/wt- MORE! \ REVIVAL PAKTi UflHOUTTHE MAGIC KOOLA\0? STEVE CANYON EVEN YOUR SAMPLE EVIDENCE HAS GONE UP ENCYCLOPEDIA EEWARPFOR' /STOPTHE 5ABO- VOUIMEISGONEL. MMJ WON'T BE ABLE SAVINS THE PIPE UHEISAHICE OCfAN TRIP/ TRAFFIC CLEARS TO ALLOW THE FRB5HTCRTO MOVEAWAY IN© WAREHOUSE They'll Enjoy Make your Christinas shopping easier by sending the one gift that will be appreciated by the entire family all year long. The rate by mail in Southwest Kansas is '27.81 (includes tax) for one year. Six months is '14.94 (includes tax). Area towns where carrier service is available is '27 per year (includes tax). Rate in Garden City is '33 per year (includes tax) and '16.50 for six months (includes tax. The Telegram will send an attractive card to the recipient of your gift. Use the handy coupon below to facilitate ordering your gift. Please send a gift subscription to The Garden City Telegram For months Enclosed is $ Given as a gift by Name Address City State (Card to be signed The Garden City Telegram P.O. Box 958 Garden City, Kansas 67846

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