Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on January 27, 1978 · Page 10
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 10

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Friday, January 27, 1978
Page 10
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10—UkiahDaMy, Journal, Ukiah, Calif. Friday/ January 27, 1978 For Saturday) January 28,1978 By SYDNEY OMARR Virgo can be critical, charming, meticulous, neat, •frustrated, kind in service to relatives, an expert on nutrition. Dogs and cats are drawn to Virgp, so are persons born under Taurus. Virgo is Mercury, number 5, employment, well-being, servants, dependents. Leo makes money with Virgo. Libra confides secrets. Taurus finds Virgo-physically attractive. Pisces finds Virgo a puzzle, but,'nevertheless, could have marriage plans. ARIES (March 21 - April 19): Lie low, go slow, study circumstances without being captive of circumstantial evidence. Your natural, pioneering qualities surface. You could surprise yourself with displayof originality, independence and inventiveness. TAURUS (April 20 - May 20): Accent on putting together assets until there is cohesion, coordination. Stop working against yourself. Get in harmony with one who car«s about you; check data, be positive of facts. (Hancer, Capricorn figure prbrtiihently. GEMINI (May 21 . June 20): Emphasis on Swift changes, excitement of discovery .Member of opposite sex takes a second look. Personal magnetism flows. Horizons expand — you could win popularity contest. Sagittarius is in picture. CANC:ER (June. 21 - July-22):, Stick to factual material. Those who advo<:;ate short cuts know less than you, but want you to believe otherwise. Emphasis on home, older individual who can aid in closing transaction. ' LBp (July 23 - Aug. 22): Emphasis on relatives, short journeys, ideas which can be transformed into viable concepts. In matters of speculation, stick to number 3. Gain indicated through written word- Gemini and Sagittarius figure in scenario. • VIRGO (Aug. 23 - Sept. 22): Highlight understanding of money. Taurus, Libra and Scorpio persons could play important roles. Adjustment at home base indicated — strive for harmony, make intelligent concession. You'll get credit due. LIBRA (Sept. 23 - Oct. 22): Accent personality, personal appearances—you can successfully utilize powers of persuasion. You can be at right place at right time. Be direct, independent, confident. Circumstances turn in your favor. SCORPIO (Oct. 23 - Nov. 21): Superiors make decision in closed-door conference. You could benefit. You have added responsiblity; reward factor is greater as result. Capricorn, Cancer figure prominently. You are able now to be rid of secret fears, doubts. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 - Dec. 21): Emphasis on friends, desires. Miich of what you want destined to be fulfilled. Aries, Libra figure prominently. You complete major task, assignment. You strike responsive chord in many persons. You finally get deserved recognition. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22;- Jan. 19): Special honor due — you make new start, erase past errors. Leo, Aquarius figure prominently., Spotlight is on— you asked for unique opportunity, now you have it. One in authority is in your corner. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 - Feb. 18): Package or gift, apparently lost, is located. You get what you need- distance andjanguage figure in scenario. You're due for promotion,-added recognition. Cancer, Capricorn and another Aquarian will be featured. PISCES (Feb. 19 - Mar. 20): Avoid scattering efforts —put a stop to personal inflation. Means check budget —gain cooperation of partner, mate. You'll get good news concerning legal contract, agreement. Gemini, Sagittarius are in picture —so is number 3, IF JANUARY 28th IS YOUR BIRTHDAY are creative, independent, romantic and need a private cheering section. Leo, Aquarius persons play i.m-. portant roles in your life. August should be your most significant month of 1978, a year which sees you gaining wider recognition, getting credit for past efforts, achievements. They'll Do It Every Time am^vBoov's A SOIAR-MEAT expeRT— Sheinwold on bridge Expert must study world conditions By ALFRED SHEINWOLD If you think your game may be interrupted by earthquake, revolution or enemy attack you should take a trick at the first opportunity. There is no such hurry if you, think you are likely to live until the end of the hand. North dealer ' Both sides vulnerable , NORTH ' • A 6 4 ^ J 10 5 3 0 A K J 7 4 • J WEST • 98 ^K72 0 10 3 * A K Q 10 6 2 EAST • J 10 7 2 9Q98 0 95 • 9 8 5 4 SOUTH • K Q 5 3 V A64 0 Q862 • 73 North East South West 1 0 Pass 1 4 2^. .2* , Pass 30 Pass 3^ Pass 4^^ Pass 4* All Pass Opening lead — • K y West took the king of clubs and shifted to .the nine of spades. Sovith, an alarmist in world politics, pounced on the trick with dummy's ace of' spades. South led a diamond to the queen to ruff a club in dummy and ' tjien led the king, and queen df trupips. When the trumps failed , to break favorably, South had to switch to diamonds. East, a student of world , conditions, was in no hurry to lake his trump trick. He discarded on the third,, diamond and ruffed the fourtH ;diamon(l. LOSES TWO HEARTS East then returned his last club, and South had to lose two heart tricks. South can make the contract by refusing the first trump trick. If West leads another trump, dummy wins with the ace, and South gets to his hand with the queen of diamonds to ruff his other club. Declarer gets back with the ace of hearts to draw trumps with the king and queen. Then he can run all five diamonds without interruption, making sure of his contract: , DAILY QUESTION Dealer, at your right, opens with 1 NT (16 to 18 pdints),. You hold: Spades 9 8, Hearts 7 2, Diamonds 10 3, Clubs A K Q 10 6 2. what do you say? , ANSWER: Pass. Game is out of the question with so much strength at your right. Your best chance to show a profit is to keep quiet in the hope that, the opponents will stay in notrump. , WELL,I HOPEVOU'RE SATISFIED, BI6 BROTHER.. I dOU6HTTHAT5TURP KIDA NEW RULER.:. . GOOPFORVOU...ANP IHOPEi^OULEARNEPA LESSON ABOUT RETORN[N6 UJHAT VOU'VE BORROLUEP BtONDIE By Jim Raymond ^ WHAT DO, VOU MEAN, )" BEETLE BAILEY By Mort Walker ALLEY OOP by Dove^Grauc , HE MEANS ATTACK THEM FROM, AN UNEXPCCTEP QUARTER.' Dof f / Crossword ACROSS 1 Portugal and Spain 7 Folly 13 Claws ' 14 Titillate • 15 Join the army 16Jew 17 Breakfast 18 Environment agency (abbr.) 20 Muzzles 21 Dissertation 23 Husband of Bathsheba 27 Untanned skin 32 Knotty 33 Greek colony 34 Small intestine 35 Unclothed persons 36 Of words 39 W6rn away 40 Cuts 42 Saloons 46 Golf gadget 47 Seckel SI Old Testament book 53 And then to 55 Pounder 56 Treeless Arctic plain 57 Consideration 58 Affirmed Answer to Previous Puzzle DOWN Detail Scourge Songstress Fiugerald Make muddy Those in office Flower New York State city 8 German article 9 Missile 10 Soup green 11 Hint (Brit.) 12 Hedge plants 19 Common level 2l" Gland 22 Winds E T V E X V 1 E |A R L O 1 Si M •I 0 N E c O I E R E A D O u T L O m A Q S O uL 1 s M S V 1 Z C A Q E lA D O ,N 1 S T O T E L E 0 Y P H O E B E A E N E A |5 O A S 1 S V A T O U S T E E R A S D A R S C O T |N E W M 1 S I B O R k Q A R D S E L S E 1 L ~TA N 0 P A c T! •" •Eaci T W o 23 One 24 Canon 25 Wild goat 26 Adjoin 28 TIrtie division 29 Of India (prefix) 30 Perishes 31 Comfort 37 Motet 38 Fib 4 1 Picayune 42->Calumet 43 Puts to work 44 Fiber 45 Building ground 47 Writes 48 Companion of odds 49 Land measure 50 Enjoy a book 52 Bar item, 54 Pastel BUGS BUNNY I VVC»RK HARD AN' I WANT ) A RAISE/ —^ by Staffel & Heimdahl (0 1978 by Warner Bfos Inc T.M Rog, U.g Pal OtI AXORDING TO THIS VOU SPEND '2. •37' HOURS A DAV AT THE WATER. ODOLER AND DRINK 23.74 CUPS OF WATER/ ZOONIES 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 <, 10 11 12 13 14 . 15 16 17 18 19 • 20 21 • 22 23 ^.^ 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 3'4 35 36 37 38. 39 40 41 42 43 > 44 45 • • 47 48 IT 50 51 53 54 55 - 56 57 58 i7 KID..- WH^fO X WAS <^ o a o by Craig Uggett MO sKa£ro»)s iio -ru& CLoscT. Jusr goues lu \-27 THE BORN LOSER f: cD1 »^•m»^•^c ?^^TTue FUNNY BUSINESS By Roger Bollen o ° o y o o 0 O °\} o ° o o o bv Alt Sontom CH«li»NE*,lncTJI.Rig.UiP «.On. , i-ZT I KNOW THE SMN HEATS THE ROOF, BUT THEM WHAT? WELL^IW SIVES VOU HOT WWTER,WHICH IS STOREP IN LIKE 0(G THERMOS BOTTI-ES^ UNTIU MEEPEP" THE ROOF IS ^MAPE OF MASNIFVIN© 6LAS3, ISN'T IT? ITO^iig EVEM ATTRACT THE sun THR0t(6H THE RD&J t^NPERSTANP. IT SURE IS eREAT HOW THEV MAKE BANANAS/ .:m \X€> SO MUCH FOR .^HT^ imCM, MR. HENROD WOWl I BerTQ5 Be eETTl ^k^. B ^CIC TO TME OFRCe / ARE WE .eoiNS TO I^T RUSSIA USE ^THE SUN?; tor OMTILVOO CLEAK UP VOOR PLATE/ . ^yeAH,ANPTH£ ^SreAM FROM THE HOT WATER EveW RUNS THE FREEZER AN'THE COOmG SVSTEM -• a <lCA <50- la- FRANK AND ERNEST by Bob Thoves FRANK and ERNEST OF cOgp^E IT'S AM ExPSn^IVE LITTI .6 cap, 5lP . THE ERA OF TH 6 gjfi EXPENSIVE CAie 15 Over. SHORT RIBS e H7« 6» WA, HC.. IJl. R »o. U5. P*^ Olfsr-/^V <J 1-27 by Frank Hill ''I REALLy • V /-17

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