The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on May 8, 1930 · Page 6
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 6

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 8, 1930
Page 6
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^AGB SIX ARCADIA. THE TIPTON DAILY TRIBUNE .1 (Continued From Page 3.) 24, 1S79, Aid for a few years ljived south of Cicero, but foi more than thirty years the family have lived in] their, present home, west of Arradia. IIi~ -gooc y/ite departed ibis life June 1910. There are! .fear daughters and three sons in the'fa_r<:l>\ T ^iej . Misses Anna, Dora- rnd Clara Waltz. Walter Waltz of Hartford City,. Charles Waltz of near Cic ' era and Harry Waltz of here and liis' twin, sister. Mrs. Carrie Bar; donner of Columbia City. Mr Waltz is very ni '.ud of hi_ eigh grandchildren. He has been ; members oftlhc Emmanuel Lutlij- i ran church' ; sinc-je a boy of four \.>n. and one of i;s active mem Atlanta were the Thursday even- of Mrs. Barbara Meins guests Kec. Mrs.' George Hilton and sons, bers. His sons and daughters are| Mrs. Perry Shively. ' T.'.KO active in all departments ofj Mr. and Mrs. Bert Gasho the church and social life of the community. Marita Boothe and ; Ralph Rollings W3iu to Indianapolis Sunday afternoon and called to see 'loll Rollings, who is a patient in the Methodist hospital. Mr. Rollings remains about the same. Mr. and Mrs. Burgess ard and children of . Noblesville Charles, Joe and Jimmy returned Pritch-! ited I -Mrs. Sallie Myers of Indianapo- ot.lis is spending a few days with Mrs. Myrtle Whisler. .' Mrs. Frank Shew, Mrs. Archibald, Mrs. Groves and daughter Jean visited friends 'in • Noblesville' Thursday.' Mr. and Mrs. Raymond. Groves and son James of Indianapolis were the week end guests of Mr. and Mrs. Lew Groves, and family. They were the Sunday afternoon Mrs. George home Saturday after spending the week with her daughter Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Smith. She also vis- her sister Mrs. James Arnold. Mr. and Mrs. Smith visited Friday evening with' Mrs. j brought them home and spent the; guests'of Mr. and ?ritchard's mother, Mrs. Eliza.- ! week end. i Bacon of Sheridan, beth Caslow and family. : Mr. and Mrs. Auam Shew of! Mrs. Elizabeth Archibald Is Mrs. Anna Richter of Portland j Eaton, Sarah Cornelius and Hen- 1 visiting with'her daughter Mrs and! Anna Moody . of Kokomojry Shew were the Sunday guests j Frank Shew. She just wer^'Hi" week end guestvof Mr. • of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Shew, ami Mu George Lutz. | Mary Louise Thomas of near returned I from Mt. Carmel, 111., where she i hid iK-en visiting • Mrs. 1' Hartley. :ner I I Mr and Mrs. Frank Smith: Riverwood spent from Thursday spent fiiturday an|_ Sunday in j till Saturday with her grandmolh^ Mr. and Mrs. E. C. 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Mrs. Hill, been in a very serious for a week, was much better Sun day and hopes are entertained for her recovery. Mr. Hill in Noblesville during h illness. • The Walther League Wabash valley zone met. in Peru: .Indf.Ul Hill and Hea and Hill, in Sunday who has 'condition s staying! s wife's of the ance. Morning divine services were held in the- church. Meals were served' the visitors in the afternoon go! to the hospital each- day . to have the wound treated. • He- is now improving and able to be at his office, though not able to do much work. Mr. He'isser ds a brother of. John and Henry Heisser of Arcadia. • _ iMrs. Valeria Underwood spent the week lend' in Indianapolis the giiest of Mrs.)Lou Thomas. • iMr. and Mrs. Dallas Barnhizer and family visited near Portviile Sunday with her parents," Mr.' and Mrs. Ira Kinnaman. Charles Hilton, who has had an abscessed! tooth and who'has been i suffering :terribly, has had thej tooth.extracted and is slowly im-i proving, i i Bob Waltz'and Charles Smithj Sunday for their annual spring rally. There was a lark attend- j of Anderson .were guests ; Saturday of Dr. and Mrs. Bert; Bryant. I ! j Mrs. John Knotts who has been •' a patient in the Kolcomo-hospital. MALLORY HATS "C -AVtHEm- Buy And Forget : i <|Don't wgrry about the appearance of a Mallory ; Hat "a month later." Being "Cravenette"-Processed against wear and Weather it stays as spic-and-span I as bought it. Fine quality is the reason. school hall. For the program they met in the town hall. Music and speaking was in order, several district dfllcers being present. The zone contest was held but only ' two contestants took ' part Weismiller of Tipton .a Lichtsin of Huntingotn ton representative was honor of participating trict contest to take place May;26 in the convention to •Cincinnati, Ohio. Fo is again in the home of-her par-'; ents Mr. and Mrs. Charles Carter,! convalescing,; Mrs. Knotts Willi remain in the. Carter hcjme until j' their' oratorical, tlie Parents return fro/i' j farm in South Dakota j/bhere they! be held' in; the eve- : ning there was a splendid entertainment. Those from ^iero in at' Har- Erncst I are spending a few weeks, ind Arthur; Miss MaryJ Jordan, a student at j The Tip- the Mun'cie Normal, spent the': awarded; week end with her sister'. Miss, (in the dfs-l Iss.belle Shorter. j Mr. and Mrs.-'. Clarence. GUy,| Mrs. Clarke Burton and' Mrs'.' Shril Riebeling were Noblesville, visitors Tuesday evening. Mrs. Vane Learning has fo,r her tendance were Mr. and Mrs. Har-I house guest her sister, Mrs. Carry Waltz, Mr. and Mrs. Wm.'rie Pickett of Carriugton Waltz, sons Ralph alnd Leroy .j Dakota. Mary Ehman, Pauline Trietsch, ; Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Wilson of Dorothy Hiller, Lucinda Unger,' Noblesville were Saturday. even- Mrs. ATuert Weer, John Weer,' ing guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ray Frances Beck, Hazel Black, Wil- : Hildehrand. liam Stottlemyer and Elmer Hen-! Mrs. Lloyd Smith sel: • 1 John Button spent from Lewis Heisser who has owned day until Sunday with a farm southwest of [cicero fori at Brnwnsburg. several years lus traded with .Mr. and Mrs. Clarke Extra-Quality $5.00 Y oung East Jefferson Super-Quality $6.50 & Mason Tipton. ! Mrs. Lilly Honnold was in Tip -|o48; Worcester, 196 .345. | I ton Saturday the guest of Mr. and j' Dallas, however, fell short of Mrs.i Dave Wiggins. v j Atlanta, which also passed Akron, ' ' Mrs. Ben Nagle of Noblesville j. Atlanta's tally now is 347.8 -t.; 'visited: with Mr. and Mrs. . Ray-] Nashville, fifty-sixth on th<! mpnd'Nagle Monday evening. ' list last census, passed Scranto:i, N rth i [' Kath'ryn and Florence Vesey of p a ., forty-seventh on tho list j Kokpmo returned to Jtheir homej then. Nashville this time roiinteij ,.! Sund.y after spending the week'^i 47^45. in the home of their grandpar-^ Meanwhile, the scrambre for cuts' Mr. aiid Mrs. Wid Burton. 'j largest percentage of inr -rf -ase . Miss Virginia- Whisler spent., contimle( i, wit h Beverly Hills. Thurs- relatives Mark Hartley for his eighty acre and Mr. and Mrs.Horo J farm northwest of Cicero. Mr. j Kokomp were Sunda Burton Horace Vesey of day dinner and Mrs. Wid Buri Heisser and family will not move guests of Mr. i to their new possession for sev -j ton. I eral months. He will build w . ... . barn on the land as the structure! and daughter Joyce Anne and Mr."' an * there burned . sometime ago. 1 find Mrs. p .'ivid Bradburn The regular monthly meeting! guests Sunday of Mr. and of the Walther League lield;|Wlll Bradburn and niece Thursday night in th'e assembly j May of Elwond. hall with twenty-one members { Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Jacobs and several visitors present. The|iMrs. Charles Rodenbeck, Dr. .and! Mr: and. Mrs. Raymond Nagle were Mrs. Dolly- Saturday night, with her grand-i parents Mr. and Mrs. Dan Wilis- I I<-•-• • '•' : •'•-. , The Members of the Kaffeej ' Klub spent a pleasant evening; I with- Mrs.- Fern Griffith Monday. 1 j The main feature of the evening's; ! entertainment was the initiation: j of two new members, Mrs. Mabel Smith and Mrs. Doris Button,! Mrs.' Betty Hildehrand who; Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Plonglie has been, a member for some time' and family of North Conde stre-?t but-who had never, been initiated.' entertained Snnday at dinner. C'al., chief contender. R«verly Hills grabbed a 2.4 85. S per cen.'. increase right under the nose oif Compton City, Cat., which had been preening itself on T:!l.r, p^jr cent. Beverly Hills, mostly nuii- doors and air in 1920, now nn ru­ bers 17,428. resulted in re-elected as vice presi- seeretary; Hazel Black, treasurer and Ulin Bardonner as corresponding secretary. Miss Margaret Walz was chosen as delegate' with France- Beck alternate to attend the Indi- alia District Convention to be held in Cincinnati, O., May 25 and 26. The Hotel Gibson has election of officers Wm. Waltz being president; John Weer, dent; Margaret Walz The committee in charge consist-,»Mr. and Mrs. John Summers arid Mrs. Frank Rodenbeek, Mrs. Paul ! Applc and sons. Mrs'. Sarah Rod­ enbeek and Mrs. Elvira Barber attended the wedding of. Miss Jean .'Myers, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jacobs to Dr. Willia^n Woods. Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Roden­ beek and children of Indianapolis were guests of Dr. and Mrs. Rodenheck Sunday. Miss Naomi Sexton, a member ed 'of Audra* Riebelijfg, Bonny; daughter Phyllis of Indianapolis. Hill'and the hostess, and , they j Mr. and Mrs. .Owen Mclntyre arid with the. ^'candidates" provided: family, Mr. and Mrs. Aaron MJ-an levelling of. fun. Mrs. Emma] Intyre and family, Mrs. Rdy Cunningham. Mrs.' Button and!^ Beamer and daughter Veradean Mrs. Hill won prizes in contests. At the close" of the evening's en- tertainrriKnt a delicious lunch was served. The.cluii will meet in two weeks with Mrs. J2het Hall. C'KXSCS FIGURES. been selected at the; . place of i of the IDiiO graduating, class of meeting and a big time is antici-ithe Arcadia, high school, has been pated. The clothing! which the [awarded a Scholarship Fund ofi 'League and church jrecently col-j $100 which, she received for be- lected to send to tlie Lutherans; ing considered a good average who had immigrated from Rus-' student. .'This is an ; honor of sia to. Canada and which could I which : the recipient should : be I not .be ."sent to them', for various] Justly'; proud and Miss •Sexton is reasons, will be given to the Salvation Army of Indianapolis; for distribution. Word was received here : by relatives that Charles Heisser of Danville, 111., had an infection in his hand as a result of scratching a boil and for a few days suffered quite severely and had to How Lose Fat in England GAIN PHYSICAL CHARM : "^Tl . ! ill How would you like to. lose 15 pounds of fat in a month and at the same time increase yourj energy and improve your health? / How would you. like to lose unhealthy fat that you don't need and - don't want and at the same time teel better thao-you have for years?- • _ : • . 1 1 ' ' • v' How would you like to lose your double chin and your too promi- nejit abdomen and at the same time make your, skin so clean: and clear that it will compel admiration? ". 1 !'""'".'••[ . 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Mrs, John Eagen of Memphis, Tenn., who with her husband has bceni staying in the home of.Mr. and Mrs. Glen Drumm, returned to her home Saturday. Mr. Eagen left Monday for Kpkomo. where he is engaged to do some repair work on th* machinery at the glass factory. Mrs. Amanda Moore of Chicago, Mrs. Hamilton Metskef,and daughter. Gladys of Noblesyille spent Saturday with Mrs. D.' B. Dickover. ; •••'••.' . Mr.; and Mrs. John : Ashby of Indianapolis were in Arcadia Friday ; visiting friends and' especially to call on Sim Basey- who is ill. Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Guy were at Providence Sunday the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Taylor. • Mrs. D. B. Dickover has . returned from Louisville, Ky., where she was called as a witness in a trial.. J; W. Knapp and. family attended the Golden Wedding Anniversary of Mr. and i ;Trs. Scherer in; Cicero Sunday, j Quite a number of Arcadia- people called to pay their respects to. the honored couple. .!"".•.•• Mr.: and Mrs. Alva*i Ross -and Mr. nnd Mrs. Otto Jackson spent Sundnly with Mr. and Mrs: Lowell Ross in-Indianapolis. 1 . j , Mr. and Mrs. Elsworth Lockr wood entertained Sunday Mr.' and Clarar Mwfejlbseph Fisher and belle iThoinpson : of .Blwood.-.Mr. Mrs.'I-Lora Belser and-;fam.- and! M Lora ^Rilth Helny of iNobleavlUff 8a'£tay dinner: guest, of .hat $0.,. T. Hannah: & l___i>Sanday *polta,«lth ell Row. llr. In i'i IndlaBr and jUnC Low Cities Jump Into the OOO Class: 100,- and Isaac Mclntyre of Nornianila. and Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Grofis and family near Tipton. . f».- De Luxe rinjr binders, and style or size. Tribone Press. Washington, May. S.—Five • cities have jumped into the 100-! OOO! class in 19;i0 census returns i to date. \Vith increases that vary - from 11 to 60 per cent, they are: El "Paso, Tex., 101,975; SomerviUe, Mass.. 10S.G04; South Bend, Ind., 103,694; Knoxyille, Tenn., 104,- S9S| and' San Juani,^ Porto Rico, 114,585. _Lowell, 'Mass., with an 11.3 per cent decrease, stayed in that class by the narrowest margin, its "population-being 100,050. New Bedford and Fa.ll River, also decreasing, had more margin, .'tlie former reporting 112,804, the latter 114,348. . : .Farther lip the list, the merry, scramble for ratings, commenced. Pallas leaped from forty-second place l.n 1920, past Memphis, Birmingham; Worcester and. Akron', which had thirty-second places in 1920. Those -cities now rate: Dallas, .260.397; Akron, 257,878: Birmingham, 257,657; Memphis, 252,- \ GOOD mMH FOR THE. RECKLESS HJW_R.Cj-1»€ DIDN'T HAVCJ TIME TO STOP AT THE. CROSSING -BUT HE. HAS PtEMT/ Of LEISURE **M We can save you a lot of trouble if you'll let us look ovt- r your battery, nothing, and An opinion for reliable r -pair .work at a', charge that Is em nently fair. You'll say so yonij self.- LINEBACK & SONS TYRE AND! BATRI 1 MEM Phone SS. Ttpto* Here's Speedy ReBd From Bunions Pains and S«« Corns : 5 ::^-:-n;' ; S'-': : _-_ii--'V . -.]' ! " Emerald Oil Must Give Complete Batiifaction or Money r Cheerfully.! Xefnnded. | .'Get a two-ounce bottle or Mobile's Emerald Oil (full strength) _ today. Every well stocked drug store has this, with the;, - distinct, understanding that yoi^r money will be cheerfully retiiuriied: if ft does -not reduie the iri-tonmatioo, soreness and pals -fluieker tbafi. any remedy .)(to ».j «rer. used. .: £}f*6- or thr«e;'applications of M ciiSe^ :•. Em«rald Oil and Wit' |wfafd_upp«aTs. ^'jp^iiM' ap- plwUtMa regular ?tot«mitL«ji4 (h^aMmffiatlon ,^ K«M. -• applications each night at bedtlpne jnd they Just seem to shrivel right up and scale off. No -matter how discoaraged you have been with pads, shWlds> or other applications, if yon have not tried 'A _ieraldi Oil then iron have something to ,lea It's 'a :;W «wfariM]i formnla— ijhis coabinatio* of eoatpkor aa4 «l marrato«.tAab tlaa aia.-_aiiial !l*_S_§ll__l| inUat oiia Wttn par f«

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