Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on May 1, 1954 · Page 14
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 14

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 1, 1954
Page 14
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ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH EMPLOYMENT tl STTtATHHrt »»A!»Ttl»-l«ALt tid repair war*. RemeiftUnf. Pi». 2-9565. •'15 grruATrow w A STEP—FEMALE LADY—Mil fake care of * chlMrtn or elderly couple, S day =. W«fc. MISS Maude Worley. 1200 - Hademeyer. -t,f» BT)8tNE88 _ PHOTO STUDIO—Ideal set up for 2 right party. Sacrlflc an equlp- * men*. After 6 p.m. 1412 19th St.. <• Granite City. PERSONAL SERVICE JIB PKEggMAKIWO—'.... , DRlfcSSMAktNG— Alterations ft gifts. «-1*8 K. Tydeman. Ho.tana. 4-6380 AlfERATlONTANDSEWINC GRACt NOWLIN 1812 Main St Phone 3-3807 SI I.AUNDERINO WASHINGS & IRONINGS—Done In my home. 717 Cardot, East Alton. 4-3309. WANTED — Washings and ironTrigs." T~Also n-en's lnundry. Reasonable. Experienced. Ilia! 4-7866. ''_! ni'SINFSS ANNfUlNt'EMENTg fjEW~«t USED — Hand and power lawn mowers, guaranteed. Will trade, rent. Goodall Dealer. Terms. Free demonstration. Newby's Lawnmower Service, 138 So. I4th St., Wood River 4-9368. GENERAT'STiS - Startefs. Lighting: Ignition. WICKER AUTO ELECTRIC S613 Walnut. 2-4750 CEMENT'WORK—Of all kinds. Union work. Free estimates. BOB WOOD. 3-5M4.- BASEMENT DIGGING, GRADING OF ALL KINDS, SUBDIVISION DEVELOPMENT. 3-7162. GEO. LONGFELLOW CO., INC. WANTED—Hoover owners to call Standard Home Furnishers for service. Evenings, 3-9508. SAWS FILED — 4" and 6" Jointer ,,knlve§ sharpened. 212 Haller. East ,lUlc«, Phone 4-7555. RED ft WHITE SANITARY SERVICE Cesspools, Septic Tanks and outside Vault! cleaned, Owner, ALEXANDER BHEWER, 133 St. Louis Ave., East Alton, III. Phone 4-8062 or 4-3465. FURNACE ft STOKER CLEANING— Can clean chimneys up to 35 feet high with brush. Qlllenwatcr 3-8308. SCHWINN BICYCLES-UScd and new. Parts and repairs. Lawn mowers sharpened. OBERBECK BIKE SHOP, 020 George, Wood River. REPAIR WORK Plumbing, heating, guttering promptly done. 3-3232. . GUTTERING Spouting, furnace, pipe replaced. Free estimate*. White's Tin Shop 2-1424. CONCRETE SEPTIC TANKS HEALEV & FISCHER Godfrey - 2-7710 LAWNMOWERS SHARPENED and Repaired. A Stupperlch, 3106 Alby St DITCHING—Basement digging, lawn dirt, driveway atone. EARL SITZE, M TREE SPECIALIST -Jfrim Tops, Take Down & Haul Away r-*:' Insured, Free Estimates KRAUT. Ph. 4-9343 CRYSTALS FITTED - Any r?make, while you wait, OTT'S, Strat__ford Hotel Bldg. • ~? FLAGSTONE —For walks, patios. Building stone foi -—•Walks. Glllenwater. Dial 3-8308. 2 FURNISHED ROOMS—3128 Brown. repairs. All of carpenter work. Call 2-6226 ARPENTER REPAIRS — Block lay- -*?ing, concrcete work, sewer and tplumblng. Free estimates. 4-9091. BASEMENT ROOM—For light housekeeping, electric refrigerator, gas stove, utilities included. 2-1098. SANDERS — Home contractor . anything from adjusting the — atorm door to building your new •—^nome. Free estimate. Financing. — ;iLMER SANDERS, 4-6727 or JEWCL 4-MAXEY, 2-8548. _ 6 ROOM HOUSE—In Wood River, furnished. $65 monthly. References required. Robert Provins, P, O. Box 530, Boulder, Colorado. ^CONTRACT—Block and cement work of all kinds Herrln Bros., 2-1041. BUILDING CONTRACTORS CONTRACTING—Roofing, repair. AD "T"klnds of carpenter work. Call Del, —"'1-6226. .WORK — Of highest quality. Base- ments, garages, patios. Anything In • cement. Free estimates. 3-7607 and "» J-9067. M DECORATING ..WALLS WASHED—Wallpaper- clean, ed, windows washed. Interior palnt- —- Ing, Experienced. Phone 4-7900. Z3NTERIOR—And exterior painting. «-Very reasonable. Free estimate. Call — .4-8886. INTERIOR—And exterior decorating. Wallpaper cleaned. Free estimate. 2-3141. 2-0871. INTERIOR — Exterior decorating; plastering, patch plastering, removing wallpaper. Free estimate. 2-8664, , 3-3196. FLOOR SANDING & REFINISH1NG— Interior painting. Reasonable rates. * For free estimates dial 3-6514 or H 3-3230. *,1 RADIO * T.V. REPAIRING , BADIO AND TELEVISION REPAIR HERMIT ..TERRY 209 I2th STREET, WOOD RIVER WILCOX RADIO & TV Service all makes TV and radio 2612 StaU 3-7442 N. Alton RADIO AND TELEVISION SERVICE SQUARE DEAL* SHOP 720 E. BROADWAY—3-9411 SEVEN MEN TO SERVE YOU TV SERVICE —Be a factory trained , technician. We service any make radio or TV set. Also install UHF converters and antennas. EBBLER ELECTRIC Ph. 3-7588 2512 State 17 HEATING AND PLUMBINO STOVE, FURNACE & BOILER REPAIR—Parts most all makes. Quick service. Try us. WISEMAN, 1128 E. Broadway. Phone 2-9294. 39 REPAIRING — ROOFING CARPENTER — Roof and chimney repair, 'outside painting, yard work, _Telephone 2-8827. 4(1 STORAGE — MOVING PRES BELCHER MOVERS LOCAL & LONG DISTANCE Barrels and cartons for packing 1018 ELLIOTT ST. Dial 3-7630 or 2-8240 H. A. NEVLIN MOVING STORAGE ACROSS THE STREET ACROSS THE CONTINENT LOCAL and LONG DISTANCE 1628 Washington Ave. Dial 2-2U65 41 8LEEI-INCJ BOOMS FOR A RESPECTABLE GENTLEMAN — Private entrance, 2 blocks from downtown, Wood Hiver. Ph. 4-1524 _ll 0_A ctpn. ___ _____ LARG"E SLEEPING RodM^FUromT or two gentlemen, Automatic hot water. 2-7181. ____ MODERN— Sleeping room withTarge epithet closet for gentleman. Refined home. 1506 Langdon. SL¥EPING ROOM—For men~AI| mod: ern home. *5 weekly. 900 Main St. ___ EAST ALTON — Clean"," "comforlabTe front room. Private entrance, continuous hot wader, near but and res- Jaurant, 4-6858. _____ SLEEPING ROOM— J or 2 girls.' Bait Alton, phone 4-7763, 'NEWLY for woman employed; kitchen privilege ppUpn,al. Wrltfi pox 520, rare Te&grapb. NORTH ALTON—"Nice rwjn In n»6d, ern home, near bus line. 3-837B. SLEEPING HOOMS-For gentelmen. . «-3383. fpj . 3-91S4. ~4»rg« comfw-taWe sleep: **£*£*> entrance. 314 $. U 4 BOOM HQUSt""lSoae7n.~UTllItie7 furnished. Reasonable. Call 4-2673. 3 BOOM COtTAGTwFHOUSE"Tfu r -. nl»hed. Man and wife only. 4-2348. 8 'BpOM-Fw-nished neuJeTTigiitT'* watw furnished. Pensioners welcome. t38 MJ month. PUU 4-3646 RENTALS 4S APAftTMTftNTS * rLATS 3 UNFURNISHED ROOMS—Fnr rent 3128 Brown. 3 ROOM~APT~^-§e]le street. $30. Dial 2-9797. RENTALS 2 UNFURNISHED ROOMS—And bath Utllltles_pald L _3-7391 ; 2 NICE — Larte unfurnished rooms' built-in cahlnels. $30 monthly. Enst Alton. ;I08 George. 2-3397. 3 ROOM—Unfurnished" apF Adults 114 East Acton. Wood River. 2 ROOM EFFICIENCY ^TTeatT "wafer, stove, refrigerator furnished. Fergu- »on Apts. $73 monthly. 4-8088. 2 UNFURNISHED ROOMS -~13n Hampton. $20 monthly. Lights and water furnished. White. 2-9380 3" ROOMS -^PrTv«ifeTaTh~and"' erT- trance. :tQ3A Lorena; Wood River. FOR RENT—4 Foom~a'parImentT~im- furnlshed. Large glassed-in porrh. heat and light* furnished. $BO per month. Inquire 2022 ^Central. ~'4 ROOMS -Nicely'arranged. Close lo downtown, bus, Industrie*. Heat and water furnished Beautiful view. HIDDICK_ AGENCY-3-9351 4 ROOM APT. --P~riv'a'tY"bath~"ai«r e'ri-" trance, utilities furnished. $B5 mo _CaH _2-150l» or 2-4680. 3"ROOM"DtfPLElC-Eiton-"Edw»fdsvll'fe road, across from Silver Slur Tavern FIRST"FLOOR- 3"TargV rooms,"h«fh',' 2 entrances. 2 large clnvls Adults BORA E. 7th. .1-747!). CT BCgfimg PLACtt CHOICE 6r«c* spAct-rn~TiuT: stlch Mdf. Wfll alter to «ult; also aid condition. Lota of ample parking space. Mr. Flerstlne or Mr volger. PJtone 2-2912 __ 3 ROOM—Unfurnished "apt Tor" roT- J^red_people. 2-4254. WANTED—4 or 5 ronmT^usV oFapF downstairs. Phone 3-7754 WANTED" TO RENT-TfiSie "5TTlaT Young couple with 2 small children Transferred to this area with large Industrial concern. Up to $90 per month. Will give references. Write J3ox 330, care Telegraph. BY SH ELL" EMPLOY1C—4 ~ of" IT room house in tfpper or North Alton or Bethalto. References. Phone Be thalto__405_2. 5 or 8 ROOM^Un furnished house Tor Jour_«diiilts. 2-1307. MINISTER A 'FAMTLT-^Des"perate1y need 4 or 5 room house, Milton area, by May 10 Call Rev. Lolard Simmons. 3-68:14. REAL ESTATE SALE 2 UNFURNISHED ROOMS--j 27 W. Forest, Hartford. FOR RENT—TFoorVf apt" Adults "only. Call at 108 Eignth_St., _^o"d_Rjlv-cr._ BASEMENT" APT.—4 "foomV and lifii- ity room, all modern. Aaphnlt tilr floors. 318 Mill. Belhflllo. Ph. 6(121. 3 FURNfSHED~ROOMS—J7l(["hts"xvntcr; gas, heat. Private shower A stool. Price $43 mo. Phone Z-M02. 2 APTS—r"fur"nirhcdT~l iiriTurn"i»hcd" Everything modern. Phone 4-Bl.'lfl. 425 Wood River Aye ,_Wood Hlver. 2 BASEMENT" Hoo~M»-L"ights',"water' furnished. 50B Brookside. _ 3 ROOM — unfufnishVd htius?. One small child welcome. 4-6581. VERY NICE— Three room nnd hath". Wnlcr. hot and cold, and automatic gns heat furnished. Private entrance. $65 monthly. 806 Center St., East -.__. _ ___ 3 ROOM— U n f u rn ishciT'apt., "a"lT~utjTF" ties furnished. Near Giant works. $80 monthly. 3-9073. 3 ROOM—Unfurnished apt. Near Glass works. $40 monthly. 3-9073. 3 ROOM—Unfurnished apt. Private bath and entrance. Adults. Ph. 4-7509 after 4:30 p.m. 46 FURNISHER APARTMENT! 2 NICELY FURNISHED ROOMS — All utilities furnished, including washer. 405 Bering. 3-7579, 4 ROOM APT.—Bath, garage, laundry. Adults. 2-8898 after 5:30. FURNISHED-For light housekeeping, 3 room apt. Private entrance and bath. 200 McClurc. 2-3174. 2 ROOMS FURNISHED—All modern. Apply 832 E. Fifth. I ROOM APT.—Nicely furnished. Prl- vate entrance and bath, closed porch, nice yard. Good location In North Alton. 3-6508. FURNISHED — Light housekeeping rooms. Lights, water, gas, heat. Adults. 703 Waslhngton. 2-1740. 4 ROOM FURNISHED APT 2-7267. 1203 Norton. 3 FURNISHED ROOMS—Private entrance. No objection to small children. $10 week. 1600 Bozza (rear). 2 ROOM FURNISHED APT. — An utilities furnished. Private entrance, private bath, electric box, electric stove. $11 per week. Ph. 4-2188. FURNISHED BASEMENT APT. — 3 rooms. Ph. 4-4323. 2 ROOM—Furnished apt., near down town. $10 weekly. 3-9073. WOOD RIVER—735 Condlt. 3 room modern furnished apt. Couple. Near bus. 2 LARGE ROOMS—Water & heat furnished. $50 per mo. 2-0423 or 3-3228. ROXANA—2 room, clean modern apt. Automatic hot water and gas heat furnished, private bath and entrance, Ideal for working couple. 4-6802. WOOD RIVER—2 or 3 rooms'. Private bath, screened porch, utilities. 4-6847. 2 ROOMS—Modern, utilities furnished. $9.50 week. 181 South 9th, Wood Hlver. 2 ROOM FURNISHED APT. for rent. 533 Alby, Phone 3-3840. 2 ROOM FURNISHED APT,—Utilities paid. 2-2108. 2 ROOM—Furnished apt., first floor, private entrance, nice neighborhood, all utilities furnished. Call after 4 p.m. 2-6425. 2 FURNISHED ROOMS—Lights, heat and water furnished. Adults only. 449 Whitelaw, Wood River. 2 MODERN ROOMS — Utilities fur- nlRhed. $10 weekly. $35 monthly, 2-2166 or 617 Liberty. I ROOM—Furnished apt. for couple, Private bath, heat and water furnished. 418 Ferguson, Wood River. 4-4500. 2 ROOM—Furnished apt. Private entrance and bath. Hot and cold water, heat. 927 Union. 3-7415. 1 LARGE ROOM—And kitchenette, Ex^ra Well, furnished. Has refrigerator and innersprlng mattress. No objection ,to small child. 310 Mill St, 2-1946. HARTFORD—2 furnished rooms. Utilities furnished. Private bath and refrigerator. Dial 4-3177. 2 ROOM — Furnished apt. Private bath and entrance. 815 E. 4th, 2 ROOM FURNISHED — And sun porch. Private entrance and bath, Venetian blinds, utilities furnished, 208 Illinois Ave., East Alton. 2 FURNISHED ROOMS—Lights and water furnished, garden spot, In East Alton. Phone 4-4003. 3 MODERN FURNISHED ROOMS — Private bath, hot water. Adults, Inquire 712 E. 4th. LOVELY 3-HOOM FURNISHED APT. Private entrance and bath. Adults only. 2-7181. 3 ROOM—Furnished apt. with bath", separate entrance, near bus line. Call 2-6414 after 5 p.m. LARGE ROOM—Furnished apt. Utilities furnished. Private bath. Adults. J550 month. 930 Alby. 2-5277. 2 FURNISHED ROOMS—Lights, gas heat, hot water and bath; refrigerator. Apply 204 Henry. Ph. 3-7331. DELUXE—3 room modern apt. Janitor service. Immediate occupancy. Apply Schwartz Appliance, Edwardi- ville, 111. 2 ROOM—Modern furnished apt. Private entrance and bath. 821 E. 6th. HOUSES FOR RENT FOR RENT — 4 rooms and bath. 1120 Madison, Wood River, after 5 p.m. ______ NEW 4 ROONf-^Modern home, aTTach" cd garage, in restricted area. Call 4-4251. 5 ROOM MODERN HOME — Uppe? Alton. HWF, oil heal, Youngstown kitchen, wired for stove, garage and full basement. Box 1150, care Telo- Jjraph. _ 3 BEDROOM "HOME—Wood Hiver", for rent. References. Write Box llflO, care Telegraph. 5 ROOM—All modern house. Clifton Terrace. Call 2-5648. GODFREY — FoTTeas'e."8 "room house. References. Write Box 1200, care Telegraph. 3 ROOM modern house. Dry St., Easl Alton. Phone 4-8103. 5-|IOOM all modern. Seen by ap- polntmi-nt. 2-U945. 6 ROOM—Mpdern "duplex. "Available middle of May. Call 3-6387. 2 RM. HOUSE—Clean. Sink & stool. $30. 22 College Crest. 3-3021 or 2-1108. 3 ROOM HOUSE — 608"Brooicslde. Adults. Small baby considered. Dial 3-500.8. NEW 3-RQOM HOUSE — In" More." Large garden. George Cooper, 127 Butcher St., Bethalto. 6615. 5 RM. MOPEBN HOUSE-Tb~qulet ' mlddle-age couple, itt. 1 block north of Block's drive-in, on Godfrey road. Carl Napp. .. __ 100 ACHES — Improved. 85 Electricity. Immediate posnesslon. 12 miles east of Bentnn. III., $B!?00. 132 So^mh. Wood River. FOR" SALR—f86-"aFre" farm7~Gooti "porT lion along hlghwny. 5 room house plus store room; built-in cabinets, water In house, electric pump In basement. 2 iw'l.i. one cistern, pond, plenty timber, wired for electric stove, 2 chicken houses, brooder house, coal or wood ihed, storm windows and screens. Place mostly fenced. Peach, apple, apricot and plum trees. Springs on plnce. Sickness Is reason for selling. Please call MRS. EDWARDS. 2-3774. Hlddlck Agency. FOR SALE-^20 acres. Good spring. 5'-, acres tillable, $2500. l'/j miles south _of Brighton. Phone Brighton 41-W. CHANCE:~SF"A"LIF'ET'lM"E^¥of "someone who wants n nice place out of town with an Income now, III health causes me to dispose of this nice 15-acre tract with 7 room house, outbuildings and electricity. IM-tree orchard Includes apples, peaches, apricots, plums, cherries and quince. 4 acres nspnrngus, 1 acre alfalfa, 5 acres in 2-fl. clover to be put In •corn. Large shade trees, wind break, and storm cellar. All necessary equipment to work place. Located on Rt. 100, 15 minutes from North Alton. Immediate possession. Write Box 1160, care Telegraph. 320 ACRES OF TIMBER LAND—For sale at $12.50 per acre. All under fence. Located In central Missouri. Call 2964-R2, Jerseyvlllc. W. E. Topping, Dow, 111. "FOR" SALE—85-scrc farmr$556o. Good 4 room house and outbuildings. 40 acres tinder plow, rest In pasture; plenty of fruit, plenty of good spring water the year around. Potatoes and most of the garden planted. Reason for selling, III health. One mile north of Bellevlew, 111., first road to the right off 06. M I,OT8 FOK SALE LOTS FOR SA1 B — On Marquette Drive, restricted subdivision. Phone 3-9429. LOT FOR SALE— Near Dial 2-2288. State street. UPPER ALTON Seminary Ave. — Beautiful, large lot, 130 by 122. Large oak trees, between Western Military Academy and Shurtleff College. Price.. $6000 Call Harry F. Hemphill Agency 3-3584 RESTRICTED SUBDIVISION - North Alton. Most lots 80 2-6007 or 2-2447 x 120' Phone BUILDING LOT— Wesl of new Bethalto high school. Call 3-330B. _ 14 ACRES ONLY $6850 CLIFTON TERRACE 482 FOOT FRONTAGE ON CLIFTON ROAD Good fbr subdividing for homes or cabin sites ^ *16 ACRES $4800* w FOSTERBURG CLEM NOLL AGENCY . 649 E. Broadway Ph. 3-6621 Evenings call 2-B454 or 2-4788 HOUSRB SAM ELMWOOD PARK "NATIONAL HOMES" FHA APPROVED 3-liedroom home. $1200 down, $63 per month Near schools, playground and bus line. See our 1054 display house at 203 So. 14th St., Wood River. ' Open for Inspection every afternoon from 2:30 to 4:30. RALPH H. LADD Phone Wood River 4-9468 or Edwardsville 2168 NEW HOUSES FOR SALE—IN PAT- T1SON HEIGHTS, GODFREY, ILL. STRICTLY MODERN. E. R. MEISTER. PHONE 3-735B. 2208 Marquette Drive NEW BRICK SUBDIVISION 1 block off State Street New 5-room brick veneer and stone home. 3 bedrooms, modern in every respect. Price $16.800 Dial 4-1025. SPLIT LEVEL 2-BEDROOM Redwood house — Insulated throughout. Aluminum windows, storm and screen, lifetime aluminum root radiant oil heat, Armstrong tile floors, tiled bath, birch woodwork, fluorescent lighting fixtures, attic fan, 2V ft. porch metal railings, sidewalks, basement, garage. Lot 95 x 127. Close lo bus and schools. $14.300. Phone 2-7300. 4 ROOM — All modern. Full basement. Good location. Phone 2-0191. REMODELING — Small house unfinished for sale as Is. All or part of 5 acres. North Rodgers. Phone 3-7868 after 3 p.m. CENTRAL LOCATION 6 room all modern brick home. Corner lot, good condition. 5 minute walk from Wedge Bank. Price for quick sale to settle estate. Immediate possession $10,500 CALL PAUL GLASSBRENNER 3-3584. After 5 p.m. 2-4982 HEMPHILL AGENCY NORTH ALTON—Practically new 2 bedrooms, fireplace, Venetian blinds, HWF throughout, upstairs with dormers floored and heated. Large basement, gas heat. Can probably arrange G. I. financing. Price $12,900 Call CARL or VIOLA TUETKEN 3-5095 Harry Drew Agency — 2-1206 DEAL DIRECT WITH OWNER — 3^ bedroom house, all modern. Full basement, oil furnace. Lot 70x125, with extra lot same size. Klopmeier Addition, $10.000. 4-4611. IF YOU WANT A NEW 4 ROOM ALL MODERN HOJSE, LOTS OF CABINETS IN KITCHEN, LARGE FRONT AND BACK PORCH WITH PLENTY OF SPACE FOR GARDEN, FLOORED POULTRY HOUSE, GARAGE, ALL IN RESTRICTED AREA, PLEASE CALL MARY BROOKS, 3-H077. HARHY PHEW AGENCY. 2-1296. FOR STVLE—Covered basement ". plus framing lumber, »« acre lot. Consider contract for deed. 1 block from new school. Rosewood Heights. Ph. 4-2600 A NEW 4v, "ROOM! a, BATH-com pletel.v modern home gas furnace Insulated, oak floor In Alton, near schools and transportation. Priced $•'50 CLYDE BEILSM1TH. Post Office Box 71, Alton. Phon* Portage Dei Sioux Mo.. 9377 _ 8 LOTS-Close to AltonToid Jersey. ville Rd $1250 Each. 8 ROOMS, Godfrey. Nice home or income property. Large lot, fruit trees. Terms $11.000 4-ROOM brick, near town. Terms $6500 RIEHL AGENCY _2-7722 .1-5777 S-BlSfl ' Z-3029 WOOD RIVER 162 E. ACTON ~r Brick. 4 and bath first floor; 3 »nd b»th second floor: full basement with furnace and stoker. Second floor rents for $90. Out-of-town owner will tell for $8500. shown by appointment only. H. H. HESS«NFLQW, REALTOR" 9 Wood fUyer Aye. Dial 4-3883 Evening! Rial 4-7740 or 3-6249 BY OWNER—5 room house, all modern. Good condition, 42 ft. frontage, - ?8»Jt dggp. HWF. Ph. 3-8891. FOB SAJJS-HBy owner. Lovely S room brick r»nch type, ?or 3 bedroom. Large screened porch, tluminum awnings, 2 /lr*pJU»ceg, aluminum screen »nd »tarn) windows, full base. ment. attached garage. Large lot. 8 BQOM MQDjaM'HQUSE-^- REAL ESTATE SALE couple. Reference*. 1 of Block'» driv» to DA t .Gviitwt. *• w * m ^rotmrg ro» «AH "NORTH ALTON 4", room*. 3 yearn old. Reautiful kitchen with Ion of cabinet*, 2 bedroom* with nice clothes closets, ample ipace for 2 room* up. large basement, automatic heat and water heater, double steel beams Nice landscaped yard. BO ft. frontage. We have other nice homes In North Alton. Please call CARL or VIOLA TUF,TKRN-3-5005 Harry_ Drew Agency — 2-l2i)g _ FOR SALt~BTnoWNlir~ PATTISON HEIGHTS- GODFREY • 4'v Rooms with utajrway to unfinished att|c J Attached breezewsy and garage Fully Insulated, S'orm snsh SOU heat. Electric water heater Modern Kitchen. Tile bath a) Hardwood floors 9 82x150 Landscaped lot 3 Years Old. Immediate Possession JPHONE 2-9595 OPEN FOR INSPECTION SUNDAY, MAY 2nd 1 to 5 P. M. Brick, 5 full rooms, reception hall and guest closet. Living and dining room, nice kitchen with Built-in cabinets, wired for electric or gas. t bedrooms, one master room and one standard sire. Full bath, tiled. 5 large closets, fully carpeted wall to wall, full basement with gas heat, storm windows and screens throughout, attached garage, plenty of beautiful shrubbery. This home Is 10 years old, and you may move In Immediately. If you are looking for a nice 5 room brick, don't fail to see this one. Located at 250 Herbert street, Milton area. BYRON F. YANCY REAL ESTATE ~509 S.Tth St. Wood River New, all modern 3 bedroom frame. Full basement. Open fbr Inspection Saturday and Sun d«y._Pj!;l5e $11,500 RO'XANA 4 large rooms, modern, newly con structed. With sma.ll amount of additional work It cnn be made Into a beautiful home to your own liking Owner leaving town ....... $2950 ROSS DARR — 2-1361 Harry Drew Agency, 2-1206 ~ _ EAST ALTON^5~room nice home. Oil heat, full basement, garage. Small down payment, contract for deed. ELMER McPHERSON 2-3147 Hemphlll Agency, 3-3584 ALLEN & NIMMONS CO. 510 OAK DRIVE, E. ALTON 4 BEDROOM BRICK—Has large living room with fireplace, extra large kitchen with garbage disposal. Gas baseboard heat. Has garage. Ideal for a big family. X-G.I. can buy for $1680 down $16.HOO 833 CENTER ST., E. ALTON A REAL NICE 5-ROOM HOME—Has full basement with stoker heat. Has garage. About $1500 will handle. $8000 304 N. CENTRAL, W. RIVER FOUR EXTRA LARGE ROOMS—Full basement with rathskeller and extra room. Has oil automatic heat. Attached garage. X-G.I, can buy for $119o down, $69 a month. Only 3 yrs. old $ll.nOO 468 N. 3RD, WOOD RIVER FOUR NICE SIZE ROOMS—Perfect condition Inside and out. Full basement, good hot air furnace, plastered walls, hardwood floors, Insulated $9500 211 S. 13TH, WOOD RIVER AN IDEAL 4 ROOM HOME—For a small family. Has gas heat, big double garage. In excellent condition. $7950 1022 WALLACE ST., ALTON AN EXCELLENT BUY—And Is In perfect condition throughout. Large living room, spacious kitchen with lovely built-lns, vent fan, inliiid tile and two good size bedrooms, each with closet space. Full basement with knotty pine den and has gas heat. Has garage, lovely yard. About $28oo down will handle $11,700 1014 PHINNEY, ALTON LOVELY 3 BEDROOM HOME—Has 3 large rooms down, living 14x14, din ing 14x14 and kitchen 12x14 plus reception hall and full bath. 3 bedrooms up plus full bath. Could very easily be used for 2 apts. Full base ment, oil automatic heat, fully in. sulated. Has garage. !i block from bus line $13,200 3300 KENDALL, ALTON A LOVELY HOME—Three large rooms down including beautiful living room and dining room both carpeted plus spacious kitchen w'lth plenty of nice built-in features. Two big bedrooms up each with deep closet space, plus full bath. Has a full basement with gas furnace. Insulated, storm windows & screens, plastered walls and only 2 years old. X-G.I. can buy with $1520 down. ,. $15,200 ALLEN i NIMMONS CO. REALTOR — 2-9249 AFTER 5 P.M. DAILY George Peterie—2-9185 Ed Cox—2-1816 WOOD RIVER 600 block North Leslie. New 4 room brick veneer, full basement, gas heat, birch cabinets In kitchen, tile on floors 'and walls of kitchen and bath, Insulated. Immediate possession. 281 No, Central, 5 rooms, HWF, full basement, stoker heat, combination screens and storm sash, enclosed porch. Quick possession ...... $7800 NORTHWOODS Circle and Norwood. .1 bedroom ranch type. Fireplace, extra nice kitchen, screens, and storm sash, gas heat. Garage attached. LINCOLN ADDITION Wilson Ave. 4 room. Full basement, one year old. Oil heat, Insulated, nice kitchen. Immediate possession ....................... ......... $8500 SOUTH ROXANA 411 E. Broadway, 5 room. Attic, full basement, fully modern, electric hot water heater, wired for electric stove, Insulated, screens and storm sash, garage, Immediate possession. EMMET P. HOWARD 4-0532 REALTOR 13 Whitelaw Ave, Home 4-5747 MIDDLETOWN SEVEN ROOM BRICK—Close to school and bus. Living room IHixlS, dining .room, kitchen and large playroom on first floor. 3 bedrooms and bath on second. Floored attic that could be finished for more living space. Hot water heat. Lot 77x125. Be sure and see this fine home In a very good, neighborhood $16,800 JEANNE R. CAINES-2-3551 GLAZEBROOK AGENCY C. H. AUTEN AGENCY REALTOR GODFREY INGRAM LANE — Modern 4 .room bungalow, nice large rooms, tiled kitchen St bath. Oil heat. Lovely landscaped yard on about an' acre uf ground. Full price $8,000. Just the one you have been waiting for! NORTH ALTON GROVEL1N — Modern 5 room brick bungalow; all large rooms; HWF; basement garage, stoker heat; nice double lot well landscaped. Near schools and stores and bus. Priced right at $13,500. See it today, prompt possession. , UPPER ALTON BOSTWICK ST.—Lovely 5 rm, brick Colonial home, excellent location. Large living room with open fireplace; big dining room It nice kitchen with GE sink & dishwasher. 2^, bath«: HWF throughout. Gat fired hot water heat. Priced at $25.000. Allowance will be made for decorating. C. H. AUTEN AGENCY, BIALTOB 2413 State St. 3-8*32 Evenings please call Jack Brockway 2-9S03 Ted Price 2*0814 Joe Smith REAL ESTATE SALE WOOD RIVER New 3 bed room with full basement; oil beat; b«*emant divided with Urge room tor rathskeller or play room. (11,900. road, C*ri «» itoMtitt rot SOUTH ROXANA — 5 room modern brick Fruit trees. Phone 4-8216. BY OWNER—II room modern horn* 411 ElUhth St Snllw Place, Wood River. 4-6384 Bargain SPECIAL Downtown Cafe S2100 CLEM NOLL AGENCY 649 E Broadway. Phone .1-6621 Evenings call 2-8454 or 2-4788 SOTTfH TfOffANA - Targe 4 room white bungalow, next to new grade school on Michigan Ave Complete ly modem RWF plastered walls full basement, modern cabinets in kitchen, wired for electric stove large fenced corner >ot 85x125 Large floored attic, space for two addl tlonal rooms. Bartain at $ft.nnn 4-2365. C, H. AUTF.N AGENCY. REALTOR 120 ACRES Illinois River bottom farm, semi-modern 7-room house other building* all in good repair. All ground In cultivation; 2fl acres of wheat, buyer will get 2/5ths. hal- itnce of ground open for xnrlne crops, I' 4 mile off hard road. 2.1 miles from Alton. Priced at $325 per arre. 3 ACRES-With 5-room modern home city water. Just the place for re^ tlrement. Lovely home. Up to the minute kitchen! Full basement. 2- ear garase. Priced right at $12,500 Ifl ACRES _ Close In on Route 100 Has modern 5-room home, nice large harn. chicken houses and other goor outbuildings: good fences, has small peach orchard, berries and (francs, some rhubarb. Ideal for subdivision. Selling price Just S15.750. Will arrange, financing! Immediate possession too! 10 ACRES—With 3-acre lake surrounded by plenty of woods. Lake filled with blueijtlll. ernpples, etc. plus modern up-lo-the-mlnitlc home, large living room with fireplace, carpeting, large bedrooms, A-l kitchen and dinette. Full basement. 2 gnrnges, 1 well. 2 cisterns. Pictures quo netting. Ideal spot tnr retire mcnl. Located near Belhnlto on hard road. Price $15,500 48 ACRES — CJood 4-room house, excellent barn 48 x 40. Other outbuildings, fenced and cross-fenced. Over 40 acres In cultivation, tins two wells, 2 springs, wonderful lake site. Bell phone, good roads. Only 7 miles of Alton $15.700 110 ACRES — Good 8-room house, large barn, large implement shed, garage, chicken house. All ground limed and phosphated In last 6 years. Pasture well fenced and never falling spring. 65 acres under plow, 22 acres clover and alfalfa. 1 mile of haril road on all weather road. $15,700 C. H. AUTEN AGENCY, REALTOR 241!) State Street — 3-8422 Evenings Please Call: TED PRICE 2-0815 ROSEWOOD HEIGHTS. WE HAVE FOUR 3-BEDHOOM NEW QUALITY BRICK HOMES PRICED AT $18,800 ROSEWOOD LANE — Long living room, tiled kitchen and dinette, tiled bath, 3 bedrooms, full basement with steel beams, oil furnace, attached garage, 90-ft. lot. aluminum storm windows and screens. AIRLINE DH. — Carpeted living room with fireplace: tiled bath, 3 bedrooms, basement with steel beams, oil heat, radiant baseboard heat, .large enclosed back porch, in sulated aluminum storm windows and screens, lot 100 x 200 CLEARV1EW DR. — Northwoods No. 3—6 rooms; fireplace, full basement with oil heat, attached garage, large back porch, lots of closets; aluminum storm windows and screens, NORTHMOOR NORTHWOODS No. l_Exlra large living room with stone fireplace; long kitchen with space for automatic washer and dryer; extra amount of closet space, attached double garage and utility, radiant oas baseboard heat, lot 100 x 450. We have a good listing of other brick homes all with 3 bedrooms, priced from $13,800 to $27,500. R. H. HESSENFLOW, REALTOR 4-3893 Evenings dial 4-0006 or 4-1934 MIDDLETOWN NEARLY NEW—A four room home on a 115x290 lot. Lovely living room with dining area, two good size bed rooms with plenty of closet space modern bath, knotty pine kitchen with many built-in features. Screened porches. Oil heat. Price $14,30t JEANNE R. CAINES-2-3551 GLAZEBROOK AGENCY ROSEWOOD H.EIGHTS Circle Drive, Northwoods—3 bedroom brick; enclosec breezewoy and attached garage, basement with oil heat, automatic water heater and shower. Ail aluminum windows, storm windows and screens; very large lot with shade trees, shrubbery, barbecue. Price $16,900 R. H. HESSENFLOW, Realtor 4-3893 Evenings Dial 4-7748 or 4-4806 OPEN HOUSE SUNPAY, MAY 2 2 to 5 P.M. 1 New home Victory Dr. ' East Alton Only $9950 H, H. HARRISON AGENCY REALTOR 30 Yegrs of Experience in Sell ing Real Estate are 'thrown in when you invite C. H. Auten . Realtor NORTH ALTON Lovely 4-room ranch style home. Has stairway to floored second, nice, big rooms, HWF. full basement, attached garage. Only 1 year old. Prompt possession. Price, $11,300 Takes only S1BOO to handle. INVESTMENT PROPERTY GODFREY •-> Modern 5-room home to live in. renting out separate store building for $100 a mohth. Check on this today and you can retire tomorrow! Priced right $15.750 buys both buildings plus quite a lot of ground. NORTH ALTON 5-ROOM BUNGALOW — All large rooms. Has nice porch Full basa ment. Level lot, garage. Lovely inside as well as attractive outside! Priced right at $11,900. Immediate possession. Nicely located near stores, school and bus. MIDDLETOWN GARDEN ST.—5-room modem $6500. Small do*n payment, balance like rent. BETHALTO We have three nice 3-bedroom homes in good locations in Bethalto, all priced to sell. If you are ready to give the family the advantage* of a smaller community call ui so we may show you these homes. ROSEWOOD HEIGHTS BENDER ST. - Nice 4Troom bung.- low. Corner lot, Full basement. $9750 Hertford on North Delmor: 5 ROOMS AND BATH - With large glassed-in porch, Hard W. floors. V. blinds, automatic gas water heater, stoker fired furnace, full b*«em«nt, city sewer and water, payed, itreet, Close to school. Twins $5000 Wood River on Lorena Ave.: VERY NICE 2-story. 3 and hall down, 4 and bath up. Will to walj carpet. Ing. 2 »-oom» down, full buwcinent. good furnace. Paved sfreatr^ 8-BOOM HQUSB - 4 down. 8 «nd b»th up. Full basement, new |urn»c» and ttofcer. good apt*,, nursing honi« or Ideal building lit* fw cnwrch or lodge. Heaucjd to uii C, H, AUTIN A REALTOR 2419 6t«U 3.8122 TED MICE JOf SMITH 2-01)5 2J440 REAL ESTATE SALE tan 905 WASHINGTON NOW UNDER CONSTRUCTION — Drive hy this wonderful location and nee tor yourself how beautiful this home u. A spacious new brick :< hedroom ranch type bungalow Clone enough for all convenience* and comfortable living. Youll find this really a home of tomorrow with every deluxe feature. Large living room with a cut white stone fireplace, dining room, nice *l*e kitchen with plenty of built-in features and has 3 bedrooms plus clay tiled bath. Full basement. Including large rathskeller, complete with huge brick fireplace. Gas baseboard heat, Insulated, and basement garage. You may choose color decorations on walls and choice of wall-to-wall car peting In living and dining room Discriminating buyers will stop looking after seeing this one. Immediate possession. Terms can be arranged. $23.500 ALLEN A NIMMONS CO. George Pererie 2-9249, 2-9185 Ed Cox, 2-9249, 2-1816 « WANT6B—MEAL CSTATI FOR A QUICK SALE o' your property Call i ELI M GRKER AGENCY OFFICE 4>!al 2-9785 3-8130 AUCTIONS Ml: AUCTION* CONSIGNMENT DAIRY DAY — For this Tues., May 4th. We are expecting a targe sale. Starting at 10 a.m. on miscellaneous articles and baby chicks. Central Standard time 1 p.m. we start selling livestock. The first Tues. of each month is always our Dairy Day sale. We arp expecting a lot of livestock. Stock, hogs and sheep are selling good. ?ARUNV^ILLE SALE BARN COMMUNITY AUCTION -"Tuesday? Friday and Saturday nights Route 140 Cottage Hills. We Buy and Sell. 4-8266. FARM - LIVESTOCK DOflS—OATS-PUTS BEAGLE—1 female, 2 yrs. old, trained. Dial 4-9858. TOY BLACK & TAN PUPPY—2 fox terriers, male & female, 1 pr. doves 3-9234. YOUNG PARAKEETS — All colors. Ideal gifts for Mother's Day. Parakeet Farm. 4-1573. BASSET HOUNDS—1 female, 2 years old, trained, 2 males, 6 mo old. Dial 4-9638. PEDIGREED PERSIAN KITTENS — Mother's Day special. 115 Butcher St.. Bethalto. DACHSHUND—Female, 2 months old. AKC registered. 4-7892. DACHSHUND PUPPIES—AKC, sired by champion Rastus of Hey ing- Peckle. 26 champions in 5 generations, $50. Half Acre Kennels. 4-3464 $25 COCKER SPANIEL—Sell for $5 3 years old. Leaving town. 3-3709. COLLIE PUPPIES—For sale. 2-3830 after 6 p.m. BOSTON TERRIER PUPPIES —AKC registered, well marked. 3501 Ohio, Alton. BABY PARAKEETS — In < normals, opalines, cinnamons and buttercups 40 E. Airline Drive, Rosewood Heights. 4-4006. SILK'S KENNELS—JACKSON LANE Godfrey . . Phone 2-9374 We board dogs of all breeds; also females In season. Individual stalls and runs. Heated kennel. YOUNG PARAKEETS—Training age, guaranteed singers. Also nice female canaries. 2-1637. 613 Lampert. BEAGLE PUPS FOR SALE—A.K.C. registered. Dial 3-6556. 2905 Buena Vista. YOUNG DOES—And meat rabbits. 35c per Ib. 519 Prairie, Bethalto. JARRETT KENNELS^ Board your dogs or cats; also females in season, Holidaya. weekends, vacations, individual houses and runt. For reservations call 2-4074. POMERANIAN—Male dog. Black with papers; house broke. East Alton 4-1689. 66 FARM EQUIPMENT FOR SALE—Oliver two row cultivator, like new. Also horse-drawn John Deere mower, in good condition J. B. Stahlhut, Edwardsville. 3 miles east of Wood River on Route 159. SPRING CLEAN UP ON DISC NEW AND USED New J. D. 10-ft. wheel disc $450 New Int. 10-ft. wheel disc $475 New Coby 7-ft. wheel disc $325 New Coby 8-ft. wheel disc $350 New Int. 10-ft. heavy pull $295 New Oliver 10-ft. heavy pull $250 Used 9-ft. Int. heavy, used .2 -seasons $150 Many others 4ipm $50 to $100 NARMONT MACHINERY CO. Auburn, Illinois 10 Ft. JOHN DEERE—Field cultivator like new, $240. Narmont Machinery Co.. Auburn, Illinois. SEAMAN TILLIT, 3 Ft.—Used one season, like new, fits any tractor; new cost $525. A real buy at $295. Narmont Machinery Co., Auburn, Hi, Gravely Tractor Agency Sales and Service C. R. Jungk, 3-6611, 301 E. Broadway Alton. III. Adolph E. Jungk, R. R. 1. Jerseyyllle. 111. 2974-R8. 66A FERTILIZER ANHYDROUS AMMONIA 82% Liquid Nitrogen. Immediqte Application. ALTON BOTTLED GAS CO. Godfrey Rood. Phone 2-9751 FEEDS AND §KrDS ARGO FERTILIZER NUTRENA FEEDS PFISTER SEED CORN GET THE BEST — 2-4008 EVERETT HARRIS 300 BALES STRAW—For sale. Stored in barn, 100 bales good for feed, cheap. Call 2-3723. FOR DeKALB HYBRID CORN AND CHICKS-Phone 2-7048. John Stutz, Fosterburg Hd. LIVESTOCK I HEIFERS—Heavy springers. 1 roan, 1 brown Swiss, 2 Holsteins, 2 Hereford springer cows, V 3 mile east, 2 miles south Brighton. Ira Westfall. FOR SALE—Sow, pigs. Adolph Pat- sink, Seminary Hd. 2-1026. 16 HAMPSHIRE PIGS-HI weeks old. 4'/j miles northwest of Brighton. L. H, Cole. FOR SALE—Shetland pony, saddle 4t bridle; gentle, 5 years old, Phone 4-8183. L-t JERSEY COW-With calf at side. F. M. Stubblefleld, Brighton. III. REGISTERED—Polled Hereford half. era and bulls. 1 year old. 4--2S48. HOLSTEIN COWS — 1 Holstein Guernsey, a milking, 1 dry; also 2 calves,- Wm. J. Hubbard Jr., 3 miles north of Bethalto. Phone 7316, SATURDAY, MAY 1, 1954 SHOATS FOR SALE—5 miles north of Shlpman, Gilbert E, Cox, LIVESTOCK FOR SALE 1 Fresh Hplsteln cow and calf. Giving approximately 00 pounds milk daily. V, O. Rintoul, ) mile north of Godfrey on Ingham Road. FOR SALE—Twenty-fix white faced yearling!, 13 steers and 13 heifers. Byron Gary, lit. 1, Jerneyville. Ph. 2860-HC. tin PQUL'flU ANU IUPPLIEI) FRYERS FOR 'SALE—85o each. IV, miles north of Bethalto. Ph. 6323. SPECIAL PRICE ON COCKERELS up to five weeks,old. Call 181 collect. Hall's Hatchery. Carrollton. IAIY CHICKS STARTED PULLETS 4 STRAIGHT RUN available now. Call m collect |or prices. All started Chicks have a big guarantee. Hall's Hatchery. Carrollton. MISC FOR SALE DO-IT-YOURSELF 71 re* «ALR FOR 7 SALE—Power mower. Briffgs A Stratton motor, perfect condition. Phone 2-2190. STEEL CLOTHtSLtNE PoSTS-Ready made, made to order. 4-9375. FAIRBANKS " MORSE-^Electrlc water heaters. 40-gal.. $129.95, 10 year guarantee. 52-gal., $14495, 10 year guarantee. Free electrical Installation where 220 is available. No down payment, easy terms. WISEMAN, Inc. 1128 East Broadway. 2-9294 SHOW CASE—And child's'fire truck. 3-8905. 1--W-D-9 General Electric MG, elec- trlc welding machine. 220-440 V 3 phase 80 cycle. $100. Modern Welded Products Co., 308 W. Broadway, Alton. Phone 3-8232. FOR SALE or TRADE — Beautiful Philco 17" T.V.. radio and phonograph consol. I wheel Sears trailer, like new, $40. 2-7523. 2827 Vlewland WASHING M A C H I N E — For sale 3-8828. FOR SALE^-Lady's white shoe skates. good condition, size 8, $10. 2-7344. OSED REFRIGERATOR — For s"aleT Gqod running condition. 4-87A9. POWER LAWN MOWERS—9 models; name brands, specially priced. Rotary or reel styles, electric or gas engine powered. Prehn's Hardware, Bethalto. FOR SALE—Craftsman builder's saw^ 10 Inch, '4 h. p. motor, good condition. L. M. Wilson, Plasa, Illinois. 75 FT. EXTENSION LIGHT—Flexible table, double outlet, hip boots, size 11. 2-3402. SERIES OF RABBIT HUTCHES—And pans. Call after 8 p.m. Dial 3-3324. OLD FASHIONED—Gas stove, works good. Very cheap. 1506 Langdon. 66 MURRAY STEEL SINK—And cabl- net, new, $134.50. A real bargain. Stocker Plbg., Htg. & Appl. Store. 68 E. Lorena Ave., Wood River, 111. Phone 4-4834. TWIN FANS—"Intakeami exhaust^ like new. Also folding cot, breakfast table, ping pong set, tennis racket. 2-1239. _ SIDE""ARWTGAS WATER HEATER $10. Stocker Plbg., Htg. & Appl Store. 68 E. Lorena Ave., Wood River, 111. Phone 4-4834. :. LAWN MOWER SHARPENER—Like new. Call after 4:30 p.m. 4-9763. 7SA fro it _ VACUUM CLEANER PARTS Belts, brushes, bags, attachment noses, disposal paper dust bags. -,, „ FOR ALL MAKES 828 B. 7th St Dial 2-4423 F._ MIDDLECOf F ONE COAT—Fiarwafi paTnTonly $4.10 per gallon, and a gallon covers the average room. Prehn's in Bethalto have the new lovely colors In this Chief One Coat. Prehn's In Bethalto carry a full line of Chief Paints. Quality outside white white Chief house paint only $5.35 per gallon at PREHN'S, Bethalto, III. SALES - RENTALS Atlas tools Goodall Mowers, McCulloch Chain Sawss. We rent sanders, saws, drills, pipe tools, ladders, lawn perforators, mixers, steamers, etc. THE WORK SHOP Godfrey 2-1456 ' WcTMERCHANDISE 18" Capehart Television $89 Philco Radio IK Bendlx Automatic Washer $3! Maytag Washer $4! Eden Washer , $10 G. E. Ironer $49 8 Refrigerators $25 up 3 Electric Ranges $29 up ALTON REFRIGERATION MO E. Broadway. Phone 3-772J RUBBER RUNNERS—2 ft,, 3 ft., 4 ft wld* for porch or store entrance, black, green and red. Price frorr $2.25 yard. 27" Cocoa matting by the yard, $1.75 yard. BUCK'S, 655 E. Broadway. Dial 3-3031. NEW AND USED—Hand and power mowers. Guaranteed. Will trade, rent. Goodall and Swlsher Dealer Free demonstration. Newby's Lawnmower Service. 138 South 14th Street, Wood V River. 4-9368. NO DOWN PAYMENT Youngstown sinks and cabinets, Frig. , tdalre Water Heaters 54" Youngstown Sink . . . . $99.95 66" Youngstown Sink . . . $134.95 ALTON REFRIGERATION 550 E. Broadway Ph. 3-7722 WHITE BIBLES—$1 and up. The per- feet Easter or Confirmation gift Visit our newly enlarged store and browse You'll be glad you did Alton Bible and Book Store. 308 Laclede St. 2-9081. ASPHALT TILE — Plastic wall tile, linoleum tile and plastic tile, by the block or we Install. Aluminum and Canvas Awnings RUSSELL VENETIAN BLIND MFC CO. 911 MILTON ROAD ALTON ELECTRIC WATER HEATER — Free electrical Installation where 220 volts are In the house. No money down Payments as low as $5 per month. EBBLER ELECTRIC 1512 State St. Phone 3-7588 BOA'1'8 AC'CBBSOHIEM 8PEEDICRAFT Boats, Sterling Boat Trailers, Scott-Atwater Motors. Complete Repair Service on All Makes. Clark's Boats & Motor*. BOB E. Bclwy.. Alton. 3-6953. CHRIS-GRAFT AND U-MAK-IT-BOAT KITS All sizes, 8 ft. to 23-ft, Inboard and outboard, cruisers' and runabouts Save money by assembling your own boat. See your authorized dealer for Information and prices. 18 and 21 ft. Express cruisers on display. REXROAT MOTORS. Inc. 2625 E droadway Dial 3-7778 14 Ft. YELLOW JACKET BOAT Equipped with 33 h.p. motor. Trailer, Reasonable. 3-3178. FOR SALE—Boat suitable for club house or living quarters, 43 ft. long, 14 ft. wide. House 10 by 21 ft. Price $400. Terms. Modern Welded Products Co., 306 W. Broadway.. Phone 3-6232, Alton, III. 12 FT. CANADIAN BUILT—Molded plywood boat, front deck, 3 seats. Like new. .$250. 4-6032. NEW MERCURY MOTORS—Speedway trailers, Paint and marine supplies. Used motors, all sizes. Open evenings and weekend. RAY KRUSE, Boats and Motors. 4-8236. NEW * USED BOATS & MOTORS- All makes and sites. KLUMP BOAT and MOTOR CO., 1319 Milton Road. 3-tiMl. 14 FT. SHELL LAKE BOAT — And trailer. 25 h.p. Johnson motor, practically new. Priced to sell. Pruitt Buick Co., Carrollton. 111. Ph. 63. 71 Bllll.niNr. MATERIAL YOUNGSTOWN Aluminum Storm and Screen '. Windows and Doors FHA TERMS—36 Mo. to Pay Windows $23.95 Doors $3950 Alton Home Improvement 647 E. Broadway , Dial 2-6320 After 3p.m. 2-2868 2x4—8 ft. No. 1 Com. Spruce S4S (not to exceed 20% No. 21. In lots at .500 ft. or more at $10.00 per hd, ft. BM. 1x8 No. a Com. White Fir dressed 1 aide and 2 edges. In lots of 300 ft or more at $10.00 per hd. ft. BM. GENASCO 210-lb. Asphalt Shingles in lots of 10 squs. or more at $6.93 per »Q. . GINTER - WARDEIN CO. 450 Front St. Phone 3-3588 Alton, III. Ooilijoimolf DO IT CHILD'S YARD GYM SETS — Complete or parts. Bull bearing chain hook* and glider sets. Phone 3-5324, BUSINESS SERVICE RUSSELL VENETIAN BLINDS 4 C*POl«|« VeaftUa HUM *arr|ea M»w 4vtil»klt •* Out **•• Kaa* fttmmt piasj tu MII;IUN NMAO VltIT U|l» fUBNI'l'liM OfPT REAL ESTATE SALE STARK BROS. NURSERY-Plant your own shrubs and trees. For Information and prices call R. E. Simpson, 3-8409, Plain Concrete blocks . . I7e Rock Faced Blocks . . 25c Colored Concrete Patio Blocks . . . . 20c Sq. ft . PAVISH CONCRETE WORKS 549__W_ St__LoutS, _E Alton. 4-6334 RENT A TRAILER Move yourself As little as $1 SO Local or long distance hauling Hour, day. week: license. Hants, hitch furnished. «PCp TRAILER RENTALS 3380 E. Broadway Ph. 2-5812 Open 7:30 a.m •• p.m. Sundays—fl a.m-4 p.m. -IRVING-MILLER DEALER FOB SOUTHERN HOMES Dial 2-1503 for estimates St literature. Call or see " B ° b " Burkard, LaSnlle Drive 2-0772 F^ W. Pivoda Sr , Stanka Lane 2-5859 WATER PROOFlNG-And ' roof coat- inn $1 75 per gallon. Guaranteed for 10 years. Available In colors. 4-4876 CON VERT-Your Hot wateT tank to an automatic electric water heater WAYMIRE SLECTR1C 4-598T1 BUILD A FAN We carry parta for window fans, exhaust fans, pedestal fans and other fans. All sizes of tan blades, fan guards, shutters, electric motors, motor frames and brackets. Cords and switches, pillow blocks, shafts and pulleys. Biggest stock In town. Your fan headquarters Is WISEMAN, Inc., 1128 East Broadway. 2-9294. ^•terproof your Basement with" AH". MOR COTE, the superior masonry coating White and pastel colors Joe Brandt Hardware, 712 East Jjrpad way Phone 3^5213. INSTALL YOUR OWN U.H.F. ANTENNA COMPLETE $14.95 SQUAFE DEAL SHOP 720 E. Broodwoy Diol 3-9411 74 BUSINESS EQUIPMENT ENTRANCE DOORS - 1%" thick: Used . «o QS ODD WINDOW SASH-New"::::$i:49 BAHN SASH—20" x 25", 1H thick new $1 98 THRIFT HARDWARE & SUPPLY CO . 3-5568 COAL 7» COAlV—C'OKl—WOOD CINDERS—Large loads for driveways',' streets or cushion under concrete 4-8446. KINDLING - Fireplace wood, light hauling. 2-0811 or 3-8587. COAL, ROCK, SAND A DIRT-General hauling. R. A. Croaa, 4-4011. BASEMENT DlGGWG-An?nBv.Hng off Free estimates. Dirt for yards Atao top sou. fill sand. John a Wolf, 3^208 or 1-7111. t»A OENtKAL MAULING DRIVEWAY ROCK-Sand, dirt. Gen-" eral hauling. FREW SHEWMAKE. Phone 2-7011 or 2-7068. WATEU—Llmefton. I5i[ livestock hauling. Call John StuU. 3.7048, DIRT HAULING—Phone~£4335: DRIVEWAY ROCK—Sand, dirtT . 2-5855, HAU "NG-Of any kind. Ph. MISC. FOR SALE '• CLOTHING FOR SALE—All white formal, size 11. Phone 4-6545. '* HOUSEHOLD UOODH HAVE 2 HOOVER CLEANERS — OriS jvlth attachments. Reasonable. 4-6185 <M>c. MAHOGANY—Dinette set, $457 REPOSSESSED — Frigidalre refrigerator. No money down, pick up payments of $5.50 each month. EBBLER ELECTRIC 2512 State Street. Phone 3-7588 CHAMPED FOR SPACE-See this beautiful little apartment size gas stove. Only 20" wide, yet has all the features "of a full size range Top iburners light automatically. Giant oven and handy broiler. Only $8.02 per month after small down payment. Installed on bottle gas or natural gas at no extra charge ALTON SKELGAS it HEATING 1654 Washington Rye. Dial 2-276S. FURNITURE FOR SALE—Apt. slu gas stove, living room suite, washing machine, chlfferobe, fur coat. 4-8717. AXMINSTER RUG—9x9 Vi. Colonial square design.. Perfect condition, freshly cleaned & mothproofed. $25 3-6438. 408 Jefferson. 2 ARMY BUNK BEDS — With mat-" tresses; Storkline baby buggy 106 Besider, East Alton. 4-1290. DIVAN—Nice condition, clean. 3-5250 BLACK & WHITE—Hollander studio couch. $50. Blonde % size bunk beds $70. Like new. 3-6B81 after 5. 8 Ft. G. E. REFRIGERATOR — Used 10 mos. Kenmore washer, 6-sheet capacity, excellent condition. 4-7058 except Saturday. 2 BROWN TWEED-California style love seats and occasional chair. 2-0540 after 5 p.m. DINING BOOM SUITE—Walnut. Buffet, table, 6 chairs, china closet. $89 Mr, Wahrenburg, Dennis Bros., 300 E. Broadway, Alton. 20 PER CENT DISCOUNT—On a few new. Norge Refrigerators. Hurry, Just a few. Stocker Plbg., Htg., It Appl. Store, 68 E. Lorena Ave., Wood River, 111. Phone 4-4834. BUSINESS SERVICE MISC FOR SALE 79 OOOOft '•LOOK SAMPLE—on stoves « a money saving 25 per cent discount. Stacker Plbg., Htg. & Appl. Store, 68 Lorena Ave., Wood River. 111. Phem» 4-4834. fORSALE — Frtgldaire and other household goodi. Call 1200 rtode- meyer. 8T-Pc7~SOLTD OAK—Dining room suite factory type, extension .table, Urge buffet, solid door china cabinet, 4 chairs, good condition. Price $63. Also walnut dresser, metal bed, gnu stove, other Items. Reasonable. 1110 State St., Alton after 8 p.m. OAK DRESSER—Large mirror, ^10; Morris chair, 9 half-screens, A-l condition. 3-7802. 7 PC. DINETTE SET—Light oak. 3- pc. mahogany bedroom suite, 2 embroidered quilts, 3 crocheted ruffle doilies. Phone Bethalto 4772. 33S Corbine St. GENERAL ELECTRIC STOVE —Large deluxe model, good condition, 3631 Berkeley. Phone 2-9355. CURTAINS—Drapes, rugs, furniture covers, Venetian blinds, etc. Termi. SPECIALTY CO.. 2-8732. $40 TRADE-IN ALLOWANCE — On a new Norse Automatic Washer. Stocker Plbg., Htg. & Appl. Store, 68 E. Lorena Ave., Wood River. Ph. 4-4834. NEW TV TABLE—With swivel top, $10. Stocker Plbg.. Htg. & Appl. Store, 88 E. Lorena Ave., Wood River. III. Phone 4-4834. APT. "SIZE FRIGIDAIRE—G. E. electric stov?, lounge chair and Ottoman. 2-0777. Ml MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS UPRIGHT PIANO — Good condition. • $25. 112 W. 2nd, Roxana. 4-310S WANTED—Upright piano, good condition. Reasonable. 3-6880. MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS — New" and used pianos, guitars, amplifiers, wire and tape recorders, etc. All BAND INSTRUMENTS-New and used available on our rental plan, cash or terms Musical Instruction on all Instruments. Instrument repairing GOULD MUSIC CO. Ml Eaat Broadway. Alton. Ill ELECTRICAL APPLIANCM SICK? RENT A TELEVISION Phone 3-7442 IRONER—G. E. console model, brand new, cover dented. $74.50 Schaefer Railroad Salvage, 317 State St Altos SAMPLE ELECTRIC RANGES (169.95 Hotpolnt apartment electric ranges priced at $109.98 PREHN'S HOTPOINT STORE Everything in Hardward. Bethalto, lit. SEWING MACHINES TREADLES—As low as $4.9S SINGERS $9.93 SINGER PORTABLE $49.99 FREE WESTINGHOUSE PORTABLE $39.99 ELECTRIC CONSOLE $19.99 Service on all makes. Machines oiled & adjusted—$1,00 Custom made belts, buckles & belli, ALTON SEWING CENTER 315 State St., Alton " 2-g614 USED SEWING MACHINES—For talc 3 treadle machines, $9.95; electric portable $45, consol Jl23. Singer Sewing Machine, 212 sSte. IBA 8«WINO MACH. BBPAIK RENT A SEWING MACHINE - $5 I month. Buy a new sewing machine $6.02 a month. Rental may be applied to down payment Central Sewing Supply Company, 14 Wart Broadway. Phone 2-5214. WE REPAIR—Buy, sell and rent UMd sewing machines; work guaranteed. Ebbler ElectrKy-2512 StaU St 3-7088. SEWING MACHINES REPAIRED Parts and supplies for 426 makes. CENTRAL SEWING SUPPLY CO. 14 WEST BROADWAY. PHONB 2-5214 FOB FREE ESTIMATES. $.1 SEEDS—PLANTS—rLOWBM AFRICAN VIOLETS—Large selection popular varieties including blooming plants. Reasonable pricea. 2-1480. PEPPERS—Sweet and hot, tomatoea. cabbage, eggplants, aweet potatoes and flowers. Edward H. Frey, 330 So. 7th, Wood River. 4-5630. VEGETABLE PLANTS—E. H. Jasper. 504 So. 7th, Wood Hlver. Ph. 4-7407 BE SAFE—Use NON-POISONOUS bug dust and sprays on your garden plants. Special CCC. bug dusti and sprays for all kinds of garden plant* and fruits. Bethalto headquarter* for Insecticides. PREHN'S HARDWARE STORE, Bethalto. SWEET POTATOES—Tomatoes, eabS bage, peppers; also black raspberry plants. E. H. Jasper, 904 St 7th, Wood River! Phone 4-7407. VEGETABLE ;PLANTS—Most all var- leties. Oran Dooley. 3317 Leo. 2-2887. PLANTS—Toinatoea, regular and hybrid. Also peppers, cabbages, egg plants, cauliflower, sweet potatoes. 613 Lampert. *fi VEGETABLES * FEUITS ASPARAGUS FOR FREEZING—Fir- day and Saturday. 3-8873. WANTED •7 WANTED TO BUY WANTED—2-wheel small girls' bicycle. Phone 3-3331. WOULD LIKE TO BUY—Work honi or mule. 4-6778. WANTED TO BUY—Good used porU able typewriter. Call 3-9158. WANTED TO BUY or RENT—WhetT chair. 3-5628. TURN YOUR JUNK INTO CASH—Wt> buy it. Call us. 4-4243. WANTED—.Wanted dishes, furniture, pianos, antiques, tools. Ph. 4-8366. FURNITURE—Dishes, anything from basement, attic or garage. _.. THE JUNK SHOP — 4-9219 ATTENTION — Wanted, sinks, bath? tubs toilets, furnaces, etc. Cell ua. We pay top pricea. WISEMAN. 1184 B, Bdwy. Dial 2-0294. BUSINESS SERVICE THE MAN TO SEE "Knowi All ThT**" • WMtkir Strip ' •Rtek Wttl Intulitltn • Semn, Sttrm Combination Windows • Alsf .Jaltiisifs CALL LES GULP YOUR t'HAMREKMN MAM Dial 2-7832 •BRADINQ • POND WORK •IAIEMENT OIOQINQ •CLEARIK8 • FREE ESTIMATES TRUCKING - DIRT - ROCK -SAND EXCAVATINQ HELMKAMP TRUCKING CO. »m * KsJw»r*vUI« KM* WtMHI K1VKH Mai 4-Mlt, <MHM ANNOUNCEMENTS ANNOUNCEMENTS MISC. FOR SALE 4>TICLM FOB" tA Soft* condition. EMPLOYMENT ' JSWaB Hum Writ! to lei No. 540, c/o JAtT ALTON $ room, modifr), from«, H.W,F V |tr«|*< tot rijoiiiini wort, nnr PHONI 4-2107

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