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Knoxville Sentinel from Knoxville, Tennessee • Page 1

Knoxville Sentinel from Knoxville, Tennessee • Page 1

Knoxville, Tennessee
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aTI3llD4Y EVENING I 1 C' flAfribrIAL DNS SERVICE --I.) iVE-Ii SAL ERVI CE EDITIO I "WHEN YOU SEE IT IN 'THE SENTINEL, IT'S -SO." 1 TWELVE' 16, ,1922. FIVE CENTS 4 1 DECEMBER 1922. FIVE CENTS EDITION TWELVE PA8ES TODAY 4 The Sentiners, Stocking Fund- C921'Cert will be given at the Lyric neater Toinorrovi bed. 17 at 3 o'clock. No admission fee. Free will offering In box -door--for-Cbristrn'as- charityr 6 imlien "A CLEAN CONSTRUCTIVE 1Z NI tilr VII r.P II CLEAN, CONSTRUCTIVE If 8- 41 I 'N lo, i 4. it IP, 17' i I i IL' 1 ftgrag 11) st. it. CI I i yy agravtgra Del st. 1'. 1 I- 7 1 1 I 1 1 4 0 4 4 IP 1 1 4 10 1 )11 OF GREEK. PATRIARCH I I 11 1 3. 0 al rce Ma in Char ct I 3 of probe, Li, tad ii, -0 MANY WOULD GLADLY BE ITRuctioN EIINcEriNs "POOR FISHES" HERE AmEllicAN DELEGATION Isli 1 6 i 1 IT hal g' Al 2fr 38' 10 it Nequarts Ta C4aDilvei eac ri tg I tand PrAPS rfiriliffirMPT onnurrQTQTlir I Ylicaln Ch cor of ,,,3, AI 0 4,4, filrninim Illutnimil DELEgATION AIIIIHI ISII Dec. id. A ficalg and pcE coNFHENcE pRITEsTsTil B3r aig Scotch and Calvert IMMO Y. whiskey found on board the British schooner Message of Peace which was seized by pooposE prohibition agents off the North Carolina coast will be destroyed and dumped into the Cape Fear river, Prohi- destroyed and dumped Into the Cape Fear river, Prohi- GIRL MARRIED ELEVEN TIMES MAY QUIT NOW T. LOUIS, Dec. Walker, Trill! iNTENTIoN of HERING monis. sea eleven times, three of which were with the same mEtisHRE IN PLACE Or stilp in, ic tdoadgtalcantsaid 6 she 0 htlid exhibited nn rt itc pn from her eighth has- UP 111 GIRL MARRIED ELEVEN TIMES MAY QUIT NOW EAST ST. LOUIS, Dec. Com Walker, whQ, has ventured on the matri monia sea eleven times, three of which were with the same man, today said she had not decided that she would not marry again. She smiled and exhibited a letter from her eighth bus- TO THREE OE Murray, stri Strl 0.. LIU LitU1111 I I II na 1111 FOUR SUITS Vigorous Disapproval of Step Has.Péen Expressed in United States, Delegation Asserts I VOL MVI, NO. 350. the starboard side. The Japanese crew of 300 fought the flames with difficulty as the decklt were so hot they burned the sailors feet. A 'number of sailors were Overcome by smoke. The hundred passengers were taken ashore shortly after the fire was discovered. The municipal fire boat rushed to the outer harbor corn-- pany's dock where the steamer was lying and Joined in the fight against the flames. At 1:45 o'clock the fire was still in progress. The steamer is in the round the woitld-iservice of the Osaka Shosen Kaisha line and time between the orient and South Africa. At 2:10 a. m. the fire was reported beyond control and fire chief Ralph J. Scott of Los Angeles left for the harbor to take personal charge. vnt YItYlrl hrn AKn ----v" I. left for tlae Scott of Los Angeles aarbor to take personal charge. Humbatd Cononipanies Will Also Defendants If Motion to Displace. Marine Measure Does Not Come to Vote Today, Will Fight it Out Monday By J. BART CAMPBELL By International News Service. WASHINGTON, Dec. battle to displace the ship subsidy bill with agricultural relief legislation was started in earnest this afternoon: when Senator Norris, republican, Nebraska, chairman of the Senate agriculture- committee, announced he would, before the close of today's session move to shunt the proposed subsidy aside for his co-operative marketing bill. Norris said he would not, however, seek to press his motion to a final vote until Monday, on account of the absence of so many senators over the week end. But be would insist on a show down Monday, he added and be expressed complete confidence that his motion would succeed. Senators Curtis, Nebraska, the republican whip, and Jones, Washington, in charge of the subsidy measure, conferred with Norris before he made his announcement. They agreed it was "highly probable" the subsidy would be shelved Monday for agricultural legislation. Senator Underwood of Alabama, the democratic leader, expressed the same view. 1, By Tbe Associated Press. LAUSANNE, Dec. American delegation at the Near Eastern conference presented the following protest to the conference this afternoon: "The American delegation desires to inform the sub commission that the proposal to abolish or remove the Institution of the patriarch at Constantinople has been met by vigorous disapproval and protest among large bodies of American citizens." Great Britain's memorandum to tke Turks concerning the Mosul oil territory, which was sent in the name of Great Britain alone and not In that of all the allies it was learned today insists strongly upon the British I band. Sherman Porter, dated last Wednesday, and signed "Your True Friend." He wrote that he had read of her third divorce from Albert Lil ley, which she Obtained last Monday, adding he would like to meet her and "talk matters Over." Discussing her numerous divorces, Mists Walker said she divorced the "jolliest of an her husbands" because he chased her through a feldi with a shot vim ,41 FRANCE 1111111M CONSIDER ANY UI -PHOPOALS rbover ent Will Examfne-Cared fully nd ApPreclatively Any I Rep ations Suggestion WEL MES INTERCESSION BliefGaing gni at'''''Utiaillrid Advised. by Bankers. Will be Recommended by Washington By Me Assocueled Press. PARIS, Deed French goy' ernment would examine carefully and appreciatively any proposals made by the American goVernment which might prove helpful in obtaining reparations from Germany it Was said today, in connection with reports from Washington that such iireposals were being considered. While the dispatches received here dealing with the supposed purposes of the Washington government lacked any sort of definiteness, the impreSsion gathered in French official and inter-allied reparations circles from Joint sul I memters of the city commission -seeking the recovery bundred thousands of dollars alleged to have been the sinking fund to other purposes contrry to sr 0,,, 1 of the city charter, is the allegations in the bill bein the Board of Commerce attorney which will hit the ion hardest in all, the litigation contemplated; it wori by mehlbers of the directorate. in cdurt are In prospect which will prob. ably styl, J. es, Thos. J. Deane, Eben Alexander, L. ChaN Weiss and taxpayers of the city of Knoxville llissioners of the City of Knoxville, Seeking th i estoration of sinking funds alleged to have been Secon I Thos, J. Deane, Eben Alexander, I. C11', 1-, NVeisS and taxpayers of the City bt Knoxville Construction company and the Holston Con Third, J. Deane, pbett Alexander, Cl 1.1. NVeiss.and,taxpayers ol the City of ty Construction! Company and the tiUrnbar' Tho's. J. Deane, Eben Alexander, L. ChavInne, i'nutk A. eits and'taxpkyers of lifititrof Knoxville versus'the Murray Construction and the corninissloners of Vie City of Knoxville. members of the city commission seeking hundred thousands of dollars alleged to the sinking fund to other purposes con1 of the city charter, is the allegations in the Board of Commerce attorney which ion hardest ip all, the litigation contem, by mettbers of the directorate. cdurt are in prospect which will prob. es, Thos. J. Deane, Eben Alexander, A. Weiss and taxpayers of the city of of the City of Knoxville, testoration of sinking funds alleged to Thos, J. Deane, Eben Alexander, Wels's and taxpayers of the City bt Construction company and the Hot GOVERNORS GO TO WASHINGT011 FOR CONFERENCE 1111111 HARDING NA 1 1, II ro.r,6i0044i,- a. din claim to.Mosul. this WI cc can not be surrendered, it is represented, because it forms a part of the kingdom of Irak which being a part of Mesopotamia, is under British The memorandum. calls attention to the fact that Mosul is on the Tigris and controls the road to Bagdad and therefore POSSeStleit stratilzio Importance for the protection of Bagdad. Moreover, It Is set, forth, Bagdad is dependent economically on the Mosul country and It Is unthinkablA that Mosul should be detached from Irak and handed over to the Turkish government. 4, The Turkish representatives bore spent the greater part, of, last otgLit In going over the British document. Governor Parker I injected the prohr'yItto-a-trtelttos to4.) the conference (- fereea to consider -the question at thds opportunity instead of waiting mitt! January when the meeting of State prevent many from leaving their states, expressed pleasure at receInt of the President's but stated that pressing problems, would compel his return to Loutsliula. Governor Morrison of North Caro-Una. who during the aharp exception te the statement nt' Mr. Parker that 'prohibition had proven a farce throughout the coun-i, trY also said be would be unable tor, attend as did Governor Hardee Florida. The official program for, the eon chiding aeesion today included only: one adgrees, that of Governor of Icallsas on the Ku Klux Allot' its delivery, the governors were, prepared to go into executive aession for the election, of a chairman an4 other formal conference business. pany which makes no charge. The Knoxville Sentinel gives all of the advertising for the concert without cot. The fund has grown very slowly this year, amounting to less than (Continued on Pogo Six) JOJO SAYS RAIN ANDWARMER A man who has livedwrong, neodo no modium to call, up, the ghosts of the past. The weather: Today, rain rain and warmer; Sunday, remand Insteqd hen the blight tg their Cereint but tel. would Lb Cnronee. took rment ton had he coun-i inable tor, rdee he led only or ors wera aession ran an4 nese. e. l'he 1 of the Without slowly than INEMONIMMOMIN.On ER- -1 4-, () I I III I 1: k' AN 11111 otaistool not A 1 i to00 9 1 --i15Pe ting 3b voi a Icluo' rxititSilloil it I foods no MOdIUM to call, up, ghosts of the post The weather: Today, rain rain end warmer; Sunday, rain cold WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS; W. VIL, bee. 10.The thief eloseufivea of fifteen Cates, the four. teenth annual conference of governors here, were Preparing to leave for Washington after the final session today for a luncheon conference with President Harding at the 'White House Monday, presumably on the subject of prohibition enforcement GOvernors Sproul of Pennsylvania and Preits of Minnesota, through whom the President personally extended his invitation for the conference to the other governors over the telephone last night said Mr. Harding had not indicated to them the questions to be 6'Iscussed. As the chief executive, howeeer, had previously announced his intention of calling the governors to Waeehington to discuss the liquor question next month, the opinion seemed to prevail among those here today that the date of that conference had been advanced or that the meeting Monday had been called as a possible preliminary to the January session. The governors definitely accepting the invitation included: Kilby, Alabama, Ritchie, Maryland, and Teinkle of These are the most important' fea. tures of the revelation made to the board of directors yesterday evening by attorneys in the poard of Corn- merce probe, following which the di- rectors, by 4. vote of eight to six, authorized and instracted attorneye to, proceed with the 'Suits, of which there are to be four, according to present Ttie proposed suit foS the recovery of sinking funds alleged to have been diverted, will be based upon provts- ions of the city chartet to the effect that out of all the taxes and revenues collected annually a 'certain per cent shall be set aside for a sinking fund, Which fund shall be divertettoto 310 other purpose than the retirement of the bonds for which be fund is levied and for the payment of interest on the bonded debt- Violation of this 'prosrision of the BY The Associated Press. LOS ANGELES, Dec, 16.Fire which was discovered at o'clock this morning in the midst of a valuable cargo of cotton in the afterhold of thelapanese freight and passenger steamer Chicago Maru, in the outer harbor, was uncontrolled at 2:50 O'clock. At that hour, Cte municipal fire boat and all fire fighting apparatus in the harbor district were helping the crew of 800 to combat the flames. The vessel arrived yesterday from New Orleans. Its master is Captain S. Zamiga. The steamer was said to have a cargo valued at $750,000. It Included 6,400 of cotton. It 'was believed the fire had been burning several hours when it was discovered in holds four and five on bition Cordmissioner announced this afternoon. Federal Judge, Connor at Raleigh. Haynes said, has au thorized the breaking up of the bottles and destruction of the liquor cargo. 4 1A1011 DIPS CAS 'AS TO GIVE POPULACE FUEL Officials of Natural Gas Company Plan to Take Action Against Executive DECLARED AN EMERGENCY When Oklahoma Gas Supply Failed, Mayor Headed Workers to Tap Main TULSA. Dec. 1.6.--Official3 of the Oklahme, natural gas company planning action stgrtinet May W. E. Nicodemut, of -Drum, right who yesterday tapped the coin- PanY's tas mains in order to furnish the Drumright populace with Beni- dent fuel. The report of ttn gator sent to Drumright late yesterday is awaited before the eompan, decides upon a plan of procedure, according to R. C. Sharp, president. Characterizing the mayors action as "bolshevik," Mr. Sharp said: "We were not consulted in the matter and knew nothing about it until news reports were called to our attention. The only way Drumright could legally take gas from our mains is through an order of the state corporWon commission. No such order had been Drumright has been laboring along with an extremely low gas pressure since the grip of winter tightened about Oklahoma, despite the fact that it lies in the heart of the famous Cushing oil and gas field, one of the largest producing centers in the world. Mayor Nicodemus, having been unsuccessful in his efforts to force the local distributing company at Drum-right to supply an adequate amount of gas yesterday took matters into his own hand and issued a proclamation declaring an emergency. Helpers were enlisted and led by the mayor, they went to the outskirts of the city. tapped the high pressure pipe line of the Oklahoma Natural Gas company, which sends millions of feet of gas lines to distant points. The flow was turned into the pipes of the-local company and last night, for the first time in weeks. Drum-right housewives had plenty of gas with which to prepare the evening meal and there Was ample heat to thaw out even the coldest natureti citizen. NO OPINION IN ELECTION CASES Few Knox County Appeals Passed an Today by Slate SupremeICourt -3 to The Knoxville Sentinel NASHVILLE. Dec. 16.No decision was handed down today by the Tennessee supreme court in the cases of eight men who served as election officers of the Fifth ward, Knoxville, in the city's bond election of September, 1921. It bad been expected that an opinion would be given today ir this important case; however few Knox county decisions were given. In the'election case the eight men had been convicted for misdemeanor and fined $75 and sentenced to hard labor in the Knox county workhouse They appealed to the supreme court which is expected to hand down a. decision soon. 301H BARN BURNS WITHIN 60 DAYS IN ONE COUNTY PHILADELPHIA, Dec. 16A barn, valued at 686,000 on the estate of Catherine Morrie, Villa Novae was burned to the ground early today. To date thirty barns have been destroyed by fire in We counties around delphia Within two months. Indications that today's fire was of incendiary origin have been found by the Lower, Merlon police, and a drag net has been spread in an effort to apprehend FOUR HELD FOR FIRST DEGREE MURDER FOLLOWING DEATH OF WAR VET 1 FIRST EXECUTIVE OF REPUBLIC )1 OF ASSASSINATED lly WARSAW; IN OFFICE TWO DA IS OF REPUBLIC A IN A TED FicE TWO DAY Public Is Bidden To Empty Stocking Fund Concert Sunday Afternoon At Lyric; Best Artists Oiler Servi At )ices OM. By The Associated Press WARSAW, Dec. I 6.Gabriel Narutowicz, first president of l'oland, was assassinated toddy. M. Narutowicz was killed while visiting an art exhibition. 'elated Press I Narutowicz first president of visiting an art exhibition. First degree muraer warrants were served on the four persons held in c6nnection with the brutal attack on Levi Wurtenburgar, civil war veteran whose skull- was crushed with an axe at his home 2324 East Jackson avenue Wednesday night, resulting in his death at the hospital Friday night. The warrants were taken out by Slieriff Saylor before 'Squire Dobsod this morning and served on W. J. Adams, 78-year6Id 'white man; Charity Anderson, negress and Jerry Anderson and Cocero Battle negroes, about 8 o'clock this morning. charter, it was alleged, ccinstitutes malfeasance in office. $200,000 Water Main Job The second feature in importance atothe meeting was the assertion by that more than 1200.000 worth of work has been done for the city in the laying of water mains by the Holston Construction company without the work being submitted to competitive bidding, and without contract. It wait alleged that such work has been done on the basis of cost plus fifteen per cent. It was alleged also in the directors' meeting that more than $100,000 worth of work at laying mains for the city has been done by the Humbard Construction without competitive bids being asked, and without the company being placed under contract. It was revealevi alma that it is con (Continued on Page Six) informing him of the murder and asking him to locate the relatives of the deceased who are reported to live In that place. Wurtenburgar was found by county officials Wednksday night after Charity Ahderson had sworn crut a warrant -charging taatihg her. She said She had hit him with an'axe. As Soon as the officials saw Wurtenburgar's condlion they ar ar rested Charity and the next day pick- ed up W. J. Adams, Jetry Anderson and Cicero Battle. All declared their innocence until yesterday when Charity confessed that she and Adams went to the Wurtenburgar home and that she watched at the door while Adams attacked him With the tut. Adams then rifled the fallen man 's pockets, according to the negress. Jail officials declare that the case le one of the most brutally planned murders that has refehed the attention of local authorifies in a number of years. TOR BY RAIL BOAR) In a previous decision the board granted the maintenance of way men slight increases for several classes of work but did not decide the overtime question. The deetsion of yenterday upheld a former board ruling, granting the men time And one-half overtime after the tenth hour with the ninth and tenth 1 their first examination of the reports was that the ideas of the interitatiori al bankers committee which met last Jne were being closely followed. Former Premier De Lacroix of Belgium, now head of the national bank of Belgium and Belgian member of thchairman eioneParaot of sio is who bankers' committee has been working steadily since the adjournment of the committee last summer with the bankers of the various countries and ith represent(- fives of interested governments. The purpose is to have the committee re- convene to work in co-operation iTith the allied and neutral governments and so fikthe total sum of German repaartions as to nable Germany to PO by means of en international loan issued in installments. they declared represented the non- Has Active Support. Polish. M. Be Lacroix has had the active The nationallet deputies after the support of British and Belgian finan- cial and governmental opinion and be election announced officially that they would refuse to support M. has carried with him such influenca as was derived from the upport a Narutowicz or any cabinet appoint- Dr. Vissering head of the Dutch state ment by him. They asserted he was bank, and to 'mome extent it is under- elected by the votes of the Jews, Uk- stood of prominent Ne York titian- ranians, Germans and' Russians, re- dere. ceiving only 186 Polish votes, while 227 Polish votes were cast for Count The generst idea these powerful Zamoyski. European financial groups working In co-operation with their several Under the constitution the speaker -ernments is -thatawirettlementeeen Mitelez liatal "4 Is until the- sum of German president in caseof the death of the reearations has been finally fixed at president, and is required at once to a total of some where between forty convoke the national assembly to billion and sixty billion gold marks. choose a new thief executive. In speaking of these great sums ellitlat M. Rataj wast elected speaker a importance apparently is to wok ago, and is a prominent menflaer whether the total is five billion or ten of the party supporting former Pre- billion, more or The favorite mier Witos. figure is fifty billion; No Impairments. be regretted if the eteps taken did not The second 'fundamental considera- meet the required end." 4 tion in the view of these groups, is The department round that in ac- that such political arrangementa cordance with custom no officer of shall bet made as shall guarantee the naval academy had been smile- there will be po impairments of Gercally detailed to supervise the eon- man assets or of German faollitiee for duct of the ball. In an endorsement payment during a long term of yeara attached to the finding the bureau of This' involvee political decisions of navigation recommended thatin At the higheet importance for-the govture naval academy of- ernmentscbtacerned; ricers" be assigned to such duty; French official minds from Premier Poincare downward have been thor mighty informed as to the scope and CORDS AND ACTORS ON detalle of these plans. The premier and his associates in the Veneta govSTRIKE FOR BACK PAY eminent rejected them last June and have been constant critics sinee of the fresh, formulas proposed. Yet CHICAI0. Dec. 16.Principals and there have been indications unoffl. chorus eat the play. "Spice of 1922" daily of certain regrets in French went on strike last niglat because of governmental quarters that the whole alleged unpaid salarie and refused question could not have been settled last summer under the bankers sugtO stage their performance, making it gestions was so necessary for the management to re' enormotisly damaged by the fall of the fund the 1 Its money, 'market they declared represented the non-Polish. The nationalist deputies after the election announced officially that they would refuse to support M. Narutowicz or any cabinet appointment by him. They asserted he was elected by the votes of the Jews, INranians, Germans and Russians, receiving -only 186 Polish votes, while 227 Polish votes were cast for Count Zamoyski. Under the constitutioa the speaker. of-the-bouse, Melee Rataj, president in caseof the death et the president, and is required at once to convoke the national assembly to choose a new thief executive. M. Ratal was. elected speaker a wek ago, and is a prominent mettiber of the party supporting former Premier Witos. be regretted if the steps taken did not meet the required end." The department round that in accordance with custom no officer of the naval academy had been specifically detailed to superviee the conduct of the ball. In an endorsement attached to the finding the bureau of navigation ture naval academy officers" be assigned to such duty; l' 1 11 dors was one sion grom to st tie -polic InjoI Pr the I Mar! the Thel if offie TI Nan 1 -J land ists, popt resel NI, PF i 11 tient adel whi( orde tmtl: men i end I1. ishot I 1 I r- was one 'growing to -Pace iniiiry the the official, The Which order Ment rattling's end 1 should Every man, woman and child in 1 Knoxville has a hearty invitation to attend the Christmas sacred concert to be given at Ole Lyric theater Sunday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock. The concert is given under the auspices of The Knoxville Sentinel, to supplement it's Empty Stocking Fund, the proceeds to go toward the municipal Christmas tree. There is rid admission charge to the concert, but boxes will be placed at the door where those attending may give such amounts as they feel they can toward this fund. Every penny of the money donated will go directly to the fund, no person reZelving a cent.ue4Ofit from the C011-4- 6ert. The theatre is donated for the afternoon by Messrs. Booth and Drumbar, in charge of Tennessee Enterprises' properties here: Prof. Frank Nelson, director and each of the artists appearing on t.he program charge nothing for their services, while the piano used, a Steinway grand, Is furnished) through the courtesy of Clark-Jones-Sheeley and IN moved free of charge by the Rowe Transfer company. The programs were printed' by S. B. Newman Com. PITNEY RESIGNS SUPREME COURT Associate Justice, Sends Resignation to Harding, Effective January 1 WASHINGTON, Dec. 16Associate Justice Pitney of the supreme court today sent his resignation to President Harding to take 'effeetnanuary There have been Continuous dloordors ever since President Narutowicz elected by the national assembly week ago today. On that 'Occasion there was tumultuous clamor out of his unexpected choice succeed General Pilsudski. the battle between the rival factions and the resulting in four deaths and the of more than 100 persons. President Nartitowict took over supreme executive authority from only two-days age, Ceremony occurifil st noon Thursday at the Belvedere palace, the home of the president. opposition to the choice of M. Narutowicz as first president of Po-kind came mainly from the nationalists, representing the purely Polish population the members of this party resenting the election of Mao who NAVAL ACADEMY PROBE REPORTED Incident With Drink. ing by Midshipmen at Ball Officially Closed WASHINGTON, Dec. 16The incident at the midshipmen's ball at phi. adOphlalafter the Army-Navy game, prompted Secretary Denby to an official investigation 1141Perntly wus closed by the navy depart. with publication of the of the investigation board the department's conclusions, that while, in the light of previous experience, the measures adepted to prevent disorderly conduct have been sufficientelt is to None of the prisoners showed any emotion when the warrants were read to Mem and when they were told Wurtenburgar had died. All of them refused to comment on the charges. All maintained their Innocence in the affair except the negres s. who her staterneut-orlestorday their she stood at the door" and Watched while Adams attacked Wurtenburgar with an axe and robbed him. Wurtenburgar died at the Knoxvnle General Hoepital last night at 11 o'clock. His skull was fractured in several places. Sheriff Saylor close touch with the injured mane condition and made a trips to the hospital to see if 1Wurtenburgar could name his assailant. The sheriff was with him a few hours before he died, in an effort to get him to, talk, The aged man was unconscious and withlOg could be made of his mumbling's. Notify Telegrams were sent to the chief of police this morning In Manchester, OVERTIME SCALE MEN REFUSED 'CHICAGO, maintenance of way men' case before the V. S. railroad labor board oat an outcome of the federated shoporafte -strike today was elospd inciliemt, after a Melon announced by the board yeater day, denying their plea for punitive overtime beginning at the end of eight hours work. hours work. 7 I hours 01CS. 1 prebend the I 1. I hours on a pro rata basis. the sriolatora 1. 4 k.

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