The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 30, 1930 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 30, 1930
Page 6
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£e£i Jff" BRUSHING UP "SPORTS First Journey Into Texas j May Prove Barrier to High Title SRE66 PiTClCD ONE OF TI-iH WC6F THRIU1N6 BMTlESoi-g^eaui • UJUGN HE BEAT PlTTSeoR&H 1-0 A| 1913 w A CLEVELAND -PiTfseuRyi -fttSr-SEASOtJ SERIES GAME •••• - €-'^ . ' • .v- • • • ' f- r\ i: By La • PAYETTEWZ.LK, Al*., ..:n. 30.. . The University of Atto.mns bar- kctball tram lefl this morning c:i its first invasion of Texas. The 11?- Scrbacks will meet the B,-.y]<;r Hems -. In n two-game series m Vvac-j, F:i.. day and Saturday nights. • Ccach Charles 13n;i«'. has announced thai the fo)b'.vmg j>by- • ers will moke the Baylor trlii: Cop•• lain Wear Schoor.over, Jim Pick' ren, Kenny Holt. Roy Prraltt. Ml- , Ian CrciglUon, Cliaries Trapp, Tom i Oliver, Jclhro H-,'ndei-?o:i, ond liar- ; rlson Hale. ; •;. Basketball practice has been . mere or less irregular dminj this - . week because of ihe scmp;i:>r exam- ,' j" illations. Arrangements have be?r. j made lo give sprclal e\aniiii3tior.s ! to Ihe members of the ba^kblbai : -..,- squad who will to away this no-k- end. ' ; Coach Bnsscil considers th^Uay- lor game as critical and feels thiu .: If his team can hurdle tlselr nrst -out-of-town obstacle they will have .- in excellent chauco for th? Satitl-.- : • west (itle. In view of the fact thai • Arkansas broke even with Tcxai. ..- . whereas the Longhorns downed tlv ; ' appear lo hove a slisU adv.nua?^ . Baylor Bears twice, the HaKorbr.cJ-; - : : over the Wiico oiitfll. ; • "Baylor should (jive us two hr.vd games." said Conch Uassctl. "They : will probably gn the lip nt ce:i;ci' . with Strickland omhimplny Holt • ' Also, Ihcy have two fast forward.; who will have to bo closely nuardttl. ' • L'aylor's basketball courl is niuc'ii • larger than ours and that will y\i~ us at a disadvantngc." ' . .. ; Although Bassoll, did nol mi- •'.nouncc his sinning ilncnp. it is ;•: : considered nrobalilc that the snin-' . , miintel- thai faced Texas her; will .-•take the floor ngniust Baylor Tlii« • WOltkl jnil Schoonover .-.nil Plckren . at the forwards, Holt ni conic--. and dCn?lgh!on and Piv.vitt -,•' guard. HE BLAMWED'Cl'VG PlPAfeS r«? f3 I1WIN6S, AMUHlS 'CU3l3ft«,ER RESOUND wine ONW RUM... HE. STROCk CXJT lOMErt, IN THE FIRST Camera's 70-Second Viclorv ^^••«— y __.. T HURSDAY, JANUARY so, iran ~ ' "'••"" •"••--— —- The End of The lUad ' Evyy year one- or more uf the,' "•1 biy, to UK., end of ll-.e! i"«d- U was Walter Johnson a i.;.'.up!c cf yean, ago. The other i'«y the name of Carl Mays was •..i-icfcc:, from the big Icaijuc rost-r Artie Nehf pitched his last futile "•lie: i in that mad seventh Inning '•' the fnirUi w.-i-ld curies ram° i-.". i-hila;le))ihia. Thi; ycnr 'aid /.!••:/. u o:tjil;; loot long :ui!c In the 1'ii'ju- 1 .-. Forly-tijict. 1 yv.'u-s !;t.-.v:!y u:i a man's '-houldci.s oui ' n:: 1 cn (hr.t pitchhi" l-ill Old Ak-ck! What drama 'he t ,, t - >'f! Uock In 1S28, after a- night in a pcen-li'le snloon on New York's •:«:ii sue:;, and a gray dawn crut':- W, In a taxicab. recking nir a-I<!-"<-_.•; the driver cxildn'l find b'c- K-.;u:-e !l was in si. Louie—to be ; '•a!lcd to the pitching mound In! ! \an,:eo Slndlwn in the critis cf: ; '..:ai la-.l wr.rld icriei gam; bo-i i U'.T.n t:ic Cr.uis and Yankee-,. An i '•ill to his mutes. "Keep yai'r'siiirt' r:i!" I!' 1 hadn't h'.^n abb lo fi:id ! his address in the early morn::!" j but there cn tl, c s ] n t, n wt nftcrnuon' I he at hciiic. Tiiey raii'dn't licnt Old Alc;k In that o'i- big I hat, dees n; TO new heights rose :..- .r.-uy sic. i»ri,» 0 earns,-.-, of laly-skyscreucr among pusillsis-whcn as pictured above, he lumbered to a comer while "Big Boy" Peterson, of Minneapolis vainly tried to rise before Hc-fercc Jack O'Sullivp.n counted him out Madi«cn Square Garden. New York, was jammed with curious fans who were! Ojic Mure- llljr Moment? Itlie cn<t J cr"id,\°,! I 'c| n ih, BC TOad S has ™ c "'' ll " cd wi "' jllsl ™ «co:ids of freakish fighting, Peterson went i ?S.' 23,' '-- • • ' down three times in rapid succession before the „.„ ,. plc:ely i\Kid him with a r>jht hock lo the }aw.° " ' of vans Credits Gregg WulrMost Thrilling Game Ho WJLnesscc Prof. Ralph w. Aigler. above chairman of (he Athletic Board of Control of tlie University of Mich- repcjt on athletic craxl'tions at Michigan which char; -i Came-ie Foundation InveslVjato-.s w)th muck-raking" in their categorical condemnation of Michigan and other , institutions to proselyting high I-:»IT<)K'S NOTi:: This is th» ff.llith of a rrrli-.; nf ID arlirlrs in uliirli Hilly Kvanc, former i |i!j Irx:;iir.iim|i1rr. lei-ills tin-Ill- ' ll!B drills he li;i s \\ihi C 5 , n | „„ : Ibn diamond. ny. niri.v KVANS For a grime pncfcKl with Ihrilh. each Muvrpdiiii! imiinis app<-arin«. io cudh ilu- one before, I inns; hnnd the palm to a contesl Una ioatiirrtl Venn Clrcsi;. .soudipav nilc-her of ths Cleveland Indian' The gamp was stiged in ihe 1913 peat-season series between Pluv bi:rgh of the National Lr-agm, r.nJ Clcvelmi:! of ('be American Ls.iguo. i Venn Gregg should bs ratal as' on;- of the live greatest southpaw: . in bast-ball history, f umpired Hub- ' | Waddell when h- was m his best ! ' Eddie rlanfc when lie was outstanding and add other great left-; banders of the last 2!i years. Ini' : none of them boustcd a curve ball I Ihal compared with Gregg's, When • lie had control, he was Dimes! tin- j hlUaL-le. Gregg's curve was a fas' , breaking, drop ball and was us i puziJIng to rlghi-hnnders r.s left. Sclccled ns one o flhc umpires to omclnte In the Plltsburgh-clcve- Innd scries. I looked forward lo seeing whether Gregg would prove -Iho same effective pitcher against National U-agucrs as he had been in the American. It didn't tafc-: j !cn<; to hav ctlic matter proved In I >!!> YOU KNOW THAT— Heinle Wn;>n<.-r. ne'v inannr-iT :f llie R-:lon Hal Sox is \v- •ici-nl when il rr:ncs to public "tory. hML luv; a wonder u'. •idii-.g n team from his own )P " C)1 • • . In Ihe 'old diiys '-Vtivncr was oivj *{ Ihe "Rouiili - . He mid HI!! Ciir- risan Hied to trim Ty Cobb lo piece:; on (he dlair.cud Unt whrn he's caila! upon for a ipccch. Heinle alv.-nyi, said, "Lol 3ill do it." . . ..Joe H:::npln-ies the Miiilis:n Criuarc Gnrdvn aii- lounca-, cmi tell you Ihe name :f every second who ever sat In : taer's corner . . . Hrundway ;a; ren! a number of her nrsl tnlenled sous to Florida to spin ;'ie wheel uiirTdenl llie bank lor lie visiting ginnhnilers . . . Dill Tildcn made such a slartlini; •ucce.w a? a night club enler- Inlner Ilia) lie is going back t-i tennis. f h:nl olhcr bii; monwsils in his 19 iei:ons of inns-icrfiil pitching This yem- we sujger.i Uicy B ive him an! 'ii-r big moment Hint may be llie,' o |'Id biv's last—.111 Alc.-c'iiUei 1 D.ij. I {j-CllC fh- icon" fcr Ilu- event should b: | !'h".!t!chihn. whcic the Nebraska I l:.-.y R-.nde his debut and where he ! vvsll !ake his final curtain call. i Old Aleck ha:; boon a power oil, jCio mound, anri n ch'lj oil the I i dK'niutuJ. He is generous and i ' I'ki-iblr-. Monev has rolled like I vvi-.ter tlirou:!h his fltii;rrs. He has! . f.'ru.-d in Ihe neighborliowl ot . S!-.';ii:00 as a pitcher and now he | i : h-.ike. D i-.'t, you lignrc wu owe I h:::i o. litile so:nelliing more? In : i.-:ii!ii fi.T l!;e big motneiili he has (T.Vtl US? !J:!1 Ilillefcr, manager cf the i;.-;-v:r. was Aleck's first battery : :i':'.-. He ;uw Ale?k last year be-] fi-:v the- v.elrrnn lefl for Nebraska. I fiic-.-r were tears hi the old biy's j rv.-: '.'.hen he raid. "Bill, t came ::i; rf Nobrr.ska broke and I mi-it ' ! r:i:i go back that way." Kadc in Form Meets FOL- U.v U'lI.MAM BRAUCHER NEA Service Spurts IMitor ISe B -Jlt ucopl; in the sauihlsn--; i " le IRV/S gov?rninK tilternntive syi. t;r.:-: of i!rs!:>.r.fO illttricts in Ark-Ma:?. nnd tu make suc.'i order Ji5i!f::tic!H as the court may pi-tiier in that rfgsn\. T!ie >'"!d p;cil!siinrry lepnrt Rives the KC..c.\:l- hin of the cliaraeter an 1 is|j;::re of Hie p-op^nl dlBtrict, su;:f.£ts li:e E | 2 e anil location of dr.-in.?Kc clltcbes, U-vter, and oilier Iropirtvci.-i..-iit s therein siul states lijt ^ihr. follov.-ing real i-.stute will >o !i:-n-.-f.lEil by ihe |)vop«:cd l iii|i.-uteiuei I .:« ;:iu| slnr.'.hl lie in-'.:••'.'•. il within the jiropased tlls- .:•;<:. ic-v/li: IN TOWNSHIP 12 XOIiTII. KANCK 0 KAST All of Scrtioii.s 1, 12. ),-), ,iii,| 2^, -.lyiii;; eiist of the Wrsi rlglu-nf- i.'::v lice of Ditch N'o. 5:i of Drain- c:.i- l).':;i:-ici .Vo. 7 of l>(iln s -e:t (]:ui:ity, Arkansas; ni u ] i.n n f Kerti»:i Vi lying north and o:ist of the toiiili anil ivjst right-of-way ll::e uf ::ai:l Uilcli No. 5} e! sulil .ii'irilio District No. 7. IX TOWSSmi' 12 .VORTK, liAXUi; 7 EAST All of Sociions j. 'j, f 7, ?, ;i, IV, IS. 10. :<M\ 20. anil' all tlut of Suttlon.i I. •>. LI, 10. ;c. 21, • ; 1!>, ami XII, Xo;'t!i and (Vt--; ,jf ' llie Sent!: anil Ksst rifht-cfway ! line fjf Ihe k-'-ou of U|-itiu;-c Ks• (rict .Vumlier Hcvcniocn of ",. ! 8l|i|ii County, Arkansas. ;anl o! . I)i-iiin.l;;c Distvlcl No. 7 of I'olll- i ECU County, Arkaiisna. tlun'j; tho i Vislit (v.-est) bank cf Itfelu 'ifaiiil cbutft of uttip njvt'i 1 . IN' TOWNSHIP 13 NoriTII. ItA.NOK 7 KAST All of .Sections I i' :; -i 5 7 S, !). W. 11, 12, 13, H, ir,. IS. 17] IS. 20. il, 2L >. 23. 2-1, 25. L'-J, 27, !j 1 3' "3 '' 1 -'lul i>r •' til ftaliiin com-1 lllilt l'= !t of Sei-lion C lyhn; eisi j of llie c; meaniler line o,' l!:c- i Govorniiscnt re-survey of Jlr.,cri I 25, 19! I, of the St. IVancis Klvur. salil lino being UK- c^st boundary of Lots 1. 2, 3. anil J of sai.l re-survey in |], c West lialf cf tlu- t section,-ail uf SVction 15 escep; j I.ct No. 1 ot the Government re I .iiirvoy ot March 25. 191-1. hi ii : ., West halt of ihe M'cr,t half of thi> I Sonllm-ojl miarlcr; all of ,S?ctlnn The Phils iipeil to be the joke of; SO excopt Lot iNo. I oi saiii ,e . --ad better waich their step—for • nt ' rm ns<s— they've even got l-.old- i jfJene Snra:.-.-n Is hoi a?aln, and b'- j°"' s! I r - : . i i Grover Alexander was Ihe fir=t. i cf (he Pliils to sisti uy. Grover will I keep ills shirt on one more year, j tlicunh he's iilaying pretty clo^e ! to liis vest right now, I just look | survey In il, c West half the ' Al fchnriil uaviicts iin> senators will win (he American Lea-'iie pennant this year. Al sets funnier (Jay by day. in every way , .j »..i b 111511 H.UIJQ1 a Prof. Aigler is on the law , t -, luul factully and is nationally recognized as an authority on properly Gregg \vtis used in l>:c sccoin ! game of llie series and beal Pi"s-1 ibnrgh 2-1 In 11 innings. He n" " athletics U d SCVC " hlls IUKl slruu ' k 01 " One of Int. . .* \Jl HJl. ^. ..^,.,^ ^,1 IJ1-.J -,-| • j uncovered In mni:y yc.irs ii Xc-i. | nrlh Russell. Kb-'ve. vho tin:- 1?" In the 1930 rac:ne season » : ii- bLCpped way out in fronl in -v,-..of winners. His riding for iics" GoldbJalt and If. !'. wii!Cn;'v a'. r:ew Orleans io:,ullc:l In '--ven winners In the llrst thrco da-.-.i, Icitr of tho winners coniiii- c-ii the third day. nnsset! is said to !:.ivo acquired a keen par? 111-1..- incnt. He rates hir. tr.cunt nicely and is recanted as cue cl tin b-sl nnishcrs =een on New Orleans Irncks. HP Helped Uthurs v/!:cn llillerer WHS manat,..^ .... i'bc. he had hi; troubles keeping I:::!; in line. Whenever Grover .!:!•.! fa!! ciT the wagon. Bill w-nld , '-11 him lo Ui2 room, prepared lo |l":nd him ionic harsh words. Aleck J incvitahly would burst intj tcarp I Ji-.-l'U-g forgiveness. j "I loved him." says Bill, "and 1 ll-.r:«e who have played w;th him. >"iing;t:-rj ar,d velerasi'! alike, feel the rums way aba;it him. AU-ck never war, too busy lo clop \vhnt lie V.MS doing mid ijive n rookie a bull hour of his time to help him I H w Aleck is broke through fr.m- West half of t;io Northwest Quarter; and all cf Seciioa S(l [j- Inr north of llie smith rii;lil-ol- ••ray line of the leves ut I):a:n:-SL' District Xo. 17 of AIissisi;i]>] i County, Arkansas, along the rlgal (North) ban); ot High! Haiul Clui.,of f.itllc Iliver. IN TOWNSHIP 13 XOHTI1 RANT,!-: S KAST „ "' TillS Turned Oiu"to Be a DamJy Uj- Tl.i: OcCiRATII man coois oIT. several fat and juicy rmrsss will have vanished into the pccket of the .- . .. _____ .... ,.. liy iroiibtes. bad investments and ; lormcr N'cv: York pro. playing the good fellow. Shouldn't Qarazen, winner ol the open i . I of the levee of Drainage • Xiimoer Si::tcen, of Miss.'sslp: i Cnunty, Arkansas, alons the r:,'::n , (Wesi) bunk of Riglit Hand Cm::.' of I.illlc River, and all th-t )17 i: t of Sections S, 9, 10. 11. !7. IS, i;i. j 30, and 31, Knrtli anil West of tl;- i South nml East riRhl-cf-v.-ay lin, .:! Ilio l.cvee of Drainage ' nis:V:i-i •N'nraber Seventeen, of .Misslrslir i County, Arkansas, aloiif; tho .IK!' (West)'linnk of HIclu llaml Cli'u'. of Little Rii-cr. IN TOWNSHIP 13 XOI llr H HA.N'HE J EAST — . ^ All of Ihat iiurt of Secti.-.n •; They are pulling on the Sharkey- ' • x " u ' i " siil ' 1 w ^sc of !!JP Eoath :[i l: | I Scr.t! allaii- in Miami TheVve cot! Kasl 'iBht-of-ivay line of the lev.- to have some s an:l ' S ' - " I matili lib? that. Zuppke nh-. says the three great .. hhigs in life are to eat. love and j; fisht. O'Gcofly says he ale, got 1. married and then fought. , H doesn't hurt n guy to throw a . Sjarly once in a while. L-ok at Gus ; oonrnrbn-g—hp throws the ~,nmc I party once a week. •lack Murphy calk lilmtdf ihe world's funniest boxer. And now- 'idays that's what you call enunciating a mouthful. to put on a i of Dr ' 1ln age District Number the fans give the gentleman one last trttiu.onial of ihe they hold for hi:;i? ailection Agua Calicnle the other day. is , pro now at Port Ricr.ty. Fla.," unj I I teen, of Misslssipii: Com-.!;-, A: I;:::: NO ELEVATOR ISIDING e.'tidenlf. nf the University Oklahoma arc required to walk up Jack Jnhneon is leading a ja77 ( -,. ..,., -,.- . orchestra in a Broadway cafe- If •• ind not the slightest intention in 'be has any of thn 0 | ( i defense'left i I the v,-orld to comiKt" BI Agin Cai- [w r.ught to be able to get by with , - ienie- unlil u couple of weeks ago when that oM warm feeling started lo com= over him. Ji:n to I:ceii - . h-.s knuckle in. h= entered the Mi- ------ -• ........ Ill; Lixly ;.tc-ps in the fonlball sin- lli5 knueklc in. h= ci lium as pan of the physical cduea- ! :1 " li open, which lie ti-n course. fourth time in a row" that job. Vcitngcst Mackmsn George Dnidcr. 18-vear-old rigi-.t liandcd pitcher from" Lcs Aii;e!es. Who Said Make the Man? who came to baU but register^ 1 only seven strikeouts. Palkenbcr> had blanked Pittsburgh 3-0 hi tli" first game of the series. OH lo a two-game advantage i' seemed that Cleveland would breeze' an easy winner. Jloivim, the third game wcnl lo ihe I-ivat-J • -3 in 12 innings, wlnti- m ltH . fourth and fifth contests. Cieva- hu-.d was blanked 6-0 nnd hart changjn. 1-ii was now in front with th icric^ ng.iiu;; two drfec.ts. H was apparent that c-.f s i-<ti game would lie the mV lhr;',lei o Ihe scries, for Cleveland h-ij win or even the count. Cirr--'? w, ; Illlttd asr.inst Hendrlx. sp:iS).i!| •••-• o.' the Pirates. ; "Hippo" Burns Is a puideroMs. li.iW. colored mr-n but i rs-N^ yo!ir hc i? is£ " p;i ucmsc N °- is «« — 1 "Tunb- r ^,'1. ", S ' C ° : ' tl bi ' lh " CMt °->™ B^inr Commission.; cJ rf n r " " bCli " 8 J '°" ng h <«l'wl.!W. rccwtiv was' part of the Burnr. cntcmage. He was matched with a ..ntill town' champion, In nn Interior city. The small towncr thou-ht more of is i > f - "•" Iccal standing as an athlete than •uu- ,,, C nev l,n mi-hi i 7 , hls : s( >» of Jim McMnhon. well kncwn 'K. fnCt ' SC ™' nl ° f "' S ^" S ™ ""^^^^^ V °™ { ° f ^ C1C — J «* When Burn; learned of this, h We Jiave just received a card ncren the Mi- ucni a young v.-rrnier who declares won for the [niiiiself "cunlsnder for t;-.: ch--m- ..„,= .,, .-. iu,i'. Tu?n he b'.irsl T:ci:Ehip." Gosh, that's funny "we .. flame—and where they will • (hoiigii:- Ihey ivere ail cliamuions this colorful knight of t;i? i fairways no-.v is Just a nuestion. I Ther-c arc the days when sports * * * 'I VVTitfTI h/->i?)r» trt -^..^ .. _-" . into rtop ^ pnt i r'""."'" <""•"" """i ^-s angetes. f | writers begin to rcmemper inlcr- ... -"M is the yoin^esi athlete on the 1MO | Earazen left a nev;r-to-be-for- • " tl!1 'i things they M«,-\- thcm=f iiunas,ci,i rosier c, the Philadelphia Alhleiiej. 1 picture in my mind when h:. r 'bon! printing last fuiimicr. — • tallied Walter Hagen in the final i P. li. A. tournament at Pcl'na:::. I Enrazen started to pile up a had. liny Takes to Pclo Bobby McMnhon, 13. has baei: n' r"~' " ll "" '"• " ;ls D -=" •' si" ° ? )n , yer six lnomhs - Hc is l " ? s WAS CJKID HERO. TOO bin the Haig gradually cut it dow-.i i until, at tlie home hols, they were even. | The Iwo halved the first cxtiv. hole in 4. At the u».xt hole. Hagcu .'marked n beautiful tec shot rlo^;i Jus: fcr the sake of peace and luict and cur eardrums, we're . . e so The firsl American oncer killed | tlie fairway, and it lookeri to bs till i C'Gcsfty siig ?£ «t s in France was believed to luvr been " mighty glad it isn't Art' Shires who is going to fight Jack Shar-' key down there in Miami. A picture shows Pri;no Carn"ra : playing marbles with pool balls.. , t i, at thr-v over whrn Gene hooked into llv i lograph the "hi- fellow n tot.-gh. Si-.owing ;ho tran:l of n-rvc | muBib;clv--c-g with 'csthes ' - C >'WS- l-mils Jordan. Te.vns t/ni- versitv grid s'.ar and llie first V-tic Ilial brought him frcni behind r.t • btar p.aycr to receive national foot- Asu.i Calient". Sarazen Inld his I ball recognition. ' nc;: > shot right out of therc-a ... ' ; i fc °t from the pin. Hagen chip^d Eighteen thoiisanii cash custom- lo a bunker and it was all over j ers paid to watch Art Shires and [ ... Al Sp-hrer fight. Uoslo:i has seen i Th: victory at Agua Calien' to much of wrestling that an ' : ' There are 1533 licensed boxers in il,?' ^ cl V tatc - You'd think that bey would use their permits once For sensational pitchir.; ihr game will always live in ::iy iHr ,i' oiy. Bob Emsllo. vctcrnn National t League umpire, was calhn.-' I.-IK land strikes in that battle ^n^ in I our dressing room alter u v,', s 'o-"i |ta:d iu all his orcrr c.iverip' hiiore than 30 years as an m-,,ir'' he had never socn nnvr-rir i"-' come even close to ma'telii- •• ••-« sensalicnal hurling o! "° "" Cleveland won the . 13 innings. I jiiingsGirgg " ri " K .," r ;J c " l !" I| J' '"l'f "t'l,:,"'",',.^,: ! yen 13 times wllh this wc,i;vn'.'" Secretary Varwocd o[ warning of a whisper tiut lo.\iii£ CommJ55i':n rcrm^cii "Tugbcat" was to take a flop foj- t ... , , - ••• k*..-',-., vil.ll!|ljlull. J.ippo drew, hi., r.iasshe [-am,. ;,.„.„ !lls cll!!|r «., ^ eyes pierced ihe "Tugbaat.- i-,, l!unv a rr> , or [rom , |js he opened it. Slowly he w:-t ;l f; Iigor mA rtrcw „ , ; keen edge. "Mister Yafwcod." he brr:.,:,. know me. r.nd vou k-i rcpiilatlon for fqusrc short:,,;. r , n j ralcll , of „,.,,_ , n f ' . (he est-tc-goEh conies', (os we presume li wast lock the oUl mtn at Skokie" Sarazen ! b;.- surprise. Tho victory at ..„— v ... marks the comeback of n great little golfer. Since winning the 19°^ I • - - - - h!ts r ,V ! sns. nloiij; ihe n'siii (V.'c;t) Ijcii.'t of Higlit Ilaud (Jlmtc of LhlV liiver. IN TOU'.VSlflP 14 N'ORTIf RAXUE T EAST All ot Sections 1. 12 13 n o.. f S3, 24, 25, 2C. 27. 2S. 33/34' T,' ! and 3U: tl ;c Rost half of tho !C:i.;! half of K'jctions 2 and ii; i; : - soalli half of Siction 15; all Ilia-. ml of Sections 2D and ".1 \;-, Kast and South O f ifce left (K..-...V i-iBht-of-way line of Dltcli No of Drainage District No. a ' :.f Crafglicnd t'oiuity, Arkansas- - I all Ihat part of ll,o South' l[a:f of Section :j] Uinx s^-.u:, mid .. ; ' of ;he cast mcniidei- iinc of n • Gcvi-rnmcnt re-survey of Mar.-b -- 13H ot tho Si. Fraacis Ilivcr, :• -:,•' line being the oast and ',:•.- i lK>uudary of I.ols No. !•, iu, 15. c.:.\ H of said rc-3iirvey. fN TOWNSHIP 'll NOKTli HANOK S LAST All of s.ild Ton'njiiip 14 No:::-, il.insc S East. IN TOWNSS'IP li NOIITII, RA.VGE .1 1-:,\ST All of Sections 1. S. 17, IS I 1 ', anil 30. and all that part' ot '$ '•• lions 0, IS, 20, 21. 25, 31. and '-'. lying West of Lhc Kasl rlgh'.-of 1 v. 1 •-.- lino ot the levee of Drainage }". - Irict .Nnniber SiMccn of Missis •,'.<!• i SP.; - be hanged than be a paiiy ! If Phoney. I'll be tent i.'r his Slowlv Art Shires .. , letter for athir-tiYs a! Naturally it was nn :^o a nueer fight. And if lhh fi;ht t.-,:i g ht 'HE CIRCUIT COURT OF '331. Fl COUNTY, <\RKAN. --Or; TH_E CmCKAEAV/BA . only "fair"st!Ccesi7Tnie he has i ,„ ., ,,, D 'f nTrRIC ' Pk.-a.vs been In lh?re. but just nn- r"' r y 1 , r • " M " io " ^ awarded his first! oilier pro golfer, wltli the posslbil-! t= 0 'n" H i,i o'l','^ •" n "- r c «''! lc "- T.'xtt 5 .,ity of winning not so great. Whet:; ,Vo- E "v -„ ±,,,r i "' , - "" iV.e was just breaking into til- 1 | ij,'-i r 'i,. V-'L '? , (iral , M *'' -frame, he was taken up with a! . M= - ^ I. C f r , tal!1 lanils r i.. ..l..-.,.'>ri(im, CrainhcjicI ami Italy. •I." Button up your ovc-rcoat? Bah! Its the sune principle . :l c sun .% h ~^"\ •""', , c :'' Ule " ' : '- : an o:i'-:-\ .\':-\- . -•" "^l erlsnj, jij.-t'"li:/: ; :x."' . recent !,iX)iis event. won the gi-l o i- ' > V nr "liirrif.-. In the first' "in-.t- :„. I " Lcol: hcrc ' Smilh '" "« thundrivd. brandishing the razor -M struck cut 14 •.:•., -.1 r ,. ' immber Is 13. And if you rirn't !,.-],; -, rpn , fl?h , ..... I,", ically half u,,- .,..! e .- " " ' added five more strikeout ij H all. or practically half 01 - ,-,;, .,'., puiouts of the game. It- was filling thai or••<•-. .|'f- such a wonderful fXhbU:.':iV~::.'> fcore fhc only run of il-r- p'^iV He doubled in the 1311-. ^^ion"a u ,i scored ou Leibold's 5ii«i<-. (-„',-.. allowed i- ily five hit,s n:id pave b-'i'" two bases on balls. Huuinx -v.' Pittsburgh was doing a r -i > I job himself, as he r.!!r,-.vr : i on'i,'. ctblit hits and stnici: o-,.'. nin-. '" That game broke the spirit of' - . the Pirates, Cleveland winning tl-,r ICUun ma!c "' Bllt Uie icventh and deciding game yd tl-c raries on the following day. 4-1.' fll do if r,,, superstitious i s,i|Krstitioib a on Si "Don't you cul those p'.rinss: shouted Hippo. And slowly drawiiiK the ,. 17 , r from 1)ls M wl(]l gancc at the -Tugboat." H, P; ,, (!c ; tl , 5)icf(! off , hc |ofl .. U was a great battle: th, -;,,.-,,; , ou ,,, lr flchUu f Tii»boat Smith flBhtin^ for 1 - i-'ecr Smith look wallops i- :l dclcfn! drone cf Ihr: dr--.-.". ho Instinctively lo;- .; massive TIipix> Ic^'inrj \vith ;1- Thc fight was called a iiv.i l:'c I-brli ma:i was floored so\.-,••- l: 'b to nititlo him to slay <u--,,,, ; ('' But every :•::•,[•- | ; . •.- ; ' hi-- i-ornrr—and cnc!i tini.- -., t.'" r. nnil pivini- him a balei:;- "'.':r fans went wile', nul cic::-.? . up h-r, gloves for keep?. (Copyriglu. Ihe Hippo Burns slab> : ,:..| ],"„,], j '•'A Service, Inc.! ! -- ._. tne 5t]i!itrols who stored away •'' u -"- by mistake i flourish by the press, and most of tl:e experts dropped him wlicn h? ; coaled off a trifle after the fluj.'i 1 of victory. Sarazen has been regarded as a flash In the pai\ In : tc::rti.<!ment play. But now h?"s hot R^ain. And thf Boiler.-, in the southland will just hr.rc- to wait until he coo!r, oil. HARMNC; ORW.K • C! Court. Chickasawba Dis- : srici, MisiiSoippi County. 1 Arkansas, n. Myrick Willians. Plaintiff vs No. 4687 S^'.hfr Williams. Defendant. The defendant. Esther Williams „ , ... . - v.-arnod to appear within thirtv ,„ ',.' , 1I:O!1 o! lio!lcc artcm' -••-•'•-court named In the cap-; "."'„ llj> ; nni1 ' ho im'lersisne.l . , .... .. i * illrrctcil in salil or.Ier lo imb- 'i u hereof and answer ll-.e com-,]•'., :<•- c.f '.he plaintiir R. Myrick' [ h . IN TOWNSHIP 15 KANCK S EAST All of Sections 13. H. 15. it. 21, 22. 23, 21. 25, 2C, 27, 2S ': 31, 32, 33. 3-1, 35. ami 3(1; || K , ;; : . half of Section 21); and the !•'••; halt of Section 30. 1'civ-r Co-'-i'-''. -,":'"" 1 "" """ 1 Also, nil reads, railroads, tr.:... i.iu.os. Arkansas. i roa ,i s , telegraiili lines, telcp:::::i- llne.s, power lines, town ic;.-.-. .-:;:,| oilier improvements on lands ii.j. ; , crlbed herclnabovc. Also, (he incorpomteil tov.'n -.f Caraway, and any other lov.-n ; -;-- ualeil In said arc.i. in the si. ii- of Arkansas. NOW THERKFORR, All pcrsn ,t ownlag proiicrty witiiln saU ,-i;,>. poseil ilistrict are hereby r.otif • I of thp filing of salil report rn-l mil of Piiiu- I that the said Circuit Courl for the Cliickas.twba District of Mississippi County has set the 2:al ~. c .r day of February ID'O for (I-'J isas. for the Cliicka!av,-bi i hearing thereof ami ot the m=:tcr on Jamiarv 23nl. l!»3i). O f establishing lh e proroseri I'.ls- trict and they may appear bc!:-i-) taiil court on said date and sir--' cause in favor of or air;i!nst "••• NOTiCi-: is hereby given Ihat tin i f-MKvt cf the prcllniinary siirvev j of a |irapo.:cil ilrninasc illytricl ' rj;iL:r:i«,| f or by Cbica.ii Mill nna I I.-.xilKr Ccriinrailon nnil othi-r ! o-.-rars cf rer.l iiroperly, (wiiica v,-cs filed January 21. 1..-OJ. caihracing portions of lh« < ii!< Disirirt uf Missispip- II l'n-J:i!;.-. ll; ( -._ l,.-k 0 City District t?il County v.-as duly filed wit'li H-.c n;ii!er;lgiieil na Clsrk of the (Irc:i:t Ccuil of Mississippi t.>-- ty. A: 1 l[;t..i . natal Jon. 24. 1030, W. w. HOU.1PETER. Clerk. By Harvey Morris. D. C. Ivy W. Crawford. Ally ad I.ltrm ranck C. Douglas. Atty for Pitt. Jan. 30. Feb. C-13-^0. , V,' , ' ln ''' c \ a •"•"'' lhc co " rt J » of said district. Vcbn:arv aSr.d. 19SO. as tho j WITXKSS MY Hand as C!-:S "•: -i'' hearing of said pre- . t nd llie seal of saw Court on i':-i '•• • 'i-,y v.Mic-n of the engineer ,-n : January 23rrt 1930 , iii-v.-isai(l nn.l any ami all objecr i \\-' \v HOLl II'FTl'H I 1 "^ •'"'1 '•cnions!rance 3 thereto! Clerk of the"Circuit': .f -.•I to ilcicrinlKc whc-ihcr or not Mississippi ijounly Ai-k-in«-"" drainage .Hstrlct pclUlcinert tcr CMeHasawh* District Elioulil be eai.iMlshed under DIB. (SKAI.)

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