Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on December 2, 1977 · Page 13
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 13

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 2, 1977
Page 13
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[SANTA and the PIGWIDGEN (harden City Telegram Friday. December 2, 1977 Page 1A By LUCRECE BEALE Synopsis: In the days before there was a Santa Claus,a curse escapes from a mysterious purse and all the children in a village fall asleep. Searching for a way to break the curse, a toy maker named Claus finds a key in the purse. CHAPTER THREE CLAUS BEGINS A TRIP CLAUS stared at the small brass key that clattered from the old black purse. "Don't touch it!" begged Mrs. Claus. "You may be cursed!" "Perhaps," said Claus. "On the other hand, it may be the key to the curse that was laid on the children." He picked up the key and examined it. On its side was printed the single word: "Pigwidgen." "Pigwidgen?" exclaimed Mrs. Claus. "What could it mean?" "I. don't know," said Claus softly, "but I'm going to find out if I have to travel to the ends of the earth!" He went to his workshop and packed up all the toys he had made. He loaded another bag with the cookies and cakes and sweetmeats Mrs. Claus had made. He said goodby to Mrs. Claus and set out. He stopped at the nearest house where a sleeping child lay. He told the parents he was going away and he wanted to leave gifts for all the children. ' 'They' 11 never see them. They' 11 never wake," sobbed the mother. "They were cursed by the wind from the black purse!" groaned the father. "I will find a way to break the curse," swore Claus. "When the children wake they will find a gift and a cake. If 1 don't come back, perhaps they will remember Claus." He went to the child's bed and, not finding anything else to put the gifts in, stuffed them in the child's own stocking and hung it on the Mulligan Stew Why Not the Losers? Claus went to every house in the village. bed. He went to every house in the village until his sacks were empty and no child had been forgotten. Then he took the narrow winding road that led across the mountain range to a distant town. The people there were known to be smart and traveled. He was sure they would know the meaning of the Pigwidgen key. When he came to the town there were few people in the streets. All were sorrowful. Claus went up to a man and said, "Why is the town so quiet and the people so sad?" "Our children have been stricken with a strange malady," replied the man. "They sleep and will not wake." Then Claus was indeed heavyhearted. He knew the vapor that had escaped from the black purse had spread across the mountain range and would go on and on until all children everywhere fell asleep. Claus drew the key from his pocket and asked the man if he had ever heard of Pigwidgen. The man shook his head. Claus searched out another man to ask the same question and got the same reply. He asked everyone he'saw. He knocked on doors. He went in the shops. He went to the schoolteachers and the librarians and the doctors and the police. No one had ever heard of Pig- widgen or had any idea what it meant. Claus was in despair. Wearily he sank down on a curbstone. An old, old woman sat down beside him. "I have heard of the Pig- widgen," she crooned. "Tell me!" cried Claus eagerly. "What do you know?" "1 know what a crooked-legged elf told me a hundred years ago," wheezed the ancient crone. "What was that?" begged Claus. "Only this I'll say," hissed the old woman. "Forget the Pigwidgen and return to your home." Tomorrow: Patrick Tweedleknees 'Normal' Weather Key in Kansas TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) — A "It appears that the state of severe cold snap this winter Kansas sould experience no could mean energy shortages severe energy shortage, this and crisis conditions which the winter if weather conditions state has neither the data- remain at or near normal," possibility Gov. Robert F. Bennett. "If prolonged periods chaired by state Energy of Director Steve Harris, ap- gathering nor policy-making according to a report of the shortages or even emergency machinery to handle, ac- Energy Emergency conditions could emerge," the cording to a special state task Management Task Force force. created one month ago by colder-than-normal tempe- proved the recommendations ratures occur, it is a distinct in the report at a meeting that serious today. By HUGH A. MULLIGAN AP Special Correspondent RIDGEFIELD, Conn. (AP) — Far be it from me to tell the District Attorney of San Francisco how to run his office or to doubt what Olympic decathlon champion Bruce Jenner has for breakfast, but it would seem that the consumer fraud squad is going about the Wheaties investigation the wrong way. They should wring a confession from the losers, not the winners. I ate the breakfast of champions for years as a kid and I never was a champion anything. Like Bruce Jenner, I don't have the boxtops to prove it, but I really did send away to General Mills for all those wonderful premiums: the Junior G-man handcuffs, the yo-yo that lit up, the secret dog whistle that was so high- pitched my dog never heard it. I "downed a lot of Whealies," as Bruce Jenner says on TV, in preparation for a lifetime of athletic failures, and I never did hit a "Wheaties blast," as Red Barber always called it whenever Dixie Walker put one into the bleachers in Ebbets Field. In fact, I never even made the varsity baseball team at Cathedral High in Brooklyn, which didn't win a single game in my four years. The main reason the coach cut me on the first day of practice up in Prospect Park was that I was too fat from stacking my plate high with Wheaties in cream topped off, Jenner- style, with peaches and banana slices. The coach said his charts showed that at my weight I ought to be six feel four instead of five feet nine, so I figured basically I had a height problem. Anyhow, I did make our local sandlot team, the Owls, which we originally called the Golden Eagles until the front office, which was really located in the back of Mrs. Myers' candy store, . found out that the fell letters to paste on Ihe uniform shirls cosl 6 cenls apiece al Mandelbaum's sports store on Sleinway Slreel. After making Ihe team, I doubled my input of Whealies, and aclually got into a game one day when the first string catcher had scarlatina and the I used to wonder whal Dolph and Dixie did with all Ihose cases of Whealies, seeing whal the rals did lo Ihe bin of potatoes in our basemenl, but afler I moved lo Boslon and malured a tail, I grew less ralher lhan more cynical. I never doubled lhal Ted Williams, Johnny Pesky and Ihe olher Red Sox had any problems gelling rid of Ihose cases of Narragansell beer. v Bul thanks to Whealies, I once did win somelhing. I won a part in the third-grade heallh pageanl al SI. Palrick's school in Long Island City. Lei Ihe record show I played Fally Tissues, a heavy, while Ihe star outfielder on the Owls had a walk-on as Vitamin C. Laler in life, when I changed my morning fare lo a Bloody Mary al Tools Shor's around noon, I could look across the room and see Mickey Mantle, Billy Martin and Whitey Ford brunching on amber fluids that I knew without my secret wrist radio were nol con- cenlrated Wheaties. One day I read in a sporls anlhology aboul Babe Ruth downing a dozen hot dogs and a half case of beer in the in- .terval between a doubleheader in Baltimore, along wilh some clam cakes, corn on Ihe cob and polato chips, and I wasn't shocked at all. I guess I never did believe that before every fight Sugar Ray Robinson sent over lo a slaughler house on Tenlh Avenue for a buckel of bull's blood, or lhal Two-Ton Tony Galento trained with a keg of beer next to the punching bag at Stillman's. Bul Ihey may have. Last week in Manhallen I watched a mini-molorcycle cop give a parking tickel to a Cadillac owner oulside his shoe slore on Madison Avenue. "So do me a favor," he lold Ihe officer, "Nexl lime go up to Cenlral Park and catch yourself a mugger. Leave the laxpayers alone." I don't know why il made me think of Bruce Jenner and the Frisco D.A. When shopping becomes too much take a break with the BEST 0' BOTH Exchange of Prisoners Set WASHINGTON (AP) — The United Slates and Mexico will iransfer 70 Americans and 38 Mexicans to jails in Iheir native countries on Dec. 9 in Ihe first exchange of prisoners made possible by a new treaty. U.S. Attorney General Griffin Bell announced the date for the initial transfer on Wednesday. The Justice Department said another 160 to 180 Americans jailed in Mexico will be transferred by Dec. 17. • 2 boneless whitemeat Chicken Planks TM • 1 Fish Fillet • Fryes The last thing you need to do while Christmas shopping is go home, cook, and clean the kitchen. You need a break With the Best O' Both at Long John Silver's' You can relax and enjoy 2 Chicken Planks, 1 Fish Fillet, and fryes Take a break. At participating shoppes. SEAFOOD SHOPPES 205 East Kansas Avenue report said. The 13-member task force, 316-2767309 BYRON TAYLOR KIRBY VACUUM CO. "Home of Taylor Made Service" 1518 N.Taylor Garden City, Kansas ONLY APPROVED DEALER CHRISTMAS SPECIAL FREE GIFT WRAPPING Rebuilt Kirbys .. 20% Off starting at *49.95 NewKirbys 20% „„ Royal Handvacs .*46 95 ASSORTMENT OF USED MACHINES ™«*19 95 3 Belts for M 00 CREDIT AVAILABLE TRADE INS _. . , second stringer broke his The report recommends fa . * h , d onto & that the governor support'a £ *, drowned comprehensive energy data . r gathering and impact ' . evaluation system" and , M X falh f was coming home consider mandating that torn work just as I got a ,. , ,i u ninin-inninE r3iiy coins oy Gas* Service "co™, Kansas 8 ettin g hi C b y a P itched I® 1 . 1 ! Power & Light Co. and got so excited waving at him, propane dealers report their «« Pto*er picked me off on sunnlies the first throw ' The next af " vv ' ternoon, the same thing "During an energy almost happened lo Dolph emergency it is essential that Camille, only he redeemed policy decisions be made himself and won a case of quickly and efficiently," the Wheaties by belting one into report said. "In most states the parking lot. that responsibility for making major policy decisions resides with the chief executive. His ability to make sound decisions during crisis conditions is enhanced greatly if necessary organizational matters are settled in advance." "Xincricanfl The report recommended that the task force, which represents various state agencies, become the primary advisor to the governor on energy matters. featuring Pfaltzgraff Dinnerware BANK AMERICARD fr MASTER CHARGE Due to popular demand we are extending our sale and our '5.95 clinic social thru December 10 COUPON ALL BRANDS With this coupon- Ono prr mstomer. please CLINIC FOR VACUUMS ONLY $C95 SERVK :K INCH DEI) 1. Pack Bearings 4. Now motor bru*he- 2. New belt 5. New bulb 3. Clean bag or replace paper bag. 6. Clean brush roller 7- Completel> clean and oil motor Kitty Vacuum Cleaner Company Call 276-7309 1518 S.Taylor COUPON Southwestern Bell IS MOVING TO 204 FULTON TERRACE * * * Our business office at 407 North 7th will close December 1 and we will be open at our new location on December 5. * * * You may continue to pay your telephone bill at all Dart In WHY SETTLE FOR A BOX? When you can enjoy the comfortable spaciousness of a lovely, traditional New England style home* 1300sq.ft. living space *29,000 FHA approved Come To Our OPEN HOUSE SUNDAY, DECEMBER 4 1:00 to 4:30 p.m. 'OPTIONAL PLANS AVAILABLE Mary Street BOX 206, Goocfland, Kansas or CALL US IN GARDEN CITY 316-275-1567 NO OBLIGATION Southwestern Bell for the best years of your life i v

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