The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on May 8, 1930 · Page 4
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 4

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 8, 1930
Page 4
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rAGE FOUR jfi^r ONE reasonzv&f ^^^^^ r **** Frlgidalre !• told with a- definite guarantee — backed by General Motors. And still more important to you at a purchaser it the fact that year after year Frigidaire continues to give satisfaction—long after the guarantee hat expired. If service should be required it it rendered in- - ctantly and without removing the machine from the premises. French Scientist Has Isolat ed Gem of Hoof and Month Disease. O40S SERVICE ELECTRIC CO. 1IIE1) IX HOSPITAI- Kmil<\v : Clark, Xirkcl Plate duttur.. Dead at BlooiiiiiiKuin. John . Katon. Proprietor. Con- Smiley Clark, for. many years a i "onduct<n-*eu ^thc Peoria division of the Nickel Plate railroad and well known in Tipton, where lie was a favorite with Nickel Jpiate employes, died in the Brockaw hospita 1 at Bloomiiigton, 111., Wednesday morning. News tf the death was received by officers of the Brotherhood of Railway. Trainmen of which he had long been a member and 11. H. Hamilton, secretary of the local lodge sent flowers. The deceased was a member of Natural Gas Lodge No. . 12G of Tipton and carried $3,(100 insur­ ance in!,the .order payable to the, widow who resides at Rankin, 111. Beside the widow he is survived! by several children. j Mr. Clark suffered a nervous | breakdown more than a year ago and had been unable to work and had been . in the hospital at Bloomington for several months preceding his death. Funeral services will be held at the Common & Coodlove: funeral home in Bloomington, Friday afternoon at 2 o'clock and burial will be at that place. BAXK CASE TRIAL. iling or Reply By the Plaintiffs Gets Action at Issue. NOTICE. The Abso-Pure Ice & Coal Co. will give patrons morning - service; early. put card up c-186 Rex Wall Paper Cleaner Cleans Paper Easy 10c can 2 cans 15c FREE Expert Service To Help You Plan Your Rooms Special Prices On WAL.L PAPER Dur ing Month of May. Our New Wall Paper Sales- Rooiti Abounds With Ideas Thais Please REXALL Thursday morning a reply to the answer of' Hex M. Cohee and his bondsmen was filed by the American National Banff of Frankfort, which has a damage suit pending against Cohee for $50,000. This puts the case at issue and', it has been set for trial June 23 before Judge C. W. Mount. Charges^ of mismanagement and misuse of funds are embraced in the complaint of the bank against its former president. Other- banks of Frankfort, which took over the affairs of the American National when it closed its doors March 7, 1928 in | voluntary liquidation. The bank's: stockholders following the closing entered into a contract with the other banks to pay • the amount of their stock, and signed a note for IIOJD.OOO and the other banks have a suit pending at this time in Federal Court to collect the note. The seventy-six stockholders of the defunct bank are defendants to this action. Among them is David L. Brookie, a former resident of Tipton who at one time was engaged in the implement business here. Kitchen Papers in Xrw Ideas 8c to 25c Oolilllc l {i >l| Drug Store Harker & Speckbaugh Nortjheast Corner of Public Square Bathroom Papers Washable 25c to 75c Double Roll Had Enjoyable Trip., big DOLLAR Values! Danner Bros* Co. 5c to $l.oO Store Foot Stools, black oil clotlt, painted, Cl Art fancy designs «rfl?W. End l Tables, very strong and well made .... Large Rag Rugs, hit and miss; designs, £ J Q{£ eacn Heavy; Step Ice Cream "Freezers, all metal, holds *| |M| 2 quarts '. ....'.**.«W Thermo Jug, 1-gallon size, & $1.00 Heavy Metal Tackle Box, lock and JJ QQ GlothtsHampars, h e a • y Claude Little, city mail ca rier and his wife and daughter, Helen Jean, who motored to Carsonville, Mich., last week-end, re burning Tuesday had a very en joyable trip. At Qareonville they visited with Bert Pangburn and family, Mr. Pangburn also being a mail carrier. On the way they could not but notice the change in the appearance of fruit frees, the ones in the region of Carsonville being in "fcud and not in bloom. On the return trip they stopped overnight near the Indiana line and resumed their journey the .next morning. - AN IMPORTANT FIND Buenos Aires, May 8.—Dr. Joseph Lignieres, the noted French bacteriologist, who was associated with Dr. Nocard in isolating the Nocard microbe which produces psitacosis in parrots,- has informed President Irlgoyen that he has discovered a vaccine against foot and mouth disease in cattle and will report the details to the international congress on veterinarian medicine which will meet in London from Aug. 4 to 9. , Dr.'Lignieres has been working in Argentina for thirty years on the Salmonella group of microbes which include those • producing parrot fever, hog cholera and foot and mouth disease. He says that within three years large areas of the republic can be completely freed of foot and mouth disease, which has long "been present in almost the entire country in mild form, yet serious enough to cause the United •States to prohibit the importation of Argentine beef, while European .countries which must import meat have set up strict inspection regulations for Argentine beef. If Dr. Lignieres's vaccine proves as effective against the foot and mouth disease as he -expects, the discovery will be of tremendous economic importance to Argentina. Dr. Lignieres, like most scientists of liis type, tried to avoid publicity and the news of his discovery leaked'out only as a result of his interview with President Irigoyen. The doctor says he will not disclose the process until it has been tested and pronounced efficacious by a commission which : he will ask the London congress to appoint. It was Dr. Lignieres who recently announced the theory that psittacosis was caused by an unknown microbe of the filtering type in humans which associates itself with the Nocard germ. While seeking the foot and "mouth disease germ he has also been trying to isolate and cultivate this unidentified associated germ in humans. Dr. Ligniere's isolation of the foot and mouth disease germ,-if proved, will be the crowning achievement of his long investigation of the Salmonella microbes. Leading scientists in the United States and England have been seeking the foot and mouth disease germ for many years and it is one of the tiniest and most elusive of microbes threatenin man or animals. KONJOLA STOCK. American Droggiata . Profits of Great To; Share ^oneera. : Cincinnati,' Onto; 'j May 8; —G. H. Mosby, President and General Manager of the Mosby , Medicine Company, one of the world's' largest manufacturers pt prepared remedies, announced yesterday that eastern banking interests had bought a minority holding in the company. jThe'.purchase however, will In no way affect the present control or, 'management of the concern , which remains in' the hands of Mr. Mosby. THIS INTERESTED US— MAYBE IT WILL YOU, TOO Visited At RockviUe. Wednesday County Health Nurse Miss Rhute Caster took the small daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Woods to the RockviUe Sanitarium where the child , will receive treatment for tubercular trouble.' The mother and Mrs. J H. | Tranbarger accompanied the nurse to .the hospital and fMrs. Tranbarger/vtalted with' her . daughter Beaele who has been there several months, i . Miss' Tranbarger U improving dailyuandJUss^gained 4n weight ceogJ4OTi !fe^i^g ^9^^ What is "the Maine law?" In these days of drys and wets, it is nothing uncommon to And frequent reference to' the phrase "the Maine law" which is generally understood to be a law pro hibiting the sale of intoxicating liquors. We have an inquiry as to its origin. The answer is that the law became famous because it was adopted by the state of Maine about eighty years ago, it being in fact, the earliest prohibition law passed in the United States, as a result of which Maine became the first dry state'dn the union RELIEF FROM OPRSg OF OONSTIPATIO: A Battle Creek physician Mya Constipation is responsible tor mora misery than any other cause " But immediate relief -has .been found. A-tablet called Reall Or4 derlles hM'been.oyscptrere4.\,Thl« tablet attracts wnter^froni the system Into 4ha leer. 4W.,evacnating bowel cilli* the cetoa: T *e,>wtt *S •ofeowwan* ta.tbe Tn A program of expansion in this country and in foreign marketB will be inaugurated immediately'. The selected Konjcla dealer lji Tipton is the James Mood Drug store. ' - j Application for change of the corpoprate jiame from the Mosby Medicine Company j to Konjola, Inc., will be filed at the office of the Secretary of State at Columbus. • j "Numerous efforts have been made in the last two years cn the part of trade anjd­ terests to buy into! the company but. it has been only in conned-: tibn with our present expansion program that a sale of minority interest has seemed desirable. This sale of minority interest not only assures, our present expansion program But will also allow, through special j arrangement, particularly favorable participation in the ownership of the company to those drug dealers who have been largely responsible for the success of the business. "The business of j the company had its inception seven years ago since which time konjola has grown to be one of- the two or three outstanding [successes in the proprietary field. i "During each of the past three_ years rapidly increasing sales have permitted the (company to practically triple its advertising \ppropriation over that of each preceding year. Last year the ".ompany spent approximately $1,700,000 in advertising, nine- tenths of which jwas spent in newspapers throughout the country. I "Net profits -of j the company for the year 1929, after charging out to current expense the entire advertising appropriation of $1,.700,000, were approximately $300,000. These net profits represent an increase of over 300% earnings during the past two years." j ['•' The rise of the Mosby Medi- ine Company and its product is one of the marvels of the medial, drug and business world. It also amazing to jleaders in the advertising business. Mr." Mosby had been working for several Tnedicine companies. He knew the business from top to bottom. He analyzed.the success and failures | of " different companies and by ^.he process of deduction and elimination he gathered up the best points of all of them, studied the results of liis analysis, decided jto make the best medicine in the world and stake his fortune (if $2,000 can be called a fortune) and his energy on the outcome: So, armed with the bank account of $2,000, he rented a small room,:Installed laboratory equipment; about large enough to fit up a modem kitchenette, : attached i a " two- burner gas stove and got ready to operate. ! ; i -Mosby had already devised the word "Konjola." Then ; ingredients had to be bought; 32 , lot these, 22 of them roots and herbs. This purchase put a large dent into the capital. Mosby was general organiser,! mixer, bottler,: Iabeler, and most everything; also he was the sales i manager and traveling representative. When the first batch of Kon­ jola emerged from the busy jllt- tle two-burner -stove Mosby made;: a quick shift from overalls toia one hundred dollar suit; of elojjues and had' the first • shipment) j:; of Konjola sent to-Miineie, Iadtanai andithe career otj Konjola 'was: launched In a drag, store lni.:the' ; Hocilkjr ''Wt^ pwner^anji originator o"t the n»en« ieihe,,e* the j original! Koi IBS ed| his marvelous success. He modestly replied that ' whatever success he had made was due to the merits of Konjola ' and" the selling power of newspaper advertising, j properly and edtly applied. -consisi- 8PEEDWAY RACE. Two Sixteen Cylinder Cars Will ! Be In This Speed Classic, j Indianapolis, Ind., May 8.— Europe's fastest car—a sixteen sylinder epee^l creatioa and the world's speediest four cylinder 'car, an American! product," will International Soo'- meet in the mile race; for $100,000 at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway,. May 30. N ' ' j ' Europe's entry is' a Maserati, ten kilometer course at Cremona, which recently was driven over, a speed of 152.85 miles an hour. Italy, by Bacohi Borzacchini at p Borzacchini will start the car in the Indianapolis event. ; America's contribution is the. four cylinder Miller-Schofield Special which| William '"Shortyf Cantlon recently rushed over the hard surface of Dry Lake Muroc in the Mpjave desert at a gait of 144.895 miles an hour.-Cantlon will drive this car at Indianapo- IISJ : . •[' Racing experts point out that the conflict-between these twp- extremes' in motor sizes will be one of the interesting features of the coming race, .declaring th.tit the difference in straightaway speed will be reduced in a race on the two and one half mile 'rack at Indianapolis, where foii|i quarter turns must be negotiatntt each lap'and where maximum speed cannot be used even on the 'ong straightaways. America also is sending a.sis- teen cylinder car into the fray to match the large Italian car. It i: Champion Louis Meyer's co.n:\ bution to the speed test with an nternational flavor. . j . Peter DePaolo, two time A.mcr- 'can champion who holds the rack record of 101:13 miles an hour for 500-miles,. made 'in 1925, clings to a straight eight- Duesenberg for ' the -powering of 'lis special racing car. ' - ; Straightaway records mean lit- Me for cars and drivers . in the jOO-mile race over the Indianapolis track. They indicate thai there is speed in the car anc ourage in the driver. But the Indianapolis bricks play no favorites. With its four quarter turns connecting two long straightaways: and two shorter, thfere it an entirely different driving technique required driving than in" a; straightaway course whert! the driver does not find: it neces4 saryito iturn corners at higli speed and where his progress is not impeded by traffic. Colorful Cotton Prints in These Remarkable Values at These Sale Prices 75c $1.00 $1.98 [\OZENS of attrac- tiye styles with cap sleeves,.. elbow sleeves or sleeveless. Dainty flower patterns; dots ar.d geometries are printed on light and dark grounds. The fabrics include: DIMITY —PIQUE BATISTE PLAIN COTTON C KIRTS; have pleats ^ and flareSj pockets and collars are in contrasting colors or bound with tiny pip r ings. Three examples are sketched. Misses', Women's and Larger 1 Women's Sizes The Boston Slwe (A Home Owned Store for 74 Years) PBINCESS 'HEMES - LOVE.;Suit She Was Fully Clad at Apiirtment. Same' As Elected. Andy and Charles BHtz read with interest Thursday morning the announcement of successful, candidates in the Franklin couri^ ty- primary election. Their cousin^ Prank Biltz was nominated for county treasurer and -this means he is elected as Franklin county is; certain to 'go Democratic. The Franklin county man Is county treasurer at present arid is runj riing for re-election. "-. - i- Denver, May' S.—Denial that her husband found her scantily clad in the New York apartment of William B. Quigley, Denver attorney, has been- made by Princess Alimova Kuukel, a witness in" a'$50,,000 alienation of affections suit brought against Quigley by William J- Kunkel,.New York' broker, the husband. Testifying here, yesterday, the princess said she. had gone to. Qulgley's apartment to discuss Eveready glue bottles, a bandy office accessory. The Tribune Press. :V \ ! Ralroad Watches DESERVE REALLY EXPERT SERVICE Don't risk your watch with a "just ordinary"! watch maker. j Let us handle it for yon and yon can ba aunrtd of • best servioe fbatvwBik >aan buy-but at no In ^inprlca; , : her pending divorce suit. Slu.j was fully clad, she said, although Quigley. who was in the bathroom, dressing for a dinner engagement, later appeared in a bathrobe. j She denied she fell in love with the attorney or that Quigley ever had made lov^ to her. With all spectators excluded from : the courtroom, the princess gave intimate testimony of her relations with her husband, which she said ended her love: for him. Complete line of De Luxe office supplies; and accessories. Tribune ?res3. , Last Showing Tonight Shows 7:15 and 9:00 Admission: 10c, 25c BLANCHE SWEET AND TOM MOORE in "Woman R , botl NIGHT CLUBS — JABARETS — THRILLS A fast nioviiig, gripping melodrama of Hew York's Bight life arid it-s racketeers! It tells the story of \m pop who married a night club hostess only to have her paex latea h» aad return to the bliglt lights. i . Also the Junniest Man it Talkies—Harry Langdon in "The Big Kick," a Comedy You'll Not F>rgat COIONO FRD3AY AND SATURDAY KEN MAYNARD in : «1 Also "Tanan the Tiger" and <kie leal of fmm EXTRA AT SATURDAY MATp^lS—We will fire fit* Ji ^am •or i »»d

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