The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on April 10, 1985 · Page 9
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 9

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 10, 1985
Page 9
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The Salina Journal Wednesday, April 10,1985 Page 9 Court rules to reinstate widow's suit SAN FRANCISCO (AP) A federal appeals court Tuesday reinstated a suit by the widow of a Navy pilot who allegedly was exposed to radiation in Nagasaki. The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals also ruled that the government may be required to warn veterans of the known dangers of radiation. The court said California law requires employers in some cases to warn their former employees of risks to which they were exposed while working. "There is reason to believe that the warning would have been of substantial value to its recipients," said the opinion written by Judge Stephen Reinhardt. The court had ruled in a previous case that the government's immunity from suit by veterans for injuries caused by service-related activities did not preclude a suit for the failure to warn about dangers that were discovered after a veteran had been discharged. The ruling Tuesday involved Irma Molsbergen, whose husband, John Martens Molsbergen, died of cancer in January 1981. She charged that her husband's death was caused by his exposure to radiation in a mission at Nagasaki after the Japanese city was hit by an atomic bomb in 1945. Irma Molsbergen said the government learned of the dangers of radiation exposure after Molsbergen's discharge from the Navy but did not warn him. The widow also accused the government of knowingly and intentionally exposing her husband to the dangers of radiation without his consent. Garn plans to unveil secret item during five-day flight in space CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) — Sometime during his five-day space shuttle flight, Sen. Jake Garn plans to unveil a secret item he has carried aboard. It may well be one of the few secrets left to.the senator from Utah. One item of clothing, in particular, promises to tell more about him than most people want to know. As Garn describes it: "I will wear a belt of sensors across my stomach to record bowel sounds on launch and right afterwards when we enter weightlessness." Even the Freedom of Information Act doesn't require information that personal, but it's part of the price Garn is paying for the ride he sought so strenuously. Through his position, through a comic strip that ridiculed him and through public pronouncements of his role on the flight, Garn is easily the best known of the six men and one woman flying the mission. In fact, he may be the most publicized crew member of all 16 shuttle flights, barring, perhaps, Sally Ride, the first woman. Like the others who have flown in space, Garn is allowed to carry a Jake Garn personal kit. He has something special in mind to put into the kit, but he won't say what it is until he is aloft. The countdown starts today for Friday's launch. Garn, 52, was invited to the adventure of a lifetime because he is chairman of the Senate subcommittee that oversees the spending of NASA's billions. Nobody made any bones about that; not NASA admin- istrator James Beggs and certainly not Garn. "Is NASA buying me? Hell no, they're not buying me," he said. "I'm not influenced in that way. NASA is getting a better informed chairman. To NASA it's a risk. v Based on my experience, I may not approve some things NASA wants." There was no sublety in Gam's angling for an invitation. In opening a NASA appropriations hearing on May 12, 1981 — a month after the shuttle's maiden flight — Garn said, "My first question is: When do I get to go on the space shuttle?" The next year he insisted that the committee hearing record reflect "my continuing desire sometime in the future to personally check out the space shuttle so that we can provide continuing appropriations." Garn goes to great pains to say that he and the space agency do not always see eye to eye. He says he'll have more knowledge if he sees first hand how NASA's programs work, a view not shared by another space committee chairman, Rep. Don Fuqua, D-Fla., of the House science and technology committee. Travelers follow a crooked line to save money on airline fares SOLAR WORLD The Plumbing and Heating Company that specializes in solar energy systems. ROBBINSDALE, Minn. (AP) Following a crooked line or doubling back to your starting point isn't the shortest way to get somewhere — but Rodger and Marcia McCombs found that sometimes it's the cheapest. Ten days ago, when the McCombs and their three children began a trip to Arizona, they could have just driven over to the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. Instead, they got up at 3 a.m. and drove a rented car to Des Moines, Iowa, about 245 miles to the south, where they boarded a Republic Airlines flight to Phoenix, Ariz. That flight went to Arizona by way of Minneapolis, where they had a 45-minute stopover about a dozen miles from their home. They estimated they would have had to pay $1,275 full fare for the di- rect flight from Minneapolis to Phoenix and back. But the flight from Des Moines, even though longer, was cheaper. The McCombs figure their costs at $902.46, including $71 for the rented car. That's a savings of $372.54, or nearly 30 percent. They said they learned of the cheaper alternative by accident. "My mother has a friend who lives in Des Moines," and the friend relayed information about the fare, said Mrs. McCombs. On the flight home they got off at Minneapolis even though they were ticketed on to Des Moines, and McCombs wondered "whether I might be able to cash in the rest of our tickets?" "But I don't think I'll try that," he said. Redmond Tyler, director of public relations for Republic Airlines, said the fares the McCombs family bought in January are no longer in effect. But he didn't pooh-pooh their efforts to economize. "This is a bit of opportunity and ingenuity, and I say more power to them," he said. "It's a lot of fun to see if you can beat the system." Travel agents say the family is not alone in fighting air travel costs. "For example, about a year ago there was a carrier that flew from Minneapolis to Washington, D.C. — but if passengers flew from St. Louis to Minneapolis to Washington the fare was substantially less," said Jim Gaviglio, manager of American Express Business Travel Centers in Minneapolis. ' Everything you need in group health coverage. HEAL1H QfRE PLUS 823-6015 Salmonella causes store to remove milk Spring Savings Of 20% On Today's Girl® Pantyhose Sale Starts April 11-20 .\ i w /& £•* Reg. Sale Sheer i e<? Pantyhose 1.96. 1.00 Control Top o no Pantyhose 2.60. ^. Uo PahTytose 3.75 3.00 Knee High 2pr. n „,. 1 KC Pantyhose i 96 I pr. l.OD All Today's Girl® Pantyhose available in nude, suntan, taupe and beige. Sheer pantyhose also available in these fashion colors; off black, lilac, rosebud, eggshell and smoke KLIIIE'S CHICAGO (AP) - ( A grocery chain whose low-fat' milk was blamed for a salmonella outbreak that sickened more than 2,000 people in five states took all the milk off its shelves Tuesday and closed a plant linked to a possible second wave of the poisoning. "All milk has been withdrawn from sale in all Jewel Food Stores, pending the determination of the presence of salmonella by the Illinois Department of Public Health," said Jewel Cos. spokesman Bill Newby. The dairy was shut down Monday night, Newby said, and the 217 supermarkets operated by Jewel and If you swear by the hourbon you drink now, keep an open mind, then open a bottle ofWeller. The better the bourbon you're now drinking, the better the chances you'll like Weller. Pour some Weller and add a splash of water. Then taste our 130 years of experience and our "whisper of wheat" formula. That's what makes Weller and Water wonderful. We're very sure of our bourbon. That's why we're talking to people who are sure they're already drinking the best bourbon money can buy. Just keep an open mind before you open a bottle of Weller. Go With A Winner! Elliott Richard — 2nd Place 1985 Ail-American Hair Spectacular Milwaukee, Wisconsin Elliott was the 2nd highest scorer at the National Association of Barbers and Beauticians Competition in Milwaukee last weekend. He was the captain and coach of the Colorado team and had previously placed 1st in both the men's & women's division at the regional competition in Colorado. If you want a winning hairstyle, go with a winner. ELLIOTT'S 823-3228 1114 E. Crawford Color-coordinated Mardi Grasf Towels & Napkins. FASH CENTS. its affiliates "will stock milk from other sources" until it is cleared. The stores normally stock only Jewel milk brands — Hillfarm and Bluebrook. The grocery stores are located in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Iowa. The closing of the Hillfarm dairy in suburban Melrose Park came shortly after medical officials reported the death of a 61-year-old woman who had been hospitalized with salmonella poisoning. It also followed reports that a second batch of 2 percent fat-content milk was suspected in new cases of salmonella poisoning, Newby said. "I C ^ r*£f the purchase of one package JOS'Oil of any Mardi Gras'item. I Dtalrr: The makcn of Mardi Ciras Product-, will redeem itm coupon lor • total of 15< plus 8f handling provided I I Ihc coupon K redeemed on one (1) palliate of any Mardi Gus item. Coupon* may nol he assigned or irantffried Invoke* proving putchiv within the last 90 daw of sufficient Mock to cover coupons pttvnieil (or redemption I musi he shown upon request I'ailmc lodo w> will void ill couponssuhmillcd for redemption. Salcsm muM he I paid hy the customer. Void where prohibited, utcd or restricted by law. Cash redemption I /2(X. 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