Forest Park Review from Forest Park, Illinois on March 24, 1971 · Page 17
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Forest Park Review from Forest Park, Illinois · Page 17

Forest Park, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 24, 1971
Page 17
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FOREST PARK REVIEW, WEDNESDAY^ MARCH 24, 1971, PAGE 17 Precinct No. 21 Stevenson School 20th Ave. and Hirsch St. Meirose Park, niinois .(89) Precinct No. 44 (96) NOTICE IS HEREBYGlVENthat on Saturday, the 10th day of April 1971, an election will be held for the purpose of electing one (1) School Trustee for a full term of six years for Township 39, Range 12, Cook County, niinois. For the purpose of this election the following precincts and polling places are hereby established. Precinct No. 1 (87) Eugene Field School Building 5825 St. Charles Road Berkeley, niinois Precinct No. 2 (87) , (87). rn p 5400 St. Charles Road Berkeley, Illinois Precinct No. 3 Hillside, Dlinois ,(87) Preclnct No. 4 Jefferson School Building 225 South 46th Avenue Bellwood, niinols Precinct No. 5 (87) Riley School Building 123 South Wolf Road Northlake, niinois Precinct No. 6 ...... .(87) Mark Twain School Building 207 .South 46th Avenue Northlake; niinois Precinct No. 7 . ^88) McKlnley School Butterfleld & Eastern Aves. Bellwflod, niinois Precinct ,(88) o. 8 r. High School Corner of 25th Ave. and Oak Bellwood, niinois Precinct No. 9 Grant School 35th Avenue & 13th Street Meirose Park, niinois .(88) Precinct No. 10 Lincoln School • Jackson and Linden Aves. Bellwood, niinois ,(88) Precinct No. 11 Wilson School 24th Ave. and. Harrison St. Bellwood, niinols .(88) Preclnct No. 12 Stone Park, Illinois Preclnct No. 22 .(88) .(89) Precinct No. 13 ... Lincoln School North 9th Ave. and Chicago Ave. Maywood, niinols Precinct No. 14 ...... (89) Emerson School 4th Ave. and Washington Blvd. Maywood, niinois Preclnct No. 15 (89) Washington School llth Ave. and Washington Blvd. Maywood, niinois Precinct No. 16 warren st . Maywood, niinols .(89) . sion St ^ Ave ™ "Starts Meirose i ant, Illinois Precinct No. 23 Preclnct No. 20 Ilia North 22nd Avenue Meirose Park, nllnpls '' , (89) .(89) 415 Lexington Street Maywood, niinois Precinct No. 24 (90) Frances Willard School 1250 Ashland Avenue River Forest, niinois Precinct No. 25 (90) Roosevelt School 7560 Oak Street River Forest, niinois Precinct No. 26 (90) Lincoln School ,(90) ,(89) Precinct No. 17 ... Garfleld School South 9th Ave. and Qulncy St. Maywood, niinois Precinct No. 27 ... Washington School 7970 Washington River Forest, niinols Preclnct No. 28 (91) Grant White School Circle Ave. and Randolph St. Fo'rest Park, niinols Precinct No, 29 (91) Garfleld School Hannah Ave. and Jackson Blvd. Forest Park, niinols Preclnct No. 30 ...... Betsy Ross School 13th St. and Marengo Ave. Forest Park, niinois ,(91) Precinct No. 31 . . . , Field-Stevenson School .(91) ,(92) Precinct No. 32 . . . Lindop School 2400 S. 18th Ave. Broadview, niinois Precinct No. 33 (92 1/2) Grant N. Britten School , 10110 Gladstone Ave. Westchester, niinois : Precinct No. 34 (92 1/2) George F. Nixon School 1620 Norfolk Ave. Westchester, niinois Precinct No. 35 ..(92 1/2) High Ridge School 10900 Canterbury Ave. Westchester, Illinois Precinct No. 36 . . (92 1/2) .(93) 2400 Downing Ave. Westchester, niinois Precinct No. 37 Hillside Public School Wolf Road & Harrison St. Hillside, niinois Precinct No. 45 . . . . Ames Grammar School 85Southcote Road Riverside, niinois (96) Precinct No. 46 . Hollywood School 3423 Hollywood Brookfield, niinois . (96) Preclnct No. 38 .... Komarek East School 8940 W. 24th St. North Riverside, niinols .(94) Precinct No. 39 . . . . Alfred Libby Residence 2832 S. llth Ave. Broadview, niinols .(94) 40 George Sisco Residence 2200 Elizabeth Drive Broadview, Illinois (94) (96) Precinct No. 47 . Village Hall 27 Riverside Road Riverside, niinois Voters permitted to vote in precinct of residence only. The polls will be opened at twelve o'clock noon and closed at seven o'clock p.m. of the same day. By order of The Trustees of Schools of Township No. 39, Range 12, Cook County, niinols. Winfield M. Sherman, Treasurer DATED: March 17, 1971 Preclnct No. 18 (89) Roosevelt School 1927 S. 15th Avenue Broadview, niinols Preclnct No. 19 ..... . (89) Meirose Park Public School 18th Ave. and Lake Street Meirose Park, Illinois Preclnct No. 41.. Gross School 3524 Maple Ave. Brookfleld, niinols .(95) Preclnct No. 42 . , . . Brook Park School 30th & Raymond LaGrange Park, niinois ,(95) , (89) Precinct No. 43 Village Hall ,(96) • Nortlr Riverside, THirtoU HOUSEWARMING? I f this were your home, you'd have fewer worries with a Homeowners policy from us. Our agency will make sure your policy fully covers your home and belongings. See us today — you might be glad you did. Carl A. Scbwebl, Ir. REICH & BECKER 52 Years of Service 7419 MADISON ST. 366-0010 , UFE&CASUAUY • Tr«J«m«r» ol Til i&«« Cautln 6 Sttrtty Co. *»J Mi «jjoctaf«a comptiml. God can help you. Come to this Christian Science Lecture "Where Do We Look for Guidance?" by John Richard C. Kenyon, C.S.B. Thursday, March 25 at 8 p.m. Riverside Village Hall 27 Riverside Rd. under the auspices of First Church of Christ, Scientist Riverside News From First Church By Michael Trezise The annual spring housecleaning of First United Church of Christ, 1000 Elgin Avenue, has been completed. On Tuesday, March 9, volunteers from our congregation came out to help clean the church for the coming Easter holiday. With this help we were able to completely clean and wash down our educational building and all the classrooms. In the sanctuary, all the wood was reconditioned and all the beams and .ra/ters dusted. Aside from general cleaning, there were minor repair jobs and painting undertaken. Following are the people who were so gracious to give of their time In order to help: Forest Parkers Jeff and Donald Holliday, Marica Wltbeck, Sidney Tripp, Chuck Christenson, Mr. and Mrs. Erwin Herrmann, Carl Boese, Michael Cooke, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Duke, Faye Mohr, Wilfred Garbe, Jean Davis, Charles Mariner, Joan Rippa, Ray Weatherford, and Michale Trezise. Others Included Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Hamilton, Mrs. Dorothy Myrtle and family and Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Scholtens. On behalf of the Consistory, I would like to extend our sincere thanks to the above people for showing concern for the condition and welfare of their church by giving of their time to clean it. Also, we would like to state our deep appreciation and thanks to Girl Scout Troop No. 23, under the direction of Joan Rippa, for the contribution of their services at this project. Finally, there will be a Good Friday Tenebrae Service on April 9,1971 at 8 p.m., at which communion will be served in semi-darkness. On Easter Morning, there will be a Sunrise Service at 7 a.m."and another service at 11 a.m. Christian Science Public Lecture How an Individual can turn to divine guidance for practical help in contributing to the solution of community and other problems will be explored in a public lecture to be given In Riverside on Thursday, March 25th. - John Richard C. Kenyon, C.S.B., of London, England, will bring out why intelligent guidancels so Important In today's rapidly changing world and what the source of this guidance is. A Christian Science teacher,. Mr. Kenyon is on tour asamem- ber of The Christian Science Board of Lectureship. He will speak in Riverside Village Hall at 8:00 p.m. under the auspices of First Church of Christ, Scientist, Riverside. "We can do our own thinking but we can do it most effectively with the guidance of divine Intelligence", the lecturer will state. by Marge Sissulak The first thing I'd like to say this week is that I'm sorry I failed to get my column into the office last week. The next thing is to thank all the nice people who called me and asked me what happened. As long as I'm saying "thanks" I'd like to thank Mrs. Leyva and Miss Van Shoicke for inviting me as their guest speaker at their respective churches. I enjoyed everyone at both churches so very much.. I must say. that I'm still very surprised that so many people are unaware of the presence of our shop in Forest Park after almost two years here. So many people at both churches asked the name and aduress of our shop so with the indulgence of our good Editor, here it Is. The name of the Shop is Friendship House Antiques - 7302 Madison St., (one block east of Circle Ave.). Steuben Glass - Steuben glass In the art field, covers a period from the inception of production in 1903 through the early 1930's when the manufacture of colored glass ceased. Founded in 1903 by T. G. Hawkes of the Hawkes Glass Company and Frederick Corder, the complete operation of practically evecy aspect of the plant was in the hands of Corder until the sale of the plant in 1918 to the Corning Glass Works, also located in Corning, New York. He remained and. continued as art director until 1934. Bear in mind that at all times Steuben was a commercial operation depending wholly on it's sales of colored glass to stay in business. This would of course account for the vast rangeof colors and variety of shapes offered. Aurene is undoubtedly the best known ware of Steuben, being a translucent glass with an iridescent finish. Gold is the most common with blue, green, brown and red, along with many shadings of the various colors, following in this order of rarity. Combinations of colors with stem and leaf patterns are quite usual, along with feather, or pull- up designs which are less frequent. It would be easy to confuse Aurene and Tiffany since both are Irrldescent glass and was made in the same colors. Steuben made many kinds and colors of glassware, including clear glass but space is limited, so I'll conclude by saying that the transparent glass, crystal clear, Is the outstanding trademark of the glass produced by Steuben since 1934 and for which the plant is justifiably world famous. PLANNING TO BUILD OR REMODEL? We solicit your Inquiry before proceeding with /our building project or alteration. Residential • Commercial • Industrial CARL REICHE, JR. Carpenter & Gen. Contractor 529-3583 6 No. 287 Roiedale Roselle, III.

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