Panama City News-Herald from Panama City, Florida on September 18, 1973 · Page 5
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Panama City News-Herald from Panama City, Florida · Page 5

Panama City, Florida
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 18, 1973
Page 5
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Nursing Course Being Started NKWH-HKKAM), I 'unarim Cilv, Kla., Tiicsday, Si'pteiiibcr 1«, Um I 'aRe 5\ IW) hours in coriKisI of and actiiiil C'UU'LKY ~ A new cuiirHc in nui'.siiiK aid is JH -inK martcd al the Washington-Molmc's Area Vocational (Icnlcr at Cliiplcy, This coiirsc will I K length ai\d will rlassroom theory hospital work. TI K' COUISC is scheduled to l )0 {,'in Tuesday, Oct. 2, and interested persons have been tU 'Rod to contact the centei' oaily to make application, as the class size will be limited. A new short coui'se in tailoriiij; will hef>in al the center the same evening;. The class will meet on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6:30-9:30 p.m. F'ersons desnin^! ihis course must have c(iiii|)leled a iH 'Kiiminf,' .sewing ("lass size will he limited, .so thosr' persons interested in this tailor'in^! class liave been ur^ed lo make an application early. More infoiination on both courses may be obtained by calling( K W-IIHO. . Fantastic SPRINGFIELFJ, Mo. (UPI) - Fantastic Cavorns, Ucated just north of Springfield, is the world's only "drive-in cave." Visitors can ride through the cave in a special train designed for that purpose. ''Clothes Care Comments'' By • HELEN K. KRUSE Tennis, anyone? That question is being asked more and more often as this sport gains in popularity again. And the white tennis dress is back with it. Also a problem which has been brought to our attention: The white tennis dress that turns yellow. If you have this problem, bring the dress to us. If it is washable, we may be able to remove the yellowing for you. But if it has a flourescent white dye to make a white- white, we're both defeated. Such a dye, in sport or leisuregarments is great in the shade, but turns permanently yellow in sunlight. Bring youryellowed whites to us for experts care and We're here to help you. LAUNDRVAND CLEANERS, mC. Narc Agents Enter Plea IT COULDN'T HURT— Bryon Daggatt checks his road map in Cocoa Beacli wliile he and his girl friend ride around P'lorida but, with her hidden it looks like he has a case of the woes. (UPI) Swedish Colony The first permanent dwellings in what later became Philadelphia were built by Swedes in the 1640's. The Swedish colony surrendered to the Dutch, who later gave up their New World holdings to England. When William Penn founded his colony in the 1680"s, some 2,000 Swedish and Finnish settlers lived in the area that is now South Philadelphia. ALTON, III. (UP\) -Twelve narcotics aj^ents pleaded innocent to charges they deprived 11 per.sons of their con.stitutional ri(?hts when th<'y barged into .southwestern Illinois homes on druK raid.s. The ai^ents w(!re (^iven (iO days to file motions in their bffhalf .'ifter enteriri;;! not guilty pleas. A 17-count indictment returned by a fed(>ral ^rand jury Au^. 24 said thf eif,'hl federal and four local af^onts had acted "without [jrobable cause or search warrants" when they brnke into .six homes in Collinsville, St. Louis and PJdwardsville during a five-day period April. The indictment charged that two raid victim.s werea.ssaulted and a third was jailed for three days without due process of law. Three of the agents were charged with lying to the federal grand jury investigating the raids. Some of the drug raid victims filed damage suits against the federal government. The victims of the two Collinsville raids complained of harassment against them and their families since the erroneous raids were disclosed. The agents worked for the St. Louis office of Drug Law Enforcement (DALE). Six were from the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs (BNDD) and two from the Treasury Department. The local agents, Pre- Season Heating Sale! 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Legal Notices PUBLIC NOTICI-: NOTICI';iSIlF,RKHY(ilVI::N tliiu the City Commi .ssKjncr.s of the Cily of Panama City, Florida, have received application for rc /onin^ nf the following described property, CommencinR at the NE corner of the NW i/i of Section M, T,3S, KHW; thence South, alonf; the Line of said NW '/i, feet; thence Wes!, .3.3 feet lo the West R-W Line of I.isenby Avenue and the Point of Beginnin(5; thence continue West lo the Northerly R-W Line of the liay Line Kailroad Spur; thence Southeasterly, along said Kailroad H-W Line, lo a point .S2S feci of the centerlinc of Lisenby Avenue; thence North, 160.HO feet; thence Bast, 492 feet to the .said West R-W Line of Lisenby Avenue; thence North, 20()feet to the Point of fieginn- ing; from Industrial A to Residential C, and that public hearing as to the feasibility of the change of zone shall be conducted at the duly and regularly convened meeting of the Commissioners of the City of Panama City, Florida, on October 9, 1973, at the hour of 7:00 P.M., CDT, and all persons interested are invited to attend. FRANK Ml'/E City Manager 7074; Sepl 18, 1973 EGKERD Dimos SALE CONTINUES THRU WED. WEEKDAY HOURS 9-9 OPEN SUNDAY 10-7 00000,^^0 m M BAND-AID PLASTIC STRIPS plastic strips « 70 CT. REG. '1.02 #5627 (LIMIT ONE) LEGAL ADVERTISE VIENT PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT Notice is hereby given that the Bay County School Board has need for the professional services of an architect lo develop plans and specifications for the construction of a Vocational Shop building. It is anticipated that the building will contain approximately 6,000 square feet ot floor area; be constructed of concrete block and brick veneer walls, concrete floor and foundations, bar joist system, and built-up roof; and cost approximately $90,000.00. Interestedarchilectscan apply for consideration by contacting the office of the District School Superintendent, Mr. Curtis E. Jackson, Post Office Drawer 820, Panama City, Florida, and upon request will receive additional information for applying. Applications for consideration must be in the Superintendent's Office not later than 12:00 o'clock, noon, Thursday, 20 September 1973. BAY COUNTY SCHOOL BOARD PANAMA CITY, FLORIDA BY: CURTIS E. JACKSON DISTRICT SCHOOL SUPERINTENDENT 7073: Sept 18, 1973 Temperance Is All Wet Temperance, Mich. (UPI) — Some people in this village believe grandmother Ida Tolly is giving Temperance a bad name. She plans to break a 100- year noaalcohoUc tradition. The widowed grandmother said F r i d a y times have changed and she plans to sell on a carry-ont basis alcoholic beverages from hei- small market in the center of town. "It's a perfectly legal business ami it makes good business," said Mrs. Tolly, who is pi'eparing her stoic for heer and wine sales after obtaining a state license in Jun(>. Temperance has been dry, except for a .short tinu' in 19.').'), sinc(> it was founded in the 188()s. Harly .settlers l,ewis /\iisled and his wife Marietta, a Woman's Christian Tem|ieraiu'e Union worker, insisted on making their home grounds permanently dry. They named the town and left explicit in.structions that "no intoxicating beverages shall be bought, sold, or manul'acUired on tills land." FIX BROKEN DENTURES^ At home in minutes AmazinR new (.fulk-Kix fixe* broken plates, fills In tlie cracks and replaces teeth like new. Fast! Easy to use I No special tools needed. Qy|K-FIX* DOUBLE EDGE t» II MN SON "si M\| I ss SUM ,\woto WILKINSON STAINLESS STEEL 5 CT. BLADES 26' REG. 49^ (LIMIT ONE; ^^^^^^^^ ADORN HAIR BY TON! - 13 oz. REG. $1.59 1 19 SPRAY REG & HARD TO HOLD LIMIT ONE •o°o-o- 'rPrPr! 'n°o°o' •PcPcP ALKA-SELTZER 12 CT. FOILED WRAPPED 44 Alka-Seltzer 12 TABLETS SACH UaLflSfAliOINtOI REG. 56'- (LIMIT ONE) IN THE CIRCUIT COURT, FOURTEENTH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT OF THE STATE OF FLORIDA. IN AND FOR BAV COUNTV. CASE NO. 73-1178 IN RE: THE MARRIAGE OF LEILA H. LALLIER, wife, and PETER A. LALLIER, husband. NOTICE TO DEFEND NOTICE TO: Peter A. Lallier c-o Bernard Lallier, Ford Street, Bonnville, New York On or before the 19th day of October, A.D. 1973, the Respondent, PETER A. LALLIER, is required to serve upon W. FRED TURNER, Attorney for Petitioner, whose address is 900 Florida Avenue, Lynn Haven Florida, a copy of and file with the Clerk of this Court the original of an answer to the Petition for Dissolution of marriage filed against him, herein fail not, or a default judgment will be entered against you. WITNESS my hand and sealof said Court at Panama City, Bay County, Florida, this Hth day of September, A.D. 1973. BRUCE COLLINS Clerk of Circuit Court (SEAL) By: Mary Lou Self Deputy Clerk 7072: Sepl. 18, 25; Oct. 2. 9, 1973 Po°c' >2o °c ASSORTED FRAGRANCES (UMIT 2^ Glade GIADE AIR FRESHENER . REG. 57c 39 m D O O I 0 O O I m RAID • YARD GUARD OUTDOOR FOGGER KILLS FLYING INSECTS UP TO 20 FEET AWAY REG. $1.89 (LIMIT TWO) 58 m 1 MEN'S OR LADIES- PLASTIC RAINCOATS SMALL MED LARGE • XLARGE 48 (REG 99c) o o t; T 0.0. 18 CT. WOODEN CLOTHES PINS STURDY SPRING TYPE REG. 2/45^ mALt (LIMIT TWO) 000000000 00 0000000 0 o o o o o o o o 0 O O O O o O O O^O^O^O 00000000 o 00 00 0000 o„o o o o o„o o o o o o„o O O O O 0 O^O^O O ' .10000000000 00 o 00 00000 OCT o o 00 000 O O O^O O O O O O t> no 00 00 0 0 00000 00 00 ooooooaoooooooo o„o 000 OJl r -°o o o o 0 0 0 o"o o o o o o o 000 0 o,o.o_o_o.o.o.o o o o_o 0.0 00 000 o • 5 O O ' 000 "I o o I S>-OJ> Wo' Wo' °o°o°' Wo' DISPOSABLE UMBRELLAS 9 DURABLE PLASTIC 59° VALUE 1 O fi . I o r I O il o o I- too ,".,'V "rPrf- ' 1 1 " " •500 100 00 o 00 0000 0^0 o^o„o ^o ^o^o„o^o o o n ,0 o ^o^o o^o^o^o o„o^n„o„o^o jt> O O O 0 0 (? 0"0 O O O O O O O O O O O Q O O 00000 O 0 o„o o„o„o o_o„o^o ^o o„o o o_o o o o o„o„o„o oj>„o„o^o <^ 0000000 0000 O^O^o o „0 _o o o o o o o o o o o „o o o o o_o„f> o o ft nicrr 000 n n o 0 o o no no o n o n n n n n n n n n n o n n n r\ n n n n r\ r, rt t**',-, Works every time or yournioney back. 0«iliiri Ripiir Kit WE FILL MORE PRESCRIPTIONS THAN ANY ONE ELSE IN FLORIDA This allows us to sell consistently for los', Volume Weeps our drugs frosh too So brimj youf next prescription to Eckord'i, a numo you con trust for quality and low, low pnctc.

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