The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 21, 1936 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 21, 1936
Page 3
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MONDAY, DECEMBER 21, 1936 (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS Local People llie Rale of Per Month Benefit at $5,809.60 He Couldn't Duck Life Sentence. Mississippi county residents have benefited to the extent of $5,803.60 per month since August, 1935, from lelief and welfare program.; administered by the Department of Public Welfare or in the administration of which the department.'has participated, according lo a report given the courier News today by C. H. Andrews,'state welfare commissioner. Principal items are old age pensions, amounting lo $25,961.64 In ihls county, and distribution of commodities to persons on relief, amounting lo $26,222.70. Mr. Andrews' report follows; "The State Department, of Public Welfare has administered several programs in your county thru the local County Welfare Board and its office personnel, we are recording below factual data, regarding lliese various programs, showing the participation In and tlie benefits derived from each pro- Brain hy your county. "I.—Expenditures administered t>y Department of Public Welfare Ijfugiist., i935 r to October, 1936, in- u^'sive.) "375 old age pension cases' state funds, 520.351.6-1; federal funds $5010; total, $25,901.64. "135 dependent children's cases, involving 371 children: state funds $5,681.24; federal funds, $1,051.66; total, $7,332.91). ; "15 blind cases: state funds, $431.10; federal funds, $208,50- total, $645.60. "C7 other . cns-js- (unclassified): state funds, $7,645.07. "E. R. A. grants: assistance, fed- •cral funds, $3,770.50; sewhio- rosin materials, federal funds $10- total, $3,780.50.* "Total, $45,365.71. ""•—Department of Public Welfare participation programs"Commodity distribution,' October, 1935, [ 0 October, 193G;- monetary value. $26,223.70. "Selection of CCC recruits- 24 recruits accepted/yearly allotment. §7,200. ' : "Certification of industrial unemployed to WPA, 17. "Certification of drouth cases to WPA, none. . , . "HI—Gross total expended in county for above periods, 578,788.41. Slayer of Woman Among Those Who Enter Gnil- fy Pleas Here Four negroes, one of them accused of second degree murder, eii- Icrrci pleas of guilty before Circuit Judge G. F.. Keck here last Friday and were sentenced to serve terms In the state psnilentlary. Jamts Gibson pleaded guilty In the .slaying of a negro woman about a year ago and wtis .sentenced to seven years Imprisonment. He had teen arrested recently after lieln; at liberty. for many months, another negro, resentful of attentions paid Ills' wife by the slayer, reporting him to an officer. Walter Harris admitted the biir- ilnry of a Clear Lake rural store and was given two years on n grim:) larceny charge, jseiitence on the burglary charge being suspsnded. E. L. Lemons and Willie Thonnis, negro youths, entered picas of guilty to robbery and burglary In connection with thefts and a Iioldnu lit nn East Mnln slrce| grocery several weeks ago tvnil were sentenced !o three years In the stale industrial home on burglary charges, judgment and sentence In the robbery oases being suspended. The nsgroes will bu transported to (lie slate penal institutions today. THREE Dies at Peoria Dr. ami 'Mrs. A, M. formerly of here mid now of Baston, were called to Peorln, II)., by the death of Mrs. Wnshtiim's fnllier, Sam Lnngilon, who dletl 'lHuisdny, Mr. Lniigcloii, who had visited hero several times, wi\s coimeclwl with Die American Si'iillng Co. . Hi: !.i also survived by his wife. SANTA'S HEADQUARTERS FOR C at ist mas I When the volcano Krakatoa exploded, | n 1883. n-oops were mobll- Iml in Achrai, Sumatra, )07:i miles away, because tile unlives believed un nt(ack was being mulE K the city. >«//. CadJly-Faiiy-Wuity SNOW DOLLS Gas & Oil .Wrecker Service - CPiN ALL Nli'Hf Phillips Service Center Plumps 177 810 Harry Brunette, desperado cap- tural by G-men in a spectacular raid in New York, ducks the camera above, but he couldn't duck the life-term to which he was sentenced in Federal Court at Trenton, N. j:, when lie pleaded guilty to kidnaping a state trooper. Note the leg irons thnt shackle him. "IV.—Average •benefits based 01 monthly counts- above, $5,809.00." Odd Incident Brings Fan Mail to Teacher iMOUNIJSVILLE, W. Va. (UP) — -fc£"or Menjert, teacher, bas received scores- of Tan 'inters "since she discovered that one of h»r pupils "sees backward." Miss Mengert brought to the attention of .newspapers the case of 11-year-old Harold Elliott, victim of an ailment which causes ills eyes to convey all objects as if they were reflected in a mirror. Since tlien she has received letters from all parts of the country, suggesting methods of treatment for the boy or asking for further details of the case. One—from a Texas farmer—proposed marriage. Head Courier News Want Ads Ohioan;: Hide "Snow Trains" CLEVELAND. (UP) — To give Clevslanders a taste of winter sports In the country, two railroads this winter are running "snow trains" to Pennsylvania towns for weekends. [Slain; Buried by Murderer iVictim Of a mystery murder, the body of Mrs. Arthur C. Utter- tack, 33, above, was found in a shallow grave behind her farm home near Wichita, Kan. She had been strangled and beaten with an ax. An itinerant farmhand, until recently employed on the farm, was sought by po- fi£.' Mrs, Utterback was the <jy//e of an official o[ the Federal ! Land Bank in Wichita. 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