The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas on May 14, 1959 · Page 2
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The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas · Page 2

Ottawa, Kansas
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Thursday, May 14, 1959
Page 2
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^ Tne (yTTAWA HERALD I Thursday. May 14, 195C Big Eight Track Meet On Friday At Norman NORMAN, Okla. (AP)-There'll be defending champions in 10 of 14 individual events in the Big Eight Conference track and field meet/ here tomorrow and Saturday but all will have to hustle to keep their honors. The 31st annual meet begins at 3 p. m. tomorrow with 10 preliminary events. The 16-event final card is scheduled for 1:30 p. m. Saturday. Heading the roster of returning champions are double winner Ernie Shelby of Kansas in the broad jump and low hurdles and a pair of conference record-holders. -, In the latter category are Aubrey Dooley of Oklahoma State, who holds the pole vault record at 14 feet 9 inches, and Mike Peake of Colorado, who set a new standard for the 880 at Columbia, Mo., last year at 1:50. Shelby won the broad jump at 24 feet 3 inches and beat teammate Charlie Tidwell with a 22.5 burst in the low hurdles. It was well under the conference mark of 23.3 but was disallowed because of a tailwind barely over'the 4.47 mile per hour speed. Oklaboma boasts defending champions in Dee Givens,, who won the dOO-yard dash in 9.5, and Gail Hodgson, the smooth-striding South African, whose 4:07.6 mile has been exceeded in this meet only by Wes Santee in 1953. Santee's time was 4:06.3. Other 1958 winners striving to repeat will be Deloss Dodds, Kansas State quartermiler; John Book, Kansas javelin thrower; Bernie Frakes, Colorado's two- miler and Bob Cannon, Kansas high jumper. Book is given little chance to hold onto his javelin laurels because he will be competing against teammate Bill Alley, holder of the American record at 270 feet 1 % inches. Book's winning heave last year was 215 >/4. Kansas is a prohibitive favorite to win its eighth straight conference outdoor title. Young Golfers Invade Tourney WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS, W. Va. (AP) — The "youngsters" in golf will try to break through the "old guard" again }n the Sam Snead Festival beginning today. Only twice in the 12 years of the tournament staged on Snead's home grounds have so-called newcomers been able to outscore the veterans. That was in 1949 when Cary Middlecoff took it at the age of 28 and Herman Scharlau in 1954 at the age of 33, but making his first professional tour. Gary Player, not yet 23, made the latest challenge last year when he tied Snead at 264 strokes for the 72 holes. The youngster from South Africa bowed to Snead, however, on the fifth extra hole. Player is among the 58 pros aiming at Snead for the tournament running through Sunday. Snead will be the one to beat although he will be 47 later this month. Bowling Scores SCRATCH LEAGUE Team 1—1 High 10-30—D. Heckman, 204, 528. Tcani 2—3 High 10—C. Strickland, 197. High 30—J. Humerlckhnuse, 544. Team 3—I High 30-30—S. Wolgast, 235, 639. Team 4—0 • High 10-30~-D. Burgeon, 200, 558. Team 8— Z High 10-30—B. Nicholas, 186, 525. Team 6—2 High 10-30—C. Rockers, 218, 527. WED. NUiHT WOMEN'S LEAGU Mteher's Floor Service—1 High 10—Llnneman, 16E>. . High SO—R. Van Lconen, 419. Peoples National Bank—3 High 10—V. Hotfman, 191. High 30—R. Carlson, 501. Home Improvement—1 High 10—B, Pogue, 167. High SO—M. Milton, 434. Kansas State Bank—3 High 10-30—A. Wolgast, 201, 484. Maracaibo Oil—4 • High 10-30—S. Wolgast, 195, 655. i'nides Auxiliary—0 High 10—B. Thorpe, 146. High 30—B. Maloncy, 413. Moore Chevrolet—4 High 10-30— G. Whltacre, 228, 667. Towner's—0 High 10—Malllcoat. 174. High 30—Mock, 462, THRU SAT. Breath Taking Action Th. Adv«nti<r»u> Uf* Story •( HARRY BLACK ANP THE TICER r ^*y... eown t« pe I.UWE PLUS - DOPHYMAIDNE •TARNISHED rANGELS, HlLLlKtil Drive-In A-A-A-H, HE'S OVER — Breathless tension mounts, as one contestant after another flies over the pole vault bar dur. Ing the Ot'.awa grade school track meet at Cook Field Wednes- Winners Are Named In Grade Track Meet day afternoon. Here, the youthful crowd tenses as Ronnie Boyer, Garfield, sails to third place In the heavyweight division. Young athletes from 0 t t a- wa's grade schools competed in the annual City Meet at Cook Field Wednesday afternoon. Team winners aren't named, as the meet is held on an in dividual basis. All events are run in weight classes, with boys and girls competing. Competing were youngsters from Ottawa's four grade schools, members of 4th, 5th and 6th grades. The results, (G for Garfield, EF for Eugene Field, H for Hawthorne and L, for Lincoln); BOYS Lightweight 50-yard dash: 1, Adamson. EF; 2, Hardnge, G; S, Bond, L; 4, Seymour. G. :8 2. Middleweight 50-yard dash: 1, Wle- neke, EF; 2. Gilroy, EF; 3, Johnson, L; i. Dorking G. :7.0. Heavy sn-ysrd dash: 1, Altlc, L; 2, Davis, L; 3, Cook, EF; 4, Hopkins, EF. GIRLS Liehtweight DOryard clash: 1, Graham, L; 2. Thompson. H; 3, Richardson, L; 4, Fink, EF. :8.0. Middleweight 50-yard dash: 1, Small, L; 2, Pnrk, EF; 3, Ames, H; 4, Harper, EF. :7.1. Heavy 50-yard dash: 1, Kasper, L; 2, Warren, H; 3, Hooblng. L; 4, Speer. :6.8. Llplitwclerht 75-yard dnsh: 1. Bowling T3F; 2. Hardnre.- G; 3, Anderson, H; 4, Pertly, L. :10.8. Mlddlc-weiKht 75-yarrl dash: 1. Wle- nekp. EF: 2. Gllroy, EF; 3, Buck, L; 4. Henrickson, H. :10.1. HeavywclKh 75-vard dash: 1, Altlc, L' 2. Cook. EF; 3. Boyer, G; 4, Clevenger EF. :9.9. 01RLS Lightweight shuttle reliy: 1. Garfield Bovcr, Dav. Warnoek, Warnock^; 2. Lin coin: 3, Hawthorne; 4, Eugene Field ;30.3. GIRLS Middleweight F.liuttle relay: 1. Haw thorne fAmes. Coltrane. Clayborne. Tay lor); 2, G-rfleld; 3, Eugene Field; 4, Lincoln. :29.9. Heavy shuttle relay: 1. Lincoln fHoo- hlnK. Kasner, Bond. Kasner^: 2, Garfield; 3, Hawthorne; 4, Eugene Field :28.0. new record, old mark :29.3 by Lincoln in 1S49. BOYS Llphlwelght shu'tlp relav; 1. Lincoln (Bond. Johnfon, Peffly. Jones; 2. Eucene FIcM; 3. GarfleM; 4, Hawthorne. :30.J. nc" - record, old mark :30.2 by Lincoln. 105J: Eugene Field, 1953. Mlddlewclpht-shuttlR relay: 1, Eugene Field fWlnnek(>. Gllroy. Franks, Jame> son); 2, Lincoln: 3, Garfield; 4, Ha-*' thnrne. He*vy shuttle relay: 1. Lincoln (Da- vfs, Word'vitid. Dean, Altic): 2. Eugene Field: 3, Hawthprne; 4, Garflelrt. :27.8, n«v record, old mark :28.4 by Lincoln. GIRLS Lightweight softball throw: 1. Stevens, L; 2. C.istro, H; 3, Gibbons, L; 4, Carter. H. 90-7. Miiidleweipht Softball throw: 1. Richardson. EF; 2. Taylor, H; 3, Payne, L: 4. Crevlston, G. 63-6. Heavy Softball throw: 1, Edwards. L; 2. Specr. G; 3, Thompson, EF; 4 ,Wlse, EF. 116-11. BOYS Lightweight broad Jump: 1, Jones. H: 2. Seymour, G; 3, Bond, L: 4, Sheldon, G. 13-3. Middleweight broad jumn: 1. Jameson, EF: 2, Mavlty. EF; 3, Mendel!, 2; 4, DePrlest, L. 12-8. Heavy brnad .lump: 1. Boyer. G; 5. Smith. G; 3, Woodward and Kltts, L, tie. 13. +TAUY+ Thurs. • Fri. - Sat. IT'S THE BI6, GARNER nni n ppocnuti 'MAVERICK' «.«.-.,,; WiMirfntolW STORY OF THE ««mni pxtuni r AMERICAN COMMANDOS! v See your Favorite TV Star on Big Movie Screen, James "Maverick" Garner organize a commando- type unit of American Rangers that spearhead a landing assault in N. Africa, then move on to Sicily and up the boot of Italy where they blunt the German push that would have forced the Allies back into the sea. Plus COLOR BvTECHMCOLOR Lightweight nigh jump: 1, McCrecry, H; 2. Sheldon and Danlclson, G, tie; 4. Johnson and DePrlest, L., and Honn, EF. tie. D-S. Middleweight high Jump: 1, Conus and Dorklns, G, tic; 3, DePrcst, L; 4, Alderman, EF. and Cooper, L, tic. 4. Heavy high Jump: 1, Carter, H; 2, Lanpdon. H, Shepherd, und Reed. EF, and NIcewander and Woodward, L, tie. 4-2. Lightweight pole vault: 1, Bowling, EF; 2, Jones, L; \ Anderson, H; 4. Haworth. H, and Kilie, EF. tic. 7-3. Middleweight pole vault: 1, Mavily, EF; 2, Dorklns. G; 3, Payne, L; 4, Evernon, H. 7-4. Heavy pole vault: 1, Dean. L, and Shepherd, EF; 2, Boytr, G, and Davis. 7-S',5. Devoted To Task Of Beating U. S. MUIRFIELD, Scotland (AP) — American Walker Cup golfers play this weekend against a man who is so devoted to the thought of beating them that he has hit 600 practice shots a day since October. The man is Joe Carr, a 37-year- old Irishman who was porn and raised on a golf course in Dublin and who has spent. much of his time playing golf ever since. Carr and Reid Jack, a 35-year- old Scottish insurance man, form the backbone of the British Walker Cup team which meets the Americans under Captain Charles Coe in scotch foursomes Friday and in singles Saturday. The matches will be over'Muir- field's 6,806-yard seaside links. British hopes of winning the Walker Cup for the first time since 1938 and for only the second time in history are higher this year than ever before. Carr strung lights across part of the little Sutton course which borders his Dublin home. All winter long, without missing a single night, he made 600 or more practice shots. The American players are: Thomas Aaron, Gainesville, Ga.; Deane Beman, Silver Spring, Md.; Jack Nicklaus, Columbus, Ohio; Ward Wettlaufer, 23, Buffalo, N. Y.; William Hyndman, Philadelphia; Billy Joe Patton, Morgantown, N.C.; Dr. Frank Taylor. Pomona, Calif.; Coe, Oklahoma City; and Harvie Ward, San Francisco. Clock Speedboat At 260 Miles CONISTON, England (AP) Donald Campbell drove his speedboat Bluebird twice over a meas ured kilometer today for an official record of 260 miles an hour. The old record, set by Campbell on the same stretch of Coniston Lake last November, was 248.62 m.p.h. In the first of today's two runs —one in each direction—required by international rules, Campbell's sleek jet-powered craft hit 275 miles an hour. ' Coming back over the measured kilometer the British ace was clocked at 245 m.p.h. For record purposes, the average of the two runs is the official speed. As he completed his second ter rific burst down the lake, Campbell said over his ship-to-shore radio: "I^m afraid i have missed it. I was slow in." But after a long delay the official timers confirmed that he had set a new mark. The new record was IS miles slower, however, than the target Campbell set when he announced in January that he would try to raise his mark. OOPS! BARS TOO HIGH — Hurdling that high jump is no easy trick, but the young contestants at Cook Field Wednesday kept on trying. Here, Carl Johnson, Lincoln, gives the jump another go. (Photos by Lloyd Ballhagen) STARTS SUNDAY AVHflE NAME RUSSELL And Cartoon Reg, Adm. 25c and 50c And for Comedy ••MMM TOM _ MICKEY picture tops the I book) 1 The picture JANICE LITTLE BANK THAT SHOULD BE ROBBED Larry Day Named "0" Club President Larry Day, junior from Ottawa, was elected president of the Ottawa University "0" Club for 1959-60. Day succeeds Bob Knight. Dave Owen, Overland Park junior, was elected vice president and Don Martin, Overbrook sophomore, is the new secretary-treasurer. The club will leave Friday on its annual trip into Arkansas. ADULTS ONLY No One under 16 Admitted unless with Parent ENDS TONIGHT Shows — 7 - 8:45 •WHY DOES THIS BEAUTIFUL FRENCH GIRL WANT HEM JBABY BMW IN PUBLIC? 'The Case of Dr. Laurent' FRI. -- SAT. A Great Western SUMNHAYWARO jwowiiira^ MIRRORS Beveled and Plain Edge For Any Room in Your Home SUFFRON Glass Co. 418 N. Main Ph. CH 2-2515 Officials Selected For Track Meet Here Can Ottawa University win lour annual league track meet. Pre- • . • .«. i »«»*•« 1 *« * . t i . • ... . straight ships? KCAC track champion- That question will be answered Friday when eight KCAC schools descend upon Cook Field for the OHS Golfers Win In Paola Meet PAOLA — Ottawa High School golfers nipped Paola 161-165 in a 9-hole match at the Paola Country Club, Wednesday. Fred Collier and Jim Corlis led Ottawa with 38 each. Jeeper Deputy had a 42 and Rod Lennard shot a 43. The match cpmpleted the sea son for Ottawa. The Cyclones took second in the league. BOL.EMS ROTARY MOWERS • Instant htight adjustment • Sttp-O-Matic starting • Handy All-in-l control • Soft all-stetl base ASK US TO OTTAWA TRACTOR & Impl. Co., Inc. 119 £. 2nd CH 2-4400 BLUE MOON DANCE May 9 — Billy Cox and His Covered Wagon Boys For Reservations Call CH 2-2640 or CH 2-9824 (Open for Parties Any Night During the Week) OTTAWA BOWL 41814 N. Main Phone CH ,1-9741 TWILIGHT LEAGUE Sunrise Dairy— 1 1st 2nd Bud Fowler .......... 162 183 G. Foster ............ IK 125 C. Cayot ............. 131 207 M. Plerson .......... 112 180 D. Rybolt ............ 162 161 Ottawa Bu* Service— 3 F. Djayu ............. 178 188 D. Smay ............. 177 173 B. Hughes ........... 209 136 B. Flgglns ........... 192 175 G. Ainiworlh ......... 119 154 L. Stewart ........... 145 182 D. Hlgclon .......... 143 164 N. Carlson ........... 15D 160 D. Hlrd .............. 125 114 C. Bcckner ........... 133 141 Kcnnolt Nil. 2 — 1 L. Kramer ........... 168 128 C. Koch ............. 143 121 B. Ogle .............. 138 138 G. Bowman ......... 123 146 C. Dodrt .............. 151 177 Bob'* « lollies— 0 Rodger .............. 118 136 Plerfon .............. 123 156 Mack ............... l>3 126 Alban .............. 140 134 Conrad ............. 166 1S7 Laurtder-It, Inc. — 4 B. Johannes ......... 189 188 P. Hlntz ............ 181 145 L. Blen .............. 127 131 D. Klllion ........... 15fl 198 3rd T'l 12S 470 134 432 134 472 137 420 180 503 180 546 125 475 149 494 163 532 135 40t 179 506 131 43S 157 47! 140 3V9 167 441 150 44( 152 ItC 154 130 174 44:! 180 508 148 402 138 415 153 4-a 146 41H 181 So6 182 561 151 1ST 1B2 42S 196 544 COMMERCIAL LEAGUE A*P Store—3 1st Jones 150 Crane 194 Jones 172 Crane .....153 Texaco—1 Page 177 Simmons 156 UJUffleld 137 Hurhln 152 Weldmann's Tire-Ball.—I R. Lewis ]S3 F. Ferguson 152 L. Ferguson 166 E. Fergu.«&c 1B3 C. Kerf ley 102 Ollrs Body Shop—0 L. Bell 140 B. Weldner 1SS R. Lambert 155 E. Bc-jer 122 O. Motelet 178 Todd Insurance—4 H. Kramer R. Armstrong "Red" Shclner C. Bertram .......... 1S7 146 168 501 . ISO . 211 . 170 . 200 . 190 'Tip' 'Kramer "Bill" Wenthe Honn's Cltleit Service—0 V. Honn 160 G. Gorton 1S5 B. Abbott 122 L. Chambers 139 Al Hopkins 132 2nd 3rd 135 161 160 192 178 159 175 151 169 164 167 167 142 186 161 393 150 166 Ifi4 14S 110 138 171 181 141 15D 138 1S9 178 123 142 171 MO 165 166 179 1S5 192 140 140 154 187 175 128 135 192 161 179 143 IIS 118 116 135 149 145 143 Tl 44f. 546 5W> 47S 510 400 465 50(i 449 464 4U 515 467 4 Ml 46S 427 523 51)7 491 511 513 517 500 397 .Til 42;! liminaries start at 10 a.m., with the finals felting underway at 2 p.m. pttawa University Coach Bill Boucek expects tough competition from Bethel and McPherson. Other competing schools are, Baker, College of Emporia, Bethany, Kansas, Wesleyan and Friends. Biil Hargis, Central Intercolle g i ate Conference commis sioner, will be the starter of the meet. Claude Webb is chief scor er. Tom Herrill is starts clerk and Clausle Smith is finish clerk. Announcers are Barry Rhode and Jon Pritchard. Dave Schattgen is in charge of the finish string. The timers are, Reid Harder, Wayne Angell, Jim O'Dell and Howard White. Pickers for pWe winners are, Jim Grogen, Lee Casida, Quincy Seymour, John Wassmer, Howard Deputy. Dale Willhite, Stan Johnsen, Jess Gilmore, Red Schultz, Chuck Langdon and Olin McCool. The broad jump will be run off by Chuck Pierce, Norman Bastion, Daye Berthoff; shot put, Larry Day, Jim Maendele and Tim Heitman; high jump, Don Morris, Dennis Smith; javelin, Ed Bender, Clarence Whitesell, Loyce Heitman; pole vault, Bob Bundy, Jim Heitman; discus, Norman Bastton, Ted Gates, Carl Anderson, Larry Day. There is no admission charge. Do You Know We have genuine Wagner Brake por/s ancf hose for all cars and trucks. CURBY AUTO SUPPLY 424 S. Main CH 2-3224 Ottawa Girls Score 6-5 Win Leoti Jones tripled home a run in the bottom of the sixth to give the Ottawa Girl's softballtteanva 6-5 win over Smokey Joe's Wildcats at Forest Park last night. ; 0ttawa held a 5-3 lead going into the sixth, when the Kansas City team pushed over two runs to tie the count. Doris Parsons was walked to start the Ottawa sixth. Parsons advahced to third and Jones hit a triple to right field to drive in the run. Margie Bernhardt hurled for Ottawa and gave up seven hits. Miskec, Smokey Joe's pitcher, allowed only five hits, but gave up six walks. Ottawa will meet Peck's Good Girls Saturday at Forest Park. Smokey Joe's—8 AB R Lamar, » 2 1 Kuahen, ct 4 1 Mlskce, p 30 Mandell, c 2 0 W'hsm'n, c 0 0 Hoaltr. Ib 3 0 J. M'd'l, 3b 3 0 Harton, 2b 3 1 McMInn, If 3 1 Frasler, r( 3 1 Ottawa—• H 1 McEt'e, Sb 1 Parsons, 3b 1 Camon, 1C i! Th'ps'n, Ib 0 73'h'dt, p 0 McCoy, II 0 .Tones, c 2 Th't'n, ef 1 Nofi'g'r, et 1 Bennett, »f ail'and, 2b AB 4 1 4 3 4 9 3 I 1 1 1 R H 1 1 2 9 0 0 0 3 0 0 0 0 2 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Totals 26 5 7 Total! 26 « 6 W— BenVhardt (2-0) L—Mlskec. Score by Innings: Smckejr Joe's 003 002—5 Ottawa. OU 211—« PUMPS and Water Systems From 25 Ft. to 400 Ft. Deep • Plastic Pipe %»' to 2" • All Fittings and Clamps • Well Seals • Check Valves • Pump Jacks • Pump Leathers • Sump Pumps It's a Bargain If BUDGE'S Has It BUDGE'S Hardware and Plumbing 117 S. Main CH 2-2371 PENNEYlS MEN'S COOL STRAWS $^98 Yes, thanks to millions \ of tiny air holes be- \- ^;' tween the fibres, this!'-/ V^ genuine hand - woven ;?„ fVC- straw keeps you air * ,z icA conditioned! And see p < how you save! 3 colors i L ONLY 1.98 FOR A COOL STRAW! Summer Straws $ 1 Feather - light Hopoka straw . . . neatly crafted with smart pinch front, 2%-inch brim and a sharp, solid color band! Sand, natural, slate, more. v* >/y&; sj'* *$& &M. • ™y^w&&~ ^ w i ->X^ N jTx^ , - w ^ u^« WESTERN STYLE PAINTED TOYOS $198 1 Pardner ... this Is your hat! Penney'a makes 'em with a large S 1 /^inch brim to keep the sun out of your eyes, Rancher crease, shape retaining wire in edge.

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