Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on March 4, 1952 · Page 18
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 18

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 4, 1952
Page 18
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EIGHTEEN EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD M TUESDAY, MARCH 4, 1952 Phone 4600 for a WANT AD Taker General Ike An Office Duffer Winterized Feet Prevents Colds DENVER—(IN§>—Denver podia- PARIS-UNS)- General DwighU trists , specializing ir care and treat- D. Eisenhower's job as Commander i ment of feet ' say half as many of NATO forces in Europe leaves : Americans could avoid the common little time for recreation. The Gen-; cold - KJ** feet are properly "wm- eral doesn't play golf as often as he;itemed." would' like I Tlle specialists recommended ' . ., , _„.„_ ji three major precautions to take: Recent visitors to SHAPE and! ' ^ tecr fMt- nervous secretaries report; Ike has stockings found a way to mix 'work and; '* ' * oversnoes can often re . play." They say thac in the midst of i ,„ cyatchill ft cold _ and is an informal conversation or while j sometlmes worse than fai!ure to dictating he gets up from his desk' cj . £he feet and walks to a corner in his office.! 2 _ AUow feet to .. breat he" prop- In the corner there are two golf| erly . Don , t wear „,„„«., or over . clubs, a driver and an iron. j shoes jndoors or for i ong periods ot "Ike" judiciously selects one and| t j me A i so the podiatrists advise returns to the middle of the room, j wearing heavy-soled slices to permit Prom then on the conversation is; a j r to circulate around the foot, punctuated by the deadly "swish" of! evaporating excess perspiration, the club as the General drives im- j 3—if feet develop blisters or sores, aginary balls onto mirage greens.! check with your physician or podi- Secretaries admit they have trouble | atrist, since chilblains may cause keeping their minds on the dictation, serious complications if neglected. The experts suggest keeping the feet warm by wearing two pairs of lightweight stockings instead of one heavy .pair. In extremely co'd weather, it is advised that men Radio Programs TUESDAY, MARCH 4, 1352 The programs listed below are supplied by the loc»l radio statlorii. which are responsible tor their accuracy. This space Is provided without eh»rg« by th« Tlniei as a fen-ice to listeners. TODAI P.M. 4:00 4:15 4:30 4:45 5:00 5:15 5:30 5:45 6:00 6:15 6:30 6:45 Blood-Money Agreement Ends Feud Of Tribes CAIRO— (IP)— The ancient method of settling disputes by "blood- money" agreements has been invoked to end a fatal feud between two tribes in the Aden protectorate, the Arab News Agency has 'reported. Feuding between the Awdalies ani Beidhanles tribes had brought death to about 50 men on both sides. Under the agreement reached, each tribe will submit a list of names of men killed. Each dead Awclali will 7:00 7:15 7:30 7:45 8:00 8:15 8:30 8:4= 9:00 9:15 9:30 9:45 10:00 10:15 10:30 10:45 be written Baidhani. off against a dead The tribe that comes out with the should wear thin cotton socks under medium-weight wool socks. Women have been advised to wear cotton "feet" under their nylon stockings to keep feet warm. Other suggestions concerning proper care of feet included wiggling the toes to keep up correct blood circulation, and buying roomy shoes in case the feet have a tendency to swell in cold weather. Podiatrists advise women with <-'ry chapped skin to apply lanolin or baby oil on the feet and legs each night at bedtime. 11:00 11:15 11:30 11:45 least men killed will pay the blood- money to the relatives of the dead i Apple For Teacher Gels men of the tribe having the most! . _, - _. men killed. Education Board Okay Sometimes you con leorn more by watching the antics of an Idiot than by listening to the words of o wise man. (?1 " t * MOLINE, 111— (/Pj—Is it ail right to give the teacher an apple? The Moline Board of Education says it is, provid.Lng the teacher has no hand in collecting money to pay for it.' That's the gist of a new rule being written into the redrafted rules and regulations of the board. Soviet Subway Stations MOSCOW — (/P) — The Moscow "Metro", or subway, has recently opened four new stations, bringing the total to 35. The subway, now 17 years old, has 28.2 miles of track. Mr. Sidney A. Starters 603 Kent Avenue "Y«t, (eabla TV it practical and an economical way to r«c»Kr» TV) bacaui« the homt owti*r has no antenna maintenance cost or installa- tion coit." For Cabta TV Initatlation Set ... Potomac Valley Television 100 S. Liberty St. Phone 4908 12:00 WTBO 1490 KO Backstage Wife (NBC) Stella Dallas (NBCi • Wlddcr Brown. (NBCI Woman In House (NBCI Five O'clock Show News Wills Creek Hoedown News; Van Hoby News Dick Haymes Show Play Radio Richard Harkness (NBC) David Rose Show World News (NBC) One Man's Family (NBC) Cavalcade of America Hollywood Theatre Bob Hope Show (NBC) Fibber i" Molly (NBCI Eddie Cantor (NBC) Robeu Montgomery Hour of Dreams News ol World (NBC) What's The Score (NBCI News Irom NBC—Slffn off WCCM . 1490 KC FM 102.J MO Music by Antonlnl The Brighter Day (CBS) Treasury Bandstand Artistry in Music Guest Star Hillbilly Hits Newt Sports Roundup Old Timers' Club You . ud World Jack Smith (CBS) Freedom Story Edw'd R. Murrow (CBS) People Are Funny (CBS) Mr. & Mrs. North (CBSI Lilo with Luigl (CBS) pursuit ICBSI The Lineup (CBS) Harriman Address (CBS) News Analysis (CBS) Chuck -Foster Band 11:30 Weather; Sign Oil WDTK mo KO Mugsy's Matinee Sgt. Preston of Yukon Sky King; News (MBS) Local. National News Sam's Sport Spqflight Dinner Date Big Jon and sparky Fulton Lewis I Love A Mystery Silver Eagle (ABC) Election Returns Story of Dr. Kildaro Election Returns Election Returns Gabriel Hcatter Election Returns Election; 1, Sign Off A. M. TOMORROW <!:00 6:15 6:30 6:45 7:00 7:15 7:30 7:45 8:00 8:15 8:30 8:45 •9:00 9:15 9:30 9:45 10:00 10:15 10:30 10:45 11:00 11:15 11:30 11:45 Noon 12:15 12:30 12:45 1:00 1:15 1:30 1:45 2:00 2:15 2:30 2:45 3:00 3:15 or-f. 3:45 News; Mai Jones Show World News (NBCI Mai Jones Show Morning Meditations Codec Time Merry-Go-Round Helen the Homemaker Welcome Travelers (NBC) Double or Nothi'g (NBC) Strike It Hich Boh and Ray (NBC) Dave Garroway (NBC) MM-Day Music Mid-Day News News; Banastand Play Radio Kate Smith Lorenzo JOIIPS (NBC) Doctor's Wife iNBCi Ralph Edwards Show Afternoon Matinee Life Can Be B'tful (NBC) Road of Life (NBC) Pepper Young (NBC) Right to H'niness (NBC) 8:J9 Sign On Sundiil World News (CBS) Sundial News of America Friendship Hour Morning Melodies Arthur Godfrey (CBS) Memorable Musio Rosemary cCBS) Noon News Roundup Perry Mason (CBS) Helen Trent (CBS) Our Gal Sunday (CBS) Big Sister (CBS) Ma Perkins (CBSI Susan smith Time Guiding Light (CBS) News; Melody Ballroom Houscparty and Adams This I Believe News Musical Houndup; News First Call With Carroll Martin Agronsky (ABC) First Call With Carroll Breakfast Club (ABC) Mr True Story; News Marriage for Two (ABC) Against the Storm ABC Lone Journey When Girl Marrlts Break the Bank Curt Mass'y Time (MBS) Capitol commentary Jack Berch Show ABC Grandstand Bandstand Paul Harvey ABC Ted Malone Queen for a. Day MBS Ladies Fair; News Take A Number (ABC) Poole'n Paradise; News Joyce Jordan, M.D. Evelyn Winters ABC Television Highlights STATION WTTG (Washington. Channel 5! (Cumberland. Cable Zi TODAY fi:30 Moppet Movies 6:45 Time for Beany 7:0(1 Caplaln Video 7:30 Candid Camera. 7:45 Carl Berger—GovL Reporter 8:00 Bishop FuKon j. 6hcen 8:30 Keep Potted 9:00 Battle of The Anes 9:30 Quick on The Draw 10:00 Hands of Destiny 10:30 What's the Story? 11:15 Night Owl ThfBtre TOMORROW 10:15 Cartoon Theater 10:30 Early Bird Theater !!:00 Women's Club 12:30 Take the Brfak 1:00 Jnhnny GlFen'* Rumpus Room 1:30 Matinee Theater STATION W.IAC (Johnjtown. Channel 13) (Cumberland, Cable 4) TODAY 4.00 K«t. Smith Show .VOO Hawkins F.ilh S:1S Gabby Hayes 5:30 Howdy Doody 8:00 Sagebrush Trull 6:30 Trouble with Father 7:00 Kukla, Fran and Ollie 7:15 Flash Gordon 7:30 Dinah Shore Show 7:45 News Caravan 8:00 Star Theatre—Milton Bcrle 8:00 Fireside Theatre 9:30 Circle Theatre 10:00 Original Amateur Hour , 10:45 The Bob Consldine Show 11:00 Break the Bank 11:30 Diamond Theatre TOMORROW 10:1! Arthur Godfrey 10:30 Bride and Groom 10:45 Al Penrce Show 11:30 Strike It Rich 12:00 Langford-Amcchfc Show 13:45 Langford-Ameche Show 1:30 Garry Moore Show 3:30 The First Hundred Years 3:45 Mike and Buff 3:00 The Big Payoff 3:30 The Bert Parks Show Marble played an important part In building construction In Biblical times. VIC FLINT ' By Michael O'Malley MANNY WONT TOUCH THE WORTHA^ORE JEWEL* WITH A TWENTY-FOOT POLE. HOT HE WHAT XI'LL TELL SOU \ DO VOW \ AFTER IVE MEAWVJ *EEN UBBOf DRIVE BfV THE OFFICE, LOUIE. THAT MANNY 5CRA&& ON THE vOULD MAKE A CLAM LOOK ja LOUIE, 1 LOQUACIOUS-! ^N THOUeHT I COULDMT PUMP) WE LEARNED ' OUTA «A. A LOT. HIM. WELL. LOUIE. IP FINISHED TALKIN& CVER D TIMES- WITH MR. SCKAGS, HOW ABOUT By V. T. Hamlin ALLEY OOP , FOOZV. / WELL .WHATTA VOU IF HOLLtS WANTS I 6AY? 3HALL WE BE TO GO ON ATIME-V ON OUR WAY? OH, ALL RIGHT-. I STILL TH1 NK IT'S HOAX, BUT I OWE THINK HOLLO WILL RETURN CONVINCED YOU THE OPPORTUNITY TO PTOVE ME WRON& TRIP, HE'LL HAVE TO TAKE VOU A6 HIS GUIDE. By Leslie Turner BUT HE WAS QUITE UNREftSOJASLEiAMD WHILE I WAS WAVING THE GUM AROLJWD TO IMPRE53 HIWUT...YUELL, IT WENT OFF 6R£AT 5COTT1 ARMED ROBBERY 15 WHAT IT WOULD'VE AMOUNTED TO IF YOU'D SUCCEE- HMM 1 . JAWE, LEMM& SEE THAT AFRICAM CARVING AGAIN 1 THE AFRICAN PRIMITIVE WE CALLED "SQUATTING ZOMBIE". I HAD SERVED SIX MOUTHS FOR STEALING IT, 50 I FIGURED IT WOW BELOWGED TO ME! VOU MAKE ME £OUNt> LIKE A CRIM- IWALi EASY! I HAD MERELY GOME TO SUGGEST THAT HE HAMD OVIER SOMETHING WHICH WAS RIGHTFULLY MIME AWYWAY- ''V-. IF VOU WEREN'T OUT FOR REVJEW6E AFTER ALEEP RAILROADED YOU TO DID VOU BWOT KIM, JANE ? WHAT WAS THAT 2 PRISCILLA'S POP By Al Vermeer WATCW THIS, CARLYLE! V WATCH ME WAVE SOME FUN WITH YOUR MOTHER! r^ 3-4 OH, HAZEL! WHEN YOU GO SHOPPING WILL YOU TAKE NAY MEAD ALONG- AND GET IT A HAIRCUT? CERTAINLY, DEAR! JUST SET IT ON THE KITCHEN THAT'S THE TROUBLE WITH WOMEN... NO SENSE OF HUMOR.' LI'L ABNER By AI Cap? HERE COME f WE. T AH , THET S NEVAH 1 WANTS CHEAP LI'L I SPENDS J T'HIRE. VARMINX «/A CENT, \> A FUTURE^ ON LESS J WEBDIN" YOKUM. < :'> ME jSsunvr GOTTA. 1 ? 1 A^- I » >-^i WHOSE L-J MAH WECSDIM;/ NEPHEW ., MAY r-\ LI'L A&MER'S ) DID AH i \WEDDINJ' 1< HE A^? ) f TDAISV W MAKE: A MAE- Jl UP MS MIND? 3 ^ HE DIDN'T.T'-IN FACK.HE DOMT KNOW NOTHIN' ABOUT rr~YET/r BUTAH S-SO MD' DO, FUTURE YOKUM.? IT'S ONCARTHCY, HOW VO' KNOWS. TH'FUTURE.'-' RIGMT/r-AW'AH WOULDN'T SPEMD NO NICKEL A DAY, REMTIKl'MO WEDDIN' SUIT OMLESS THAR WAS GONNJA BE A WEDDIN' RIGHT.''.''- HAIN'T ONE T' TOSS ^ORE MONEN AROUND, CARELESS-LI KE.7 RUSTY RILEY RI6HT7..WEU BE THERE IN A PEW MINUTES.. SAY, CHIEF, THE DRIVER OF A MORSE VAN Pf?OM MILESTONE FARM SAYS HE WAS ATTACKED ON THE HISMWAY ANt? HIS VAN AND A HORSE STOLEN/ HE'S CALL-INS PTOM JERRY'S SMACK: BAR / By Frank Godwin [ THE POLICE'LL BE HEBE, ^ SURE, PRONTO, RU5Ty...YOU WATCH k TEX . > FOR 'EM WHILE i PHONE THE ^BAP NEWS TO MR.MILES/ > w:: ;OPR. Hit KING rEATUKCS SYNDICATE. In*.. WORLD RIGHT* RESERVED. WAYLAlp BV THUGS SUNBEAM'S SON" STEVE CANYON By 'Milton Cantff WHAT PO YOU MEAN, PE. SUMMIT •z STEVENSON, MY BOX, YOU'AND SUMMER. HAVE DoNg SOMETHIN6 THE UNITED? STATES AIR, FOECE HAS BEEN UNABLE TO ACCOMPLISH... -X** ^i'lL, ...._! I KNOW you TWO CAN'T! TAKE TIME OFF TO BE f MARRIED UNTIL MY -** EXPERIMENTS AEE REAP/ TO CO TO ASIA FOR FIELD 50 I HAVS FINALLY SET THIS PATE FOR.THE WIND-UP! HOWEVER, I MUST TELUTMIS TO THE AIR FORCE 50 THAT AN AIRPLANE WILL 5EHERETD CARRY THE MATERIALS-AN P YOU To THE PAP-EAST...' YOUR. PATE 15 A MONDAY.' SINCE- YOU ALWAYS KNOCK OFF ON fRIPAY NI<3HT. —MAYBE SUMMER AND I COULD BE MARRIED FRIPAY/ HAVE A WKKENP HONE/' MOON, ANP I COULP LEAVE MONDAY ON SCHEDULE... ._ANP PONT THINK ICWT KNOW WHO ELSE THOUGHT OPJ "~" THAT SAME PLAN i" RIP KIRBY By Alex Raymond BUT WHY-WOULD JOB SEVEN BE IN SUCH A RUSH TO KILL RICKY / LAMBERT.'.WHY DIDNT HE GIVE] YOU A CHANCE TO TALK MONICA OUT OF HER INFATU/m4>N-j> WHO KNOWS? 7^3^ / SEVEN IS AS «. ' , .COMPLEX AS HE > ^^-^r.f- \IS EUTHLESS.^j '. tINO ftATPttj f TVCltf Tt. JM. JTQ RtJ » HE'D STOP AT NOTHIMS IF/ DO YOU THINK SEVEN MW ^ HE THOUGHT HIS f-r-^HAVE HEARD REFOCTS A03UT DAU6HTE(?'S/»*V AN ELOPEMENT OR SOMETHING HAPPINESS j&M THAT MAPE HIM WAS AT HO .-if DECIDE TO ANYTHING \S POSSIBLE WHEEI JOE SEVEN IS CONCERNED...HE HAS WAYS OF FINDING THINGS OUT...I THINK I'D BETTER HAVE A CHAT.WITH CAPTAIN CARfAQOyOFTHE HOMICIDE BUREAU' BUGS BUNNY HE(?E COV\E£ THAT- CAWWOT- FIL.CHIINKS PWETEW I'M NOT HOME-/ THE WXCKY WA&3IT •STOPPEC? KNOCKING ON TH' [TOOK / HE U&T HAVE GONE.' 3-V J K BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES ' By Edgar Martin NOO \I GOT ft PIN TIM TYLER'S LUCK By Lyman Young ' sree^M is MAPSHY- r NlPA VILLAGE.' HOW THtFlBSI STB6AMOMTHE SWWG W- rms is , FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By Merrill Blotter Mow D'YA LIKE TMOSE ) DoMtTesjse,juMOR---]Sl APPLES, HUB-CAP ? J TUG HOOPFEST ATTABOY, VAMDYKE: KEEP ^-C OVER, YET/ MYRTLE By Dudley Fisher

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