The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on May 8, 1930 · Page 1
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 1

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 8, 1930
Page 1
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s VOLUME XXXV, XC1. MOW LL FOB CHAIR TO TAKE CI Entered as second class matter, Oct. 4, 1895, at post office at Tipton, Ind., under the act of March 5, 1879 TIPTON, INDIANA; THURSDAY EVENING,! MAY S, 1030. Party Organizations) Perfected at Fall Electibri SEVERAL MENTIONED Successful Candidates Six Months in Which Make Campaign; With the selection dates for the two- parties, to be voted for November i , and the primary a thing of ths past, interest turns to the selection -if party chairmen and ether offi- ;'.eials of the county organizations. [The ' candidates - now have • six mouths in which to n ike their (campaign and some of I hem will he on the job consistently. In fact .some halve been on the job without let lip for some time! of candi- ing the interests of tjlieir campaign. The select ion of a cokinty chairman is no small matter and to secure a man who willj devote his time to the .work" sometimes is a diffinult task. The selection, of the chairman is made >y the pre cinct committeemen no in nated at the'primary. The presen: Hepub liean chairman is Dudlc ins and the Democrat chairman is Claude Lonks, former sheriff. Several names are being mentioned as possible selections for chairmen on both .parties. The law fixes 1:00 o'clock May 10 as the time fori the hew precinct committeemen to meet and organize and stipulates that the present county Will Be e for Have to Relic of Last iDay of pisitania Possessed by New York Mali New York, May 8.—A water- stained copy of the new bulletin issued to passengers on the Lusitania on the day she was torpedoed, by; a German submarine, fifteen yeaTS ago, has come into the possession here of Gabriel Wells. When the bulletin was issued on May 7, 1915, Julius V. Hook, who now lives in England, was then assistant deck steward of the Lusitania, put a copy in his pocket, planning to read it later. As the ship sank. Hook was struck by some object which knocked him unconscious, he told Mr. Wells, and floated for a time before being rescued. The bulletin was still • in his pocket. MAN BEATEN, Titled Winner in Glider Meet KILLS SELF W. J. Fulton, Defeated for Lake County Post, Ends His Life. Vurther- BANK Li FOUND BY FAMILY Alleged Use of "Repeaters" in Primary, Brought on Despondency. Three Bandits Robbed Bank Thursday, and Made Escape. THE SECOND VISIT Field- Saturday. chairmen shall not later than Friday, May 0. issue a call giving j t ic time and place for the county organization meeting. . Claude Louks. chairman of the Democrat committee has issued a call for precinct committeemen to meet at the courthouse Saturday aflerrfoon at one o'clock to select, a chairman. From all indications' Frank B. Russell, I local attorney will be the next Democrat county chairman ak his name is most prominently mentioned. Dudley Fielding, present chairman of the Republican-party has also issued a call foij precinct committeemen from that party to meet Saturday for the |same purpose. The selection is majde by the precinct committeemen chairman names .his anld the secretary: Vice chairmen of the. opposite sex are;:also selected. The ones: serving at this time are Mrs. Blanche Mount on the Repub ican side' and Mrs. Irene Finley for the -Democrats. Candidates at the jrecent pri -i mary should not forget that thew are required. to file expense accounts with the county iclerk, showing what expenditures: were made by them invtheirl race for nominations and this must be done by June 5. i At the June session, of the board of commissioned that body can make any changes | it sees fit in voting places and precinct boundary lines for the' general election. One change,! that .of preciivct 4 in Jeffersonj township,was-made at the primary and .this will be changed for the general election; The voting: place to Teters- was inoved from Ekin ^ On! or-before Hay 2|6, trearar- cra'of tbe.Jtftrttes rare requ l«>a* to th' the clerk sworn. J8tate| •arid'vwt- .^f/ttiat-recelpts ' i^JMule in connection _ eUctlori^sIii; Hammond, Ind., May S—Three i>andits robbed the Maywood Trust and Savings Bank here to- lay of about $10,000 in money, 3scaping in the direction of Chicago Heights. The bandits forced three bank i employes and two customers- to lie down against the wall, while' ine of the men scooped up the money from the cashier's -cage. The bank was robbed about a -ear and a half ago of $25,000. MOTHER 'S DAY PROGRAM. •Special Sermon and Service at . Xaznrruc. Church Sunday. On next Sunday evening. May 11. special service in celebration >f Mother's Day will be held at he Church of the Nazarene on North West street and the gen- :ral public is invited. The pastor- Rev. C. H. Pittin- ^er will take for the subject of 'lis sermon "A Mother's Responsi- jility," II Kings 4:26 and in-addition there will be special musical numbers and several readings by local people. Is Not Improving. Word from the Methodist hos- lital at Indianapolis, Wednesday concerning the condition of . Ed;ar Clark, the well known un- lertaker of El wood, was not encouraging. Since being Temdved 'rom the Mercy .hospital at El- vood to the Methodist' hospital, fr. Clark has not .made the improvement ho'ped for, his gaining >eirig very slow. j Gary, Ind., May 8.—^William j J. Fulton, former Gary Mayor, j defeated Tuesday for the Republican renomination for county commissioner of Lake county, shot and killed himself at his home in the dunes east of here today. Despondency over the - result of the primary and worry over the fact that his campaign manager had been arrested on charges of -conspiracy to violate the election laws were believed to have prompted the suicide. Fulton, who was forty-eight years old and said to be wealthy, lost the primary race by 2,000 votes to 'William H. Olds, Hammond. M. H. Marquardt, Fulton's campaign manager,-was arrested Tuesday night on the conspiracy charge. He was released on bond yesterday, Fulton providing part of the 12,000 surety^ Mrs. Fulton and the family found the body in an alcove off Fulton's bedroom. She notified police. They have a son William, Jr., who is a student at Purdue University. Fulton was. head of an oil and gasoline distributing .company in Gary and was also a real estate operator. Gary, Ind., May 8.—Convincing evidence of the participation. in Indiana primaries.of Illinois residents, which has been charged repeatedly in the last four years, has been laid before both state and federal authorities as a ra- sult of police activity in Gary Tuesday. Whether the state and federal governments possess and will ax- ercise sufficient authority to permit Indiana citizens to select their office-holders without the assistance of "floaters" and "repeaters" from Illinois today was squarely up to 6liver Starr, prosecutor of Lake county, and Oliver M. Loomis, "United States district attorney for the northern IBdlana district.. Bothfhave receivjed from Captain Frank T. Roach of the Gary police department .statements • of Illinois residents that they voted twice in the primaries in Gary, Judge Finds Many Drunks From Ford's, Despite Campaign to "Dry Up" Dearborn Justice Booth, John W. Da\ vis and -N. D. Baker Mentioned. INi PLACE OF PARKER Recess Appointment of Parker Possible, But Anoth- ' I er Choice Likely. •'Hoover's' Brother Arrests Sou .of Senator on Angling Cha-r— | Santa Cruz, Cal., May R. — "You can't arrest me," declared the young trout fisherman: "My father is a state senator.'. •"t can't, eh?" the deputy game warden is quoted as having said. "Well, my brother is president of the United States." And sure enough he was, for .the -,deputy game Warden waj professor - Theodore Hoover, .dean of the school of engineering at Stanford university, who gets a dollar a year for his deputy job. , The youth, Roy. Fellom, Jr.„ 1ft, appeared in justice court here on charges of catching more than the legal limit of fish. Professor Hoover made a plea for.leniency and the case was taken under advistiuent. 27 DIE IN HINDOO RIOT, CITY SEIZED City! Ghandii Forces in Control of of Sholapur; Defenders Retreat. BUILDINGS ARE FIRED Lady Keith Miller, noted woman pilot, who guided her motorless craft through the air so expertly, that she was declared a winner in the women's class at the glider meet held at Bayside, L. I. | Washington, May 8.—A White; House statement on the senate's rejection of Judge John J. Parker as a member of the United States supreme court was expect-ii ed as President. Hoover . today 1 j again took up the task of filling' j a vacancy on the nation's highest | tribunal., | Speculation was. rife as"'to SENATE SENDS TARIFF BACK Call foir iMore Troops to Quell Mob Is Sent Oft as Danger Increases FORTY FOUR TO GET DIPLOMAS Madison Twp. Eighth Grade Goinmeneement to Be Held Friday. PUBLIC IS INVITED Detroit, May 8. —"From what 've read in the papers I thought Henry Ford was going To"'dry ip' his home town of Dearborn, ind yet we have more drunks 'rom the Ford Motor Company ban apy other factory in the city. . That'was what Judge Thomas M. Cotter of the recorder's court raid when confronted by two "drunks" .who said they: were from the -Fordi plant. -He -; added that It was too'bad that men .who are out of. work and deserving of jobs could not replace these drunks. - 7 , ''Harry Bennett, chief 'i ^ord detective,^answered the .Jamie 's ^re- Mifa^.atating .QuZ^fmt of ltJO.Mf < or more ~P &nt|hp»toyei mtenjl >e;.biw«g||^i^tirt. dally "We are concentrating on drying up Dearborn and- not... Detroit," said. Bennett. "The onty men being taken ion the payroll from Detroit at present are employed at the request of: recorder's court judges, the Welfare Department and-a tew ministers who are seeking relief for needy families." / < The process of, drying up.Dear- born, announced April-30 on - behalf of Henry^Ford/has been st a standstill) so ter^wi raids are conceraedrslnoe;.the ^announcement. Not a i^le J'bllnd pig" has been ralo^^for : n^ra thania week,)l »aflnSile ^p% «tated;t •H'bUni^ mttttnt^a Vers-are! Forty-four bright young giris and boys who have completed the eighth grade course of the Madison township schools will receive their .diplomas Monday night May 12, in the exercises held at. the Methqdist church in Hobbs. The program will start at S o'clock and the presentation will be made by County Superintendent F. h. McReynolds. The address of the evening will be made by Dr. W. P. .Dearipg,. president of North Manchester college. Music for the evening will be furnished by the Foland orchestra, a splendid musical organization of Elwood. V Dr. Dearing is no stranger in this community,. having spoken here on several occasions and his address will be one worth hearing. The general public is invited to attend this commencement and see one of the largest classes ever graduated .from the Madison township" schools receive their dir plomas. The exercises will ' be opened with prayer by Rev. E. A: Bunner and Rev. Harper McCune will deliver tbe benediction. This class is about equally divided as ip young ladies and young gentlemen,-the former having a majority "of two. - The -class is composed of the following who will receive their diplomas: Roberta Adams, Leroy Burket," Mary E, Callaway, Alma Colbert, Lester-Defcohg, .Martha vBurnell Downing, PaulAE. Durham; James Edgell, tester Etcbisonr Frances Mae Ferhung, Mary Maxine Hall, Evelyn- Hankly, Laverla.Harbitt, Naomi Harmon^ Nlta.Harmon,' quila Headley. Vivian Heflin, Mary-Fancho^JIobbs^eharleB E: Heiteri >ThelmavB.- ;HnlBhes,-. Alta' Idlewlne," Rtbel Jeffers] A Hilda Democrats Demand Agree ment on Major Difference in Bill. • international .ll | Wll0m the P^sident might select j . ; and three names were r<romiBent- ~~1 : T~ ly mentioned. They wore those m i ' of Chief Justice Fent'on White- |_ lock Booth, of . the. court off - | . j i claims, an Illinois Republican; j IIITnil n'ini/ Newlon P aker - former. Presi- lP I lira HflKK ! <lent - Wilson's secretary of war, II lUll ' nllll and John W. Davis, the Democratic presidential nominee of • ! 1924. • , ; J ; j The senate's action in defeatr g^j. ! ing the Parker nomination left i three courses open to the President. He could resubmit Judge NO PART ! Sholapur. Bombay, India. May I 8.—Twenty-seven or more police | and natives were killed injdesper- ate. rioting which, starting last night, continued today and re' suited in [seizure of this city of : 120,000 inhabitants by the adher- : ents of Mahatma Gandhi. Resisting authorities who had ]t forbidden: their assemblage, the 1 angry natives made attacks ; which threw the city into chaos. Police were powerless. Citizens REPORT • r eserves who jofned them, soon : were thrown back by the rioters. • ' i Troops sent into this textile com- I munity likewise were unable to j T j <;e\i-i^' H ' )e w 'th the situation.: The officer commanding the : auxiliary forces or India sent a , call for more troops. He said he Custodian Is Engaged This Time in Planting Many j Flowers. PAINTING | EQUIPMENT Custodian Cal Boldon is at this time engaged in improving the •appearance of |the Tipton | park and in a few-weeks it will be a place of beauty. Flowers in abundance are jbeing planted and ! Parker's name, • journment of the congress and ; give: the North -Carolina jurist : recess appointment or seek a newl j appointee. The impression pre-f 110sa i „f J vailed among those who "nave (lis-, j cussed the situation with - the! ; President that he had decided on j the lalter. Washington ate refused to consider tlie con­ ference -report on I he tariff and sent the' bill hack to conference; feared the bingle detachment al tor further negotiutiuiis on the : ready provided would not be major controversial issues in; enough, •which the two houses are in dis- Apparently the rioters were in re^: Wait until the ad-] aKreemeIlt , chiefly the export de-j complete control, with the armed Consulted Specialist. benture and flexible tariff provisions. Democrats objected to the pro- Senator Reed Smoot (Rep., Uilah), chairman of the senate finance committee. to I adopt the part agreement of the j conferees,' and insisted on w;;it- | rng .until an agreement was I reached on these two items. defensive forces carrying on as best they could. Continuous tiring occurred' and' police gradually v»re pished back and hemmed CITl" TRKASIRER ILIL Hazi-1 Swift Forced to Leave (IHicc Thurmlay. many bulbs are being placed the grounds: Some of these r Ezro Hobbs of Hobbs Was r.t i Kokqmo Wednesday consulting . i with: Dr. Adams, head specialist, flowering bulbs and others are! conc erning some serious comp'li- for foliage. i j cations. Mr. Hobbs has. been suf> The custodian stated that Mrs. j Bering for several .weeks-with Loss Stewart liad given ij many' serious head and throat .compli- bulbs to the park this season and! cations that are getting more that if there were othersl who!serious in their nature. / . wished to give flowers, seeds ori X-ray "pictures were .taken bulbs, he would be glad to have; Wednesday jn order to determine them. \ • j - j | the exact nature of. his ailments. Mr. Boldon hgs a promise ofjsp that proper treatment can lie some more .equipment inthe Way: given, of swings and]other devises for KIWAXIR CUB. the grounds, from the parkjboard and these are heeded.--There ar fewer swings a; .the park at this* time than then; were ten |jyears ago for the-reason they have be-come unfit for service. Encouraging Word. ; <Mrs. William Hai;tman of Hobbs, who underwent an- operation early in the* r week at the Coleman hospital atjndianapolis," of fibroid, tumor, in be]very gtood condition.-Word from Mr. Boldon and his assistants are-at this time' painting some, of for removal the equipment but more paint is came (through the operation- Nickel Plato Team Has Slight .Ktlge in Opening the Contc.-u Mi;-.-; !i zel Swift, city treasurer, .i -.'ine tn her office in the city built. Thursday morning land was feeling V.'.. A short time after i she started her work she became ! very ill and was forced to gb to - her borne. . • '•' tbe J It is deported that ill effects °" :"rom remaining in the city olffice joying a slight lead in the leasm. , iave D0 „ u j notlced by both i Iiss which opened the season.last Fri-, ^ ^ chy c(erk> ^ day but the other teams ar. ex-' • . . „, „„J 1 ,„ Finley. nn attempt was. made to pected to make a strong bid tVr! ' The Nickel Plate team in Kiwanis attendance contest is first position when I 'se club meets j Coffee Friday rioon at the Ritz SHoppe. The Nickel -Flate te:im is composed of Lineback, Tearcy. Coch -I ran, Jones, Girard and Griffith. The Furniture Co. outfit has -Leatherman, Thomas, Gifford, Lelst, Harding, Addleman and Suite. Haas, Redding. " Foster, Nash, McGraw and White com-. the cause of this condition but for several days nothing pose .the Perfect Circlt team and, b ! has been done, although a mem- I ber of the state board of health | department was here and said he would send a gas detector itia- I chine to Tipton at once to tell definitely if there is gas accumulation in the city building Nothing has been heard Inrn the state board of health. It is not known-when the machine will Biirkhardt, Harting, Miller, Mar- needed and a request will; .made of the board fori jmorei! the ihospital; Thursday was en- j tin", Stemen, Hobbs and Robinsonj Wednesday Supjerinteiident'.Tudor!couraging- of the light plant and his i men inspected the wiring at the park grounds and new bulbs replace those which had "burned out. The grounds can now be lighted in all| sections and Mr. Boldon says the park as ready for open .meetings of any kind.- He reports that already a <• number -pf visitors- have been to the park during the; afternoons and one| small, picnic; the V | first of the year was held;there; last-week. -The family reunion seasori op- represent the Oakes Mf's. (Jo. 13 Bottles in Woman's Trunk; Fain t? • •. i Doctor Called, Gives Up His Liquor Several people remain in tine city building and no ill effects sire I noticed. The firemen are in their I quarters both on the ground floor | and upstairs and there are others l in the city office. ' | | The state board of health should make an examination and | settle the affair definitely. ens during thej patter.- part of June -and 'reaches its peak; about! the-middle "of August and sands of people will visltfrhi to attend these- events, thou- e park i ! New York, May 8. —Customs Inspectors made two small liquor seizures on the pier where- the Royal i Mail -steamer Arcadian docked from Bermuda yesterday. iMr.ji.and Mrs.- H. Oppelt were passengers on the -steamer . and gave -their-new York address as the ..Broadway Central ; Hotel.' Wheri Alfred Metiger, an inspector, ; approached to go- through Mrs. Oppelfg baggage the .-pas-? senger *would not turn 'over the k«ys,-j;Deputy.rfurveyot 'James i^H'WM'her^ihat' "'the" trunka I"Ol".\I» CAR AND CHICKEN! ,1 Metzger had thirteen bottTes of! assorted'liquor lined up by the I trunk. jHf-s. Oppelt fainted again.! j 1 Failing to revive her the second . sheriff of Boone Coaatv laqakr* ,bwnViP«vlva«;|hM> time; Deputy Long searched i;>r a physician. .: • - The doctor, whose name was not disclosed, revived Mrs. Opp?*? and-then went-back where an inspector- waited' by his luggage, passengers are allowed- to amend their* declarations verbally before the^baggage Is opened for inspections The physician ; told the ex- JMdMr tbit h« hs^d,twenty hot- |t(*a5of [(l4nor; Tar* and assorted. n #iri«MK.;Uk«B< out andda- strojn |4 : uritk^- the- other thirteen ^vf^ttafl^tiiat^Vtifcf "pier ^g..:.lrs ;'o »peH?'wsi'fined **5. f »nyslto,%as notlpe^afc ing for Owner of Fowls. Wednesday Sheriff Devanlt received an : Inquiry from this sheriff of Boone county! regardj- ing two sacks, of chickens found in an abandoned aatoao kilo near Jolletville. - The car Is-said to man at Frankfort, aad itk« cers of Booaa.couatr CMIII tk# machine fo*SonM^dis|aa4«v.wk«4 the driver aUutdoaM It |wd He was pursaad but nude h«F_ . i beloag to i ud'itke o» dM

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