Aurora General Advertiser from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on February 10, 1807 · 1
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Aurora General Advertiser from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania · 1

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 10, 1807
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OP - let 11 ’ dShter&l tH Ss'? EUR CO UT PROSIM Pusushid (DAILY) BT WILLIAM DUANC Jcrcrasio of BENJAMIN fllANkLiN HAGUE in F&akklik Court Markkt-street Philadflphu 1 ULSDAY TEBRUARY 10 1807 EIGHT DOLLARS PER ANNUM IN UMBER 5017 FOR LIVERPOOL THE FINE COFFER BOTTOMED SHIP UNION Intended for a regular Trader WILL sail as seen at the river opens consider able part of her cargo being alrtady engaged— for freight or passage having eaceliept accommoda- Hons apply to ORTH k BOYD No 18 South Front street January 24 dtf H)K BELFAST - - THE SHIP LYDIA Ns!! IV M L R05KTEH MASTIR T-V Now loading at Hodge’s wharf is ex I&jyi preted to sail very soon having one half her cargo on board some freight can yet be taken on moderate terme or passengers by applying to the master on board or to 7 v 1 6 F DUSAR No 61 South Third street Dec 29 dtf ' THE SUBSCRIBER HAVING PURCHASED OF ELISHA FISHER ALL HIS STOCK IN TRADE which withit hsr I RESH GOODS HE CFF- US FOR SALE At very reduced pricts for cash or the usual credit counting of A General Assortment of IRONMONGERY CUTLERY BRASS And JAPANNED WAKE— viz: i Iron and Brass Wiie Sheet Brass Scale Beams Scotch Biaces St Bitts M II crosscut St pit saws Hand tennant & sash do Bake Ovtnt Carpenters' axes & aJzts Do Planes Cooper’s Tools Shoemaker’s do Files St Rasps Nails & Spdcs Knives St Fcrkx 2 0 tket Knives £t Scissors Skellets St Spyders Sad Irons Wa ters k bread baskets Snuffers St Snuffer trays Coffee St Tea Pots Patent Lamps Chain Traces Back Bands kc Stc IVx J BROWNE No 14 north Front street stuthtf November 29 SADDLE HARNESS AND TR UNK MANUFA CTORY JAMES KERR ' No 52 NORTH SLfOKD STREET HAS ON HAND AND FOR SALE SADDLES BRIDLES SADDLE BAGS plated and brass mounted HARNESS and travel ling TRUNKS of the best quality Wholesale and retail On the most reasonable terms for cash May 14 IN dtf FOR RENT BY the subscriber his large and commodious tore houtes being one of the oldest and best stands ter business in the boroegh of Reading — possession may be had on or before the first day of April next Fcr terms apply to JAMES MAY Reading January 28 d3wq ' TO BE RENTED " A WHARF in the Northern Libert:es adjoin ing Coas’s landing calculated enhci for a lumber yard or a wood wharf Also a three story BRICK HOUSE contiguous thereto For terms apnly to ANTHY CUTHBERT No 41 Penn srreet Dec 29 mftf “ MOUNT AIRY THE Rev Mr Lrosics informs his friends and these gentlemen who wish to procure to the r children a classical education that he has taken that beautiful house and concerns called i t Airy situated on the Germantown road 8 miles from Philadelphia wh ch for healthfulness aid situation he conceives cannot be surpvsed The seminary will be open on Monday the 16'h March next for the recaption of tchoU s For terms apply to Mr Brosius No 28 Pine ftreet The system of education laid down for the youth of the above establishment has been submitted to the Rev Dr Carr rector if St Argustine’s church who has approved thereof and allows references to be made to him to afford parents and guardians every satisfaction on so essential a point January 29 dlw£ttuthstl6Mh — I FRENCH LANGUAGE AAD MUSIC VOCAL MUSIC with Piano Forte accompaniments and the French Language taught by A DAUDET— Vventh corner of Sansom street — terms moderate June 3 1 N dtf ’ WANT E D A LAD of about the age of 14 or 15 years to attend in a wholcsa'e a -id c ail store who can wri'e a fair band and understands accounts and can procure a good recommendation wiil meet with liberal encouragement by applying at the rffee of th s paper nunc need apj !y but those who can procure unexceptionable lecommenda ions Feb 7 d3c FARMERS’ fif MECHANICS’ cam: THE stockhclders to the above institution are notified that a general meeting will be held at the Shakespeare Hotel comer of Six'h and Chesnut streets on Wednesday next at 12 o’clock the forenoon fcr the purpose of nominating judges to prtSide at the election of Directors which will take place on the ensuing Friday JAMES ASH - SETH CRAIG £ THOS WOTHERSPQON S-6 Is JOHN MILLER M C THOMAS PARKER JOS PRICE JOS TAGGART J Feb 9 FIVE DOLLARS REWARD LOST cn Thursday last the 5th inst in the ccut: cf oyer and terminer cemer of iixh and Cbesnut street a double cased SILVER WATCH Deoiin made Whoever has found said Watch Bud w3 lerurii t to the subscriber— shall reccivi the above reward ' MESIf AC K SUPPr Feb 9 1 - - ’ 3 q MR SICA ED’S PRACTISING BALL yy ILL £ F ON THURSDAY EVENING Febbuaby 12 Ax a commodious and large rev room the second hi use north of Bank and Dock streets and back of the bank of Pennsylvania Carnages may come to the above room and cut again as well as m any ether s’rect Applications received at the room or at his house No 130 Avch street January 24 stuthtf THIS DAY IS PUBLISHED BY JOHN BIOHEN No 88 the tout 5 rrt I Under the authority of the legislature THE SEVFNTIl VOLUME OF THE LAWS OF PENNSYLVANIA (In continuation tf Carey and Bioren's edition) CONTAINING the acts of three sessi ns 1803 1804 and 1805 on t fi e paper and new type with proper n'tes nd references wih a copious index— also a table of a1) the resolutions passed since the adoption of the present conctitu-tion with reference where they mi be found to the period of the close of ihe volume — Price 2 50 cents January 31 stuthl2t MEDICI h GRATIS TIIE subscriber informs the Too a of the ci y that they may be supplied with mdiane grans during the inclemency cf the season by applying at his dtug store No 30 Market street con er ot Lxtitia court ROBT II ARRIS jun January 22 thstutf THE THEATRICAL CENSOR rea tub eksuino wirier Including the theatres of Philadelphia N York Boston and Charleston THIS DAT SKPT 27 1806 IS PUBLISHED No I OF THE THEATRICAL CENSOR And Crtimil Aticel any — fo 1806—1807 Aimez qu’on vous corrige et non ( as q ’on vous loue Boileau THE Theatrical Censor and Critical Mis ellany will appear regularly every Saturday each numLei cocaining 16 large pages in med um octave The sub cnption is three dollars for six months to be paid in advance Subscriptions received by John Ph ilips at his Circulating Library S Four'h street Philadelphia by J Osborne at his Circular r g L b ary Park NewYoiktby Oliver C Greenleaf Bookseller Boston by Messrs Warner and Hanna Booksellers Baltimore and by Messrs Marchan Will ngton and Co Charleston South Carolina Sept 30 IN tuthstf CHEAP WOODLAND FOR SilLE A TRACT of about 170 acres in wood and J00 acres of srable land s'tua'e on he Backbirdcreek New Castle county state of Delaware about 7 miles above the mouth of the creek and within 3-4 of a mile of a good landing where 7 teet water mar be carried out at common tides fii m oud laid it is supposed will average 40 cords per acre a large proportion of which hickory The cleared land is in a tolerable state cf cultivation and has ala g barn with good dwelling and out houses elected thereon This property will be sold a great bargain and is a great objeft to persons having monies to lay out cn improving property as it is generally believed that 3 years will enhance the value et least 100 per cent Apply to JOHN GOODWIN Ship chand’er Arch street wharf or ALEXR M-FARLAN Near the premises who wffl shew the same June 23 IN dtf TO MANUFACTURERS CASH WILL BE G1VL1I FOR SHOES 6c BOOTt AT -NO 22 FOURTH STRFKT BETWEEN MARKET & ARCH Good wo-kmen will meet encouragement Fcbrua 3 teftf CITY OF PHILADEJPHI V And Con” onvealth rf nmylvan a ss WII 1 IAM HULL YOU arc hireb- r0 lied ers ant to an alia a sub' oe a d ree ed to you and no in the hands of the'sherff for the cite and courty of Pin adrlpb a tha you be and api ear xefore tue hom able me justcesof the Coun'y court of Common Pcas in the citv of P llauelphia cn the second day of March next to answer the libel cf your wife Ag nes Hull praying for a divorce from the bonds of matrimony Feb 3 JOHN BARKER Sheriff tu3tScmlt 1807 SIX DOLLARS HEW RD RAN AWAY from the subscriber the 16h inst a boy named JOSEPH SMITH 16 ysars of age (small of his age) has mark on h'S cheek j had on when he went away a dark coloured g at coat a new hat a sdk hasdkerchitf a shi 1 round ifcnt water at the ki clien door also tPo snial 1 All kinds of bsggage insured at 1 per cent valued about blue coat with new sleeves striped under Houses and lots of land and a number of buddng at 50 dollars er upwards The propiictors of the Jucket velvet trowsers laced boots he to k with lots nine and a half miles from Philadelphia cn Sw ft Sure return their sincere thanks to their him also a wool hat and a pew thin not quite the Faiikfrd and Bristol turnpike road where frends an! the public in general for the encou-finished Whoever takes uu said boy and delivers I the mail and a number of public stages are run-1 rag'-ment they have received and rerpecfull solicit him to the kee er of th first turnpike gate on 1 ning coninually the situation is high and healthy ' a continuarcs of ther past favers and in con sc the Frank fnd road or the Red Heart tavern ortoeasv-f access both by land and water within a iffHenre of ne“f ‘"‘ngents being made they few rods of the head of the tide on Pennepack "auer themselves that they are enabled now to creek where there u sale navigation aud good fe more general satisfaction to those who may the subscriber on the cast side of the Frankf'rd road near Gunner’s Run shall receive six dollars reward JOHN HADDOCK K B AS persons are warned not to harbour said boy at ther peril 1 mo 31 ituth'f PATRICK LtfON HAS REMOVED Into A orris's Court near the Philad Library SkUTH FIFTH STRKKT Where ha continues to Manufacture TIRE ENGINES pa sppaaio TOAitr tHPoarao oa kadb hibi Likewise iron doers for fare proofs with the most perfect locks and securities Also new invented Smoke Jacks on principles which refute count R um ford’s late publications heal and other presses madq on various con Vruciona and Smith work in geneial N B One or two Stout lads oif good connection wiU be taken as apprentices Who will be instructed m the theory as well as the practice ef the above branches "June 14 J 1 N ' tustf NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN That ursuant to an order of the orphan’s court for the city and county of Phildelphia the fallowing par's of the real estste of VV illiam Hoiby deceased will be exposed to public sa'e to the h ghest and best bidder at 1 o’clock ou the 16ih of February next on the promises: ALL ha' va able hr n cm Merchant Country afld Planter Mi wi h 32 acres of Land in Bris ' own-hip Ph hdel liacoupv 1 ng on a road i B from Geima town marke- no re the ships of German own and Lrutol and !ans Ddva Kuln and oscj h Megarga and hi li ki’n loan — On ihe piemist me e are rrec 1 ge and c-mnvdio'i Mill v ih three pav ot st 'ecs 2 aircf hch a eb'irr tao wai r vbeel: three bouli ng 0e-s si! good repair also s large and coqiivodiyn house none barn vir'u house spring h" tsc ovei a never fail tit s-rt g ? large Oich' d of -he be t j rau uu t ee and a pro oitlonub c a t o! wo-d aid wl’ue given on he firt da of At -d i ex' Also at the -ane ime wl op sili p' rrivnt the abo 'e order of the o ph r'j c or a Cc a t or piece of land n German wn r ncl p containing 10 acres abs t 5 a le cf v hie’ nr wo d land ihe remainder pi -glUnt n a divid eg the townships of Gtrtmitown and U i tol adj in-ing lands of Melchior Mine Jjcn otedoart aiJ otheis The conditions wU he made kiown at the tme atd lace cf tale h SUSVNNA UOLBY Admni ra'rix And GEORGE S YDlif Ahinc sirator January 24 stuibt6f &dts FOREIGN ATTACHMENT Trenton 25 th Ftbruauj 1806 WHEREAS a writ of attachment hath been ately 'Stued out of the supreme court if jadic tore fcr the state cf New Jese directed to t' sheriff of the county of Cumberland against the rghtt and credits monies and effects goods ar 1 ci ai -lei lands and tenements of Richard Penn esq f the cry of London in the kingdom of Grea Brtain an absent debtor at the suic of John Penn sq f the citr and kingdom aforesaid in a plea of trespass on the care upon promises retumab! to the term of February m the year of our Lord ' e thourand eight hundred and six fvr'ten thousand dollars upon which writ ihe said sheriff hath leurned that he br virus thereof had attached the rights andcred'ti t f the said defendant in hit badi ic-k to the value cr amount of ten thousand dollars Now notice is herebv given that uniats the defendant in the said attachment shall a ai give special bad a d teccive a declaration ai the nit of the plaintiff judgment will be entered and the estate attached be disposed of according to law JONATHAN RHEA C!k I'ranklin Davznp rt A:t'y May 15 1 N 366t-lY THE LADIES W GENTLEMEN OF PHILADELPHIA are resvec fuilt invn f j to attend The analysis of a lecture upon ASTuO v- MY Cf GEOCR IP’fY TC BE BRAD BT O CBEEV M D On IVtdnesdtHj hv oiogl Fih 1LA 1807 AT IIARM0K7 CURT BALL ROOM In south Fourth st between Chsnur and Walnut st TO COMMENCE FRBCISELY AT 7 O’CLOCK licit ft u cints each To be had at Miss Jane Aitken’s Book-store No 62 north Third street and at Blake’s Musical Repository south Third (near Market) street N II A surab'O Transparent Appara in will be us-d to iffusti ate this polite branch of Ed cation Feb 9 d3t FIFTY DOLLARS REWARD RAN AWAV from the subscriber on the 20th ult mulatto JOE J is a stout well made lark mulatto fellow 5 feet 9 r 10 inches high about 30 years cf age— has several large scars on hts J — hands and bod— lisps a little Had on and took with him a taw linen shirt and trowsers one pair of nankeen tiowsers alto one old surtout coat and an old fur hat much worn J e can write a tolerable goou hand and has ran awa befsre when he was takrn up and put in the Freder'cktown jail and sold out by Gorge Greager in 1805 Any per on taking up said fellow and securing h’m many ja-dss -hat I get h-m ags'n shall re ceiveit taken w thin the county 20 dollars and if ou1 or 1 lie s aie the above reward— if brought borne all reasonable charges will be pa d b ibe subscriber living in Frederick county Md near New Market SINGLETON BURGEE N B- I forwarn all ersoas from harboring or carrying flaid fellow at their peril l'- s- Joe ran off m company with a fellow named Adam and they vere beth la'ely advertised together s nee which Adam has been taken and secured in tne jail of York (Pa) Joe went in the tame direction and will probably make for I hila delhia and endeavor to get cn board some vessel and go to sea Sept !0 1 AT wfmtf TO BE SOLI) IiY t UnJIC VPS DUE ON MONDAY 16th day of February inst at one o’clock P M in Holmeburg a larg- wt 1 1 j finished new two story Stone Dwelling Houe 1 “ Stoe and kitchen ard lot cf land a well of ex- el land'ng Cond'iocs made known on the day of sale WILLIAM MAGHEE Holircsburgh February 2J 1807 mw&f6:q NOTICE WAS taken up in December last two Akchoos Ore in the Bite of New Castle with about 30 10 40 fathoms of 10 inch cable to it — the anchor supposed to weigh about 6508) The other taken up below the piers at Reedy Island suppoicd to weigh 80 or 931b' CROWELL fc PRICE Pilots No 92 Swanson street January 22 thi-7tq A STRAY HOKbE SADDLE AND BRIDLE LEFT IK CARF OF THE SUBSCUIBFR THE owner is requested- prove fro erty pay cha ges asd take them away from the sign of the Mulberry True Market street- Wm KEATING Fi 7 ' 3 g CHESTER COUN iY THE SUBSCRIBER Contemplating a removal from the borough of West Chester OFIE1S FOR SALE On very liberal terms and a hbcral cedit HIS WHOLE STOCK OR HAND COIISISTISO OF A complete and well laid in assortment oj DRY GOODS GROCERIES QUEENS WARE and IRONMONGERY &c &c TO nv person inclinTg to ccmmmce the i" inessia West Chester the stand of the ng at the corner of H igh and Gay tice in a C-1 rai an pi bl'c part of the boyough ’'tln be a very aa'atg‘ou-i $ piytuju I 'he mean time the subiaoriher re: ctfull' in ’ s fntnd and c’'omrr that he W'll d'S-f 1 ‘lie f cgung arisles by re a 1 af the m-e rcu add ng oniy thereo the pree cf por-: ge The subscriber s-1 atr all 5 errons who stand in deb'd 10 i!R to lorn forward and make ay-1 uen rafi'al settlement nf the resjiertiv balance due to hm orr or before the 15 h day of Al rch next Apphct ion to be made to Mr Hear Tolavd merchant nortl Third street Pni aJelph a or the uuscribcr living m Wen Chee r -CHARLES KE- West Chester ”) Dec lu 1806 J (151 - P NO 1 I ALL persons conce ’ cby notified that Shcnrakn and Tra Shoemaker nf thucit)mtrchntj hav gned to the subscribers 11 'heir propert r cf itety kind payment of the deb's forts uK due and f -r roicr!v of ever kind ueli iiging to thorn the said Shoemaker a d Travers and J acoo Stv emaker must be made anij rsmtted o the subscribers only SAMl Mt'EKRR TIMOTHY 1’aXON C Assigrets JNO R TAYLOR 3 December 10 d’f PRO BONO PUBLICO PATENT Wll'RR PROOF BRUNSWICK BLACKING PREPARED with OIL wh ch softtas and preserves the leather— woids carnot set forth its just praise nor can its iransccudant qual"ies be truli known but bv experience — it is part culiiy recommended to spent-men and gentlemen h) ar much exposed ti the wet as it - ill p-ev- tit he water from penetrating peserve the lee i-r from cracking an rnuei n suppla and pica ant to the las g - ng it a beautiful jt black gh :j a proof of which may be seen at the ’ Kiehue Ptpaied and sold v holesaie a d tor exporta-tio with full directions for using it by T W I)Y)T T at Ins medical wsurefiousc No 57 sou' h Stcorid stret l’lnladeiph-a sec ' d jot from Che-nux street aLo by aj)pjintm'i ai J 14 DU-MOU TET’s No 120 B oad s reet Chaileiton S inch Carolina where may b had THE IMF’ i fAL W 'U For taking out stat s and preserving the q lalty and colour of saddle and -opi -f b -s pr pred only by T W DYOTP who Las for sale an as-sortn eat of I1RLSHES Of a superior quah' ad suitable for using the Paunt Blacking Captains hint and store keepers notne T W D has also fjr sale Patent Wine Bit'ers of a si'fcr'or q iakty t gather with a variety f Patent and Fa mly Medicines prepared f om ilie recipes of lie late Dr Robertson phvsician in K'diiibiirgli fCssenctets Petfumery Etc suitalile fur tka I k a T A J i A Ivlk n rvs - 4 a the West India aud other maike s February tut'nrtf TO NEW YOKK Ry the ihorlett and most Pleasant Road THE SWIFT-SURE STAGE STARTS FROM THE GREEN TREE NO 50 XOlTH rOl'llTH STHSIT EVER1 m nirg at eight o'clock Su' days ex-cepted and will run thro’ Jrrikintcwn Ci xiked Billet Cress R”ad Correl’s Ferry Am -ell Somerset Bound Brook New Market Plainfield Scot h- and retail agen-s in Pkiladelphia Plains Spring's Id and Newark arid arrives at New Yoik at 12 o’clock next day For seatsor packages logo bv this line of stag's apply to a M'Calla at 0’e Gieen Tice as above and at New York to W Vandervoort Courtland atreet fare of each passenger 55 3 with the allowance cf 14lb gratis 1501b bagage qual to a passenger lavour them wth their custom The see mmirdationt at the dfferent stage houses ars such as we trust will now g ve general sa’is-faction— Also good horses and cairiagcs with careful sober drivers ALEXANDER M CALLA k Co January 23 futf TO BE RENTED AND Pffs-FSSION CIVFH IMMKDIATFLT THAT la ge Tavern si-uate in the borough of Cheer within fifty yards of the court house it is fory feet front an4 th rty five feet deep four rooms on each floor Urge and convenient a good kb chert piazza an out house and large stable and sheds a pump of good water in the yard and has an excellent garden adjoining It kas been kept as a public house for this fifty yeais Any person inclining to rent the same fur terms may apply to DAVID B2V ANN or FAR All BAR i HOLOMEW Near ’A premires JarwylO rfjtf WANTF d ph five JOURIfEYMEH KEKS Enquire a: Gtorge iHOEMA !U enquire a: (orge M'rcer's store is Market street between llighth and Ninth streeU Jan dtf - NOTICE ALL ers-ins indebted to the estate of James l ittle deceased are dus'rei to trakt 11mcHve payment and those having demands against saui esta e are requested to present their accsuats to either of the subscribers WM MOORE Administra-ALEX STEEL3 tors d2m DOCTOR TISSOT’S CELEBRATED GOUT AND RHEUMATIC drops NOTHING is of more importance than the preservation of bealh — this com mm pfa-e re mark however is too often forg—en wh ht --a ore active and strong — and prevention -f pain wh ch is superior to its cre is not suffic’ently a'tendod to by any detcripnon of persons Among those duorde-s which require the most early and unre-tnitiiog eflTorta to eradtex c and ovccoHfie none tave a stronger claim quin our notice than the G' t Rh-mna mi Luni igo Weakness of the G'cets the Si ne and Gravel the ' ’ ‘-'v ’ ’i 1 f Rheumatic pams from ” " 1 ' ' 1 ’ 1 ov-" rigmated— and I"- ' ”' -h ‘ r- -s'ciei is too valuable to be iorguuc :vU esun -whose avora'ions peculiarly expose tuei t r-i'i: ’-c cannot be too aiximis always to possess im -j xid Sea-fariog pe sons travellers tec ought cJu stantly to carry with ben that medicine which will counteract the uapleaaut effects of thsr peri 'mis duties srd especially those pa-j 0 which their siruat m most exposed them To those who ies'de in orviutthe 'Vest I nlies and Oiher warm climates they w it be fou d upon trial to convey the most lasting service anil w'l gradra'- destroy all tendency o d-sease in h lu'uan frame anj preserve health and vigor Although ag-ea: va-rierv -f pi-escr'p ons have ben nuslnhed to cure the diserders en'tmerated above none Has as yet equalled the CUUT and RHEUMATt'l DROPS of r nSOf whch are cdebra’ed throughout Luroorin continent and whw unbounded euefits 3'c filly autheni’cated by ce-tificates airea iy Iib’iincd of OINfLsxss so WALL KOW it ami ica beiog of the firit conseqenc n the state of Maryland Gen Charles Ridge of Hrm den John Gibson esq cneof toe diedtorf f the Farmer’s Bank of Maland John M'Cub bin esq Mrs WCubbm his wile and M s Ryan of Ca in place to which may be tne foil lowing testimonies of respectable ge-L en rsii ding in the city of Baltimore Certificate oj Mr Thomas Kelso Butcher About three weeks since I was most violently attacked with rheumatic pains throughout my whole frame in so severe a manner as iv o be able to tum in my bed without assistance p eeding as I suppose from a severe cold on bn g tdviscy by a frend to apply Dr Ttssot’sGont n :Ui ma tic drops I accordingly obtained from the agents Messrs Geo Dobbin and Murphy two bottles the a plication tf which under God have perfec'ly restored me to health I am therefore induced wih confidence to recommend th's medicine as a certain curedor th above dsordur THOMAS KELSO Baltimore July 22 J 1806 Certificate (f Mr Iumas Camjibcll llarnest maker I’ would be an act cf injustice to and efii two severe attacks of R'diy from which I bligd to use crutchea a x ng wr r I left boms to t we- jjned violent Khrumatic Pams the 0 ui the affliction and I had feared the disorder woufd accompany me ihrugh life but provident ally wa recommended to apply at Gao Dobbin md ur phy’s for Dr Tissot’s drops a 1 after using only one bottle found mytelf perfectly Bbcated fruin my disorde and am thak God as free from janas if I never hud bent aTi ted Fndmg this mtdaneaOj'erate so po-yerf'l'y oninys-lf! determined to apply it iieriia!ly to inr tj 1’ a boy-only eleven months old who was th n re is:Ld almost to a skeieton with the Ben-'el CotupUmt Vter administering it four times to him hs ccmjiamt was entirely removed and he is now recovering his strengU with great tapidty Tui CAMPBELL Baltimore July 22d 1806 A FRESH SUPPLY or THKSE IKVALUABLK GOUT & RHEUMATIC DROPS Price fier ringlt bottle two dollars The following persons are appointed wholesale VV LEHMAN V SMITH & SON Druggists Next the bank cf Pennsylvania SAMUEL WETHKRILL & SON Front near Arch street August 6 1 N wfmtf THE WORKS OF Dr BENJAMIN FRANKLIN philosophical political AMD LI rtBART Are mm preparing Jor the Press and Kill be speidily published - By Wm DUANE Philadklphia This Edition will differ from former comnlla tioni in ihe following particulars j— 1 It will contain a consideiable number of inter - former edition! hlt W P1fJred in mY -It will be printed from the copies revised and copcted by Dr Franklin the corrections of ’ which arO in the hand writing of the author and may be seen in possession of the editor 3 The errors of former etlitions which are numc- rous will be rectified from the corrections made ur the author’s hand writing 4 Many errois in dates and names will be rectified ' and blanks tilled up j Elucidatory notes will be given on many point which former editors have left unexplained ' 6 The Biographical memoir which has been hi therto published in a mutilated state will be cor- rected and rendered more ample and complete 7 The Work1 will be ornamented with numerou engravings a vignette to each volume— a wbolo ‘ length portrait from the best likeness allowed to be ifi existence f Publishers of newspapers will oblige by giving the foregoing t few inaensens— a prospectus at larva will be speedily issued July 30 ' ' I ’

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