The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on May 7, 1930 · Page 7
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 7

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 7, 1930
Page 7
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DOROTHY DAMNIT HAVE You ANVj «\M CE VToRS DOROTHV' THE TIPTON DAILY TKBTJN3 ?AGE SEV1 By Charles McManus TRIBUNE CLASSIFIED ADS FOR SALE OR TRADE REAL ESTATE FOR SALE Oil TRADE—G[i house, two lots, garage, tucky avcuue. Phone 5 FOR SALE Oil TRADE for Ifipldi' property, seveial good re .-ji- doiices in Frankfort; als•: Si acre fann, 2 iniles of good niar- l;or, in Clinton county, good land, fair barn, no house] what have you? Clinton Finance Co., Frankfort, Ind. c-1 (5 7 FOR SALE PERSONAL PROPERTY TOO 11 jKen- 5. :-lfc 5 HOW FAR CAN TRACE "VopR Ar4CE&TRY? V ^EUL I HADl A, GRAND- 4 FATHER WHO A BANK CAS.HIER jFOR RENT — 5-room modern; house Phone 4351. c-tf i FOR RENT—House, 5 rooms, on I N. Mill St. Phone 1555. c-tf 1 MISCELLANEOUS RADIO SERVICES'—We specialize on experi. service work on; all makes of sets: full line tubes, batteries, etc. McJunkin Radio Shop. Phone 20X7. c-tf ey around, is responding to the lower quarterly profits. FOR RENT —Modern house llfi West Washington-street; four rooms and bath; garage. Phone c-t£ 14S3. FOR SALE—500 bushels goj!>d y low corn. iPhone 1XS, f TiptiSn. || p-i|ss FOR SALE—Three cows:! calves. Aroma. Ben Hughes, [plir ne !P-i FOR SALE—One Guernsey hull. IS months old. S. E- Miller. Atlanta phone. p-ljS" FOR SALE—No. 5.Underwood; a real bargain at $,35. Th< Trib une Press. tf FOR SALE—(Jood ManchU soy beans. Phone 1:1S0, Windfall Noel Todd. I p-lSt? burner or parlor heater for the summer; also household goods: clean and dry. Phones 23 and 30. J. J. Kessler. c-189 FOR RENT — Store your, base MOVING ANYTHING? Get Balser Bros": prices first; having a large truck just added to outline, we arc equipped to haul large as well as small amounts • of furniture, freight or livestock, any time and anywhere. Clyde 1149; George 1624. p-100 th iSC FOR RENT—7-rooin cottage, bath; and toilet fsoino fruit: good gar-; den spot; possession at onee;i| 2 35 N. East street. Inquire S. i T. Hobbs, Elwood, Ind. p-.lS5j FOR KENT — Three furnished: downstairs rooms for light:, housekeeping at 320 West .lef-i ferson street; outside entrance. MORE NICE STARTED CHICKS —Week old, 11c; 2 weeks, 13c; 3 weeks, 15c; growing fine; we sort our chicks well before selling; you will like them; come: can not be shipped; open every day and evening. Hoosier Hatchery, Michigantown, Ind. C -1S9 MONEY TO LOAN Phone 3 5 56. c-tf i I FEDERAL FARM LOANS at 5 % privi- c-tf per cent; pre-payment lege. D. S. Phares. FOR RENT—Three unfurnished rooms, ground floor, outside en- i PLENTY OF MONEY AT 5 % per trance. Phone 31G!I. 1' FOR- SALE —-Black broajdelotli spring coat, size 3S or as new; price $5.00. 2650. •40i, FOR SALE—Flame school! build- at Lutheran church; Inquire at 330 Fail-view avenue. Phone 4233. . i c-tf ood Phone C -1S5 1 FOR RENT—Choice office rooms, also light housekeeping rooms, modern, Masonic Opera House' Blok. Inquire of Charles Warne, secy. Phone 271. tf " lSC ' cent, from 1 to 10 years, with pre-payment priviliges; best loan In the state. StahderEord & Standerford. c-tf FOR RENT—Attractive 3-room lower apartment; 'excellent location; modern; good heat in winter; cool in summer; back! lawn: garden space; garage; $35 per month. Phone 591. c-195 FARM LOANS —Best krans in state, 5 to 20 years; interest annual or semi-annual with full payment privilege. Fielding & Fielding. c-tf FOR SALE — Red Star burns either gasoline q; oil; splendid condition. 4S. WANTED stove, r coal I Phone c-tf WANTED —Wall paper cleaning. Phone 509. Ray Hunter. p-ISS FOR SALE—Woodburne Ijo 0-day seed corn; have a few bushels of 1929 crop, also a goad supply of 192S crop. Frank Teal. Windfall, route. 1. | p-lSG i '' —_ FOR j SALE—Badenoch's j| Baby ~, chick starter contains Cod Liv i er oil. Cod liver . meal, |j but :er milk. Grows them better, taster and bigger. Fear' C;lfnipliell Co.' I tf. . FOR SALE — chicks, 11c. All heavy Tipton Hi Tip-Tjop Ich' FOR SALE—Cash or pavnien trade for live stock or ailj player piano, a doiibji single tub power washipg chine, new" springs and n davenport, table, china antique furniture and late style Singer sewii/g, chine; what have .you? Alice Webster's home. 4tjli house •south of New Hope chun of Tipton. c-1 to, cyy- Sfi or fine and ma- ittress, closet, lishes; AO ALARM OVKR CRASH. liankei-s Apparently See Xo Cause For Worry. WANTED—Work by boy boy IS (By John F. Sinclair.) New York, May 7.—The spec tacular and violent decline in stocks on the New York Stock V." ANTED—Two or three fur-; nished rooms for light house- \ keeping. Phone 12. P-1S5 WANTED—Gravel haulers' with dump bed trucks; report at the Hobbs gravel'pit, 1% miles northeast of Straw'town Monday morning. C. C. ciark. tf nia- ICalll at h south :-lS7 years of age, farming preferred, j Exchange brought distressed sell Call Paul Schulenburg. . p-lS9 ; ing, with' thousands of marginal traders again wiped out. The bankers apparently are not i alarmed. Many of them, away on week-end trips, could not be reached, but one of them expressed the opinion to this .writer—that the stock marked drop was "healthy" and that there was no occasion to re-establish the "bankers' consortium" of last fall. "Business is improving, but it has not recovered as much ground as many had, expected. Tlie market has overdiscounted conditions. It is over-bought arid a correction, such as is now taking place, • was' to bo expected, this banker said. While stock prices in the United States have not responded to cheap money, bond prices have. Earlier in the year the bond market took a spurt after the federal reserve discount rate had been reduced successively from 6V2 to 4 per cent. A lag in the bond-market followed and for'the last thirty days the market has been rather inactive. Hence bond accumulations have been going on with bond dealers not particularly happy over the strange turn of events. Had they not been waiting their big chance for years? .' But when the Bank of England, out of the clear sky Thurs day reduced its discount rate from 3V4 to 3 per cent, and New York followed suit, the bond dealers were happy again. Bond prices rose on a considerable volume of sales. Now it looks like an active summer for the bond market. IN FILMLAND Er; We Are 44 Team Old— We Have lived Coantry'a Financial Pcpicerioin ad Buries 44 Years and Have Never Paid Leas Thai)«% o» GOT THE FULL SIGNIFICANCE GF THAT gMTHWWT. Assets, April 30, 1930 .... .$642,654.61 Contingent Loss Fond ......... 15,000.00 Undivided Profits, April 30, 1930 ... 14,252.34 Next Dividend June 30, 1930 TIPTON BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION THE OLDEST SAVINGS INSTITUTION IN TIPTON Talk It Over With Our Secretary, J. A. Lewis Notice of Administration. freshriiessi of movies, not i DEMOLAY PLANS PARTY. Young Men's Lodfje Expects Entertain in Near Future. to At an interesting meeting of Tipton Chapter, Order of DeMo- l;iy. Tuesday night in the Masonic Temple, plans were initiated to stage some sort of entertainment in the near future ,for members, prospective candidates and friends. Paul Mendenhall, senior counsel­ lor of the organization, is chairman of the committe to arrange '.lie, affair, and will make known preliminary plans in a few days. The Tipton chapter has a number of candidates elected to receive the initiatory work," and these are to be initiated as soon as possible. Announcement was made at the meeting of the state conclave to be held in Indianapolis next month. During a social session, .following the close of the chapter, a committee served ice cream and cake. (By Mollie Mprrick.) Hollywood, May %.-—One of the most pleasant surprises of the past twelve months j is the comeback of Zasu Pitts, comedienne of silent pictures. And |what a comeback! • | j- Plunged into! the fog of obscurity which shrouded so many players when talkies began Zasu Pitts seemed, for a time, to be lost to the screen altogether. Then one began to see flashes of her here and there. A small bit, gorgeously done. A quaint characterization which made one forget everything else when she was before the camera." When the role of the whining wife in Constance Bennett's picture was given her she riiade so much of it that people were prone to discuss the wife rather than the million-dollar star, Constance Geunett. We call this "stealing the picture" in the village. It's ha'rd to steal a picture from Jimmie Gleakon and Bob i' Armstrong. But if it had been possible, then Zasu Pitts, playing the gawky elk inj would have done the honors. As it her share of glory and gave an original and riotously funny characterization, i j Now, Arthur' Hamth'erstein has chosen her for a ro'le in his opret- ta, "Bride 66." Her damp chiffon voice has a quality distinctly- different from othjer comedy as- Queen Esthers. RELIABLE PARTY wanted to handle Watkins products in Tipton; customers established: excellent opportunity for right man; write at once, C. T. Gernes, 242-260 E. Naghten St., Columbus, O.' P-1S5 LOST AND FOUND LOST—Bunch of keys in brown leather case. Mrs. J. R. Coleman. c-185 LOOK! LOOK! Barred. White," Buff Bocks: Reds; White Wy'an dottes; Buff Orpingtons —$9.00 per 100; $4:!.7S per 500; {83.00 per l .fliW. White ami Brown LeshoHi 1 : PIT 100 straight. Lie-lit {11.00. Add ic per are shipped, "c when "•2.". . .. rach Monday'and Wednesday. Lvs- liorns each Wednesday. Ourj chicks trive ffood: saiisfactmn. You will he ' pleased. JCncli order t-.trvtv '" ed. Hoosier Hatchery. town, Ind; FOB RENT , -5S.00 I}rahm:is. .'j-iien 50 Heavy's illy sort Micliigan- tf FOR RENT—Holf of double, four rooms; sun room, bath. Jefferson. Phone 2146. FOR RENT— Modern rooms over 616 E. p-186 Benson Bakery. Phone FOR RENT—5 -room cottage on ~.-i>ielil:'^reetjf,With gardi n spot ; ca^lMeijidenhall's Studio. c-l £9 • North L. -J. Teal 80. • c -18 8 Jndepen- S -189 LOST—Canvas grip on State Road 2S, near Tipton; "Barrow" printed on side; finder please •return to Tribune office; reward. Thomas Barrow. p-185 ' FOR SALE OR TRADE 1926 Chrysler "4'.' Coupe. 1925 Studebaker 5-pass. Sedan. 1!I2G Essex Coach. 1924 Ford Sedan. 1925 Dodge Coupe. SERVICE MOTOR CO. Phone S3. Body and i fender and ffefteral auto repair service, fabrication and storage. TIPTON BUIOK CO. W. Jefferson St. Phone 141. "What will happen on the stock market this week?" I asked one of the most t experienced traders, who is reported to" have come out of last fall's crash with r. profit. "Anybody's guess," . was his reply. "Personally I look for the, market to decline the first part of the week, but the worst should be over by the middle of this week." ; Readers can check this guess j of an experienced .stock trader against their N own arid see how good a "guesser" he really is. Some attribute the drop in stocks to the first quarterly statements that" are showing UP rather badly— this, and the car loadings, which are the poorest for March since 1924, and the-net railroad income, which was down 22.40 per cent,< the worst, February in twelve years. "; • • j Apparently the stock market, cbkpeK 'iVadV Chevr6te #cditn: 1929 Chevrolet «oup«, ]fe029 Chevrolet coach, l927 v KB»sex s-edan, 1927 ehrsyierjvj^jsport roadster, 1927 CheVrMe&eoach. Tipton ChevrglrtvQo^Inc. .The Queen Esther Circle of the Kemp Methodist -church was entertained Monday evening at the home of Mrs. Wilford Heier with a very good attendance of members. Miss Belle Jean Vandevender had the lesson topic for the evening and gave it an especially interesting way. At the business session the new officers for the year were elected and they will be installed at the next meeting. Social features loj; the evening included games and contests. WinnerB in the contests were Miss Mayme Reedand Miss Janalyce Rouls. • At the -close of the evening the hostess served lovely refreshments. "Oh Yeah away with 'all was, she stple outlook brought to ou\y the' proselytes from Manhattan", but even by thbsej who have been dabbling in gelatine strip since the year one. • - Notice is hereby given that the undersigned has been appointed by the Judge of the: Circuit Court o£ Tipton County, State of Indiana, Administrator of tlie estate of Peter Orr, late of Tipton County, deceased. .. Said estate is supposed to be solvent. j WILLIAM.M. OUR and CIIAKLKrf C. TYNER.- Administrators] April 22, 13^0. | J. FRANK PYKK. Attorney. 178-179-1-S3-J1!'I . De Luxe rinjr binders, and style or size. Tribune Prpss. The decided dash of Paris was contributed by Mrs. Sigmund Romberg;; who treated the colony! to a glimpse of the most exquisite; costume of the season. A frock and wrap of clinging; honey colored fabric was topped by a huge collar of honey lapin. (I know just what you're waiting to hear.) The dress was a little over half-way down the leg and straight all .around. These are very important items ~from the feminine standpoint just now. The genties will have to pardon an occasional departure of the sort. A beret-type cap of shaved lapin was worn with the costume. And a cluster of imperial - purple orchids—-worn without.- ferns, feathers or other horrors—gave the precise touc'h of perfection. Mrs. Oscar Hammcrstein, a very tall, slender brunette beauty, wore a clinging chiffon .velvet frock in black, severe in line'aud untrimmed. save for laee sleeves to the elbow. She is one of the ex quisite types among newcomers Her hat of black velvet had a brim of shoulder-width.-Certainly this year one may choose things suitable to type—there is great latitude. sets in movieland great gust of pleasure that one placards her name other famous comebacks village—Bebe Dajniels, Pidgeon, Gloria It is with a along with the of the Walter anson, Bessie Love- ers once tion. Sw -and a long list of play- threatened with extinc- Now that the "musicians are |top - i interest in the village, it is nothing to drop in to (tea and find a score of the newest musical comedy or operetta being dashed J off with much grandeur by the composer, j Sigmund Romberg was giving a sonorous and impressive rendition of his version of the Blue Danube at Agnes Marx's tea yesterday a'fternoon. He did some snatches of a symphonic poem which:weaves' through the celluloid tale and ties it satisfactorily into a romantic conclusion. ' It was a far different type of music from what we have been getting via the recording'systems.. Yet it had a dignity of beauty which will keep it understandable to the multitudes: OBcar Hammerstein, another of the famous farailyjlirought to the studios of movieland. was discussing this to him. One is always impressed v by .the -Household The Daily Wheeze "Oh, so Mainwarring is going to be married?" "Yes, a film actress!" "Indeed? Couldn't live out her, I suppose!" "No—;well, not without a breach of promise action, anyhow!" with- Bee Supplies Everything tor the Bee Keeper Hives, Sections, Foundation, Extractors, Etc. GET OUR PRICES SATISFACTION GUARANTEED BIG CATALOG FREE Compton Son Phone 20. Mr. Edison thinks hooch keeps workers from . owning homes. Another; liquid that has that effect is gasoline. » - Baby Chicks DO. YQJJ. SgL-L IS WIXTKR KWGS.' IJERK IS THE. AVAV TO DO IT! Try our BABY CIIICKS and set QUALITY CI 1LCKSTHAT LI VK. tin: (IiflVivuri'. LAY AND PAY Call or write for prices. Fear - Campbell Co. Tipton, Indiana. IMbime Press a new venture. The undersigned will sell, without reserve, to the highest bidder on the premises, two blocks south of Main ' street on - Railroad street,. Atlanta, Ind., on . Saturday, M?y Beginning at 1&6 P. M. ' Davenport; four Brussels rugs;, antique matble top dresser; tlque settee; Globe hot blast; Florence hot'blast; Art Garland base burner; drop leaf table; good roll top offlce desk; book case; Bojone kitchen cabinet; Majestic range; brass .bed; dak, bed; springs l and mattresses; - cupboard;, dining room chairs; 3 rockers; washing machine;' improved White sewing machine, lot of dishes and cooking utensils, and many other articles. . ' < highest' bidder; aatvniayi MayAo, : at 10**: m^WjunreffM^'cleanrrip sale of pergonal fcroWW *t West edge, of MoBtpeUer. ,~Oliver H Riceinger, owner.' R.,C- Fo-Land Auctton- Co.,- aucUoneers, iNobles- illle, Ind. Ford Ammonium . •• •' ' V Sulphate Nitrogen for the soil in its most desirable and convenient form. A wonderful fertilizer for lawns, gardens, trees and shrubs. Put up in handy 10-pound bags, at, each— ASK FOR FREE BOOKLET Tipton Main Motor Co •1 '.Af ' l« '-At'M.f 1 >f-' NOW! Week End Excursion Fares to LOUISVILLE, KY. Franklin, Ind., Columbu, Ind.* Edinburg, 2nd.. Sevmonr, Ind, and all points on the Une of th« INTERSTATE PUBLIC SERVICE RAILWAY' between - Indianapolis and Louisville. Tickets sold Saturdays and Sundays; return limit Monday nijjnts. iil^W^wm %«» hta.^oilll^-di^fr Dte way 1fl^ r pll> tOk for TOU|I |%lp. - r •

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