Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on January 27, 1978 · Page 2
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 2

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Friday, January 27, 1978
Page 2
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2--Uklah Daily Journal, Uklah, Calif. Friday, January 27, 1978 Cosf'Of-living survey results for li^st year Thumb your nose at the IRS, State Bar advises PERCENTAGE-OF MARKET BASKET ITEMS , • QUARTERLY PRICE .' . • . 1ST 2ND QUARTER QUARTER TO? ROUNP STEAK 1 lb USDA Choice':.•. ,.....$1.71 $ 1.80 GROUND BEE^ 1 lb, West pricei....... .,71 .72. BACON 1- lb lowest price.. 1;38 1.40: FRYING CHICKEN 1 lb whole. Grade 'A' .'68 .6^ WHOLE MILK 55 gal, fresh.. .77 .79 EPGS 1 doz, Ig, Grade 'A' .62 .68 MARGARINE 1 lb, low price .52 .45 POTATOES 10 lbs, white or red .99 1.07 BANANAS 1 lb 33 .29 HEAD LUTtUCE each 31 .40 BREAD White 16 oz low price 39 .36 CIGARETTES r king size carton of Winston........ 4.26 4.23 COFFEE 2 lb Folgers 8.97 7.57' PEAS #303 can low price.". .28 .31 CORN crfeam style #303 can, lowest price... .33 .34 GREEN BEANS #303 can, lowest price... .25 .2(9 TOMATOES #303 can, lowest price... .38 .37 PBACHE^ - halves //303 can, lowest price...' .45 , .42 TOILET TISSUE 4-roll pack low price.... ' .84 .78 WASHING POWDER Tide 49 oz 1.42 1.42 SHORTENING Crisco 31b can 1.76 1.90 FROZEN ORANGE JUICE 6, pz can, lowest price... ' .35 .37 DOG FOOD - 10 lb bag Purina Dog Chow 3.01 3'.00 MAYONNAISE Best Foods, 32 oz 1.33 1.32 SOFT DRINK Pepsi 1 quart. .44 .37. TOTAL; $32.48 $31.33 TOTAL (excluding coffee). $23.51 $23.76 CHANGES FOR 1977 SAN FRANCISCO (UPI) — A U.S. Tax Court decision has left 2 million California tax- 3RD, QUARTER 4TH * QUARTER $ 1.92 $ 1.8^ CHANGE IN (jUARtERS i„ 3 dilemma, and the 1ST TO advised them today to thumb their noses at the Internal- Revenue Service.. The question is whether taxpayers who itemize should 3RD TO 4TH 4TH .73 1.53 .58 .79 .71 .52 .82, .29 .43 .47 4.59 6.82 .33 .•33 .32 .40 .42 .78 1.42 1.87 .39 3.08 1.27 .40' .78 1.32 -.67 .78 .70 .46 .79 .31 .45 .37 4.53 6.39 .34 .34 •35 .39 .45 .80 1.37 1.82 .42 3. 12 I.IS .42 $31.21 $30.10 $24.39 • $23.71 - 1.6 + 6.8 -13.7 +15.. 5 - 1.3 - 1.4 -11.5 - 3.7 + 6.9 + 4.7 -21.3 - 1.3 - 6.3 •+ 3.0 + 3.0 + 9.4 - 2.5 + 7.1 + 2.6 - 3.5 - 2.7 + 7.7 + 1.3 -•9.4 + 5.0 - 3.6 - 2.8 +10.5 + 9.9 - 4.3 - 1.5 + 1.3 +11.4 -11.5 -20.2 - 6.1 +45.2 - 5.1 •f. 6.3 -28.8 +21.4 + 3.0 +40.0 + 2.6 - 4.8 - 3.5 + 3.4 +20.0 + 3.7 -13.5 - 4.5 - 7.3 + .9 and a claim later, if the IRS loses its case. For the IRS to check every returnfor an insurance deduction — or any other borderline deduction — probably would be much Uoo expensive to be worth'it, Busalacchi said. Disability i^isurance premi- deduct State Disability Insur- , urns are 1 percent of ^ri' em- ance premiums withheld from ployee's pay, up to $11,400. PERCENTAGE OF COST OF lliviNG ITEMS QUARTERLY PRICE CHANGES FQR 1977 CHANGE IN QUARTERS 1ST .2ND . 3RD 4TH ^RD TO 1ST TO QUARTER QUARTER QUARTER QUARTER 4tH 4TH APARTMENT'two-bedroom * monthly rent $200.00 $218.00 $235.00 $235.00 +17.5 HOME PURCHASE Monthly payment, inc P.I./T.I.... 370.00 437.50 ,450,.00 450.00 — +21.6 ELECTRIC POWER Average monthly bill. . 45.22 43.13 43.90 49.86 +13.6 +10.3 NATURAL GAS Average monthly bill 15.32 9.66 8.40 22.27 +165.1 +45.4. TELEPHONE monthly rate ' Private line S.'IO 5.70 5.70" 5.70 BUS FARE Basic fare, one trip .25 .25 .35 , .35 +40.0 TAXI FARE .within city fltst two miies ' . 75 . 75, .75 .75 .GASOLINE Regular ' ' Full service,fl gallon... ' .674 .68 .687 .687 T-- +1.9 HOSPITAL ROOM - cost per • " day, semi-private room... 116.00 125.00 126.50 129.67 +2.5 +11.8 DOCTOR -office Visit Gen Practice , 12.00' 12.00 12.75 13.66 + 7.1 +13.8 DENTIST - Inspect, clean ' • teeth (no x-ray) 22. 10 23.75 24.25 28 .75 +18.6 +30.1 ' MAN'S HAIRCUT Prevailing price 4.40 4.50 4.60 5.05 + 9.8 +14.8 WOMAN'S SHAMPOO AND SET Prevailing 'lirlce 5.25 5.48 5.65 5.75 + 1.8 + 9.5 DRY CLEANING . » Man's two-piece suit...'.; 2.90 2.93 2.95 3.12 + 5.8 + 7.6 MOVIE Downtown - indoor evening, loge 2.50 '2. 50 2. 75 ' 2.75 +10.0 BOWLING price per line evening rates 75 .75 .80 .80 — + 6.7 COLOR TV REPAIR service call (excluding parts)... 17.65 17.65 17.65 17.65 LIQUOR . • , Seagrams 7-Crown fifth... 5.79 .5.29 5.99 5.99 —+ 3.5 ********************,************************************************************ The overall cost of living increased 3.3 percent frqm the third quarter to the fourth quarter. The cost of'living increase for the year 1977 is 11.5 percent. Cloverdale Citrus Fair entry deadlines near their paychecks and paid to the state treasury,. Last August the U.S. Tax Coxu-t ruled the premiums are, a state income tax and deductible. The IRS said the court was wrong and filed a notice of appeal to a U.S. Court of Appeal. In the meantime, the IRS advised everybody not to deduct the premiums on their returns. If the IRS loses its case, taxpayers can always file an amertdedj«tum and a claim for a refund, plus 6 percent interest. "But most people are not going to file a claim, it's as dimple as that," a spokesman for the taxation section of the State Bar said. "They gre not going to get their money." And if three years pass before the appellate courts settle the issue, taxpayers must remember to file a claim before a three-year limitation runs out. For the IRS to disallow insurance deductions during the appellate process is "an abuse of governmental discretion," the spokesman said. The IRS ^obviously believjes it has a responsibility' to collect the money.- The State Bar section issued a statement telling taxpayers, in effect, to simpjy claim the deduction pn their 1977 returns in spite of the IRS advice to the contrary. . And the spokesman said taxpayers should not make it easy for the IRS by identifyiijg the insurance deduction. Hp said they should simply lump their insurance premiums with their state tax income deductions. Frank Busalacchi, an IRS spokesman, said no special procedure is being employed to identify' returns claiming the deduction. Htf said if an audit identifies a return with the deduction, it will be disallovted . — but only 3 percent of returns are selected for an audit. If the deduction is The" niaximum deduction would be $114, Or $228 for a working couple. The tax savings depend on a person's tax bracket — in the 25 percent bracket it would be $28.50 for the year,. Last year 6.4 million Californians paid $488 million intp the state disability insurance fund. It estimated that a third of them filed itemized federal returns. Persons who do not itemize, or whose employers payinto a private fund, or who are state employees, are not eligible for the deduction. The dispute be^n when a liistin couple, Anthony and tjelia trujillo, contested a disallowance of $90 on their 1975 return. U.S. Tax Court Judge Howard Dawson Jr. ruled in the Trujillos' favor. As a result, taxpayers can now file amended returns and claims on their 1975 and, 1976 retunls.— a,lthoug)i the IRS has urged them not to do so until the appellate courts review the Trujillo decision. Judge Dawson said the insurance was just another form of state tax. The IRS -.54 -.07 12,290,000 535 642 , 493 contends the California program is "optional" because IBM 265% +iy8 some workers do not have to Louisiana Pacific 12% -VB contribute. But the judge said the only way a taxpayer can avoid the insurance payments was to change jobs, and therefore they are really mandatory, and deductible. SAN FRANCISCO (UPI) ^ California extended outlook Sunday through Tuesday: Northern California — Mostly fair through the period except for variable clouds Monday and a slight chance of showers extreme north. Night and morning fog in the valleys. Temperatures averaging a little above normal. Highs in the 50s to low 60s with lows in the ihid 30s to mid 46s at low altitudes. Central California — Mostly fair and dry through the period except for variable high clouds Monday. Fog in the valleys with afternoon clearing. Temperatures averaging a little abovie normal. Highs in the mid 50s to low 60s with lows in the mid 30s to mid 40s at low altitudes. Southern California desert areas — Variable clouds but fair weather. Temperatures near or slightly above normal. Highs mostly in 50s Owens Valley, 55 to 65 in the upper deserts and 62 to 72 in the lower desert valleys. Overnight lows mostly in the 20s Owens Valley, 28 to 38 tipper deserts and 36 to 46 lower desert valleys. Coastal and mountain areas — Variable .clouds but generally fair weather except chance of showers northern disallowed, the taxpayer can,, mountains Monday. Tem- always file an amended return peratures near or sHghtly Let's make a deal for the Mardi Gras above normal. Highs mostly in 60s coastal sections and in 40s in the mountains. Overnight lows in the coastal sections in the 40s except in the 30s higher inland valleys. Lows in the mountains in the 20s to low 30s. California weather summary: Afternoon skies were sunny over most of California Thursday under some wispy cirrus clouds. But in the morning, the Central Valley was covered by ; a dense fog that reduced visibility to zero in the San Joaquin Valley. The fog burned off by early afternoon but hazy skies 'fetill limited visibilities. The haze also was evident in the San Francisco Bay area. Maximum temperatures ranged from the.50§ in the north to th^ 60s in the south. San Diego and Ontario had' the state's high at 70 degrees. ' Not much change is expected. The weak high pressure giving California the mostly fair weather also is trapping haze and-^moke near the earth's surface. A raging blizzard spread death and disorder through the Midwest, Great Lakefe and Ohio <i Valley regions and turned today toward the snow- weary Northeast. Worst hit were Ohio — Gov. James A. Rhodes said it was the worst blizzard in his state's history — and Kentucky, where tJov. Julian Carroll labeled it the "most devastating snow accumulation in 100 years." Today's market report AXEMAN EICHLER. HILL RICIJARDS INC. | MEMBERS NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE >:• DOWJONE^IL A.M PRICES % -f 1.56 Bid Un. ' London gold 176.40 -1-60 cents Sonoma Vineyards 5% Un; NEW YORK (UPI) - Stock prices moved up and down during the mohiing session tod^, and had turned mixed as, the noon hour neared. Turnover on the New. York Stock Exchange "was moderately active. The market's general weakness was a continuation of Tliursday's, when the Dow Jones industrial average, the indicator of blue-chip activity, gave up 9.10 points. The Dow's drop for 1^78 totals 67.83 points. The news background held little to lift Wall Street's spirits. The major influence on the Dow Thursday, and apparently carrying over into Friday, was a Labor Department announcement of a meager 1.4 percent rise in productivity during the fourth Standard Oil of C^if. 35%-f -V4 1977 quarter, ^seasonally ad- Transamerica 13%-Vs justed, wellunder the rate for Diagnostic Data (OTC) 14% the quarter just preceding it. Ji^ M fn§ M ^HONE 462-6788 NOW PLAYING - DON'T MiSS IT! Industrials Transportations Utilities Volume Advances Declines Unchanged Listed Stocks: ' Caterpillar Tractor 49% -M: K mart 24% -Vs . American Tel & Tel 57 Vs Un. Bank of America 21% -t-% Boise Cascade 22% -f Vs Heublein 25^: -% Evans Products 14% -f% General Motors 58% -f Vs Georgia Pacific 24V4 Un Houston Oil & Min. 28V4 -+-% Masonite 15% -Vs McDonald's 45 -fV^ Mobil Oil 59% Un. Nat'l Semi-Ctonductor .19 -1-1 Natomas 36% -% NCR Corp. 39% Un. Pacific Gas & Elec. 23^: Un. Sears, Roebuck 24V4 Un. The 1978 Cloverdale Qtrus Fair will be Feb. 17-20 at the Citrus Fairgrounds in Goverdale. ;Arts, crafts, and photgraphy Entry forms need to foe postmarked Jan. 28 to be accepted. Other entry forms are due "Feb. 4. ' Orville Burnside is department chairman for 4-H exhibits, and always gives a great deal of time and energy to hielping these young people in their work to piit on an a.m. ^nd judging will begin at excellent exhibit in Rainbow 9^ a.m. Hall. There are 4-H Food Gqat D^y will be held Preservation Divisions, which Suttd&y, Feb. 19.''%e above How do you.sharpen your card skills while helping raise funds for a local school? Simple —volunteer to take a dealing shift at St. Mary's school "Mardi Gras goes Monte Carlo." All local card dealers and players are gathering for another session of "dealing lessons" next JVIonday night at 7:30 p.m. in St. Mary's school auditorium. For this ninth annual school fund raiser, volunteers from the com: munity are taking on roles as blackjack dealers Feb. 4, manning 30 blackjack tables the night of "Mardi Gras goes Monte Carlo." The Cal-Neva Lodge from Reno is donating the services of John Hastings, •a pit boss, and two of his cronies for Mardi Gras. These gentlemen, along with Bill and Betty Hook, will be on hand Monte Carlo night to give advice to the dealers, help run the crap tables and to make sure the roulette wheel keeps spinping. All bets will be made with play money, and $5 will buy $200 in chips. Throughout the evening, players can bid with their chips on various prizes being auctioned. Anyone with questions about the dealing school may call Bill or Betty Hook at 462-3356 in the evenings. TONIGHT ISATURDAY-SUNDAYI BIG DOUBLE BILL! Dally Journal Missing? If your delivery boV happens to miss your, home, please phone UKIAH AAlss Service Hours 5to7P.M. Sunday 8 to 10 a.m. LAKi COUNTY MissS^rvlc9 Hours 7to«p.m. . 263-3301 WILLirS AREA Betty MaluganI 459-2479 7to9P.M. includes canning and drying; nutrition division, with many delicious treats of muffins, cakes, bread, and cookies,; and a clothing and textile division. 4-H livestock divisions include rabbit and goat days. Rabbit Day .will be Saturday, Feb. 18. Gates will be open at 8 Rites set for George Poor Services will bfe Monday, 2 p.m.^at Eversple Mortuary for George Robert Poor, 93, a longtime Hopland resident and rancher, who died Friday at a Ukiah hospital. A native of Massachusetts, Mr. Poor had lived in Hopland since 1887, taking over his ranch in 1921. His wife Mary passtjd away in 1970. Surviving are two children, John Poor of Hopland and, Dr. Elizabeth Rees of Castro Valley, eight grand(:hildren and six great-grandchildren. Interment will ^be at Ukiah Cemetery. ' exhibits will be released at 4 p.rn> on the day of their showing. Bert Brooks, a local rancher, will be demonstrating sheep shearing. Monte Montana and his Wild West Show with his Indian dancers, rope tricks, and Western music are being featured Saturday night. Also at the show will be Skeeter Vaughan, whose Cherokee Indian qame i; Grey Otter, presenting a precision knife and tomahawk throwing demonstration. FIRE CALLS THURSDAY, JAN. 26. 1978 11:50 a.m. — Auto fire atjFarmer's Market, Orchard Plaza Center. V 2:31 p.m. — Public assistance at 621 Willow. J SNOYO Theatre E. Cominercia!. Willits - 459-2021 AUTOLANO RENTA-CAR 462-5858 »5»»DAY5VMII| Introductory Offer AUTOLANO SbBARU Open Weeknights 6:45 Show 7:00 Sundays 4:45 Scheduled Matinees Begin 1:00 Jan. 25-28 . BAD NEWS BEARS PG U I And Tills Thrill Feature BAD NEWS BEARS BREAK TftAININd CAMP ^ T nII 111I 11f1TTIIIIT There comes ^ time stops Mng a and starts being awMnan. I'be story «fawfBaef» P.G. STARTING TIMES 7:07-10:43 'VIOLATION" AT 9:00 - ADDED- Color Cartoon ' HELD OVER! MO T DAYS Continuous Shows Saturday & Sunday fronn 1 :45 EVERYONE SAYS - DON'T MISS IT! HENRY SALLY WINKLER FIELD ^-Inding the one you love.. is finding yeurself: In a world gone mad... who needs a funny, fabulous love story? YOU DO! |/\ TURMAN-FOSTER COMPANY PRODUCTIONI "HEROES" ^ Co-starring HARRISON FORD . 'HEROES" STARTING TIMES 7:17 - 9:47 Added . Color Cartoon & Stiort Subject NOW PLAYING THRU TUESDAY Continuous Shows Saturday & Sunday fronn 1 :45 Bid NEW FEATURE AHRACTION Who is No one really knew. Not the crowds who cheered him. Not the women who made love to him. Not the family who reached out to him. No one untU now. No one until her. WEEK DAYS 7:17-9:44 SAT. & SUN. 2:02-4:397:16-9:53 ALPACINO MAKTHEKEIUER A SYDNEY POLLACK FILM BOBBY DEERFIELD ANNY DUPER:EY "'""^'.'.^l.'il'il --ALVIN SAltGENT. i...,.,,..^ v lHICHMAKlAKtMAKOUt Added Color Cartoon . Scarlet "Pinkernel"

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