The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 30, 1930 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 30, 1930
Page 3
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THURSDAY, JANUARY 30, 1930 (ARK.) COMtlER-NBWa Williarii Fox Has Back Against the Wall Movie Croesus Who Triumphed Over Handicans '. is Fighting Hardest Battle , Bv C.ENE CONK : NEA Sen-Ire Writer NEW YORK—Wlllitm Fcx. win lias put hts O. K. on thousands of' l^riHiny cinema niot 1; fi'.ul hundreds' ol players, has lived lo find himself cast in a drama which his. boldest scenario writer would have hesitated l-i invent. And, as anycue who has followed the continuity of the past few - we;ks could icll you, H's bcins;; oeted with sound—ana' nol a littie Jury. At first glance, rue encounter.-; • a series of Aw/Mns figures. They ! are written in million 1 ; nnd hun- drcds cf millions. There are equal-; ly involved details of demands that. liuslecs lake over the vasi Fox j hoWiiiRs, or thai n receivership be i declared, One nf Ihe most spec-! taculav and gigtmltc collapsjs in', Him history Is hinted, or openly charged. Leaving to court action whatever may become of the litigation j which has been slowly hrmiiiiii? In I this amusement Til an and backingj hlir. against the wall, the irony,! drama and romance of thu closeups j and long rhots alike remain un- change<l. —According to His Lights ' As they would say in one of i Fox's own studies, "cut. in" on a ! short, sturdy, humorous-eyed, fast greying man in one of thos? elab orate Park Avenue residences. If he walks to a front window, he can see dramatical!)- reflected against the night sky the golden glow of Broadway's lights. As much as any man in America, he [ helped to put llv:se lights there., since most of them blare from tile I vast movie signs. Ironically j enough, his very lights have come to launt him. To Br-adiray, and to all the Mnin Streets of America, these lights symbolize amusement anrl release from the work-a-day. To those behind the lights, they reprc '/ I; busines •—huge business, .organization and power. The average tlicnter-B"ev walk in and there are flashes upon the screen of a hero harassed by enemies and fighting back, inch by inch, from his corner. Again irony! For Fox, according lo hi associates and his awn statements is like the hero of his veriest old time thriller. lie; sees enemie / - closliig&i upon him. Money marls In which he once spoke in term of tens of milli-ns, he finds closed to him. The "forces" of Wall Street, even as in his own films, are pictured as remorseless wolves. And with his hack to the wall, he cries out a perfect picture captim —"They warned me that (he gods of Wall Street were proclaiming my doom, and that nothing on earth cculd prevent the money machine from mowing me down." He's a Fighting Man best ,the First i-Yom his window, Fox sues the collected g!o\v of giant theaters, once his. \Villi;ini Fox at the peak of his cni'oer several \X';M-.-J aj;o. He beuau with a lantern- slide nickelodeon. William Fox as ho the oilier diiy i>t cnurl. begun. And now tlic dmmn grew lenser—no! only nround Fox, bill thousands of others. Those close <•<« ""I" 1 w»l toll you that |,<, held ftjd.OOO stairs of Loew Tlirator stock—pnri ol an expansion plan; time he h;\d ijought It ns 80 nnil i»id 50 per cent of its value. When It slipped (o 45, the call ciime for millicns -to cover." Then for mtl- H-HS more and mfllJons more, until reiuly cash unit, and then proiicr- tirs and then IOJIK atiil then HOIM on more loans. From evrry coiner rnmo ' new troubles—deals where huge p.i) 1 - inents hnd been made, but full pnyineiil w,is still forthcoming Pox lurni'd to (| tl . banks, but money grew llsliln. He says (ho nimncla'l holdmit wa: ddlberaic. At any rale first the c.'n« A ami Ihcn thc- ins 1! MorkhoUk'ih moved u)Hin him, some alleging mlsiimimsriirem "f the llim'i, funds, some merely urging a Kfv .- mnr.neemenl of nf- fntrs. Fox nnds himself the im- wlllliiB slnr of ihe most lar drama of his career. Fair Exhibits Increased LEIPSIC (UP)-Two new exhlb- llois, Clillc mid Poland, tire to fa rcprcs»n(c<l at the 1930 Spring Fair. The Chilean government Is linvlnt; n pavilion erected on the grounds of ihe Technical Fair and in llih hull plans lo show examples of l>io<tucu of Us country Special at- 'enilon In ilii< Chilean exhibit will be paid to the raw materials produced In Hint country and niarkct- txl abroad. 1'oland's exhibit will be sol up In Ihe lilng lloiiie and will consist pilnciually ot Folish fcxxl- slulfs, brushes, hides, lextllo goods, finiiUuie, hides, cnnmelware and. silver plate. VIENNA i UP)—During the past month -11,751 foielgncis visited Vienna, according to 1111 olDcial nu- noiniceineiit. , Baby Whistles I.O.ViJOK-Cyrll Olckson, nye It ii-.o'Hiis, Is said lo be the youiiRest whistler In the world. The mile- ti'llov cunnol walk, crawl ur talk but he HIM c: m whistle. On awakeniiiK In the mnrnlnj; he arouses his parrais with Mi, high, shrill whsll!,, B . Hi- cinlinucs nlmoit William, craslsig thrcmyhoiii Ihe ' For Rheumatic Aches and Pains Rheumatic pains, neuralgic head, aches, ami nclies . Accompanying colds yield almost Instantly to CupmUuc. ndnij liquid It nets much riulclicr than InWels or pow<Im, is easy on tho btonmcli and contains no narcotics. Cnimdliie relieves by soothing tho iicircs. Has been used over 30 years—u hue and tried remedy. 30o and <Mc bottles at drug stores. <adv.) PAGE THREfi l-t-a'sIViir Tonic Kanlshed 'Dandruff. Him- Is Now AH Drown Just (hi- .Some as f<efur« His Illness. He Declares LOTS YOUNGER NOW -ml permit ihe ,"i ,,r , ,£* " c '^ "" dr '.''* lst »«<» «* " "I- reeled on positive guarantee of absolute satisfaction In six week* or money back. If preferred, send dollar bill, chicle or money order •- Lea Tonic Co., Brenlwcod, Md.. ' Adv. ft Isn't a Mosquito—It's a Plane The market crush On the links, Fox once made the "fade out" of.his owy a liole-iii-oae. - life din ma. viewed. And when everyone was sealed aboul the table, he staged lib dramatic surprise. Suddenly, oul o; i;ie clear sky, he laughingly admitted thai he knew what was In the minds of the reporters nnd tlien aikcd them openly, "Well, do you ihlnfc I behave, cr talk, oi i;ct like an incompetent?" It couldn't have been staged better in any picture. Already the market slip and had lALTHYloF CFffllLDREN Kvcrv Blcmbt'i- of the Family Took K5;u-k-J)raii{fhl M'hen" Out of Sorts. wilh WALNUT HTDOE. Ark.-"Unlil I was a grown girl, I did not know there was any ether purgative but 'thsdfcrd's D'.jck-Draughi." writes Mrs. J. c. Hathcrnc. o( this place. "My fal-.rr gave it lo every member of life family. "Whenever we got out of sorts, he got rioivn Uie Mack-Draught a'new and tiny "flivver p,one of his own CM^^'u^ £"' "^''* '" ° f Blacl£ - Drau « ht - Hmcr Dye. former cnpnc-rr o: - ,BC Manc.c-y Aircnft Company, ».„ helFsl Innld Cdoni-l LhUbergh's "Spirit of St. Louis." Is pictured above And so, according to the trac'.tions of the £C-2narit|,, fight scene is arranged. n job in a tailoring After several pro- there is and will be. for this grey little man has been a scrapper since the days of short pants. M r \v, let's cut back for a moment. William Fox is a son of the histoilc East Side. When he was a child, playing in the streets, a wagon knocked him down, so affecting his left arm that he barely could use it. It appeared to be withered. ST the rough and burly youngsters from the neighborhood wouldn't let him compete in their games, or when he did they gave him little chance. All of which, as modern psychologists explain, gave birth to the desire for compensation in some other way. He would show them! Handicapped in one direction, he would dcuble his efforts in another. As a boy he took establishment. motions, he sought to get mere money, but when the raise didn't come, opened a small shop of his own and with a few hundred dollars in savings bought a sort of sh-otlng gallery-lantern slide hole- in-the-wall in Brooklyn, and thus started his amusement career. Admission was five cents and people saw pictures that actually had motion. Wealth Grew Sptcclily Within five years. Pox had n quarter O f a million dollars and was buying up more theaters. It was while In the process of this expansion that he first encountered Big Tim Sullivan and the Manhattan Tammany crowd, for "Big Tim" owned two burlesque homes which Fos wanted t-> acquire. S3 having a business relationship with some of the Tammany boys, he encountered for Ihe first lime Win- fleld Sheehan, who for years has been the production chieftain of the Fox concern-tho man who launched some of the elaborate productions which put Fox into the bl?gcst league company In the past few years; who introduced Murnau and Janet Gaynor and many another. At ti-.c time, Sheehan was fire commissioner. There were the usual fire regulations to be considered and Pox had occasion lo hold more than one discussion with him. Fox wanted to hire him, bul Sheehan became the p?l!ce commissioner of New York before he finally went .with Fox. With many theaters In VH S con . IT! and problems of distribution growing steadily. Fox .suddenly switched from the largest ol these £ays the plane cost S1.8CO to build, operates for a criu a mile 1-as landing siwcd of 30 miles, an air speed of ICO miles P er hour"and I weighs only 350 pounds. ' units to one independent concern of his own a;iii began (o fight them. Thus he opened a way lo film iiv.-.- duction, and his appearance in big Inanrc bemn when lie started his Fort I.-ee, N. J. studios. How Trouble Was Brewed From this grew all the financial ''v/olvcmcms which now 'ver liK head . c-renl t hang . chains had to be organized and purchased:, vest ovnamio'.i programs hnd to be financed; the talking pictures came in. So it cne-armed and Is verv proud af nice having made a liole- and pave il to us this way'for indigestion and constipation. "There were eight of us chll- I ciren in our family. We were a healthy lot. Black-Draught was aboul our only medicine. "I have continued to use it off in-one. The and on in ray i needed it since folk were more! ried. I home as I have I have been mar- goad rccommen- 'han ordinarily curious. They had ' mili °n, for I know from my owi heard the whisperings long before i UE(- Black-Draught arrived. They wondered, for ' m sd!cine." Is n good instance, why Fox had not staged! Tllcf1f ° r d's Black-Draught Is his anniversary on Broadway. The ! l lilrct y vegetable cathartic or 2jth »-as jusr. .1 few years ago, when the Roxy opened, that Fox. C3«UI talk carelessly ol $20,000.000 theater chains and a $35,000,000 personal fortune. There have been thealer atTccled his mind. So the "iiircna'cE and expansions which' birthday was filled with -nice have run these figures far up j import. Fox showed the visitors no scale. about the vasl estate; he outlined it. murnln 3 (0 thp ctose-np, his plans for Ihe future; he told of mere cr.mes again the irony of Ihe ! "ew theaters, and he was Inlcr- Sreymg man who met Ihe day he rctildii't command the mere '$35- OC3.000 needed to meet his short term notes. And this has been one of the critical points in the litigation which may or may not oust him as chieftain. Cut even before the late market crash had reached Its peak and started the cumulative snow-ball on ils way down hill, harsh whis- pirE were going about nnd clouds were gathering upon the skyline Srme of these "inside details" were more than passingly dramatic. Entertained The Tress Last October, William Fox invited i group of newspaper men to his fast country place on Long Isl The occasion was the 25th birthday of his film life. Thr place was a charming club-house adjoining his i.ivcrite golf course. For Fox has become vastly pr.-ricicm a-, goif- nnctlier of the compensations for us injured arm. He has r-Crfcclcd street had been gossiping. Fox had ' tlvc mE<Iici ne. composed of sc- been in an auto wreck. He hnd leclcrt medicinal herbs and roots. ''?en ccing to n g-]f course to play Black -D™<iBht is finely powdered, with Joseph Schcnck. and another "' hlch enables tile juices of the film figure; there had been a col- slomac h '° extract its medicinal lificn, the chauffeur hacl been kill- Properties In an easy, natural way. ed and Fox had been thrown out and seriously injured. Gnsiip said that the accident had affected his mind. ^ Conrtipation. Indigestion. Biliousness COLD CAPSULES; ContAin no QIK ni nc, acetani JLfJ or htncfu I dniiga. TE^fc modern prcraratfon » relief with tfr-.e very Tint do«c. In. feet it tf junr- -vt ( Sold and rf 'onunend(d av HLIO>-I!CI| iX'U; un. . nml Kirby Dr«g Co. 9- Even Wilted vegetables become crisp and fresh in the Frigidaire HYDRATOR This new moist air compartment gives lettuce and celery that "fresh from the garden" taste. See it demonstrated at our showroom. ..NOW, FRIGIDAIRE MORE THAN A MILLION IN A, H Treadway Rlythcville, Ark. . It Is marvelous what It will ilo: , - clared Kdward J. lllldnmn, 459 Ir- , Hegardlcss of a«e thousands of . for a bottle by return mail. 'Coming events cast their shadows before" that cause excess AVOID THAT FUTURE SHADOW* By refraining from over-indulgence You men who would keep trim and fit... you women who covet the tantalizing curves of the'truly modern figure—when tempted to do yourself too well, light a Lucky instead. Be moderate—be moderate in ail things, even in smoking. Eat healthfully but not immoderately. When your eyes are bigger than your stomach, light a Lmky instead. Coming events cast their shadows before. Avoid that future shadow by avoiding over-indulgence, if you would maintain chat lithe, youthful figure. lucky Strike, the finest Cigarette you ever smoked, made of the finest tobacco—The Cream of die Crop—"IT'S TOASTED," Everyone knows that heat purifies and so "TOASTING" not only removes impurities but adds to the flavor and improves the taste. 's toasted" ' , ««™ f ,,- and, by avoiding over-nugence, maintain a modero, graceful fotm. ttJNE IN-Thc Lucky Strike D.nce Orchestra, every Saturday nigh,, over a coast-.o-coas, network of the N. B. C. © I9J3, Tbt Arnirkm ToUtto Co, Mlri.

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