The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 9, 1940 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 9, 1940
Page 5
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TUESDAY, JANUARY 9, 1940 BLYTHEVrLLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE FIVE For Snlo I Beautiful let for investment or! home on Missouri .street. Cash 01- ; tr-rins. Moore's Hotel, nolllron,' phone 159, 9-!>.'<-Jfi; I still innke mid fell Or. 1'liiliip.s' Annlba Liniment. Mrs. O. li. Phillliis. 21(1 No. Franklin. !)-p'-:-2-'J Rc-glstoVcd Poland China plus, 3 months old. .1. 1 land. Pinksiun, Hul- a-nk-;u Extension gate leg table with two extra leaves. Solid mahogany top. Price $20. Phone 030. 3-UH black land, cotton O. Ilox 345, New 22-pk-30 nually at li',4. Will be oil market ill few days. TJiowas I.nml Co., Sole Agts. CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rate per line for consecu- ilve insertions: One time per line iCc jwo times per line per rtay....08c i'liree (lines per line per day...M>c Kix times per line per day 05c Month rate per line GOC Cards of Thanks 50c & 75c Minimum charge 50c Ads ordered for three or six times and stopped before expiration will be charged for tlie number of times the add appeared and Adjustment of bill made. f itrm . write £'. All Classified Advertising copy Madrid, Mo. Vibmltted by persons residing out- -., '- /ide of the city must he uccom- FOR SALE—ICO ncres land near Vanled by cash. Rates may be eas- Blytheville. Good land nnd well lly computed from above table. ! improved. Possession Jan. 1st. Price Advertising ordeied tor Irregular $60 acre, part, cash, balance nn- Inscrilons lakes Hie one time late. " No responsibility will be taken for more Ulan one Incorrect insertion of any classitied ad. No lice Bargains In USED TIRES AND mm Some Repossessed, Good as New. SHOUSE-HENRY HARDWARE CO. PHONE S3 Farm Loans Large or Small At Lira- Interest llafcs. We are compiled to handle large or smnll loans on any sized tract of farm bud, at low cost, and at' a low interest rate. TERRY ABSTRACT & REALTY COMPANY 213 Walnut St. Blytheville, Arl; For Rent NVauled 2 or 3 room unfurnished house nt npiirtmuit. I'honp KS, Colored man nnd wife for .vitrd nnd housework. Clood house and wnier furnished. Jess llonu'i 1 , shei 1 - uTs ofllix'. (i-ck-13 Courier News Want. Arts ' Device Warns of Danger From Radium Exposure WASHINGTON tVP)—'fln> ii«: liomil bureau of .stiimliirds lias do- voloi , p;| „ l|( , vu , e ^ ^^ „ "aniln,. ( C jiprsons who arc In "imiji'r of m'rr.cxiwsiirc to mdUim Wert Optometrist "HK MAKKS 'KM SKK" Orcr .Ine Isaacs' Store Phone i5IO Ktove builiilm and ar/artmnnt.. East i Main St. Phone 320 or 893. WIT got lo move limn nul. ll's your (urn In move In. .VJ nnd Del. Soil. . .... ._ . U.OOT miles. Practically ' NYu- lires ... ;3 rooms furnished. Garage, coal . shed, 224 Dolman. Mrs. Wort. '38 Cliev. Master Coach. D-ck-TJ j3 room unfurnished apartment, with bath liand hot water. 412 8-ck-tf . New tires. Looks anil runs like ««»'. Healer cquinned SIS'i M ...... ' I Chicknsnwbn, '39 KnrtI "85" Tudor. City driven. Color blai'k. Mohair — — - 1 upholstery. Only S4U'; New 5 room doivn.stair.s- aparlincnl " ' at 91.1 W. Walnut. Equipped wiilij' 3 ' Ford I'd. Turtor. Butane gas heat. ne\v large isasj 1'alin crccn color. City range. Venetian Winds, two Innjc Cleanest car in scrcenctl porches. Gnrnue Phone 08. 20-ck-tl Desirable bedroom in private home, with heal and private both. l(Ki7 W. Walnut street, phone 884. li-ck-lf driven. $37(t Welding EXPERT ELECTRIC AND ACKTYLKNE line and heavy welding a specialty. 4 room furnished npartinrut. 100J W. Ash, Vacant Jan. 15th. Call fi-ck-tf 2 rood] furnished apartment. <!31 Chlckasawba. Joe Waclrty. o-c.k-12 '.I* l-'crd Tinier. Heater cquipjird. Bargain ?!'il.5U '3(i Clicv. Muster l>c). Coach Nni- I'ainl. Motor Hxcellcnl condition. '35 Pcml Coupe. Call any of ( salesmen for ii ilcmonslralinn: Cal (Jnsscft, Joe Slianks, C. ii. Camiilicll. llcriianl fjtiocli. [.en Stephens, lion BarksdaSe Mfg. C Phone 10 or Kcs. 1510 Wanted To Buy Wanted to uny Govcrnnieiit cJoi- ' ton Loans. Blytheville Gin Co. Stock of merchandise in small grocery. Also rent fixtures and build- in. Preferably with living rooms. Call 712-J. 3-nk-10 Bmall furnished house, 1213 Holly, I W. It. iin Phone 981 or 143. Mrs. Sternberg.l 13. Busby. ^ Ck " tf i AUTHORIZEDAFOSD DEALER Furnished bedroom. 022 W. Main.' " " ' ' Mrs. McMuiJin. -1-ck-lf ROOMS, furnished or iinfumishetl. j One bedroom. 914 Ilcarn. 3pk2-3! Room for employed woman. W. Main. I'hor.e 239. 30-ck-tf' Nice bedroom convenient to bath, j - Steam heat. Phone 280. aicktf NMce front bedroom. 1000 W. Ash. Plionc -HS-W. Mrs. M. O. C5ood- wln. 21cktf 1 6 loom house or part of house. On Chickasawba near High School. Repairing Expert gun repairing. See E. Jif! Pamon nt the Blytheville Armory an Wednesdays and Thursdays. Inquire 128 E. Main. Phone 115, Only Cimihilitc (>|Hliiilr- Irlsl in lllylhcvlllc. Cllasscs I'ittcil I'll)'!'. When I'.vpu.ftirc ( W radiiitit rndl- allon I'riiclii's sufc by the Hie limit tlcrnied experts, the. cmlLs it IniznliiB sound. The. tm- 'txptsurc win pointed, mil. tlnii. in'liosDiuiB' where , W ,»UU M o/ ndlvm • nilw , B , „• 10Mo , . ..... - ..,.,.- ------ ,device lloslu^ a led Iliiht nmt protect tlic tcchnlclniiB from ovcr- B „ o Mw . nrc lirtinllcil It « Is Impoilunt to papers, with n mtnl circulation"/ PRESCRIPTIONS Frc.shcsl Stock Ciiiiranlocd Hest Prims Kirby Drug Stores Now Liieutnl at till Nnrth fifcoud ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DUN KDWAKDX, rnijitlftoi All Miikcn of Uclniill TyjiewritiTs, Aililiuj Miidnntj (;nU'Ulu(«r»—-ItciMlrlnK—l'arU—KlbDoiu Cured Willinul Surgery, tint] Gunnmtoud A very safe mid linnnlcss mi'tliort; wlllioiit eniiniiciti»nt to bert, loss of time from work nnd with very little discom- more- tbnn 31.000,000, WE HAVE IT! PRICES-TERMS-TRADBS Delta Specials We. Have a /xoy/e Selection Of I,nt<> Modal llccoudittoncd Used Trucks Internationals - Fords - Chevroletn Several { Ton Pick-ups, Long and Short W. B. Several Ii Ton Models, Long anil Short W. B. 1, D-35 2 Ton International Short W. B. 1, C-35 2 Ton International Short W. B. These Trucks Are Priced To Sell— $50 and Up 1940 license furnished on all Trucks over $100 Is Your Car act additional service n»tl pcr- fwiunnee from your car by nl- lowliiR us lo winter-he It throuidi mid through. The re : condition woUf by exuert ma- clinDlcK (i.tMire yon complete satisfaction nl a low cost. DMEIN Cliiiii'iintcctl Work. Kxpcrt Mccliunics Modern Kiiuipment Riipid Service TEACHER OF YOUTH DRS. NIES I STOP THAT FIGHT. , \V. It. llrooks, Charley G ir. GRI y AWDTH'DISGUISE L WORE IM 1 GOT TO SET OUT OF -- --HERE AWC> DES1EOV IT, OR LUCUV RIJAHE AMD t WILL f.-O WILL ,,., ruT .. „.. .SIMPLE AS "TVlftrtPUE BA^^ERE T ° THE ^ORM ™ DHUN IHtKb /no/iv/c lid nkiTn-rn'r- IM SHORT UNTIL SUCKTIME'AS we SIQHT SOME PEAR VOIJR RPTURM TO TROV — TOIENOS, I'M AFRAID MOT.., NEVER LMD THERE, ULVSSES-- PERHAPS 1HI5 PLACS WILL GIVE VOU SOME AS TO OUR For Sale or Trade Arcusc SlujBlsh Liver, work off, the bile to rid yoiirtelf' of const!-' _ uaUon, gas rjalns, and that sour,: 32 volt Dc\m System, for punk feeling. Take one box of KIllltY'S ACTIVE I.IVliU I'll I<S 25c at all Kirby Stores Unde. New batteries, 2 .radio. Phone 214. I J-'or Sale or Trade S-ec Fio.vd Simpson at Delia plcmcnts, Inc. a-n-lf Anio _ G pedal paint job. $12.50. Offer eood until January lath. Joe Al- Garage. So. 2nti St, Phone 284 Answer to Previous Puzzle 13 Compass point BOOTS ANI)HKR jWrElE|D)SfM'U) I JR| 16 She believes I l\ /I A[5flr-»! A !T~- *'/-^n — I :.. BY KDGAR ill A f {TIN :.. iKn nf education, 17 To liquefy. JDTo blink. " months old setter pup. Wiiitc with black cars nnd black spot on forehead. REWARD for rctiiin lo ,1. w. Raydcr, 1101 Holly rhonf 24 Complete view of a region. 25 Pussies. through water VERTICA1 38 Opportunely. 2 Moron. •10 Matgrass. 41 Myself. 42 Diversion. •I 1 ! Because. root. -------- 30 Cows' cries. 3 Spring fasting 31 Market. 32 To sum up. S3 Northeast. 34 To affirm 36 Goads. 37 Diminished. Foretoken. 40 Water scorpion. season. 4 Twenty-four hours. WASH TUJ.JHS HY lOY CKAJNl-; i&TWE ^... PITTAWAV. UWOER$TAND voutec «f TMW EAW. Lonknir, , WAB4H fCK If'••--' Tliul's Just Take W Back of neck 47 Distant. 48 She is (he -^—of Barnard College (pi.) G Sniffed. J Earth. 3 Small shield DSound of slight surprise 41 Greater. JO Face. 43 Blemish. ' 44 Stout. 45 Whirlwind. 12 Point. 47 Musical note. SMALL TOW), C APIA W EASV. NEffS 6ET4 WWUMO FA^T. I'M TKE OWE wno'6 seen TEVIWS TO BUV IT—S'POSE/ OU THE YOl) TH1WVC I'W A / COWTBARV, FOOL, EH? I'hin "Horse" l.nnk ;il Thcso PUKELVA SEMTIWEHTAt E6ASOH -SIR. 1 WAS BORM WBa WOULP t.\KE TO RETIRE, AWD BUIIO A HOU4E (3W THE OLD HOMESITE''. TOW LA.MO'6 WORTH OMW 89* \ AU ACEE, BUT TELL WO IVHAT HI I DO. IF YOU CAU 6ET M<*tE TO / CLOSE TtSE DEAL AT OMgf, ill 1'iiril \'-S Coupe. .Special l.1.!l Toril VS Ttnlcr. ucal liny I.13T fln-rnrlrl (,'onpc. 193fi Fonl V8 Tuilor. Only ... IMS riirvrnlcl Town Sedan ..?5!1.> 153!) rhcvrcfcf Coupe. A Heau- Chevrolet Tour Sedan IM7 Clictrclcl Town Sedan Co you nrcil n truck'.' If you 1 rprnr- in and Look our jrvrr, ,M1 rrrriinliiioMcrt and ready I (o 50. :,n ttsed Trucks and I'irk- U|w i(> clinnsc from. All makes .incl inotlrls. A FINE LOT OF SVMPATMY UMDERSTAMDINk3 I. <3ET AWOUMD THIS HOUSE/ I CAME IN HERE "lo - MDU ABOUr A PLAW i WORKED OUT TO KEEP JUNE FROM GOING AWAY, AND You _ AFFOHO rJor TO 85 INTERESTED f -THE WOMAN YOU Love IS WELL, YOU GO TO SEC i;asy <JM.\(; Paymcnl rian vS,. ^Vn Tradn l)|ir« Nights and Sundays WAKS HER UP A-siD START GtVI.MQ HER IDEAS ' HORIZONTAL 1 Head of a woman's college, Virginia I? Postscript. H Share. 15 To contrive artfully. 16 Abounding in plnos. 17 Bill of fare. 18 To decay. 19 To join metal. 20 Laughter sound. 21 Preposilion. 22 Fine river mud. 23 To drudge. M To gasp. :'5 Anxiety. '-!S To express gratitude. •-B Fence door. ::.1 Electrified particles. 30 Minute object. SlFrcnzy. ' n _ 35 Dove's call. « She -^— from 11 Prinier's .lUMalc children. Barnard in measure. 37 To walk 1399. \b

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