Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on June 11, 1957 · Page 11
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 11

Cumberland, Maryland
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Tuesday, June 11, 1957
Page 11
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Member Associated Press Council Asks Removal Of TUKSDAY, JUNK Parking ~ an Kequcsl Made To Chief Engineer Of Slale ItcuiiJg Group ^ The Mayor and Council today nskcil the State Roads Commission lo consider deleting a sec- t'on of (he Frederick Slrcet improvement project agreements which prohibits parking on the easterly side of Bedford Slreet between Decatur and Marietta streets. Mayor Hoy W. Eves said the request is being made in a letter dispatched to Norman M. Pritchell, chief engineer of the SliC. in Baltimore. Pritchell had re- (Hiesled lhal (he citj' present data supporting its request for consid- eralion by the commission. Should Ihe commission atcepl, it" will pass uir its recommeda- lion to the federal Bureau of Public Roads which will make Ihe final decision. Residents and properly owners of the 300, 400 and 500 blocks of Bedford Street have been waging an intense campaign lo have parking restrictions removed. The group has as its chairman William A. Miller. Certain Standards Mayor Eves explained / lhat when the contract was made for Icdcral aid in Ihc ball million dollar improvement project, one feriera! request was to comply with certain slandards regulating parking. The city, he said, had argued to have the parking restriction but it was returned and stipulated that Bedford Street would be one-way from the city limits to Mechanic Slrcet and lhat the parking restriction musl remain. At a later meeting in Baltimore with SRC and federal officials, il was indicated when Ihe city's financial obligations were met Ihe federal bureau would consider lilting Ihc parking ban if Ibe request came Ihrough (he Slate Roads Commission and with ils approval. Eves said. The Setter sent to Pritchett, according to Eves, is the official request from Ihe city lo the SRC which it is hoped will be approved by Ihe and for- The Ncwtpuper For The Home 1957 Roads. Facls About Seclion In the letter, it is pointed oul NEW PHYSICAL THERAPIST-James Donahue islanding left) yesterday opened a Physical Therapy Department al Memorial Hospital. Jolm A. Moberly, superintendent of Ihc hos- pital, looks on.. as Carl Seeders receives a treatment in (he hospital's whirlpool bath. Donahue will administer lhe treatment after a physician has ordered such a program. R.J. Van Horn Indicted For Wife Slaying TOWSON. Md. r/lv-Jloberl Jell Van Horn, 52-year-old lumber ex- eculive charged with murder in lhe slaying of his socialite wife, has been indiclcd by lhe Baltimore County Grand Jury. The grand jury returned its murder indiclment yesterday after hearing aboul 1',-. hours of testimony from six policemen — ~u uj .i.i. o.uii, £iuuji unu mi- mcluding the two patrolmen wiio warded to the bureau of Public arrested Van Horn the night of June 2. Memorial Hospital Adds Physical Therapy Program In an effort lo keep abreast wilh developments of modern medicine, Memorial Hospital yesterday announced the addition of a new department. John A. Moberly, superintendent, revealed (lie emnlov- L o .!nmp<; llnnahnr. *t nnali. — * J Comity Board MeriihersHold HeatedDebate Commissioners William H. Lemmert and Charles N. Wilkinson engaged in a heated argument to- inenl o James Donahue, a qualified physical therapist. Moberly said that two months ago the Board of Governors of the institution recognized Ihe increased need for fasler rehabilitation of industrial accidenl cases and other such cases, and authorized the employment of Donahue. Equipment Available Three Enter Guilty Pleas For Assault • iMcu Placed in Jail Pending Study Of Hack-ground Ueporls Guilty pleas were entered today n Circuit Court by Ihrcc men charged with slalutory rape. Two of the men were involved in the morals case in which H young men were tried in court la<- week. It involved two 13. year-old Conigauville section girls. The third defendant loday was involved with a 13-year-old Cumberland girl lasl November and was recently relurned from California on Ihc indiclment returned by the January grand jury. J.mics A. Crislmaii, 3), who had been arrested in Sanla Clara, Calif., for an assault on Ihe local girl, pleaded __£uilty_wiiai_ar- raigncd before Associate Judge Morgan C. Harris. He was rep- esenled by Earl K. Manges and Edward J. Ilyan, local attorneys. Went In Car .State's Attorney Paul M Fletcher outlined (he facts in the case to the court. He said Ihe gill was in the habit of going to a restaurant in (he downtown section where young people loitered during Ihe evening. One night she and her boy friend had a "tiff" and the girl went out with Cristmati in his car. lie drove her lo a road off U. S. Route n about five miles from Cumberland and assaulted her. The state's attorney said Ihe ineidenl was brought lo light by school officials who inquired aboul the girl's truancy from school. She was questioned and told of the ineidenl. AUorncy Manges (old the court the girl appeared to be at leasl 1C years of age. although he admilted thai this was no defense legally. Manges also said the girl had gone over lo Crislman's car and "enticed" him. Ordered To Jail The two young men involved with the 13-year-old Corriganville 'rls are Wilberl Gordon in uie leuer. u is poimeu out """u. w ( ia ijuitveu in ins station length of the seclion is 1,500 feet wagon on the uncompleted Balli- and the street is 24 feel wide.[more- llarrisburg. Pa., exprcss- Oriie number of housing units, in-i wav - About 30 feet down the em- Pcluding apartments facing Hiejbankmcnt was (lie battered body slrecl lolal 43: only 20 units have of Ws wif c. Bcrnice. 53. Seven policemen had been sum- garages. There are also three business places in the affected section. The city pointed out that prior I'an Horn, formerly of Cumber-! D ° n; | huc . a native of Frostburg, —a^u ,,. a imaiuu argument 10- land. was parked in his station! M, llls . clutles yesterday and day at ihe meeting of Ihe County \vaonn rm ih n .,„„ !„._.» r>_i,: (will organize a fully-equipped'Guard ol Commissioners over in- Physical Therapy Department at elusion of a statemcnl by Wilkin- the hospital son concerning appointees to the Physical therapy is the treat- Civil Service Board for Ihe coun- ment of disease (or injuries) by ly in Ihs minutes, physical and mechanical means, as by regulated exercise in wafer, light, heat, electricity etc., ._._. moned to appear before the grand jury but only six ol them were called by Slate's Attorney Frank lo its designalion as one-way, the-H. Newell. Besides Patrolmen Ed- " ' ward Schaffer and James A.Rich, Bedford street carried a daily volume in excess of 3,031 cars, trucks and buses with parking permitted along the easterly curb. There arc no records in Police Department files of any accident investigations in the section involved. The city's Ictlcr said in view of Ihe vehicular Iraffic when Ihe slrcet was two-way, and parking was permitted along the easterly curb, the fact that parking is restricted now lhat it is one-way does not appear lo be justified, No -Accidents Noted It was pointed out "There are they were Inspector E. William Ensor. Capts. William Powers and Elmer F. Adams, and Us. Edncr I,. Story and Ross B. Gagliano. Assislanl Medical Examiner William V. Lovitl, who performed an autopsy on Mrs.Van Horn, said she died from a massive crushing of the chest lhat broke every rib in her body and caused severe bleeding. .Van Horn has been held without bail in Baltimore County Jail here since waiving preliminary hearing June 4. lie has admitted , , Moberly said. Moberly said Donahue will have at his disposal several pieces of equipment such as a whirlpool pUlilltJU ULH 1 Lit!! U <tl« -•- — -•«•(, UKUL. -i. .141, uao tlUlJULLtU the 1000, 1100 and 1400 arguing with his wife following a ''•• j party the night before her body blocks where the street widths]P arl y th c are 21.8. 21.5 and 23.8 feet re- lras fol| nd. spectively with unrestricted park along the easterly curb although the widfb of the restricted (/U£'l lilt. 1VIUIII fJL tilt; n.ot'"-ttu ^.^... ..... lljf^lrl. lit Ullljl; I tit ( •ea is 24 feet. No complaints oricounlry home. "E v e r g r c :cidents have been reported infFarm," near Shawau, Baltin accidents have be these areas." The letter, signed by Eves, conlinucs: "I would like lo emphasize xxx lhat for many months the City of Cumberland has conscientiously and effectively been carrying out the restrictions agreed to with reference to Bedford Street although il has meant the incurring of considerable opprobrium from disgruntled rcsidepts. We feel lhat most ol the inconvenience oc- cassioned any property owners or residents by the restrictions agreed to are overcome by the benefits derived from the entire project and we have persisted in Police say their investigation in- dicalcd lhal Mrs. Van liorn was slain the night of June 1 at their. Evergreen! Wilkinson's slalemcrit ,,,,^,, was published lasl week in the poinlmenl." the retail equipment for deep heal Ireat- menl) a sunlamp and others. Doctors Will Order . Donahue will administer Ihc „,„ „,„.-, treatment only nflcr the patient's sn ' r i physician has ordered such treat- u'|,f ™ mcnl. Appoinlmenls for outpatients must also be made through family physicians, Moberly said. LaSalle High School in 1943, and attended Frostburg Slate Teachers College for two years. He was graduated from Fairmont Slalc Teachers College in 1950 with a degree in biological science and physical education. Following his graduation from the Kelly- Church Plans ^ 1CWriUen '^'ten^""roday, Bible •§cllOol slore of 'ire ison bmitlcd his Commissioner Lemmert said "There's not one word of truth Donahue was graduated from pL^' 8 s ' a ! cment concerning Mr. fi^illrt tt:«u i-_t , • . * eaicr. He S an oulsfanrlirm Tntina Fairmont, Donahue attended Ihei jMedical College of Virginia where r man and has been recognized as such by lhe Cumberland Junior Chamber of Commerce in °" award a few monlhs agq." Wilkinson said: "! have noth ing personal against lhe man but [ don'l lor Ihc job." County. Van Horn, born in Clarksburg, W. Va., is president of the Sierra Lumber Co. in Baltimore. He is Ihc son of Charles W. Van Horn lions and maintenance ol the Ballimore and Ohio Railroad. he completed his educalion ,„ physical therapy. Highly Recommended Moberly said the young man is coming to Cumberland highly recommended. He has served rclired vice president for opera-!five years on (he slaff al Vet """•= an/l " 1 " i " ' " wan Administration Hospital at toil Howaid. and organized the Physical Therapy Deparlmenl al uly Hospital in Baltimore, where he served as chief physical therapist. The hospital superintendent •g Man Hurl In Crash Frederick J. Rankin, 30, RD 2, Froslburg. is reported in "satisfactory" condition today at Miners Hospital where he was ad- milted last night following a Iwo- lhe enforcement of the agree- m > ltcd last night following a Iwo- mcnl. However, although we arci ca . r crash <> n B 'g Savage Moim- *^f rt r^;Tio ^11 nhnRp.R nf tbr nCrCC- * <lm - . , entorcing all phases of the agree- nicnt. it becomes increasingly „ — — wu .,.., ,„ mot vmi t^uiiucx i*iay i rimary bill discussed by lhe election of- George Sullivan, Mrs. noted that' (he in'slYtuiion"" is fic . itils , and Gorman E. Getty, Brow~n, Mrs! G. F. Bishop and anxious lo fill the needs of the area, and pointed oul that in the past most persons requiring this type of Irealmcnt had to go to Baltimore. The only other physical Ihcra- P' 51 ls ;3 member of Ihc staff of Trooper tirst Class Donald KJ lhe Allegany County League for attorney to Ihc Allegany County Mrs. 'sam'ucl Board of Commissioners. lion of the zoning regulation will teenagers. mcnt. H occomes increa;>uisi> HVK-IH.I mai ^iab:> uonaia H-' <- ™"*-k'uiy LOUI difficult lo justify Ihc prohihilmnjWade, who investigated for the Crippled Children. (hflicuLt (o jusuiy me |uim!iiii!"iL ••"v.t, "nw nm-.-iu^tnt.^! lor in< cf parkins along the easterly side Maryland Slate Police, said thi ol the street between Dccaturjcollision occurred aboul 1.4 mite and Marietta when lhe lack of: w «' of Frostburg on li. be held nexl Tuesday. June 18 .,..'• « [>«i<:m;> viMLuuun program Al Ihc same lime Ihc District be held on Friday. June 23. 29 voters will elect a three-man - »— i-...-in 0111 w( _- uu\iLU It the deparlmcnt as the need is Second Section St City And Bank Officials Plan For Second Meeting City and banking'officials gol together for a general Lavin 11 nf M, <, discussion of Cumberland financial situation today and ^-ohn^-j^^a 1 ^ ^ "- "•• •-"' *j uoiu aniSL uailKcrS SluCi V a condensed report of present and future money plans of State's Attorney Fletcher .said dial neither of lhe men has a police record. One of them, Uiley was married recently. Lavin lielps support his family and left school when in the eighth grade lo go (o work, according lo William H. Gcppert. his altorney. Gepperi. also represented Uiley. After hearing (he facls in all Ihree cases Ibe men were ordered remanded lo lhe county jail pending a pre-scntcncc check ol (heir background by David M, Sfcele, IMTTLE^Mrs. Clara, 83, Middle- lhal IheS ^ESfSsEsliSS"-- STVSK? - j - a ™ ™"ix,,, „, ,„ i the other ap- )a rgest number of j nma(cs at 0|]c •n,- ,,,. , . lime sincc he has been sheriff The third appointee was Wood- (he past 11 years ward Pealer. city, manager of The annual Vacation Bible School at First Methodist Church will be held June 17 through June 30. 9 a. m. The Iheme of the school will h . be "Jesus Calls," according to 1T years. n James R. Galford. dircclor. Mrs. iConlinuce I don'l think he's capable A 8nes Brown will be assistant dircclor; Miss Carol Brown will Zoning Mceliiif /-, ,. , f "itiiiucia 01 me lacuny will be ^i; 1 '' LaYaIC ^ =. MrTSer^ he pianist and Mrs. Margerv Chambers will I 1C music director. Members of the faculty will be Man Found Dead Alongllail Tracks ,.., .. —-j "it.i.i 5 -=i, iuij>. miner Bit- ^ man wno apparently tried Electing Ifn? ^° Umy B03rd ° f li ? Ker - Nurscr >'; M". Robert to hop a freight was found dead ssxf r^av m^^ aL «; S s M oU aro MC B C!X en r wesipr - M ^- Raii - be held at the LaValc Fire Hall Beginners; Mrs Bruce James '" V1Clmly ° f GrcemvMd "« on Friday, June H, at 8 p. m. at Mrs. B. O. Curry, Miss Shirley Conm:1!sv '11c "iis morninc. n.i.; n i. »• .L . ' °' "• "• ^ L1 "J. ."iss ainriey winch time the provisions of the Gall. Miss Patty Laurent Mrs •'"• "ISIWOUIKI i-msmir»i bill lor zoning regulalions in Dis- Daylon Evcrsolc. Miss ' Joyce West Virginia Railroad ere iriCl 29 Will nf* fiuilinffi /^i--,k(*-n.^ »e:~^ nt n- ,^ f -,,- n.n t~.^^.. _i ,i__ . . - i __ 'iiv, «-««*.i^wiu.. .'ii-a^ oujm " h"" 11 >*UMI vau 1,1 cvv ^uw "• " v<i " JI-JL uvm;i uiaii il n M . , ,° ut " ned - Crablrce. Miss Phyllis Phillips (llc b<"fy along lhe tracte and time since he has been cily ,n ,«.f lT ( i - 3rca affcctcd Mrs - Da >''° n Twigg and Miss '•>• Bernard E. Bealky. of the for. and pointed oul lhe Everetl Culp and Claudia Orn- was carrying cards Thr reformrfiim * ii, i j « . v v-""«ia urn-was carrying cards thai idenl lied on" C of uSr r ua.L^I^L^' be J -" Char « c ot th ^"" « "^. Visane S ky : but he il ihn i =\Ki n F il n 7 !••>-»"- >vm uv ricin oy me ra.. ana nioncssen. Pi a m lo - SCh ° C! ° n Frida ?'' Jmlc 2I ' and ' lbmlt 58 i'^rs of age. . , a parents visitalion program will Commencement exercises will man suffered injuries in LOCAL Gl CKKATKS STAT(JE_Sp. 3 Robert R. Mallick, son of Lt. Col. and Mrs. Robert C. Mallick, 533 Patterson Avenue, is shown looking over a slalue of Nike which •he created and presented lo the 30lh AAA Group Operations at Ft. Berry Calif Mallick. a 1352 graduate of Allegauy High School, created the slalue winch represents Ibe Greek Goddess of Vic-lory An ctligy of Ihc missile system's namesake the Maine was n'laccd in Ibe 30th AAA Headquarters at Ft. Berry. The local dSi, a giadiialc of the Rmglmg School of Art, Sarnsola Fla and was ™duVlimc !lf ' Ca(C f ° r th ° Sl ' tUC whlch WUS co '^'^cled the city. The conference was held al the •cquest of Finance Commissioner John J. Long, who said after the session that be considered lhe initial meeting a success and felt lown. HOOVER—Mrs. Ida, 73, Somerset. HOTT—Mrs. Edilh, 60, Carlos. MUDGE—Mrs. John IL, 63, Wiley Ford. NOONAN—Miss Marie, Ml. Savage. O'BRIEN—Mrs. A. f,., 47, of RD I, Manns Choice. PHILLIPS—Otis, 74, Parsons SHAFFER-Mrs. Melissa, 52, Acosla, Pa. WILSON-Mrs. William, 41. Johnstown. Miss Marie iN'oonnn Miss Marie Noonan. Ml. Savage, died this morning in Sacred Heart Hospital where she was admilted last month. Mrs. John II. Mudge Mrs. Jessie C. Mudge, 63, wife The figures lo be submitted lo Ihe bankers are expected lo deal chiefly with the Cumberland , project lacing the cily and whicl Cily Auflilor Arthur B. ' Gibso said is "the only thing nol provid ed for" in city financing. Classes will open daily at of Jon n II. Mudge, Wiley Ford, m died last night at her home. She had been in ill health the post ued on Page 12) villc this morning. An caslbound Pittsburgh and ductivc." would be "pro Bankers were apprised of Ib agreement with Ihe State Road Commission concerning payme of $70.000 a year for seven yea to cover the city's share of the Thruway construction cost. These payments were lo have startec in 1954 but were not wilhhek Tom stale molor vehicle asoline lax revenues until th year. Bond Issue Discussed Also discussed ihe cily. c.'um ate Board Opposes Road Along Canal To Kxpress Views Al Hearing On Beall Measure Tomorrow ANNAPOLIS (*—The Board of Natural Resources yeslcrday rc- iffinned ils previous stand in op. losilion lo proposed construction if a federal highway along the old .hesii|)cake i Ohio Canal righl-of- vay from Cumberland lo Wash- The hoard decided lo voice an ifficial protest al a hearing lo be i e 1 d in Washington tomorrow morning on a bill introduced bv Sen. Beall <R-Mdl to authorize :onsli-uclion of a "scenic park- ray" connection between Mary- ami 51, near Paw Paw, W. Va , ind Ihc Long Itidge Hoad near \\oodmonl. Mel. The parkway connection would be part of the C&O Nalional Historical Park. "Iron Curtain" Itoail Lester N.Towncr of Towson said ;uch a road would he an "iron Hirlam" hclwcen Marylanders md the Maryland-owned Potomac and would result in this itate losing control of Ihe river The hearing will he before the Senate Interior and Insular AI- fairs Committee and will be held at 10 a. m. in floom 224 of the Senate Office Building. Representing the board at Wednesday's meeting will be William 11. Bayliff. executive secre- :ary of (he hoard; Ernesl A Vaughn, director of the Department of Game and Inland Fish and Joseph F. Kaylor. dircclor of the Dcparlmenl of Forests and Parks. Kaylor said he win propose as an alternate lo Beall's plan, that Ibe federal government return (he canal to Maryland for the rtevelop- ncnl of recreational and hunting areas. Hunting would be prohib- led in a national park area. No JVccd For Road Kaylor said there is no need (or such a "winding" 186-mile route rom Cumberland to Washington , because Ihc Stale Heads Commission has obtained federal aid for modernizing Route 40 between (he two cilies. (Editor's note - No interstate federal funds have been authorized by Ihe U. S. Bureau of Roads to improve Route 40 west of Han. :ock. Route 40 docs not run to Washington. Federal funds for Itoule 40 do not cover (he section between Hancock and Washington, Pa.) * ..... ^ v.uiuui:riuiiQ Towncr charged lhat federal Thruway (crosslown span* a owncr snip of Ihc cana\ area is -----•' • - • ' holding up development by industry in many areas along lh e Maryland side of the Potomac K , a >'! 01 ' sai 'l lie expects repre- The city's share of conslruction scnlatlvcs of civic, conservalion is S4!)fl,000 for the 512 000 oao sportsmen organizations from son said that " a S crs !» wn . Frederick and Cum- facility and Gibson said lhat., 7 —• -•«.« «n™ vmn- amounl is the "major problem " Dcrlan " lo J oul the board in op. " ' ' le Posing 'he Beall bill Wednesday. Js " irs Church Sets Bible School and Parfc Plaeo Jrell »odist Church ,"" Vacation Bible School will be - -- —.u.*. UI-IIULH »viu DU rli held June 17-23 wilh daily classes from 9 a. m. lo 11:30 a.-m. " J °" rncying With Jesus" has "". b . ocn cl i° s ™ as the Iheme. A workers posed $500,000 bond issue the c ty H T r " " S th ° ll has requested presun.a y o S'h 7, ."TV,? 6 f< "" W ° rkerS mee. the first three payments on n ' s cr vic' ^"^ m< """' Ihe Thrmvay obligation and the L r v™ i i „ reasons for it. This issue laces rl , ' MrS - Jamcs ^rszsr^i-sE"^^'?'^ r sr 1 aart-E Fir f »f r: -°? cilv. Aremnonts in .h n ™ fn ™^ . rs ' "•'"'am Porter, snpennten- Arguments in the refererT ^ ^rs^aTnce S" Ts =S»^"-^^S£=^ During the discussions, Gibson -- — -*N.u unvi_n,<i .ma. i^u>iuii i WICK ano Miss '- l - '' LE Sr^^^i?. 11 !?.^^^"- May ; Prim^. and Mw.Wesl.rn Maryland', "w^tern eflccl on ihe tax ra.Vhas-^^^^1^^^^' IS' police force, was «dis-,from increased costs in Ihe oper- Miss Janic Jeffries, Mrs. Wilkie to the scene. lation ol city services, wage in- Hollar. Mrs. Parker Arnold. Mrs. friTIPP nf'nnfifs anH t\\n r> n_ ^r.^ ft . . r*, _ „ • - : :- ••"••"-. -=<n. '"-.iiouar. ,Mrs. parser Arnold. Mrs. f arsons. Rev. Ll. Bcalky reported the mani crcasc5 - fr m«c benefits and thc;Brucc Bower Mrs George Slonc- s that identified'' kc - fJebl service as it affectsjbreaker, junior: Mrs. Herbert tnnc-l-i- !,.,! V,n tnC In V ralo hut: rlrnnnrt»l (.-r,^,: r« . •- ,. •> .. . had two addresses. Grindstone, the lax rate has dropped from : Cessna . --»-*- • •- ^ <«.<u< t.j.ito, VTI (l((4Al(/f 1C, picnic will be held by the Pa., and Moncssen. Pa. He was . George L. Mclnlire. Somerset County coroner, ruled (hat the Pi r^^~a^=a^ rd f ™- ~ **™ m ~^r^»r^r^^^^ it fh n ,\ j_ _ . .. *"'"<-u ( .,'A) p, m. llrjorl tn hnarH Oldtown, Northeast Principals Named 44 cents to 33 cents since he said. Long Asks Rccommcnd.ilions Long pointed oul he had asked -••"••:\.»ajid, superintendent. Miss 1938, Sandra llatficld. Mrs. Morton Cook. Mrs. James Hatfield, intermediate. The regular Sunday church . , , burg. who was traveling east al the time. charges have been prefer condition n To Honor '"Cenlrc Street Pastors A reception (or the new pastor. r ™ PC" (li Rev. Carlton M. Harris, the a s-:" 1Jl ! rea _^ sistani paslor. Rev. Paul Conley! and Iheir families will be held al Picdinoul Alcu Named Centre Street Methodist Church™, c . . tomorrow. ' lo Spanish War Posts The reccptioii will be held at 8 p. m. in Ihe chapel. Youths Joins Army Jimmie R. Gilbert, son of Mrs. Susie Gilbert, Cabins, \V. Va., has enlisted in Ihe Army at the local recruiting stalion. according to Master Sgt. W. C. Hartley, recruiter. He signed up for Hire* years in lhe Signal Corps. Williams Gels C&O Promotion L... vn*ii^\:a nrt\u ijucn prcicr- n ,,- . , ---..., — t ... red pending the outcome of the! Allan R Willhms „,,- , \ ^' cbs . lcr - supermlcndenl of ininrnrf m,n-« ^^.i ii: .,: i^..'.,"'. V"" ains - native of schools, has announced. i Two leathers lia\-e been pro ' motcd lo principalships. one of (hem for Ihc new Xorlheasll School on Valley Road, and the' other at Oldtown School. Ralph j. '' . ' ..u,..t fj t c*nuvio, has announced. [land, has been appointed^ Joseph H, Pellerzi, 30. of 517 r-i,« ' a , rc P r f cnta ''« of the.Lindcn Street, is lhe new prin Chesapeake and Ohio Railway in cipal of Oldlown School succeed its merchandise *--" : - •-- • • - -- - ment Will T Williams, ™ 28. was | hasl l>ccn assigned to Ml. Savage assistant School. .ffifsa-w- ass sssj 'Hi~?« ??- —~«. -« West Virginia concluded today ChLnhS- «» r»*?™ b " ? n ^ 1 M »"? «««• Frostburg, i- -• ••.!- v^uuiuv:! itiuu Chamber of Commerce before joining the C&O as industrial an West Virginia concluded today their annual encampment here with inslallation of newly elected officers. Tiie new officers announced lasl night included: Fred • Wiseman of Piedmont, Mineral-County, commander and „,.,„,.,„ OUH( . u Norris Bruce, Piedmont, adjutant. He served in the Army. f atvi.ii ,-n ir i- •""»«• i«i <•"- ui inu new wonncast t emcntary atyist m Hunlmgton, W. Va., in School on Valley Road, which was appointed the firsl principal! of lhe new Northeast Elementary He is a graduate of Frostburg Slate Teachers College and re- ccivcd a master's degree -at Pennsylvania State University. [will open for the first time in Ssplcmber. Pellcrzi was gradualcd from Fort Hill High School in 10-15. The ncxl two years he sc'rv- (Conlinucd on Page 12) Liquor Board Has Poivcr To Name Leader for Ihc mceling to get expcrl; sc hool bus run will "be made advice on finances. He said thatjdaily. the city's fiscal year ends in 23' days and that the budget for a multi-million dollar business (the cily). must he set by August. He [asked lhat lhe bankers look al the financial slalus and recom- mcnt best approaches the Mayor and Council is to follow. | He said lhe city lias had "over- The Attorney General's office spending" of the announced and'today advised the office of (Jov- projcctcd amounts of moneyIcrnor McKcldin in an inlormal needed on several major projects, opinion Ihnl under the law the citing in particular Ihc flood con- Allegany County Board of Alco- rf trol prnjcel which will cost three holic Beverage License Commis'^'quarters of a million more than ' ' ' " had been anticipated, and the recent award in a Kind condemra- immvu oumt »«.-*:> a±\> to sue- ition suit affecting the Ridgclcyiceed Walter C. Capper, who had , ethletic field in the amount oljscrved as chairman of the board. S97.000 of which the city must has not qualified for the position pay onc-lhird. | am | , he Governor's office was \Vc all know," Long saul.[aske ( l to obtain a ruling on mat (he real pressure fur in-jwhcthor Ihe Governor's appoint- icrcascn government spending-mcnt of Kelley was as chairman comes from some source, trans-'of the board. - sioners clecls its own chairman. Estel C. Kellcy, of Cumberland, named some weeks ago to sue- RAYMQND SKIDMORE milled lo the Mayor and Council through one of ils members for shares an equal responsibilily wilh the Mayor and Council in . Kelley failed lo attend a meeting of the hoard last Tuesday at more and more city services, which Stanley 0. Hamilton was All will agree lhal the public J -'--' . named chairman. The third member of the board is Howard M. Vandegrifi, Democrat. Hamil . , ocra. am(Continued on Page 2) [ton and Kelley are Republicans.

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