The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 21, 1936 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Monday, December 21, 1936
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k- BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER. flP NORTHKA RT AT>V A M« » o * A MT-* r^n^..*-.. ™,. .._- VOL. XXXIII—NO..237 NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS'AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI Blylhcvllle Courier Blylhevlllo Dally News J3lythevil!e Hpm!^__jjilMisslppUnUoyu«to BLYTIIKVILUO, ARKANSAS, MONDAY, DECHMliRR 21, lit.'Ki SINGLE COPIES FIVE OFFICERS HUNT HIGHWAY 61 DEATH CAR STEEL SIRE THBEAT5 Tabor Chieftains Challenge Auto Mann Cm fofrre-s'PII II DT liiiiiiiiiiin 1.111118 I I > "' J " ' •*•"' ' •'•• " r^^m^mm^m'i > \ 'i U U U II I U.S. An ultimatum 5 o|xm wai Comnullee (or Industiial Oigawa t i o n Presses lowaid Showdown WASHINGTON, Dec. 21 (UP) — John L. Lewis and his.Vominlltc: foi' Industrial Organization chiefs i"oved swiftly today toward dc- eisue tests of union itiength in the nation's key steel and automo- bi'° industries. Developments, pointed strongly toward a mid-winter crisis in tlie far reaching campaign, possibly accompanied by widespread and crippling- 'strikes. General Steel Strike Iikel> called foi a minimum of minoi walkouts When steel union •stiength reaches a desired peak howcvei, a laige scale strike, pio- bably preceded by a general steel workers convention, Is likely the official said Philip Mm lay, chief lieutenant of Lewis and spearhead of the steel unionization 'drive, said at Pittsburgh that lie would call a national convention of all steel laboi at Pittsbuigh. probablv in the spring, to "foimutate a wage r . . policy and make demands upon LhllStmaS I'Ufl the steel industry for recognition of the Amalgamated Association of Iron, Steel and'Tin Woikers" The. Amalgamated now claims 115000 of the nation's 500,000 steel workeis as members On the automobile front' devel- that auto manufacturers must recognl Committee for Industrial ? Or- • . • •«•"«« ui tjn. i^ujiijiuiicc iw luuusinfi this meeting In Washington with Glenn W McCabe, left president of the Plat Ameiicd, and Homer Martin, United Automobile Woikers' leaders With strikes in-vital fecdei factoiles, the auto industry already has begun to feel the pinch of labor unrest Fund Still Far Shoil If All Needs Aie to Be Met the Goodfellowv duve " ' "•-•-•• fulllls wlth " hlch to furnish b,is- ns came swiftly The Lewis o urns Umted Automobile Workers union f01 BI y'ne\ille's pooi mo\ed fowaid a sho,v lstmas but the 8 ° al ^ SEinbly linens Imitation to G. M O m Auto_^rrianufacliirers were ported not, expecting luithei hoi problems before Cliristmaf, but a statement issued at Detroit Saturday night by Homer L. Martin, president of the auto workers' union, eUd • "officers • of the General Motors corporation will have an opportunity in a few days they gaining.". Amplifying his -written statement, Martin said he referred to the announcement ir. Washington by Lewis that a, letter is being drafted inviting Gen- y , _ni ' UIC Nuiuiy. ii possible, oven \vhete'the fathers .perhaps tare not considered' worthy '* "it ts planned to give the chil- loren, some "Chnstmas jo\" if possiole as the aim is to have eveis child in Blytheville happy to demonstrate whether believe in collective bar- Christmas mommg To do this will inke a large amount of cash and merchandise Both aie needed and will be appreciated by the club, which headed Hasson this year by J Ernest Because of the shoitnest nest of time people who plan to gi\e !o ths fund aie urged to do so at once, without being wa i[ed to be Beer Parlor Fight Ends ! In Slaying at Chilton WYNNE, Ark, Dsc 21 (UP) — Ncah Burns. 35, v,ab In custody here today for the fatal shooting last night of. Harland Adams, 21, on the streets of Chilton, following a fight In a beer parlor Adams died three hours after the shooting, which occurred in front of Burns' home. Tne a.'ieged slayer had come there to obtain a shotgun after the fight in the beer parlor., Burns, according to offlcere, fired the shot that killed Adams when standing 10 feet away iVom the Local' Police Act Undei City Ordinance Banning Fiieworks Police "cracked down" on two local merchants today for alleged violation of a city ordinance prohibit'"- the sale or exhibition of tire- Seeu as Victory for New Deal's Neulial- ity Proguim WASHINGTON, 'Dec. 21 (UP)— Thq supremo com I today gave flrong. Impetus to President Roose- vclts neuUalllv program with a declsloil' upholding In broad terms Constitutionality of the Clmo anus embargo. • The' court's' decision was In. such general teims as to appcni to make.-safe constitutionality ot present general neutrality legislation and similar measures which lime been suggested In New Deal quarters to keep the nation out of • war. • In another Important ncllon tn- ken befoie recessing lo Januaiy 4 the supreme court' agreed lo title upon the constitutionality of the Frnzler-Lemke faun morlgnge act In a test brought personal!) before the court by Rep William LCipke (Rep, N D), one of Ihe Ill's authors President's Powen, Broait In such general terms irai (lie curl's chaco opinion, written by ustlce George Sutherland, that some observers felt it might be mployed to , Justify con;tltutlan- llly of the^ Bdnilnlstrallons rc- Iprocnl trafle treaty program In ose that legislation became In- ohed In legal atlaeRs The decision, p, strong New Pope Pius Will Make Christmas Broadcast VATICAN CITY, Deo, 21 lUH —Pope Plus XI, dc-spltc his 111- ness, will bioadcast a nK'bsago to the fnllhtiil ; of the .World on ChrKtimis dve. 'l ha message is expected lo be an urgent appeal to hnmnnlly'to cense Warfare and live 'together In Chrlsllnn pence. ' The pouo l.s scheduled li liagln speaking ovei the Vatican radio station «l 12-JO pin Home llra« (5 JO nm c... s. t ) on a V.MS length of ,10.84. H had boon strongly urged on tiic pope to permit Cardlmil Pacclll, Jits seuetmy of blnte, to deliver lli» mcssajjf for him. The pontlll, howcifi, ha? long planned the a<l- diess and peisuaded his doslor, Prof Amlnla Mllaul, lo penult him to do it . , Opponents in Late Campaign Have Friendly Visit at White House) WASHINGTON, Dec 21 (UP/— KSfjSSSSs-S^VSJB - ing stories with President Roo'se- vell Tn a folijhly informal meeting Landon and the president sat around a table In the White House executive offices today and "swa'p- »ped fishing stories" and talked 'about their 'families , l '*T^ T|ip Kansas executive, who called at> the White House nt fie* request of the man' who' defeated 'him last November 3 for the presidency, spent more than a half hour with I>!r. . Roosevelt'. When he came out he told newspapermen "we talked about Christ- mis and the children' TJie'nresi', dent talked about his grandchildren and i talked about my children " "Did you discuss "the campaign?' ' fie was asked , ssue of the year to be determined by the court on strictly onstllutional grounds Tlie court declared flatly that President Roosevelt's discretionary powers were much greater In foreign affairs fchah hi dOmeklic mat. J • • - / - -,-, * *, > — y;-> he court's opinion was,present- In an attack on' tlie'embargo nyoked at Ihp lime 'of the ^ar xjwecn Paraguay, and (Bolivia Che attack was Instituted b'y several firms and individuals accused of • violating provlsioiM against arms dealings with the warring nations . 'No/ he said" •Jwe just had a VolunJ^i-y donation " nice visit We swapped ilshlng sto- s works for ths purposs of sale were given today by" Judge G rles and jus,t had Rice slid that Paul The committee said it planned a far-reaching study into charges of labor espionage, strike bieak- mg and illegal interference with union activities ^nFr,™lf+ iT " C.* """• V'^l 111 "' 1 t[ " committee should kiiow not. later officers man lomonow how much monev While (HIM Trtftt-^l.n n,Tt«_ ,. , „ * ' ordinances prohibit tile With 12,550 workers idle in auto and - auto\ parts factories and 14 220..idle in .Pittsburgh Plate Glass company and Libbey-O.wens-Ford Glass; company plants, the automobile industry was reliably reported to be apprehensive over future operations. One manufacturer,. Chrysler, .was said to have ,, \',\, 7 ° "' > "" lt " wul set toys only a, sufficient supply of glass 7.!,, lh f e /^at need clothing most Failure to exercise discretion or for its cars to-last only until the „' e ' clothln g. and the like. first; of, the year, others were ^ eop ' c car '»£ to niak; cnsh do "mid. to be in belter "condition. nau °ns or urged to send the rit-iS— T 11 * " = «£ « «=T,« l cay= £*££ "S/'iaU TC i S^±s "SpSU-Sfc •» ranged for separately with food nothing to prefent those who d<he amTn'^ 'V? m " nber ln 5lre ^ <io so%rom purctasm, n " : her, „ 5 H? B ' ft f ° 1 ' lts mcm -1 works ^ P lac <* J"st outside oers according tf\ f> tta P « »\...'.:*..,_ u^.:i.. .... UUWliU <- the s-.SBs-'a.AS aw- -»-».=» By Clement Clarke Moore XXV Anl laying his finger aside ol Ji:'i nose, -.', And giving a nod. up the chimnty he rose; (Continued in Next Issue) >„ ^..w.i_.^i, v, 101,11; II fJH <}r proper regard for others, however, maj- find ack - ta- t e inl « ™irt on charges of ds Sf tZ «„, : ,, Klrshllcr ' ^airman turbing the peace or malicious mls- ° soi soliciting committee, or the chief. Ccur er News, and those having merchandise call Mr. Kirshn.f or take it to .the American Legion New York Cotton YORK, Dec. 21 (U P) _ Cottoi. closed steady. '. open high low close' 7,,, 1219 1220 12'14 1214 ??"„,. 1223 1224 1217 1218 1213 1213 1206 1207 1203 1205 1198 119B 1172 1172 1161 US! 1168 1168 1160 H64 Spots closed steady at 1278 off three. . . ' New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Dec. 21. (UP)_ Cotton closed 3 to 7 points lower. The market developed a i holiday lone today. Trading , wa .s Jan March May July Oct Dec May July Oct Dec :§HOPPiNa: Spot Average Is 12.5J The average price of 7-8 IncJt middling collon on the ten,designated spot markets today was 12 vi according, lo the .Blytheville 'or Trade. Chicago Wheat open high ' low close Dec 137 1-2 139 1-4 137 1-2 1381 4 May 131 1-4 133 3-B 131J1-4 132 1-8 '•••••. ' . • . , • . ., V Chicago Corn open : h1gli 'low 'dose Dec. 108 1-8 110 7-8 108 1-2 109 3-8 Mayli04 1-8 106 3-8 loi\I-8 105 I light and price movements" narrow. open high low- close tcms 1211 1211 1208 1206 1218. 1218 1212 1213 „ ..-.- ..„ ^..M.,, „, 1210 1210 1202 1205 ! 'he supreme court's action las 1119 1199 1167 1169 1170 1170 1194 1194 1161 U61 1167 1164b Spots closed steady at 1258, off two. construct electric sys A total of $52,270,390 In alloca lions is being held up because o the supreme court's action las week in sending back to the dis trict court for retrial -the casd b the Duke Power C., Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS, ni., Dec. 2l (UP)—Hogs: receipts 15,000 A Top 10.35 f 110-230 Ibs 10.20-10.30 • 140-160 Ibs 7.50-10.20 Bulk sows 9.15-9.40 cattle: receipts 4,000 Steers 6.50-9.50, Slaughter sleer's 6.50-11.25 Mixed yearlings and heifers 5.25-7.50 ' Slaughter heifers 4.50-7.10 Beef cows 4.00-5.00 Cutters arid low cutters 3.00-4.00 Reindeer, although , much more intelligent than 'cattle,' arc hot a; Intelligent as horses: • , Guaid' Flyei's R epo i t Gives Little Hope for Its Two Occupants SPOKANE Wash ,Dec 21. (UP) -Lt DJIOII Coopei, Washington latlonal guard f|>cr. rcporled U) Northwest Airways today he Imd ighted Its missing mail plane, n wlsled mass of wreckage on Ceine- ery Ridge. 12 miles southeast ot Kellojg, Ida. He sold there was no sign of life ibout the plane, uhlch was piloted iy Joe Ll\ermorc and Arthur A Haid when it disappeared Friday en route from Mlssoula, Mont to "pokanc A R. Mensing, NWA ofnclal. salc( group of men left Kellogg Immediately to gq on foot to tho scene . Cooper sald^.the wings vere' 200 eel dow'n the 4,000 (oot, mountaln- Ide from thi fusslage.ot.^he-Lock lecd-Elcctra monoplane , it, was JS.llev.ed Impossible ^thal Llvermoia "id Haid could Imvc'escepOit dentl TD SEEK UIILITJf Orders Aides to Ask Immediate Trial of 52 Law Suits WASHINGTON, Dec. 21 (UP)— Public Works Administrator Harold L. Ickee Instructed his legal experts today to seek immediate trials of 52 law .suits In which private utility companies attempt lo block allocation of fed era funds for municipally operalec electric plants. PWA attorneys and department l.y'^ W iljft £ L-f p-w-ars; » on"',,, validity P o r f em p 8 WA U g rt ran r ls ln to ^ ° f ""-"^ «". as had cities to coifstnict efecfr™ ^ ± QU T P ° mred ; ^"^ Whlte House announcement apparently means that added importance Is belnz civ en that agency. ' FOR M RUDY Tugwell's Agency to Become Part of Depait- , merit of Agricultuie WASHINGTON, Dec 21. (UP) — The draft of an executive order transfeiring the Resettlement Administration to the department of agriculture was submitted to President Roosevelt today by Administrator Rex Tugwell and Secretary of Agriculture Henry A. Wallace The order will go to Ally. Gen Homer S. Cummings for an opinion and if approved will take effect about January 1.' • The transfer would come at a time when the departmenl of agriculture's powers and relief load arc being Increased. The departmht Is destined, many believe, to take over administration of all rural relief. : .Recently the RA added 250,000 WPA rural relief cases to the 149'000 11 already had. Farm tenancy Guardsmen Search For Lost Toddler nor SPRINGS, A>II, nee 21 1UP)— Two hundred Arknmns'- im- .lonnl guaulbmcn uoie culled out ,oday to help setirch for : a toddling two-year-old'.boy,, losl ; In a sparsely settled sccllon near here jYslerday when he tried 'to follow ii« father. The guardsmen were called out oy Sheriff Jim. Floyd of '.Darin ml counlv aftci an nil night seaich >y 100 farmers fallcT! to locale the clilld, ChurtcB Warren, son of Harold Wnui'ii farmer who lUes 10 mite southeast of here! ' The clilld was scantily clad and fears were held he may have dle'd of cold Inil night because of u widen diop In (emperalme. He .stni led lo follow his father and olclei biolliir ncioss a field to H neighbor's home fit 3 p. m. yes- leiday ahey tolcJL him lo "go back" and presumed Ihe'child was minding them. When they returned an hour Inlci, howcvei, Ihe Uo-yeai old Imd not i etui tied. A group ot fnrmois that cu'nlually totaled "loic lhan 100 beg~ah Immediate larch. Shcilff noyd was asked to aid today and he ordc'icd 100 men fiom the 183rd hifantiy and 100 fiom Ilnttcij H. of £0 2,08th coast B«ard mlllleiy to help In the n the crash 1 '\ search, ll "Slioity'' Nance and . Viola Selma Roush Victims Wllh Ihe headlight broken glass their meager louil officers Jollied with clue, MiSr- sourl slate highway patrolmen • m< , seeking lo establish the Identity' 'T of the hit-run motorist whoso' * cai struck and instantly ' killed t one person und fatMly injured'^ anothci on Highway '01, a mUe ? ,'- Jiorth of the Arkansas-Missouri i .slate line, about two o'clock B'ufti .» day morning. • , !<r ' , Meanwhile -sorrowing relatives * and fi lends gathered this after- '? noon foi funeral services for Miss" I Vlolu Selma Hoiuh, 19, 1 1509 West Ash sticcl, who died leas than an holir after the speeding lautg- - , mobile struck her and her com- , panlon, Ila (Shorty) Nance, 35- jcar-old photographer, 1707 WesC ' Main street Final rites will bo '• held Tuesday afternoon for Nance. * who was liuUntly killed , , Police Chief E A Rice said \o- ' day that the automobile ha<i been definitely Identified as a 1935 { md- ' del Chevrolet from examination t> T . , ,. n . ., ul;l v>iiu¥iunjt ngiji cxamitmiioii ins? n H .i ? • mo 5I1CC tlln of tho sl ' at '«ed glass of the Jtl • '!?, 0< 1 "\ at , Buardbmcn hud headlight. A motorist, who ' * been callixl out here Sherlll FJojcl received aid of the gimrdsmtm upon agreement with the commanding otllcer, uho has authority to "loan" them In such cases. The troopers later were Joined by hundreds of other persons, Including Doy Stouts More than 4M were estimated to be taking an active part In the search at noon Asks $316,000 Loan to Build 333 Miles of Rural Powei 'Lines Government': Defends Gon- ;sti}utipr^lity of Old Age Assistance Plan BOSTON, Dec 21 (UP)-Taxcs levied on employers, and employes < lately aml **"' beln ^ no tel $~ '' undei the old nge assistance m'o- p ° at it lle u nl «t lt i cluti '' lh V<-^ visions of the socio' security net' lmd declded , to , walk -south ,6h^ arc constitutiohnt nn*,.., .u. the highway I to the nearest 'of - JONESBORO, Ark— County Agent A Rajborn Sulllvnnt has 3een advised bj Elbtrl Karns, e-t- :enslon'eilBUicer of the University of Arkansas college of agriculture, that cralghead county's $316000 rural electrification project has been submitted to'lhe Rural Electrification Administration at Washington An REA loan of 5316,000 Is asked for the .construction of 333'hiiles of hlgfi Hue, to serve 31 rural customers per mile The project, it Is understood, is the first of its kind' to be submitted from Arkansas. Confidence that Iho project would receive approval was expressed by SulllvaiU. •.-.•••-• • • .* ually watched the speeding auto-, mobile swerve by htm a few ., hundred yards north of the accident scene, said it appeafW to ' be black In color. , ~ Hellete Local Car Iiivnlved .''. Little Information could be ol£' Wned from Miss Mary Nance? * sister -of the photographer, 1 wild liad' visited the Silver Moon night * club -with her brother and-Miss" " Roitsli. The otliers were walking a short Distance L behind, her and* . she^dld not realize that'they hid ^,1 Jook aipundi as "the automobile"-'.*"' swerved'by her. Ml*s Nance ytti f, hysterical whin, othei niotorlsfc' stopped ot< the scene of the trng- Tlie trio \ had been driven t'o' the night club by n Blythevtlle man, who had.-returned here. After Deciding 1 some time at t!ie< night club they, had decided $0" return to 6ly<hevlUe , Unable , to obtain trariportallon' immed^ lately and there being no tel4- "•• nrc constitullonal and within the power of congress to legislate the government contended In an answer to. a suit made public'In federal diitiict court today Tlie answer, filed by the government as Intervening defendant was In the suit brought by George P. Divh of Waltham,, Mass a stockholder, to restrain Ihe Edison Electric Illuminating company of Boston from deducting funds from employes' salaries and from making contributions of its own as provided In the old age assistance provision of the acl. Admitted. purpose of the suit was to lest the constitutionality of that provision, specifically known sis Title 8. ..'.•'• With its answer to Davis' -bill the government filed a motion io strike from the petition that part relating to the tax on employes on Wife of Generalissimo Will Make Personal Plea for His Release ^ Closing Stock Prices NEW YORK, Dec. 21 (UP) — Leading industrial issues declined in a quiet slock market today while special issues and non-ferrous melal shares registered gains, ., A. T. and T. 180 American Waterworks 24 3-4 Anaconda Copper ...' 51 S-g Beth Steel '. 71 5-8 Chrysler 1155-8 Cities Service 37-8 Coca Cola 122 Gen. Am. Tank 73 Qenersl Electric 61 Gen. Motors .; 64 7-8 Int:, Harvester .... ItfsKcsson-Robbins , Montgomery Ward New York Central , 98 111-4 67 !-S Prunken Driver Fined, Forbidden Use of Car Ira Whitakcr was fined $100 on a charge of driving while intoxicated by Municipal Judge Doyle Henderson this morning and the municipal clerk was Instructed to certify the record lo the sheriff's office under provisions of a slate law Whereby whltaker Is prohibited .from driving an automobile for tho penod of one year. Should he drive a car within a year he would be subject to fine upon prosecution. Ten public drunkenness cases wsre disposed of as follows; .^kr.Wesl, fined $10; Geraldlnc McClain, fined «0, suspended; J. H. Whltaker, forfeit; Alfred Reese fined »10, suspended; Oryllle Reese, aned »is; Robert Jones, fined $16; Max Arwood, fined »10;. Sam Fin- - forfeit;. Arem.,sandlln, for- 40'ii-4|fetl; Dewey Logan, forfeit. SHANGHAI, Dec. 22. (UP)—Mme. Chiang. K«l-shek. worried over the seizure of her .husband, today decided lo fly from Nanking to Sian- fu in Shensi province and plead with young Marshal Chang Hsueh- liang for the generalissimo's Immediate release. Madame Chiang's decision was made today after a family conclave of the powerful soong family members, of which she l.s one of three daughters^ Her brother,. T. V Soong, Harvard educaled former finance minister, and W. H. Donald, Australian former adviser to the young marshal, announced thej would accompany the generalissimo's wife lo Sian-fu by plane. ,' Lava Collection Enlarged HONOLULU. '(UP)—Boy Scouts have sent to the Boy'Scout-Coun- cil camp on Ten Mile River reservation in, New. York a piece of lava froni the eratcr or Haleakala to take its plcicc alongside pieces of lava and stones from other plates and territories of .the United stales. iuvu utajiueu lu WUIK tSOUin ,.0115' the highway I to' the nearest 'of the group of service stations "&V, the state linS and telephone here for a taxi to ,come for thenr^ " The auto, traveling south, struck;" the pair from behind, slackened^ speed momentarily/and then ?pe<jur While ^ the chances of' appre.^ hending the hit-run driver ^era' admlf'jdly small, Investigating, of S fleers hoped that the motorist's^; high speed and apparently reck?*J less manner of driving, the losjj 01 one light in the accident, tell-' lale marks on the cars bumper, and radiator grille and possibly •> blood smears might provide con-"" nectlng links in a chain of Iden-. • tiflcatlon If they could only lo-~ cale other persons who were 0116 and about during the" early hoursV of Sunday morning and may have" seen the car Realizing that ~.a,; t.>itt,u£ lu mi; mx on employes on - 11 - 1 - 11 * iu ' grounds lhat the defendant em-! i l wcdln « tourist might hav^e" [>loyer was not subject to that! traversed many miles before dawn? .OX nnrl fhcrnfnrn \ir,fl «~ -I-...! flnd nftereri vnrlnilR Tnalcal ro«^ ax and therefore had no stand- Ing to challenge Its validity. Auto Truck Hits Wagon on Bridge Near Manila MANILA, Ark.—Two persons suffered minor Injuries whc-n a truck driven by Raymond Dudley crashed into a wagon driven by Bill Don- tier on the Hatcher bridge about four miles south of Manila late Sunday afternoon. The wagon was demolished and ' the front of the truck was damaged. J. C. Wright, who wns riding in the wagon wllh Donner, suffered a broken rib and head Injuries. Donner was also hurt slightly. Dudley and a girl companion were not Injured. •Wagon and truck were both going In the same direction. The accident Is believed to have occurred when Dudley's brakes failed to hold sufficiently lo enable him lo stop before running into the narrow bridge. and offered various logical reasons for the condition of his car to repairmen, officers held to the%belief that the driver resides lit" , 1 the Blytheville territory Tra.?-^ ^ ing down numerous clues that; proved groundless, they still clung persistently to that belief today", an Indication that they may have more information than they lta\e revealed so fat. Funeral This Afternoon Final rites were held for Miss Roush this aflernoon at the Lake Street Methodist church with the Rev H Lynn Wade, pastor of the " First Methodist church, and the Rev M N Johnston, pastor of the Lake Street church, officiating Interment was^ade at Elmwood cemetery. SAN Francis Statue Too FRANCISCO (UP)— Saint i of Asslsl couldn't stand modernism In art, or rather the San Francisco Art Commission couldn't stand Saint Francis done In modernistic conceptions. It .rejected a proposed statue, 180 feet tall, done by Beniamino Eufario, internationally known sculptor> .on Ihe grounds that done in modern Funeral services will be held at the family home tomorrow afternoon at 2 o'clock for Mr. Nance. The Rev. Carroll Cloyd, pastor of the First Christian church, Will officiate and (Continued on page two) WEATHER ' Arkansas—Mostly' cloudy tonight and Tuesday, probably rain In west und central portions Tuesday, Slightly colder in northwest' tonight. '.- , . Memphis and Vicinity — Mostlv > cloudy tonight anoV Tuesday, , much change InT temperature. style Saint Francis lacked dignity! 42, Lowest tempera lure tonight 40 to

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